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Our “Fallen Ego” is the number one culprit that prevents us from admitting our errors so that we can leave them, and by coming out of them, come into not only the Full Knowledge of The Truth, but be conformed unto The Full Stature of Jahshuah.  This ego will NOT repent, or ever realize that it needs to, for its pride blinds itself to all need for correction.  It is most assured that it is “the other guy” that is wrong, in need of being enlightened, and therefore sets itself to this endeavor.  Instead of being able to hear, it is set on being heard.  If you have not yet found this fatal mechanism in you, it is time that you did.  

The ego wants to worship and follow men.  When the one followed is a deceiver, the ego cannot imagine that the one they follow IS a deceiver.  It becomes soul tied to the deceiver(s), and therefore to the lying doctrines being put forth.  With this cemented into place through the ego's pride, the individual will NEVER come out of such an unholy alliance except for the person submitting unto the works of the cruel humiliating cross when it is presented to them.  The refusal of such turns them over to the deception.

To overcome "Satan The Devourer" who is DECEIVING THE WHOLE EARTH into being one with him in his lies (and that through the pulpits), our ego's must be given up to the cross so that we can become one with our Messiah IN THE TRUTH!!!  There is NO OTHER answer for it.  

As I have said in "Jezebel's Authority Over This Nation":

"There is not one organization, not one movement present today, that is not suffering from the seductions of Jezebel to eat false doctrine, and in many cases, DAMNING HERESIES.  Eating of this Tree of Death, makes us one with that Tree, and the author of the lies they have been seduced to believe.  If this were not so, then we would not have to go to Zion when it is opened for us to do so, to LEARN THE TRUTH.  We are NOT going to come into the Full knowledge of the Truth until that day.  There will NOT BE even ONE ORGANIZATION OR MOVEMENT that is NOT FILLED WITH LIES until the advent of Zion.  We are NOT going to come into it while residing in Babylon, and that is where we ALL are, and it matters not how sincerely we are wanting to follow Jah, and preach the Truth.  You can howl against my saying such, but if you continue to walk after "The Spirit of Truth", you will find out that I do know what I am talking about.  The more you walk after Him, the more deceptions you will discover, and the more you discover, the more you will see in this regard, and the more you will discern what is only the carnal works of men with personal agendas who hide behind a facade of  “righteousness”, claiming great callings and work."

Most think I am out to lunch with making such a statement.  Oh, how many are in an organization, a movement, or following a leader of such, and think that what is being preached is Truth, and nothing but the Truth, when in fact it is the very thing that is being used to seduce them into terrible heresies, even unto the committing of treason.  I will say this quite emphatically.  No one will come out of the deceptions necessary in the overcoming of Satan until they understand this one.  Hear me well.

Our ego is the part of us that is of the carnal realm that cannot comprehend the matters of the Spirit, and in fact is the very apparatus in us that wars against the Spirit.  This is what Satan uses to HOLD US CAPTIVE to his Kingdom of Darkness.  It is self-assured in its carnal Tree of Death, its OWN Knowledge of Good AND Evil mind.  It REFUSES NEEDED CORRECTION, and insists that its presuppositions are correct.   It is because of this “Self Importance” that its only intent is to be heard, and certainly NOT to listen.  This fallen mechanism is in us all, although in various degrees depending on our present development in Him.

This is what has been used by the enemy to cause ALL DIVISION among "believers" whether between individuals, or organizations, and has been the bottom line force that has built EVERY Tower of Babel.  This is ALL that has thus far, even to this date, that has been built, or is being built, with each tower being built upon their own revelations of the Word in separation of all other Truth as if all other Truth was superfluous.  This then compounds the error as in its pride it is oh so sure that its own revelation rises higher, is more essential than anyone else’s.  Because of that false assurance instigated by the enemy, what Truth was present then becomes perverted by the separation, which causes imbalance.   This is the very “high mindedness” against which scripture warns, and of which “Christendom” is FULL.

This is why there is a "different Messiah" being preached in every place He is preached.  This will be so until those who so preach Him allow themselves to become balanced by EVERY Truth being brought forth.  Only those who will submit their ego's unto the walk of the Cross will do so, and every other teacher will be CAST ASIDE in Jah’s last great move on this earth.

When the ego is presented with its death on the Cross in Jahshuwah, it will ALWAYS answer the call to "save itself" with what ever "fig leaf cover up" it can grab to justify its position.  Anyone who gives up this "life" unto the Cross will suffer a cruel humiliating death to that ego, and it is NOT a ONE-TIME EVENT.  I can testify well to how the ego detests its exposure, and fights it with all fervency while convincing itself of how righteous it is in doing so.

The ego secretly thinks that Jah is somehow dependent upon we who reside on this earth.  It is time we faced the fact that if any of us disappeared, it would not hinder Jah in His plan one little bit.  The fulfillment of His Plan is certainly not dependent upon any of us, or our revelations.  We (or whatever work we may be doing), are not nearly as important as we would like to think.  He got along just fine before He met us, and He can get along just fine without any of us now.  None of us are irreplaceable. 

It is not whether or not we are being affected by this ego, but without exception WE ARE!!!  Anyone who thinks they cannot have deception already present in them, or cannot have deception creep into their belief systems, IS IN TROUBLE, and being ruled at least in part by this nature!  Those that are not aware of this WILL BE TAKEN, and in the taking, will only wax worse in their direction, for there is no way to keep deception from creeping into ones belief systems as long as this fallen ego that rejects correction is allowed to in any way remain.  

All teachers will either allow themselves to be balanced by all other teachers, OR BE ELIMINATED.  When I see one who is called to teach refuse to correct what they teach when error is exposed, I know that teacher is in danger of being set aside, for their ego is so active they have left off with being concerned with "having the love for the Truth", and are more interested in their own versions of it.  These are dangerous people indeed.

All people who reject what the teachers being raised up by Jah in this day have to say will they themselves be the ones rejected.

The more the ego lives, the more error will take any individual in a progressively wrong direction.  So far, this is exactly what has happened throughout what we call "Christianity" throughout its history, and yet we do not take the time to heed from its lessons.  It is time that we awoke to this, and STOPPED IT IN OURSELVES!!!


The "EGO" is a vast subject. It is not my intent to deal with it in an extensive in depth work in this writing. I will only lay a foundation to its basic understanding and with that understanding, you will be better equipped to pick up on what is being said in other writings. With this, and your own perusals, you should come into some fresh revelation concerning our falleness.

To begin, I’d like to point out  there is a very great difference between the "EGO", and the "SOUL." Some may think that they are one and the same. They are not. A soul will live even if no ego is present. Before the fall, Adam and Eve had no ego. After the fall, a very great one that was taking them to DEATH.  This we shall see when we get to the understanding of what it is, and its affect upon us. You will also see that neither did Christ have any ego. First, let me define soul for you, as I understand it:

SOUL: The person themselves. The Will; Intellect; Personality; Character; Abilities and Capabilities; Conscience; Conscious and sub conscious; emotions;, psyche; and all which makes an individual what he is.


We are Spirit, Soul, and Body. The Spirit belongs to Jahshuwah, and is the "Holy of Holies" within our "Temple."  This is the "Throne" where He resides and rules when we allow him to enter us. 


We are born with a "veil" between the soul (what should be our "Holy Place") and spirit ("Holy of Holies").  This veil is the flesh, or as we are now seeing it, the ego.  It must be rent in two by the works of the cross to enable us to come to true fulfillment.  


No true "Spiritual" experience can be had without the renting of this veil.  Many think that they are having "spiritual" experiences, when in fact, are only having the deep recess of their soul, their psyche moved, and their Ego's puffed up in the process.  Not only does this happen in "Christianity", but even to those who know not Christ at all.   They are not having spiritual experiences, but experiences  to the pleasing of the ego.  Those that are not cognizant of this realize NOT there is a difference between the spirit, and the soul, and the corresponding episodes.  


Hebrews 4:12 . . . 

    For the word of Jah is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.



The "EGO" is an entirely different influence upon us all, and has of itself a totally separate existence from the soul. It does permeate the soul with a deadly poison, and is one with it from birth, but still, it is a separate entity from the soul of each man.


In every case where the EGO is functioning, it will cause the individual to feel SUPERIOR to all others.  How many have found a Truth, made it so in their life, and because of that Truth being "in" them, feel they are better than anyone else???  It is the foundation of EVERY Tower of Babel.


So, what is the "EGO", and where did it come from??? What is its value???

Does Paul’s statement "I am crucified with Messiah, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but Messiah liveth in me", have anything to do with it?

In all that I have read, I do not remember where one writer has even mentioned this word, let alone dealt with the word itself specifically. It is possible that I did read it somewhere, but it did not register on my mind, as I was not ready to receive what was said. Our blindness can keep us from seeing something that we should be seeing, and only the dealings of the cross in our lives can open the eyes of our understanding, and make us receptive. Why is this so??? Because OUR EGO blinds us to the Truth, and is even hostile to it!!!

I have read writings (certainly in the Bible, right?) that have revealed matters concerning the ego, but I do not remember this word ever being referred to in a specific fashion. It seems to me that we have been missing something that is an obvious key to our development in Jahshuwah.

Let me give parts of Webster’s definition of "EGO", and also its derivative words. Just the definitions can open our eyes if we will listen to the Holy Spirit, while we read them. I think it will help us to see more clearly why Ishi, has dealt with us as He has, and what He was after in those dealings. (The added emphasis’ are mine, as I want some elements of these definitions to stand out to us.)


EGO: 1. The individual as a WHOLE in his capacity to THINK, FEEL, and ACT; SELF!!! 


At first glance, it appears in this definition that "ego" is the same as the soul. Do you ALSO see the words SELF, and CONCEIT? It has been stated many times that a True Christian is SELFLESS, as even Jahshuwah was. How about "conceit"? What does it mean?


CONCEIT: An exaggerated opinion of one’s own ability, and importance. SELF-ESTEEM!!!

"SELF" and "CONCEIT", are very definite parts of the "EGO", and have a great impact upon the capacity of an individual’s abilities to think, feel, and act, but it is not an activity of the soul itself. The fact of the matter is, take away self, conceit, pride, etc., and you have a man free of any ego, yet still he lives as a "Living Soul." The ego is not a necessity for life in this natural realm. The soul can LIVE without it.

It is much said that in order for a person to be successful in this life, we must have a good self-esteem. That is, to feel good about ourselves. I will not argue the point, except to say, it is important where that "feeling good" about ourselves is coming from. The ego can cause high, or low opinions of ourselves depending on how we have been affected from our environments. Both opinions are FAULTY, and will cause us much trouble in this life, as we will never find true fulfillment while being controlled by this contamination. 

The "feeling good" about ourselves must come from the fact that Jah created us to be something, and in that something, we are something. We are something because He created us to be something, and through the death of the ego on the cross, we will come into the fulfillment of that for which He created us. It is NOT to happen because of ME and how great I AM!!! On my own, I am NOTHING, and can accomplish nothing but chaos, the fruit of such thinking being all around us.  We must be brought to the place where we stop needing ourselves to sing, and have others sing, "How great I art", and change it to "How Great THOU Art."

  Take the blinders off and look at your own life. What kind of "utopia" have you created for yourself??? How much time of everyday do you spend thinking of how awful your life is, or about the problems that have come up from out of the life you have created for yourself? Thinking that I can do it without Jah, (which in reality is taking hostile action in opposition to Jah), was Satan’s first pride filled egotistical mistake, and the one that is taking him to the Lake of Fire. What a crummy idea he had. 

Take a good look at what is happening on this planet. How would you like to live in this Kingdom of Darkness that Satan has created on this earth for the rest of eternity??? One time through is sure enough for me. Instead of looking at the cross as something miserable, we should be rejoicing over its work to deliver us from this destructive realm, and into HIS KINGDOM, and Kingdom Life!!! A life of Righteousness, Peace, and Joy, being fulfilled by becoming what He created each one of us to be.

The light concerning the ego grows only stronger, as we take a look at some words that grow out of the word "ego."

EGOCENTRIC: 1. Having or recognizing the SELF as the CENTER OF ALL THINGS!!! 

2. Self-centered; EGOISTIC!


This is the self, or ego, being its own god, and thinking from a point of view that believes everything revolves around "ME", and everyone should bow to that fact, and listen to me.  The more that it is puffed up, the more superior to others one will feel.

The ego is hung up with itself, and talks of nothing else but itself, and its life.  This is center stage of excitement for the ego, but QUITE BORING to those who have to listen to it.

The ego is a direct result of the "Fall of Adam and Eve."  It comes from the "Tree of Death", and as the "Serpent" promised, it causes us to think (even though maybe secretly) that we are "as God."  

Who is Jah???  He is the Supreme Ruler, and is the ultimate authority over everything.  He is the "All Knowing One", and the only one worthy of Praise.

In the Ego's inherent pride is the thinking it is as "God", and therefore should rule over everything and everyone, is all knowing and knows more than anyone else, and should be worshipped and praised for its greatness.  To put it bluntly, it is deceived, and VERY SICK, and we need deliverance from it.

This is the fallen nature that we are born with, and it also thinks, and operates, from a self centered perspective, even while deceiving itself into thinking that it is concerned about others. Yes, it can think about, and even do for others, but only in a manner that pleases itself. The ego acts in whatever activity in which it may be engaged, to please oneself, and when things do NOT please us (and they rarely do) , we are greatly agitated. We are NOT to be the center of all things. That position belongs to Jah, and Jah alone! Any deviation from this causes death and chaos, an easy fruit of the ego to be seen everywhere. 

Egocentric, is the "ego" drawn out into further light to see what the foundation of the ego really is. It is the "being our own god", and thinking from a mental pattern that believes everything should revolve around, and please "ME"! Egocentricity grows out from its OWN ROOT, that root being the ego, and therefore is the FRUIT of the EGO!!! Remember as you read on, "you will know them by their fruit, and you can only get good fruit from a good tree, and only evil fruit from an evil tree." That fruit becomes more apparent with each definition.

EGO IDEAL: A person’s ideal of SELF fulfillment, made up of certain characteristics of parents, and others with whom he has identified himself.

The ego has a great determining factor upon the individual, as to what type of person he will be, and that is much determined by his environment. We are very much a "victim" of our circumstances, as those circumstances develop the ego, and the ego’s "self" appraisal. "A man is as he thinks of himself in his heart." 

Even our level of accomplishment in this life is determined by what the "ego" thinks. Instead of giving up our lives to be that which Jah created us to be, we become our OWN god and savior, and decide for ourselves what it is we should do with our life.  Then we expect Jah to conform to OUR contriving, and serve us in our endeavors.

This is the "ego ideal" at work. Our soul, with all of its attributes, is enslaved by the ego, and it is making decisions for us that are not only detrimental to us, but far short of what Jah created us to be.  This is true even if we are over achievers, thinking more highly of ourselves than we should. 

Some people wonder why they cannot make more of themselves than what they have. Their ego’s are badly damaged, and are in bondage to a low self-esteem that chains them to a life of low productivity.  Our life is the product of our THOUGHT, WORD, and DEED.  As we think, we will speak, and what we think and speak, we will do.  Most of us keep going around and around the same Mulberry Bush, and think we will get different results from the same type of actions.  It cannot be done.  To get different results, then we ourselves are going to have to change.

It does not matter whether an individual is thinking too high, too low, or even "just right" of their self. IT IS ERROR!!! It is the "old nature", inherited in our genes from fallen Adam, and is holding us in captivity to whatever our mental pattern about ourselves may be.  Jahshuwah died to set us free from this captivity, and to set us free into what Jah created us to be.

EGOISM: Seeking the welfare of oneself only; selfishness. 2. Talking too much about ONESELF; CONCEIT. 3. The ethical doctrine that morality lies in the pursuit of individual self interest, and that self interest MOTIVATES ALL CONDUCT!!!

The ego in action, is "egoism." This is being our OWN god, walking after our OWN fallen satanic Knowledge of Good and Evil, and it MOTIVATES ALL CONDUCT!!! This then is the most powerful force in our life, and our life is a result of this force. Without our Savior, and His redemptive work being done in us, we are helpless to do anything about it. This is EVERYONE on the earth, and each person’s desires clashes with all of the other’s ego’s, and produces all of the chaos we see in the world every day. 

It is primarily concerned with its own welfare, and is in direct hostile opposition to the mental pattern in Jahshuwah that we are suppose to walk in that says such as: "Take NO thought for tomorrow." 

We are to give up the welfare of our life on this planet to Jah. We are NOT to be preoccupied with it! The Christian walking in redemption, knows that Jah is in charge of his life, and will provide for him through everything he goes through in the walk of the cross. 

The carnal mind (the ego) which is enmity to Jah, fights this activity, and gives us much trouble in our walk of faith. It does not want to give up rulership of its life unto Jahshuwah, The Word of Jah.  A soul (the person themselves), will never find peace, and fulfillment, when it is done to please the ego. It is NOT POSSIBLE. 

It is the Ego that gets the opinion that Jah is to serve US.  That is backwards.  He is NOT our Butler to answer our every contrived demand.  How many pray prayers as so many teach to do, thinking that their wisdom, their contrivings, their scenario's are far better than what Jah could come up with.  One man has taught that you can "Write your own ticket with God."  How ignorant the man is.  This is WITCHCRAFT FOLKS, and we need to learn the difference between that and True Prayers of Faith.

This ego has "death" built into it, and it is sentenced to death, because it came from the Tree of Death. That fruit is OBVIOUS, as death is everywhere, affecting us all, and is a billion dollar a year business for those who try to keep up with the burying of the dead. There are ONLY two avenues that the ego can take unto that death. Which avenue is taken is a decisional choice that the soul must make. It can die in the natural death unto judgment, or it can die on the cross with, and in Jahshuwah, unto life eternal. There is no other result possible for it. We are born with our soul in bondage to the ego, and ONLY going with Jahshuwah through the workings of the cross will deliver us from this fallen ingredient that putrefies our soul with its contamination.

EGOIST: 1. A person who seeks the welfare of HIMSELF ONLY; selfish person. 2. A person who TALKS too much about HIMSELF; a conceited person. 3. A believer in egoism as a principle of human conduct.

The egoist is he who is only interested in his own thinking, self created kingdom, and his life in that kingdom. This is in the foundation of EVERYONE, as everyone is primarily concerned with their own life, their own comfort zone on this earth.

Do you ever get tired of listening to people who constantly talk about  themselves, and constantly spew forth all of their great wisom???  This is why.  It matters not how spiritual they may claim to be.  If they are constantly occupying the mind's of others to talk about themselves, they are IN THE EGO, and certainly not in "spirit."

There  are those that think that everyone was created for their listening pleasure, and run off at the mouth wherever they go.  This varies in degrees from subliminal, to a mental illness that is obnoxiously pronounced.

We are to walk in love and love is more concerned on the things of others than our own thing.  The self-centered motor mouth individual HAS NO LOVE, regardless of what they make you think through illusion.  Giving such ANY of our time to occupy, rule over, our mind, is our OWN foolishness.

Proverbs 10:

19In the multitude of words there wanteth not (is no lack of) sin: but he that refraineth his lips is wise.

20The tongue of the just is as choice silver: the heart of the wicked is little worth.

21The lips of the righteous feed many: but fools die for want of wisdom.

Mat 12:

for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

Need I say more?  First, we must cease from this ourselves.  Second, I advise to withdraw from people given to such debauchery.  They are excellent at talking, but are stone deaf when it comes to listening.  They have one intent.  That is, to play "god" over you, and make you one with them through their own wicked tongue.

EGOISTIC: 1. Seeking the welfare of oneself only; selfish. 2. Talking about oneself, conceited.

EGOMANIAC: An abnormally conceited person.

EGOTISM: 1. The excessive use of I, my, and me; the habit of thinking, talking, or writing too much of oneself

2. Self conceit; boastfulness. 3. selfishness.


The more that we see in ourselves. . . 

1.  The struggle to receive Truth or worse yet, The refusal of Truth . .

2.  Marital problems . . .

3.  Love for the world and a place in it . . .

4.  Lust for the material  . . .

5.  The need to be exalted in the world . . .

6.  Self exaltation . . .

7.  Low self esteem . . .

8.  That we cannot listen, or only listen to refute, or argue . . . 

9.  A self-centered person that wants everyone to serve and revolve around them . . .

10.  The Pride of Knowledge and wanting everyone to know how much we know . . .

11.  The need for recognition . . .

12.  The denial mode which is in us all is tied to the ego which will not admit error, or being the one wrong . . .

13. The fallen Sociopathic mind.  I must bring forth a lesson on just this subject, as it concerns everyone of us.  We ALL hurt people without any consciousness of doing the harm.  This must come to an end.  Especially IN OUR HOME LIFE.

We do have much in our psychological network that needs to be fulfilled to live a Kingdom Life.  It is the ego that bars us from entering into this life. It can never be fulfilled, for it is always wanting to be lifted higher and higher.

We are created with a "soul" that has a genetic structure, and in that structure are facets interwoven in our fabric that need to be fulfilled to live a satisfied life.  Since the fall of Adam and Eve, we have the contamination in this structure that also strives for fulfillment, and this contamination IS the ego.  The ego will NEVER find fulfillment, for it cannot be satisfied.  Yes, "sin IS a pleasure for a season."  The ego can find a "joy", a fulfillment for a period of time, but it is only temporary.

If you will get what is said here, then analyze what is going on in this world, you will come to the realization that EVERYTHING being done in the world, is being accomplished to please, satisfy one's own Ego (And yes, of course, for MONEY).  This is true even when it seems that the individual is doing for others, for secretly within themselves, they are really only pleasing and satisfying themselves.  Why else do athletes go for championships, politicians for a high office, or MINISTERS for the biggest church???

This becomes addictive, as once an individual does something outstanding, and their ego is satiated with fulfillment, they cannot do without it.  When it wanes through its natural death, the person needs another hit, and goes forth to do something greater than before.  This chase becomes wearisome in itself, but the individual is so addicted, they cannot give it up.

How about ourselves???  Are we wanting to teach / write to display our wonderful knowledge, to receive accolades and applause, or because we are trying to reach those that might benefit from what we are teaching / writing???

People who come into a Truth, and then see how many others do not have the Truth they have come into, want to feel superior, and in that, condemn all those who do not see what they see. Every denomination (Babylonian Tower) has been built upon this premise, and it is straight out of The Fallen Ego (the flesh, old nature). However, this type of error does not negate the importance of ANY Truth that has been discovered.

The religious ego looks for where it can be fulfilled, and then puffs up in that which may even be a Truth.  It then settles and resides in that particular subject, and thus we get another building of a Tower of Babel.

Some find out how important it is to know the Name of Jah.  Others The Law (Torah).  Or, the casting out of devils, gifts of the Spirit, and on the list will go.  These are taught from a puffed up ego, and that contaminates everyone susceptible to that penetrating intrusion.  They then look down their noses at every other Tower of Babel, and thus we have the enemy dividing up what should be "The Body of Messiah."  All of this is controlled by the Spirit of Jezebel, and she does not take kindly to any attack upon her Kingdom.

I am not against entertainers being entertainers.  However, the Ego's need for recognition is really pronounced in them, and I mention it, for here it is clearly seen, and not to pick on entertainers per say. They can become worn out with the arduous road of entertaining, and have to take time off.  Eventually, the  need for the applause overtakes them, and back they go to their futility.

We ALL have the same ego that wants confirmation of how great it is.  When presented with the cross, we can hang onto our life, our ego, or let it go cruelly, and in humiliating fashion to that so presented cross.

When the cross is applied to an individual, this Ego is being dealt its death blow.  The more that it is dealt with, the more trauma it will go through, as everything it wants to be fulfilled will be taken away.  This causes great emotional upheavals in the individual, as the Ego does not in any way like what is happening to it.  

However, the further we go, the more freedom from it we will experience, and in that realize how wonderful it is to be so freed, for this is the very thing that keeps us out of what we greatly desire in Jahshuwah.  And, the more we are freed, the more we can walk in Love, and the "being more concerned on the things of others than our own."  Here it is that we can properly carry the burden for others, instead of our being SELF-centered and primarily concerned with our own problems.

As I have said many times, we need to look into our OWN mirror, when discovering wrongness in another.  We all have the same tendencies in the fallen carnal mind, and we all have an ego that must be dealt with.

Reggie found this out as he entered into "The Land of The Knowing."  If you have not as yet read that story, you should.

The more that we see what fruit the ego bares, the more sick that we realize it is. With this last definition above in mind  ("A person who TALKS too much about HIMSELF"), listen to people talk wherever you go, and see how much this "egotism" in those people stands out to you. Then look in the mirror, and listen to yourself. It can be quite revealing, as well as disturbing. 

The more a person is enslaved to the ego, the more he will talk of himself in attempting to be the center of attraction. When he does talk of others, it will be predominantly filled with finger pointing accusations, and back stabbings, to make himself appear greater than all others

The ego is an illusionist, and knows sub-consciously the art and craft of the fig leaf cover up to make himself look righteous, and a very loving, benevolent, wonderful person, when in reality he just may be working more evil than those whom he accuses.

Remember when Jahshuwah said that the ruler of this world is coming and he has nothing "in me"?

Death means saying the same thing as Jahshuwah. He died in the garden that night. In agony and anguish He sweat drops of blood. He died to His ideas, dreams, hopes....He faced a future that was humiliating and a physical death that none of us can imagine. Yet He fulfilled the Father's will and not His own. 

Satan had nothing in Him...nothing to grab hold of...there were no pride or rebellion. There was only humble submission and a sacrifice of a life....a life that could have done more and meant more than any of us ever dared hope ours could if it had been allowed to continue. 

What makes us think we will skip through this without a struggle? We too will have our garden experience.

In Galatians, chapter five, Paul gives us the works of the flesh, and the fruits of the spirit. It does not take long to see that the works of the flesh are all motivated by the ego, and the fruits of the spirit are worked by the egoless. In verse 24, he says: "And they that are Jahshuwah’s have CRUCIFIED the flesh (ego) with the affections, and lusts." Paul saw the "old" or fallen nature well, wrote of it much, and in that knew what Jahshuwah was after in him through the cross experiences that he had been through. It is why he said, "I am crucified with Jahshuwah, nevertheless, I live, yet not I, but Jahshuwah liveth in me." Where is there any room for the self centered ego in this verse? 

There was no greater "Living Soul" than our Savior, yet the ego had no room to take root and grow in Him. It contaminated him not one iota. This does not mean that He did not know, or recognize who and what He was. He most certainly did. He just did not allow any of it to be ground for the seed of ego to take root. Our becoming one with Him through the workings of the cross, brings us to this same position.

When Jahshuwah was dying on the cross, Satan moved the crowd to shout, "SAVE YOURSELF." He could have done so, but didn’t. He did not do so because He would not allow ego any ground to rule His conduct.

He was the King, and the rightful ruler of the earth. He could have taken that rulership by His own hands at any time. Satan knew that, thus the taunting cry by the crowd. Yet He did not let ego take hold of Him, to try and bring about that destiny by His own hands.

This is OUR error. We know within ourselves in a very clouded way, what we should be. We let the ego take charge, and by our own works, our own hands, try and obtain that position for which we were created. Because we see it only from a clouded mixture of thought, we are not really seeing clearly what we should be, but still, in our ego’s pride, do what we can to CREATE, and EXALT ourselves into whatever position to which our mixed up ego has called ourselves.

Yes, we are created by Jah to a position in His Kingdom Life, but the blindness caused by the ego keeps us from seeing that position clearly. We create for ourselves what we think it is, and because it is a mixed up version of what Jah intended, we create a monster that will never fulfill us, and then wonder why?

Jahshuwah was our example. He knew who and what He was, and knew it clearly. He also knew that Jah the Father was more than able to bring Him to His position all by Himself. He knew that He did not need to go through life exclaiming how great and wonderful He was; how great His Revelations of the Word were;  or of His dreams, visions, and calling; and telling everyone about Himself, and all that He was doing. Nor of the flip side of how awful things were that were happening to Him. No, He humbled Himself, and made of Himself NO REPUTATION! He was then obedient unto the death, giving an ego no ground to take root in Him. As He died, everything that He was, and everything that He had accomplished on this earth, including the beginnings of His Church, DIED WITH HIM!!! He gave it ALL up to the cross! What happened next??? Jah resurrected Him, and EXALTED HIM INTO HIS POSITION!!! Oh, if we could just get THIS ONE through our thick skulls, right?

In the giving up of His life, and all that He was called for to the cross, He became OUR SAVIOR! "The Lamb of Elohim without blemish, slain from the foundation of the world for us all."

 His primary goal was NOT obtaining His own position in life that He felt was His, but WAS the giving of His life so that others might be saved. In doing this, He obtained the position Jah had appointed Him too, and this by the HAND OF Jah, and NOT by His own hands. He gave up His life, His ego, and all the works of the ego to create for Himself, through His own works, the position to which He knew clearly within Himself, that He was ordained.


This IS the mind, as Paul stated, that WE are to have working in us. We are NOT to try and create for ourselves what we in our clouded understanding think we should be and do. We give up this chaos creating ego to our Savior through the cross, to become what He REALLY DID create us to be, and in that, become more concerned for the salvation of others, than upon our own goals, and well being. There is NO greater love than that which gives its life for another.


Our Father has designed a plan for each of our lives, that brings these matters to pass. In that design, we can "SAVE OURSELVES", or submit unto that plan. The way of the cross can be quite grievous, cruel, humiliating, and killing to the ego. It is NOT a pleasant trip. It becomes very hard to submit to it when the shouts come saying, "save yourself", and the avenue to do so opens wide before you. Then it is that the soul must make its choice. Go with the ego unto death, and judgment, or take the path of the cross that brings death to the ego, and a resurrection into the purpose of Jah for our life.


The ego is an ugly fruit from the Tree of Death, and is in fact the nature of pride filled, egotistical Satan, just as the Tree of Life is the nature of Jahshuwah. We are born with this self-centered mind, and all of its attributes, as defined above. It develops differently through its many facets in each person, but we ALL are born with it!!! It is its own god, walking in its own Knowledge of Good and Evil, deciding for itself what is right and wrong to do. Everything we see on this earth is a result, a fruit, of this fallen ego. After 6000 years of written history, man is still too filled with egotistical pride to admit that the results are obnoxious. Look at all of the pain, suffering, torment, poverty, strife, and chaos, it has produced prolifically upon this earth. Even still, everyone thinks that they, or some other man or politician can come up with a resolve to all of the world’s woes. The abject stupidity of it is beyond my comprehension. Do we learn NOTHING from our jaded history of our ego’s works???

We as living souls in Messiah, who love Him, and are called to HIS PURPOSE, must see the ego as bondage, keeping us from the total liberty of the Kingdom Life. We need to identify it in ourselves. When we see it, hang it on the cross in Messiah. Love it not unto the death of that cross, even as Messiah did. Jah cannot exalt a person into their designed position, until they have "died" a failure in the eyes of men, through that cross.

In the ego’s death, we become what Jah created us to be in every way. This is the coming into the Kingdom where there is Righteousness, Peace, and Joy. This is where all sorrow is wiped away, and we come into complete fulfillment of our soul’s desires.

Satan’s greatest defeat came when he crucified Jahshuwah. If he had known what he was doing, he would never have done it. In his blindness, he was trying to get rid of the only one who could destroy him. In so doing, the power of Jah was loosed upon him. 

There is NO WAY Satan can win by attacking those that walk with our Savior through the cross. It only serves the purpose of Jah by bringing such to their victorious position in the Kingdom, even as it did for Jahshuwah Himself. Then of course, if he does not attack, he is really doomed. He is in a NO WIN situation. So is his whole Kingdom of Darkness, and ALL of those who remain in, and loyal to it, through their own fallen ego’s.

Which mind will you let operate in you??? The fruit of the Tree of Death, the nature of Satan, or the fruit from the Tree of Life, the nature of Jahshuwah? The one that presently holds you in captivity, or the one that takes you to liberty?

A choice WILL BE MADE by everyone, and there ARE only TWO CHOICES!!!

"You can keep your life only to LOSE it, or you can give up your life TO FIND IT."

Go back right now, and re-read just the definitions once again. Then answer the following . . . .

 Will you let the ego take you unto death, or will it be DEATH TO THE EGO?!



If you have not read "The Fall From Perfection", or "The Sociopathic Mind" then you should.  These go hand in hand with this message.

If I had to pick just one theme to publish out of all that I have written, it would be the ones set forth in these messages.  There WILL NEVER BE ANY Overcomers, NO "Dwelling Place of Zion", NO unity, NO TRUE LOVE, without the full understanding of what is revealed in them!!!  And yet, I wonder how many visitors to this web site have given ANY consideration of what is uncovered here-in, let alone have the understanding, and then APPLY IT TO THEIR OWN LIFE!















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