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Our Ego is the number one culprit that prevents us from admitting our errors so that we can leave them, and by coming out of them, come into the Full Knowledge of The Truth.  To overcome "Satan The Devourer" who is DECEIVING THE WHOLE EARTH into being one with him in his lies, our ego's must be given up to the cross so that we can become one with our Messiah IN THE TRUTH!!!

And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon . . . . and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up (over) unto Jah, and to his throne.

Who is this "Devourer"?  The "Great Red Dragon."  Who is this Dragon?  verse 18 tells us quite plainly

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

People, you might read the Book of Job.  In it you will see that Satan had to get permission from Jah for EVERYTHING he did to Job to try and destroy his Trust and Faith in Jah.

By the Word of Jah, Satan is GRANTED the RIGHT to "DECEIVE the whole earth", and he has taken full advantage of that permission.  Do you understand what power, what authority, it takes to DECEIVE THE WHOLE EARTH???  This is NO small task!!!  He has ALSO been granted the PERMISSION to try and devour!!!  Now do you understand the WAR we are in???  Do you understand why things have happened in your life to DESTROY YOU???

Now, this permission has not been granted to Satan without resolve.  The OVERCOMERS have been called to OVERCOME EVERYTHING that that this Master of Deception can think up to devour them, and that through the OVERCOMING FAITH!!!

Now, lets explore a bit the above scripture that has granted Satan this permission.  The one who sets himself to devour the "man child" is SATAN HIMSELF!  

What does "to devour" mean?  According to Dr. Strong, it means just that, "to devour", eat up.

What then is the definition of our English word "devour"?  To eat ravenously.  To waste, consume, DESTROY such as a disease devouring an individual, to engulf or swallow up, to fully absorb, to take in greedily through the senses or intellect.

Whatever is eaten, devoured, becomes ONE with the one by whom it was eaten or devoured.  If we eat a steak, that steak becomes a part of us.  This Red Dragon who is SATAN, will come with a passion to devour the man child, and in that, turn them from Jah, and make them ONE WITH HIM!!!

How else is he identified in this chapter??  As the "Deceiver of the whole world", and the "accuser."

He comes to devour, to turn us from Jah, and by that devouring, make us ONE WITH HIM instead of Jah!!!  And that devouring is accomplished through LIES, DECEPTIONS, AND ACCUSATIONS.  When we believe Satan, we become ONE WITH HIM, whether it is through deception, or accusations, or any other evil work in line with that permission, all of which come to crush and destroy us in our realm of faith.  The entire world, including Commercialized Christianity, has already been made ONE WITH HIM through his deceptions.  Then he uses that world to try and devour us, to make us one with that which has already been devoured.

Why does he so set himself?  I ask in return, What is the primary goal of "Satan The Devourer"???  To set himself and his "Son of Lucifer", whom we call the "anti-Christ", up in absolute dictatorial rulership over the earth, which then totally displaces Jah in the war of who shall rule the earth.  In order to do that, he MUST keep Rev. 12:10 from coming to pass, for he full well knows that if the Overcomers succeed in the overcoming unto this victory, his days are numbered.  

How does he do that???  By trying to keep us blind to its reality, and do so by EVERYTHING he can devise, and certainly through his Priests of Baal who are working to not only keep us enslaved IN Babylon, but to defeat FAITH concerning the Manifestation of The Sons of Jah, which Manifest THE KINGDOM OF JAH on this earth.  He is working feverishly to DEVOUR the "Man Child" before it can birth forth into this calling.  Why?  Because he full well knows the Authority of Jahshuah over him, and if he does NOT DEVOUR this Man Child, this company of people will be caught over into THIS AUTHORITY.  

(See "Restoration of All Things", and "The Manifestation of The Sons of Yahweh.")

Somewhere in your study, you will need to assimilate what is said in the study concerning the "Black Pope", for here it is discovered how Satan is ruling this earth, and bringing forth his deceptions to DEVOUR the entire earth, including we ourselves, and in that devouring, make this world ONE WITH HIM!!!

Anyone who has been called to be an Overcomer, is going to be launched upon by Satan the Devourer.  This is NO SMALL MATTER, but will thoroughly SIFT ANYONE as to how determined they are to serve their King in manifesting not only His Kingdom Ways, but His victory on this earth which makes His enemies His footstool.  That you can take to the bank!!!  If you desire to be among such, then you will have to learn the precepts of faith, practice those precepts, and FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT!!!  Satan will do his best to take you away from TRUE FAITH with Jah, defeat that faith in you, and MAKE YOU ONE WITH HIM, causing you to believe as HE wants you to believe!!!  AND, use EVERYONE in your environment to cause you to so believe, including his PRIESTS OF BAAL!!!  

Some might wonder why I call these ministers of unbelief Priests of Baal.  A Priest of Baal, whether he realizes what he is doing or not, preaches lies that cause people to deceptively become one with Satan, and in that, serving HIS purpose rather than Jah's.  In this, they are through great subtleties, causing the people to follow, to worship SATAN, even doing so through corrupted names he has foisted upon us.  Jah's people have been deceived into becoming a nation of harlots who give to another what should only be given to their husband, and that by believing the author of ALL lies.  By that believing, they have become ONE WITH HIM instead of the Messiah that bought them.

It is not a question really if he will do this, as HE HAS ALREADY BEEN DOING IT!  Oh,  how much we are believing that is diametrically opposed to what we SHOULD be believing.  It is for us to discover these matters, and by the redemptive works of the Blood from the Cross, come out into the Truth, and then STAND IN IT IN FAITH and NOT be moved from it!!!

Which tree shall we eat from???  The Tree of Death which is the very nature of Satan, or the Tree of Life which is the very nature of our Messiah???  To put it more simply, WHO SHALL WE BECOME ONE WITH???  "The Devourer" or JAHSHUAH???  We are surely being told in this day, "CHOOSE WHOM YOU WILL SERVE"!

For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.

"He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his Supreme Magistrate, and he shall be my son."

What are we to believe???  Certainly NOT as Satan desires, but in oneness with our King of Glory.  What is that???  Just as He taught us to pray.  What did He teach us to pray???  That it IS on this earth as it is in heaven!!!  That is the next lesson.



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