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The Warning of The End times

The Restoration of All Things

In which Kingdom shall we dwell,

 In all the lies which they sell?

Jahshuah is not the voice of clamoring religion

 He is the Truth and reigns above all such confusion

The Savior died to give us the Kingdom

 By His blood to obtain our freedom

Here-in is the Glory that is coming, and for that which we all long whether we realize what it is we are longing for or not.  This is what "Reverses The Contradiction" and turns our mourning into dancing, bringing forth a joy we have not yet comprehended, let alone experienced.

Peter tells us in Acts 3:20-21 . . .  

“And He shall send Jahshuah our Messiah, which before was preached unto you: Whom the heaven MUST receive (must retain, keep) UNTIL the RESTITUTION (restoration) of ALL THINGS, which Jah HATH SPOKEN by the mouth of ALL His Holy Prophets since the world began!!!  

What is meant by this verse?  Since Jahshuah must remain in heaven, and therefore cannot return until this "restitution" takes place, shouldn’t we know what it means?  How important an event is this “restoration (restitution) of ALL things”???  It must be important, or why else would Jah Himself be speaking about it through ALL of His Holy Prophets since the world began???  If Jah was speaking about it from the BEGINNING, then is He not speaking about it throughout the Bible from that beginning??? 

I hear many saying they are a prophet of Jah.  Are any of them prophesying concerning this "restitution"???  Are our “ministers” of today telling us about this subject that evidently MUST run through the entire Word of Jah???  If ALL of the Holy Prophets thought it was such a key issue they ALL spoke about it, then why aren’t ALL of the "prophets" and “ministers” of today speaking about it???  Are we being victimized by any delusion concerning this matter???  If so, where did it come from, AND WHY???  How “STRONG” is it???   

We are told by most of the “ministers” the Kingdom of Jah will NOT manifest on this earth until AFTER the return of Jahshuah.  Is this the Truth, or a damnable heresy?  If it is Truth, then we all can just STAY RELAXED in the self centered building of our own kingdom, our own comfort zone on this earth.  If it is a lie, then we had better WAKE UP, and wake up FAST by the renting of our veil!!!  

 Isn’t it Jah’s purpose to establish His Kingdom on this earth at the destruction of Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness???  If so, then wouldn’t this ALSO be a key subject in the Bible???

Does the manifesting of the Kingdom of Jah on this earth have any correlation to the “Restoration of ALL THINGS”???  If they both run through the whole Word of Jah, then wouldn’t they somehow be tied together???  If they do tie together, then WHY haven’t we known it???  Does Jahshuah's sacrifice have anything to do with these matters??? 

The “restitution” in the above scripture is speaking of the restoration of something LOST!!!  If nothing was lost, then no restitution would be required.  This scripture does not speak of some small matter.  It says, “Restitution (which means restoration) OF ALL THINGS”!!!  Did you hear the “ALL” in the “ALL THINGS”???  Peter is telling us there is to be a restoration of something lost, and that something lost was EVERYTHING!!!  And, that Jahshuah cannot return UNTIL this restoration has taken place!!! 

When was EVERYTHING LOST???  In the beginning!!!  And, this restoring was such a key issue that Jah spoke through ALL of His Holy Prophets about the getting back of this “EVERYTHING LOST”.  If Jah spoke about it from the beginning, then is not this at least a part of HIS PURPOSE on this earth??? 

By the Law of Jah, a “restitutionMUST BE PAID in restoring something lost.  If Jahshuah paid the restitution price through His sacrifice to give us this “restoration”, then His sacrifice CERTAINLY DOES have something to do with the restoration of all things!!!   Are you hearing me???  If you are called to the "Man Child Company," YOU WILL!!!

If He paid a price to restore something to us, shouldn’t we be told what it is that He has restored???  And, would this not in the purpose of Jah be the very reason why He went to the cross to pay the necessary price for restitution??? Maybe the blind guides of today don’t think it is of any importance, but Jah, and ALL of His Holy Prophets thought so!!!  And, so did Jahshuah, for this was the very reason why He went to the cross for us in our place!  He died to redeem us from the fall of Adam, and Eve, and in that death through the cross unto resurrection, to restore unto us EVERYTHING THEY LOST in their falling!!!  And, He cannot return until His sacrifice HAS MANIFESTED THAT RESTORATION!!!  Are you getting it???  

I have spoken and written much in the past about our being held in a captivity to the Kingdom of Darkness.   A Kingdom of Contradiction.  I have shown how Truth delivers us from this captivity, as it is Truth which exposes the Lies and by that exposure, SETS US FREE.  Now we are going to get into some eye opening Truth which will expose some atrociously damaging heresies. 

We are being held in a captivity to what is scripturally known as “Babylon”.  “Babylon” has two sides.  One is Religious, and the other Political / Economics.  It is the Religious side that we must be delivered from FIRST, before we can come out of the Political Economics, which is the coming out of the “Mark of the Beast”.

Religious Babylon has held us through lies, illusions, traditions, and superstitions, we have believed as being the Truth.  This has kept us from obtaining a fulfilled life, for the fulfilled life CANNOT be found in the realm ofEVERYTHING LOST”.  Fulfillment can only be found by being restored to the position where fulfillment was planned for us from the beginning.  The being unfulfilled PROVES our captivity to a “LOST WORLD.  Even proven by your very own life.   If "Suffering The Contradiction" spoke to you, then this one will shout.

I will not in this writing go into what all is represented by the lies involved with the traditions of men, and superstitions.  Just know we are LOADED with them.  I will deal with a few in this chapter, and especially one that is “MONSTROUS”! 

Lies are OPPOSITE of the Truth.  They are diametrically opposed to the Truth, and therefore preached in direct contradiction to the Truth.  It is carnal minded theology that sees things BACKWARDS, and then sets itself to proving the position with an ILLUSION.  That is how the “Serpent” worked, and so does the "Spirit of Jezebel," the COUNTERFEIT Holy Spirit that inspires carnal minded theology through her "Serpent Ministries." 

These backward theologies CALL Jah A LIAR, and make the cross of Jahshuah of no effect.  I do not ask you to believe me, but what Jah has said through His Holy Prophets in the scripture from the beginning.  If we believe the scripture is the Word of Jah, then it is what HE SAYS to which we should listen!  It is our choice to believe HIM, or men whose veils have NOT been rent by the Truth! 

What follows in this writing is going to be a mind boggler, believe me.  Our mind’s are so programmed with  errors in our presuppositions, it is very difficult to believe what we are reading.  If we have been programmed by a professor of mathematics to believe two plus two equals five, we are going to have a very hard time believing it is four.  If we have believed the world is flat, how long will it take us to accept that it is round???

When we receive the “Love for the Truth”, we will still have a difficult time coming into Truth, but our real personage  in our contaminated genetic structure will eventually overcome the lies of men, and BELIEVE Jah who spoke through His Holy Prophets from the beginning!!!  The time has come for us to take our ego’s to the cross, and give up its adolescent “know it all” pride by the renting of our veil.       

 Most of us know the famous scripture in Romans 8:28, which reads . . .  

“And we know all things work together for good to them that LOVE Jah, to them who are THE called according to HIS PURPOSE.” 

We hear much about the FIRST part of this verse, as we all want everything to turn out for our good.  However, there are two conditions involved   One is to LOVE Jah.  We are not loving Him when in favor of men we shut our ears to what He says.  The second condition is the “according to HIS purpose”

Somehow we read this backwards.  We fool ourselves into thinking that Jah is in Heaven to help us in OUR purpose on this earth.  We have been helped to think so by the flavoring in EVERYTHING that has been taught to us!  He is NOT standing ready to help us in OUR purpose, but to help us in HIS PURPOSE.   

Has anyone taught you from out of the cover to cover Word what that purpose is???  If not, then you are listening to someone WHO DOES NOT KNOW!!!  Is that who you want leading you, teaching you???

How can we know ANYTHING, have a proper goal in our life, a correct conceptual understanding of the Bible, or know what we are doing here on this planet, if we DO NOT KNOW THAT PURPOSE???  Even more, how can we know what Jahshuah Himself is all about if we don’t know?  I would say it is IMPOSSIBLE

In our self centered contamination, we mostly want Jah to fulfill OUR contrived purpose for our life.  To serve us in our created purpose in life, instead of our serving His.  We, in our backward self justifying sociopathic mind somehow think He is in heaven to be used for OUR pleasure.  I bring shocking news to us all.  We are on this earth to be used for HIS PLEASURE, not vice versa.  We will NEVER find fulfillment until we come to this position.  One position is the going our own way in the Kingdom of Darkness, and the other is going Jah's way in the Kingdom of Light.  The Kingdom of Darkness is the “Land of everything lost”, the Kingdom of Light where everything is found, restored!!!  Restored by the sacrifice of Jahshuah.  To get to the Kingdom of Light where we DO find our fulfillment, we MUST take up our cross with Jahshuah.  This IS the losing of one life, to find another. 

We are born with an ego that is filled with the “being our own God” nature, and that nature wants everything to revolve around itself.  It wants everyone to bow to its rule and becomes quite irritated when this is violated.  When things don’t revolve as we want them to, we get upset.  It becomes the poor, poor “me” syndrome.

I hate to inform you of this upsetting knowledge, but we were NOT created to have everything revolve around us. No one wants to revolve around another, so the “me” that wants to be revolved around never gets satisfied.  Those that do get stuck revolving around someone’s self created world wishes they hadn’t.

No, all of creation belongs to Jah, and if there is any revolving to be done, it is to be done AROUND HIM, or go fish!!! 

One of our greatest problems in not understanding our life, or knowing why we are here, is NOT KNOWING the purpose of Jah on this earth.  Without that understanding, we do not get an adequate picture of Jahshuah's sacrifice.  Men have taught us “traditions of men” instead of the Truth, and those traditional thought patterns have trapped us into believing lies that totally blind us to what is indisputably happening on this earth.  As we shall see, we are living in a war zone.  It is where a war between Jah and Satan; between Jahshuah and Anti-Christ; between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness, is being waged.

Once your eyes are opened to this, you will see it thoroughly in the life of Jahshuah.  He did nothing but the Will of the Father and Creator of us all.  Everything He did, whether teaching, healing, or matters such as physically clearing out the Temple with a whip, He was coming against and destroying the works of Satan, and HIS chosen people, and believe me, Satan DOES HAVE a chosen people, a seed line of the Serpent..  (See "Jacob I Loved, Esau I Hated")  This is what GOT HIM KILLED!!!  The ones that crucified Him thought they were winning a crucial battle, only to find out they had received their greatest defeat.   

If there is a war going on, shouldn’t we know our position in this war???  If it is something that is important to Jah, shouldn’t it be important to us?  Which throne are we more concerned with, HIS, or ours???  To say it even better, HIS OR SATAN’S??? 

In seeing this, we should get a fresh understanding of why all of Jahshuah's preaching was so concerned with the Kingdom of Jah, and why He told us to PRAY FIRST for the Kingdom  (Mat.  6:10), and to SEEK FIRST the Kingdom  (Mat. 6:33).  He knew the Will of Jah.  In that Will, as we shall see, the Kingdom had to manifest on this earth THROUGH HIS PEOPLE in order for Satan, and his whole Kingdom of Darkness to be put down, as so stipulated by Jah Himself from the very beginning.


To find out what was lost, and Jahshuah restored unto us, we must go back to the beginning, and find out what was, before whatever what was, was lost. With all of the chaos we are engulfed in every day, we ought to at least have some understanding of why we have to be here.  With that understanding, then maybe we can come to some peace about it, and maybe even get a laugh or two from all of the craziness instead of being driven off into the gorge of insanity ourselves. 

The “Bible” is a book of mysteries, with threads throughout between its covers that unravels those mysteries.  The first three chapters of Genesis that deal with creation were written very cryptically, so only those that were really after the Truth would come into its knowledge.  There IS much written throughout the Word that does refer to creation, and lends to us further Light concerning it.  The 31st chapter of Ezekiel is ONE OF THOSE CHAPTERS that does just that, and Ezekiel himself is one of those “Holy Prophets” that Peter was speaking about. 

If Ezekiel went into ANY of our “churches” today, and tried to preach what he has said in these verses by the INSPIRATION OF Jah, he would be DRIVEN OUT by those who hold TRUTH in contempt.  Why would this happen???  Because he is saying that Adam was NOT the first person on this earth!!!   Yep, you read me right.

He describes the conditions on this planet when Adam was in the Garden of Eden, and what he says by the inspiration of Jah, contradicts everything we have been taught to believe.  We, in our blindness, and in the nature which rejects Truth, are believing something that totally contradicts what Ezekiel says.  Who are we to believe???   Jah, who is speaking through one of His Holy Prophets, or the lies of today???  If we do not understand what it was like in the beginning, WE WILL NEVER understand what we are doing here, or what  our purpose in Jah’s purpose is for our life.   

To give poor Ezekiel some advantage in our minds, let me first give you some things to think about in Genesis.  In verses 10-14 of chapter 2, we are told about four rivers that flowed out from Eden.  The second river was called “Gihon” which encompassed “THE WHOLE LAND OF ETHIOPIA”!  The third river was named Hiddekel, and this one flowed out “TOWARD THE EAST OF ASSYRIA”! 

How could there be TWO COUNTRIES mentioned in conjunction with these two rivers, if there were no other people besides Adam and Eve???  You cannot have a country without there being people who created that country.  Here it is clearly said that the countries of Ethiopia, and Assyria existed at the time Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden!!! 

Then in Genesis 4:13 - 14, we read a statement made by Cain to Jah concerning his judgment. . .  

“And Cain said unto Jah, My punishment is greater than I can bear.  Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a FUGITIVE, and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that EVERYONE THAT FINDETH ME SHALL SLAY ME!!!”   

Cain is obviously confused, right?  Who is going to “find him” if no one is out there to find him???  Jah should have straightened this nut out by telling him there wasn’t anyone out there that could kill him, right?  It’s like, come on Cain, get real.  Your paranoia is without foundation. 

To our mixed up thinking, that is what Jah should have said, but no, it wasn’t what He said.  There WERE other people that would kill Cain if they did find him.  Cain was right, and Jah condescended to Cain.  Jah said  in answer to Cain in verse 15:   

“And Jah said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.  And Jah set a mark upon Cain, lest ANY FINDING HIM should kill him.”   

There were other people where Cain had been cast out to, and in order to keep them from killing Cain, Jah gave Cain some sort of “mark” that would prevent such an occurrence.  If there were not any people other than Adam and Eve, no mark would have been necessary. 

Then in the next verse it says . . .   

“And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived Enoch: and he BUILT A CITY, and he called the name of the city after the name of his son Enoch.”   

Cain has a wife and a son, and BUILDS A CITY???  What for???  Who is kidding who here???  If you only had a wife and a son, and there wasn’t anyone else around, would you build a city???  You have to have people to even require a city, let alone build one. 

With this in mind, let us now read what Ezekiel has to say in chapter 31:2 - 9.  In allegorical fashion, Ezekiel sets forth what it was like in the Garden of Eden, and the envy for the ASSYRIAN who was the ruler of the world at that time  

“Behold, the ASSYRIAN was a cedar in Lebanon with fair branches, and with a shadowing shroud, and of an HIGH STATURE; and his top was among the thick boughs.  

The waters made him GREAT, and the deep set him on high with her rivers running around about his plants, and sent out her little rivers unto all the trees of the field.  

Therefore his height was EXALTED above all the trees of the field, and his boughs were multiplied, and his branches became long because of the multitude of waters, when he shot forth.  

All the fouls of heaven made their nests in his boughs, and under his branches did all the beasts of the field bring forth their young, and under his shadow dwelt GREAT NATIONS!!!  

Thus was he fair in his greatness, in the length of his branches: for his root was by great waters.  

The cedars IN THE GARDEN OF Jah could not hide him: the fir trees were not like his boughs, and the chestnut trees were not like his branches; nor ANY TREE IN THE GARDEN OF Jah was like unto him in his beauty.  I have made him fair by the multitude of his branches: so that ALL OF THE TREES OF EDEN  that were IN THE GARDEN OF Jah, envied him!!!”  

First, you MUST identify in which time this discourse is related.  Remember, we have been programmed with presuppositions that have blinded us to what the scriptures are actually saying.  When we come to such a scripture as this one, we can easily see what it is saying, but the presuppositions in our mind say something like, "Oh it can't mean that."  


Forget what Babylon has programmed you to believe.  It is the "Spirit of Jezebel" that does NOT want you to see this one.  Just READ IT for what it says.  


What does it say???  


Of what time is it speaking???  


This is really not a mystery, as it is very clear.  It is speaking about the time of the Garden of Jah, the GARDEN OF EDEN!!!

In these verses, a story concerning the days of Eden is given to us allegorically, using symbols of trees, water, rivers, etc., to draw us a picture of what it was like in the beginning.  These verses ARE referring to the time of Adam BEFORE HE FELL. 

Before the fall, Adam and Eve “ENVIED” this world ruler, The great Cedar in Lebanon, and in that envy wanted what he had.  The “Serpent” came to take advantage of that envy, and through it, seduced Eve, who in turn seduced Adam.  We have had hell on earth ever since, and until this marital relationship is RESTORED into its original intention in the Garden of Eden Kingdom of Jah, we will ALWAYS have hell on earth!  This is why I have spent so much time dwelling on the marital relationship in other writings.  Until this relationship is RESTORED, we will NOT find our place in life in fulfillment. 

Ezekiel speaks of Eden, the Garden of the Lord, which is very plain for us to see.  Remember now, there was not ANYONE IN the Garden of Eden AFTER the fall.  The Garden of Eden still existed, but it had been cleared out through Jah’s Judgment upon Adam.  These verses indicate dialogue between people who WERE in Eden, so Ezekiel is definitely talking about “the days of Eden”!!!!   If you say no, then pray tell me, what time IS he talking about???

I bring this up now, or you will not understand the calling upon Adam when he was created, and placed in the Garden of Eden.  If you do NOT realize what the world was like at his creation, it would make his calling (which we will cover in a bit) seem rather superfluous.  By these verses, we see that Adam WAS NOT the first “living soul” on this earth.  He was the FIRST of the Adamic seed line that was created and chosen by Jah to fulfill His purpose on this earth, but sure was not the first person, or family tree, that walked on this planet.  Not only does the Word of Jah say this, in spite of all the traditional thinking that “Serpent Ministries” would have you believe, but science CONFIRMS IT! 

By Bible chronology, we know that Adam was created about 6000 years ago.  Science thoroughly proves that people have been on this earth far longer than that by thousands of years.  We see in these verses there was a World Ruling anti-Christ Empire called Assyria, and a World Ruler, an "anti-Christ" or substitute King, called the “Assyrian” at the time of Adam’s creation, and placement in the Garden of Eden.  ALL of the “Trees of Eden” were very envious, including Adam himself.  The “trees” represent family seed lines, just as it can today.  It is more than likely where the term “family tree” came from.  Therefore, not only was Adam NOT the first “living soul” to walk about on the face of the earth, he wasn’t even the ONLY family tree in the Garden of Eden.  There was a whole lot more happening on this earth at the time Adam was created than what we have been led to believe. 

The “Assyrian”, refers to a Satanic ruler.  Most of the time this name is used in the Bible, it IS referring to such an individual, for the first “anti-Christ” on this earth was this “Assyrian”. 

In chapter 14 of Isaiah, we are told of Lucifer’s (Satan) declaration of war against Jah, and his pride filled boasting of how he would defeat him.  In answer to him, Jah says in verses 24- 27:   

“The Elohim of the Army hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have THOUGHT, so shall it come to pass; (the creative mind of Jah Almighty at work, which is the same way our own mind works to create) and as I HAVE PURPOSED, so shall it stand:  

That I WILL BREAK THE ASSYRIAN in my land, and upon the mountains tread him under foot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders.  

This IS THE PURPOSE that IS PURPOSED UPON THE whole earth: and this is the hand that is stretched out upon all the nations. 

For The Elohim of the Army hath purposed, and who shall disannul it?  and his hand is stretched out, and who shall turn it back?”   

Here we have it folks.  This IS the purpose of Jah, and the PURPOSE for which we are CALLED!  Until we find our purpose in this purpose, we will NEVER FIND FULFILLMENT!!!  It is the Truth that will bring us into this fulfillment, and that Truth is found IN THE KINGDOM through the cross with Jahshuah!!!

Are you getting the picture, or is your mind spinning too much to get into a clear focus???  Assyria was Satan’s world ruling empire during the days of Eden, and the "Assyrian" the world ruler.  The earth was created, Satan took it over, and had already started building his anti-Christ kingdom on this earth to overthrow Jah, long before Adam came along.  Jah always gives Satan a head start, and has done so again in this day we are living in. 

Today, the world wide anti-Christ conspiracy is well on its way to being formed.  Few people have any idea of what is planned for the new “One World Order” in its take over of the world’s nations.  When I tried to tell people about it twenty years ago, I was treated like some confused clown that just got off of the banana boat.  Today we hear about the “New World Order” wherever we look.  Still, people will NOT LISTEN to what this means to each of us.  If people understood, it would literally scare the HELL OUT OF THEM!!!  Or, to keep from shocking people by that statement, maybe I should say, scare them out of hell.

Adam was an invader, with a commission from Jah Himself.  Crush Satan and everything that resides in his kingdom.  This IS the purpose of Almighty Jah on this earth!!!  Why do I say Adam had this “Kingdom Mandate” to take the earth away from Satan???   

Lets read Gen. 1:28,  

. . . Jah blessed them, and Jah said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish (to fill, take over and replace) the earth, and SUBDUE it

and have DOMINION over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, AND OVER EVERY LIVING THING THAT MOVETH UPON THE EARTH. 

Now that you have read the above scripture in Ezekiel, what all would you list in the "over EVERY living thing that moveth upon the earth"???  And, what was it that Adam AND Eve were to SUBDUE???

I will give you a couple of definitions, for without a clear understanding of words that are used here, we will not get the full comprehension of what is being said.

SUBDUE:  Whether in Hebrew, or in our own English, this word is a MILITANT one, and means to take by force.  To conquer, subjugate, to bring into subjection. 


DOMINION:  To have rulership, to reign over with absolute authority, not letting anything or anyone undermine that authority. 

Not only were Adam AND Eve given the power, authority, and right to crush all opposition, but with the word “dominion”, was given absolute authority over every living thing!  We are coming to some key scriptures in Daniel.  It is there you will see where this “Right to take DOMINION” over the earth shows up once again.  And once again you will see that is given to WE THE PEOPLE to enforce.   

I want to make something very clear.  I am NOT talking about a CARNAL warfare with weapons of war like guns, cannons, or some natural realm army.  That thinking comes from ABSURD STUPIDITY.  I am talking about a spiritual warfare at the direction of Almighty Jah, and believe me, “LOVE”, and “FORGIVING LOVE” are Jahshuah's MAIN WEAPONS in this last and final war to overcome!!!  So do not get into your mind of what I am talking about.  I am way down the road trying to get you to see what I am seeing.  Wait until I get the whole picture drawn for you before presupposing what I am drawing.  Do not miss what is being said here through the sociopathic denial mode which points the finger to keep from hearing. 

In this Kingdom Mandate given to Adam was the headship over the entire earth under Jah.  By reason of the fall,  Adam lost it, but the headship was still intact, waiting for the day that The Sons of Jah would be restored into it through the redemptive work of Jahshuah. 

This is the “Kingdom Mandate that was given unto Adam, and with Adam through his descendants it will stay.  If Jahshuah picked it up Himself to do, it would be saying that Jah made a mistake when He gave it to Adam, for He was unable to accomplish His intentions to do it through His chosen "Warrior Seed."  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Almighty Jah is MORE than able to accomplish that which He has purposed.  He purposed to do it through man, and through man He will do it.  Count on it!  He does NOT change His mind.  Abraham understood this and was why he rejoiced when Jah gave him the covenant and promise.  He knew what he had received, and knew that his seed line would one day accomplish the original Kingdom Mandate's Protocol.

            Today, we are seeing the world as it was in the beginning.  When Jah created the earth, He called it all GOOD!  He did so because He knew what His plan was, and that what He had created was perfection for the fulfilling of that plan.  He knew the whole history of earth from beginning to end.  He was never surprised by what we think were failures, or discrepancies in that plan.  The more clearly that we understand His plan from the beginning, the more we will see how perfect this earth is in its creation for that plan to be utterly fulfilled.  Those that are called to Jah’s side of this war will one day rejoice greatly over His creation, let alone over their privileged involvement. 

            The earth was created for a contest between Jah, and Satan.  Satan claimed that his kingdom on this earth would defeat Jah’s.  Satan is saying that more people would choose his way of life, and that his people would defeat Jah’s, and rule the world.  We have ALL HAD a real good look at the life in the Kingdom of Darkness”.  Anyone that chooses this “going our own way” instead of the Kingdom of Light, DESERVES IT, are more than welcome to it, and certainly to its coming self destruction.

             Satan does not waste any time in starting his Kingdom, and is well on his way when Adam is created.  When Adam does come on the scene, Satan has long before begun his Anti-Christ Empire, and Adam, (as well as Eve), was given a MILITANT Kingdom Mandate to take the earth over for Jah, by destroying that dominion of Satan over the earth.   He does NOT change His mind.  He has not decided that He made a mistake in giving it to Adam, and now plans to do this thing Himself.  Jah does not fail, nor does He make mistakes.  He knows what He is doing, and is way ahead of everyone else in His thinking.  He declared that He would win this war through man, or Adam kind, and that He will do, as even testified to throughout the Bible by ALL of the HOLY PROPHETS!!! 

When I say that this right and authority were given to Adam in which to function, I am NOT talking about of himself at his own choosing.  That is the "being as god" nature, and this he did not yet have.  No, he was to be used by Jah, and by Jah in what Jah had given to him.  Even as Jahshuah, the second and last Adam, he was to do ONLY in the Will of Jah, and after His leading.

This is a KEY to understanding the rest of the Word of Jah.  As we shall see, this is why Jahshuah MUST remain in heaven until His enemies are made His footstool.  He cannot come and do it Himself, as it would be acting against the Will of Jah, and what He has stated.  It was prophesied that it would be done through the “manifested Sons of Jah”, whom are the FIRST fruits of Jahshuah and of His salvation afforded unto us.  (See the article “The Manifestation of the Sons of Jah for further light on this matter.)              

This earth is NOT an amusement park created solely for our adolescent pleasure, as so many would like to think.  It IS a war zone!!!  Satan is out to overthrow Jah, and is dead serious about it.  Yes, it was not a very smart endeavor to take on, and in Truth, a suicide mission.  Still, he is very serious about it.  In this, Satan knows that if he loses (which he already has even before he started), his destiny is the Lake of Fire. Of this he happens to be very much aware whether we realize its existence or not.  That knowledge would make ANYONE sober up, and believe me, Satan and his henchmen know all about it, and in their blind self centered pride are a very determined bunch to win and escape such a fate.

This war is being played out on this earth, and done so according to the “rules of war” as so stipulated by Jah.  He created the earth as a theater of contest for this struggle, and then gave Satan a head start.  He then creates Adam, puts him in a safety zone which we know as the Garden of Eden, so that he could grow in numbers by multiplying for the sole purpose of filling the earth and taking it over by FORCE.  He was Jah’s War Lord if you will, and a King in this Kingdom of Jah, with an irrefutable Kingdom Mandate given to him by the Almighty.  It was his commission to wipe out Satan, and all of his kingdom of darkness on this earth, and bring it all into subjection to Jah.  

This mandate can be traced down through history, and was given to Israel.  It was under that mandate that Israel went into the Promised Land to set up the Kingdom of Jah, conquering, subduing, and killing everything in sight that was an enemy to Jah, and on the side of Satan.

There is much about Genesis chapters 1 & 2 concerning creation of which we are suffering a great deal of ignorance, misconception, wrongful presuppositions, and deception.  All of the Light of these two chapters is quite necessary to thoroughly open our understanding.  However, that content is very lengthy, and actually we have seen enough already for the particular purpose at hand.  Jah created the earth for the purpose of destroying Satan, his rebellion, followers of such, and his Anti-Christ Kingdom of Darkness.  Satan begins his conspiracy to overthrow Jah with an Anti-Christ Assyrian Empire, and from that Empire, comes an individual titled “The Serpent”, to the Garden of Eden to seduce Eve. 

Adam was created as Jah’s invader of this world, to bring defeat to Satan.  The war soon began as Satan realized that it was imperative to knock Adam down and separate him from Jah.  Thus we have the seducing “Serpent” coming to do the work.  A work that ONLY played into the hands of Jah, as He had planned for the sacrifice of Jahshuah FROM THE BEGINNING!  (Rev. 13:8)

So, here we have a man living in a Paradise; a very beautiful woman of perfection as his wife; living this life forever through the Tree of Life; walking with Jah Himself everyday; and the absolute power and authority to take the whole earth over through that Kingdom Mandate by crushing Satan, and his dominion over the earth. It was the Kingdom Life of Righteousness, Peace, and Joy, with total fulfillment!!!  A realm that was totally free of all the chaos, sickness, pain, agony, and suffering of the Kingdom of Darkness realm we are presently living in today.  This is what Adam HAD, and LOST; and through the sacrifice of Jahshuah, is to be RESTORED!!!  

This IS the destiny that will fall upon those who are called to manifest as Sons of Jah, as so prophesied, even by the Apostle Paul in Romans chapter 8.  Manifesting at the time when Satan’s final Anti-Christ conspiracy is ruling the world through great cunning craftiness, and deception.  The stage is set in perfection for the invasion of the Sons of Jah, even as it was in the beginning.  This restoration of all things has ALREADY BEGUN, and there are FEW that even realize it.  

Their “Gardens of Eden” are called “dwelling places of Zion” by the prophet Isaiah, and is where the Bride of Jahshuah will escape to for protection during the days of the “Great Tribulation”, and prepare herself to meet her Husband Jahshuah.   I would politely say that it does not matter whether or not you like, or agree with what I am saying.  This WILL take place in the near future, and will do so no matter WHAT anyone believes to the contrary

This reality is recorded by ALL of the Prophets throughout the Bible, and is especially clear in Daniel.  In chapter 2, speaking of the “day” we are now in, he tells of how Jah will manifest His Kingdom, and give it to the “saints.  Then, in the Kingdom Mandate will destroy Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness.   

In verse 44 it says . . .  

“And in the days of these Kings shall  Jah of heaven SET UP A KINGDOM, which shall never be destroyed; and the KINGDOM shall not be left to other people (non-Israelites), but it shall BREAK IN PIECES AND CONSUME ALL THESE KINGDOMS, and it shall stand for ever.”  

Jah’s plan is clearly to set up His Kingdom in this end day.  His Kingdom is destined to destroy all Kingdoms that oppose Him, and will stand forever.  How does He plan to do this?  Through the Kingdom Mandate given to Adam.  A Mandate that came upon Israel, and now down to us who are in, and with the True Savior.

In verses 18, 26, and 27 of chapter 7, Daniel is given more revelation by Jah to write on this subject.   

"But the saints of the Most High SHALL TAKE THE KINGDOM and POSSESS THE KINGDOM FOR EVER, EVEN FOR EVER and ever!!!

In His plan, it is we the people, the saints, which will TAKE the Kingdom by overcoming the Kingdom of Darkness. 

“But the Judgment SHALL sit, and THEY (the saints) shall take away HIS dominion (the “his” meaning the Assyrian anti-Christ, or in the ultimate, Satan himself) to consume and to DESTROY IT unto the end!!!”


And the Kingdom and DOMINION  (and where does this right to have "DOMINION" come from?) and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE of the saints of the Most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all DOMINIONS shall serve and OBEY HIM!"

Here we see the first dominion given to Adam is now being restored, and given back to us.  With that “right to rule the earth” with and through Jahshuah, we are to bring the rest of the world into subjection to Him.  It is at this point that ALL of Jahshuah's enemies are made His footstool.  As we shall see, Jahshuah cannot return until THIS TAKES PLACE! 

Be very sure to see these matters are to be accomplished THROUGH THE SAINTS, given to the PEOPLE  by Jah Almighty, and NOT by Jahshuah at His return.  He in fact CANNOT return until this IS accomplished, for this IS what was promised by the Prophetic Word of Jah to the Serpent.   

Daniel is given great understanding that it is through the “Saints” that Satan’s whole anti-Christ conspiracy will be destroyed.  That the “DOMINION” of Satan that presently presides over the earth, is to be taken away by the “Saints” through the victory of Jahshuah in His death for us on the cross, and His resurrection, which has restored the Kingdom Mandate unto us.   

Why else would He bestow the authority of HIS NAME upon us???  To build our own pain filled ludicrous Kingdoms???  Show me THAT purpose in the Word of Jah spoken by all of the Holy Prophets!!! 

Jahshuah's episode through the cross unto resurrection brought forth the total defeat of Satan into reality, and the “Saints” are to apply through SPIRITUAL WARFARE, that victory in this day. In doing so, not only will what Daniel had to say be fulfilled, but what all the other prophets had to say on this subject as well.  The book of Revelation tells how it will be done, and it is NOT a pretty picture for the rebellious Kingdom of Darkness, and all of those who remain loyal to it. 

Now we can begin to see why Jahshuah commanded that we pray FIRST, and seek FIRST for this Kingdom.  It is the WHOLE purpose of Jah on this earth.  Anyone who preaches the Kingdom comes AFTER Jahshuah's return has not gone through the renting of their veil to come into the Truth.  They are in the carnal mind that contradicts these commands of Jahshuah; that capitulates unto and agrees with the devil; then through their lying illusions are leading the people into committing high treason; and in being deceived themselves, they are ignorantly working to try and bring Satan closer to his winning this war.  

We have been victimized by the despicable “Judas Syndrome” of those who embrace the Savior while BETRAYING HIM!  Jahshuah is NOT going to come and do it Himself.  It is going to be done THROUGH THE “SAINTS”!!!   

Anyone who believes that it is up to Jahshuah to do it at His return, has already been “killed” in the battle, and rendered totally useless!  This is why Satan created such a theology in the first place.  It is a major part of the “STRONG DELUSION”!!!  Hear me well!!!   

Who will you believe?  Men of today, or the WORD OF Jah, which IS Jahshuah, written by the Holy Prophets from the beginning  Go back and read it again.  How does Jah say it will be accomplished???  

First of all, He declared to do it through Adam, and Jah cannot fail.  He told the Serpent that the "Fallen Situation" would be redeemed, RESTORED!!!  We can follow this move to "RESTORE" all through the Word of Jah, from beginning to end, culminating in its final manifestation in the Book of Revelation.  Here again, Jah has plainly declared to do it through His saints, His people.  We must get it through our head this is  what DANIEL SAID!  Anyone who contradicts him is CONTRADICTING Jah HIMSELF!!!  This is why Jahshuah said, “Behold, I give you power over all the power of the enemy”.   

He did not give us the authority of His Name, and this Kingdom Mandate to do our own thing, to establish our own "comfort zones" on this earth, but to ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM, and to destroy Satan’s

Yes, Jahshuah DOES return in the wrath of Jah, destroying every thing and everyone that stood in opposition to Him and His, but NOT until His enemies have ALREADY been put down through His body acting in the Kingdom Mandate unto which they were redeemed. 

 Jah declared in Gen.3:15 that this war would be waged between two seed lines on this earth, and every prophecy concerning this war confirms it.  Now let us continue and see the confirmation that it will be through the Saints.   

We have seen that Jahshuah has been ordered by His Father to remain in heaven until the “Restoration of all Things” takes place.  Has Jah issued any other orders to Jahshuah that line up with that order???  Oh yes He has, and we read about those orders in Hebrews 1:13, and in 10:12-13.   

   “But to which of the angels said He at any time, sit on my right hand, until I make THINE ENEMIES thy footstool?”


     But this man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins for ever, sat down on the right hand of Jah; from henceforth EXPECTING till His ENEMIES be made His footstool.   

Are we being one with Jahshuah???  Are we one with Him in MIND, HEART, AND PURPOSE??  To be ONE WITH HIM, then we will have to have the same expectation, the SAME BELIEF, FAITH that He does.  What is it that HE is BELIEVING FOR???

  Now we see that Jahshuah has been ordered by Jah, to remain in heaven “until His enemies are MADE HIS FOOTSTOOL”!  This means that He CANNOT RETURN until these matters are fulfilled.  Just as Daniel has told us, He MUST remain there until Jah manifests His Kingdom, gives it to the saints, and then they destroy Satan’s Kingdom of Darkness, and all that oppose Jahshuah,  Then, AND ONLY THEN, are His enemies made His footstool.  Then and ONLY THEN can He return, for only THEN will the “Restoration of ALL THINGS” have been accomplished!!!

Now listen to me, and listen closely.  The "Fall of Adam and Eve" in the Garden of Eden was a momentous event in the war between Jah and Satan.  Jah lost His conquering invader with what took place, and had no choice but to close down the beginning of His Kingdom manifesting on this earth.  

This was all the "Plan of Jah," but it appeared to Satan that he had won a major victory.   Jah immediately prophesies to the "Serpent" of the sacrifice of Jahshuah, and therefore the redemption, the restoration of that which had just taken place.  

The "Serpent" IS AN ENEMY that MUST BE MADE A FOOTSTOOL of Jahshuah, and made that footstool by being overcome, and that by overcoming the fall of Adam and Eve..  The overcoming OF THE SERPENT is displayed in Revelation Twelve, and is why the term "Serpent" is listed there as a title for Satan..  When he has been overcome, verse ten tells us that it is THEN, finally, NOW is come salvation (redemption from the fall), the authority of Jahshuah, His victory manifesting on this earth, AND the Kingdom of Jah!!!  

If what happened in the Garden of Eden was NOT RECTIFIED, not restored, then there would still be an enemy left standing in a victory, and the overcoming of the Serpent in Revelation Twelve left UNFINISHED!!!  Without this being accomplished, Jahshuah could NEVER RETURN, and He cannot return until it has been accomplished!!!

If we are in the “time” of His return, then we must be in the day, age, or space of time that these matters WILL be accomplished.  If your insides are not jumping up and down by now, YOU ARE DEAD!!!

When we come to this understanding, and what it all means, our mental patterns change for all time.  What we are seeing here is a LIFE CHANGING revelation!!!  A Truth that  rents our confining veil of contamination, and delivers us from being victimized by ALL THE LIES of the Priests of Baal who betray Jahshuah, and into the Kingdom of Jah which is the ONLY PLACE we CAN find fulfillment!!!

Now, for the "Million Dollar Question," right?  If we are ALL in captivity to the anti-Christ fallen world, a "Captivity to the Contradiction," and we must come out to receive the reversal of the Contradiction to  receive protection from the horror that lies just ahead, and unto the "Restoration of ALL Things," how and where does this all happen???  Read on.

In Rev. 18:4, Jah commands His people to “COME OUT OF HER (Babylon) MY PEOPLE”.  This is an all inclusive message, and means ALL OF US!!!  We presently ARE ALL IN HER!  Therefore we all need to COME OUT. 

We come out by the receiving of the Truth.  But, where do we come out to???  To HIS KINGDOM which Jah will manifest on this earth.  ALL of the Holy Prophets referred to this as “Zion”.  Isaiah tells us in chapter four they are “Dwelling places of Zion”.  This is where the authority of Jahshuah will reside.  The first one’s will manifest in this nation, and then they will multiply around the earth. 

To quickly verify this by what the Holy Prophet’s said, I offer a few confirming scriptures.  In Jer. 50:28 . . .  

“The voice of them that flee and ESCAPE out of the land of Babylon, to declare IN ZION the vengeance of  Jah, the vengeance of his temple.”   

These are the ones who answer the call to "come out of her, MY PEOPLE."  Where do they escape from, and in the escaping, where do they go???  


When do they do this???  Before or after Babylon is destroyed???  Would they declare the vengeance of Jah upon a place that has already been destroyed???  


Does Jahshuah return BEFORE Babylon is destroyed to do it Himself???  


Who destroys Babylon???  Is it not the anti-Christ and the Ten Kings???  


Has Jahshuah returned before this happens???  Hardly!!!  


These people escape, flee out of Babylon long before it is destroyed, which is long before the return of Jahshuah, and in their escaping out of Babylon, go to ZION, THE KINGDOM OF Jah, the RESTORED "Gardens of Eden"!!!

The “Kingdom Saints” will go to Zion to declare the matters which we have read in Daniel.  Everything is GOING TO BE DESTROYED that opposed Jahshuah, the King

In Micah 4:1-2, & 8 . . . .  

“But in the LAST DAYS it shall come to pass (the word IN means DURING), that the mountain (authority) of the House of Jah shall be established in the top (chief) of the mountains (nation) it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it.  

And MANY NATIONS shall come and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of Jah, and to the House of  Jah, the Elohim of Jacob, and he will teach us of his ways (IN TRUTH), and we will walk in his paths: for the LAW shall go forth from ZION,  . . . .  And thou, O tower of the flock, the strong hold of the daughter of ZION, unto THEE shall it come, even the FIRST DOMINION, the Kingdom SHALL COME . . .  

Here we are told that we will receive “even the first dominion”.  There is only ONE first dominion, and that first one was the one given in the beginning to Adam.  Here we see it restored to the Zion (kingdom) people.  It is unto them the Kingdom will be given. 

Isaiah tells us in 51:3 . . .  

“For Jah shall comfort ZION: He will comfort all her waste places; and He will make her wilderness LIKE EDEN . . . .

Joel 2:1, 3,&11, speaks of Jah’s last day army . . .

“Blow the trumpet IN ZION, and sound an alarm in my Holy Mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land TREMBLE: for the DAY OF Jah cometh, for it is nigh at hand . . . . . . . . 


A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the GARDEN OF EDEN before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and NOTHING shall escape  


. . . . . . And the Lord shall utter His voice before His Army: for his camp is VERY GREAT: for he is strong that EXECUTETH HIS WORD: for the day of Jah is GREAT, and very terrible (the time of the "Great Tribulation"); and who can abide it?”  

The sons of Jah will overcome with “forgiving love”, and will learn to walk as The Savior, the “Loving, Forgiving, Redeemer”.  However, those that will rebelliously oppose The Savior are in for a big surprise.  These redeemed sons will transform as The Savior has from being the “Loving, Forgiving, Redeemer”, into the “LION of the Tribe of Judah”!!!  They will be like Him at His appearing, and He appears with blazing eyes, His coat dipped in the blood of the wicked, full of the wrath of Almighty Jah. 

When meeting defiant opposition to Jahshuah the Living Truth, they will be like Elijah, and NOT as wimps, acting like sweetie pie’s to get your  money; glitter toothed illusions walking in sloppy agape.  This is the REAL Army that will go forth in the REAL Authority of Jahshuah, smashing EVERYTHING in their path!!!  WOE unto those that stand in their way!!!   

In 1970, during an intense praise with two other men, I was given an alarming vision.  It was so startling to me, that it has kept me going through hell and high water all of these years to see it come to pass.  This is what I saw:   

There was a very steep mountain.  Marching DOWN HILL on this mountain were wooden soldiers, dressed somewhat like the British in the Revolutionary War.  Suddenly, one turned around, and started back UP HILL.  When he did, his uniform changed into that like a Roman soldier, with helmet, sword, and shield.  His face changed from that of the fake wooden soldier to that of a determined warrior.  He was sweaty, bloody, and dirt clinging to the moisture.  His eyes were fixed on the top of the mountain as he struggled up the hill.  At the top of the mountain stood Jahshuah the Living Truth with out stretched hands

      The wooden soldiers were fake, and marching the wrong way by believing the lies of the Tree of Death.  Something happened to this one as the “Love for the Truth” entered him, and with that entrance he turned around to go in the right direction.  Great determination was written all over his face as he stared up the hill toward Jahshuah.  When he turned, others began turning, and in the turning changed into the same appearance of the first one, dressed in the WHOLE armor of Jah.  

Each had realized they were going the wrong way, turned around, and started going the right way, fighting a fierce spiritual war in climbing back up the mountain, going against the popular flow of the falling away.  As they did, their gaze became affixed upon Jahshuah, the True Lamb without blemish.     

This WAS the True Army of Jah, and I knew they would have to COME OUT of going THE WRONG WAY, the prophesied “Great falling away” produced by the Serpent’s Illusion from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that was to come to pass in this day.  And, in coming out, would have to be turned completely around by the entrance of Truth to go the right way.!!  This was the “coming out”, and they would be greatly condemned by the one’s rebellious to the Truth who in their sociopathic denial mode, would not turn around. 

       It has been thoroughly proven to me this was a VISION FROM Jah, for oh how we have been led astray into the serpent’s illusion of Babylon.  All of the lies have taken us the WRONG WAY, while the Truth turns us around to go the RIGHT WAY!!! 

Because we have been victimized with lies, we have been going the wrong way!  We work to build our own little paradise on this earth.  Our own little supposed Garden of Eden, our own Kingdom from out of our fallen Knowledge of Good and Evil, while ignoring the purpose of Jah on this earth, and that to our own detriments.  When such building doesn’t satisfy, or corrupts on us, we wonder why.  It is because we have created from out of the carnal tree that creates illusions.  A mirage that dissipates, corrupts unto its death.  Our own Kingdom becomes a BONDAGE unto us, and does NOT bring forth the Liberty for which we search and long.  All the while we are DECEIVED into thinking we are going the RIGHT WAY, when we are in TOTAL ERROR!!! 

Our life is to be fitted into the purpose of Jah.  If we have not as yet found our purpose in Life, this is why.  The purpose for our life must be found in HIS  purpose, NOT OUR OWN. 

It was Jah’s plan, and purpose, FROM THE BEGINNING to conquer Satan, and his Kingdom of Darkness through His people!  Jahshuah came, and was sacrificed to pay the price for this restoration.  Then He was ordered to stay at the right hand of Jah until it was all accomplished, and accomplished as it was purposed from the beginning

 Jahshuah cannot return until not only this restoration takes place, but until the Kingdom Mandate causes the destruction of all dominions that oppose Him.  Then, His enemies are made His footstool, and He can return.  This IS Jah’s plan AND PURPOSE on this WHOLE EARTH. 

So, when does Jah do this???

 Ah, the big question WHEN, right?  That is simple enough.  Lets go back and read the first line in Daniel 2:44.  It says “in the DAYS OF THESE KINGS”!  In the days of what kings???  In the days of the famous TEN KINGS which represent the ten toes of Daniel’s description of Nebuchadnezzar’s image. 

Are they mentioned anywhere else?  Oh yes they are.  We find them again in Rev. 17:12.  Here we are told they are kings BEFORE they receive any kingdom, nation, or outwardly recognized throne.  Even though they are not recognized on the world scene, they are still ruling.  You cannot be a King, unless you have something over which to be King.  It is THEY, who are right now orchestrating the entire creation of the “New One World Order”.  The fact we can see this New World Order manifesting on the scene proves their existence.  I could give you an abundance of proof they are ruling right now, but that will have to wait for another time.  They ARE ruling RIGHT NOW, have been for sometime, and are feverishly working to prepare the world for the One World Ruler whom we know  as the anti-Christ.   

These “Kings” are NOT ignorant of what they are doing.  They are “seed’s of the Serpent”, and therefore WORSHIPPERS of their father which is SATAN, and get their instructions from him, just as we are to do with Jah!  (See "Jacob I loved, Esau I hated" for the Rest of the Story.)

Since it IS in the days of these Kings Jah will set up His Kingdom, it then ALSO means BEFORE the return of Jahshuah.  These Kings will be LONG GONE after His return, believe me.  So how could Jah establish His Kingdom, and give it to the saints during the days of these Kings, AFTER He has returned???   

Because it would be out of order for Him to do it in ANY OTHER WAY!  Remember, if there MUST BE a restoration of all things, then the pattern that existed in the beginning MUST then be followed for the END!   

What was it at the beginning???  I’ve said it enough you should know it by heart, but lets go over it one more time.  Then you will clearly understand why it must be in the days of these Kings that Jah sets up his Kingdom on this earth. 

During the days of the “ant-Christ Assyrian”, Jah set up His Kingdom, known to us as the “Garden of Eden”.  He then placed Adam and Eve in His Kingdom with the Kingdom Mandate to take the earth over by smashing Satan’s Kingdom.  He told them to multiply so they would grow strong enough in numbers to do just that. 

To restore that which was “Lost”, He will now follow the same pattern and set up His Kingdom once again.  Doing so during the days of the anti-Christ “Ten Kings” just like He did in the days of the Assyrian.  These “Gardens of Eden” will be known as “Dwelling Places of Zion” (Isa. 4).  Jah will place His Redeeming Adam’s who have walked with Jahshuah through the cross, along with their redeeming Eve’s, in these places.  They will be multiplied, and in that, the “Last Day Army” will be formed that WILL perform the Kingdom Mandate!  They will walk in the True Authority that resides in the name of Jahshuah, the King of the Kingdom, having power over ALL the power of the enemy (Rev 12).  You see, we are getting ready to do through Jahshuah what should have been done the FIRST time.     

Once again the seducing Serpent has been getting us to eat of the WRONG Tree through the envy, or lust, for the anti-Christ world, to get us to go the WRONG way, to separate us FROM Jah.  To "DEPART from the Living Elohim" by participating in the Contradiction to the Truth. 

Those who will go to the cross of Jahshuah to obtain the “RIGHT to the Tree of Life”, which is the receiving the “Love for the Truth”, will STOP EATING OF THE WRONG TREE!!! 

As the Garden of Eden was, the “Dwelling places of Zion” are safety zones on this earth for the “woman” to flee to during the Great Tribulation.  Only those that come to Zion, the manifested Kingdom of Jah, given to the saints through the Truth, will receive protection from the hell that is about to break loose on this earth.  Only those who will willingly walk INTO THE TRUTH will be so protected!!! 

The last anti-Christ conspiracy is well on its way to being formed just as in the beginning.  The stage is NOW SET for Jah, in the “restoration of all things”, to bring forth HIS Kingdom, the restored Gardens of Eden, and Kingdom Adam’s and Eve’s, from which will manifest the “redeemed Sons of Jah”.

We are NOW in the day when it WILL be accomplished, as Jah said it would through ALL of His Holy Prophets!!!  Take heed!   

This is the VERY REASON that I have been moved to publish this web site.  Only those that come into the understanding of these matters WILL ESCAPE!

Through this Tree of Death, the mind’s of people have been captured by mesmerizing sociopathic men of illusion who in Truth are vicious wolves disguised as “ministers of righteousness”.  They have so brainwashed the people with their propaganda, that lies are believed as Truth, and Truth is believed to be lies.  They call good evil, and evil good, for they are trapped in the deceptive confines of the fallen mind which sees things backwards, and in that, love the lies instead of the Truth.   

We are being prepared for crossing over into The Restoration of All Things.   The enemy HATES the ones so called, and with great fervor, works to devour them before they can birth forth.  If you have wanted to know why your life has gone like it has, and why people have hated you for no reason, THIS IS WHY!!!



The next lesson is "The Restored Kingdom Mandate."  This is an overlay to this article, and brings more perspective to what is said in this writing.  You will find much confirmation in it to what is said in this one.


There is far more in the restoring of what was lost in the fall of Adam & Eve than what is described in these articles.  We cannot continue living in contradiction to the ways of Jah, and expect to receive the blessings of the Kingdom Promises found in The Word of Jah.


Isaiah tells us in Chapter 2:

And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.


We are presently residing in Babylon, waiting for the move when Jah sets us free into His Kingdom, Zion.  By this verse it is easy to see that this IS where we will walk in His ways.  Not until we are walking in His Ways can we receive the reversal of the contradiction.



There is also much in relation to these "Featured Articles" found in the 
"Articles Concerning The Overcomers."


You will find much needed messages on "Faith," for it is FAITH that brings all of this to pass.  You will also see one titled, "Created to Create," and deals with how we are to create the Kingdom and Kingdom life by our SPOKEN WORD which is the "Word of our testimony."


    The Kingdom of Jah is within our genetic code, but contaminated by the fall of Adam and Eve.  When our genetic structures are free of the fallen contamination through the Blood of our Savior, we will then be ALL we were created to be.  When we become all we were created to be, we will just naturally create what we were created to create.  That is THE KINGDOM of Jah!!!  The fallen self just naturally creates BABYLON, and LOVES its creation with much self exalting PRIDE, boasting of how successful it is in the building of the “monsters” construction.!!!   

     We were created with the same creative ability that Jah has.  Then placed on this earth to use that ability to create HIS Kingdom, NOT OURS.  It says in Isa. 51:16,


“And I have put MY WORDS in thy mouth . . . . . that I may plant the (new) heavens, and lay the foundations of the (new) earth, and say unto ZION, Thou art my people!!!”   

     Again, we have read it backwards.  We think He has put His Words in our mouth to build our OWN kingdom.


     We have been creating in the WRONG KINGDOM, and have reaped what we have sown.  Now we have the way out of this confusion unto His Glory.


     Truth rents our veil of fallen contamination and sets the real us free.  Only those who come into the knowledge of the “monster within” will submit to the renting of their veil.  All other’s rest in the false assurance of self righteousness.


     We were created for the Kingdom, NOT BABYLON!!!  We can never find fulfillment of our entire being in Babylon.  Whatever we were created to be, and do, can only be fulfilled in the Kingdom Life.  What we have experienced in life thus far, has prepared and developed us FOR THAT ENTRANCE, if we will submit ourselves unto the cross by walking into the Light that exposes our wretchedness within!!!  










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