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A man from out of the Tribe of Judah, whom I will call "Ralph," sent an email asking some key questions.  Because he is an earnest and sincere seeker, I decided it was necessary to take the time to answer him, for his questions had merit, and needed a reply.  After writing him, the thought came to me that he is probably not the only one who has such questions in their mind, and therefore should probably publish it all on the web site for others to read.  So, I wrote a rather extensive reply with that in mind.  Here are the questions, and the reply to him.



My dear Brother Ralph;

As you know, I am really not answering emails, not only because of the lack of time to do so, but also because of the preponderance of them.  It has become a load impossible for this man to carry.


Most questions people ask can be answered by simply taking the time to read the articles on my web site.  There is really no need for me to repeat to individuals what has already been written that would more than answer the questions asked.


To verify this, I will answer yours by giving excerpts from those articles, along with some additional comments that I shall make to further clarify the answers.


I am taking the time to do this, for it may be this should itself be an article on my web site.  If you have such questions, then this may be an indication of the questions in the minds of many others


Ralph:  Just about all of of the Israel Identity people teach that, after a series of shocks, America will repent, and be restored to its Christian origins, identity, and mission.


Such teaching blinds people to the true plan of Jah, and is exactly what Satan wants taught.  He will support, propagate ANYTHING that keeps people from seeing the true calling upon Israel to reveal the Victory of Jahshuah over him in the manifesting of Zion (The Kingdom) and the Sons of Jah.  Those that so teach have not an inkling of this plan, nor its purpose.


I am very grateful to Jah for what I learned from the myriad of teachers I studied along with my Bible.  However, in EVERY CASE, I found that they were doing more to blind the people to the truths the Overcomers needed to hear, as they were to enlighten.


It must first be understood that The United States is the Babylon of the last days.  The proof of this is overwhelming when scripture is seriously studied concerning this subject.


(I am not going to take the time to change the names or titles, but just let the King James Version be as it is.)

The 2nd Chron 7 scripture that you ask about reads:

If (…IF…) my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

I emphasized the word “if”, for here is the question that must be answered.  The healing of the land is predicated upon the “if”, and therefore whether or not “my people” will repent.  So, what is the answer?

Zion is the Kingdom, and the very Kingdom that Daniel tells us of in chapter 7 that will be given, or possessed by the saints.


Isa 2 & Micah 4 both tell us that Zion (the Kingdom) will come to pass, or manifest, “IN THE LAST DAYS,” “which means during).  If we are in, or nearing these “last days,” then we are nearing the coming to pass of this prophecy.


Jeremiah 50 and 51 are two very interesting scriptures that are speaking of the time we are in, concerns Babylon, and how the people will flee from out of Babylon unto Zion.


51:9 tells us that Babylon will NOT be healed, meaning that the people will NOT repent, and therefore the 2nd Chron verse is of no value to them:

We would have healed Babylon, but she is NOT healed: forsake her,

You cannot get any more clear than that.  Find a scripture that prophesies that this nation, the greatest nation the world has ever seen, will be healed, and this verse then becomes a lie.


Many of us have correctly desired for this nation to repent and be healed according to the promise in 2nd Chronicles.  Sorry to say, this is a hopeless desire for in every instance in scripture concerning Babylon, it becomes quite obvious this will never happen.  Jezebel does not repent, nor do her followers whether they realize whom they are following or not.  This is quite evident both in the politicians, and in the pulpits, as not even the ministers who preach the 2nd Chronicles verse will repent from the lies they are teaching.



Take a look around, and face reality.  Does anyone think that the Edomites, the worshippers of Satan, which are his church, are going to repent and relinquish their tight fisted control of this nation???  Who is strong enough to oust them???  If anyone was so strong, how long do you suppose he would be allowed to live??? 


Does anyone think that the people of this nation are going to repent of their rampant wickedness that escalates with every passing day???   They are sold to sin, in bondage to their carnal fallen mind, and are convinced that evil is good, and that good is evil, just as the scripture says they will.  How are they going to change their mind when Jah has turned them over to it???


Does anyone really think that all of the Pastors and their flocks will repent from all of the lies they believe???  Get serious folks, it will NEVER HAPPEN.  The Truth of this one lies in the prophecy in Jeremiah that says, "WOE unto the shepherds that have led my sheep astray!!!"


As we read in 2nd Thes. 2:

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

And for this cause Jah shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Believe me, NO ONE is going to reverse that one.  Yes, many will come out, but the fact remains, IT WILL NOT BE HEALED!!!


I have long said that if the ministers understood the gravity of their position there would be an hysterical mass exodus from the priesthood.


This nation has become TOTALLY ROTTEN to its very core, and the stink grows with every passing day.  What was detested by everyone in my younger days, has become the norm.  Where does the fault for this lie??? At the foot of every pulpit.


There is only one answer for it.  That is ITS DESTRUCTION, and the judgments that lead up to that destruction are already well underway.  Anyone who cannot see that is not only not paying attention to what Jah is saying, but are sound asleep.

Where the ministers in every pulpit should be sounding the alarm, they have fulfilled the scripture in Isa 56, where it says:

10 His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark (to sound the alarm); sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. 11 Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter.

I have asked ministers to tell me the Bible definition of sin, and they could not answer me.  INCREDIBLE!!!  Is it any wonder then why they do not preach it?  How could they preach to warn of sin when they do not even know what it is?  Why don't they preach it???  You cannot build huge congregations and take in millions by doing so.  For the answer, try reading 1st John 3:4.


Many think that if they do not drink, smoke, or chew, or go with girls that do, that they are just fine.  SORRY!  Wrong answer.  It is not what is on the outside, it is what is on the inside, and few understand that one.  Tell me, just to mention ONE sin, what is the penalty for not believing for the Kingdom???


The statue of Jezebel in our N. Y. harbor (the Queen of Heaven and ruler of Babylon, and the ruling Spirit over this nation), raised up by the “Illuminists” in worship of her, is portrayed as the light bearer offering liberty to the world, while in fact she is a bearer of great darkness with the intent to bring the world into her bondage, doing so through the Edomite International Bankers.  She does not repent either, and believe me, she is not going to give up her reign except by the manner told to us in scripture.



In Jer. 51 we read:

For out of the north there cometh up a nation against her, which shall make her land desolate, and none shall dwell therein: they shall remove, they shall depart, both man and beast.   In those days (the “last days”), and in that time, saith the LORD, the children of Israel shall come, they and the children of Judah together, going and weeping: they shall go, and seek the LORD their God. 5  They shall ask the way to Zion with their faces thitherward, saying, Come, and let us join ourselves to the LORD in a perpetual covenant that shall not be forgotten. 6  My people hath been lost sheep: their shepherds have caused them to go astray, they have turned them away on the mountains: they have gone from mountain to hill, they have forgotten their resting place.  7All that found them have devoured them: and their adversaries said, We offend not, because they have sinned against the LORD, the habitation of justice, even the LORD, the hope of their fathers. 8  Remove out of the midst of Babylon, and go forth out of the land of the Chaldeans, and be as the he goats before the flocks.

9For, lo, I will raise and cause to come up against Babylon an assembly of great nations from the north country: and they shall set themselves in array against her; from thence she shall be taken: their arrows shall be as of a mighty expert man; none shall return in vain.

Where are the children of Israel, where do they want to go, what are they told to do, and who is the “north country” that destroys Babylon?  Who is being held responsible for leading the people astray?  Is it the politicians?

Then in Jer 50:28 we read:

The voice of them (already established by the above that this is the Israel people) that flee and escape out of the land of Babylon, to declare in Zion the vengeance of the Jah our Elohim, the vengeance of his temple

Ralph, we are well aware of where the people of The House of Israel are today, and especially in the United States.  Where does this also say they are???  So, is not the United States also being named as “Babylon”???  We are in the United States, and by this scripture, we are also in Babylon.  Does it say that this nation will repent???  Or....BE DESTROYED?!!!


I ask………..

Who is “the voice of them” referring to?


Where are they?



What do they come out from?



Where do they go?



What do they do when they get there?


Do they believe and pray for "healing" of Babylon, OR ITS DESTRUCTION???  We are not to believe Jah for just anything that we want to, but ACCORDING TO HIS WILL ONLY!!!  I ask, What IS His Will as clearly stipulated by His OWN WORD concerning this wicked whore, the United States???



If this nation would repent and be healed as so many think, then these scriptures are superfluous.  If we could come into the truth, be taught His ways so that we can walk in His paths right where we are, then what is the need for the coming to pass of Isa 2 and Micah 4?



I have on file a list of scriptural characteristics of Babylon written by another that clearly identifies the United States as Babylon of the last days.  No other nation in history, and certainly not in this day, fulfills every characteristic of this Great Whore, but the United States.  And I mean every one of them.


May this help to explain my position on whether or not this nation will repent.  By the Word, not by what men have to say, this nation WILL NOT REPENT, and is therefore scheduled for destruction BY THE NORTH COUNTRY.  The sooner a people wake up to this, the sooner we will see them in the travail of Rev 12, and the “weeping” in Jer 51.  Sorry to say, I do not yet see much evidence of this coming to pass at this time.



Ralph, I do realize how long it takes for a person to catch up with everything on my web site.  However, every answer to almost every question can be just by simply reading it.

As a note reads on the Home Page:

I would admonish those that are called into the "Overcoming" that you will NOT accomplish the overcoming without understanding the matters covered in these writings.  This understanding will NOT come easily.  It will require disciplined study, and that with the Spirit of Jah.

All true doctrine is profitable, but the profit of it lies in knowing the Plan of Jah, and His purpose for our life in that plan.  The enemy will allow us to know EVERYTHING, even sound doctrine, as long as they can keep us from knowing the True Plan and Purpose of Jah on this earth.  If we desire to overcome rather than be overcome, then we MUST understand what is written here.  This is no simple task, but will demand much time in study, and contemplation before Jah.  And then, it takes time for it to be assimilated until the plan of Jah becomes clear.

Ralph, this is no easy task because of all the teaching that contradicts, and covers over what we should be concentrating upon.  I know all of this first hand, as I had to sift through hundreds of garbage piles to find each morsel that was worth eating.  At least this is not the case here, as most on this web site IS correct, and certainly NOT a pile of garbage to sift through.  No one has to go through what I went through in coming to the truth of the involved subjects, and should take advantage of that fact.


I am flabbergasted at how the majority of people are more interested in finding out what Satan is doing, rather than what Jah’s plan and purpose is, and then giving their lives up to the cross to be a part of that plan.  There have been over a two hundred and twenty five thousands hits on the Black Pope article, while only about five thousand on The Power of Jah is in The Cross.  For the day that more become interested in giving their lives to Christ to bring forth his desires, than those who are giving their lives to learn about Satan.  As Paul stated in 1st Cor 1:18:

18For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of Jah.

Ralph:  The pyramid on the dollar bill is, then, the "holy temple unto the Lord" that is being built during the Christian dispensation, with the eye of Christ hovering above--the temple will remain incomplete, as it is on the dollar bill, until Christ returns as the capstone.



My personal opinion is that this symbol is ages old, and straight from the sons of Esau.  If this were not so, they would have NEVER put it on THEIR money.  They certainly did NOT put something of Jah upon their dollar bill.  If it were suppose to be a symbol of Jah, then it is error, for Christ is ALREADY the “capstone”, the HEAD OVER ALL THINGS.


I would like to say something here about why I publish articles concerning the NWO.  We MUST be aware of what is going on.  We are not to stick our head in the sand like everything is okay.  Any knowledgeable person will tell you that everything is NOT okay.  Certainly not in this nation.


I would also like to say that I am grateful for those who feel called to expose what is happening.  Without their work, we would be left in the dark over what is transpiring.


However, if we are centered on this subject instead of Jahshuah, THEN WE ARE BEING DUPED by the enemy.  The study of the NWO is the STUDY OF SATAN, his plans, and ways.  This is NOT to be our priority.  We are not to study Satan and his ways, but Jahshuah and HIS.  Yes, we need to be aware, but our focus must never be taken from our study of the word to show ourselves approved.  When our focus is upon Satan and what he is doing, we have LEFT THE GROUND we belong on, and we will NEVER grow even an inch unto His full stature.  Nor will we ever be of any value in the overcoming that manifests Christ’s victory over him.


Ralph:  George Washington, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin,, then become servants of Satan, who feigned being Christians for the purpose of deception!


If the founding fathers were alive today, and could see what is going on in this nation, they would be so appalled that they would have a conniption fit.  How much they, even up to Abraham Lincoln, warned against what is now happening with the International Bankers.  Every Presidential assassination, certainly Lincoln and Kennedy, was committed because they were attempting to take the money control away from them.  If their intent was so evil, then why are the Edomites of today working so hard to destroy the very Constitution that they created???


Ralph:  And, if America has always been an ungodly place, then by whom was the taking of the light to the nations (Isaiah 49:6) accomplished?  This has been taught as one of the key marks of true Israel--that they (that is, mostly the British and Americans) have taken the light to Asia, Africa, etc.  Is this, too, a falsehood?



In Mat 10, Christ said:

Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not: 6But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 7And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Why did He say this?  Because He knew that Ephraim and Manasseh had the headship over what we today call Christianity, and everything involved with the Kingdom Message, which is found on this web site.  This is why England and the United States have done more to “evangelize” the world than any other nations in history, and is the very proof of this theorem.  However, what we have done with it is appalling, as we have corrupted the entire earth with a thousand different Christ’s.  With the advent of Zion, the light will finally go forth over the earth as it should.  We see that in Isa 2 where it says: 

And it shall come to pass in (meaning during) the last days, that the mountain (ruling authority) of Jah's house shall be established in the top of the mountains (the chief or strongest nation), and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain (authority) of Jah, to the house of the Elohim of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of Jah from Jerusalem.

Ralph:  "Identity teaches that the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples will in large measure come to repentance, and that America and Britain, at least, will be rescued.  But actually it will only be a small remnant of these peoples who will repent.  A remnant will indeed be preserved, but the kingdom that will then emerge will NOT be a Christianized (or re-Christianized) America, but something new and different"   Is this a correct understanding?



Yes, but what is that “something new and different???”


As said in “The Restoration of All Things”…..

Here-in is the Glory that is coming, and for that which we all long whether we realize what it is we are longing for or not.  This is what "Reverses The Contradiction" and turns our mourning into dancing, bringing forth a joy we have not yet comprehended, let alone experienced.

Peter tells us in Acts 3:20-21 . . .  


“And He shall send Jahshuah our Messiah, which before was preached unto you: Whom the heaven MUST receive (must retain, keep) UNTIL the RESTITUTION (restoration) of ALL THINGS, which Jah HATH SPOKEN by the mouth of ALL His Holy Prophets since the world began!!!

What is meant by this verse?  Since Jahshuah must remain in heaven, and therefore cannot return until this "restitution" takes place, shouldn’t we know what it means?  How important an event is this “restoration (restitution) of ALL things”???  It must be important, or why else would Jah Himself be speaking about it through ALL of His Holy Prophets since the world began???  If Jah was speaking about it from the BEGINNING, then is He not speaking about it throughout the Bible from that beginning???



As said in “The United States is NOT in Prophecy???”

In the BEGINNING, a very specific purpose was given to "Adam and Eve", and they were prophesied to in its regard.  What was given, and prophesied unto them, came down unto Noah.  From Noah, it was passed onto Abraham, and from Abraham, it went to Isaac.  If we do not understand what was contained in this purpose, and prophesying, we will never understand what is happening in this day, and certainly think that Jah was too ignorant to include the United States in Prophecy.

From  Abraham, it continued on in the "chosen seed line" to Isaac, and he prophesied unto his twin sons, Jacob and Esau, and what he prophesied unto them is taking place in our day.  Do you know why Jah loved Jacob and hated Esau???   In one Truth, the Bible is a story of these two sons, and the war that was to ensue between them, resulting from the war between their respective "God's."  This can be traced right through the day Jahshuah walked this earth, and into the Book of Revelation.  If you want to see a specific, but hidden mystery concerning the descendants of Esau, then read Rev. 2:9 and 3:9, and then you will know who the member's of Satan's "Church" are, and therefore running the World Government.  What a story it is


(This revelation has been greatly hidden, but is now spreading quite rapidly.  There have been something over 80,000 hits just on my page concerning this issue, let alone what others are publishing.)


Jacob prophesied unto his twelve sons what would happen to them in "The Last Days."  If it was prophesied, you can believe it is happening, and if it is happening, then maybe we should know how those prophecies are coming to pass.  Especially if we want to know prophecy in truth, and how our own nation fits in the Prophetic Word.  I can tell you this, you will NEVER see the United States in prophecy without this understanding of what Jacob prophesied unto his son Joseph, and Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.  Anyone who is teaching on prophecy without this understanding IS DECEIVED, and anyone listening to such individuals is BEING DECEIVED BY THEM!!!

As said in “So Who Is The House of Israel”: 

It was with this "Kingdom Mandate" the Israelites entered the Promised Land the first time. Without this mandate they would have not had ANY RIGHT WHATSOEVER TO DO SO! 


(When we are doing something in Jahshuah, we MUST find the RIGHT and the PROPER TIMING given by the Word of Jah to do it. ONLY by the "RIGHT", "TIMING", and "WILL" of Jah, found in the Word, can we take action against the enemies of Jah. Taking action in any other manner will bring judgment upon us as many have found out in this day, because it is an act of REBELLION.)  ………………….

………………..Notice the statement, "the STICK OF JOSEPH . . . IN THE HAND OF EPHRAIM." The stick represents authority. Ephraim was to have the ruling position over the House of Israel. At the time of the re-joining of these two kingdoms, which takes place during the time, or just prior to, THE TRIBULATION, it will be the Ephraim nation that will be wielding authority. This means that  Ephraim will be a ruling nation in the world.   Being blessed with the wealth of Abraham, he will be the wealthiest nation in the world. This nation will not be Manasseh, or any of the other House of Israel nations, but WILL BE EPHRAIM who was to be the greater, or stronger.


Herein lies a mystery that must be revealed to understand the Prophetic Word.  The further you go on this site, the more you will understand the Plan of Jah for this day we are entering.  From out of Jah's elect, will birth forth a "Man Child" that will be caught over into the ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY OF Jahshuah.  They will be given the Restored Kingdom Mandate, and go forth to SUBDUE THE EARTH, bringing it under subjection to King Jahshuah, "making His enemies to be His footstool", who will then give it up to Jah.  The "Headship Mantle" for this move BELONGS TO JOSEPH, and first of all to EPHRAIM!!!

There are to be places of refuge for "The Woman" to flee to during the Last Three and One Half Years.  This is ALSO Joseph's mantle, and we are clearly shown that this Mantle is upon him by what he did for his family in Egypt. 


Jah is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He does NOT change His mind, for He knows the End from the Beginning, and places Mantle's of Authority wherever HE WILLS according to His plan.  Therefore, Joseph will have Headship over the "Dwelling Places of Zion."

(This of course, will be under the headship of our King from out of Judah, Jahshuah.)

 The authority of Ephraim in the last days is in the UNITED STATES. England being Manasseh, did indeed become great, but not as great as his younger brother Ephraim. Just like the two sons, England (Manasseh) was the first born. The second born, the United States (Ephraim) became GREATER. Becoming so because of the prophetical word that is upon us. Under the mantle and blessings of Jah, Ephraim was to become a mighty nation. The fulfillment of those prophetical words is in the United States, the STICK OF JOSEPH in the hand of Ephraim, who was to be stronger than Manasseh.

Until a person finds this out he is lost in a quagmire of delusion. This is where the devil wants an Israelite, and does everything he can to keep the lies going that are blinding the Israel people as to whom they are, for they are the ones, and the ONLY ONES who have the mantles of Jah TO DESTROY HIM!!!   Wouldn't you want to blind us if you were Satan???

As said in, The Day of Preparation: 

The voice of them that flee and escape out of the land of Babylon, to declare in Zion the vengeance of the LORD our God, the vengeance of his temple.

Most who are reading this are already aware that we must come out of Babylon.  However, how many know where we are to go??  How many are telling us where that is, and how to get there???  I ask each of you, by this scripture, where does it say we will go???  The answer is obvious.  IT IS TO ZION!!!

Yes, this is only one scripture, and quoted without backing it up with a myriad of other scriptures.  Take your concordance, look up the word "Zion", and READ EVERY SCRIPTURE LISTED written by the Prophets from Isaiah to Zechariah.  Please do not email me with questions in regard to "Zion" until you have done that, and spent time meditating before Jah upon them.  Is this asking a lot?  Tell me about it.



Yes, I do know how many there are, and how much time it will take to do so.  I also know that few people are aware of just HOW MANY prophetic scriptures there are concerning this subject, let alone have spent time studying them.  I have spent over thirty years on this one folks, you can spend thirty days.   Then, I have spent thousands of hours in writing and publishing for people to take advantage of, and that WITHOUT CHARGE. 


If anyone thinks it takes a lot of time to read all that is on this web site, then think about how long it took to study, learn, assimilate (all the while going through hell), and then to write and publish what I have, strictly for the benefit of others.  This has been no easy task for me, but I do consider it reasonable service to Jah and the Body of Believers, and a privilege to do so.  I can tell you the enemy fought me all the way.  I went through one horrendous experience after another, all of which worked for my good in opening the eyes of my understanding.  I would not see what I see, or be of any benefit to anyone without what I went through.  When Jahshuah said that we will enter the Kingdom through much tribulation, He wasn’t kidding.  Satan IS the devourer, and goes about to devour ANYONE who is after Jah and His purpose on this earth.



If we are truly after being developed in Christ for others, then what is said in “The Destruction of The U. S.” will take affect.

Until we have interceded for the people, wept for them between the porch and the altar, we are not in a position to correct the people, nor speak of their judgment.  Many are pointing the finger, but how many of those many have been on their face before Jah in tears because of the horror that is coming???  Most are as guilty as the ones they accuse, but cannot see their own guilt.



And, how many are in their ego's pride of knowledge, and wanting to display that knowledge for everyone to see, rather than out of concern for the people???  Not until we write, teach, or preach, with a burden for the people, are we worth writing, teaching, preaching ANYTHING!!!  Most of those that charge for their "Ministry" have only one burden, and that is for MONEY!!!

There was once a publisher who was interested in publishing what I write.  I decided to turn them down, for I wanted no part with the judgment that will come upon all of the Merchandisers in the Temple.  It would scare me silly to charge for ANYTHING Jah has taught me.  There have been a few who have graciously sent me support, but for the most part, people read and give no, or little regard, for the labor that I have exerted on this, the KEY SUBJECT of our day.  And believe me, it is the KEY SUBJECT of our day and it is HIGH TIME EVERYONE UNDERSTOOD THIS, and considered it seriously before Jah!

As said in “The Day of Preparation”

We are being prepared FOR THIS MOVE.  Yes, we are being changed within, and brought out of many matters as we go through the being "changed from glory to glory".  This is where we are, and what we are going through.  However, we have NOT YET arrived to where and what we should be, but are only on our journey through the wilderness to be PREPARED for the crossing over into Zion, the manifesting Kingdom of Jah upon this earth.  It is HIGH TIME WE UNDERSTOOD THIS, and put an end to thinking we already know everything, and are righteous in our living.  We have NOT YET been brought into the PURITY OF TRUTH, but are ONLY BEING PREPARED for the day when we will.  And this goes for EVERYONE, everywhere, involved with the "coming out of her"!!!

Ralph:  Finally, the key question is:  if you are right, what are we to do?  Some might say, "just focus on your own walk with Christ, straightening out all crooked places."  But isn't this rather self-centered?


This depends upon your perspective.  If we are only concerned about our own advancement, and what we can obtain by it, then YES!  However, if we are doing so by giving up our lives to Jah through the cross experiences that cleanse us from ALL unrighteousness as (Christ stipulated) to come to the place where we can be used to rescue others, then ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!  The problem here is that people are so concerned for themselves and what they are going through, they cannot even think about the “Body” at large.


As said in "Suffering The Contradiction", a key series everyone should read:

There are  a number of people with a "Great Calling" upon their life, and KNOW it.  Yet, they are isolated and hidden from view.  They are frustrated, because their "calling" seems of little value, let alone be that which is bringing forth fruit.  Because of that "calling", the enemy has launched viciously upon them, and has worked overtime to keep them suppressed, and oppressed.  So much so, that I am sure many of them have at times been brought to the position of wondering if there even IS a "God".

These are the ones with whom I am trying to reach.  They need the understanding of what is happening to them, and WHY!  I want to see their mourning turned into the joy that they cannot contain that is prophesied for them.  

As said in the Preface to Faith in the series on "Faith", which everyone should read, for unless we are applying ourselves to BELIEVE JAH in the “It Is So Faith”, we are wasting our time.  People think they can somehow reverse what is taking place if they work hard enough.  How sad.  There is only ONE WAY, and that is how Jah stipulates it will be done, AND, by THE FAITH to believe "IT IS SO!"  Certainly NOT BY WORKS!!!


What is the PURPOSE of the Overcomers?  To be raised up by Jah into the "Kingdom Mandate" by being caught over unto The Throne of Jah, and in that, receive the absolute authority of Jahshuah on this earth.  This is what causes the "Restoration of ALL Things" as prophesied by ALL of the Holy Prophets from the beginning.  This is the manifesting of Jahshuah's victory in the Overcomers attained through The Cross, Burial, and being Resurrected unto Jah's right hand,  and thereby, through the so anointed Overcomers, making His Enemies His Footstool.   The "Last Enemy" to be defeated is of course, DEATH.


This is what all of creation has groaned for since the fall of Adam and Eve, and is to come to pass in "The Dwelling Places of Zion".  We are at this time being prepared for this last great move of Jah,  and only those so called will be able to understand what is set forth on this web site at this time.  Those that are called WILL HEAR, and in the hearing, give their lives to Jahshuah for this purpose.


This Truth pronounces Satan's DOOM, and means the destruction of his entire KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.  His "end" cannot come until THIS "MANDATE" is accomplished, and is why he has worked FERVENTLY to keep us from seeing it!!!  If you were Satan, wouldn't you???



I tell you that a people will believe that the "Kingdom Mandate" has been  restored, and in believing, shall cause the Return of Jahshuah, and the DESTRUCTION of the entire anti-Christ Beast System that presently rules over this world.

As said in "The Manifestation of the Sons of Jah"

These are the ones in Daniel unto whom Jah will give the Kingdom.  These are the ones that will destroy Satan, and his anti-Christ dominion over the earth, bruising, crushing, smashing to pieces, the head, the authority, of the Deceiving Serpent.    This IS the "Man Child" that is caught over to the TRUE Authority of Jahshuah through the overcoming.     

Then a note found on the Home Page:

As Jahshuah clearly said, He will not return until AFTER the Great Tribulation.  This cannot happen until His enemies are made His Footstool.  As you will learn, His enemies are NOT made His footstool until the "fall" has been reversed (redeemed) as promised by Jah to the Serpent in Genesis 3:15, and that by the matters of Rev. 12 coming to pass.  Therefore, The Great Tribulation cannot begin until:

1.      Satan is cast out of heaven.



2.      He cannot be cast out until Michael "stands up." 


3.      Michael cannot stand up until the Manifesting Sons of Jah have overcome Satan through the precepts listed in Rev. 12:11, and that BY FAITH (and certainly NOT by works), and brought forth everything of Rev. 12:10. (Which includes the MANIFESTING OF ZION. ie: Isaiah 4 and many other related chapters  written by the Prophets).

4.      These will not birth forth until the "Woman" comes into her travail.

5.      They will not have overcome and manifested as "Sons" until Rev. 12:11 has been accomplished in them.  We are a long way from that day as most do not even understand what is all wrapped up in that verse, let alone be focused and walking in it IN THE “IT IS SO” FAITH!!!  Instead, the enemy has them distracted with every kind of doctrine and prophesying they can conjure to keep them from applying our King's VICTORY over them.


As said at the bottom of   "A Quiz for Overcomers"   

You will not be well on your way into the overcoming until you can answer every question accurately.

This is ever so true.  Asking me questions will NOT get it done.  Only the determined earnest study can do it.


Then in “The Day of Preparation”:

People, we are only in a PREP SCHOOL for our entrance into Zion.  Zion will be THE KINGDOM UNIVERSITY.  How can we attend a University that has not yet even been built???  


Because we have never experienced, let alone thought of what shall take place in Zion, in the Kingdom University, we cannot at this time comprehend it.  I can tell you, where we are suffering confusion now, there the Light will be BLAZING!!!  Jah's redemptive work will flow upon us in such a way it will literally boggle our minds. We are being prepared for the entrance into the GREATEST MOVE JAH HAS EVER BROUGHT FORTH ON THIS PLANET, just as He planned from the very beginning.  Believe it.  And in believing it, work hard in learning while in PREP SCHOOL.  The more prepared, the better you will do when you enter into the college courses presented in the coming KINGDOM UNIVERSITY.

So Ralph, if we are truly giving our life up to Jah through the cross, then it is being anything but self-centered.  In truth it is THE END OF SELF!!!


As Paul stated in Galatians 2, and certainly knew this walk with Christ:


I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me:



"Ralph" wrote a very good reply, and thought I would include it here as I am sure others have the same thoughts running through their minds.  He thinks very clearly, comprehends well, and then can express what is in his mind quite accurately.  I really suspect that he has been called to be a teacher because of these abilities present in him, and the desire to teach it to others.  I have also included a reply to him, which appears right after his comments.


Dear Larry, 

    I am amazed by the complexity of your response, and by the fact that my questions may become a page on your web site!  


    In response I can say that, yes, indeed, digesting your materials IS extremely difficult.  Last summer I read through everything you had posted, but at this point I realize that I internalized almost nothing.  I don't even know where to begin.  Is there a systematic way to study these materials?  I do recall a succession of e-mails to your readers, but the rest of the web site was just "there". 


    I am certainly one of those who studies the conspiracy and its doings more than I study the kinds of things that you say (rightly!) should be our first priority.  Recently, I have read several thousand pages concerning Franklin D. Roosevelt and how World War II was really fought to expand communism and Zionism.  In addition I have been studying the infiltration of the U.S. government by subversive elements during the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's, and the peculiar way in which all resistance to the advance of evil continues to be defeated by the devil's power.  This has been VERY interesting, and I must say that it is a lot EASIER to study than your essays on the "how to" of Christian overcoming.  Perhaps this explains in part why people prefer to learn about Satan's doings.  


Indeed, I had even planned to teach a class on Roosevelt's betrayals, with the focus on George N. Crocker's excellent study, "Roosevelt's Road to Russia."  But, as time has gone by, I have been pushed, in Jah's timing, to readiness for your disturbing messages of the last few days.  I can best sum up what has been happening by referring to that "alternative translation" of Luther's "A Mighty Fortress is Our God", which I sent you some time back.  The second verse sums up the hopelessness of the struggle against the forces of evil, when that struggle is based on human effort.  The translation (by Elizabeth Wordsworth, the grand-niece of the great poet William Wordsworth) says:


           "Frail sinners are we; naught remains

           For hope or consolation,

           Save in His strength whom God ordains

           Our captain of salvation.

            Yes, Jesus Christ alone,

            The Lord of Hosts we own,

            God ere the world began,

            The word-made-flesh for man,

            Still conquering, and to conquer."


        In time the effort to overcome by learning facts does indeed drive us to despair, unless we realize what I just quoted above.  I suppose your web site deals with the details of the question which would then naturally present itself, which is, "What on earth do we DO??!!!"


      As a result of all the above, I have postponed my FDR class, because I know very well that a large part of my motivation would be to show off how much I know, to impress people, to accomplish something and thus "look good", etc.  


I was really convicted by what you wrote about how so many people condemn the average sinner for his moral stupidity, but have little burden for such people in prayer.  It's much easier to dump on Alger Hiss or Roosevelt, than to take constructive action to cooperate with Jah's work in us, to prepare us for our role in the overcoming.  


I don't know about anyone else, but I am not even CAPABLE, at this time, of "falling on my face" in earnest supplication for the vast majority of sinning Americans (and others) who have brought this nation to the point where we are facing the warning to Jeremiah:  "Shall I not be avenged on such a nation as this?"  


Indeed, I don't even WANT to become that kind of person, nor do I know HOW!  Going through the motions of strained, insincere prayer will accomplish nothing, when I would rather pray the 140th Psalm against the likes of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama!  (But maybe that is necessary?)  


Yes, indeed, as I have taught people that America will repent, I have had to ask myself, "Given the state of ever-worsening corruption, do I really believe that some kind of shock will turn us around?"  


Even before our recent exchange, I was coming to the conclusion that MOST of the population would only be embittered by such shocks, while others would retreat into mindless super-patriotism.  (As one lady from my church put it, we should have sung, "America, Bless God!", rather than "God Bless America", in the aftermath of 9-11.)


    So...maybe the way in which America repents, and somehow perseveres in a new way, is through a small remnant, while the rest remain "sheeple" and are led to the slaughter?  Is this what you are saying?  I must admit that the lovely dream of the majority of Americans repenting, and bringing back the conditions of "It's A Wonderful Life", is just that--a dream.  Perhaps the reason that movie touches so many people so deeply is because it pictures what life SHOULD be like, and many thus conclude that we can make it that way again.  This seems to go along with the hidden meaning behind a recent country song, which says, longingly, "It was a different life, when we were boys and girls--not just a different time; it was a different world!"  ...


Most people under 55 today have no idea of what that song means, unless they have studied extensively--and even then, their understanding is merely "head knowledge", as is OUR knowledge of the time before World War I, or in Lincoln's era.  But I have very clear memories of the "different world", and people like you and my wife, Sally, remember even more.  She can remember the day the Alger Hiss case broke, and the gradually increasing anger of the older generation after Truman's recalling of Douglas MacArthur.  In those days, even though the decay was well advancing, there still seemed to be hope for the victory that MacArthur referred to when he said, "In war there is no substitute for victory."  


But it does indeed seem that Jah has cursed this country, and only His chastisement can explain why the conspiracy kept getting out of one jam after another, only to rise again more strongly to achieve even more of its goals.  ...


I think there may be a clue in the scene in "Wonderful Life" when Jimmy Stewart cries out to his "angel" guide, "Clarence, let me live again!"--but nothing happens.  Then, he takes his request elsewhere, and cries, "Oh, God, I want to live again!"  THIS time, there is a response, as the police officer comes up to him, and he is delivered from his frightening experience of desolation.


Sadly, it won't be the whole country, but I do think you are saying that enough of us--those who respond to what you have written--will indeed cry out, and put aside our studies of the devil's work (or whatever), realizing that we cannot overcome evil with knowledge of how it works, but only with an empowerment that comes from on high, from the one who is indeed greater than Luther's "ancient foe"--the foe who has no equal on the EARTH, but DOES have a superior--in HEAVEN!


    The thought that I, a 60-year-old nobody who has accomplished nothing worth noting, and who led a dishonorable life for over 40 years, could be part of this end-time army, is almost totally unbelievable.  Shouldn't this honor go to someone else?  (This is NOT "false humility"--I really DO think this way!)


But then I remember what Paul wrote in those last verses of I Corinthians, Chapter one--of how Jah will use the base things of this world to confound the mighty, etc.  If He had used Douglas MacArthur and Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater, those scriptures would not have been fulfilled.  It seems like the heroes of the conservative movement either had to fail, or go bad, or be somehow thwarted, for His people to learn that we can trust in Jahshuwah ALONE--as Miss Wordsworth's translation of Luther's hymn says.


    OK--back to practical reality:  Is there any systematic way to study your materials?  Even if not, I am coming to the realization that I cannot grow the way I need to, by becoming an expert on what the conspiracy has done, and/or is doing.


Thank  you again for all your help.


Sincerely, Ralph




I have never had, or recommended, a "systematic study."


First of all, a person needs a general knowledge of the entire Bible.  Without that, we are limited in that which Jah can remind us.  Time after time He would recall a scripture to my mind to confirm something I had found elsewhere.


Second, I found it necessary to use a Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and Dictionary.  With that, I could trace individual words throughout the scriptures, and find the true meaning of each Hebrew or Greek word.


Jah is our true teacher, and not people.  My mind was always on Him in fellowship, listening to what he was saying to me on any given subject, and not so much on what I was reading or listening to.


It was He that was taking me on this journey, and certainly not of any of my own doing.  On my own, I would study NOTHING.  I have found that He will take us on a route of study we could not even think of.  In every case on every subject, He would bring to me that which I needed to hear or read, and every subject led to the next, and every subject was instigated by Him even when I did not realize it.


There was a period of time that He did take me on a study of what we call today, "The New World Order."  Otherwise, I would not understand the scripture concerning what Satan is doing in this earth today to fulfill his part of prophecy.  I even wrote on it some in a publication I was putting out back in the 70's.  So, it is not wrong to study these matters.  The only problem with it is getting hung up in it so that we digress away from Jah, His plan, and our development in Him so that we can be used to fulfill His part of prophecy.


Many have written to me saying how they had just read my articles again a year after their first time, and how much more they were seeing the second time around.  Few comprehend much of it at all the first time.  Then, it takes some experience walking with Him for our understanding to be opened.  The longer our walk with Him the more our eyes are opened, and then of course, the more we can comprehend.


It is our "fallen nature" to point the finger at everyone else, while thinking we are righteous.  It is why Christ instructed us to get the beam out of our own eye before trying to remove a speck out of another's.  Oh for the day that we as a "Body" of people can just get His basic teachings operating in our life.  It would sure enough end all of the divisive behavior which is strictly inspired by the enemy through the carnality in us all.


Travailing for the people cannot be mustered up by an individual.  It comes from Jah through our spirit, and that after He has drawn us into the Light so that we can clearly see the trouble people are in.  Like everyone else, in my carnal self, I care not about people.  It's like, I have enough to deal with without being concerned for others.  However, when brought out into the Light in their regard it is a whole different story.  The scene can cause tremendous upheaval within an individual.  Once it happens, the individual is never the same.


No one who knew me during the first thirty years of my life would have ever thought that I would write anything on spiritual matters.  So, do not feel like the "Lone Ranger."  I appeared to be anything but what I am today.


As we are told in Romans 9: 

For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. 

So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of Jah that showeth mercy.

Without Jah calling us, none of us would ever become capable of anything in Christ.  Not only calling us, but then working His will in our will to go His way, and turn from our own.  I have tried to find something about myself that would make me better than most others in following Him, and coming into the Truth.  Sorry to say, there isn't anything.  I say with Paul, "Oh wretch that I am."   If there is anything good, anything righteous, any truth whatsoever in me, it is NOT to my credit in any case, but to HIM ONLY.   Every Overcomer will come to this knowledge, and be thoroughly convinced of this reality.  For ANY of us to be "in this army" is an "unbelievable matter," and beyond our comprehension.  It's like, "How could this be?"


For me, I do not get hung up with this either, but just go with Him as He leads, and let Him take me where He wants, teach me as we go, and let the final goal be left in His hands.  I could never accomplish any of it, so why get hung up with "How Great I Am?"  Or will become?  It is, "How Great THOU Art," and I leave it at that.  


Moses did not think himself capable of what Jah was asking him to do, and that upset Jah.  Let us learn from that one.


You ask, "What on earth do we DO??!!!"


We just go with Him as He leads and teaches, and let Him develop us in Christ through the many trials that try our faith, knowing that He will get us to that place where He wants and needs us to be.  He is MORE THAN ABLE to accomplish His purpose on our life.





























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