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The Power of The Cross

What is taught on the pages of this web site cannot be accomplished by our own works, for this is clearly IMPOSSIBLE.  Clear that is for those who have tried, and in being honest before Jah, have found themselves, even as the Apostle Paul, to be total failures in such attempts.  Yes, we are to apply ourselves to walk in the Light that we have been brought into.  However, the true accomplishment of such comes by whatever Light we have come into being made life in us by our becoming one with Jahshuwah through our meeting Him at the Cross.

There is only ONE WAY for all of the matters contained on these pages to become life in us, and that is by the redemptive work of the Blood through the works of the cross.  I state this, for some might get the idea that I expect everyone to conform unto the truth by their own works, and nothing could be further from what I believe.  As Paul stated in 1st Cor. 1:18:

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of Jah.

Does he say that the power of Jah is in keeping the law; the Gifts of the Spirit; knowing the correct Name of Jah, coming out of Babylon; knowing all Truth; becoming an Overcomer; knowing who True Israel is and who the "Jews" are of Rev. 2:9 and 3:9; and a myriad of other doctrines???  No he does NOT, and it is time for us to recognize this, and come out of our pride-filled egotistical religions that thinks our knowledge is greater than anyone else's, and in that, secretly depend upon our own works to become righteous before Jah.  Jahshuwah IS our righteousness before Jah.  Take Him out of that position in our life, and try to present ourselves instead, WILL NOT WORK, and this activity will put us in dreadful trouble before the Throne.

No, the POWER OF JAH is in the PREACHING OF THE CROSS.  Neglect this preaching, and we are obviously NOT IN THE POWER OF JAH!!!

Does this mean that all other doctrine is of no importance?  No, it is ALL necessary for our development in Jahshuwah, or I would not be publishing on this web site all that I am.  My point is that our top priority is recognizing that it takes a redemptive work of the cross to bring us into compliance with the full stature of Jahshuwah, for it is ONLY by THIS Power that we can be so developed.

How does this work in our life???  We are told by John that: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us.

John is NOT writing to the world, but to followers of Jahshuwah.  He says that if we do not think we have any sin in us, then His Word is NOT in us.  However, if we confess our sins, He will forgive, and cleanse us from whatever unrighteousness that has been exposed in us.  It is for us to walk into the Light that exposes our errors when that opportunity is afforded unto us.  

Believing false doctrine is indeed, A SIN.  When we believe in such, our ego's become soul tied to it, and our pride cements it into place.  Coming out of false doctrine and into the Truth can be a very cruel cross to suffer.  Our ego's want to "save face" and therefore willfully hang onto its self-justified position.  Because of this fallen control of us through the hostility to the Truth of the carnal mind, we will refuse the Truth, and cling to that which has been deeply embedded into our belief system by teachers that have become idols unto us.  We are prone to listen, and be loyal to, men instead of our Messiah.

When such Light comes, we can either submit our ego unto the cross for such exposure, or we can "save ourselves" by justifying our doctrinal position in whatever way our own fallen knowledge of good and evil will allow.  If we refuse the Cross of exposure, then we remain one with the false doctrine, and in that, the AUTHOR OF IT!!!  Only by going through the Cross presented can we come out of being one with the deceiver, and into oneness with the Living Truth, Jahshuwah Himself.

There is much teaching going on in this day that appears to be oh so wonderful, but is minus this Power, this preaching of the cross.  When I do not see it in the teaching, and worse yet, in the life of the teacher, I do not care how great it sounds, I WALK AWAY IN DISGUST, for it is a deceiving influence upon the people.  Remember this one.  

If this Power of Jah which is in the preaching of the cross is not present in a ministry you are listening to, it is time to reconsider whether you should be listening to such a person, for they themselves are thinking that they are righteous by their own hands, and have not as yet recognized their need for the works of the cross on their life.  For instance, this is quite prevalent among those that have realized that the whole Law of Jah (Torah) has NOT been done away with.  There are those that are leading people into the deception that they must, by their own endeavor, comply with it.  That will NOT work before Jah, folks, nor will it with ANY Truth.  We come by the Cross which works every Truth into us,  or we just plain ol' don't come.  Take heed.

Larry G. Meguiar

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