The entire Bible MUST BE VIEWED as a book of Law!!!  We are given the Holy Law in the beginning, and then the rest of the book defines that Law.  The most important aspect being whether or not we are saved!!! 

        By the Law, Jahshuah was our sacrifice for sins.  In this Law of Salvation, it says that all who “believe in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life”.  The question is, what is the legal definition of “Believing IN Him”???  Is this an important question???  Oh yes it is, for by the answer our position for eternity is decided.  The “Believing IN Him” in Truth must be submitted to, or we will PERISH!!!  This end result folks, is as serious as it gets in this life. 

        We cannot decide for ourselves what this statement means.  The proof being in the fact that all of the devils, and Satan himself, “BELIEVE” that Jahshuah IS the savior.  Are they therefore saved???  Hardly, as they are scheduled for the Lake of Fire.  Therefore, just “believing” He died to save all of us any way that we want to is NOT enough. 

        “Believing IN Him” is not a passive statement, but one that in and of itself expresses ACTION!  And, that action is not predicated upon what we ourselves believe is right and wrong, or what we ourselves believe affords us salvation.  Salvation comes by the Word of Jah in TRUTH, and is that which represents us as our advocate with a point of Law before the throne of Jah.  We had better make real sure that we are standing on the proper legal ground of faith in the Word of Truth, or we are going to get a terrible shock before the judgment seat of Jahshuah.   

There is an interesting scripture in Malachi 3:18.  In speaking of this day we are now in, it says:   

“Then shall ye return, and DISCERN between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth Jah, and him that serveth him NOT!”   

The interesting matter here is that it takes DISCERNMENT to tell who is really of Jah, and who is not.  This means that it will not be readily recognized.  If it is not readily recognized, then maybe we should be more careful to whom we listen to, and believe.  May this article bring at least some “discernment” to us with we ourselves being our primary subject.  

I doubt that there are ten people put together that will read this article that has read as many books, listened to as many tapes, or heard as many “ministers” from different realms of "Christianity in the last forty years, as what I have in my search for Truth.  This is not a statement of pride, but of fact!!!  Because of this, I can say with all integrity that we are living in a quagmire of confusion, contradictions, deception, counterfeit Savior’s, and a realm of self exalting deceivers.  I have yet to hear the first sermon, read the first book, or listened to the first tape, that was not at least in some way, tainted with error.  The most blatant error’s being perpetrated against us are in the teachings concerning the Prophetic Word.  Everything we have been programmed to believe about the last days is filled with the Serpent’s camouflage to cover up what is really happening, and done so to ensnare the people.  What an awakening is coming to those who have “received the Love for the Truth”.  And oh, what a terrible day for those who have taught the lies!!!  

Generally, when first meeting another "Christian", they will ask which denomination do you attend.  They ask that question to identify where you are and what you believe.  What they are really asking without realizing it is, "which 'Jesus' do you follow", for they instinctively know that every sect teaches a DIFFERENT 'Jesus'.  

This was prophesied to be the day of the spiritual harlot’s "Christianity", as Satan was to deceive the WHOLE earth.  If we expect to escape the judgments, then it must be our endeavor to overcome the Serpent’s perpetrated delusion, and come out into the Pure Truth. 

Even though we should be marching toward this goal, I do not believe that it will be truly accomplished before the advent of Zion.  It is here we are to go to “come out”, and it is here we will be told the Truth.  Therefore, I do not think we will be brought out into Pure Truth before this manifesting of the Kingdom.  Since this is Jah's plan, then that is the way it will be. 

All error comes from the twisting of Truth into a lie.  This is mostly accomplished by those who take a verse, remove it from the context of the whole Word, and even from the appendage chapter, and then by the carnal mind, make it out to be that which pleases their own mind resulting in a lie.  This is the practice of the Serpent, the FIRST false prophet who performed such evil from the beginning, even as with Eve.  All of those that practice such, walk with the Serpent, the Counterfeit Savior, and preach for him, not Jah!!!  This is what has created what the scripture calls spiritual Babylon that is filled with spiritual harlotry, and harlots.  A spiritual harlot is one who gives to a counterfeit Savior what should only be given to the True Savior.  In a more plain vernacular, it is one who gives to another what should only be given to their Jah APPOINTED HUSBAND!!! 

We ALL serve someone, whether we recognize what we are doing or not.  Either we serve the True Husband, or the counterfeit.  With the coming forth of Zion, we will ALL have to make a choice.  Either come into Kingdom Order, and the headship commissioned by Jah, serving the Real Savior, or we will be eliminated. 

Our land is full of Jezebel’s whore houses, headed by Priests of Baal who act as pimps to make harlots of Jah’s people.  By their preaching of error, twisted Truth, they create false Savior’s, graven images for the people to worship.  I have found there is a different Jahshuah created from false doctrines in every church that I have gone into.  Paul warned that: 

“the wrath of Jah is against ALL ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in UNRIGHTEOUSNESS . . . . . . . . ..Who change,  or twist, the Truth of Jah INTO A LIE!!!  

The “Religious Whore” is a great wonder that illusively appears as a True "Christianity."  Jezebel, the counterfeit of the Holy Spirit, uses her Priests to move the people in soulish emotion, titillating the senses with their swelling words and arousing entertainment.  Then they pick their pockets to build their own thrones, exalt their own reputations, and to create their own empires.  All in the “Name of Jesus” of course, as if this makes it okay.  These messengers of Satan are holding the people in captivity.  I’ve got news for them.  The overcoming “Sons of Jah” will give their lives to set the people free from these wolves in sheep’s clothing.  WOE unto the Priests of Baal, and the world, when they do!!!  Anyone that is lusting for position in this wickedness is on their way to destruction!!!

As with all pimps, they cause their whores to worship them as well, as they aggrandize each other, exalting themselves before the people by proudly exclaiming their “marvelous works” and great accomplishments of “faith”.  Instead of singing “How Great THOU art”, they sing loudly and clearly, “How great WE art”.  They do nothing more than enlarge their place in hell, and are taking everyone that loves this unrighteousness to the same damnation to which they are going.

(Note of warning: Let me make something real clear.  There is a counterfeit of the True move of Jah going on right now, and gaining momentum.  When Jah moves, it will bring us OUT of Babylon; out of the whore’s counterfeit Savior’s; bring forth Zion; His Kingdom; and His overcoming “Sons” who will be given the right to preach the true “Gospel of the Kingdom”.  Anything before this event that is advertised as Jah’s last great move is a deceptive illusion, and of the devil!!!  If there is a move of Jah before this time, it will be in the loosing of stress upon us to bring us into a travail.  Remember it.)   

       The Apostle John is the one who warned us of this “Mysterious Woman” who is now taking the whole world captive through the ambitious and industrious works of men.  When he wrote what we call “John 3:16”, he wrote it in context with Jahshuah's entire discourse, and not as some separate thought.  We pull this verse out, separate it from what Jahshuah was really saying, and then make it mean what we want it to.  The Word in truth does NOT submit to us.  We are to submit to the Word.  To understand ANY scripture, we must get into the mind of the speaker, or writer, and hear what he was expressing.  Let’s go down through a few verses to find out in what context  3:16 is found.

        Jahshuah is speaking of those that WILL enter the KINGDOM OF Jah, and those that WILL NOT; of His crucifixion; and of those that will be “saved” by His death.  And, that He did not come to condemn, as the condemned are condemned already.  How are they condemned???  He tells us in verses 19 through 21:   

“And THIS IS the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were EVIL.  For everyone that doeth evil HATETH THE LIGHT, lest his deeds should be reproved (exposed).  But he that DOETH TRUTH cometh to the LIGHT, that his deeds may be made manifest (made known), that they are WROUGHT IN Jah!!!”   

The ones that “believe IN Him”, are those who have come out of the condemnation, for they are walking into the Light to find out whether what they are doing is of Jah, or of the devil.  If we are not walking into the Light to test our works to see our shortness, then repenting and confessing those sins so that we can be cleansed, we are NOT “believing IN Him”!!!  Believing IN Him is believing in His redemptive work.  When we refuse the Light we see no need for such, and this is overwhelmingly our plight of today.  Saying that we “believe in Him” while committing evil and then refuse to walk into the Light to have the evil exposed WILL NOT WORK, for there is NO such legal ground to so exonerate.  In fact, all of the legal ground condemns such activity. 

How do we know if we are walking into the Light???  We will be receiving Truth, the Love of the Truth which is the Love of Jahshuah Himself, and DOING THE TRUTH!!! 

Whatever it is that we are doing that disagrees with the Word of Jah IS EVIL!!!  Jah does not lead us into rebellion to what His Word requires.  If we are in anyway in rebellion to His Kingdom Order and think we are following the Holy Spirit, we are greatly deceived!!!  We then are not following the Holy Spirit who is the “Spirit of Truth”, but the counterfeit, the spirit of Jezebel, who leads us into lies, deceptions, and into her harlotry.  If we can put our pride filled stiff necked ego on the cruel humiliating cross and walk into the light, we shall be saved.  If NOT, then WE SHALL PERISH!!!  I do not ask you to believe me, but I sure do ask that you believe the King.  Go back and read what He said in this particular discourse.  Get rid of the deceiving lies that have filled your head with presuppositions concerning salvation.  Read what He said, and what He said in context with John 3:16!!!  What is said here is not only in line with the Law of Jah, but what the entire Word of Jah has to say.  This discourse is in itself a “Law” on which to stand before Jah Almighty, if . . . IF . . . we walk into the Light and not only receive Truth, but DO IT!!!  Then in trying to do it, we become even MORE undone, and as with Paul find not the strength in our own selves to do it.  With this discovery, we finally come to the understanding of our total need for Jahshuah, and His redemptive work to be performed in us.  It is in this position the operation of Grace and the work of the Blood in that active Grace comes into play in our lives, and then it is we are “Believing IN Him”. 

The “flesh” not only will not, but it cannot submit unto Jah.  The work of the cross is the only answer, and those that “Believe in Him” will take up their cross and FOLLOW HIM, following Him even into ALL Truth, and by Him who strengthens us, DO IT!!! 

John records in chapters 14 through 17, a long discourse given by Jahshuah just before His being crucified.  In this He speaks of the Holy Spirit.  I just give you verses 16 - 17 in chapter 14, so you might take the time to read the whole thing.     

“And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever.  Even the SPIRIT OF TRUTH whom the world CANNOT receive, because it seeth him NOT, neither KNOWETH him . . . . “   

I once preached a sermon entitled “The Broad and Narrow Ways”.  In this, I exhibited at least twenty five major doctrines that were being preached by most of the ministers, and which most of the people believed, that were exactly OPPOSITE OF THE TRUTH!!!  I could have shown fifty.  Those that heard the message readily recognized that NOT ONE of the ministers of today would accept ANY of them in Truth, and would refuse to even listen to any of it.  How then could they possibly find legal ground to say that they “walk after the Holy Spirit”, let alone that they “Know Him”???  The Holy Spirit IS the Spirit of Truth.  He does NOT author error.  The preaching of error is authored by the Serpent through the carnal mind, and no greater carnality exists on this earth!!!

I used to think that they were saved, but just needed to be broken.  That is NOT what Jahshuah says here in these two verses, or anywhere else for that matter.  He says that men who do not receive the Truth do not do so for they CANNOT.  Cannot for THEY ARE OF THE WORLD and therefore do NOT  KNOW this “Comforter”.  I am sorry folks, but it is time that we started listening to our High Priest and King instead of inflated men.  It is time for us to come into the discernment of who is of Jah, and WHO IS NOT!!!  It does NOT matter how great, or how righteous, they may appear.  If they cannot walk into the Light of Truth, cannot receive Truth, they are OF THE WORLD!!! 

This was very hard for me to accept, but the more that I fellowshipped with “Pastor’s”, the more frustrated I became until I had NO CHOICE but to walk into the Light and submit unto the Word of Jah that CONDEMNS all such works. 

  I was told the evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit was the “speaking in tongues”.  Sorry, that can be a Jezebel counterfeit.  The evidence is whether or not a person can receive Truth, and in receiving it, WALK IN IT!!!  No one that walks in error, or refuses the truth that exposes that error, could ever convince me they have the Holy Spirit, and walk after Him.  Jahshuah “The Living Word” says that this is IMPOSSIBLE!!! 

Every time I hear a minister preach in favor of the people described in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, I know HE IS DECEIVED, and therefore a deceiver of the people.  I sadly doubt his fallen ego would ever be able to accept the Truth of the matter.  He has sold himself to the Whore by his preaching of the Serpent’s delusion that is deceiving the WHOLE EARTH.  Doing so to receive fame and position of power over the people.  As good as he may look and sound, he is making a harlot of the Bride of Jahshuah; and is taking her to the slaughter through his preaching of a false god!!!  He is an “illegitimate son” and therefore a “Bastard of the Whore”.  To keep him in his pride filled deception, The Whore greatly rewards him with stolen tithe and a “great ministry”, which then serves to cement his doom as he erroneously thinks that it is Jah that is blessing him.  Jah does NOT bless those who preach the Serpent’s delusion, and support the very enemies of Jahshuah!!!  Those who listen to, follow, praise and extol such men, deserve them!!!  The next move of Jah will come forth in great power, and in that undeniable move, expose everything, and everyone, stripping them naked for all to see.  Get prepared!!! 

Now, the point of this lesson is to show us the importance of our own receiving of Pure Truth, and then walking in it, for upon the “Believing in Him” in Truth is our salvation decided.  I do want to warn about the prevalence of deceivers in this day because their errors are taking us away from True Salvation.  We must be made aware that we are being deceived, or we will never know it, and that in order to reach unto true salvation, we MUST come OUT of the deceptions.  Once we are aware, then the messengers of Satan are no longer of any concern, for the Truth sets us free from them.  What is our concern is where WE will end up.  It is not what others are doing.  It is what am I doing???

The Apostle John heard Jahshuah well, and even years later said in his first Epistle, 1:5-7:   

“This then IS THE MESSAGE which we have HEARD OF HIM, and declare unto you, that Jah is LIGHT, and in Him is no darkness at all.  If we say that we have fellowship with him, and WALK IN DARKNESS, we LIE, and do NOT the Truth.  But if we walk in the Light, as he is in the Light, we have fellowship with another, and (then it is) the blood of Jahshuah his Son cleanseth us from all sin.”   

If we are not receiving and abiding in the Truth, then we are NOT IN Jahshuah the Light, but in darkness, and the power in the Blood is of no value to us.  If we profess to be a “saved Christian” and abide in the darkness by our refusal of Truth, WE DO LIE, and in that lie, deceive ourselves!!!

A person walking in the Light can only have true fellowship with another who is also in the Light.  It is IMPOSSIBLE for darkness to fellowship with Light, and any attempt to do so will only bring forth strife.  Therefore, anyone who walks after the spirit IN TRUTH, will find themselves being separated from those who love the darkness.  They will be able to socialize with all people, even as Jahshuah did, but they will only find unity of mind with people who turn from the lies of darkness, unto the Light of Truth. 

Those who love the Whore, her lies, and her false ways, will condemn and shun those who are able to walk into the Light by coming out to receive Truth.  They cannot abide the Light, for in the Light their deeds, their believing in counterfeit Savior’s, are exposed.  Then, in trying to protect their image before people, the “fig leaf cover up” is enforced.  Through treachery, great effort will be extended to make anyone in the Truth to look like the evil one, and they themselves the righteous. 

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, just as the scripture above is saying, that refuses to walk into the Light to receive Truth is of the world and IS IN DARKNESS.  I do not care how good, or how spiritual they may appear to be.  They are deceived and go about deceiving others, taking them to the same destruction which they themselves are headed.  It matters not how much they have prophesied, worked miracles, taught or preached about Jahshuah, how many devils they have cast out, or how great a work they have done.  If their doctrines are predicated on lies, they are WORKING INIQUITY!!!  If your understanding was opened, you would see the Truth that we are living in the ultimate fulfillment of “Ephraim has joined himself unto idols”.  How many false god’s we have created with our lies.

We do not want this to be true about ourselves.  We must see the importance of Truth, for only by the Truth CAN WE BE SAVED!!!  It is not just “others” that are being deceived, but we ourselves also.  Coming out of all the deceptions of this day will be quite a task, and will send us ALL to the cross many times over!!!  We must come to the position that it matters not how much we think we know, or how long we have studied the Word of Jah.  We ALL have only been prepared for the coming out of the strong delusion into the pure Truth.  From out of all our graven images of a Counterfeit Savior created from error. 

Paul warned us with tears about the deceivers that would be here in this day.  In his second Epistle to Timothy . ..  

“This KNOW ALSO, that in the last days perilous times shall come . . . . . .  Ever learning, and NEVER ABLE to come into the knowledge of the Truth . . . . .   But evil men and SEDUCERS shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived . . . .   And they shall turn away their ears FROM THE TRUTH, and shall be turned unto fables.”  

These are NOT nice men, but wolves sent by Jezebel, who have NOT come into the church to bring us unto salvation, but to ROB US OF IT!!!  We are indeed in a Perilous Day.

In 2nd Thessalonians he warns us that if we do NOT receive the “Love of the Truth” we will fall prey to the “Strong Delusion”, and be sent into it so that WE WILL BE  DAMNED!!!

No folks, salvation does not come by “just believing about Jahshuah”, but IN the True Messiah, and in that believing, if we are really believing, we will walk into the Light of Truth, and DO IT.  This is NOT an option, for if we do it NOT, we then bring an indictment against us before the throne of the Almighty that will firmly stand by His Book of Law.

The line is being drawn.  Those that will “come out” will cross over into the Kingdom of Jah, and all that this Gospel entails.  Those that do not will suffer the consequences.  Then we shall see who really is of Jah, and who is not.  It is time for the few sincere ministers left in our midst to sound the Trumpet of Warning, and give the “call” to come out of her my people.  Those that refuse the Truth will come against the Kingdom in Zion, against the Pure Truth of the Word, and even as religion killed Jahshuah, they will work to rid the earth of the 144,000 manifesting “Sons of Jah” who at present lie hidden in the womb of the True Church, awaiting their birth into the True Authority of Jahshuah.  These “Sons” will walk in the same “Spirit” that Elijah did, and then  WOE unto the Spirit of Jezebel, her Priests of Baal, and all of the Harlot’s kingdom of Babylon, Political as well as Religious.  How great a fall from their self exalted pedestals they have coming to them.

It is time to wake up people, and get our acts together before Jah.  If we think the problems and cares of this life are important to us now, wait until we enter ETERNITY if we find ourselves to be "castaways."!!!    Here things can always get better.  NOT THERE.  Once you are there, YOU ARE THERE and there will be no way for things to get better if we find ourselves in the wrong place!



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