The Warning of The End Times


Professor Whizdumb says:        “I have some good news, and some bad news.  The bad news is that we are headed toward the destruction of everything on this planet as we presently know it.  The good news is, aside from that, everything is wonderful.”  





This is a prelude, a page of preparation for what else appears on this site.  Most know there is something wrong.  I am sure you will identify with many of the thoughts listed below.  If not, I would almost say you are somehow abnormal, or else, you are just not facing reality.  Misery, of some sort, is the daily companion for the vast majority.


It is my intention to tell you what the problem is, and then the solution.  If you are interested, then read on.  The Glory of the Kingdom is about to be opened to those who are wise enough to hear the "call" unto it.  Oh, what a day we are entering.


Are you tired of:  

1.  Feeling like you are in a financial bondage, a slavery???  Working just to survive in a life not worth surviving in???   Living in a rat race of working, eating, and sleeping???  Have you ever wondered if this is all there is to life???

2. Feeling like you are dissatisfied, unfulfilled???  

3. Experiencing strife and division.  Of hurting and being hurt???  

4.  Having to be what you are not, and cannot become what you really are???  Are you still wondering what you will be when you grow up???  

5.  Feelings of futility, of having to accept far less in your life than what you desire???  Feeling unfulfilled???  

6.  Feeling that you are a victim of life, instead of a ruler???   Suffering pressures and stress???

7.  Climbing a ladder, only to find that it is leaned against the wrong wall???  

8. Feeling frustration, despair, disappointment, hopelessness sorrow, depressed, harassed by life, striving to attain, but not attaining???  

9.  Suffering the abounding insanity in the world???  

Well, if you are feeling any of the above, you are not alone.  There are hundreds of thousands that are feeling the same way.  And, thousands more who are, but stay too busy to let themselves realize it.  The question is, what would you give to come out of these debilitating effects???  Would you be willing to give up that “wonderful life” to find it as it should be???   If so, then this IS your "GOOD NEWS", if you can receive it.

I have written ELSEWHERE much about the disasters ahead.  About the “bad news”.  Let me tell you some about the “good news”.  It may take more of the bad news coming to pass before people are ready to hear the good news, but let me relate it a bit anyway.  

This is a vast subject, and takes much teaching to verify the integrity of what I shall relate.  The rest of the pages will bring some light to you concerning what is stated on this page.    There are some who WILL hear now, some who will hear later, and some who will NEVER hear, not even while the nuclear missiles are flying, and the whole earth is being shaken.  For those who are ready to hear, I would like to state some things in regard to the “Glory” that is coming.  May there be some who will be wise enough to sit up and hear now.  

Created for Glory

There are people, greatly called by Jah, scattered through out the earth that are totally dissatisfied with life on this planet.  By the work of Jah, they have, in varying degrees, been made to feel unfulfilled, disillusioned, disappointed, discouraged, and oppressed.  Done so to prepare them to receive the desire for that which is coming.  Have you wondered why your life has gone as it has?  This is why.  

These feelings, brought on by the dealings of Jah, range from being somewhat subliminal, to being full blown.  The people themselves range from being successful, to absolute failures.  It matters not what station in life in which they reside, they know deep within themselves that something is wrong.  That there has to be something more to life than what they have presently found.  THEY ARE RIGHT!!!  As the Kingdom of Darkness goes to its destruction, these will be “brought out” into the Kingdom of Light, and by so doing come into the Glory of everything they were created to be in total fulfillment.   

We all were created to be a certain individual.  Each one with a personality, with abilities, talents, and aptitudes,  for a specific purpose.  Why is it then that we have not come into the fulfillment of that which we were created???  Why can we not be, and do, that which brings us into feeling fulfilled???

It is my position that NO ONE has, as it is not possible while residing in the Kingdom of Darkness which rules the earth under Satan.  Anyone who says otherwise is either not facing reality, deceived by the pleasures of the flesh, or they are lying to themselves.  Let me explain why this is my stand.

The Kingdom of Everything LOST!!!  

In the beginning, Adam & Eve were created in perfection, placed in the Garden of Eden (Kingdom of Jah), and able to be all they were created to be, and to do.  It was the realm of total fulfillment.  They were under the headship of Jah, had everything, lacked nothing, and their possibilities were unlimited.  They were in the KINGDOM of LIGHT, and were experiencing the Kingdom Life.  They were also given "The Kingdom Mandate" to bring the entire earth into this glory.

Through the seduction of “The Serpent”, they were seduced, and by that seduction, they LOST EVERYTHING of the Kingdom Life, including their perfection, and we are now living in the reaping of what they sowed! 

Jah’s Kingdom is the Realm of everything FOUND, or for what it will be for us in this day, everything re-gained, "RESTORED", and the Serpent’s the “Realm of EVERYTHING LOST!!!  Under Jah’s headship, everything is done in concert with Him, according to His purpose.  No fulfillment can be found outside of this Kingdom Order, for that is the way we were created to be fulfilled.  

In the realm of everything lost (the Kingdom of Darkness’), people, in being their own god, try by their own hands, by their own resourceful creative ability, to find success in life.  Some do find a degree of success, but even in that success, DO NOT FEEL FULFILLED!  How many of the successful, of the millionaires, have committed suicide???

This is the carnal works of the flesh, worked by the fallen nature in which we are all born.  Becoming a “Christian” does not automatically deliver us from this falleness.  That redemption is accomplished by the blood from the works of the cross, if . . IF we are truly walking with, and submitting to,  Jahshuwah.

The Kingdom of Darkness is ruled by Satan, and in that Kingdom, there cannot be anything but chaos and strife, pain, sorrow, and agony, for it eats but from the "Tree of Death".  From The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which causes people to be their own god, and in being their own god, decide for themselves what is right and wrong for their life.

The Kingdom of Light is Righteousness Peace and JOY.  In the Kingdom of Darkness it is just the opposite.  It is a carnal realm filled with carnal works, and those works are in direct opposition to Jah and His ways.  Only the OPPOSITE RESULTS of the Kingdom of Light can come forth.  We can do NOTHING but reap the "CONTRADICTION" of what Jah has fully purposed for us while residing under the headship of this realm, and thereby participating with its rebellion to Jah and His Ways.

We are in the realm of contradiction, and everything in it is contradicting Jah, His Ways, and His desires for us, including most of what is being preached.  This is where we are presently residing, and therefore we are suffering the results of living in this realm of contradiction, and this is why we are experiencing the opposite of what our life should be.  

       We cannot be and do what we were created to be and do in this fallen realm, and I include every “professing Christian”, and I care not how much they would say otherwise.  Everyone’s life, when the blinders are taken off and looked at, thoroughly proves this axiom!!!   

The Realm of Contradiction    

As you may well know, with the fall of Adam and Eve, we all inherited a “fallen nature”, and that nature walks after its own mind, its own Knowledge of Good and Evil.  That mind opposes Jah, and therefore sees things totally opposite of the Truth.  In its "Fig Leaf Cover Up", its own self justification for everything it does, it is sure that its own knowledge IS truth, and IS RIGHT in its thinking, when it is TOTALLY WRONG!!!  

  It is quite clear with even an elementary study that the “carnal mind” is at WAR with Jah, and opposes Him in every way.  To be “opposed” to Jah is to live in CONTRADICTION to Him, everything that He is, and says.  The whole fallen world lies in this fallen nature, and everything it creates is created in CONTRADICTION to what Jah says.  Even as John stated, "the whole world lies in wickedness".  This we MUST understand, or we will NEVER understand our life, or what is happening to us while we reside in this realm of darkness.  This IS our problem!  

In living in this darkness, we are suffering the CONTRADICTION of EVERYTHING that Jah desires for us.   Certainly we can experience blessings right where we are, but it is just about IMPOSSIBLE to experience anything but the contradiction of the life we desire while we are living in this realm.  There is only ONE SOLUTION, and NO OTHER SOLUTION can be found.  It is to do as Jahshuwah said, "Come out of her my people so that you will not participate in her sins" . . . “Take up your cross and follow me”; and, “You must lose your life to find it”.  That you will either hate your life in the world, or hate going the way of Jah.  You cannot have it both ways, and life has thoroughly proven this to anyone who is serious with our KING.  

If we are one who “loves our life in this fallen, hostile to Jah world”, I say without hesitation, WE ARE IN TROUBLE!!!  Real trouble, for we have not yet met the TRUE Messiah, nor sought for His Kingdom and Righteousness FIRST!!!  

This is what we are trapped in, and most of those around us are working to enforce that entrapment.  Most "ministers" are the "PRISON GUARDS", and their mind controlled captives will work with them against ANYONE who wants OUT.  They are  in the carnal, and therefore HOSTILE to anything that is the “Right Way”, and to anyone who speaks of it. 

Everyone is IN the "Fig Leaf Cover Up".    Everyone works secretly to make themselves, what they say and do, to appear righteous.  This covers the ENTIRE EARTH, and EVERYONE IN IT, including we ourselves.  This is insanity, and in that insanity, insanely wicked.  This is why no one wants to be exposed, and when the Light, the TRUTH comes, IT IS HATED.  The more wicked an individual is, the more defiant will they become to the Truth.  

The Spirit Of " Anti-Christ"

Here is something that we must get through  our heads.  I know both by experience, and by the dealing with others, that we are THICK SKULLED!!!  We are living in the Kingdom of "anti-Christ".  We cannot walk in the Kingdom life for which we yearn while residing in this realm.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are to recognize and enjoy the marvelous things of life.  The wondrous talents of our day, gifted athletes,  incredible accomplishments, technologies, and on I could go.  I am just bringing a proper perspective of how to view it all.  Being talented, popular, gifted, intelligent, will not get anyone into the Kingdom Of Jah.  Name me a man in the Bible that was popular.  As wondrous as it is, it is an anti-Christ world, and it IS heading for its destruction.      It is my burden to get as many out of the way of this destruction as possible.  Gaining everything in life, the whole world, and losing that soul to eternal damnation is the greatest tragedy of all.

By the permission of Jah, the Word of Jah, the world is going to go where it is written for it to go.  This cannot be stopped!!!  It cannot be healed!!!  It is going to run its course and THEN BE DESTROYED!!!

Everything in this realm is anti-Messiah, against the TRUE Jahshuwah, and is working to program us with anti-Messiah thinking.  You might think that this is not happening to you.  That somehow you are too smart for this to take place upon your mind.  Yeah, right.  

The harder it will be for you to accept what is written on these pages, the MORE you have BEEN PROGRAMMED The fallen mind in us all loves the lies, and the ego, in its stiff necked know it all pride refuses to accept that it can be deceived.  Only those coming through the cross with Jahshuwah will be delivered from the programming into the renewing of the mind.  Unto the coming out of the "Strong Delusion" and into the manifesting Kingdom of Jah.

Everything happening on this earth is ALL fallen, and therefore HOSTILE to Him.  It is Satan’s “matrix” that screams to make itself appear as real.  It is NOT REAL, it is an ILLUSION!!! 

The deceiver of the WHOLE EARTH is working to make us believe his lies and illusions in what ever measure he can accomplish in each individual.  There is NOTHING GOOD in this realm.     By the time you have finished reading the pages on this site, you will understand that everything at this present time is ALL  working in DEFIANCE of Jah, His Truth, and Kingdom. 

Babylon is both political, and religious.  The religious whore is a Counterfeit Christianity, ruled by Priests of Baal who work under the Counterfeit Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jezebel, who willfully and rebelliously defy Truth, and stand in absolute defiance of it.  These are the ones who have been sent by the “Deceiver of the Whole Earth” to hold us as prisoners in this defiant realm.  Sorry to say, I have never found anyone more defiant to the Truth than Ministers.  Most of them are leading the sheep the wrong way, even as prophesied, and instead of being worthy of great eternal reward, are only worthy of the death sentence.  

Woe unto them when the "Spirit of Elijah" rises on the Sons of Jah.  It is all a strong delusion sent by Jah Himself to blind those who will not receive the love of the truth, so that they MIGHT BE DAMNED!!!  It is strong enough to deceive the very elect.  Wake up folks, we are in a dreadful day.  The world is not our playground, it is our DEATH SENTENCE if we love it.

Do NOT DARE to Contradict Jah!!!

Contradict:  To believe contrary to something spoken, or written.  To dispute or to deny, is to OPPOSE.  To disagree, or deny, is to be in opposition.  In being seduced to contradict the Almighty, we are committing High Treason, the penalty of which IS DEATH!!!.

We are in a perilous day, and in that peril, the message is clear.  “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve”.  We can capitulate unto the contradiction to our destruction, or come out of the contradictions in the victory of Jahshuwah unto Glory.

The carnal mind is hostile to Jah, and believes exactly opposite of what it should believe.  The head of all contradictions is the Serpent, and he uses our carnality to war against us.  This is from which Jahshuwah died to redeem us.  We can submit to that redemption, or remain under the Serpent’s "deceiving of the whole world" and therefore his authority.

Our basic premise is that we, who seek salvation in its completeness, must agree with Jah, our Creator, and not with the accusing contradictions.  We must SEE ourselves as already IN whatever the matter may be that we are at the moment considering in our mind.  We must not DARE to Contradict Jah, for doing so is not only committing treason against Him, but we ourselves also.   This we cannot overcome until we discover how we are being deceived, and deceived about who and what we are, and the calling that is upon us.  Believe me, Satan does not want us to find it out, for when we do, HE HAS HAD IT!!!  He and his henchmen are working overtime to keep us in their matrix of delusion.  They are really not much interested in going to the Lake of Fire for eternity!

You will find more on how we need to have our minds renewed on the page "Created to Create".  The flesh is contaminated with the contradiction, and in that contradiction, believe just the opposite about ourselves than what Jah created us to be.  Oh, how many are about to be awakened!

Our basic problem is that we do not even know where we should be standing, for we do not even know who we are, not only as His creation, but also in Jahshuwah and His calling to fulfill that purpose of our creation.  We are tossed to and fro by every wind that blows against us, for we are not planted firmly in the Vine of Life.   The enemy of our souls is bent on holding us in captivity to his illusions, and certainly about the illusions concerning ourselves.   If we are not sure of who and what we really are, how then can we stand against the contradictions of these matters???  We will only believe that which the enemy wants us to believe, instead of the Truth which sets us free from those contradictions.  How can we be men and women of valor if we do not even know where we should be standing???  It is IMPOSSIBLE to be such, and I can tell you, NO ONE is on the right ground in this day!!!  NO, NOT ONE, or the Kingdom would be manifesting, and so would be the Sons of Jah!!!  

Satan is deceiving the whole earth, and we ourselves are being deceived by his contradictions, and by his Priests of Baal who appear as ministers of righteousness to hold us in their captivity to the contradiction of who and what we really are, and for what purpose we are called.  We must COME OUT of it ALL if we expect to ever reach fulfillment of our divine destiny!



I cannot say this loud enough.  Stop and hear what the Spirit is saying unto us.  Let this seep into your consciousness.  Before you can come out of that which is holding you back, you must see what it is that is holding you.  I repeat rather reduntantly, we are living in the “Realm of EVERYTHING LOST!!! The realm of CONTRADICTION!  This is why we cannot find fulfillment.  This is why we cannot come into that something more that we all know should be available to us.  This is why we are frustrated, and feel UNFULFILLED!!!  As much as we try to fool ourselves into thinking we are attaining unto our goals, we know deep within that we ARE NOT doing so.  

What is the PROOF?  

What is my proof of such a proclamation???  YOUR OWN LIFE!!!  You can fool people, but NOT YOURSELF.  If you are CALLED by Jah, there is no way that you are feeling fulfilled by your life, and I do not care how well off you might appear.   

Darkness Rules the Earth  

Isaiah told us loud and clear, that in the LAST DAYS, “Darkness would cover (overwhelm) the earth, and gross darkness the people”!!!  Revelation tells us that Satan would deceive the WHOLE EARTH, and it is by this deceiving that the Darkness is Ruling, and ruling through SEDUCTION to that deception by the permission of the Living Word.  The only thing this Kingdom can produce is DEATH, and certainly not life and life more abundantly.  That death is now catching up with the Kingdom of everything lost, the realm of contradiction, as it is speeding towards its destruction, and the further it goes, life in it waxes worse and worse in accordance.  

The Promised Redemption  

In Genesis, Jah promised our redemption from this realm of darkness through Jahshuwah.  Jahshuwah said that we have to give up our life to find it.  This is the redemptive work that causes us to give up our life in the realm of everything lost to find it in the realm of everything found, redeemed.  The twelfth chapter of Revelation gives us how it comes to pass in this day in which we are living. 

(This is a very lengthy teaching.  You might read verse 10.  What takes place when the Overcomers overcome Satan?  What matters come into their completeness on this earth at that time?  There is more on this in the accompanying pages.  This chapter tells us how we shall be translated, redeemed from the Kingdom of Darkness, into the Kingdom of Jah, The Kingdom of Light. )  

We are living in the day this was to take place.  So far, we have only experienced living in the Kingdom of Darkness, and therefore think that what we are experiencing is just the way life was planned by Jah to go.  That IS A LIE!  The life Jah intended is about to be opened unto us.  

Even while it may seem that we have achieved our goal, we are still unfulfilled, and dissatisfied.  Still short of that for which we desire.  Because of the fallen flesh, we are not even sure what those desires are in reality.  It is as though we are wandering in blindness trying to figure out what our desires even are, and as much as we try, we cannot identify them clearly.  We search, but nothing brings us to satisfaction.  

We are as a blind man trying to find the light switch, and even if he found it, turning it on would do no good, as he is STILL BLIND!!!  We need our blind eyes HEALED, or we will NEVER SEE!!!  Not even while we are standing in Light that is BLAZING.  

Our Blind Eyes to OPEN!  

Isaiah prophesied that in this day, Jah would open our blind eyes, and lead us on a path which we have NEVER KNOWN.  First of all understand that if He said He would "open our blind eyes", then WE MUST BE BLIND, and NEED that blindness REMOVED!!!    Are you hearing me???  If we think that we do not need our eyes opened in this day, then we are contradicting THE WORD OF Jah!!!  

Then, in the opening of our eyes, He would dispel the darkness, and bring Light in its place and take us a way that we have NEVER BEFORE KNOWN.  Light comes by the hearing of  THE WORD IN TRUTH, and that Word is breaking forth upon all of us that will walk into its Light.  We, who have been brought into inner despairing, have been prepared by Jah for the receiving of this Light, for by no other way would we be knowing that something is wrong and that there must be something more to life than what we have thus far experienced.  

Our Savior died to redeem us from being lost.  From being BLIND and not knowing this way in which we should walk.  From the Kingdom of everything lost, unto the Kingdom of EVERYTHING FOUND.  To translate us from the Kingdom of Darkness that now covers the earth, into the Kingdom of Light.  We are in the day when this was to take place in full reality.  Those that will hear will be brought into this Kingdom of EVERYTHING REDEEMED, of everything that was lost being restored, and thus into total fulfillment where ALL of our inner desires are SATISFIED.  Where we become ALL that we were created to be, and ALL that we were created to do, and even as Adam & Eve in the beginning, with NO LIMITS put upon us.

Have you sought being exalted in the Kingdom of Darkness, in this present world order, only to have it escape you???  Have your efforts to “make it” brought you great joy, or does it reap pressure, stress, and feelings of futility, feelings of bondage???  Then PRAISE Jah, for you are greatly called.  The more stress you have felt, the more abased you have become, the greater the calling.  I tell you most energetically, being exalted in Babylon is a DEATH SENTENCE, and that death is now coming in horrendous measure!!!

It is NOT my intent to heap guilt on anyone for doing what they have had to do to financially survive in this world.  We all have to do what we have to do.  Even that is working for our good, as it is preparing us for that which is coming.  It is just that in this doing of what we have to do, people are feeling greater despairing and frustration, greater feelings of futility, greater mind wanderings and  depressions, greater stress and pressures, greater chaos and strife, than I have ever seen in my entire life time. 

No amount of preaching in my lifetime of over sixty years has done ONE THING to alleviate this happening, for it is being preached in the Kingdom of Darkness, and flavored totally with Satan’s deceptions that are deceiving the WHOLE EARTH!!!  It is the BLIND that know nothing of these matters, nothing of the TRUE victory of Jahshuwah over Satan and His Kingdom of Darkness, nor of the POWER IN THE BLOOD to redeem us totally from the fall of Adam & Eve, which reverses the "CONTRADICTION" we all are suffering!!!  

It is the prophesied blind leading the blind which equates with “The Strong Delusion”.  They are in fact holding people IN the bondage to the " anti-Christ" Kingdom of Darkness by telling them they can come into the Kingdom Promises right where they are.  Sorry, it CANNOT BE DONE!!!  We can argue against it all we want, and continue the way we have gone.  Our results will be JUST THE SAME as they have been in the past.  If you do not believe me, then PROVE ME WRONG by your greatly blessed Kingdom Life.  Show me your shining skin.  We MUST COME OUT in order to walk in the Kingdom of Light.  Do you want OUT, or keep the same results you have had your whole life???  

The “way” out to our total fulfillment, to the opening of our blind eyes to find the way we knew not, IS BEING OPENED UNTO US!!!  Are we willing to take up our cross with Jahshuwah to walk that path, or is our present life so wonderful we want to hang onto it???  

What is it that you desire???  What were you created to be and do???  Would you like to come into total fulfillment of all your desires???  To find life, and life more abundantly???   

For those that will hear, that Glory is coming upon them, and in that Glory is the deliverance from being what they are NOT, into all of that which they were created to be.   

The Calling of the Wretches  

Jah knows who is who.  We do not.  We cannot tell by the outward appearance of a person, for the outward blinds us to what is within.  It has long been my position that the ones who will come into this Light look like the dregs of the earth, and in many cases, FEEL LIKE IT!!!  It matters NOT what they look like, or even how evil they might have been.  It is not where they have been or what they may have done, but where they are going and what they will become.  The more degraded, the more the Glory shall be Jah’s.

How will we know them??  By their inner desire.  Can they hear, rejoice over the Truth, and get excited over Jahshuwah’s redemptive work that is being loosed upon them?  If so, THEY ARE CALLED according to HIS PURPOSE to fill the earth with His Glory, NOT OURS!!!  We get it backwards, and seek our own glory, our own exaltation, our own throne from which we rule.  The work of Jah upon those that come out of this contradiction will more than prove the Glory belongs to Jah, and Him ONLY!  

The Works of our Own Hands  

We are living in the realm where we try by our own hands, our own ingenuity with our own agenda, to bring our desires to pass.  No matter how hard we try, IT WILL NOT WORK.  We are NOT commanded to stay IN this Kingdom of Everything Lost to receive, but to “COME OUT”!  These efforts to build our OWN Kingdom, our own comfort zone on this earth, leaves those who are Truly called by Jah with feelings of futility.  We, of ourselves, cannot reach unto that for which we were created by our own works, for it is FAR beyond our reach.  Our own agenda is rottenness’, and must be given up to come into the agenda of Almighty Jah.  

The Agenda of Jah  

According to Daniel in congruity with Rev. 12, Jah is going to manifest His Kingdom on this earth through His Overcoming Saints.  All of the Prophets spoke concerning this, with Isaiah and Jeremiah referring to it as the manifesting of “Zion”, a PEOPLE given the authority of Jah.  It is here to which we are to escape for not only our protection from the horrendous calamities ahead, but for our full redemption that prepares us to meet Jahshuwah at His coming.  This IS the total and complete salvation from the fall of Adam & Eve which leaves us without ANY spot or wrinkle of the fallen nature.

Anyone expecting Jah to protect, to fulfill and bless  them after their own liking, in their own scenario, while remaining in the realm of everything lost, IS DECEIVED!  These are not only not facing the realities of their own life, but everyone else’s as well, for they are NOT HEARING the Word of Jah IN TRUTH!  It just will NOT happen, and EVERYONE is about to find that out, believe me.  It won’t happen for Jah said it won’t.  He says “Come out of her MY PEOPLE”, or her plagues, her calamities will also come upon you!!!  He is NOT going to go against His own command and protect us where we are.  We either begin our trek to “Come Out”, or suffer the consequences.  Consequences that are rushing toward us at a rapid pace.

This is why we are feeling the things within that we do, and have experienced what we have experienced.  We are being prodded toward, and prepared for, the desire for our awakening.  For the opening of our blind eyes to the way which until now, WE HAVE NOT KNOWN!!!    

While the world rushes toward hell, and its complete annihilation, some will wake up to the agenda of Jah, and give up their life to become a part of it.  To become delivered from bondage into liberty.  Delivered from laboring in captivity to be what we do not even want to be.  From out of slavery into liberated abundance.  Delivered from short lived excitement into escalating joy that moves with infinity.  It is the day of redemption that delivers us from all that grieves and vexes us.  The day that we are to come out of the darkness, out of the realm of lies and illusions, out of the realm of everything lost, and into the realm of EVERYTHING FOUND, redeemed.  The day of the RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS!!! 

Do you have unfulfilled dreams, longings, and desires???  Every longing, every promise that Jah has given you WILL COME TO PASS as we are redeemed by the Blood of Jahshuwah from one Kingdom into another. 

Somewhere, people are going to receive this vision, and Jah will begin their being gathered together.  When they do, this Gospel of the Kingdom will have begun.  Will you be a part of it???  Does this awaken something in you, and now you want to know more???  Do the possibilities for you, your family, and those around you cause an excitement within you???  Then you are one that is called, and that call better be answered.  You can keep your present life unto its inevitable destruction, or COME OUT into the Glory.  The work of the coming out is Jah’s, but the choice is OURS!    

The next pages will begin to open the way for you to "COME OUT" by the opening of your understanding of Jah's Plan concerning our life on this planet, and why we are here.  Have you ever wondered what you are doing here???








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