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The Manifestation of The Sons of Jah

The Warning of the End Times


   These are the ones in Daniel unto whom Jah will give the Kingdom.  These are the ones that will destroy Satan, and his "anti-Christ" dominion over the earth, bruising, crushing, smashing to pieces, the head, the authority, of the Deceiving Serpent.
    This IS the "Man Child" that is caught over to the TRUE Authority of Christ through the overcoming.      

Gen 3:15

And Jah said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: 

And I will put enmity (hostility, WAR) between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

The "fall" of Adam and Eve has just taken place and Jah comes on the scene.  He pronounces the judgments on Adam and Eve, and in this verse, is pronouncing the judgment upon the Serpent.  There is much in this verse that I cannot go into, as I am dealing only with a particular facet.  Namely, the WAR that was to come between TWO SEEDS, and the result of that war.  

The WAR between TWO SEEDS is also a lengthy subject.  I will only verify to you at this point that there IS A WAR going on, and it is between the seed of the woman, and the SEED OF THE SERPENT!!!  Did you even know that the Serpent has a seed line on this earth???  (For more on the "Seed of the Serpent", see Jacob I loved, Esau I hated.)     

The "Seed of the Woman" is the prophecy of the Messiah that would come and REDEEM what had just taken place.  Satan thought that he had won a great victory, and that the war was now just about over.  It had not even yet begun, for Messiah had been "crucified from the foundation of the earth".  This was all just Jah's plan unfolding.

As we have already seen in the previous lessons, this is where EVERYTHING was LOST!!!  Jah now prophecies, PROMISES the Serpent, that it will ALL BE REDEEMED, restored.  (This IS the promised "Restoration of ALL Things" that was prophesied by ALL of the Holy Prophets FROM THE BEGINNING!

Adam and Eve have fallen under the headship of the Serpent, and in that into the REALM of CONTRADICTION!!!  This is what everyone has been suffering from since that "fall".  This is what is causing all of YOUR problems on this earth, and Jahshuah DIED to REDEEM US from this "Contradiction".  As we shall see, this comes to pass, culminates in Revelation Twelve, and is speaking to YOU and me, for we ARE living in the day it was to come to pass!!!

Jah now promises The Serpent that he WILL be defeated by a savior that will redeem the situation, restoring Adam and Eve unto their original position by saying :

"it (the seed of the woman) shall bruise thy head".

There is much in this word "BRUISE" which is not readily seen.  Once it is seen, then this "bruising" can be traced through the rest of the Word, and right into the Book of Revelation.  If you do NOT understand this word, you will NEVER see that this is so, or how important this word is.

"Bruise" defines as:  To overwhelm; overcome; to break as in break in pieces; to overturn.

The word "head" represents The Serpent's Authority.  Jah really does not waste, or mince on, words.  He says what He means, and means what He says.  He is telling the Serpent, no, actually He is PROMISING, prophesying, saying flat out, "A savior will come, and in His coming, BREAK IN PIECES, overturn, your headship authority over the earth gained by the fall of Adam and Eve, and in that RESTORE THEM unto their original position through a PROMISED SEED LINE"!!!  What Jah says WILL TAKE PLACE, and MUST take place before the Prophetical Word will have come to its completion.


Complete and Full Redemption / Salvation


 The 1679 Prophecy speaks of a "Complete and Full Redemption".  Does scripture speak of this redemption / salvation???  Certainly!

The "Body of Death" came upon Adam and Eve when they fell.  We have just seen where Jah PROMISED that this fall would be redeemed, this CONTRADICTION REVERSED.  And, in that, "ALL Things RESTORED" to the original state.  This includes delivering Adam and Eve descendants from the Body of Death, of which the Apostle Paul spoke.

Now, I give you just two scriptures to preface what shall be said here.  However, this is a theme, a thread of truth, that runs from the Garden of Eden through the Book Of Revelation, so do not think that these two scriptures are all I base this page upon.  Without realizing it, this is what we are ALL longing for.

Romans 8 . . .

"For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the MANIFESTATION of the SONS OF Jah . . .for we KNOW that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in PAIN together until now. . . and ourselves ALSO  which have the FIRST-FRUITS of the Spirit . . . waiting for the "adoption" . . . (meaning) . . . the REDEMPTION of our body."  

Revelation 14 . . .

"The 144,000 which were REDEEMED fron the earth . . . These were redeemed from AMONG MEN, being the FIRST FRUITS     (of redemption) unto Jah and to the Lamb."

    I have not quoted all of these scriptures, for it would take a book to relate what all is found in them.  This is a short treatise for the express purpose of pointing out some key issues on the subject, and not meant to be a thorough undertaking.

   My main point at this time is the becoming a "First Fruit" of salvation / redemption, includes the redemption of the BODY!!!  There is only ONE COMPANY of first fruits.  By these two scriptures, the 144,000 are not only the "FIRST FRUITS", but are also the ones to be REDEEMED IN BODY!!!

    This redemption is NOT referring to the time when we are CHANGED into a glorified body at the return of Jahshuah.  We never had a glorified body, and redemption means to have something redeemed, get back that which was lost and brought back to its original state.  
Adam and Eve were created in perfection, yet with the capacity to LOSE it, and lose it they did.  Jahshuah died to give us back, to redeem us back, to that which was lost!!!  The effect of the fall upon the body is an extensive subject.  I am only giving a "tip of the ice berg" rendition.  
The manifestation of the Sons of Jah, without question, involves the redemption of SPIRIT, SOUL, and BODY, and that redemption will be Jah's stamp of approval upon them.  Jahshuah will have been completely formed in them, so it will be He, from the Throne at the Right Hand of Jah, that shall rule through them, and MAKE HIS ENEMIES His footstool, putting down all anti-Christ power, rule and authority in the process.  
It is these that will be as the risen Jahshuah, the King, the Name above all names, upon this earth.  WOE unto everyone who opposes Jahshuah in that day!  AND, believe me, the imposters of today will NEVER be able to COUNTERFEIT what they have!   These will not be as other men, but redeemed from out of them, going wherever the Lamb takes them, and doing whatever the Lamb has them do.
    Revelation Twelve begins with a picture of the Bride of Jahshuah (the true "ecclesia") who is birthing forth a son, a man childThere is much in this "picture", but I am only going to deal with the son that is birthing forth.  Each symbol represents a company of people.  The "man child", naturally, is the Company of the Sons of Jah.  These are the ones listed in this chapter as the "Overcomers" who overcome by the "Blood of the Lamb", "The word of their testimony", and "love not their ( fallen) life unto the death" (even the death of the cross).  Verse Ten then tells us what takes place when they have overcome:

"And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, NOW IS COME SALVATION (redemption), and strength, and the KINGDOM OF JAH, and the POWER  (authority) of his Messiah: for the accuser (Serpent, Devourer, Dragon) of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before Jah day and night."

    Pay close attention to the fact that it says NOW IS COME . . .!!!  What???  Salvation did not come UNTIL this point in time???  I thought Jahshuah gave us salvation TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO!!!   Right???  

Yes He did, but this is speaking of the full and complete redemption promised by Jah in Genesis Three.  The "FIRST FRUITS" of what He died to give back to us.  It is the redemption, restoration, of WHAT WAS LOST in the Garden of Eden!  That has NOT YET taken place, but WILL when the Sons of Jah birth forth from the "woman", and overcome the Serpent and everything that he can throw at them.   

When that happens, SATAN IS THROUGH as the POWER of Jahshuah over all the enemy is bestowed upon them.  NOTHING shall be able to stand before them.  NOTHING!!!  How many think they are walking in the "Authority of Jahshuah" in this day that are buried in the Serpent's deceptions being used to "DECEIVE THE WHOLE EARTH"???


These will have The MIND of Jahshuah

Paul tells us in Philippians 2 . . .

"Let this mind be in YOU, which was ALSO in Messiah Jahshuah:  Who, being in the form of Jah, thought it not robbery to be equal with Jah:  But made himself of NO REPUTATION, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men:  And being found in fashion as a man, he HUMBLED  himself, and became OBEDIENT UNTO DEATH, even the death of the crossWherefore Jah also hath HIGHLY EXALTED HIM . . ."

    What a message lies in this discourse, and believe me, the Sons of Jah will learn this well as it will become life in them.  As with all carnality, men of today do JUST THE OPPOSITE of what this sets forth.  They exalt themselves; make of themselves GREAT reputations; build empires, Babylonian towers through the works of their own hands, ambitions; and certainly know nothing of being exalted by Jah through the works of the cross.
    If Jahshuah made of himself no reputation, how much more will the Sons of Jah go through to accomplish the same???  If Jahshuah went through the obedience unto death, how much more will the men called to be Sons go through???  I cannot tell you enough about what the Call of Jah upon a man can bring upon him.  Just go through the Bible and you will see what I mean.  
These men, in coming to the "no reputation" will look like the dregs of the earth.  They will suffer the humiliation, cruel shame, to come into their calling, believe me.  While they are going through it, they will many times think that it is not worth it.  Then, after coming into the calling, count it all as though they suffered NOTHING, and not worthy to even be compared to the Glory that has come upon them!!!  They WILL BE HIGHLY EXALTED, even as Jahshuah, and WITH Jahshuah!!!


The Greatest Move of Jah

    It is sensed in many places that the greatest move of Jah the earth has ever seen is about to begin.  How right they are, even though they do not know or understand what this move means, or what is involved with it.  Many scriptural mysteries, (hidden truths) shall unfold and be revealed in this day.  This move will make the works of man to evangelize the world look quite puny.
    What is this move?  It is the call to "Come out of her my people" that will set the captives free from the end day world wide "anti-Christ" Beast System that is now ruling the earth under Satan's headship.  This will be the greatest move of Jah this earth has ever seen.  It will not only last from now unto the end of the age, and the return of Jahshuah, but it will CAUSE the end of the age and the return of Jahshuah!!!  The WHOLE EARTH is going to hear this message, the TRUE "Gospel of the Kingdom", and MILLIONS will eventually answer this call, this redemption from the fall of Adam and Eve who fell into the Kingdom of Death and Darkness, and therefore under the authority, dominion, of the Serpent, and his world government.
    The FIRST FRUITS, the Sons of Jah, Adams redeemed, along with their "Eves" will be placed in "Gardens of Eden", "Dwelling Places of Zion" all over this planet.  Those that will be wise enough to flee to these "arks of safety" prepared for them before the doors are shut (as in the "days of Noah"), will be the ones who shall be "ALIVE and REMAIN" unto the coming of King Jahshuah.  They shall come to Zion to learn the ways of Jah, so that they can walk in them, and by that, into the same redemption of the FIRST FRUITS, whereby preparing themselves to meet Jahshuah at His coming.  In NO OTHER WAY can the Bride be so prepared, and become without SPOT OR BLEMISH!!!  She MUST BE Redeemed from the Fall, and the "Body of Death" that came upon us with the fall of Adam and Eve, to become without spot or wrinkle!  In NO OTHER WAY can the Contradiction be Reversed.

It is a Call of Jah, and NOT of Man

   Becoming a Son of Jah is not the choice of man, nor can he decide to attain unto such a position.  It comes by the call, and working of Jah, and no way else can it come.  Those that are called have no idea of what they are getting into.  If they did, they would probably run as fast as they could away from the calling.       
    The 1679 prophecy suggests that these shall be tested by the devourer for the purpose of proving them.  We see such a precept in the Book of Job.  Revelation Twelve tells us he goes after them to devour before they can be caught over to the Throne of Jahshuah.   NO ONE, but one who has been called to Son Ship, will understand how severe this war zone is.  Satan more than realizes that if these are allowed to be caught over into the absolute authority of Jahshuah, then he, his kingdom, and all the rest of the fallen angels, HAVE HAD IT.  He will not be overcome easily, but with great difficulty.
    There are two main areas of which he will use to attack these men, and attack with viciousness.  He knows that he has little time to stop them from rising into their calling.  As with Adam, he MUST separate them from Jah.
  He comes to accuse, and in the accusing, crush them into thinking they are nothing, and make it look so by all of the natural realm circumstances.  He will attack their faith, bringing total contradiction to EVERYTHING promised by Jah unto them, until they will not only wonder if the Bible is really the Word Of Jah, but wonder if there even IS a "God".  
He will use every evil tactic he is allowed to use, and execute that evil through people, even as  Joseph with his family.  They will suffer the contradiction in unprecedented measure, and only by the "Blood of the Lamb", the "Word of their Testimony", and "loving not their life unto the death", will they overcome.   Once they do WOE UNTO THE WORLD, and ALL OF THOSE that worked evil upon them.


The Bible is ONE congruent MESSAGE

     The Bible is not as man would make it, but is one continuous story from beginning to end, flowing in a logical and orderly manner, unfolding episode after episode, until the ultimate victory of Jah Almighty is obtained.  
It begins with Adam and Eve being placed in the Kingdom of Jah; their fall; the affects of that fall upon mankind down through the centuries unto this day; the redemption from that fall; and the inevitable victory of The Savior's sacrifice manifesting in the redeemed Sons of Jah; and the Original Mantle of Adam coming upon them.  
The culmination of the fall of Adam and Eve resulting in two end day super powers, the masculine "Red Beast" of Edom (Edom meaning red), and the feminine HARLOT of Ephraim.  There was no other result possible from that fall, and is why Jah knew the END from the beginning.  He knew from  how it began, how it would end.  
    We have TWO WOMEN in the book of Revelation.  One is a SELF RIGHTEOUS whore, who will NOT REPENT, and stands adamantly against the truth saying she will NOT receive any judgment from Jah.  The OTHER woman is the TRUE CHURCH who receives wisdom, puts off her own knowledge of good and evil, realizes the judgments are coming, and flees to get out of the way of them.  They believe Jahshuah when He says, "come OUT of HER my people, or you will receive the same calamities that are coming upon this whore".
    The scripture tells us that the Sons of Jah are 
     1.  "these which were NOT DEFILED WITH WOMEN"; (and oh, what a mystery this one is)  
    2.  "for they are virgins";


  NOTE:  I will not cover this word virgin at this time.  It is a shocking revelation, and I see NO ONE at the present who could receive this mystery concerning the fall, and the redemption from it.    
    And , oh yes, I do know they are listed as men from the tribes of Israel.  I ask, do you know the difference between the "House of Judah" and the "House of Israel"???  If not, you had better find out.
    2.  "These are they which follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth";  
    3.  "These were redeemed from among men, being the FIRST FRUITS unto Jah and to the Lamb";  
    4.  "In their mouth was found NO GUILE" (preaching the real truth which will expose all of the deceivers of our day.  Stop and think about it.  If Jahshuah is taking the time to say "without guile", wouldn't that mean that EVERYONE ELSE has guile???)
    5.  "for they are without fault" (completely free now from the fallen nature) before the throne of Jah.
    These are the ones who have taken up their cross with Jahshuah; have gone through the Tomb experience of overcoming the terrible onslaught of the Serpent to devour them; overcome the "Spirit of Jezebel", the "Queen of Heaven"; and in that overcoming, resurrect from the tomb experience into the redemptive restoration of their bodies, and into all that Rev. 12:10 declares, and smashing the rebellious nations as clay pots with a rod of iron. 
    Now being delivered from the "fallen body of death", they are no longer polluted with the wanting to please women, have NO GUILE in their mouth, preach to PLEASE Jah, and NO ONE ELSE!!! 


NOTE:  This "pleasing of the woman" is a terrific revelation.  I will have to eventually bring forth a page on it.  Adam, before the fall, did that which PLEASED Jah.  In falling, he left off with the pleasing of Jah, and took up the pleasing of the woman.  What a dreadful mistake.  Once you see this one, you will see its evidence ALL AROUND YOU, and worse yet, in your OWN LIFE.  It is dreadful.  The Priests of Baal do not preach to please Jah, BUT THE WOMAN who is suppose to be the church, the bride of Jahshuah.  How much of the fallen works on this earth are a result of this principle.  And  women, I am NOT picking on you, BUT THE MEN.  The more you understand True Headship, the MORE you will LIKE and appreciate it!!!

    They will preach the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, which will expose all of the lying Priest of Baal present in our midst today.  The stamp of Jah's approval will be obviously upon them, and it WILL NOT BE upon ANYONE ELSE.  
Who do you think the True Church, the Bride of Jahshuah, will listen to and heed???  These manifested Sons, or to the lying Priests of Baal that shall amazingly enough, SHOUT AGAINST THEM???  Where will the preachers of false doctrine stand when these men begin to manifest on this planet?
    Most of the ministers have a cruel humiliating cross in their immediate future.  How so many have risen in pride thinking that their ministry is so great and important, and the very thing that is fulfilling prophecy.  They are fulfilling prophecy all right, but not as they think!!!  They laud and applaud themselves, heaping great honor with self exaltation before  the people, raking in the bucks through this process, having no idea that this exposure is fast upon them ALL! 
 The last great move of Jah is going to come from the "Dwelling Places of Zion", and from NO WHERE ELSE will it come!!!  Unless these "great men of Jah" and of so called righteousness plan to redeem in their bodies soon, they had better get on their faces in repentance, and tell of their wretchedness before the Manifesting Sons of Jah do.
    As is Jahshuah, these manifested Sons shall be full of grace and mercy for the repentive, but when it comes to dealing with the UNrepentive, they shall at times be like Jahshuah at His appearing, who appears with eyes blazing, His coat dipped in the blood of the wicked, full of the fury and wrath of Almighty Jah!!!  This is the TRUE Savior, and not the sloppy agape, sweety pie, glitter toothed, compromising, woman pleasing, false Savior that is preached throughout "Counterfeit Christianity"!!!  
Jahshuah is NO LONGER the sacrificial Lamb, but IS the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the King Almighty, and few would recognize Him if He walked into their conscience searing, woman (church) pleasing entertainment centers that they obnoxiously call churches.  Oh, how these Sons of Jah are going to show forth the true nature of Jahshuah, instead of the self-righteous facades of the religious.
    These men will come forth declaring the righteousness that IS of Jah, and exposing the self-righteousness of man in his "fig leaf cover up", and ALL of his wicked ways.  NO sin in their environment, association, or anywhere within their reach will be left in darkness, but shouted from the roof tops. 
   Jah's light is going to shine, and in that shining, all the sins covered up are going to be exposed, shredding the fig leaf cover ups, leaving us all stripped spiritually naked, just as prophesied.
    Jah is going to use these redeemed Sons, the "Portion of Jacob", as "His battle axe and WEAPONS OF WAR" against the unGodly, Babylon, and all of the "anti-Christ" Beast World.  

They shall be caught over into the Authority of the Throne, thereby given THE KINGDOM MANDATE to conquer and subdue the earth for Jah.

It is these that shall overcome the "destroyer" and bring forth the "NOW IS COME salvation (redemption), and strength, and theKINGDOM OF JAH, and the POWER (authority)  of His Messiah; for the accuser  (Serpent, Devourer, Dragon) of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before Jah day and night."

These are the ones that shall cause the "Standing Up of Michael", and the Casting of Satan out of heaven.

These are the ones that will "Reverse The Contradiction".  They will not birth forth to do so until the "WOMAN TRAVAILS".  We are suffering that contradiction to bring us to THAT TRAVAIL!

In the great authority of Jahshuah the KING, they shall be in and under the mantle of Elijah to restore, restoring ALL THINGS that are OUT OF ORDER!  
Their message will be to "COME OUT OF HER my people", and all of her fallen ways.  It will be the CALL TO REPENTANCE which will be the greatest revival the earth has ever witnessed.  
Get ready for it, for the beginning of these matters is fast upon us, and that manifestation will more than prove the integrity of that which I have written.

If you have not read the "E-Mails to the Readers of "The Warning", you should do so.  If this subject has held your interest, then the e-mail, "Bickering Among The Saints???" will more than likely speak much to you.













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