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The Warning of The End Times


The Spirit of Jezebel 


The Holy Spirit vs Jezebel

This is one of the two highest rulers in the spirit realm, yet few know anything about this individual.  It would take a book to totally expose this "Mystery Woman", 

"The Queen of Heaven."   

Although worshipped openly through statues and images, this spirit has kept itself hidden, for the exposing of this one will bring down the entire Kingdom of Darkness.  That exposure is now at hand.  I begin with this short treatise.  Even this elementary study will be more than what most will be able to comprehend.

The Statue of Liberty was built and erected by "The Illuminati" with the full knowledge that it was being done in Honor and Worship of "The Queen of Heaven."   

Every Statue of Mary is done with the same intent.

Nearly every church building in America has a steeple.  It is a "Phallic Symbol" straight out of Ancient Babylon.  This gives the "Spirit of Jezebel", the "Queen of Heaven" right to rule in our buildings, and why in every case the Pagan Celebrations are honored in them instead of Jah's Feast Days.

In times past, Jah has “winked at our ignorance”.  Now, a line is being drawn and we are going to be held accountable.  Where much has been given, much is about to be required.  This is not milk for babes, but strong meat.

There are a few who are wondering about, and feeling condemned over, not being able to attend a church.  You should be praising Jah that you can’t, for you have been highly favored by Him.  Highly favored so that you can be brought into the necessary travail for Him to move and bring a resolve to all that is happening. 

Just as you will see in this article, anyone who CAN attend a “church” in this day IS IN GREAT TROUBLE!!!  They are being lied to and those lies are becoming part and parcel with them, as they are “eating things sacrificed unto idols”!!!  Do NOT let ANYONE seduce you back into the Harlot’s religions!!!  They are DECEIVED, and are determined to deceive YOU into the same deceptions they are suffering!   When this happens, quietly throw it down within, and then politely walk away.  Doing anything else will only be the enemy's seduction to the realm of strife.

As I stated in "Jezebel's Authority Over This Nation":

"There is not one organization, not one movement present today, that is not suffering from the seductions of Jezebel to eat false doctrine, and in many cases, DAMNING HERESIES.  Eating of this Tree of Death, makes us one WITH THAT TREE, and the author of the lies they have been seduced to believe.  If this were not so, then we would not have to go to Zion when it is opened for us to do so, to LEARN THE TRUTH.  We are NOT going to come into the Full knowledge of the Truth until that day.  

"There will NOT BE even ONE ORGANIZATION OR MOVEMENT that is NOT BEING TROUBLED WITH DECEPTION until the advent of Zion.  

"We are NOT going to come into it while residing in Babylon, and that is where we ALL are, and it matters not how sincerely we are wanting to follow Jah, and preach the Truth.  You can howl against my saying such, but if you continue to walk after "The Spirit of Truth", you will find out that I do know what I am talking about.  The more you walk after Him, the more deceptions you will discover, and the more you discover, the more you will see in this regard."

People are attending meetings where Jezebel is COUNTERFEITING the Holy spirit, and when this takes place, almost anyone would swear that it is the Spirit of Jah that is upon the people.  The only way I can tell the difference is by what is being preached.  The Spirit of Jah is THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH!!!  When LIES are being preached, then I know that the "Spirit" upon the people is the "Spirit of Jezebel" that seduces people into Satan's deceptions, for Jah's Spirit does NOT confirm lies!!!  When we go by what we are feeling in a meeting, we are in the sensual realm, and it is by those senses that we are led astray.  People, being moved in the deep recesses of their soul have become programmed to believe that this is being moved in their spirit.  THIS IS A LIE, and oh, how many, especially among the “Charismatics”, have been taken in. The only way to keep from being deceived by such, is by learning WHAT IS TRUTH, for it IS The Truth that sets us free from the lies, and thereby from the seduction of Jezebel!!!  When we are listening to, and believing lies, we are IN THE COUNTERFEIT.

People, I cannot say these things strong enough.  We are living in a barren wilderness filled with poisonous snakes, and it is why so many of the few are groaning within themselves for Jah to do something.  In the plan of Jah, the Kingdom of Darkness was to reign over the earth in the day just prior to the manifesting of His Kingdom in the “Dwelling Places of Zion”.  We are certainly IN THAT DAY!!!  In this, it is prophesied that Jezebel would be a GREAT SEDUCTRESS unto false doctrine which is part and parcel with "The Strong Delusion", and the deceiving of the very elect.  

The seduction of even the very elect was to come through false prophets that mesmerize with signs and wonders.  Those signs and wonders were to seductively appear as Jah’s confirmation upon them, and oh my, how this is taking place.  People are being taken in by what appears to be a move of Jah's Spirit, when it is in fact A COUNTERFEIT at work.  It is all the Serpent’s, the Magician’s ILLUSION!!!   Oh, how much the people of Jah need to wise up!!!

I am going to repeat some scripture here for emphasis.  John quotes Jahshuah Himself.  This is not some man of clay speaking, but the KING!  "Hear ye Him."

"And I will pray to the Father, and He shall give another comforter, that He may abide with you for ever:  even the SPIRIT OF TRUTH

whom the world CANNOT RECEIVE because it seeth Him NOT, neither KNOWETH Him" . . . . 

"but when the comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the SPIRIT OF TRUTH" . . . 

"when He, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH is come, He will guide YOU into ALL Truth" . . .

We must get it through our heads that the True Holy Spirit IS the SPIRIT OF TRUTH.  What is NOT of Truth, is NOT OF HIM!!!  If a person is NOT being guided into ALL Truth, he is NOT walking after the Spirit of Jah, but THE SPIRIT OF ERROR!!!  Those that cannot receive the Truth are NOT OF HIM; KNOW HIM NOT; and therefore ARE OF THE WORLD; and it matters NOT what it looks or sounds like.  If this were not so, THEN JOHN WOULD BE A LIAR!  Therefore, anyone who is prophesying (preaching or teaching) lies, is NOT preaching by the Spirit of Jah, but by the counterfeit, the SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL!!!  This is the “spirit” that is reigning over what we today call “Christianity”, and I do NOT care what movement, or organization it might be. 

I have long said that what we are seeing is an illusion, a "counterfeit Christianity" filled with impostors, and is ruled by a counterfeit Holy Spirit.  Until you have come into this light, you will not understand what is happening on this earth, or what the problem is over which we groan.  

The further you come out of this strong delusion, the more you will not only see that what I am saying is Truth, but that Jah knew what He was doing when He inspired men to PROPHECY IT long ago.  There is no reason to believe me, but you sure had better believe the Spirit of Prophecy, which is Jahshuah Himself.  Why people would rather listen to men than Him, I will never understand.  By doing so, they are sealing their own destruction.  

I want you to clearly understand that just because something miraculous happens it does not mean that it is by necessity a miracle of Jah.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.  There is a great difference between signs and wonders being performed by the Holy Spirit through faith in and by Jah, and that which is performed by SORCERY, if even seemingly done in the name of "Jesus”, or even as it is becoming so in this day, in the name of "Jahshuah", or for that matter, ANY SPELLING of His Name!!!  Until we are able to accept this axiom, we will never be able to discern between they who ARE of Jah, and they WHO ARE NOT!!!  

Not every miracle is of Jah, which is thoroughly proven even by scripture.  Check out the Story of Moses in conflict with the Magicians of Egypt.  They most assuredly CAN BE wrought through SORCERY!!!  How much people are being deceived by Priests of Baal that are working their works through Jezebel’s “Gifts of Witchcraft.    

(Note:  Yes, I am very much aware about how perilous it is to speak against something that is done by the Spirit of Jah.  If I did not have an abundance of Light that has opened this understanding in me, I would not dare to touch this subject.  I will not attempt to give you all that I see concerning this theme at this time, for it is too voluminous for this short article.  Just know that on this, I do know what I am talking about.  Jah has dealt with me on it for over thirty five years.  I do not claim to see all this subject entails, but I sure do see enough to write upon it.  That you can take to the bank!!!)  

Jah is in the process of taking the veil off of the Word for those who will receive the Love for the Truth.  It is incredible how much Light He is shedding upon those that will walk into it.  Let me give you just a few subjects that are irrefutably opened to us in this day.  

As you read through them, ask yourself, “How many of the present day ‘ministers’ have walked into the Light of these Truths”?  

How many have rejected them, and yet still claim to know the Holy Spirit which IS the Spirit of Truth???  

To be more personal, how much do you know about each one?  We cannot reject Truth, preach in opposition to the Truth, and be of Jah, and therefore in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  It is IMPOSSIBLE!!!  

Such a person has become a false prophet, a satanic IMPOSTOR.  Any signs and wonders they work are done through the counterfeit anointing of JEZEBEL!!!  Those works are nothing more than WITCHCRAFT, and is that which brings forth the very Judgment of Jahshuah upon them, which is, “Depart from me ye WORKERS OF INIQUITY”!!!    

I hear things like, “But oh, so in so is preaching such great things”.  Oh Really?  I say, go into a “Christian Bookstore” and see all that is being merchandised to the people.  The world is full of people EVER LEARNING, ever coming up with new ideas and theologies that tickle the ears; that feed the know it all ego; but are NEVER ABLE to come into THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH!!!  The Bookstores for the most part are nothing more than snake pits.

How many understand:  

1.  The Holy Law of Jah in relation to the Grace of Jah???  Anyone who thinks that Jah violates His OWN LAW, is in TERRIBLE ERROR If He doesn't, then neither does the Holy Spirit, nor Jahshuah!

Jahshuah was the Word made flesh, made in the likeness of men, and therefore the very embodiment of the Law.  Everything He did and was, came by His being Jah's Torah in Nature.  He was perfect, even by the Law, or He could NOT have been made the sacrifice for all of our own Law violations.  

He it is that is our “New Man”.  How then can we say we have put off the "old man", and put on Jahshuah, and are operating in the mind of Jahshuah, when we are violently violating the Law of Jah, the very nature of Jahshuah??? 

Jah does NOT violate His own Law.  He is righteousness in perfection.  So is Jahshuah.  Anyone who thinks the Holy Spirit will lead people to do something which violates the Law, is miserably deceived.  How then can we say we are "walking in the Spirit" when we are doing that which violates His Law???

The Holy Law of Jah is the Law of Love, a Law of Righteousness, Peace and Joy, for those in Jahshuah in His Kingdom, but a Law of WAR, of judgment unto destruction for those in rebellion to Jah, and the manifesting of His Kingdom on this earth!!!    

2.  That Jahshuah IS our “New Man”, and the more we “eat of Him”, the more of Him we become???   He is TOTALLY Lawful before Jah.  Thus, the more oneness we have with Him, the more Lawful we then will become.  

(This is impossible for the natural man to accomplish.  It comes to pass in our life by the working of the Holy Spirit, IF  . . . IF we walk after Him in FAITH.  Those that truly walk after Him will become manifested Sons of Jah, even as Jahshuah Himself, the "Lamb without blemish",  for Jahshuwah Himself IS our NEW MAN!)

Are you listening to ANYONE who does not preach this one???   If so, you are listening to one who has NO IDEA of the True Walk.

3.  That the “renting of the veil in the temple” is a direct correlation to the “circumcision of the heart”???  What mystery is hidden here???    

4.  What the true walk of the cross entails???  Or, for that matter, even preach the cross, the “renting of our veil”, the “circumcising of our heart”??? The going through the cross, and tomb experience of our trials to become one with Jahshuah our husband, unto His resurrection victory over them???  That it is the walk of the cross that delivers us from the fallen nature, unto the nature of Jahshuah???    

Again I say, are you listening to ANYONE who does not preach this one???   If so, you are listening to one who has NO IDEA of the True Walk.  Do they preach the works of the cross that develops Jahshuah our NEW MAN in us???  If not, then they are preaching a carnal message to the carnal man, and it is NOT SPIRIT.  Not even if they are even preaching the Law of Jah.  In fact, maybe even more so if they are, for the fallen nature will NEVER be straightened out by the Law.  That is IMPOSSIBLE.  Only the developing of Jahshuah within, The Torah Made Flesh, is of ANY consequential result.

5.  The mystery of Jahshuah and His Church (Bride).  As Jahshuah is to the man, the man is to be to the woman.  As man is to be to Jahshuah, the woman is to be to the man.    There will be NO TRUE CHURCH until this one is understood, and I have yet in over thirty years of searching found even ONE organization that understands this one.

6.  The difference between self exaltation, and the mind of Jahshuah who made Himself of no reputation, and was obedient unto the death, even the death of the cross, and left the exalting in the hands of Jah.  

Proud, self made men who work in the "Spirit of Jezebel", and fleece the sheep to build their power base over the people cannot see, or accept, the True Messiah of the Cross.  They instinctively know that a Tower of Babel cannot be built upon Truth.  To be successful they must twist the Truth into the people’s liking so they can attract an audience, and thus establishing their own thrones before, and control of, the people.  They create graven images of Jahshuah to follow and worship, and conscience searing people love to have it so.  It is a far greater sin of using the Savior's name in vain than any sinner’s swearing, believe me.    

7.  That Jahshuah is THE way, THE Truth, and THE Life???  That He is NOT a hodge podge of different, contradicting ways, truths, and life’s???  That Jahshuah is NOT just any way we want to go, NOT just anything that we choose to believe, or just any kind of life we decide to live???  

8.  That the Holy Spirit is the author of Truth, the Spirit of Truth, and not of truth which is twisted into LIES??   (Note:  There is a big difference between those that love the Truth, and those who love the lies.  Those that love the truth will continue in the Word to come into the Purity of Truth.   None of us are in ALL Truth at the present time, but if we continue on with Jahshuah, we will be brought into that Purity.  Those that love the lies, NEVER WILL!!)

9.  Where Jah says the Purity of Truth will come from in the Last Days???  Can we receive it where we are, or are we being commanded to “come out of her” to receive it???  If so, where are we being commanded to come out to???    How many are preaching this one???  Or, do they convince you that they DO have the Truth, and that following them will take you the right way???

10.  To worship Jah as opposed to worshipping false god’s???  To worship in Spirit and TRUTH, instead in the flesh and error???  Is the worshipping in flesh and error making harlot’s of Jah’s people???  Are Jah’s people being led to worship in error, and therefore made to worship false god’s???  To follow after and desire other husband’s???  Oh, how strongly we are being seduced into deception!!!  We are being made a GREAT WHORE by the false teachings, and the promoting of worshipping the god of those teachings.

We are to worship in Spirit, and in TRUTH.  Anyone who leads people into worship where false doctrines, where deceivers and sorcery prevail, then the worship is being deceptively miss-directed, and believe me, Jah will NOT receive it.  He will NOT be worshipped in flesh AND LIES!!!    

11.  That rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft???  Has our rebellion to our Husband taken us into witchcraft???  Rebellion takes us away from our true husband, and unto other husbands.  How are we in rebellion, and to what sorceries has this rebellion taken us into??? 

It is the day of “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve”.  We will either serve, submit to our true husband through the works of giving our life, our fallen pride filled ego up unto the cross to become one with Him, or be forever left in our harlotry and banished from His House, the Kingdom of Jah!!!  

12.  What about Jah’s feast days?  What mysteries lie in them?  Have they really been done away with so that we could worship all of the Pagan Feast Days???  How could ANYONE worship “anti-Christ” on Dec. 25th, even by placing an “anti-Christ Tree” in their home or church???  How could anyone who Loves Jah NOT celebrate His Holy Convocations that He said would stand FOREVER throughout our generations???  What?  Jah can change His mind after He has spoken???  He lied to our ancestors???

How many “miracle workers” even know what pagan feast days are being celebrated in our rebellion to Jah???  Yet their miracles are of Jah???  Yeah, right.  And, if we are to celebrate them, then what dates are the TRUE dates they are to be celebrated???  Does it make any difference?    

13.  Jah does nothing on this earth that He does not first prophesy through His Prophets!!!  If you know what is coming, then tell me, who is prophesying it???  Do you dare listen to the Priests of Baal who promise nothing but Blessing and Glory???   To be "raptured" out of here before anything bad happens, when the "bad" is ALREADY UPON US???   

14.  That the Kingdom of Jah is to begin its manifestation on this earth long before the return of Jahshuah???  Are you listening to a ministry that says that The Kingdom will NOT come until AFTER Jahshuah's return???  Are you listening to one that expresses they are preparing you for the Manifesting of Zion, or do they know nothing of it???    

15.  That the Bride of Jahshuwah is presently being held captive in the wickedness of Babylon and must come out of the harlotry and prepare herself to meet Jahshuah at His coming?  AND, He will NOT return until she HAS prepared herself???  

16.  That Jahshuah's enemies MUST BE made His footstool before He can return???  Do they tell you who these enemies are???  That they are the EDOMITES who are posing AS JEWS, and are right now the ones not only behind the whole anti-Christ Conspiracy on this earth, and certainly in THIS NATION, but are the ones ruling in Jerusalem at this very moment???  Is ANYONE you are listening to telling you that these are the Chosen of Jah, and that you should support them???  If so, they are causing you to COMMIT HIGH TREASON!!!    

17.  That the manifestation of the Sons of Jah lies just ahead on Jah’s Time schedule???    

18.  The redemption of our body in contrast to the “changing” at His coming???  To what state is our body to be redeemed unto???    

19,  The “fig leaf cover up”, and its relation to not only our own fallen sociopathic mind, but to our entire sexual nature???  Every bit of the chaos on this earth is caused by the fallen marital relationship.  Bring this into the Garden of Eden Kingdom Order, and you will have the Kingdom’s Righteousness, Peace, and JOY!!!    

20.  The restoration of all things as spoken by ALL of the Holy Prophets from the beginning???  What does this have to do with the Garden of Eden, and with us today???  Does anyone of the “great ministries” care, let alone know???    

21.  What the precepts are for the overcoming of the Serpent, and everything he does to try and destroy those who would overcome him???   Do you know what those precepts are???  If not, then how do you expect to overcome this deceiver that is DECEIVING THE WHOLE EARTH???

22. What the difference is between true faith, and sorcery???  That sorcery builds our kingdom, while true faith builds Jah’s Kingdom???  That most of what is being taught today by the “faith teachers” is nothing more than the works of sorcery???    

23. That it is the highly unlawful, and the VERY DEPTHS OF SATAN to charge for ANYTHING they do that is done in “ministry to the people”???  Is it the betraying and making merchandise of Jahshuah, even as did Judas???  Are we suffering from the “Judas Seduction” syndrome?  Since when are we to pay for blessings, healings, and supposed revelations of the Word of Jah???  How many billions, and I did say BILLIONS, are being fleeced from the sheep by the Priests of Baal entertainers that can never have enough???    What was it that upset Jahshuah the most while He was on this earth?  THE MERCHANDISERS IN THE TEMPLE!!!

24. The dangers of deception in this day, and what the result is for those who fall prey to it???    

25.  The Last Day was to be as the “Day’s of Noah”.  Is it???  Is there to be an “Ark of Safety”???  What are the correlation’s to Noah???  Who inherited the “Mantle of Noah”, and what is it???  

26.  Is there to be a “Pre-trib Rapture”, or is this one of the most damning heresies ever foisted upon Jah’s people???  If a deception, then it came from Satan.  What was his purpose for perpetrating such a fraud???  Could it be that all of those who expect to be “raptured” at any minute have been blinded so that they cannot see the entrapping horror that he has set for them???  

27.  Is our nation in prophecy, or was Jah too stupid to mention us???  Do the “workers of signs and wonders” have any idea of the role the United States is playing in the "anti-Christ" World Government, and the bringing forth of the “Mark of the Beast”?  That the Government of this nation is the absolute enemy of Jahshuah, every true believer, and everything righteous, just as it was PROPHESIED!!!  And, that all of Counterfeit "Christianity" is being made ONE WITH IT!!!   Not only one, but under the direct rule of the Beast System.   

28.  That Jacob prophesied unto his twelve sons what would befall them in the last days???  Where, and how, are these prophecies coming to pass???  Does it matter???  Jacob sure thought so, even as Jah did, or He would not have given him the prophecies!!!    

What was prophesied to come upon Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, in the last days???  Is the one whom you are listening to telling you of the headship mantle upon the sons of Ephraim???  Not if they are wanting that headship over you for themselves.  This is a BIG ONE folks.  Don't just read over it as if it was some insignificant matter.  Kingdom Order is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!  Anyone out of that order is wide open for DECEPTION.  I say this flat out, NONE of us are in Kingdom Order in this day, and THIS IS WHY we are so open for deception, and WHY there are so many deceivers.

29.  Who True Israel is, or what the difference is between the House of Judah, and the House of Israel???  Does it matter, or are some truths of no value???    

30.  Who the “Seed of the Serpent” is???  They which not only are the very enemy of our own souls, but of Jahshuah Himself???  Who is committing high treason by the supporting of these vipers, and teaching people to do the same???   People, in this is one of the most shocking revelations we will have to comprehend.  There is an extreme deception concerning the "Jews" of today, and the clue to this mystery can be found in Revelation 2:9, and 3:9.  This is a theme that begins in Genesis, and ends in the Book of Revelation.  We will NEVER understand how programmed we are, and WHY, concerning the support of the "Seed of the Serpent", until we come into the fullness of this Truth.   If we do NOT have the revelation of this mystery,  then we are suffering violently from this deception, and in that, will find ourselves SUPPORTING THE VERY ENEMIES OF Jahshuah.  Believe it!!!

31.  That there is a war raging between Jacob and Esau over who will rule the earth, and Jacob is too stupid to even know this war is even in existence???   That Esau's name was changed to Edom, and Edom means RED!!!  Should this reveal anything to us about the world we live in, and prophecy concerning it???   

32.  What did Jah really prophesy through His True Prophets concerning the regathering of Israel to the Promised Land???  When was it really suppose to take place???  Who is in Palestine today???   We have been programmed to believe that what is happening in the Palestine area today is the "prophesied regathering of Israel to the Promised Land."  I declare flat out that THIS IS A DREADFUL LIE!!!   Just the fact that all of Jezebel's Christianity is preaching this should give us a blazing clue that it IS a lie!   And, if you are one who is of this opinion, then I can tell you be hard bought experience that in order to OVERCOME, you will of necessity have to overcome the deceiver of the whole earth on this one!!!  If you want to feel the hatred of the deceived, then get this revelation and preach it to them.  You can talk against any race on this earth and get away with it, but NOT SO with the Counterfeit Jews.

33. That the “Great Tribulation” is the time of JACOB’S TROUBLE???  Who IS Jacob in the world today???  Is that important to know???  If you are one of his descendants, it sure is!   

 Jacob / Israel is in a terrible captivity which is increasing with every day, and for those who will not “come out of her”, it will increase unto an absolute cruel slavery to other nationalities.  Through the Judgment of Jah for our harlotry, we are losing our nation to aliens, and those of the aliens who have hatred in their heart toward us, long to suppress and enslave us.  We are either destined for work camps ruled by aliens, or to escape all of these things in “Dwelling Places of Zion”.  The horror that is ahead for Jacob is beyond our scope to comprehend.  The Seeds of the Serpent, the Sons of Esau, do know who Jacob is, and have purposefully brought the aliens into this nation for our enslavement, if not for our EXECUTION!!!  While the false prophets, the impostors, the messengers of Satan would promise us blessings, healings, and glory if we pay them enough money, all hell is breaking on our heads!!!    

34.  Are you listening to anyone who is saying that "The Great Tribulation" could begin at any time, or that has set a date for such a beginning???  If so, then read,  "The Restored Kingdom Mandate", and you will find them out to be liars.  Oh, how many people have been deceived and thus disillusioned by the much date setting over the years.  Get clear on this one folks, and it will save you much heartache.

Want me to go on???  I could, and so could many of you.  These are all very key issues that require in depth teaching for the “coming out of her”, the abominations of Babylon.  The more we come out, the less affinity we will have with it.  Instead of loving it, and desiring position in it,. the more we will be one with our Husband in the great desire to get out of it and see its DESTRUCTION!!!  

 The “coming out” is the coming out of the fallen nature, out of the sociopathic mind that plagues us all, and into the nature of Jahshuah.  Into the being crucified with Messiah.  Out of all sorceries; lust or ambition for power, fame, and fortune in Babylon.  Out of our harlotry with false god’s, counterfeit husband’s.  Out of building our own kingdoms through the wicked use of “faith” which is sorcery, and into the building of Jah’s Kingdom through True Faith.  We must give up our life in Babylon to the cross to be enabled to find it in the Kingdom.    

We are being prepared for the crossing over into "Zion."  This crossing we cannot do until that door is opened up for us, but we had sure better get ourselves ready for that opening.

Most of the ministers today who are working miracles, know NOTHING of any of it!!!  Not only do they not know any of it, the reality is that they are teaching, preaching, and prophesying in DIRECT OPPOSITION to the Truth of the above subjects!!!  They are preaching to KEEP US IN CAPTIVITY TO BABYLON, and NOT in any wise telling us to “COME OUT OF HER”!!!  They are Jezebel’s PRISON GUARDS, and believe me, they will NOT LET YOU GO easily.

Teaching lies in place of Truth comes from the carnal mind, and the carnal mind is HOSTILE to Jah!!!  They are twisting the Truth, holding the Truth in unrighteousness to their OWN DESTRUCTION!!! So, you tell me, are their works from the Gifts of the Spirit of Truth, or sorcery worked by the SPIRIT OF ERROR???!!!

Jahshuah clearly warned us about deception, and deceiving false prophets in the “Last Days”.  He told us there would be many false prophets (preachers, teachers) working seducing signs and wonders in HIS NAME to try and DECEIVE THE VERY ELECT!!!  He must have known what He was talking about.  So, who and where are they???  EVERYWHERE!!!  They are all around for us to see, and certainly put on their glory show for bucks on TV.  Is anyone being deceived by them???  How about MOST of the people, just like Jahshuah said???!

  Are you hearing me???!!!  Are they preaching Truth???  Then they are NOT preaching by the Holy Spirit, nor do they even know Him!!!  Jah does NOT anoint liars to deceive His people, and then confirm them with signs and wonders to convince the people of their lies!!!  Through the TV, they are corrupting the entire earth with the religions of Jezebel, and all of her whoredoms.  They are in fact working in the contradiction to the ministry of John the Baptist.  Instead of preparing the way for Messiah, they have joined the Satanic World Government to prepare the way for the "ANTI-MESSIAH"!!!    

“Serpent” defines as:  A magician, an illusionist.  He is a twister of Truth, making it the blackest of all lies.  He is one who twists the Truth, and then works his illusions, his magic, to deceptively confirm what he has said as truth.  

Let me define sorcery for you, as seen in the scriptures.  

SORCERY:  MAGIC performed with the aid of EVIL SPIRITS.  Witchcraft.

MAGIC:  Something that produces results as if by mysterious influence. Unexplained super natural power.  

When this finally begins to really sink in, you will know why Jahshuah will say to the many deceivers of this day, “Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity”.  It is because they are doing their works, even though seemingly done in the “Name of Jesus”, through SORCERY.  They are messengers of Satan, Serpent Ministries, disguised as ministers of Jah, but doing evil works. Doing the Serpent’s magic, his illusions, and all done to DECEIVE THE PEOPLE into the “Strong delusion” so that they might be damned!!! 

This is Jezebel’s BABYLON, and they are waxing RICH through HER SORCERIES!!!  It is this of which we are to come out, or her judgments are going to also fall upon us.  Jahshuah said that all those that stay in the midst of her will be THROWN INTO THE GREAT TRIBULATION!!!  A time of pain and agony the likes of which this earth has never seen, with the full brunt of it coming upon the descendants of JACOB!!! 

Have I got your attention???  Are you still worried, feeling condemned because you cannot go to any Church?  Praise Jah He has been so merciful to you to start bringing you out of all this abomination that stinks clear to heaven.

Are you struggling with what I am saying???  Then show me one “Church”, one “ministry”, where there is Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth being taught.  IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!  I do realize there are some good men out there, but by and large, The “Churches”, and even every movement as a whole have been taken over by Jezebel, made into whorehouses where Jah’s people are being made spiritual harlots through sorcery, and the twisting of Truths into lies.  It is NOT a real "Christianity", but an illusion, a carnal counterfeit, a Strong Delusion that has been sent to take the insincere self righteous to their destruction.  

If you happen to be in a church, then hang your ego on the cross and GET OUT, or you will suffer the consequences.  I do not say this lightly, or without a great deal of thought before Almighty Jah.  It is a dreadful day, and we all need to be on our faces praying energetically to be accounted worthy to escape all the things that are heavy upon us. 

You think that I am crazy???   You love your church???  Then stay there.  It will not bother me even one little bit.  Why won’t it bother me???  Because as far as I am concerned, you deserve it for your rejection of the Truth, which is Jahshuah Himself!!! 

The veil is being removed for anyone who wants to come into the Truth of the above subjects.  The Priests of Baal have all been informed of most of them.  They refuse to walk into that Light, because their deeds are evil, and they do NOT want to be exposed.  Forget them, how about YOU!!!

There is more teaching going on today than ever before in history, and yet we are the most deceived and depraved society the earth has ever suffered.  Why?  Because most of it is being done in direct opposition to the Truth.  They are ever learning, but they are not able to come into the knowledge of the Truth.  Into the knowledge of the True Jahshuah.  The Truth is of no value to them, as they want signs and wonders.  Glory shows that entertain and make them feel good.  I say good.  I think everyone should receive their heart’s desires.  It is the age of entertainment, and entertainment is flourishing all around.  People are partying while the ship is sinking!!!  

It is fish or cut bait time, folks.  Either come into the Truth, the whole Truth, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH; into Kingdom Order, and everything that means, or stay where you are and suffer everything the scripture says you will.  You see, in your staying, you are swearing your allegiance to Babylon, showing your love for the false ways, and your love and loyalty for the liars that preach them.   They walk in pure carnality and I care not what it appears to be, or feels like.

For those that are coming out, I encourage you to continue on in the process of the “coming out”, of overcoming the Serpent, and all of His illusions.  You are the ones who are on the RIGHT TRACK.  The day is fast coming when we will see the Kingdom of Darkness DESTROYED.  Evicted from the earth through the authority of Jahshuah which shall be bestowed upon us.  We shall all shout hallelujah in that day.  

 We are coming to the day that the Manifested Sons of Jah will be sent forth in the same Spirit of Jah that sent forth Elijah, Elisha, and Jehu, against Jezebel and her Priests of Baal.  A tremendous war is about to break forth on the earth.  The impostors shall work their strongly seductive sorceries while these men walk in the True faith in Jah.  In the True Authority of Jahshuah.  What do you suppose the final result will be???  Whose side do you want to be on???  

It is not the True Believer that is in trouble, but the whole Kingdom of Darkness.  It will be said loud and clear, submit or perish!  As with Elijah, fire will fall from heaven to confirm their proclamation, and I can well tell you, EVERY Serpent Ministry will be exposed in that day!  They ride in their pride of appearing to be of Jah today, but NOT IN THAT DAY.  They will be totally undone, and their finances WILL BE SHUT OFF.  Right now, Jezebel is STEALING THE TITHE and giving it to her dutiful deceivers.  I might ask, who are you giving to that preaches the lies in the above???  Do you want to support Truth, OR LIES???!!!  Do you really think your giving will be blessed by Jah when you give to a liar???  A Serpent Ministry???  Are you giving to Jah’s Storehouse, or TO ONE OF JEZEBEL’S WHOREHOUSES???  Where your money goes, so goes your heart. 

The “Strong Delusion” is entrapping millions that would not receive the Love for the Truth in the prophesied “GREAT FALLING AWAY”.  Because this deception is so strong, they realize NOT what is happening to them.  Neither will their soul tied EGO’S let them even consider that they ARE DECEIVED!!!  While thinking they are worshipping and following the True Messiah, they are being held captive by Priests in the Temples of Baal (Satan), and being led to the slaughter.  The mind of ANYONE who can remain in almost ANY “Church” in this day, has been captured by the seduction of Jezebel into the WORSHIP OF SATAN, the author of lies!!!  They do NOT follow the True Messiah, BUT THE COUNTERFEIT!

People can argue against such a statement today, but NOT in the days ahead.  We are either loving the Truth, or the Lies.  Those that are receiving the Love for The Truth are coming out.  Those that love the lies are remaining IN HER.  It is just that simple.  Those that remain in her are being led down the path to destruction, and THIS IS a JUDGMENT OF JAH upon those that would NOT receive the Love for The Truth.

One who cannot receive Truth, is not only NOT walking after the True Holy Spirit, but IS OF THE WORLD.  If this is not so, THEN THE APOSTLE JOHN LIED in the opening scripture above!!!

There is NO WAY to Love Jahshuah, the Living Truth, and remain in her.  Those who walk after the SPIRIT OF TRUTH are receiving the hatred for the SPIRIT OF ERROR.  If we do not feel a hatred for the “false ways”, then we need to get on our face and cry out to Jah for the same hatred David had for the “False Ways” to come into us.!!!  Those that do not are in DREADFUL TROUBLE!  And, I do not mean just in this life, but IN THE NEXT.

For those that are “coming out”, the discernment of who is who is becoming quite clear. 

And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, MY PEOPLE, that ye BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS, and that ye RECEIVE NOT OF HER PLAGUES. 5For her sins have reached unto heaven, and Jah hath remembered her iniquities.

Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serveth Jah and him THAT SERVETH HIM NOT.





   Jehu The Commander

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