The Sociopathic Mind and

Escalating Eschatology

Rushing Toward Destruction

This is not a writing done to win friends, nor to gain rousing applause.  It is written to warn those who are wise enough to be warned.  No thought will be retained concerning those who are foolish enough to not listen, or who would like to mock or reject what is said.  The days ahead will more than validate what is herein written. 

Why So Much Violence 

People are wondering why there is so much violence in our nation, as if it were some kind of mystery.  Will the creation of more laws be the answer???  Get ready folks, as we have not yet even begun to see violence unleashed. 

  I remind you that we were created to be creators, and we do that creating from out of our mental patterns.  From out of our psychological structure which controls that thinking.  As we think, so are we, and that thinking is programmed into us by our environments.  What we think, we say, and what we say is what we do.  We are a sum total of thought, word, and deed, and that by what we have been programmed to believe.  If we want different results, then a renewing of the mind must take place, for only by the changing of the mind can our results be changed. 

We have become a nation of people who thrive on entertainment.  If something does not “entertain” us, then we do not give it our attention.  A major portion of our entertainment is poisoned by the violence contained in it.  In most cases, we are led to believe that even the righteous are a violent people, and that violent people can be righteous, and not only righteous, but heroes.  What then can we expect but a violent society, a violent world, if our mind that controls what we create is constantly programmed with violent behavior???  I challenge anyone with any kind of common sense to explain to me how we can constantly program ourselves with violence and strife, and not reap violent strife filled behavior in our society.  It is impossible to reap anything else.  Our own nation, as well as the whole world, is now proving this theorem to anyone except the rebelliously unteachable. 

The Sociopathic Mind 

I somewhat apologize for continually harping on this mind that lies within us all.  I do so because it is causing us all much trouble due to our ignorance in its regard.  Not even those who have tried to understand have yet come into the full knowledge of this mind’s entangling repercussions upon our lives.  I mention it once again for at least two reasons. 

1.  You will never see the Truth of what is going on in the world until you come into this Light.  Its very presence in our psyche causes us to be blind to the evilness of men. 

2.  We cannot even begin our trek out of this world’s reaping of violence until we see this sociopathic mind in ourselves, and by that sight, discover how it operates, and what its objectives are.  Then, walking into the Light of Truth that gives us the process which delivers us from that mind.   

Let me give a few quotes from previous writings for those who are hearing this for the first time:

“What is a Sociopath?  A person who has no consciousness of social or moral responsibility in their relations with others.  The conscience is dead to feeling guilt over any harm done to another, no matter how great might be the harm committed.  It is only interested in its own success, or survival, and takes no account of another’s.  This varies from having a subliminal efficacy, to being the diseased mind of a serial killer. 

“Among its most infamous roles is its futile attempt to set our conscience free from having to think we have ANY responsibility in some negatively harmful result.  Our minds, through our own knowledge, developed from a self centered perspective, rationalizes our actions to justify ourselves into believing we are innocent.  It is the OTHER guy who is the guilty party.  This is the SEARING OF THE CONSCIENCE, and the more it becomes seared, the more we become sociopathic in our behavior.

“To insure our position of innocence, we work with great craft to cover up our error so no one will ever find it out.  This IS the “Fig Leave Cover Up”!!!  The harm we have inflicted means nothing to us in comparison to our own ego’s self preservation.  The greater the error, the greater will effort be expended to create the cover up, and to insure its stability.  What we have seen attempted by public figures in recent years to cover up their errors, is in us all.  It is the CREATING OF AN ILLUSION, and by creating such an illusion, we are delivering ourselves into its bondage.  It becomes a brick wall, a facade that looks strong, but can be brought down to the ground in an instant with one good earthquake.  We do all that we can to keep our error from being exposed, fighting the exposure right to its final conclusion.

“We first try to convince ourselves of being innocent, and then expose our knowledge of guilt by trying to hide our action which made us guilty.  We totally undo our position of innocence by our own actions to cover up what we have done.  Then we wonder why our minds seem so full of confusion, and why we are suffering such mental instability caused by that confusion.

  “As we see error in others, we can see it in ourselves, and as we see it in ourselves, we can see it in others.  Nothing clears the muddy waters faster than this manner of peering into complexities.  The men in high places have the same contamination’s that we do, and do the same kind of justifying of their actions, through the same mental rationalizing gyrations.  They create deceptions, magicians illusions, to cover up what they are really doing, and by doing so, greatly relieve the danger of their intents being exposed.  While giving the world the fallacy of having designs for peace, they are planning destruction beyond comprehension.  They are so preoccupied with their own goals, they have not the conscience to guide them correctly.

“There is no way to stop these matters from taking place, any more than the stopping of our own prior errors in life.  What can seem good and well to do at the time, can become a revolting development.  The evidence of which we are about to witness in these unconscionable tyrants who are given to the fallen Sociopathic mind, world wide.

“The errors WE commit only reach as far as our sphere of life reaches.  The further our influence, the greater the calamity the error causes.  Imagine if our actions committed in error, because of the Sociopathic Mind, could induce repercussions on the entire planet instead of just where our life presently touches.  This is what we are facing from determined men in our immediate future.

There are people of the Lies, and people of the Truth.  Each type is most assuredly discerned for which they are during any divisive crisis.  Truth leads one to the acceptance of where they are wrong, and need to rectify.  People of Lies cover up, and NEVER admit their error, or at least no more than what is necessary to get out of trouble.  They maintain the ground of their innocent illusion with all fervor.” 

Many have wondered why so much harm being done by one person to another, or to others, is constantly taking place.  Those who still have a conscience have wondered how they, upon its discovery, could have done the harm they did to another.  A harm they would never have committed if they had realized what they were doing was harmful. 

Because of corrupted genetics, we are ALL born with a mind that sees things from a wrong perspective.  A perspective that is believing a lie instead of the Truth.  Not only seeing matters backwards, but is stiff necked in its sight, soul tied to its position, and therefore hostile to any other view, especially if that other point of view is TRUTH!!! 

The further into this mind a person goes, the more evil is committed, and then, the more evil committed, the more effort is extended to cover up the evil.  To create an illusion of being “righteous”.  A part of that “cover up” includes the creation of an illusion of guilt upon the person, or persons, they harmed, or upon any who might set themselves to expose them.  This was made blatantly graphic to anyone of understanding during the recent impeachment proceedings.  People become convinced that the victim, or the exposer, is the criminal, and the criminal the victim.  Those who have not received the love for the Truth believe the lie, love it, and lend themselves to supporting the criminal while condemning the victim, even if the victim is totally innocent.  There is nothing like traumatic personal experience to clear up the mind concerning the sociopathic self justifying mind.  Think back through your own life.  It is amazing how often such “People of the Lie” clothe themselves with a type of righteous, religious image, to insure their security.  The more righteous they appear, the less anyone will believe the truth about them.  The “cover up” makes the guilty to appear innocent, and the innocent guilty, and the contaminated mind which sees things in a backward perspective, believes it!!!

Many will want to argue against what I have just stated.  I can tell you with all earnestness that this mind being in us all IS FACT, and thoroughly proven to anyone who will step back and give some study to society, and then to they themselves.

Truth is truth, and it not only does not change through the process of time, or by the structure of society, it is never marred by anyone who would like to change, or twist the Truth, into a more palatable idiom.  Truth cares not what we think of it, and none of our ignorant mental gyrations can change it.  It stands in its own light and remains unmarred by any rejection, mocking, or twisting.  Truth will inevitably rule, and the rulership of the all inclusive Truth will come to pass in the days ahead. 

Once we have entered enough into this Light of Truth, we then can begin to see why things are happening in the world as they are, and even more importantly, how men could commit such barbarous acts that lie in our immediate future.  The sociopathic mind’s of wicked men who lust for position, and the attaining of their own agenda, are escalating in that wickedness the likes of which this earth has never seen.  History has shown us some brutal individuals, but their reputations will grow pale by comparison to men on the rise in this day.   

In Religion

The most damaging result is that which is inflicted upon the people from the Pulpit, or from any position of teaching in The Body of Christ.  I have long said there are more people of the lie hiding behind a facade of righteousness as if they were of Jah, than in any other realm.  It is this fallen mind that takes no account of the harm it is doing to the people by the preaching of lies, or the rejection of Truth that would put their preaching / teaching on a more correct ground.  NO ONE who CARES FOR THE SHEEP will continue to take the people a wrong direction when the exposure comes.  When they reject that which would correct them, I, without compassion, label them in my mind for what they are, and make no apology for it.  I care a whole lot for the sheep and none for the wolves.

I recently published an article:

"The Creating of an Ishmael"

Illegitimate Scenario's Create Personal Agendas

If you have not read it, you should.

Never follow ANYONE until you know there bottom-line motivation, for in most cases, you will find they have a personal agenda based on a false premise in a counterfeit scenario they deceivably think is of Jah, and will work to cause it to come to pass.  This can happen even when the individual has Truth, and seemingly oh so righteous in their intents.  How righteous was Abraham, and how much trouble did he get into???

I have seen thousands deceived, and brought to disillusionment by individuals that thought they were doing right, but were in fact leading the people astray.  In every case Jah brought to them that which would have corrected their direction, but IT WAS REJECTED!!!  This sociopathic fallen mind only grows more rebellious to its exposure with every passing day, and determines to make its works look successful.  This happens over and over again, and is still happening, and yet people have not become wise enough to recognize it when it is taking place.  Whenever I see this rebellion, I know the person has left off with following Jah, and has gone their own way, and will take everyone that follows them in the same miss-direction.

This activity is ESCALATING!!!  Beware!

A New Age Dawning 

We are entering the Dawn of a New Age.  While the “Kingdom of Darkness” heads towards its destruction, the “Kingdom of Light” will begin its manifestation.  To enter the new, the old must pass away.  In that passing horrendous events are going to take place.  Prophets / Seers,  who have seen this time by vision, or revelation, have related what they saw.  According to their Prophecies, we have already entered into the preliminary events of this transition.   

We are experiencing natural calamities in record numbers, world wide.  So far, they have only affected the regions where they have hit.  We are coming to a time when they will not just affect a city, or even just a nation, but will be world wide disasters.  The destruction will be devastating.

This natural realm in which we live is greatly affected by the negative thoughts of people.  Those thoughts are becoming progressively worse with thoughts of violence, strife, and just plain wickedness.  The more violent we become, the more strife we create, the more nature is going to react in accord with that violence and strife.  

One day, some people are going to wake up to the fact that we are creators. and create environments according to that which we think, speak, and then do.  It is an immutable law of cause and effect.  If you want to know why things happen as they do, THIS IS WHY!!!  and THIS IS WHY the natural calamities are escalating!!!  We cannot reap peace when we sow strife and violence.  It is impossible.  There is no stopping of this increase in the world, and as this increases, so will the natural calamities.  Nature cannot take the negative creative forces without reacting in like manner.  Those reactions will escalate until the earth “reels to and fro”.  Not only could this change the earth’s axis, but the universal topography of the entire planet.  These are not things that might happen people.  The natural disasters that lead up to the world wide catastrophes are ALREADY IN PROGRESS!!! 

Starvation and disease are killing millions, yet our denial mode keeps us blind to it.  Famine is going to increase until it is suffered world wide.  If people understood the deadly, incurable diseases that are plaguing our world, there would be a mass hysteria.  Most will keep their eyes closed to these matters until they themselves are hit by them.  Believe me, people will become very concerned at that time.   

Death is coming upon this planet, for that is what is reaped by means of the “Tree of Death” from which the “Kingdom of Darkness” eats.  It will not be just a few in a school, or 100,000, or even 6,000,000 in a war.  War and famine will kill over ONE BILLION PEOPLE in the immediate years ahead!  This IS fact!!!

Never before in history has the entire planet been engulfed with war, and inevitable wars, as is the case in this day.  There are 30 - 40 conflicts going on right now at the time of this writing.  However, they are not the real problem we are facing.  Nations are made up of a separate and particular race of people .  In many races there are sociopath leaders who think that they, and their race, are destined to rule the earth.  These men are determined to obtain their goal, and they care not how they accomplish it.

Behind the scenes, unknown to most, is a world government.  A government dedicated to bringing forth a NEW WORLD ORDER.  It will never succeed, for the attempt can only bring forth destruction the likes of which we have never seen.  The sociopath leaders of other nations (races) will never submit to this New World Order.  Therefore, the New World Order will have to eliminate them from the world scene.  This means the certain use of nuclear weaponry, and that use will bring death to this earth in unprecedented measure. 

It is the plan of the World Government to raise up a man to initiate the plans to bring the whole world into its submission.  He will seemingly have the ability to solve the world’s problems, which are great, and are many.  He will be lauded and applauded as a great man of peace, but in the name of that peace, will cause the death of more people than all the other despots the earth has ever seen put together.  Where he will rise from is not yet certain, but his appearance is imminent.  When he comes forth, it is time to fasten our seat belts, for then we shall have a time on this earth that is beyond our comprehension.

In Summation 

We have already entered the preliminary stages of what the prophets saw concerning the day we are in.  The “day” that the Kingdom that has been ruling the earth would pass a way, and another would begin its reign.  In this passing from one to another, these dreadful events were to take place:

1. Incurable diseases would escalate, flooding  the earth.

2.  Famine would come, starting out slowly, and then escalate to ravage the earth.  Already, millions are dying of starvation.

3. Natural calamities would escalate until the earth reels to and fro in its orbit, even as a drunkard staggers down a street.

4. That nations (races) would become angry, and rise against other nations, until the entire earth becomes engulfed in fiery wrath.  Death will be loosed on the earth.  Over a billion people will die just from famine and war. 

The Way of Escape 

Is their a way to escape these events???  Yes, there is.  Nonetheless, we cannot by our own hands, by our own ingenuity, create an escape into being protected from all that is coming.  There are some who are trying to do so.  I do not fault them for their effort, but I am afraid that they are more deceived about their safety than those who are totally ignorant.  Such an escape is beyond our own abilities to provide, and can only come to those who become wise enough to escape into the coming manifestation of the Kingdom of Light.

 Jah, in His mercy, will provide that escape.  However, only those that become willing to walk into the Light of Truth will find that provision.  Not until there is a people who will come into the earnest desire for such an escape will one be provided.  I fear that it is going to take far more happening before people will come into that desire.  We are living far too soft to think that anything as horrendous as what is described here could happen.  The self justifying denial mode is STRONG within us.  It takes much to wake us up from this psychological entrapment, this sleepy headed mentality, and come into the realization that we are a people in trouble, and have a NEED for such an escape.  




If you have not read "The Fallen Ego", or "The Fall From Perfection" then you should.  These go hand in hand with this message.

If I had to pick just one theme to publish out of all that I have written, it would be the ones set forth in these messages.  There WILL NEVER BE ANY Overcomers, NO "Dwelling Place of Zion", NO unity, NO TRUE LOVE, without the full understanding of what is revealed in them!!!  And yet, I wonder how many visitors to this web site have given ANY consideration of what is uncovered here-in, let alone have the understanding, and then APPLY IT TO THEIR OWN LIFE!

The Fallen Ego





*The United States:  This nation is the number one tool of the World Government.  The rebellious nations know this, and is why we are hated around the world.  We are called that “Great Satan” by some.  We reign over the Kings of the earth through politics, military power, and economics.  Many nations are in such economic bondage to our money system, that they would cease to exist without our aid.  It is this nation that is forcing the world into the New World Order, and the computerized economic system.  The whole world is to be brought into an economic captivity, even as we ourselves are suffering.  Those that will not submit are scheduled for destruction.  Never has there been such diabolically deceptive goals foisted upon the world as what our own nation is doing.  It would take a book to explain, but for now, I will just say that we are corrupting the entire earth with a terrible wickedness.  That sowing is going to cause a terrible reaping.   

**Russia:  Even though the Red Beast of Communism was seemingly given a deadly wound by the military overthrow of its sixth head of state, Mikhail Gorbachev, it WILL RISE AGAIN!!!  And, in its rising, become a terror to the earth.  It would not surprise me if Gorbachev became its head once again.  He is stationed in our nation right now, and is a key player in, and organizer of, “The New World Order”.  Eventually, Russia is going to turn on the U. S. with a fury, and annihilate our nation with a massive nuclear onslaught. 

***The Mid-East:  Again, it would take a book to explain why, but Jerusalem is the place from which the world must be ruled.  This is why there has been such conflict in the area.  Eventually, the “Man of Peace” will go with our blessing, and our military might standing with him, to take the area over.  What bloodshed will be committed at that time.  It is  this area on the earth from which he must rule. 

****Germany:  The Pope’s have had connection with the heads of Germany since the days of Charlemagne.  It is reported by some that Hitler was not only Catholic, but had the hidden, secret support, of the Pope in his day.  This is still going on and is no small matter.  The Pope holds an extreme power.  When he speaks, over a billion people listen.  Germany has once again risen to power over Western Europe, and is now dominating the European Common Market.  I will have more to say on this in a later article, including the fact that they have a permanent military base in our own nation, in New Mexico.  For now, keep your ears open for what Germany is planning.  I can tell you that the “Master Plan” of the Nazi’s is still in full swing. 

*****China:  Why have we “stupidly” armed China with nuclear technology???  It is the same pattern as in the past folks.  The Bolshevik Revolution was financed by this nation.  We have financed Russia ever since.  Their military power could not have been built without our financial support.  Japan could not have become a military giant before W.W.II, except by our help.  For one thing, they built their military arsenal with the iron we shipped to them.  Then we seduced them into attacking Pearl Harbor.  Hitler was financed into power by bankers in this nation.  Why have we done such things???  That would take a book to understand, and there are a number so written, therefore I shall refrain from writing another.  China will never willingly submit to the New World Order, as they have their own agenda.  For many reasons, such as an army two hundred million strong, a conventional war could never be won against rebellious China to bring them into submission.  Therefore, it might be that the only resolve is to use nuclear weapons against them.  For this to happen, the people of the world must think that such a war was unavoidable, and righteous.  China uses even just one nuclear missile, and they have had it!!!  Remember people, there are sociopaths on this planet who have agendas to rule the earth.  They feel righteous in their plans, and therefore care not what agony they inflict.   

******The United Nations:  Every nation’s sovereignty is being subverted to this organization of nations.  How much could be written on this one subject alone.  Did you know that International Law, under the U.N. Tribunal, is to supersede the Laws of Nations???  This totally negates our Constitution, including the Bill of Rights.  What may be legal to do in our country could be illegal under International Law.  It is a Global Judiciary, a Global Power that overrules Nation States and their Laws.  Anyone labeled an “enemy of peace”, or an “enemy of the New World Order”, under any guise, can be arrested under International Law, and tried by this Global Judiciary, and even done so in a foreign nation.  This will probably sound far out people, but thousands of Anglo-Saxons are scheduled for arrest.  Their sentence will be to serve in labor camps in foreign nations.  Those that remain rebellious WILL BE EXECUTED!!!  Think about it.  What a dreadful time we have coming in the immediate years ahead.  Some of you will understand when I say, this day of great tribulation is the “Time of JACOB’S Trouble”.  It  will not be long before people wake up and realize the significance of being one of Jacob’s true descendants. 












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