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Thousands of forest fires are burning in Russia around old H-Bomb factories.  

    Through earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornados etc., the entire earth is suffering disastrous calamities.  I am afraid that we haven't seen anything yet compared to what is coming.

Anyone who believes that the gulf oil disaster is over, and all is well, is listening to the programming of the Edomite controlled mass media lies, and not facing facts.

If we have not entered into "the beginning of sorrows," I will hate to see it when we have.  Wait until the food shortage that lies on the horizon hits.  That should wake someone up.   And oh yes, we still have the worst economic chaos ever suffered by the entire planet threatening to take place in the next few months.

Not much is really thought about by anyone who has not suffered some disaster until they themselves are going through one.  Oh, how that dramatically changes a person's mental pattern.  

Anyone who thinks they will be automatically protected from any catastrophe because they are a "Christian" should talk to one of the millions of "Christians" that have already been wiped out by some calamity.

Jah will not be taken for granted, as if He were required to protect someone.  We go His way, or we will remain on the same highway everyone else is on.

Denis Sinyakov - Forest fires hit areas remaining radioactive since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

(San Francisco) – Russia is burning down this summer. The smoke is engulfing Moscow and the European Union. Embassies are emptying.

What’s the deal?

Thousands of forest fires are burning all over Russia. More importantly, the nuclear weapons factories and reactors around Mayak and the former Soviet Union’s Uranium Project are going up in smoke. The smoke is toxic and radioactive in every possible sense of the words.

Russian forest fires are burning down old H-Bomb factory areas and the Chernobyl poisoned woodlands. This holds the virtual certainty of at least 241,000,000 Lethal Doses of radioactivity becoming air borne during a fire. Due to peculiar nuclear forces the tiny ceramicized radioactive particles stay in the air for months or even years till they are “rained out” by some form of precipitation.

Snowflake edges are particularly good scavengers of radioactive particles.

Two US Air Force C130s just flew into Moscow.   Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, or one of the seven other nuclear weapons labs in the US, are more than likely involved. Ask yourself this. What on earth could have scared the Russian nuke forces enough to call in their old hated Cold War foe – the US Air Force – for help?

There is a simple way to let the people of the world know what is going on with airborne Chernobyl and Mayak data. We paid for all the data, anyway, whether Russian, American or European Union Data.

Free the Data. Release it to the InterNet all over the world and let people decide for themselves which country is safe enough for their families to live in.

If you are planning a trip to Europe or Russia – don’t go. If you are already there – leave immediately. If you have family or friends there – get them out if you can. This is not a drill. It is the real deal.

Another way to look at the Mayak national sacrifice zone in Russia is that the old Soviet Union manufactured 30,000 global thermonuclear weapons. There were numerous “accidents” at Mayak that weren’t supposed to happen and “officially” never did happen. The government lied, of course.
Thousands of forest fires are burning in Russia around old H-Bomb factories.   The 1,000 sq km around the Mayak bomb factory is one of the most contaminated areas on Earth because the Mayak Uranium Project manufactured the most poisonous substances on Earth for the most lethal weapons on Earth. 

Manufacturing thermonuclear weapons is a really nasty business. As far as Weapons of Mass Destruction goes, these are the real McCoy.

As of 8/15/2010 all personnel in Russia and the European Union are advised to evacuate immediately. I repeat. This is not a drill.  If you can’t leave, get your kids out. It may be too late already.























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