The End Times Editorials by Readers of The Warning

IRS 'Army' Needed for ObamaCare... order to collect the new taxes, fees and penalties included in the new legislation.  According to a press release from Rep. Kevin Brady, this will be the largest expansion of the Internal Revenue Service since withholding taxes were introduced during WWII.

A new analysis by the Joint Economic Committee and the House Ways & Means Committee minority staff estimates up to 16,500 new IRS personnel will be needed to collect, examine and audit new tax information mandated on families and small businesses in the ‘reconciliation' bill being taken up by the U.S. House of Representatives this weekend.

Scores of new federal mandates and fifteen different tax increases totaling $400 billion are imposed under the Democratic House bill. In addition to more complicated tax returns, families and small businesses will be forced to reveal further tax information to the IRS, provide proof of ‘government approved' health care and submit detailed sales information to comply with new excise taxes.

A "standing army" of tax collectors are just as much of a threat to liberty as any other army.  The power to tax truly is the power to destroy and we can expect to see plenty of taxation as a result of ObamaCare.



























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