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Back in the 1970's, I read Mexican literature that outlined their plan to take back Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California through a flood of immigration because they believed in their mind's that it was THEIR TERRITORY!!!  I have watched this unfold ever since.  

Take a drive just through Los Angeles.  It is like driving through a half dozen foreign countries, with neon signs written in a foreign languages.  This is happening all over what was originally an Anglo-Saxon nation

Between just the influx of illegal Mexicans, Asians and Muslims (and the rapidly increasing political power of the millions of homosexuals), we of the Anglo-Saxons have all but lost our nation, and that by the JUDGMENT OF JAH, as He raises up the "strangers" over us!!!  (See Deut. 28)  One day the House of Israel people will finally wake-up, realize who they are, and then why things are happening as they are.  What a day that will be.  In the meantime, better fasten your seat belts, for there is a very rough ride ahead in our immediate future.


Read this sign from a recent rally for illegal immigrants.

The media is always telling us that itís only 12 million illegals here, when we know thatís a BIG FAT LIE. They know it too. Immigration pegs it at almost 23 million and even the US government accounting office says itís 20 million plus. Iíve read somewhere that immigration enforcement people think it might be upwards of 38 million, based on how many they catch versus an estimated number who get past them.

Whether you know it or not, you are paying for all these illegals. California is now close to bankruptcy because of it. They now figure itís over 13 billion is doled out by the state for these parasites ó almost half of the projected fiscal deficits for next year. 40% of Los Angeles residents are illegals working for cash and pay no taxes. Most of the criminal warrants and 35% of prison inmates in California are illegals.

Upwards of 300,000 illegals a year come here to have babies because the law says our hospitals have to put them up and deliver the child. Two thirds of all births in Los Angeles are illegals. Having an ďanchorĒ baby allows them to stay in the US because lefty judges have ruled we have to be the ďgood guysí and not break up the family, etc. This is happening all across America. You pay for it, friend.

Anchor babies should never have been an issue. The courts ruled back in 1898 that only people here legally can have a child considered as a citizen upon birth. Calling them ďcitizensĒ is only due to activist judges extending it to illegals by saying the 14th amendment gives them this right, when it was only meant for freed slaves in the south. Even so, the 14th amendment was not even ratified in the first place.

They also wire tons of money out of this country, instead of spending it here. This a major net drain on our economy as well (Mexico practically lives on it).

Crime is sky-rocketing due to these people. Robbing, drug-dealing, killing and kidnapping are a way of life south of the border and the criminal Mestizo gangs already here. They worship something called Saint Death (Santa Muerta), and think a black Madonna/skull statue gives them supernatural powers to kill enemies. These kind of people would have no problem chopping off your White Anglo head.

Ever see people killed in a car crash? Itís not pretty. Something like 12 Americans die everyday this way due to illegals. Thatís more than our soldiers fighting wars overseas!Ė Phillip Marlowe






















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