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Most would not believe what is written here.  However, those who have kept up to speed on what is going on behind the scenes, and the purposes behind it all, will more than readily recognize the serious problems listed in this article that we are now, and will soon, face.  Very interesting reading.

Chemtrail, Vaccines and the Financial Trigger Point-Wall Street Insider

December 20, 2010
By Steve Quayle

Years ago, when I first broke the "chemtrail story", it was my primary concern that the nefarious and sinister purpose of the chemtrail spraying would be overlooked or ignored by the mainstream-vomit-brokering media! My concerns were echoed in dozens of radio interviews with so many different specialists that I stated publicly that 'I am convinced that the "death spray" in the chemtrails is a primary attack upon our immune systems and the placing of pathogenic and mutagenic components in the spray formulations for probable activation through vaccination mandates or secondary activation spray formulations in the future.

The spraying, which placed bio-bombs in the sprayed population's bodies, resulted in the sprayed body becoming a primary chemical repository. I further went on to describe how mandatory vaccination protocols would be initiated resulting in the death of hundreds of million people. Yesterday, I received information from an insider in the world's largest Investment banking firm. Quote, "I have created a separate account for the purpose of contacting you. I appreciate the conversation we had.”

Here's an overview of what we discussed.

“The vaccinations that are currently being distributed in the United States for the purpose of the swine flu or the bird flu is not a vaccination, but rather the introduction of a protein that is 1 component of the virus. It works very much the same way as the AIDs virus does in that its primary function is to lay dormant until the activating component is introduced via biological " terrorist" attack for example. So the people who are accepting the vaccinations for these viruses are, in effect, accepting the protein which is the actual infection this virus is to lay dormant until the activating component or protein stranded DNA is introduced into the body.

So here's a bigger picture. One day there is a biological terrorist attack on the United States immediately thereafter there are confirmed reports of people with horrible flu symptoms from all over the place. This is precisely the reasoning behind the government's attempt to make flu vaccinations or any vaccination declared mandatory by the CDC law. The original technical term for the AIDs virus is HTLV3. Anyone on a Green List will be deemed okay, a noncombatant, or to be eliminated in a specific manor via gas chambers or mass body disposal sites.

People on the Blue List will be deemed cautionary. People on the Red List are to be killed on site, killed in the front of their homes and disposed of later."

The man who originally broke the existence of the Red, Blue and Green Lists to me was a very prominent employee of the EPA. He stated to me before he died, that he had seen the plans for all the EPA Superfund waste burning plants. They were positioned strategically around the country to be used to dispose of tens of the millions of dead bodies that would be littering the streets of America. He was adamant that it would be a man-made virus, that would scare people into receiving a "panicvac" (my word describing a panic vaccine) and that the vaccine would be used, as the secondary or final kill shot by activating the components that were being administered by the forced vaccination orders. It should now be obvious, that the influenza, martial law threat a year ago, was the globalists plan in trying to implement stage 1 of their global genocide plans.

My contact then went on to talk about the financial meltdown. He stated that "the major financial event will occur in this the year of transition. And after this event there will be 14 days to prepare" (sound familiar)? My source stated that anytime between January and April "it will become reality". He also said that they cannot turn it around, nor do they want to! The most amazing statement he made was that the foreign hunter killer teams have been given the OK to ransack, pillage and plunder the homes of all Red List "enemies of the state".

This is exactly what Hawk was told in a conversation that was picked up in the clear by an astute amateur radio operator, who heard the non-US General say, "The stupid Americans don't even have a clue of what we are going to do to them, and snickered about the spoils that they are going to take."

Here's how it will play out. You are ordered to a camp under a national emergency and put on a bus or train while mass evacuations are underway, the sanctioned looters and plunderers go through the homes of the evacuees with a free ticket from prosecution. All sheriff's deputies and local law enforcement will be ordered to turn in their weapons. Remember, Amschel Rothschild stated, "Give me control of a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws".

I can give you a quadrillion reasons why this can't be turned around but the simplest answer are the words of Jesus, "The love of money is the root of all evil"! (1 Timothy 6:10) These globalists want it all and are even starting to turn on themselves, as they all want to be top dog! IT'S ALL ABOUT CONTROL. So what are you going to do with this information?



































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