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In Romans 8 we are told that:  7  the carnal mind is enmity against Jah: for it is not subject to the law of Jah, neither indeed can be.


What is this "carnal mind?"


Where did it come from?


Who is functioning in it?


And, what is the result???


We are told in 1st John 5 that "the whole world lieth in wickedness."  Is that THE TRUTH???  If so, then what kind of world are we living in???  And, how did this come to be so???  Why is the whole world operating in WICKEDNESS???  And, do you see it that way???  If not, then WHY NOT???


Do you really still think that voting can change what is happening to this nation???  If so, then you do not comprehend with understanding what the Bible has to say .  Oh, you may read it, but do you really understand what it says???  Do you know that you must seek Jah to have your understanding opened???  And, without that, there is no way to correctly perceive what is really going on, and going on in the Light of Scripture???


In John 1, we are told that Christ IS the Word.  How can we say in truth that we KNOW Him, if we do not know The Word?  And, how can we know The Word if we do NOT UNDERSTAND IT???


Let me explain a few matters to you, and see if I can help you to come into some understanding that maybe up to this point in your life have not understood, let alone known about.  Yes, you may have read the scriptures of which I will mention, but have you really let them sink in, and then related them to what is going on all around us???  Have you fitted them together in context with the WHOLE Word of Jah???


We are told in 1st John 5 that "the whole world lieth in wickedness."  Is that THE TRUTH???  If so, then what kind of world are we living in???  And, how did this come to be so???  Why is the whole world operating in WICKEDNESS???

In Romans 8 we are told that  7  . . .  the carnal mind is enmity against Jah: for it is not subject to the law of Jah, neither indeed can be.

This word "ENMITY" means to be in opposition, hostile to and therefore at WAR WITH JAH and HIS ways.  Are you hearing me?  Anyone walking in the carnal mind is against, AT WAR WITH JAH, and it is IMPOSSIBLE for such to act or think in ANY OTHER WAY!!!  Why is this so???  How did this become an irrefutable fact???

To obtain a correct understanding, we must go back to the beginning, and see what took place in the Garden of Eden, and the horrendous result.  There is no way to view what is going on all around us correctly without that understanding, and having it so pronounced in our mind, that we cannot view ANYTHING going on in this earth and its people without seeing that result in full swing.  A result that is so blatant and prevalent that anyone should be able to see it if they knew NOTHING of what the Word has to say.  But alas, it cannot be seen through the eyes of the carnal mind, for it cannot see what is ever so clear to those who have had the "eyes of their understanding enlightened." (Eph 1)

There is no way to give a thorough teaching on this vital subject in one short article, but I will do my best to give enough so that a person can at least begin to put the rest of the Word in context with what I shall set forth.  Not only will this verify why such wickedness is taking place today, but in reality, validates the entire Word as not only being truth, BUT THE ONLY TRUTH!!!  There is no other explanation for what is happening!!!

In Genesis 2 we read some very important verses, which contain revelation, understanding, that is paramount for one to know.  Most just read over these verses without ever stopping to consider what is being said in them.

8And the Eternal Supreme Magistrate planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. 9And out of the ground made the Eternal Supreme Magistrate to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

 16And the Eternal Supreme Magistrate commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: 17But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.

Here we read something that the Creator of us all had to say.  Don't you suppose that maybe we should ALL LISTEN UP?!!!  We are to live our lives by EVERY WORD that proceeds from the mouth of Jah, right?  (Mat 4:4)

The question is, what are these two trees, and how are they relevant to us in this day?!  I will give some explanation, but in no way can I do a thorough confirming with just this one article.

One tree is a "tree of life," and the other a "tree of death."

The "tree of life" is THE WORD OF JAH, and the Word of Jah IS CHRIST, the living word.  Therefore, this tree of life is Christ and HIS NATURE!!!  He is to be our NEW NATURE, our NEW MAN, being a new creation in Him.  We are to put off the old nature, which is the one inherited from the fall of Adam and Eve, who obtained that fallen nature by eating of the "Tree of Death," and put on Christ the "new man."  This "putting off" is NOT an immediate and full change when we come to Christ, but is a life long process through the redemptive work of the cross.  It is our duty to find out where this fallen mind is still functioning in our thinking.  The more we are one with the world, the more it functions.  The more we are functioning, thinking in Christ, the more we are one with Jah, and the less we are one with the world.

What is the "tree of death?"  It is that which proclaims it can be as "God," and from out of its own knowledge, decide for itself what is good to do, and what is evil.  What is right and wrong.  Instead of going by every word that proceeds from the mouth of Jah, this fallen mind decides for itself what is righteous, and what is "sin."  What is right to do, and what would be wrong.  People in this fallen mind inevitably end up by calling good evil, and evil good, just as the scripture says they will, and in this process, bring the judgment of death upon themselves.  There is no other result possible.

Listen to the politicians that are running for President.  Do any of them espouse that we must repent and return to the Living Word, the Tree of Life, the ways of Jah, to straighten out this nation???  

NO  NOT ONE!!!  

Why not?  Because they are functioning in the fallen tree of death nature, the CARNAL MIND which is hostile to Jah, and those ways!!!  In that, they proudly speak from their own knowledge of good and evil, and proclaim they have the answer for this nation from out of that despicable knowledge with each one disagreeing with the other while proclaiming their "knowledge" is better than all the others.  Then people listen with their own fallen thinking, and decide which one of these fallen minded thinkers is the one they should vote for.

Are you hearing me???

The WHOLE WORLD lieth in wickedness, and this is why.  Every person on this entire planet is born functioning in this fallen carnal mind ( including you and me), which puts such in league with Satan and his purpose on this earth.  Only those who are submitting to and experiencing the redemption of Christ through the cross can come out of this dreadful position.   

Our nations leaders are ALL functioning IN THIS FALLEN tree of death mind!!!  This is what is CURSING OUR NATION UNTO DEATH!!!  And, YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR ONE OF THEM???  Which mind would that put you in league with before Jah???

The entire world is eating of the Tree of Death, and working works OF THAT TREE.  If Jah did not cut the days short, that eating would bring death, destruction to the ENTIRE PLANET.  There is NO OTHER RESULT that can be had by such eating.  Any knowledgeable person could see that we are rushing toward that destruction.  It is the very reason that Satan cannot win, and ends up in a wrath that causes Him to try and DESTROY EVERYTHING and everyone.  He is full of death, and all he can bring forth is death down upon his own head.

Let me reiterate:

The Tree of Death is the very nature of Satan, and is what we are born with since the fall of Adam and Eve.

The Tree of Life is the very nature of Jah in our Messiah, the Living Word.

We MUST UNDERSTAND that these "Two Trees" ARE AT WAR with each other, and that war materializes on this earth THROUGH PEOPLE.  Each side is made up of people who eat of each tree.  The ones eating of the Tree of Death ARE DECEIVED, and because the are deceived, realize it NOT.  Through the pride of the fallen ego, they are most self-assured that they are right, and it is the "other guy" that is wrong.  In being deceived, they judge the ones eating of the Tree of Life as the "evil ones", as they call evil good and good evil.  There is a strong move behind the scenes right now that says the only real detriment to world peace is Christ and Christians, and that we will not have peace until these are wiped off of the face of the earth.

I again ask, ARE YOU HEARING ME???  This fallen carnal mind, inherited from the fall of Adam and Eve, is "enmity," hostile to and at war with Christ the Living Word, and is why there is such an onslaught against everything of Him, and every Word in the Bible.  

This is easily seen just with what is happening with the homosexuals.  Where it was thought in my younger days this was evil because it was against the word of Jah, the "falling away from the truth" has become so blatant that anyone who speaks against such activity in this day is immediately labeled EVIL!!  Most ministers do not dare to so speak, for it could jeopardize their position before the people, and put them in grave danger with the government.

The scriptures tell us that in this day, the people will wax worse and worse, and that is exactly what is happening, and the speed of such is increasing.  

Adam and Eve left off with being under the headship of the Tree of Life, and fell under the headship of the Serpents Tree of Death.  One is the Nature of Christ, and the other is the Nature of SATAN.  And now, the WHOLE EARTH lies under Satan's headship, and is why the whole world lieth in wickedness, and that is why it is ever so true that  "darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the people."  Everyone, without the work of redemption going on in them, is functioning on this earth in the very NATURE OF SATAN, for they are ALL functioning in the Tree of Death carnal mind, and that my friends is very easy to see once your eyes are opened to what that nature is.

The Serpent, by the right given to Him in Jah's Word, is ruling this earth, and is deceiving, deluding all that will listen to him, and ANYONE eating of the Tree of Death WILL listen!!!

The World Creates From The Tree of Death

 The "Tree of our own knowledge of good and evil", creates in OPPOSITION to Jah, and contradicts EVERYTHING He desires for us.  The Tree of Death is full of the total contradiction of The Tree of Life.  This is the very foundation of our problem, and why this nation is going in the direction it is with NO STOPS along the way.

How many sermons have you heard concerning the first three chapters of Genesis? There isn't one in a million that understands these chapters even a little bit, let alone have deep insight into them. Yet these chapters are the very foundation of all Truth . The rest of the Word unfolds from, and is built upon, these chapters. Without this in-depth understanding, it is no wonder that we have so many crooked foundations of understanding, and so many conflicting beliefs built upon these crooked foundations right in what we call "Christianity".

Because most do not have the correct understanding of these three chapters, it is not surprising that most do not know the purpose of Jah on this earth; what the mandate of Adam was; what the "restoration of all things" is that all the Holy Prophets wrote about and longed to see; what the two trees, the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Death, have to do with us today. No wonder the church has become a weak sister with little or no affect upon the world. Oh, how that is going to change! There will be Overcomers that will overcome Satan, his deceptions . . . AND . . . his tree of DEATH!!!

So, I ask with all of this in mind, what kind of nation are we living in???  A "Christian Nation", or one that is in league with Satan to bring forth the prophesied anti-Christ New World Order???  The answer lies in which mind our leaders are functioning in.  If the "carnal mind," then by the Word of Jah, and NOT by what our own mind says, or wants to believe, they are AGAINST JAH AND HIS WAYS, and unless they would repent and submit to the works of the cross, CANNOT THINK OR ACT IN ANY OTHER WAY!!!


It is time that we WOKE UP and realized we are living in a FALLEN WORLD that is not a nice place to live, but one that is AGAINST JAH AND HIS WAYS, and that is the very reason there is so much pain and misery everywhere. 

For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.   (Ro 8:6)

 Ignore this truth concerning which mind we run our life by is to do so at our own peril.


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