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I feel it necessary to keep people informed of what is taking place, for we are in a very serious day.  However, that is NOT my main intent for having a web site.  The purpose of my web site is clearly stated in: 




"Briefly, it has been developed to produce Overcomers, and to be of benefit to them in their difficult walk that is taking them to this key calling.  Most that have been called to this crucial position do not realize what is happening to them, or why.  May Jah use what is written in these articles to bring them peace, and to help enlighten their way."

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There is a growing ground swell against Obama.  Is he really the problem???  Oh, he is a problem and probably the  most wicked and inept President we have ever had.  But is he THE REAL PROBLEM???

NO!!!  He is not the real problem!!!  If you are only looking for a politician to blame, then you are looking in the wrong place, and missing what is really going on.  The problem is far more vast and serious than this one pride filled arrogant individual.  So, what is the problem???

If you do not understand that EVERYTHING originates in the spirit realm, and then manifests on this earth, you are being deceived, and certainly not seeing things that are happening correctly.  

We are witnessing the prophesied New World Order coming to pass before our very eyes, and that is being orchestrated from the spirit realm BY SATAN.  The politicians are nothing more than pawns in his futile attempt to rule the earth with a tight fisted hand through his two counterfeit witnesses, that is, the False Prophet and the anti-Christ.

We are told in 1st Cor. 4 that he is the "god of this world," and is blinding the whole earth to what he is really doing.  We are told in Isa 60:2, that "darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people."  In Rev 12, we are told that he is the deceiver of THE WHOLE EARTH!!!

Anyone who thinks that this is NOT affecting them, IS BEING BLINDED BY THAT DECEPTION, and does not realize that they are living on a planet that is FULL OF DECEPTION and covered by blinding darkness!!!  The only safe place is to realize this, and seek Jah for the truth, and then be willing to walk into the light to find out what we are believing that is of Satan, and which is truly of Jah.  This is NOT an easy road, and I can tell you for a fact, your ego will go to the cross many times in coming out of all the deception that prevails over the earth in this day.

If you think because you are a professing Christian that this cannot happen to you, THINK AGAIN!!!  You certainly have not read your Bible, nor have you listened to what Christ Himself had to say.  Nor have you discovered just how much we are all being deceived.  In Mat 24, He said that MOST  of the ministers preaching Christ in this day would be deceivers, and MOST of the people would be deceived by them!!!  That we should take heed TO OURSELVES so that no man would deceive us.  How many are really understanding this, and taking heed???  And, that many false prophets would arise and deceive many in this day.

Avoiding deception, being deceived by the deceivers is NO SMALL MATTER!!!  It takes diligent study of the Word to find ourselves approved.  That does not come by just listening to some self proclaimed expert in a pulpit.

Christ also warned us for good reason in Luke 21.....

36Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

That sounds quite serious to me.  How many are praying this at all, let alone, ALL THE TIME???  I have to ask even as I have asked myself, "What happens if you don't???"

People that are spending more time in studying the actions of Politicians who are sworn to serve the Edomites than in seeking Jah and the study of His Word to understand HIS PLAN, are in trouble, and I mean BIG TIME!!!

We are told in Eph 6.............

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

This is very clear.  We are NOT wrestling against people, politicians, but the rulers of this earth from the spirit realm, where all instructions, all directions against Jah and everything Holy, is coming from.  And, that massive hierarchy of rulers is almost too much for us to comprehend.  Neither do we understand how men on this earth could actually be worshipping these rulers, and seeking SATAN for his instructions, even as we are to do with Jah.

People, we are NOT being moved toward socialism, nor Communism, but to the prophesied END TIME ANTI-CHRIST BEAST SYSTEM, known today as THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

EVERY President has moved us in that direction, even as they are instructed to do by the Edomites (worshippers of Satan Rev 2;9 &3:9) that rule over them.  It doesn't matter whether they are Republicans or Democrats, they have and are, leading us down the same path to that ultimate goal.

So, does voting do no good???  It may frustrate, even delay, the plans of the Illuminist Edomites, but IT WILL NOT STOP THEM!!!  Voting is spending time in the wrong realm, and looking to the wrong jurisdiction for a solution!  No man, no woman, will stop what is happening!!!

There is only ONE WAY that this Satanic activity can be stopped, and that is by Jah concerning the Overcomers of Rev. 12.  THERE IS NO OTHER WAY, for this IS the plan of Jah, and ONLY BY HIM can it be defeated!!

So, what is the plan of Jah to defeat this "deceiver of the whole earth???"

Rev 12 is one of the most important chapters in the Bible, and verse 11 is an extremely revealing scripture when it is understood correctly and can be seen in its relation to the rest of scripture, beginning with Genesis chapter one.

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."

The teaching on this one verse is EXTENSIVE, and in reality, is what my entire web site concerns.  Since I cover it thoroughly there, I will not go into it here.  Just know that this is THE ONLY WAY that Satan, and his entire Kingdom of Darkness can be defeated!!!  All other efforts are nothing more than lessons of futility!!!  No voting, no politician, no movement such as "The Tea Party" will get it done!!!  That is only dealing with a symptom, and certainly NOT THE ROOT OF  THE INCESSANT SICKNESS that presides over the entire planet!!!







































































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