The Warning of The End Times

A Key Editorial for The Overcoming of The Devourer


Concerning Law and Grace

By Darlene Dine  



What is law?  What is grace?  Do they oppose or compliment one another?  How are they to be applied to our lives as believers?  What are common misconceptions about the two?  What about dispensationalism?  How has the world been framed by Yahweh’s word?  Love is the fulfillment of all the Torah and the prophets, how does this apply to us?  How does the transfiguration of Yahshuah witness to us of “law and grace?”


This teaching will answer these questions and I am sure inspire many more!  I am convinced that the perverting of these truths has brought the greatest amount of sin to the body.  It has caused many doctrines to be built on faulty foundations.  The perversion has been Jezebel’s fortress of LIES and compromise creating many of the false religions of today.  Understanding these foundational truths is CRITICAL to the coming times!


This is not a simple subject to teach.  Do not expect to breeze through it in fifteen minutes and be awakened!  We must discipline ourselves to study and allow these things to be firmly planted and deeply rooted in our spirits.  This is how we build up the inner man so that when the lies present themselves, we won’t be deceived!  This is a time to GET OUR BIBLES OUT!  Follow the scriptures.  Let the sower sow the word so that it may reap a harvest of fruit unto YHVH!  The sower is the Holy Spirit who guides us into all truth.


This could be the single most important thing you learn and cause all other revelations to be built upon the rock!  With the end times fast approaching, we must understand Yahweh’s purposes.  A greater understanding of the restoring of the two houses as prophesied by Ezekiel is NEEDED.  I will not spend time on this subject in detail, but recommend the materials I have listed at the end.  This subject (two house) will be mentioned frequently.  It is impossible for me to explain all of this in ONE teaching!


Let us begin with prayer;


Yahweh, we know that we can see nothing without your light illuminating it.  We know that we have fallen prey to many false beliefs that have colored the way we see things in your word.  We need your Spirit to reveal what has been hidden from our eyes.  We humble ourselves to receive as little children.  We are lovers of the truth and desire it in our inward parts.  Let it take root and grow as a tree by the rivers of water, bringing forth fruit in its season.  To you Yahweh is all the glory for what your marvelous hands have done in your plan of salvation!  Open our eyes and hearts to see IT!  Amen!

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  We have two types of errors taking place concerning this subject.  It is the "swinging of the pendulum" from one extreme position to the other.  One is, the "Law" was done away with.  The other concerns trying to do the works of the Law for righteousness.  Both positions are totally opposite of each other, and they are BOTH WRONG!!!


Whenever I see a group preaching / following the Torah, I look for the "Preaching of The Cross", for without this, they will be following the Law by their own works, and miss the being redeemed into righteousness altogether.  It WILL NOT WORK, for it never has.  The "Righteousness of The Law", (Jah's precepts and instructions for our BENEFIT), must be WORKED INTO US by His dealings with us through the redemptive work of the Cross and the Blood from that Cross which cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness.  Grace is provided to those who so walk with Jahshuwah, and that "grace" says that Jahshuwah stands in our place before Jah while this work is being done in us. If we by-pass this work, and try to do the "works of the Law" by our own hands, we will find ourselves in futility.  Anyone who teaches people in such a manner, are leading people into that futility.  This is what Paul explained quite well, and yet people just do not get it.  (Maybe not even Peter.)


When I am introduced to a ministry for the first time, I first of all check to see what is their treatment of the Law.  Then I check to see if they understand the Plan of Jah that is to come to pass in this day.  If these are out of kilter, I then walk away, for they will be flavored with some kind of error.  In most cases, GROSS ERROR.


Darlene does an EXCELLENT WORK in giving us the CORRECT PLACE of the Torah in our lives.  Anyone who listens to Jah as they read will be brought into this position.  I am publishing this exegesis with joy, for it will do a work in MANY.












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