The Warning of The End Times


Overcomers Faith and its purpose


Created to Create Jah's Kingdom

The following is a revelation of a mystery that MUST BE learned by the Sons of Jah to manifest the Kingdom of Jah.  To come into its perfection, they will have to overcome the "Devourer" who will try to DESTROY them before they can be caught over into the absolute Authority of Jahshuah.  This is a WAR ZONE that few have any inkling regarding its severity, or the seriousness of Satan.

Let me quote once again what Isaiah writes for Jah in 51:16 . . .

"And I have put MY WORDS in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant (establish) the (new) heavens, and lay the foundations of the (new) earth, and SAY UNTO ZION, thou art my people."

Without the understanding of the following, this COULD NOT BE DONE!  In its understanding, IT WILL BE DONE!!!

You are about to receive eye opening Truth.  Truth that will bring an aspect of your life into a perspective which you have been mostly unaware, yet operating in you every day of your life.  Get this one in the fore front of your thinking, and you will take every thought that you are thinking, and every action that you are taking, into a much more serious consideration, for this is what has brought forth the results in your life which you are presently experiencing. 

All of creation was created after the Creator, and therefore created to create.  Everything that we see came forth in programmed creative patterns that caused more to be created from what was already created into existence.  Every molecule has been spun from out of the beginning of creation.  Each arrival of a specific phase of creation was programmed to produce, and by that producing, advance into what we see today, whether in the heavens, or just on this earth.  Jah is a creator who creates to produce, and in that everything is created with a program that also produces. 

Science has thoroughly proven the beginning point from which all creation began, and from that beginning, kept creating more of creation.  They mix it all up with their theories and pet ideologies, but the Truth of creation will stand clear of the lies, and reveal itself in spite of the confusion of men. 

All of creation was created to create, and in being created, created that which would continue to create even more than what already existed.  This is proven by the fact that we are living in an expanding universe. 

For those who demand a religious view point of creation, go back and read the Bible’s cryptic version of creation.  There it is we are told that Jah encoded both the seas, as well as the earth, with a creative program to bring forth certain aspects of life forms.  Science has proven that each of those life forms did indeed come forth from either the sea, or the land, as Jah so commanded.  If you want to refute what I am saying here, I can only tell you that you are robbing yourself of seeing Truth, and condemning the very book that you call the “Word of Jah”.  Remember, to see Truth, we must put off our built in rebellion to it, receive the Love for Truth, and in that receiving, break through the lies that have been imposed upon our minds.  These “lying illusions” have contaminated our minds with presupposed thought patterns that want to deny our entrance into the Truth.  We must identify the weeds, and get rid of them so that the flowers can grow.  It is IMPERATIVE to see that Jah created everything to create, to produce and reproduce from itself, and that includes WE OURSELVES!!!  Without understanding this you will NEVER understand YOUR LIFE, or why things happen as they do!!!   

The foundational proof of this axiom is validated by the actuality that ALL living things were created after the same pattern, and therefore have the needful ability to procreate.  All living things procreate because the Creator in BEING a creator could not create us, or even creation itself, to be anything less than one who ALSO creates. 

Procreation is the foundation of our creative ability, and that creative ability unfolds through our net work of grids from this presence.

In being created, we were given creative abilities to create with, but do not realize they are abilities that do create.  For our psyches to be fulfilled, we must create that for which we were created to create.  Because we are forever creating in error, or creating in a realm in which we do not belong, we are greatly confused and unfulfilled.  By reason of our blindness to the cause of what is happening, we cannot figure out why things have happened as they have, for we have no idea as to what extent we are creator’s who are creating results for ourselves every day of our life! 

ALL occupations can only be accomplished through our creative ability, and every endeavor in which we involve ourselves involves this creativity.  This is easily seen in the realm of the artistic, or entertainment industry.  The creative mind is used by an artist to create a picture.  A song writer a song.  A movie producer a movie.  We somehow think these people are the only one’s who have creative talent.  This is not so.  We all do, but it is not as readily recognized.

Manufacturers create a product, then a sales promotion, a sales force, and then actual sales.  Each creation brings forth another.  A speaker creates a speech.  A house is created by an owner, architect, and a contractor.  The craftsman, each in their particular trade, use their abilities to bring this creation into being.  A car manufacturer creates a car, then mechanics create service and repair to keep this creation running as it should.  An accountant creates a financial structure.  Teachers create educated children.  Farmers food for us to eat. 

Think about your own life, and bring into perspective how you yourself are using this creative ability in your occupation.  It is ever present in us all, but we have not recognized what we were doing.  We are ALL creator’s, and this knowledge IS VITAL TO UNDERSTAND!!!   

Once we see this, then it is important to find out that we need each other’s creative ability functioning as it should to find a peaceful kingdom in which to live.  If we are creating incorrectly, we will cause a troubled climate.  If correctly then an atmosphere of joy.  The drawn out proof is the criminal who thinks to create a crime.  The further off our thinking is, the further off will be that which we create.  We do not need a social structure of people that are so full of confusion, and chaos created by hatreds, frustrations, jealousies and envies, unforgivenesses, and such self centered users of others, that all they can possibly create is the same confusion and chaos that is in them.  We need all occupations functioning around us, but in harmony one with the other. A realm of Light, free of all the corrupting contaminates which cause our creative abilities to clash with each other’s.  In such clashing, we can only create the darkness of chaotic division. 

Until we each recognize the contaminates that lie within ourselves, we are going to continue suffering everything that people are suffering, and ourselves cause suffering.  In being contaminated with falleness, we are going to create contaminated environments.  It is irrefutable cause and effect in undeniable energetic motion. 

We all enjoy a great singer who has developed the voice with which they were created.  When we hear such a singer, we only marvel at the singer, and not everyone else involved with the performance.  We hear the musicians as a whole, but not each musician that makes up the sound which we are hearing.  The individual talents get lost, not recognized, and only that which is featured is seen.  We must learn to appreciate everyone’s role, for without that role something vital would be missing. 

Let me give you an example.  We look at a janitor as some lower life form than say a great singer.  (I use this for I once was one, and DID ENJOY being one, for it fulfilled in me the ability to create for others an environment of order for their enjoyment.) 

The janitor is one who creates a clean environment for us to enjoy while we are working.  Where is the singer most enjoyed, and what type of environment do we most enjoy to work in?  In a filthy auditorium, or one that shines.  In a work place that is dirt free, or full of dust, cobwebs, trash and clutter?  There is nothing better than a janitor who has learned how to use his ability to create a clean orderly environment, yet we never let the appreciation of such enter into our mind’s.  It is time for us to wake up to everyone’s creative value, and give honor and respect to that person in whatever their creative talent may afford unto us.   

In our being creators, we reap from what we sow.  If we sow seeds of weeds, then we will get weeds.  If we sow seeds of flowers, then we will get flowers.  We cannot get flowers from weed seed, nor can we get weeds from the flower seed.  If we have corruption within, we are going to sow corruption.  A person corrupted by the criminal mind is going to create crime.  If a person has frustrations, insecurities, confusions, chaos and strife within themselves, then they are going to produce what they are and sow those weed seeds in their life, and in their social structure of relationships.  When we have debt and misery in our life, it is because WE OURSELVES are largely responsible for their creation.  Yes, things are complicated by others, but if we were walking in Truth, we would have been seeing as we should, and not have allowed those complications created by others to have entered our life. 

All of our creating begins with an ENVISIONING.  We see something in our mind, think about it, talk about it, and then bring it into being by acting on what we thought and talked about.  It is true of everything we do, even if it is only creating a vacation, or an evening of entertainment for ourselves.  ALL planning is the creative mind in energized motion.  We ARE CREATOR’S, and are using this creative ability everyday of our lives, and our lives are a result of what we created!!!  The troubles that come from what we have created are caused by the contamination in our creative mechanism.  The Light is now shining to show the pathway out of these contamination’s.

In being delivered from the toxins in our mechanism, our computer will behave as it should, and our fulfilling desires will come forth in their creation just as naturally as did the troubles.  The seed of our genetic code of who and what we really are lies within.  Set that program free, and it will create the life on this planet we all desire.  Let your veil be rent by the entrance of Truth, and you are on the journey to set that encoded program loose in your life.   

Once this understanding is opened to us, we can identify a great mistake that we are all making.  In some ways, we are erroneously playing the role of a god.  We ignorantly use our creative mind to control others to our own will.  It is not for us to Envision others as WE want them to be.  We can Envision our own life into being, but we are operating in error when we try to rule others through this ability to fulfill OUR WILL for their lives.  Each person MUST be given the LIBERTY to become what they were created to be without our interference.  As we give Liberty, we will reap Liberty.  Instead of trying to be someone’s god, and create them in the image we have contrived for them to become, we need to encourage their becoming what they were created to become.  Their genetic structural code has in its seed that for which they were created.  It is not for us to squash that seed, but to water it with encouraging, edifying words that will cause that seed to germinate, and grow into a luscious fruit bearing plant.

The closer the relationship, the more we try to play God.  Parents want to create the child in their image of what they should be.  Just because a man is a doctor, a great athlete, a singer, or whatever, does not mean that the child should also be one, or considered a failure if he does not do so.  The child is a result of the genetic seed lines of BOTH parents, and not just from we ourselves alone.  This has produced the life of the genetic seed that is within them.  We will see our traits in them, but they may be “called” to do something entirely different from what we are doing.  It is our role as parents to nurture our children into becoming what they were created to be, and not be what we want them to become.

Neither is the man to re-create his wife into his image of what he wants her to be, nor vice versa with the wife toward the husband.  We must give LIBERTY to everyone to become what they were designed to become, and then promote that seed in us all of who we really are to grow. 

Everything you are reading is leading up to  later publishing's which deal with the marital relationship.  By that time, you will see that every bit of the chaos in this world is a result of the chaos in our marriages.  In this relationship coming to perfection (the full redemption unto the Adam & Eve relationship before the fall), we then can create perfection in our environment.  Create chaos in our marriage, and we will create chaos everywhere we go, and be blind to the fact that we ourselves are even creating chaos.

  We can either create a beautiful fulfilling marriage, or create a disastrous traumatic divorce.  We can create beautiful fulfilled children, or DAMAGED GOODS!!!  All of our relationships are being created into a fulfilling unity of life, or into chaos and strife which destroys unto death.   

The enemies of life come against us all to cause division between us.  They come to rob, kill, and destroy, to crush us with condemning thoughts produced by words of others.  To crush us into a captivity to mental patterns produced by those attacks which are brought upon us to induce us to think less of ourselves than what we are in Truth.  The sadness of this is that these attacks have come by the words and actions of those closest to us.  Worse than that, we have ourselves ignorantly done the same to others.  These unconscionable sociopathic acts of ignorance are destroying us all, and giving the enemies of life and life more abundantly, their victory over us.  This leaves us in captivity to the unenlightened darkness of ignorance, and it is where they work hard to keep us. This MUST COME TO AN END, and brought to that end by the entrance of the Light of Truth that destroys these divisive works by the renting of our veil of such contamination’s. 

We shall learn how to arrest these invaders, these intruding trespassers who would make victims of us all, and kick them out of our lives with a militant fervor.

A person who cannot lend themselves to encourage to the edification of others cannot do so because of the insecurities of a fragile ego.  Instead of walking in Love that esteems the other above themselves, the insecure must esteem themselves better than all others to try and convince themselves of their own supposed lying illusion of grandeur.  In this fallen mind set, only slanderous condemnation can come forth from the mouth, and NEVER words that encourage.  By the mouth the heart is exposed, and the one who constantly condemns is revealing his own debilitating insecurity filled with jealousies, and envy.  A mouth that speaks slanderous derision is revealing the misery present in their own heart.  It matters not how successful they may appear to be, they are NOT a fulfilled individual, and can NEVER BE FULFILLED with this contamination working in them.  Neither then can they produce an environment which fulfills anyone else.  They can only create a realm of bondage for anyone in their surroundings, for their words are putting forth stifling energy on anyone whom they so condemn.

NOTE:    Men have plenty to straighten out, so do not think this next statement is meant to blind side women.  I love them all, and think they are the most marvelous creature of creation.  This is only said to their help, for many women are rightfully grieved with men.  Women are excessively guilty in their thoughts and words toward condemnation of men.  I can’t really blame you, but ladies, you are setting forth energy that is BLOCKING THEM from becoming the men they should be.  If you are wanting your man to change, then DO NOT speak forth that which holds him in the very bondage from which you want to see him delivered.  You are being your OWN WORST ENEMY, and insuring that he will remain as he has been.  Water his flowers whenever you see them, instead of the weeds!  Take heed men.  What is good for the goose, is also good advice for the gander.

The further we go into Truth, the less this will be TRUE ABOUT OURSELVES, and the less it is True about ourselves, the less we will tolerate such an unrepentive individual in our midst, for they are lending themselves to do the works of the enemy, and it is the enemies of life that we are to KICK OUT of our own realm!!!  In our own coming out, there will be times when after we have exercised patience born from Love and Forgiveness to no avail, we will have to leave them behind, as we must of necessity withdraw from that which is a hindrance to our own growth in creating fulfilled harmony.   In the days ahead, this activity will become known as the "coming out unto Zion".  



If we are in the right occupation, we will feel fulfilled through our creative talent being properly loosed.  Few are feeling this fulfillment.

Between the induced blindness as to who we are, and financial pressures, we often find ourselves in an occupation that does little to satisfy.  This is quite prevalent in the realm in which we are presently residing.  A new realm is about to be opened unto us, that is, The Kingdom of Jah.  Our current position may use latent aptitudes, or even be a parallel to what we should be actually doing, but inside we know that we are not in the right place.  We are held in this position by circumstances, and those circumstances have caused us to feel that we are in a bondage, and that bondage frustrates the life out of us.  For those who are familiar with the story, this can be likened to the captivity of Israel in Egypt.  Instead of becoming our genetically inspired desire, we become what we have to become to survive.  Earning a living just to survive is a bondage, and is certainly NOT the Liberty of Living

There are those who are “wandering in the wilderness”, and even in late stages of life are still wondering what they should be when they grow up.  They may have found a “provision” to financially survive with, but it does not come close to satisfying the individual.

Some find their “calling”, but not the right environment in which to operate.  They in some way feel held back, and kept from functioning as they desire to function.

We are entering the “Time of Jubilee” when the “River Jordan” was to be opened to enter the Kingdom of Jah, and all those that will come into the Truth will be brought into their office in life which will properly use all of their abilities, and creative talents to the fullest.  Then we shall produce what we were designed to produce, and do the producing in the environment of Liberty.  If you have not felt satisfied with your occupation, take heart.  Everything you have done thus far has been preparing you for this day.  It has not been a waste of time.  Keep going even where you are while learning all that you can knowing this new day is dawning.   

The world operates in the realm of lies, and illusions created from those lies.  We can see this by the results it is producing.  Where there is bondage, or misery, there are lies.  In order to stop those results coming into our life, we must stop participating with those lies.

Some may wonder if it is true that the corrupt world creates from Lies and Illusions.  I will give you just a couple of examples. 

In order to get elected, politicians create illusions about their intents to seduce the voters into voting for them.  The candidate that creates the most salable seductive illusion wins.  Then instead of telling the electorate the truth of what is really going on in fear they will be rejected, they create illusions the constituents will gullibly accept.  When the elected never fulfill their promises, no one seems to notice, as they are still believing the illusion. 

Advertising agencies create a seductive illusion about a product.  They only have in mind to create sales, and Truth has no merit in their plans.  When we buy the product, and it is not as advertised, we become disgruntled, but we do not know why we were seduced into the buying.  This is why.  We have been seduced by lying illusions.  

It would take a book to explain the following, but nevertheless true.  Our whole monetary system is built on illusion that has put everyone in a monetary bondage, for it could not produce true liberty.  Anyone who believes they are in financial liberty is believing the illusion.  Its expose would cause calamity, and is why it is forever on the verge of collapse. 

The fallen world IS BASED UPON LIES, and the more you come into this Light, the more it will be seen!!!  World events are coming about in a whole different manner than what we are being deceived into believing.  Come out of their created illusions, and you will see what is really coming to pass on the earth.  It is not a pretty sight.

The more we come into Truth, the more we will come out of not only the illusions of the world, but of the imposed illusions about ourselves, whether they be visions of grandeur, or visions of being a failure, or anything in between. 

The more we come into Truth, the more our encoded mechanism will be cleansed and set free through that cleansing.  The more the illusions are destroyed, the clearer we become about our designed occupational purpose, and where that occupation can work in its creative Liberty.   


We have now come to the crux of this subject.  What makes us creative beings?  NOTHING!!!  We already ARE creative beings.  Jah IS a creator, and we were created IN HIS IMAGE (likeness).  We are using that creativity EVERY DAY of our lives, whether we realize it or not!!!           

There are very real unseen natural forces that we ourselves loose, but have no idea of this action, or of its constancy.  By forces, I mean tangible elements that have substance in the unseen realm.

The more powerful forces in nature cannot be seen.  Gravity has an effect that we can identify, but can you see it?  We can see and feel the effects of wind, but can we see the movement of the air currents themselves?  We can hear sound, but can we see the sound waves traveling across a specific space?

The same is true of ourselves.  We have built in antenna’s that are receiving data from others, and broadcasting to others from our thoughts created by our emotions.  This goes on every day all day long.  Everyone is emitting electrical currents that carry with them tangible elements of our personality.  Those elements carry GREAT CREATIVE POWER of cause and effect.

When someone is depressed, you cannot see the feeling being transmitted to you, but boy, can you feel it.  If we are not protected, that person’s depression can infiltrate our own being and suck us down into the same feelings of depression.  Their depression is a negative energy force creating a depressed environment.  There are people who actually LOVE this realm, for it is their self centered vehicle to draw people’s attention unto themselves, and their self pity.

It is the same with a person who is feeling joy.  Our antennas pick up the emotion of joy, and its creative effects raise us up.  One person is a black hole that sucks the Light from us, and another is a bright star that lights us up. 

Then there are those that go about stirring up strife, and that strife ignites the fallen ability in ourselves to create strife.  As much as we do not want any part of such activity, the creative powers have seduced us into the very thing we want to avoid.  When one, or both partners in a marriage act out this role, you have one brutal house of horrors.   

Our entire beings are made up of a cooperating group of net works which is our creative self.  It is not just some individual part of ourselves, but our WHOLE BEING that IS a creator, and that being IS creating with each facet of our being working in league with each other to form what we create.   The more contaminated we are, the more we will create contaminated environments.

Everything created is first of all created in the unseen realm of thought.  Those thoughts are being transmitted as a tangible creative element from our electrical brain into another dimension where all of creation began in the beginning, and continues to be the realm of creativity unto this day.  We are transmitting conceptual “pictures” from our thoughts developed from our emotions, and net work of grids.  This carries tangible substance into the sphere of creative conception.  That substance is programmed to gather unto itself energized creative seed that drives itself to being planted in our life.  It is especially so when we add fuel to the fire by speaking words inspired by those detrimental thoughts.  It will then just naturally conceive what it is, and birth forth in this natural domain in which we live.  “Kind can only beget the same Kind.” 

The creative forces have NO MIND of their own.  They do not make decisions as to whether or not they should act on what we have put into motion.  They are just as willing to bring forth evil to our lives as good, and have no conscience of what has been set loose to transpire.  A lion is a wild animal, and in attacking a man just does what is natural for him.  The creative energies just do what they do, and stand ready to be used by anyone who will use them, and will become what they have been programmed to become.  They stand willing, and MOST ABLE to serve. 

This picture that is bringing forth what it has conceived, is a product of what we Envision.  Not only about ourselves, but about others.  If we are believing this picture we have projected into the creative realm to be Truth, even when it may be a lie, we are going to also speak forth this picture by the use of words. These words have in fact been dictated to our tongue by those thoughts.  Then, and without question, this picture is going to either COME TO PASS, or else re-enforce what already exists!!!  There is NO WAY to stop this from happening!!!  If what we have Envisioned into the creative realm through our thoughts and words has corruption in it, the creative energy cares not, and just goes about manifesting into our realm of reality with that corrupting contamination.  If the creative energy has corruption in its conceptual seed, it will bring forth a disastrous conclusion to what we Envisioned.  It is a very real energized cause and effect set in motion by we ourselves. 

We must make a choice to either think and speak Truth or think and speak Lies, and in making the choice, recognize the ramifications of what we are setting in motion to an inevitable conclusion.  

What are we in Truth?    We are ALL a beautiful creation of perfection, but in a very distressing disguise.  Created with talents, abilities, aptitudes intelligence, and a wonderful personality which is hidden behind the "veil of the flesh".  Each of us are different, even as each snow flake differs from another.  Each of us has been created for a reason, and in each of us being different, created for a specific role.  A role in life that NO ONE ELSE could fulfill.  We are each one a special individual, created for a specific purpose.  ANYTHING which speaks against this IS A LIE, and is working hard to hold us in its captivity as prisoners of a war between Light and Darkness so that we will not become our intended perfection.  Not only must we see this for ourselves, but in our top priority of changing ourselves, SEE IT FOR OTHERS as well!!!  You see, our top priority is changing ourselves from being self centered, to being centered on the welfare of those around us.

The Truth of who we really are is within our genetic code, and therefore INTERNAL.  The lying illusion that refutes the Truth comes from without, and is EXTERNAL.  It is necessary to become ruled from within where Truth has entered our internal being, and reject the being ruled from without by the external construction of Lies.  Instead of speaking the Lies, we must let the rulership of Truth take over our tongue.  We are to stand with the flowers of Truth, and pull out the lying weeds.  It does take time for this to evolve into perfection, but the more we exercise ourselves to this, the more we will be taken over by the perfection that already exists in our genetic code. 

The being our own god wants to make us feel superior to all others.  When we don’t, then we get an inferiority complex.  Neither position is of value, and extremely detrimental, as it carries with it sure defeat of our person.  In trying to convince ourselves we are better than another, whether subliminally, or consciously, we are loosing a destructive force.  It is not only bad for the one we are trying to put down, but to we ourselves.  We will always run into someone we fear is better than ourselves, and this promotes to the crushing of our psyche.  It is altogether wrong ground.  We are all what we are, all necessary and valuable to a balanced life, and should be given the liberty to be what we were created to be.  It is not for us to decide who is better than who, for such a decision is nothing more than a conjured up illusion from its beginning.  We are to rejoice over what everyone is, and encourage the growth of every individual without any presence of malice or prejudice.  We certainly should NOT feel ANY threat to our own ego by the wonders of another, but simply enjoy them as a marvel of creation. 

Everyone has the basic need to be recognized as something special.  Do not do things to obtain that recognition.  Just be confident in being who and what you are without being held in the power of this need.  Give the deserved recognition unto others, and your own recognition will manifest in that giving.  You need not try and obtain it by your own works to to receive it.   

Many have taught on the powers of positive thinking.  This is not a new subject, but has been known for centuries.  There is a very sound reason for such teachings, but it has not been taught properly, for up to now, this power has not been properly understood.  The proof of this is validated in that it has not worked as advertised.  One such well known author of such teachings came to this discovery, and committed suicide.

In trying to think positively, what are we to think positively about to bring forth its success?  That someone is to be our mate when they were not intended to be our mate?  To succeed in a business we should never have gotten into?  To high jump eight foot when we are five foot nine, and a hundred eighty pounds?  Further yet, to commit a crime which should not be committed?  Trying to believe for something whose base is a total unreachable illusion is seeking a disillusioning disaster.  We must find the path to our rightful destiny, led by Truth.

People have applied the techniques of positive thinking to areas of life that had no chance of coming into being, or if they did succeed, they became totally dissatisfied with what they brought into being.  The power is very real, but misapplied, and therefore has not worked as people gullibly believed.

It has not worked because the teachers have not understood our contaminated net works which prevent the success we are trying to attain if we are in the right arena to begin with, or what would cleanse that net work so that it would function properly.  The more we are cleansed from lies into the Truth, the more our antenna’s will work properly, and the more we shall block out the power waves which either hinder us, or lead us away from where we belong.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to project correct “pictures” into the creative realm when we have this confused contamination within.   

We are all affected by the creative projections concerning ourselves from others, and we in turn are affecting all others.  Those spoken creative words are doing great damage to everyone’s psyche, whether they heard them or not.  Parents that constantly berate a child whether to their face, or behind their back, are damaging that child beyond recognition of that child’s real self.  Mental battering is FAR WORSE than any physical beating for it is far more powerful in its affecting the individual being mentally battered, and is full of the same murder in the heart that is in any murderer.  I am sorry folks, but it is time to wake up to such causes, and effects.  At the prompting of the “Accuser”, We are KILLING EACH OTHER!!!  Yes, it has been done in blind ignorance of what we were doing, but we have been doing it just the same, and it is now time to not only STOP this activity, but to take action that CORRECTS IT by the pulling out of these weeds, and certainly not by continuing to water them.

It is the entrance of Truth that rents this veil of contamination, and sets us free from these trauma’s that life has dumped upon we, the victims of such atrocities.  Again I say, the more we are cleansed, the more correct will be the “picture”, the Envisioning we will project into the celestial creative realm, and thus, the more complete life will become, and become so by no effort other than walking into the Truth to be cleansed.

It is not for us to work hard at thinking positively to get positive results.  The unchecked weeds will just continue to grow, and choke out the flowers we have worked so hard to nurture through trying to think positively.

We do NOT have to TRY HARD to be creator’s, for we already ARE creator’s.  It is as natural to us as breathing, for that is how we were created.  We are putting forth creative thoughts, and words from those thoughts, every day of our life whether they be flowers or weeds, with NO exercised effort whatsoever.  The “good fight of faith” is not spent in trying to believe.  We are already “believing”.  The fight is to CHANGE what we are believing from Lies to the Truth.

When this comprehension sinks in, we will then receive the incentive to walk into the light which exposes our deeds and whether they be virtuous, or virtueless.  Being enabled to so walk by our incensed desire to have our creative mechanism cleansed.  Being passive will get us no where. We MUST BECOME MILITANT in our approach to being changed. 

What we have suffered in the victimizing of ourselves reveals to us what others have suffered, and brings forth our compassion for them.  We need to come to the place where we are fed up with such damaging infliction’s and say with militancy, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!  This must stop!  Our own trials have come to open our minds to wanting a better way, and then in being so fed up with life in the kingdom of darkness, that we will pay any price to come out into the Light to escape that kingdom of debauchery. 

You are a creator, and the Truth is bringing you a deliverance into the purity necessary to create properly.  Our only real effort comes by defeating the rebellion to Truth that is in us all, and walk into the light that RENTS THE VEIL of falleness which holds us in bondage, and keeps our real self hidden. 

We are already functioning in every way necessary to create the life for which we long.  All we need is the cleansing of this mechanism, and then life itself will cleanse into the perfection designed for us from the beginning. 

This cleansing is a work of the Holy Spirit and cannot be accomplished by the efforts of the fallen individual.  The "Sons of Jah" will experience this that has been put forth on these pages in perfection FIRST.  As they develop into this state, they then will teach it to the Bride of Jahshuah, who shall "come out unto Zion" and prepare to meet Him at His coming.  

















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