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The Warning of The End Times


Sent 6-12-02

This is the 7th of a series of e-mails that is not only revealing what stage we are presently in as Overcomers, but to set the stage of where we are going.  If you have not read the first six, you might not get the correct perspective, or full impact of what is being said here.   If you would like to read those first, CLICK HERE.  

This subject, "Created In His Image", is a key to our entire walk with Jah.  Most are trying by their own works to create themselves into the Image of Jah, even while not realizing that this is what they are doing.  This is an IMPOSSIBLE TASK that can overwhelm a person.  We who teach do urge people into what we teach.  I do not say this is wrong, but if a person tries to do it all of themselves, they will find themselves carrying a load that cannot be carried.

It is not that we create ourselves, but to let the Creator of us all create us in His Image, or to say it in another way, to create His Image in us. When we get settled in the Truth of this matter, much peace will be obtained.  May this E-Mail message bring some peace to you.

My teaching is NOT for everyone, but those called to be a particular people in this end day.  It matters not to me what anyone who is not a part of this company has to say, for any such comment is one of a darkened mind that is convinced in its ego it is standing in blazing Light.  They have in fact been relegated to the "Strong Delusion", and its consequence.  It is in reality, nothing more than superfluous rhetoric from a sentenced mind.  What affect should such have upon us???  What is given in a RIGHT spirit to correct is one thing, condemnation from an ignorant mind consigned to the "Strong Delusion" is quite another.

Where we are not to ever let condemnation affect us, we must remain teachable.  When we cannot consider we might be wrong in a belief system, we are then being controlled by the fallen ego that secretly knows it cannot survive such an exposure.

It always amazes me how much the ignorant know, and how willing they are to make a donkey out of themselves with their knowledge born from ignorance.  The worst part of understanding this is finding out this is not just inherent in others, but in we ourselves also.  As we see it in others, we must see it in our own mirror, and determine to come out of this "know it all fallen ego" that is filled with pride of how great and knowledgeable it is.  Oh, how much it wants to exalt itself in the mind's of people.  It will ALWAYS presume that it knows more than the one they are writing.  Never try to correct someone until you understand what they do, and from what knowledge they have derived their understanding.  I can tell you by sad experience, that if we don't, we have a very humiliating Cross awaiting us.  That is, if we are willing to submit to it.

There is not a one of us who has not been guilty of making the same kind of dupe out of ourselves, and probably many times over.  So, I do not really point my finger, but just state what is fact for your own well being.  It is time we learned how to handle condemnation so that it has NO AFFECT upon us, not even in being hurt, resentful, bitter, or angry, for we have been as guilty as they.  He who is without guilt toss the first stone.  

If you think you have suffered persecution up to this point, BRACE YOURSELF.  You have not seen anything yet.  Jezebel is out to destroy the people of Jah, and she will use her dutiful souls to try and do just that.  And then remember how Jahshuwah went through His crucifixion.  We need to let Him rule in us when the attacks come.

By the principle found in the parable concerning the "wheat and the tares", we know that the false is growing up with the true.  And yes, if you are wondering, I do know the correct application of this parable, but there is still a principle involved that includes everyone on this earth.  

For one who is an educated horticulturist, it might be discerned which is which in the early stages of growth.  However, the parable given by Jahshuwah indicates that the true discernment will not come until the time of harvest.  By Revelation 7, we know there will be a great harvest, the greatest ever, that will take place DURING the Great Tribulation.  What may appear to be a "tare" at this time, may very well turn out to be "wheat" in that day.  We must remember this in our relationships with others.

It is not my intention to reveal ALL of the plan of Jah in this short e-mail.  That is thoroughly covered throughout the pages on my site.  I am only covering the most vital part, and that is, our being "Created In His Image."

We all know the scripture that tells us to not be conformed to (be fashioned after) this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind.

We are born being conformed to, being one with, this world.  This we are NOT  to be, but are to be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING, renovating of our mind.  This renovating of our mind comes by the Word of Jah IN TRUTH, not fiction, and with that comes the understanding of the plan of Jah.  He states very clearly His intent right from the beginning.

And Elohiym said, Let us make man in our image ....................... So Elohiym created man in his own image, in the image of Elohiym created he him; male and female created he them.

Adam AND Eve were created in HIS image.  They did not have to become the very image of Jah, they were just created that way, and the Tree of Life, the very nature of Jah, kept them in that way.


Now The Serpent, the first false prophet, comes with a "NEW" revelation.  This has been the very foundational intent of EVERY false prophet since that time.  He shows Eve how she can BECOME AS JAH.  Instead of just being what she already is, she eats of the Tree of Death, the very nature of Satan.  Upon eating, that nature enters her, and takes her over.  We ARE what we "eat."  She then gives to Adam, and the same takes place with him.  Instead of just being, they now take on the task of becoming, and that by "New Revelation."  This is even as Satan when he foolishly decided to raise himself by his own efforts above Jah.  This IS the nature that we are now ALL born with, from which every false prophet teaches, and from which Jahshuwah died to redeem us.  This is what we need renovated from our mind.

For Elohiym doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as elohiyms, knowing good and evil.

From the day of the eating from this "tree", we ALL have had the mistaken thought that we could somehow create ourselves into being righteous, into being being a "god" even as Jah.  Then our "eyes are opened" to "fresh revelation" by the Serpent that subtly tells us the way in which this can be accomplished through our own efforts.  This "wisdom" is then guided by the "Spirit" behind the knowledge that comes from the Tree of Death, and people get deceived into thinking that this "Spirit", is the Spirit of Jah.  Instead of just being as Adam and Eve should have before the fall, the attempt prompted by this deceiving spirit who brings forth the "new revelation" is now to become.  

There is a big difference between our trying of our own selves to be AS "God", and Jah creating us in His image.  One is of our own works, and the other is of the works of another, even Jah Himself.

His plan has not changed even a little bit.  He WILL have a people, a bunch of Adam's and Eve's, that WILL BE in His Image.  Satan did not defeat this determined and absolute purpose of Jah, but put the wheels in motion to cause this to come to pass, even as Jah planned from the beginning.

For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed (made IDENTICAL) to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.


Jahshuwah is the very image of Jah, and it was Jah's plan to create from out of Him (who was the second and last Adam), those that are called into being created, conformed, MADE IDENTICAL to, this image.  Satan did not defeat this plan by getting Adam and Eve to fall, but SET IT IN MOTION.  The only question is, HOW DOES HE DO THIS???  By our working hard of ourselves to BECOME identical, or BY FAITH BELIEVING it is already done, and by that faith, having it come forth, manifest, COME TO PASS in our life in reality???



When we think we of our own selves can become as He is, we have entered into folly, and have in reality, eliminated Him from our life.  We are saying to Jahshuwah, "I can of my own works be as good as you are, so who needs you"?  It is in fact, audacious gall.  The only one who could even think such a thing has NEVER SEEN all that He is as the very Image of Jah.  I am hoping to show you just how impossible this would be of our own works to accomplish.  


He is so beyond our capacity to comprehend as individuals, His plan is to reveal Himself in total through 144,000 Manifested Sons, dividing severely as He will His attributes through each one.  None will say "I have no need of you", for each will be used to shine forth a part of His personage necessary to the whole, and without the whole, He would not be seen in total.  I keep saying the day of the "One Man Band" is over for the Overcomers, and this is why.  No one man will be able to display all there is of Jahshuwah, for that is NOT the plan of Jah.


Jahshuwah IS our "New Man."  He IS the Image of Jah.  It is not to try and become like Him, for in Truth, we already ARE Him.  The project is how to give up our life, so that He, the very Image of Jah, might live in and through us.  It is NOT what we are doing, but WHO IS DOING IT!!!  We are not to work to become, but to let the one who ALREADY IS, live in and through us.  May you get some clarity with this short email.


When the Law is taught, the tendency is then to become as Jah through our own works of The Law.  All false religion is based on our own works of some nature to become as Jah, or to BECOME as righteous AS He, even that which is based on some part of the Law if used in this manner.  We can in NO WAY, by our own selves, become as Jah, or BECOME righteous before Him.  There is only ONE WAY to be like Him, and that is through HIS work to create us in His image.  To conform us unto the Image of Jahshuwah through His working in us, and this BY FAITH.  Faith in the understanding of what Jahshuwah meant when He said, "Take up your Cross and follow me."

And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.  He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.  For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.

We are to "follow Him."  Well, what did He do?  Nothing but the Will of His Father, for it was the Father that functioned in Him, and not He himself of himself.  So obviously, we are neither of our self to do of our self.

Those that try to become as "God", will NEVER UNDERSTAND this saying of Jahshuwah.  They will put on every contriving of self-sacrifice imaginable thinking they are "denying themselves", when in fact are just worshipping the will power of their own pride-filled self-righteous fallen ego.  May you understand this one by the time you have finished reading, if you do not already understand.  

The "denying of our self" is the denying of our trying to be righteous, to be as "God" through our own knowledge of Good and Evil, and certainly NOT in the exercising of it.  This can ONLY be done through the Cross which makes us one with Him, and therefore His follower.  We are not to "give up our life", to "deny our self" through our own contriving of how it should be done, BUT THROUGH THE CROSS which brings an END to such a fallen endeavor.  As you will see, the Cross is the END OF US, and the beginning of Him in us.  He in us IS the very Image of Jah, and He ALREADY IS, and is not TRYING TO BECOME.  He just let our Father WORK through Him, and certainly did NOT do anything of Himself.

Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.

Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works’ sake.

This is how we are to "Follow Him."  Through Jahshuwah, the Father is in us, and we are in the Father.  It is NOT we who do the "work", but the FATHER.  That is if we are truly following Him, and not the Serpent who wants us to do of ourselves to our OWN "glory."

We know that works without faith ARE DEAD, for they are only of the flesh.  However, faith will bring forth works, and if faith is not bringing forth works, then the FAITH IS DEAD.  As I have said elsewhere, the only effective change that has been wrought in me has been the result of FAITH.  Faith that says, "It is so."  A faith in Jah to work His righteousness in me that I am believing beforehand IS SO.  

What He establishes in us is LIFE, and in it being life, IS LIBERTY.  What we establish in ourselves by our own ingenuity IS DEATH, and I might say, BONDAGE.  If you have not read THE SERIES ON FAITH, you should, for it is this that brings forth the life, the intimacy, the righteousness peace and joy that we long for.  

We do NOT have to work to be accepted by Jah.  We are ALREADY ACCEPTED by what Jahshuwah did FOR us, IF ........IF.....IF WE BELIEVE IT, and it matters not our condition!!!.  Jahshuwah shed His Blood on our behalf to save us from the Judgments that were due us.  He entered the "Holy of Holies" to sprinkle His Blood upon the Mercy  Seat, and the Altar before it, once and for ALL who will receive this as their entrance into Jah's Presence, His Plan and Purpose, and into His Kingdom.  Where everyone fits in this plan is HIS business, and not ours.  It is just for us to become centered and focused upon that which gives us this entrance, and NEVER let it leave our focal point, and that is by the "Blood of the Lamb without blemish."  There is no other entrance, and trying to enter in any other way means immediate DEATH.  Whether we understand this or not makes no difference.  It is Jah's requirement, and what we think of it has no bearing on it whatsoever.  Neither does what anyone else thinks of it, or what condemnation they would try to put upon us.  We have entered by HIS BLOOD, He HAS received us through that Blood, and the voices of a thousand thousand against such people will not change it.

Paul tells us that the "Old Man", the carnal mind we are born with is HOSTILE to Jah and His righteous ways.  We therefore have a natural aversion to what is TRUE righteousness, and are therefore repulsed by it.  Jahshuwah is our New Man.  He has a natural aversion to, and is repulsed by SIN.  Anyone who does NOT feel repulsed by sin has not the one who IS within them.

There is a war that goes on in us between flesh and spirit.  It becomes quite easily discerned which is which when it is known who does what.

Now, He did not offer His Blood once and for all so we could just relax and stagnate IN the SINS He has covered.  It is afforded unto those who will walk with Him, and go through the Redemptive Process that DELIVERS us, cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness.  If we submit unto Jah's redemptive work, it WILL  accomplish the working in us that brings us into Jahshuwah's Full Stature, into the being identical to Him who IS the Image of Jah.  What is this full stature???  It is beyond our comprehension.  He IS the Word of Jah.  In being the Word of Jah, He IS the Holy Law made flesh.  People, the understanding of this is INFINITE.  We are being conformed, being made identical to Him.  

Once we understand how infinite Jahshuwah is, we then realize the overwhelming impossibility to become "as He" through our own efforts.  I am only going to list a few matters to stir your thinking, but I might just as well offer the entire Word of Jah.  Once you realize His greatness, you then come into the understanding that the only way to become as righteous as He, is to just let HIM LIVE IN and THROUGH US!  There is no way to improve, or even match perfection.

Jahshuwah is our New Man.  It is no longer us who is to do the doing, but He.  Do we really understand all that He is...........

as a person, a King, a Loving Forgiving Redeemer, a Sacrificial Lamb without blemish, (and just try to put all of this on by your own efforts), a Lion of the Tribe of Judah  

That He is a man, eagle that soars, ox that labors, ...............and also as fierce as a Lion.  

He submits to headship and therefore does ONLY the WILL OF Jah.  

Do we really think we understand all of the above???  How, if not, can we put this on through our own works??

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of Jah! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!  For who hath known the mind of Jah? or who hath been his counsellor?  

Jah is way beyond our comprehension, yet we think that through our own works we can create ourselves in His Image???  It is time for us to get real, and become real people.

His Wisdom is infinite.  Solomon tells us:

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

A time to be born, ......................and a time to die; 

a time to plant, ...........................and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, .............................and a time to heal; 

a time to break down, ................and a time to build up;

A time to weep, ..........................and a time to laugh; 

a time to mourn, .........................and a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, .......and a time to gather stones together; 

a time to embrace, ......................and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to get, ...............................and a time to lose; 

a time to keep, .............................and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, ............................and a time to sew; 

a time to keep silence, ................and a time to speak;

A time to love, .............................and a time to hate;  

a time of war, ...............................and a time of peace.

Each one of these IS A TEACHING.  Do we have this wisdom?  Do we know how to operate in each one at the proper time???  Jahshuwah in us does, and will, if we give up our life to the Cross to become one with Him, and let HIM do it.

Do we understand that there are some things that Jahshuwah DOES HATE???  And why???  Are we being one with Him in those things which He hates???

These six things doth Jah (personally and utterly)  hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

Torah contains more than 600 subjects.  Do we understand the SPIRIT of these precepts and instructions???  How can we walk in that which we do not understand, let alone the knowledge concerning them, by our own works???  What happens if we of ourselves try, and somewhere along the line FOUL UP???

Who does understand, and is this Word of Jah that was made flesh???  Which is better for us, to try and be like Him, or to just let Him live in and through us?

How about just the Ten Commandments?  Who is it that would claim to understand all of the mysteries, and what is involved with just these???  Whomever considers him or her self in perfection of them has somewhat of a surprise coming.

Do you know of anyone who can walk in all of this of their own selves???  I sure don't.  However, Jahshuwah IN US DOES, and the more He rules in our life, the more compliant we become, for HE IS the Word of Jah made flesh, and therefore does quite naturally EVERYTHING that is righteous with UNDERSTANDING.

Then how about the "fruits of the spirit"?  People, Jahshuwah IS the "fruit of the spirit."

For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth; (Who is it that of themselves can walk in the full knowledge of the Truth?  Jahshuwah IS the Truth.  The more He resides in us, the more Truth we will know, and the more then Truth will rule us.  The more that Truth rules us, the more we shall be repulsed by Counterfeit Christianity.)

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law ( I guess not.  How could there be?).

Most do not even understand what is involved with each "fruit", let alone be able to put it on through self-effort.

To put it more simply, He is FAR MORE than we can comprehend, so then how can we be like Him by our own efforts?  Anyone who has not yet seen this has not yet seen the King in ALL of HIS GLORY.  Anyone who has walked into this Light will know beyond anything else that with the Apostle Paul, they ARE A WRETCH in need of much redemptive work.  A work that is beyond their own ability to perform.  A self-righteous ego will NEVER realize it, and therefore never be able to come to the position  Paul had obtained, who was certainly far beyond any of us in this day.

Most of the teaching in the Ekklesia is done through the fallen wisdom of men to try and straighten out the carnal man.  The more you understand this, the more you will see it.  Because of this programming, few are aware we even have an old nature, or that it is IMPOSSIBLE to straighten him out.  How many are teaching the ONLY ANSWER FOR HIM is death to this Old Man through the works of the Cross???  I am sorry to say they are among the few.

We can, and should walk in the direction of HIS righteousness, but the Truth is, it is beyond our own efforts to perform it all, but can only be accomplished by the work of another.  This takes a little more time with some than others.  Along with most of you, I seem to fit better in the first category.

In our walking toward the works of righteousness, it is NOT for us to think we are becoming righteous by this activity.  If we do, we are placing ourselves IN JEOPARDY.  What we are to do is let the Life of Jahshuwah come forth in us who is true righteousness.  We are giving up our life, that He may live in us, and we cannot become any more righteous than what He is ALREADY.  Jah takes us step by step, and in each step, change takes place, and in the changing, there is LESS OF US, and more of Him operating in our life.  This IS the being conformed unto HIS IMAGE, which is the very Image of Jah.

We are to walk with Him, learning of Him, and how to submit ourselves in cooperation with what it is He is working in us.  There is NO OTHER WAY.  This IS the Tree of Life which is in direct opposition to the Tree of Death.

He is the creator, not we ourselves, and in this, we must see that by faith we already are, and not in the trying to become.  

Nor are we the creator of others.  Not even our marital mate.  It is He that is creating us in HIS IMAGE through Jahshuwah, the first born who was to bring forth MANY.  It is high time we understood this, lighten up on each other, and LET HIM DO IT!!!  Those that do will become the end time Elijah Company, and I can tell you, we are a long way from seeing these people, for few it be that have any understanding of what it is that manifests these "Sons of Jah."  I do know this much.  There will be NO Manifested Sons, NO 144,000 without this understanding being applied to their lives.

We all know Romans 8:28, but do we UNDERSTAND IT???

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

What is HIS PURPOSE even from the beginning???  To create Adam and Eve IN HIS IMAGE, and that by conforming them unto the Image of Jahshuwah.  There is much more to His purpose, but the rest of the story cannot come forth until THIS ONE is accomplished.

This famous verse makes it very clear.  Everything is set in place, including people and circumstances, to work for our good to mature us in Him.  Everything IS our EMPLOYEE, set in place to mold, form, and develop us.  We are to learn that NOTHING in this life is of any value EXCEPT how it is used in our development, in the loosing of Jahshuwah and His unsearchable, unfathomable ways in us. 

We are constantly put into situations for that molding, that changing us from glory to glory.  Circumstances and others are nothing more than tools being used upon us by our creator.  The tool is nothing, the one using the tool everything, and our priority is, what is He using the tool for, and what is it He is forming of Jahshuwah in us.  

Then, it is to understand that everything that happens in our life is NECESSARY for this developing, and to submit unto that which He is doing in us.  Instead of concentrating on the wickedness of others, or how terrible the circumstances may be, we should be focused on what it is He is wanting of Jahshuwah to work in us.  What part of His nature are we to put on during the trial of our faith?  During a distasteful ordeal?  During the despicable works of others we are having to suffer?  What is He cleansing through the Power of the Blood in our emotions, reactions, and contaminations of the flesh, so that Jahshuwah may live in us in righteousness?  It is not for us to complain, but to rejoice in His handiwork.  It is time to cease from the dead works produced by our fallen ego, and WALK IN THIS FAITH that does the true eternal producing.

I have had long periods of time in predicaments that I would not have wished upon ANYONE.  Oh, how I cried out to be delivered from the dilemma until it hit me what was going on.  I would not be delivered until I OVERCAME, and that by submitting unto the Cross to let Jahshuwah come forth in me to deal with the situation properly.  What I had only considered as a terrible ordeal that no one should suffer was actually working for my good to develop Him in me.  This brought forth a very disturbing revelation as I realized it was NOT going to end until the WORK WAS DONE!!!  I may have only passed with a "C" grade, but once this got through to my "lightening quick mind", I did finally graduate.

Most of us are greatly desiring to be gathered together.  How many are tired of isolation?  Let me tell you something folks.  If we want fellowship with others, then we had better submit unto the dealings of Jah that will ready us for that fellowship.  Until we have Jahshuwah functioning in us in His desire for UNITY and His HATRED for DIVISION, we will NOT be given the fellowship of others.  Hear me well.


Any teaching that causes people to do of their own efforts is superfluous rhetoric that is doing damage to the Assembly.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to please Jah, but BY FAITH.  All teaching MUST be taught that everything comes to pass in our life THROUGH FAITH, and it coming to pass in our life will send us to the Cross MANY TIMES OVER, bringing forth the Life of our Messiah in us.  Salvation is afforded unto those who believe properly for it.  So is it with EVERYTHING ELSE  that is of Jah.  Paul made it very clear.  We do NOT start out in faith and then end up in works.

He, Jahshuwah in us, does not, and CANNOT SIN.  The more ground He takes in us through the correct application of  faith, the more of Him that lives in us, and the less there is of our old nature which commits sin continually. Anyone who is NOT teaching in this manner is LEADING THE SHEEP ASTRAY, and into their own works to be righteous!!!  To put it in plain vernacular, they are teaching, revealing "New Revelation", even as the Serpent in the VERY BEGINNING.

Faith sees something that is NOT so, as so.  Hoping sees NOTHING desired as so, but just hopes that one day it will become so.  Faith is that which gives the assurance that what we are calling as so will come to pass.  Faith reverses the contradiction by causing what is not so, that should be so, into being so, and does so by believing it IS so before it has become so.  If we do not believe our desire, our hope IS so, before it becomes so, it will NEVER become so!!! 


We need the Mind of Jahshuwah loosed in us.  He made of Himself NO reputation, humbled Himself, and was OBEDIENT UNTO THE DEATH, even the death of the Cross, all of which are activities that our fallen ego HATES!  It wants to be AS "GOD", and is in no way interested in giving its life up to find it, nor sees any need to do so.  It is most assured that it can become as righteous as Jah by its own will power.

By FAITH we are to OVERCOME by the Blood of the Lamb (which cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness), the Word of our Testimony (the confession of faith and most assuredly NOT doubt), and love NOT our life........."OUR" life.......UNTO THE DEATH.

What is being cleansed from ALL unrighteousness?  It is being delivered through the POWER of His Blood from the old nature that runs to sin continually.  This leaves Jahshuwah standing alone in all of His Glory in us.

Paul said that we are crucified in our Messiah, yet we LIVE, but NOT we ourselves, as it is Jahshwah that lives in us.  That we are DEAD IN HIM so that we might LIVE.

Jahshuwah "denied Himself" so that Jah could do the work, and NOT He himself.

This is a spiritual fact, but it takes faith for it to become a reality.  Faith that says IT IS SO, and in believing IT IS SO, it comes to pass in this reality.  Where is there in this that says I must be straightened out, or indeed can be?  What it says is, this is the END OF ME, and the beginning of Jahshuwah in me.  The Cross is where we become one with Him through this union with Him.

Jahshuwah cannot sin, cannot violate the Holy Law, for He is pure righteousness. The Father in Him RULED HIM.  The one that does sin is ME, for I in myself am fallen and lost.   As I said earlier, it is not so much what we are doing, but WHO IS DOING IT???  Jahshuwah is righteous in ALL of His ways, and does so quite naturally.  Where we run to sin, and it is quite natural for us to sin, it is quite natural for Him to perform righteously.  The more of Him that is functioning in us, the less we will run to sin, but will just naturally perform righteously if it IS Him in us that is doing the performing.

For we which live are alway delivered unto death for Jahshuwah’ sake, that the life also of Jahshuwah might be made manifest in our mortal flesh.

And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.

And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him:

Jahshuwah is perfect in every way.  We could NEVER match such performance, so why of our self try?  It is not for us to try and match Him, any more than He tried to match His Father, for that would be superfluous effort prompted by the Serpent.  It is to let Him live, to come forth in us, and that through our cooperating with Him to let Him come forth.  He it is that stands before Jah in OUR PLACE.  We cannot get any more righteous than that before Jah if we let Him have that position.  He is DISPLACED the very moment we go to works to BECOME righteous.

Our project is to let Him come forth in us and take us over so that this righteousness is working in reality in us.  We are not to try and become, but to let what already IS SO manifest in our life.  To let the "I am crucified in Him, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Messiah liveth in me" become reality BY FAITH that says it is so, even as it is already so in Heaven.  (See  "As It is In Heaven")

When we exercise ourselves to righteous works, it MUST BE DONE with the cognizant value of knowing it is being done to loose HIS LIFE IN US to the doing away with our own, and that by FAITH that it is so.  This IS the "denying of ourselves to follow Him."

For instance, moving into the keeping of the "Set Appointed Times."  Are these important?  Oh my yes, and essential for the manifesting of Zion.  Do I in myself want to keep them?  Nope, my old nature is in fact HOSTILE to them, and so is everyone else's in the beginning.  In myself, I want to tell Jah when He is to meet WITH ME!!!  After all, in being my OWN "god", am I not the one who knows best when I have the time that HE.........can come meet with ME?

We are to meet with Him when HE SAYS, and it matters not what we think about it.  However, this is not to be done to BECOME righteous.  It is just the letting of Him who IS righteous, and DOES the will of Jah, to come forth in us.  

For an example, if I move toward keeping His Sabbath, I am NOT doing this so that I WILL BECOME righteous, but to let the righteousness of Jahshuwah come forth in me while the hostility in me toward such comes to the being "crucified in Him."  How much do we love Him???  Enough to meet with Him when He says He would like to meet with us?

I can tell you, Jahshuwah did NOT, and Jahshuwah in us DOES NOT violate the Sabbath.  Anyone who thinks their "God" does so is following an UNLAWFUL MESSIAH, and that Messiah will NEVER SAVE THEM, but laugh in their face.  

He it is, the LAWFUL Messiah that MUST live in us, and in living in us, will bring forth the righteousness that conforms us into HIS IMAGE.  Into doing ONLY the Will of our Father.  When moving toward this IN FAITH, we are to believe we ARE doing this IN PERFECTION, regardless of how primitive our start may be.  Then through this faith, He will develop us into this perfection as we walk according to this revelation of Jahshuwah in us.

Does our keeping the Sabbath make me more righteous than one who does not?  I just ask in return, whose righteousness are we standing in?  Ours or HIS???  Is Jahshuwah more righteous in me than He is in anyone else???  Yeah, right!  This comes from the fallen desire in our ego's that wants to be "as Jah."  What is that???  To be SPIRITUALLY SUPERIOR to everyone else.  It is time for the Overcomers to give up this "spiritual dimwit" to the Cross in our Messiah.

Jahshuwah is Pure in Love.  Do I think that I could possibly match His Love by my efforts of myself?  HARDLY.  The situations I am constantly thrust into more than verify I need more work in this area.  If I did not need more work, then the situations would not come upon me.  I will be given difficult situations whereas my old nature that cannot love correctly is hung on the cross so that His Love can be loosed, and in the faith that looses it, it IS loosed.  When situations arise where we are placed with people we want to hate rather than love, we have been afforded the "wonderful" opportunity to hang our self on the Cross in Messiah, and let HIM live through us.  Doesn't that just make you to want and jump up and down for joy???  Yeah, right.

By FAITH we are DEAD  to sin, and no longer live in them.  Are we confessing this AS SO, so that it will become so in reality?

Through this faith we are cleansed from ALL unrighteousness, that is, everything that is NOT HIM IN US.  What is He???  More than we can comprehend, let alone try to become.  He IS:

The Will of Jah

Perfect Love


Torah and all of its understanding.

The knowledge of each season, and the time for each, and especially when to speak, and WHEN to keep our mouth shut!

The fruits of the spirit in perfection.

The Living Truth, the whole Truth, and NOTHING BUT The Truth.

The Way, the Truth, and THE LIFE.

Every mystery IN THE WORD.

And how much more could be listed???

To say it in a very short sentence, He IS the very Image of Jah that is to reside in us, and in being in us, is to live in and through us.  This IS being created in HIS IMAGE, the very plan and purpose of Jah from THE VERY BEGINNING.  He WILL have His Sons, His Bride, and HIS PEOPLE to the very defeat of Satan, and EVERY FALSE PROPHET that would make people through the Tree of Death to try and become as Jah, and righteous as He through their own works!!!  This is not only error, but DREADFUL DECEPTION that carries terrible consequences.   This has been foisted upon the whole world since the beginning.  It is in fact telling Jahshuwah that we can do it ourselves just fine.  That we can save our selves through our works, so WHO NEEDS YOU?!  

Jahshuwah IS, and IS IN US, and by NO OTHER WAY can we be the very Image of Jah on this earth.  May we learn to give up to the cross this despicable demagoguery that thinks it can save itself , and just let HIM LIVE in and through us in all it means, and that meaning IS UNFATHOMABLE!  

He IS the Word of Jah.  In being the Word of Jah, He IS the Holy Law made flesh.  Being conformed unto His image, being brought to His full stature, is being conformed, transformed by the renovating of our mind, unto the Word of Jah




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