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Is there a "Law of Salvation".  Absolutely.  We either believe as instructed, or GO FISH!!!

I have felt prompted to lay some ground work involved with fundamental Truths to prepare everyone for the Light which is coming.  If we are not well grounded in these fundamentals, we will never be able to consider, let alone see the Truths being revealed in their proper perspective.  This is the reason for this series of E-Mails.  There IS some "STRONG MEAT" coming, and we need to get on the right ground to receive it.

In this particular treatise, I will deal a bit more with the subject of Law and Grace.  This one is VITAL folks, as it will put many things into a correct and proper perspective concerning this relationship.  While reading this, remember, I consider myself FAR SHORT of His Glory, and as Paul, a wretch in need of much redemptive work.  I deal much with the Law of Jah, but certainly NOT in thinking that I in myself am anywhere near perfection of His Holy Law, nor will I let condemnation come upon me because I am short.  I am WELL ESTABLISHED in the "Law of Salvation", know in whom lies that salvation;  how it is obtained, and obtained correctly as instructed by the Word of Jah.  This becoming "established" came by my understanding of the "Sacrificial Ordinances" in the HOLY LAW OF Jah.  For me, there is NO OTHER WAY to come into the understanding which establishes ones confidence so that no attack against this position has any affect.  This one silences the "Accuser" once and FOREVER!!!  Not only in our own lives, but in how we should VIEW EACH OTHER who truly ARE IN Jahshuwah, and the "coming out of her", regardless of what stage any of us may be in.

There are those that object to the word "Law", and insist on using the original word "Torah", and define this word as the precepts, the instructions and teachings of Jah.  I really do not have any real objection to such, for there is justification in the use of that Title and its definition.  However, I would like to point out that Torah ALSO means LAW or Statutes, and I see NO REASON to be offended by it, think it necessary to water it down, or to want to do away with the descriptive Title, "Holy Law".  

Some want to shy away from calling it "Law", for this carries with it a connotation of being filled with "do's and don'ts".  I no longer have any problem with this view point, for that is exactly what it is.  This is especially so in the Law of Salvation.  You DO believe in Him to receive everlasting life.  You DON'T believe in Him, and you "PERISH".  

The whole Word of Jah is FILLED with do's and don'ts, and it is high time we understood this.  You DON'T come out of her, and you will be judged WITH HER.  You DO come out, and you will be saved from those judgments and the resulting horror that lies just ahead.

I have personally learned to love the Title, HOLY LAW, for it is this that is the LOVE for Jahshuwah Himself.  It is only the rebellion IN US to authority OVER US that causes us to shy away from the word LAW.  I can tell you that Jah RULES, and in ruling, you better realize that His Word IS LAW.  Go against His Word, and you have gone against HIM, and His SON who IS the Word of Jah, and that NOT by the "dead letter", but in Spirit and LIFE.

This is no different than a boss on a job in this natural realm.  Defy his instructions, and you will more than likely get fired.  On the job a boss's instructions are LAW.

As everyone knows, we are told in John 3:16;

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish (be fully destroyed), but have everlasting life.

This folks, whether you like it or not, IS A LAW.  The Law of Salvation that unfolds from out of Jah's Holy Law.  What is that Law?  You either believe IN Him, or YOU WILL PERISH.  It is very simply stated, and extremely clear.  The only question here is, what IS believing IN Him???  To answer this one, we must find out who and what He is, for this is in whom we are to believe, and in believing, depend upon and trust.

I redundantly repeat for emphasis that Jahshuwah was the "Word Of Jah made flesh", and the Word of Jah is The Torah.  As Jahshuwah plainly stated to the devil:

It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of Jah.

Notice He said EVERY . . . EVERY WORD.  Who could convince any of us that the Torah did not proceed from out of His mouth?

Jahshuwah was the Lamb without blemish that was sacrificed for us all. He was judged as being without blemish BY THE HOLY LAW, as He was The Holy Law in the flesh, and walked in perfection of that Word of Jah, howbeit not by the dead letter, but IN THE SPIRIT of the Law, and there IS a big difference.  As Jahshuwah is the "Spirit of Prophecy", He is ALSO the "Spirit of The Law".

There is NO WAY to believe IN Him correctly without believing IN who and what He is.  It is impossible to believe IN HIM and NOT the Holy Law of Jah, for they are ONE AND THE SAME!!!  Anyone who is not believing IN THE HOLY LAW is NOT believing IN the Word of Jah, nor in the TRUE MESSIAH, but a lawless COUNTERFEIT.  Hear me well folks.

(If this is shaking your mind up a bit, hang in here with me.  I will bring this all into a perception that everyone needs to get clear on.  Especially in this day where there is so much confusion in regard to what IS True Salvation.)

To escape the penalty of "perishing", we must believe IN HIM, and He IS the Word of Jah, and the Word of Jah IS the Torah, the precepts, the teaching and instructions of Jah, and that Word rules EVERYWHERE, and in ruling IS LAW!!!  

In this Law, this Word of Jah, is the Law of Salvation which is written in the "Sacrificial Ordinances".  I say this just as plainly as I can.  Anyone doing away with the Law of Jah is doing away with SALVATION, for they are doing away with that which gives them salvation before the Throne of Jah.  You come before Him LEGALLY, or you just plain ol' don't come.  Jahshuwah made this very clear to us in John 14:6

Jahshuwah saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

And who is He???  What is the "way", the "Truth", and the "LIFE"???  The Word of Jah, The Torah, The "Spirit" of the Holy Law of Jah in PERFECTION!!!  There is NO OTHER WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE!!!  The first five books of the Bible give us the beginning of all things and the Torah. The rest of the Bible unfolds from out of this Word of Jah that proceeded from out of His mouth.  Once a person has their understanding opened to the "Spirit of The Law", they soon understand that there is not one thing in the New Testament, the New Covenant, that is NOT in line with the Torah, and unfolding from out of it.

You come to Jah LAWFULLY through the LAWFUL MESSIAH, or you do not come!!!  Anyone who thinks they can come to Jah, can receive salvation through a LAWLESS MESSIAH, through any ol' Lamb they want to present as their sacrifice for sins unto Jah,  is GREATLY DECEIVED and IN The Strong Delusion!!!  Again, hear me well.

So, how do we come unto the Father LAWFULLY???  Get this answer and you will NEVER AGAIN let ANYONE condemn you over ANYTHING, over ANY MATTER in which you may be short, and oh, are we all short.

There is much in the Torah concerning the sacrificial and offering ordinances.  Every part of those statutes is filled with revelation concerning Jahshuwah, and our walk in Him.  The more they are understood, the more our walk and the redemptive process we are under going through the works of the Cross upon our life are understood.  I can tell you, this will be much taught in Zion.  However, it is not my purpose in this article to go into any of this depth of understanding, but only the position of where these ordinances belong in our life.

Our ancestors were given the Torah so that they could establish the Kingdom of Jah in the "Promised Land".  No one can do so without the Torah for it would be IMPOSSIBLE to do so.  Jahshuwah is the King of the Kingdom, and I can tell you, that Kingdom DOES HAVE LAWS, just like any other kingdom or nation.

In that Law was the provision of the sacrificial ordinances to cover the people in their violations.  When an animal sacrifice was performed, the sins, the Law Violations of an individual, or at times, all of the people, were laid upon that animal whose blood was being shed, and that BY FAITH!  By the Torah, they were to shed that blood IN THE FAITH that this sacrifice was taking their penalty for whatever Law Violation committed that they were laying upon it.

It matters NOT whether we understand or approve of this "shedding of blood for the remission of sins" or not, Jah DOES REQUIRE IT, and it is He who understands why.  It is for us to SUBMIT to it.

This shedding of the Blood of the Sacrifice is what kept them in relationship with Jah, and NOTHING ELSE, for in no way could all of the people perform in perfection every Law Requirement.  They were kept in relationship with Him THROUGH FAITH in this Blood Sacrifice, and NOT BY WORKS.

These Sacrificial Ordinances were only set in place until Jahshuwah, the true Lamb to be slain came, and were a foreshadowing of Him and HIS Blood Sacrifice.  The ONLY difference is that we no longer have to perform all of the rituals of these Sacrificial and Offering statutes, for He has now performed it ALL, and FOR ALL who will believe in, and Trust IN Him in the laying of their sins upon Him BY FAITH!  This Sacrifice in the shedding of Blood that is required by Jah in His Holy Law STILL STANDS, and anyone who tries to bypass it to enter into the Kingdom of Jah is in for a terrible shock.

This must be foremost in our minds at all times.  We are not kept in relationship with Jah, and gaining entrance into His Kingdom, into "everlasting life" by OUR WORKS, for our works are FAR SHORT of what they should be.  If we could have done it by works, then Jahshuwah would not have had to come and be the Blood Sacrifice FOR US ALL.  Where we may be in perfection in one area, we are far short in a hundred others.  Therefore, to shut the "Accuser's Mouth", we must in all cases be overcoming him FIRST OF ALL by The Blood of The Lamb.  

He died to take our sins upon Himself, but if we never give them to Him, it does us no good.  We must continually be laying our sins upon Him as the "Daily Sacrifice", and to do that, we MUST be continually walking into the Light to see what is yet sin in our life that needs to be dealt with.  This IS believing IN HIM, and in believing IN HIM, is believing IN THE TORAH, and The Law of Salvation contained in it!!!

There is a "Feast Celebration" called the "Feast of Tabernacles".  Involved with this Feast is a High Holy Sabbath called the "Day of Atonement".  The High Priest would enter into the Holy of Holies where the Presence of Jah resided, and offer the Blood of a Sacrifice unto Jah, first for HIMSELF, and then for the people.  

If he had entered without the Blood, he would have been immediately struck dead.  Why?  Because man cannot stand in the Holiness of His Presence.  We are not wired for it.  However, when the Blood is presented, it somehow turns off the switch that would normally cause death to a natural man.  We must NEVER come before Jah WITHOUT THE BLOOD, for the consequences of such are grave indeed.  In coming before Him, we present the blood FIRST OF ALL for ourselves, and THEN for the people.

We can know somewhat the importance of the Blood of the Sacrifice, but I do not think we are near aware of the POWER in it, nor its effectual working in us who believe.  We sing, "There is power in the blood", but I do not think we sing it with the understanding that will be revealed in the coming days.

The Book of Hebrews is one of the most wonderful Books in the Bible, for everything I am setting forth here is written there.  Everyone should study this Book with earnestness.  Hebrews 9 is a very special chapter, for it clearly states the intricacies of the Law of Salvation.

Saying, This is the blood of the testament which Jah hath enjoined unto you.  Moreover he sprinkled with blood both the tabernacle, and all the vessels of the ministry.  And almost all things are by the law purged (cleansed, purified, made clean) with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission (freedom from, pardon, FORGIVENESS, relieved of punishment).

This is NEW TESTAMENT doctrine folks, which unfolds from OUT OF the Torah.  Do away with this LAW, and you have LOST Salvation.  This is what must always be present in the forefront of our mind.  When we do not do so, it is because the enemy has tricked us into believing our works for righteousness, and right out of that which they know causes their defeat in our life. We are being cleansed, set free from our violations, purified, relieved of ALL punishment, by the BLOOD OF THE LAMB, the very FIRST precept in the process of OVERCOMING.  (Rev 12:11, And they overcame him [the Accuser and Devourer] by the Blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony, and loved not THEIR life unto the death".)

Certainly we are to exercise ourselves toward righteousness.  I am not wanting to negate this, but to put it in its proper perspective.  When we act through our natural head knowledge, it is NOT SPIRIT from within.  How many are trying to straighten out the Carnal Nature through their preaching.  I have news for anyone who has not heard it.  The Carnal Nature cannot BE straightened out.  It never has been, and NEVER WILL BE.  There is only one answer for it, and that is DEATH in Jahshuwah through His Cross.

Our dependence cannot be upon our head knowledge, for then we depend upon ourselves.  When we do that, we have left off with our dependency upon Jahshuwah, and His work in us.  If we could cleanse ourselves, then He would not have needed to shed His Blood on our behalf.  If we try to do of ourselves what He has done, and is doing, then we replace Him; bypass and set Him aside.  Our dependence MUST be on HIM and HIS Blood to CLEANSE US from ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS.  

This is what is causing our desires within to walk the way of righteousness, and there is a big difference between acting in head knowledge after the dead letter, and being changed within as the Word becomes flesh in us IN SPIRIT.  When this takes place it is JAHSHUWAH IN US, and no longer we ourselves in ourselves, and even this is the work of another, even Jahshuwah who is performing this redemptive process in us.  We are HIS inheritance, HIS Promised Land, and He IS taking us over one area at a time.  So then, where-in can we boast in our works, or how can anyone condemn such a one who Jahshuwah is taking over?  The flesh is DEAD in Jahshuwah, and the individual is being made alive unto Jah through His becoming alive in usHis becoming life in us is WHAT CHANGES US!!!

Let me give you a very vivid picture that will mark this Law indelibly upon your mind so that you will never forget it..

I think that almost everyone that reads this will be very familiar with the Words of Jahshuwah in Mat. 7:21 where He says:

Not every one that saith unto me, Master, Master, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Master, Master, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

So, what is the problem here?  These have some really great works, all of which were done in "His Name".  How could they be "LOST", and told that not only will they NOT enter into the Kingdom, but are being BANISHED FROM IT???  It is because they came IN ERROR; in a dreadful LAW VIOLATION!!!  Get this one and you will NEVER AGAIN commit the same error.

Let me give you the Greek word that was translated “iniquity”, and how it defines.  Listen up folks, this is the King speaking.  “Iniquity” is NOT what we want it to mean, but IS what Jahshuwah meant.  He used the word “anomia” which is #458.  This word comes from #459, which is “anomos”.  I give you the definition of “anomia” first. 

anomia: Violation of the Law, wickedness, iniquity, transgression of the Law, unrighteousness. 

anomos:  Lawless, without Law, transgressor, unlawful. 

Now, with that definition in mind, go back and read the above quote of Jahshuwah once again.  I ask, are you hearing Him, and hearing Him correctly???  Or, are you listening to men instead???  This is a serious question folks.  We are not playing a game on this earth.  There is a war going on over our souls! 

There can be NO DOUBT as to what Jahshuwah meant with His use of “anomia”.  These people are BEING REJECTED by Jahsuwah because of their iniquity, their SIN, their ANOMIA, and that, with no possible evasion before Jah, IS their being blatant TRANSGRESSORS of Jah's HOLY LAW!!!  They did NOT the Will of Jah, for they made the Law of Jah of NO effect , and by that voiding, transgressed it in total disregard of its authority. 

Now, what is their MAIN violation of the Holy Law???  What was it that caused Jahshuwah to command them to DEPART FROM HIM, meaning they were not in "The Law of Salvation"???  Here this one well folks.

 Instead of gaining entrance into the Kingdom BY THE BLOOD of the Lamb without blemish as required by the Holy Law, they are attempting to gain that entrance BY THEIR WORKS!!!  

Do you see it???  Did they say ANYTHING about His Sacrifice, or HIS BLOOD to gain entrance???  NOT ONE WORD!!!  Their whole mindset was on THEIR works, and felt THEIR works should gain THEIR entrance into the Kingdom.  It is absolute audacious gall in its most blatant Law violating form.  By doing so, they are slapping the face of the one who, by the HOLY LAW OF JAH,  IS our entrance into the Kingdom.

They were NOT believing IN HIM, but they THEMSELVES and their wonderful works, and in doing so, threw away THE LAW OF SALVATION which is the ONLY WAY WE CAN ENTER THE KINGDOM, the very PRESENCE OF JAH!!!  Their very own words judged them GUILTY, and in being guilty, were BANISHED from the Kingdom where there is Everlasting Life, and into the judgment of PERISHING!!!  Even while they preached in His Name, and did all of their wonderful works, they were NOT BELIEVING IN HIM as so required by the HOLY LAW!

Hebrews 9

But into the second went the high priest alone once every year, not without blood, which he offered for himself, and for the errors of the people:

But Messiah being come an high priest of good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say, not of this building;

Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us. . . . . . . .  How much more shall the blood of Messiah, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to Elohim, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living Jah?

Did you get this one?  By THE LAW of Jah, He obtained redemption, forgiveness, relief from eternal punishment, FOR US, by HIS OWN BLOOD.  We do NOT gain entrance into His Kingdom by OUR WORKS, but    by    HIS, and that by His Blood that purges us from DEAD WORKS!!!

Romans 3

Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God;

To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth IN Jahshuwah.

Where is boasting then? It is excluded. By what law? of works? Nay: but by the law of faith.

Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.

Now we come to another place where we are easily deceived.  When we see that our salvation is not of ourselves, but of another, we then want to pitch our tent and camp upon this ground of Truth.  Hey, I got my "fire insurance", why move on?  What else do I need?  PLENTY, for this very Law of Salvation demands in and of itself that we continue ON in our walk with Him!!!  If we are truly believing IN Him, then that FAITH will carry within itself the very desire for the redemptive work from ERROR it takes to come into purity.  Is this Blood offered once and for all who will receive it only for the covering us in our violations before Jah, or is it ALSO FOR The CLEANSING of US from ALL unrighteousness?.  As is said above, the Blood is to purge from us all of our dead works.  If we are being cleansed from unrighteousness, will we be committing unrighteousness from which we have been cleansed?

As Paul, who KNEW THIS TRUTH and taught it well said:

Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?  God forbid.  (Absolutely not)

How can we who are dead to sin live any longer there-in?

If we are truly walking WITH Him, IN Him, and BY Him, then sin, Torah Violations, WILL VEX US.  We will NEVER AGAIN be able to return to that which we have been delivered, for we are DEAD TO IT, and alive unto the righteousness that has been worked in us.  A good example is that we who are in the "coming out within" are being made DEAD to the abominations of the "Harlot Church", and no longer want anything to do with them.

Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid: yea, we establish the law.

We become so vexed with not only the sins of this present world, but with that which is in we ourselves, and in that vexing, want out of it, and in the wanting out, we are being REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB, and in that being redeemed, are in fact ESTABLISHING THE HOLY LAW in our lives, which is Jahshuwah, our NEW MAN!  This is the very thing that Paul was teaching when he said:

That the righteousness of the law (the very nature of Jahshuwah in us) might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

If we are truly walking with Him in the "Law of Salvation", this work will be going on in us, but while it is going on, we MUST keep Him and His Sacrificial Blood as our entrance into the Kingdom, and therefore into the very presence of Jah which would strike us DEAD if we did otherwise, and must keep this as the number one belief pattern that is to be ever present in our mind.  And, not only for we ourselves, but in our thinking toward OTHERS who are ALSO in this Law of Salvation, and I do not care how far back in sin they may be!!!  Whether we are far advanced in this walk, or far behind, it is the same FOR US ALL!!!  We are ALL SHORT, way short, for we are ALL still filled with Law violations, and the main one we are short in IS LOVE one for another.  Here me well on this one.

It matters not if we know His True Name;  Keep the correct 7th day Sabbath or honor the Feast Days; have been conformed unto His image and into His full stature; if our skin is shining; if we are perfect by the law; have overcome the devourer; established Jah's kingdom on this earth; if we have cast out a million demons or caused Satan to be cast out of heaven; or are "new born" filled with terrible sin, we MUST NEVER EVER present our works to gain our entrance into the Kingdom, or into the presence of Jah, for it may just be the most blatant violating of Jah's Holy Law.  We come by Jahshuwah, the Lamb without blemish, and HIS BLOOD, and by the Law of Jah, there is NO OTHER WAY to come!!!  This IS believing IN HIM, the Word of Jah, the Torah, The HOLY LAW, and in that believing we WILL NOT PERISH, but have everlasting LIFE.  Violate it and we will be told, "Depart from me ye worker of INIQUITY"!

Not only must we see ourselves established in this LAW of Salvation, but our brothers and sisters as well.  If we judge them by the Law with the finger pointing, we are ON the same ground as the "Accuser".  We must see each other UNDER THE BLOOD, and going through the same process of redemption that we ourselves are going through.

Now listen to me on this one.  It is UNLAWFUL to view our brothers and sisters who are truly IN HIM, in ANY OTHER MANNER!!!  Why?  Because this is how Jahshuwah sees us.  He DIED TO REDEEM US and knows where each of us are in that redemptive process.  He it is that IS our New Man.  I cannot walk with the "Accuser" and say my thinking is of Jahshuwah.  I must leave the ground of the Accuser, and come onto the ground that is in unity with Jahshuwah, and in that, see His people through His eyes. and seeing through HIS eyes is seeing people in a LAWFUL manner.  When we fail to do so, then we are not IN Jahshuwah, and when we are not operating, functioning in Him, we are then VOID OF LOVE.  In violating love we are violating the Torah, for He is the Torah, and sees us through the eyes of the Torah.  We MUST be willing to give the same patience, the same longsuffering to OTHERS, as Jah has SHOWN TO WE OUR OWN SELVES!

Am I not to even see the shortness of myself and others?  That cannot be avoided, but if I stand with the Accuser in condemnation of people, I am now loosing the "creative power" of condemnation, and this is only serving the Accuser to try and hold them in the captivity to whatever shortness that may lie within them.  Condemnation builds PRISON BARS to hold a person captive, and the loosing of the creative word in condemnation is STRENGTHENING THOSE BARS!!!  

When we stand with Jahshuwah, and see them in the redemptive process, we are now loosing upon them Jahshuwah's FAITH who IS REDEEMING THEM.  Whose thinking are we to be one with, Jahshuwah's, or the Accuser's?  Which is LOVE, and which is HATE?  Which creative word do we want to loose?  That which strengthens the prison bars, or that which in fact strengthens Jahshuwah's redemptive work that is upon them?

People, no one gets as much out of something that I have written than what I do.  This one is striking into my very depths.  We are ALL so very short in what Jah is saying to us by His Spirit in this message, and that certainly includes me.

There is POWER of "Life and Death IN THE TONGUE".  What we speak has far more creative power than we can even comprehend, and there is NO WAY to avoid receiving results from that creative power loosed by our spoken word.  

A part of our overcoming is the "Word of our Testimony".  After reading this, what shall be OUR testimony, our CONFESSION OF FAITH from this day forth, and not only for our self, but FOR OTHERS?  A LAWFUL CONFESSION that sets us and all others free from the Accuser's Prison, or that which is UNLAWFUL and sets condemnation loose upon us to hold us captive?   

Even more grave, will we remember to NEVER commit the error that causes Jahshuwah to say to us, "Depart from me ye worker of iniquity"?  

We come by the BLOOD, and by the BLOOD ONLY.  We offer it first for ourselves, and then for others, and that BY FAITH.  Then IN that faith, see not only ourselves, but others as well IN and BY THAT BLOOD.  

We present it for ourselves FIRST, for this works to eliminate the Holier than thou finger pointing.  This is what brings clearly into our mind that we ALL need His Blood Sacrifice for our entrance into His EVERLASTING LIFE in His Kingdom, and it matters NOT how far along we may be, or how far behind anyone is, in our development in Him.  We are ALL in need of much redemptive work.

This IS "The Law of Salvation" afforded unto everyone, anyone, who will believe, regardless of what sin may be present.  This IS what shuts the mouth of the Accuser against us, or against our brothers and sisters.  Selah



P. S.  I do apologize for NOT being in a position where I can answer emails.  Please be patient with me and do not take it personally.  I do read all that come in.  It is just not possible to answer.  



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