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The Controversy over Law and Grace


Why is it there is so much controversy in regard to this subject when the scripture is so very clear??? The Reason: The CARNAL MIND!!!



EMAIL SENT 4- 24 -02

Why is it there is so much controversy in regard to this subject when the scripture is so very clear???  The Reason: The CARNAL MIND!

I have written this in a rather strong tone, for the last few months have run me out of patience with the muddied thinking regarding Law and Grace.  It is time for we, who are called to the Overcoming, to come out of all the confusion concerning this subject, and to finally put it in its proper perspective. 

Some might think that I am writing straight at them.  NO I AM NOT!!!  I am writing from what I see EVERYWHERE, and it grieves me greatly.  If you are taking it personally it is because Jah is SPEAKING TO YOU PERSONALLY, and not I.   

Jahshuwah was the Word made flesh.  The only Word when this was written was the “Torah and the Prophets”.  The Torah literally means the teachings, the precepts and instructions of Jah on how we should live our lives.  When I read through the Torah (The Holy Law), I find there is no greater teaching, no document as filled with wisdom, as this one.  The violation of these teachings is what is causing us ALL OF OUR TURMOIL!!!   Jah is our creator, and His Torah is His Instruction Manual of how to operate that which he has created.   Go against what Jah instructs, and IT WILL COST US, and cost us even while under grace. Violate His Instruction Manual, and the WARRANTY is of NO VALUE.   That I can full well attest to, believe me.  

If this were not so, we would rise in our pride and think we can get away with ANYTHING, even while committing grievous acts against another.  What spiritual foolishness is in our heads.  Jah will NOT be mocked.  We DO reap from what we sow.  Satan DOES sift us to find where we are short so he can attack and bring disasters upon us through our shortcomings.  No foul can rest where there are no branches on which to land.  We need much pruning.   

If I wanted to be as so many and be dogmatic that we should NEVER follow the Law of Jah, then what I am really saying is that we should remain in sin.  This muddied thinking would condemn me if I came out of sin, for then I would be thinking it would be oh so foolish as to be obeying the Law.  As John made very clear, “SIN IS THE TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW”.    This being so, then how can I come out of sin and avoid conforming unto the Holy Law of Jah???  Even still, how can anyone preach against sin, and yet say the Law has been done away with and no longer of value to us?  This is the foolish preaching of an impossible oxymoron.

Are we to remain IN sin, or be in the process of being redeemed FROM sin???  If I am being redeemed from sin, redeemed from my violations of the Law, am I then being redeemed to only be put into BONDAGE???  Or, being set free in LIBERTY???  I see the being set free from sin as being set FREE from BONDAGE and into the Liberty that being freed from sin intrinsically carries.  If I am wrong, hey, show me.  It would sure enough make my life a whole lot simpler.   

Go ahead and try to convince me that I am now in more bondage than when I first  began this walk of coming out of sin and into compliance with many aspects of the Law.  I still have a long way to go, but if you could see the before and after even to this far, you would walk away in red faced shame to even think it.

There is not one sin that any true believer has been delivered from that has not been in some way a violation of the law.  Every corrupt thing, every abomination  of the Harlot Church IS a violation of the Torah, and not just a little bit of transgression, BUT BLATANT  They think in their spiritual stupidity that they have been liberated to commit "all these abominations". (Jer. 13:10)  

(If you want a shocker, read the whole Book of Ezekiel.   It will straighten anyone out real quick as to Jah's opinions of OUR abominations, and that we sure enough had better GET OUT OF THEM!!!  Then, try and show me an "abominatation" that is NOT a VIOLATION OF THE LAW.)

The New Covenant was to be “The Torah written on our hearts”.  The Torah is the Word of Jah.   Jahshuwah was not only the Word of Jah, but the word of Jah working in PERFECTION.  He IS my NEW MAN!!!  How can I say that it is Jahshuwah in me doing what I am doing when what I am doing is violating the Torah, The Word of Jah??? 

The True Walk in Jahshuwah is when we are being taken over by Him unto the position where it is HIM IN US that is doing the doing.  The outer man’s works are NOTHING, for it is such that eliminates Jahshuwah and His work in us.  It is in fact BYPASSING Jahshuwah to become righteous by our own works, even if it is by works of the Torah.  It is not so much what we are doing, but WHO IS DOING IT!!!  Is it the flesh after the dead letter, or our New Man, Jahshuwah, who is after what is SPIRIT AND LIFE??? 

There is much teaching on the Torah that IS bringing people onto a bad track, for it is deceptively taking people away from Jahshuwah, His sacrifice which took our death penalty for us, and His work in us.  How could this be?  By influencing people to keep the Law through the works of the outer man.  

This is not easily discerned as the teaching comes forth in such subtlety.  It appears to be teaching righteousness while it is in fact turning people FROM true righteousness through Jahshuwah.  This is flesh, and it counts for NOTHING.  Even though they do have a show of outward righteousness, there is NO WORK of Jahshuwah in them.  While they claim to be righteous in the works of the Law in some vital aspects, they ignore how much of the Torah where they are still so very short.  When the effort of a person is strictly a fleshly endeavor, the outward man in his own works to become righteous, they have unwittingly placed themselves into the position of reaping consequences by reason of the violations of which they refuse to acknowledge. They then have the audacity to demand that everyone do as they do, and if you do not do as they do, then YOU ARE LOST, and have NO CHANCE WITH JAH.  It is spiritual stupidity filled with the pride of the fallen ego, and certainly NOT LOVE.   

By the very Law of Jah, Jahshuwah stands in our place before Him, and paid the price BY The Holy Law so that He could do JUST THAT.  Any time we go to works through the natural fallen man for our righteousness, even by the Torah, we have REMOVED Jahshuwah from that position in our life, and that my friends, will reap repercussions the likes of which you do not even want to know about or consider!!!  Why?  Because it is a LAW VIOLATION to do so!!!   

I sometimes wonder if the ones who teach the Law, the Torah, have ANY understanding of it whatsoever, except that which Satan moves on in their natural mind to keep some part of the Law so they can feel righteous.  Most certainly do NOT understand the Sacrificial Ordinances, or their place in our life.  Remove them from their correct position, and we have removed the sacrifice of JAHSHUWAH who fulfilled them once and for all.  Do that, and WE HAVE HAD IT!!! 

I can say for a certainty that the Law of Jah is surely written on my heart, for the longings in me for the righteousness contained therein are great.  This is the LONGING FOR JAHSHUWAH Himself, and anyone who does not have this longing for righteousness is NOT walking with Him, nor are they IN The New Covenant.  Because of this longing, I am brought out into the light, and in that light, see my shortness of Jah’s Glory, and where I am lacking the very nature of Jahshuwah functioning in me.  What I want so desperately to be so in my life, I find that I do not have the will within my own self to perform it.  Instead of being righteous in all my ways, I find myself in the revolting development of BEING A WRETCH.  A most miserable wretch that is in great need of His redemptive work being accomplished in me. 

This is not true of just me, but ALL OF US whether it is recognized or not, and is why grace has been afforded unto us who would walk the road of the redemptive works of the Cross!!!  It has not been afforded to those who want to stay IN their sins, their Law Violations, but to those who long to come out of them, and is afforded unto them while they DO come out of them.  

For those who are in the coming out of “her”, we are being developed as Jah chooses to develop us.  Where one is short, another will have already had that shortness eliminated from them.  If that one who has already been changed points his finger at him who is not, he has left the ground of Jahshuwah’s LOVE FOR US ALL, and walked out onto the ground of the accuser.  Then, the one accused finds where he is more developed in an area than the one doing the accusing, and points the finger back.  Thus we enter into the land of DIVISION, which is right where “The Devourer” wants us.  I sometimes shake my head and wonder if we will EVER wise up and learn how to put this sucker down, and NEVER listen to him again. 

We are all at different stages of being delivered from that which is fallen.  He changes each of us as HE wills, in HIS timing HIS way, and how He does that with each of us is NO ONE ELSE’S BUSINESS but HIS!!!  This we must get through our thick skulls, and give space to each other while knowing this IS being accomplished in EACH OF US who are in the “Overcoming”.  It is time we left off with being one with the accuser; of making demands upon everyone to be as "righteous" in their ways as we are, and come out onto the ground in love for one another, even as in the great desire of our Messiah who prayed earnestly for this to be in us JUST BEFORE HE DIED

None of us who are in the “coming out within” are more righteous than another, for the righteousness of us all is not in we ourselves, but is in JAHSHWAH, and no one can become any more righteous positionally before Jah than that.   He, by THE HOLY LAW, and being judged perfect by that Law, paid the price to take that position for us, and this IS the grace that is afforded unto those that ARE being developed in the righteousness of Jahshwah, one step at a time.  It is even as Paul said, "That the righteousness of the Law might be fulfilled in us who walk NOT after the flesh, but AFTER THE SPIRIT". 

What is my answer for this body of death that would work so fervently to prevent my coming into the righteousness I so long for???  The work of Jahshuwah in me, as He changes me, conforms me into HIS image day by day, and HIS image is the Torah; the teachings, precepts, and instructions of Jah in PERFECTION!!!  The more I read those instructions, the more I see my shortness, and the more I see my shortness, the more I groan within and cry out for the work to be done in me.  And not only for my own, but for all that which I plainly see throughout the Ekklesia.  How could anyone do anything less if they are truly walking with Him, and longing for Him to take their life over???  

  (And Jah said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.  EZ 9:4) 

  (Rev 9:4, and please notice that this is the SAME REFERENCE NUMBER as in Ezekiel.  And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of Jah in their foreheads.)

I have lived a life apart from His nature.  It was a life where I was my own “god” and only seeing what I thought was righteousness through my own Knowledge of Good and Evil instead of by the mind and eyes of Jah, and this even while being raised in a church from birth.   I found out quite clearly that our opinion of what is righteous is totally different from what Jah says is righteous.  

I have had quite enough of living in our wonderful opinion of what is righteousness.  One time through this carnal world that lives after the flesh is all I need to prove to me that IT DOES NOT WORK!!!  This manifests in our life nothing but pain, agony, despair, and all such reaping; the likes of which no one should ever want any part.  I do not have to try and prove this except to say, hey, take the blinders off and take a good look at what is going on all around us, if not even in our own life.  The world is in chaos; going insane; and but for the intervention of Jah would have ALREADY DESTROYED ITSELF.  

Living on this planet ruled by Satan and his Kingdom of Darkness where everyone wants to be as "god" and righteous in their own sight is a BRUTAL WORLD indeed.  I need not try to prove that one, for the world itself thoroughly proves out that axiom to any clear thinking individual.  

Why is this so???   It is because the world HATES JAH, and all of His righteous ways, which are thoroughly taught to us IN HIS TORAH.  Everything that makes this world a place of wickedness, of despair, of heartache, is a VIOLATION OF THE TORAH, and straight out of the Tree of Death!!!  

As I wrote in “Love, A Many Splintered Thing”: 

      Most of us are totally unaware of the POWER that is loosed in True Love (esp Forgiving Love), and think that Love is just a feeling, and is something that just automatically operates correctly and naturally. Sorry, this is not so. The "feeling" of "love" is FICKLE, and totally confused with other emotions when uneducated, and is void of wisdom and understanding. The world is in a mess because love is out of whack. Our love capacity is in a mess, and therefore, so is not only the world, but also our very own lives.

    Like any ability, Love needs developing, education, training, discipline, and wisdom. Love is an art. A craft. Like any other natural ability, it must be nurtured and trained into perfection. To acquire growth in its intrinsic values, it requires concentrated dedication, and commitment. How many understand this?

    Being created in the likeness of Yahweh, we all have the capacity to love. Our difficulty to perform correctly is twofold. First and foremost, we are ALL born with a fallen nature that sees opposite of the Truth, and therefore does things backwards. This perverts true love until it is no longer recognized. Then, in that perversion of love, the carnal mind convinces itself that it is still operating in love. This is mostly our situation today.

      We cannot begin to understand Love until we begin to experience the First Commandment in Truth, and that by the work of the Holy Spirit. In Mat 22:37-40, Jahshuwah said the following. Listen carefully to what HE SAYS. Do NOT let some messenger of Satan that stands behind a pulpit and exalts himself as greatly called by Yahweh, blind you to what the KING has to say.

"Thou shalt LOVE Yahweh with ALL thy heart, and with ALL thy soul, and with ALL thy mind. This IS the FIRST and most important commandment.

    The second is like unto it, Thou shalt LOVE thy neighbor as THYSELF. ON THESE TWO HANG (fastened to, predicated upon) ALL of the Law, and the Prophets!!!"

Did you hear HIM?! ALL of the Law (as well as everything else the Prophets had to say) is fastened to the LOVE we are to express toward Jah, and to all others!     How can we claim before the Throne that we are operating, acting in, LOVE toward our Father if we are blatantly VIOLATING HIS LAW??? Love, what love really is, fulfills the Law naturally. As even Paul said, "If we walk after the Spirit, we will fulfill the righteousness of THE LAW"!!!  

We are told in Romans 13:10, that "Love is the FULFILLING (the performing) of The Law", and therefore is most assuredly NOT the "doing away with it"!!!

We cannot be violating the Law of Jah, and say we are acting in Love. By the Words of Jahshuwah, this would be IMPOSSIBLE, for He says that ALL of the Law is predicated, hung on, fastened to, our Love toward Jah, and the love in our relationship with others. The TWO are SYNONYMOUS! They are ONE and in unity. NEITHER is without the other. I can tell you with most assurance that doing away with the Law is the DOING AWAY WITH LOVE!!!  And, what is it that is mostly absent from this earth???  And, who has it been that has done the most damage to it by tossing what defines it aside like it was some sort of heretical garbage???  And, what does scripture, and even now we ourselves, call this entity that has done so???  And, WHAT IS ITS FATE???!        

Love for Jah, and for each other, fulfills the Law.  It does NOT DO AWAY WITH IT.  There is not one thing in our relationship that is wrongful activity with Jah, and with others, that is NOT a violation of LOVE, and violating LOVE is VIOLATING THE HOLY LAW OF JAH.  

Every fruit of the spirit is a result of having LOVE worked in us, and that LOVE is fulfilling the Law!!  Every bit of 1 Cor. 13 is a fulfilling of Jah’s teachings and instructions IN HIS TORAH, and every thing that violates what Paul set forth as love in that chapter IS A VIOLATION OF THOSE TEACHINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS. 

We are told that “If we confess our SINS, then He is faithful and just to forgive, and to CLEANSE US from ALL . . .  ALL unrighteousness”, and not just some of it.  So, What is SIN??  It is the transgression of Jah’s precepts, teachings and instructions.  So what am I confessing and asking to be cleansed from???  VIOLATIONS OF THE LAW, for there is NO SIN that is not such a transgression!!! 

What am I to do with others???  Turn them from the very nature of Jahshuwah in us by saying forget the Law, or point them to it so they can learn just who Jah is, and what the nature of Jahshuwah is???  Not only is the Torah the very nature and character of Jah, but of Jahshuwah also, and He IS OUR NEW MAN. 

We are to be conformed unto His image, unto the full stature of Jahshuwah.  What was Jahshuwah???  The Lamb of Jah who was without any blemish in Him whatsoever.  What judged Him as being such??  THE TORAH!!!  What kind of bumble heads are we??   How can I possibly say that the Law of Jah is done away with, ignore it, spit on it, call it BONDAGE, and still think that I am being conformed unto His image who is the Word of  Jah made flesh and was born among men???  

There is not one change in me that has taken me out of sin toward righteousness that has not been a fulfillment of the Torah in me.  Nor has it been any different for anyone else who is truly walking with Him.  Those that are coming out of the whore, are coming out because of the Law in their Hearts, and so much a part of their hearts they cannot any longer stand what is going on in COUNTERFEIT CHRISTIANITY.  Not only can they no longer participate with it, they, even as the Law calls for, want to see it DESTROYED!!!  Those being left IN "Her" have never come into the New Covenant.  It is a "Strong Delusion" sent upon those who would not receive the love of the truth so that they MIGHT BE DAMNED!!!  And, as incredible as it sounds, they are ALL convinced that they ARE walking after righteousness right when they are following a COUNTERFEIT or anti-Christ  Savior.  It is mind boggling.

Everything wicked, every abomination that makes the Great Whore to be the Great Whore, IS A VIOLATION OF THE LAW!!!  Our desiring to get out of it comes from Jahshuwah in us, the Word of Jah, the TORAH WRITTEN ON OUR HEARTS. 

So what do I conclude???  That the works of the outward man to be righteous are NOTHING, even in trying to be righteous by the Torah.  I am crucified with Messiah.  That is the END OF ME and all of my OWN works.  I am crucified with Messiah, nevertheless I LIVE, yet NOT I, but MESSIAH (The Word or Torah of Jah) liveth in me.  

As I said, it is not so much what we are doing, but WHO IS DOING IT!!!  Is it the outward fallen man filled with an ego which is set on trying to prove how great and righteous it is, or Jahshuwah in us who is changing us from WITHIN???  And, that comes to pass by the cleansing of the blood received from Jahshuwah on the cross.  That blood cleanses us from ALL . . . . ALL . .  unrighteousness, and every bit of that unrighteousness is a violation of the Torah!! 

The Overcomers are being given the full and complete redemption from the fall and the fallen nature.  In that redemption, they will be even as Jahshuwah Himself, as they will be conformed unto HIS image, and into HIS full stature.  They will become even as Jahshuwah, for it is He that will be functioning in them, and not they themselves of their own selves.  I can tell you for a certainty, there is NO LAW VIOLATION IN HIM, and neither then will there be ANY in those who develop unto HIS FULL STATURE!!!  This WILL BE The Manifestation of the Sons of Jah When that day comes, then the LAW will go forth FROM ZION even as prophesied, and THAT preaching by these "Sons" will TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN by bringing the total destruction of Satan and His whole kingdom of Darkness, for it is THEN that this Kingdom will reap DREADFULLY the Judgments due for its VIOLATIONS OF THE TORAH!!!  Jah will NOT BE MOCKED!!!  

The question is, where will each of us be in that day???  With the Lawless Savior, or the Lawful One.



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