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Sent 4-1-04

We are coming into the season of "Passover, and Unleavened Bread."  Thousands will take communion during this time and do so in an UNWORTHY MANNER.  What is the result of such?  It is just as Paul states in 1st Cor.11: 


For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Masterís body.  For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Masterís body.


The taking of communion is NOT a ritual, but IS SERIOUS BUSINESS.  To take communion correctly, in a WORTHY manner, it is to take it remembering what He has not only done for you before Jah, but everyone else that believes in Him as well.  Being "worthy" is NOT based on the "REMEMBRANCE" of your works, but in "remembrance" OF HIS on your behalf.  And, not just on your behalf, but on EVERYONE'S behalf who IS a "believer in Him."  Get it clear in your mind what this is, or you will not like the results of what takes place if you do not. 





I have been very grieved over what I see in the general body of believers for over a year now.  Jah's house is in an atrocious mess of confusion and divisiveness, and few even realize just how intolerable it all is.  I have sought Him constantly for what the problem was that was causing what I was seeing in this disarray.  Jah has used some recent events to bring it all into focus for me. 


I have known that a "New Perspective" would be given to me, and when it was complete, my entire web site would  need a "renewing."  I have constantly reiterated that with every new enlightenment, a new perspective is given, and so we need to NOT allow ourselves to become cemented into any position of doctrine, but be ready for a "renewing of our mind."  Because of this new perspective, I do expect much editing, and reconstructing of this web site.  The more what I am seeing becomes life in me, then the more there will be of the editing.  Please be patient with me, for this will take some time to accomplish. 


It would take much for me to relate all that I am presently seeing, so it will not be my intent to try and reveal everything involved at this time.  I would just like to state a part of it for the edification of those who might be able to hear what Jah is saying to us.


I rather doubt most will be able to hear what I am now seeing in depth until Jah brings to pass the weeping repentance of Jer. 50.  Only He can do that which will cause this "weeping."  I do not even want to think about what He might do to bring about that cause.  I just know that it is never a small matter that brings such repentance to a whole group of people.  Particularly when most see no need for their repenting from anything, let alone something major.

People, we are ALL born living our lives according to the Tree of Death knowledge.  When we come to Christ, we are saved, but without realizing it, continue right on with that Tree of Death thinking.  That mindset is based on performance, and is therefore quite legalistic.  We find what justifies us in our mind for how we perform, even by scripture, and feel we are doing right through that knowledge.  The more this is present in us as our means of being righteous, the more we minimize our need for Christ.  The more we minimize our need for Christ, the more legalistic we become.  The more we minimize our need for Christ, the more we are worshipping falsely the idol of selfWe might think that we need Him to get "saved", but that is where it ends and onto a mental code of contrived righteousness we go, as if we are now being saved by our works.  

We all have this fallen mentality in us of what we have decided is righteousness in our own eyes before we are saved.  We see this present everywhere, even in the prisons.  Everyone has their performance code, and somehow think that everyone else should submit unto that which we have developed as righteous behavior.  

The sad part is this continues to work in us even after we have come to Christ.  I am sorry to say that it matters not where you go in "Christianity", that group has been founded upon a performance based religion.  All of those that do not perform as they do are either lost, or way off the mark.  In every case, the full reality Christ and Him Crucified has been laid aside, and in that realize NOT what they have even done.  

I need not go through each movement or denomination.  Each has their performance code that justifies everyone in their mind by that performance, and expect everyone to measure up to that code.  I could mention a couple for examples such as the Seventh Day Adventists and their Sabbath, or the Charismatics who insist that you "speak in tongues", .  

This is what has created thousands of different sects in "Christianity", each one pointing the finger at the other, and it is all of the Tree of Death nature.  Why is this happening?  Because they either have forgotten, or cannot see, Christ and Him Crucified.  We have this divisiveness prompted by Satan because people will NOT recognize what Christ has done for EVERYONE who "believes in Him" for their salvation, regardless of what their belief systems may be.

How many "Towers of Babel" have been built by one who has decided they are a "great leader", and have built their "tower" around a specific performance code curriculum?   Wherever this is done (and it is still being done even to this very day),   it leads to DREADFUL DECEPTION that takes people away from the full need and reality of Christ and Him Crucified as our foundation.  As our ROCK to be established and built upon.  Our "Rock" is NOT The Law and our compliance with it.  That is dangerous ground to stand upon, for no matter how far we advance in our walk, we will ALWAYS be short of Jah's Glory.

People are extremely vulnerable to such deception, for our fallen ego's love to feel superior to everyone else, and in that, become oh so sure that their leader, and their performance code, is the only way into the Kingdom of Jah.  This is the sick thinking of the carnal mind.  There is only ONE WAY into the Kingdom of Jah, and that is through CHRIST, and what He has done to open that door for us by His death, burial, and resurrection.

WE are NOT to be conformed unto the mold created by a man or woman, but to be conformed unto the image of Christ.  When someone comes along and tries to conform you unto their doctrine, it is time to WALK AWAY, and I do not care how good their revelation may be.  NEVER will anyone be conformed unto the full stature of Christ while listening to such people.

I think it would be well for us ALL to spend a little less time studying how great Satan is in the earth and all that he is doing, and a lot more time studying the Mind of Christ as He went to the Cross.  How many even know what His mindset was?  When we have THIS mind functioning in  us, we will finally have made some progress in the overcoming. How many study His Mind to see what it is that needs to be developed IN us?  Are we called to be "redeemers", or PROSECUTORS?

Never do unto others what you do not want done unto you.  Do you enjoy being PROSECUTED?  Hardly.  Then why do we go about prosecuting others?

(Yes, I am quite aware of the call to "Come Out of all her abominations", and all that this entails.  I have NOT changed my mind on this.  My point in this article is to establish our foundation, for without this being established, WE ARE LOST IN A QUAGMIRE OF CONFUSION, which has resulted in terrible divisiveness in our minds toward others.  This folks, IS AN ABOMINATION of which we MUST COME OUT.  We will never be ready to rescue ANYONE from the Whore's entrapments until we get this one straight in our minds.  This is in fact, a vital and major part of "The Coming Out" of The Great Whore who has entrapped us all into mindsets that have caused terrible chaos in the Body of Christ.  Mindsets that instead of being ONE WITH CHRIST the loving forgiving redeemer, they are causing us to be  ONE WITH ANTI-CHRIST, and the Spirit of anti-Christ is out to defeat Christ and all that He has done FOR US.)

In most cases, we have become so full of all our revelation, doctrine, and performance based belief systems we have used to create ourselves righteous in our own eyes, that we have lost sight of the one who bought us.  It is like we can see everything but Christ and Him Crucified.   Those doctrines, revelations, and belief systems based on performance can be used by the Devil to blind us to our need for Christ.  This becomes oh so obvious when it is used to exclude all of those who do not agree with our presuppositions. Whenever we find ourselves in such a group, we have arrived onto a ground of extreme error through the seduction of the Spirit of Jezebel.  Hear me well.



If I have learned anything in my years, it is that I have NO defense before Jah, except Christ and Him Crucified.  That is just as true today as it was sixty years ago when I first came to Christ.  Why do I know that?  Because my righteousness is NOT based in ANY WAY on my performance, and NEVER WILL BE.  If mine isn't, then in my mind, I must see that NEITHER IS ANYONE ELSE'S.  There is no way to see that for others unless the individual sees that for himself.  When it is not seen, criticism, condemnation, PROSECUTION, will flow from the mouth toward others who do not measure up to our demands.  There is no way to stop it.

We will never have unity until everyone sees themselves as totally helpless, totally defenseless before Jah, except in Christ and him Crucified.  

It is past time for us ALL to recognize that every last one of us is DEFENSELESS before Jah, except for Christ and Him Crucified.  For any of us to point the finger at another as a Prosecutor is not recognizing this reality.  If I came after anyone as a Prosecutor, they would wonder if they could ever be saved, let alone be already saved.  This is true of us ALL.  None of us can measure up.  By the Law of Jah, we are ALL totally undone before Him.  Because we are ALL guilty, none of us can rightfully point the finger at another as a Prosecutor.  Anyone who goes about "Prosecuting" the Body of Christ had sure enough better not partake of communion.


You will see this thinking throughout the New Testament once your eyes are opened to it.  Read Romans 3, where statements like the following are made:  


As it is written, There is none righteous, NO, NOT ONE:.............................. Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith TO THEM who are under the law: that EVERY MOUTH MAY BE STOPPED, and all the world may become GUILTY BEFORE JAH.......


But now THE RIGHTEOUSNESS of Jah WITHOUT THE LAW is manifested (made known), being WITNESSED by the the law....made known to us....... BY THE LAW, AND THE PROPHETS;


Even THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF Jah which is by faith of Jahshuwah Messiah unto ALL and upon all......ALL...upon ALL them that BELIEVE:

Read that over several times to get it into your mind as an ABSOLUTE!!!  Our righteousness before Jah is predicated upon our "believing in Him" and NOTHING ELSE, and that is even witnessed to us BY THE LAW.  Christ IS our Righteousness, and it is HIS righteousness that has delivered us from the curse of the Law.  Do NOT LET ANYONE convince you otherwise, for if they do, they will be seducing you into error that will bring the coming judgments down upon your own head.  He IS our escape, and the only way of escape.





Jah DEMANDS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and I mean TOTAL RIGHTEOUSNESS.  When I read the Word I see no two ways about it.  Why?  Because He is righteous, and will have nothing around Him that is not righteous.  Scary thought right?  Hang with me, and you will see where I am going. 


People who go about Prosecuting by the Holy Law, do not see the total picture of His demands for righteousness, and what that righteousness is.  If they did, they would forget all about their own self-justifying belief systems, and BE ON THEIR FACES, and finally once and for all time, see Christ and Him Crucified, and what this means. 


I do see His demands, and that is why I know that I am defenseless before Him except through my Public Defender who is Christ who shed His blood for me, and therefore exonerates me before Jah.  In no other way can I be so exonerated.  This frees me from ANY performance based belief systems, but oh, will those of such ilk condemn me without mercy.  Especially when I see through those eyes of Christ in dealing with others.


Now, let's look further into the righteousness of Jah.  This is where people are missing it, and when they miss this part, they are seduced into being one with the Prosecutor. 


Jah, being righteous, and in being a RIGHTEOUS JUDGE, knew that we in ourselves could not in ANY WAY measure up to His Righteousness.  Because of this, His righteousness was to make us righteous THROUGH CHRIST.  Until we have seen this, we have really seen NOTHING, nor will we be able to exercise Christ's love toward others until we do.  Jah knew we were defenseless, and gave us a PUBLIC DEFENDER who by Himself, made us righteous before Him.  It was the only way we could be saved.  Our own righteousness, our own performance code, even when based on portions of the Law, is nothing but filthy rags. 


Satan is the one who "PROSECUTES."  The Overcomers will have to come into this reality, or they will never be an Overcomer.  As it says in Rev. 12, Overcomers will overcome the Prosecutor (Accuser)), and when they do, he will be DEFEATED:  


And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our Elohim, and the power of his Messiah: for THE ACCUSER (The Prosecutor) OF OUR BRETHREN ..........of our BRETHREN cast down, which accused (PROSECUTED) them (our brethren) before our Elohim day and night.  


This "Accuser" IS THE PROSECUTOR in the heavenly courtroom, and what takes place there manifests on this earth through people who give themselves to doing the Prosecutor's work.  He brings charges against Jah's people, and The Public Defender represents us against what the Prosecutor charges to make us guilty.


Christ is the "PUBLIC DEFENDER."  


1st John 2:

And if ANY MAN SIN, we have AN ADVOCATE with the Father, Jahshuwah Messiah the righteous:  And he is the propitiation (the Appeaser, or Public Defender on our behalf  before Jah) for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.  

The Prosecutor is only looking for what charges he can bring against an individual.  And, he much uses THE HOLY LAW to level those charges.


The Public Defender has DELIVERED US from those charges, regardless of what they may be, or even of how true they are, for without Christ, WE ARE ALL.....ALL......DEFENSELESS.


Jezebel is working to seduce people unto the Prosecutor who is ANTI-CHRIST.  What she says to seduce will sound oh so righteous, even to sounding "lawful" to the uneducated, but oh so blatantly in error to those who know better.  The enemy HATES what Christ accomplished FOR US because it means HIS TOTAL DEFEAT, and uses everything and everyone he can to blind us to it.


All charges brought by the Prosecutor is working AGAINST the Public Defender, to DEFEAT HIM AND WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR US.  Dwell on that a bit and see how much comes to light for you just on that one.  


As Paul said in Romans 8:


What shall we then say to these things? If Jah be for us, who can be against us?  

He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?  

Who shall lay any thing to the charge of Jahís elect? It is JAH THAT JUSTIFIES.  

Who then can condemn?  (Prosecute) 

It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of Jah, who also maketh intercession for us.

There is NO ONE who can prosecute ANYONE who is believing in Christ as He should be believed in.




Jezebel displays wonderful love to all of those who submit unto her, but nothing but wrath toward, and prosecution of, those who do not.  She wants people to submit unto what she declares as being righteous, and hates the fact that Christ has made us righteous before Jah.  She is performance oriented for righteousness, which totally displaces Christ and Him Crucified.  All of those that do not submit unto her performance code will be condemned by her.  She, nor those who have sworn their allegiance to her, will ever repent, but only work to destroy the truth, and the bearers of it.  When correction comes, she and hers will only become more defiant.


Jezebel has become quite adept at the twisting of the Word to so destroy, while making herself appear as being righteous in all that she does.  Such ALWAYS think they are serving Jah, and doing Him service in all that they do.  It is the WORST KIND of ABOMINATION!!!


The ego feeds on this knowledge of good and evil.  It determines what is right and what is wrong, whether by the natural mind reasoning, or from what it has chosen to believe in the Word of Jah.  If by the Word, then it works only through natural reasoning to find scripture to incorrectly use to reinforce whatever that position might be.  The ego is very clever, for sure, even as Satan is.


It is self-righteous, and worships self, causing self to be set up as an idol before Jah without ever realizing what it is doing.  Pride of knowledge does bring forth a terrible blindness.  This is from where all critical spirits work.


In this mechanism, the ego criticizes everything that does not agree with what it has determined is good, and what is evil. 


No one can become an Overcomer without seeing the first precept of Overcoming by the Blood, and that cannot be seen except by seeing Christ and Him Crucified.  Only those that DO see it will ever overcome THE PROSECUTOR, and therefore through the work of the Public Defender, be declared innocent by the ultimate Judge, Jah Almighty.  


Those that continue to walk with the Prosecutor WILL BE PROSECUTED.  It is the "judge not that ye be not judged."  


Those that will walk with the Public Defender WILL BE DEFENDED.  It is just that simple.

One is the Tree of Life.  The other the Tree of Death, the tree of our own knowledge of good and evil, our own performance code.  Anyone who has a performance code for everyone to measure up to will end up being one with the Prosecutor.  NEVER will they be one with The Public Defender.

It is quite possible that the BATTLE LINE is being declared.  It is between the Prosecutors, and The Public Defenders.  

The Public Defender was determined to defeat The Prosecutor, and DID SO.  Those that walk with the Public Defender will be of the same mind, and come against everything that the Prosecutor is doing, and who he is using to so do it.


The Prosecutors will come against the Public Defenders charging them with being defenders of unrighteousness, or whatever, when it is they themselves that are the ones guilty. 


Is it not our commission to bring this earth into submission to Jah through Christ?  Are we to be representatives of Satan the Prosecutor (accuser), or Christ the Public Defender (our Advocate before Jah)?  Do we know the difference between the two in our attitudes toward others?  If not, it is time that we did, for one is of the carnal mind, and the other Spirit.  One is HATRED, the other is LOVE.


We can come to prosecute, or to redeem.  In coming to redeem, we must see the Advocate, The Public Defender, and what His defense is of us before Jah.  The Prosecutors will NEVER SEE IT, but only come to prosecute, and in prosecuting, be guiltier than the one they are prosecuting.  Why?  Because they have left off with being one with Christ our Redeemer, and have gone to being one with The Prosecutor. 


Now, there are more characteristics, more functions to Christ in our life than just being our Advocate before Jah.  He is also our Shepherd, our REDEEMER who comes to deliver us from the enemy's entrapments.  To bring us out of our errors, and not to leave us in them.  As our Savior, He comes to redeem us from our sins, our Law Violations, but NEVER in the role of a Prosecutor.  He comes in love, in patience and longsuffering to correct us, to deliver us from evil, from our wayward ways.  We should ALL be grateful for this reality.


Certainly our wayward ways need to be corrected, but that will only come through the methods of our Public Defender, and NEVER through the methods of The Prosecutor.


The methods of The Prosecutor will never do anything but move people into more error, and in the process, cause the very division in the body that blatantly exists in this day.

We MUST REMEMBER that we are delivered by Him, and NOT by measuring up to someone else's performance code.  Certainly we are to grow, and receive correction, but NEVER as a required performance code so that we can be righteous.  We are delivered by the righteousness of Jah through Christ, and in that righteousness, He KNOWS far better than we do that we cannot measure up to His demands, let alone those of men (and women).  That is why He has made us righteous through Christ.  Otherwise we would be totally defenseless before Him.

Christ is our "Public Defender" before Jah.  Satan is the Prosecutor.  By what Christ did, and presents for us before the Throne, the mouth of the Prosecutor IS SHUT, and by that we obtain our deliverance, and have Christ's victory over the enemy delivered unto us.


Many know of the impending disasters that could hit at any moment.  Most of them think it is judgments coming on others, for they are living up to their performance code, and therefore righteous before Jah.  So, how could it fall upon them, right?  They see the judgments falling on those that do not measure up to their performance code, and certainly not on themselves.  They have not yet understood that before Jah, we are all defenseless, except for Christ and Him Crucified.  And it matters not how far we have advanced in Christ.  Only those that so recognize this, and never leave that ground, will escape.  Everything else is nothing more than a slap in the face of Jahshuwah. With what I see coming, it is well time for people to be running for the covering of Jahshuwah, and HIS BLOOD.


It is time for the people to WISE UP, and overcome that Prosecuting Devil, and Jezebel's seduction to be one with him.  Zion will never manifest under the headship of A Prosecutor!!!  Those that so walk with him will only be filled with more lies with every passing day.  While bringing charges against Jah's people, they themselves will wax worse and worse in their lies, and constantly use the "fig leaf cover up" to hide those lies from the people.


I have often wondered what was meant in Jer. 50 by the mentioning of a perpetual covenant::


In those days, and in that time, saith the Supreme Judge , the children of Israel shall come, they and the children of Judah together, going and weeping: they shall go, and seek the Supreme Judge their Elohim. They shall ask the way to Zion with their faces thitherward, saying, Come, and let us join ourselves to the Supreme Judge IN A PERPETUAL COVENANT that shall not be forgotten.


I now understand what that will be, and by the time this comes to pass, believe me, IT WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN EVER AGAIN!!!  Something must take place to cause this to come to pass.  What that will be, I cannot say, except, whatever it is, IT WILL STRIP US NAKED, and by that stripping, show us once and for all our need for Christ and HIM CRUCIFIED.  Maybe people cannot see their need for Him today, but believe me, they WILL IN THAT DAY. 


I am most assuredly one who understands the value of The Holy Law in our life.  What most do not understand is what is revealed in The Holy Law concerning The Sacrifices.  The Sacrifices contain the very Nature of Christ, and the very mind in which He functioned on this earth.  It is time we LEARNED ABOUT THIS PART OF THE LAW, believe me.  Keeping the Sabbath, The Feast Days, knowing the True Names, and ANY OTHER doctrine will be USELESS until we do!!!  Why?  Because it is in The Sacrifices that JAH'S LOVE TOWARD US ALL is revealed!  Without THIS LOVE we have NOTHING!!!  


Jah will have His people, and THEY WILL LOVE ONE ANOTHER, even as Christ loves each of us, and in that LOVE, gave His life as a SACRIFICE for us ALL.


The "Law for you, grace for me" syndrome in our pride sick minds MUST COME TO AN END in a people for anyone to ever find the ground of unity in love that Jahshuwah PRAYED FOR.


It is time for us to leave off with being one with the Prosecutor, and the studying of all his "wonderful and mighty works" in his Kingdom of Darkness, and give ourselves to the studying of THE MIND OF CHRIST, and how HE functioned on this earth in that mind.


One is the Tree of Life.  The other the Tree of Death, the tree of our own knowledge of good and evil, our own performance code.  Anyone who has a performance code for everyone to measure up to will end up being one with the Prosecutor.  NEVER will they be one with The Public Defender.


I do know this.  There will be no Zion, no Sons of Jah caught over into the Authority of Jahshuwah, until there is a people who see Christ and Him Crucified, and ALL that this reveals, not only in their own life, but in the life of every other "believer" as well.  He is the all in all, and it is time we woke up, realized it, and gave Him His rightful place in our life WITH PRAISE, and NEVER replace Him with ANYTHING.  Certainly NOT with our own works, which is a "graven image of SELF" that we have set before Jah to worship, and in our blindness, do not even realize what we do.  Make no mistake about it.  This is a DREADFUL  ABOMINATION that is corrupting the entire Body of Christ.  Maybe the worst abomination of all.


Anything that is advertised as a "Dwelling Place of Zion" without the presence of the Sons of Jah called by Jah to establish Zion, who walk in the Mind of Christ, IS A DECEPTION.  A very GRAVE deception that will lead to a terrible disillusionment.  


Never submit yourself to ANYONE who would seduce you to believe otherwise, for if they succeed, you will find yourself in the same judgments they are calling down upon themselves.  All such seducers are headed for a dreadful end.  They might look good now, and oh so righteous, but NOT THEN.








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