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The Warning of The End Times


Behold, I set before you this day, Life and Death, Blessing and Cursing





(Final Lesson in this series)


We ARE Delivered From The Curses


Because We are Called According To HIS PURPOSE

What is that Purpose???  The same purpose that Jah had in the very beginning.


This IS the JUDICIAL EVIDENCE that IS to be IN 


The Overcomers are being prepared for the leaving of the Kingdom of Death and Curses for the crossing over into the Kingdom of LIFE and Blessing. 

I have tried to make it clear that we are presently in a "Prep School" getting us ready for the "Kingdom University" in Zion.  This is the concluding lesson of  this series of E-Mails that is a vital part of that preparation.  We are being given a crucial decision.  That is, to choose Life, or choose Death.  The choice is ours, the work to get us there is Jah's .

Sent 6-18--03

This is the 20th of a series of e-mails that is not only revealing what stage we are presently in as Overcomers, but to set the stage of where we are going.  If you have not read the first 19, you might not get the correct perspective, or full impact of what is being said here.   If you would like to read those first, CLICK HERE.  

We ALL have the wrongful "faith in ourselves" to accomplish "righteousness" in us, even though this can be so hidden from view that we ourselves do not even see it.  This will produce works of the outward man that generates bondage.  When this is taking place, we can sure enough feel the bondage, but not realize why.  Instead of being brought forth in the liberty of the New Man, we are confining ourselves to the bondage of the flesh that is oh so sure it can make itself righteous, whether by its own rules and regulations, or by the Word of Jah.  

When thinking that we of our own selves can become as He is, we have entered into folly, and in the process have become our own "god" . By doing so, we have unwittingly eliminated Him from our life.  We are in a manner saying to Jahshuwah, "I can of my own works be as good as you are, so who needs you?"  It is in reality, audacious gall.  The only one who could even think such a thing has NEVER SEEN all that Jahshuwah is as the very Image of Jah. 

It boils down to how the letter of the Law, or even just the letter of any part of the Word, kills, while the Spirit of the Law, what Jah is saying IN SPIRIT in all of The Word, brings LIFE.  What life?  JAHSHUWAH'S!  It is not to make ourselves righteous, but to love that NOT unto the death.  It is to let HIS life take us over.

How does this take place???  Well, it begins by giving up ANY faith in ourselves to work righteousness in us, and placing IT ALL ON JAH to accomplish the work that He has planned to not only undertake, but TO COMPLETE.

Yes, we have responsibility.  Certainly we are to exercise ourselves toward righteousness, but we are to have no faith, NO CONFIDENCE IN THE FLESH to get it done.  It is to ALL be in Him, and in that, even working the strength in us needed to carry out our responsibility.  It has not been stated that "I can do all things through Jahshuwah Messiah who STRENGTHENS ME" for nothing.

The more this is realized, the more relief one will feel, and the more confidence one will have that they WILL MAKE IT, that they WILL come to the place Jah has desired for them, and that in spite of the wretched state they may realize they are in.  It is NOT where we are, or what we have been, but WHERE HE IS TAKING US.

In order to have ALL of our faith in Him, we must recognize at least two matters.  One, how utterly helpless we are in ourselves to get where Jah wants us.  And two, knowing where it is that Jah DOES want to take us. 

Remember, this is HIS plan, HIS war, and HIS responsibility to accomplish it.  Jah has not changed His mind.  His plan remains the same even as it was IN THE BEGINNING.  The culmination of that plan was to come to pass in "The Last Days".  Oh, how many are called to participate in that plan, and that plan was to manifest Jahshuwah's victory over Satan on this earth.  Not many have as yet have fully comprehended the Glory and magnitude of that calling.

We are told in Proverbs 3 a very well known truism:

Trust in JAH with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine OWN understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

How many claim this so that they will receive the good life right where they are in this world?.  That they will receive right where they are in their participation with The Great Whore, Babylon?  SORRY!!!  If one is really walking the walk, and really confessing this scripture IN FAITH, then I can tell you that THOSE PATHS will lead one TO THE CROSS, and MANY TIMES OVER.  It will bring the overcomers to "they loved not their life unto the death", believe me.  His paths take us the way that WORK FOR OUR GOOD in our development in Jahshuwah, and HIS development IN US.  

Anyone who thinks that He will just direct our paths into success in this world IS GREATLY DECEIVED, and on the wrong paths.  The true results of the paths He directs will produce JUST THE OPPOSITE.  His paths will RUIN US for this world.  They will take us OUT OF BABYLON, and certainly NOT make us great and mighty in "her".  Babylon exalts the ego where the paths of Jah brings it to its death.

Maybe you will now receive some understanding of what has been happening to you.  Because of the trauma you may have suffered, the enemy and the friends of Job will want you to think that you are on the wrong track  THAT IS A LIE if you are truly walking with Him IN FAITH.  You have been directed to paths that bring you to the end of yourself so that He might live in and through you.  While others remain the same as they have throughout their life time, you have been going through being changed from glory to glory, and that by HIS WORK IN YOU.  The proof of which lies in what has taken place in your life.

As I have said, the ego will NOT survive this trek.  Therefore, we may be made to look like fools now to those who function in the carnal mind and therefore LOVE Babylon, but I can for sure guarantee that this contradiction WILL BE REVERSED in the days ahead.  The ones suffering humiliation to their ego in the present will be exalted.  Those that have been the tail are about TO BECOME THE HEAD!!!

What We Speak Is What We Get

We are told in Proverbs 18:

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

We do not have to try and believe what we speak, WE ALREADY DO!  If we did not believe it, we would not speak it.  We get what we say.  We will eat the "fruit" of what we speak, and there is NO WAY to stop this from happening.  We cannot speak forth death and receive life.  That is impossible.  

The flesh speaks forth death while Jahshuwah in us will ONLY speak forth LIFE.  We all know that the tongue is an unruly member that is hard to tame.  We must see that in ourselves we will never get it in order, and that it is only the Life of Jahshuwah that can tame it.

Jah is the author and finisher of our FAITH, and it is the correct functioning of faith in us that takes us to where He wants us.  We are to go "wherever the Lamb takes us".  He was the epitome of faith, so He is certainly taking us into the same faith that He had.

He tells us that He is the Vine of Life, and that if we receive our life from Him, and His Words abide in us, we shall ask what we will, and it will be done.

Then He goes further in His teaching on the secrets of faith in Mark 11, and MUST  be seen in context concerning abiding IN HIM.  If we are to get the message concerning the secrets of faith, then we must listen to the one who knows what He was talking about.

The following is being spoken to us BY THE KING.  By the one who REIGNS OVER US.  Jah has clearly told us to HEAR YE HIM.  We would be far better off to  forget EVERYTHING that men of today say, and submit ourselves unto HIM, and to WHAT HE HAS TO SAY.  I can tell you, if I had NOT done this in my times of adversity, I WOULD NOT HAVE SURVIVED the devastation and trauma that I found myself in.

Mark 11:

And Jahshuwah answering saith unto them, Have faith in JAH.

For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

There is much in this chapter of which I will set aside for now as it is voluminous.  Jahshuwah is first of all telling us how to have faith that will cast Satan's World Authority into the sea, and to explain this would take a book.  He was not teaching this if it were not possible to do so.  

What I want you to see is that He is teaching us how faith works.  He is telling us that whosoever says whatsoever, and the person saying it believes without a doubt that they have received it, IT WILL COME TO PASS.  It is the believing IT IS SO BEFORE IT IS SO, so it will BECOME SO.  

How does this transpire???  By WHAT WE SAY, and that should line up with what WE HAVE ASKED and BELIEVE we have received.  What we are to say is "the Word of our testimony".  This testimony IS His Words IN TRUTH which are to abide in us, and that IS our Judiciary Evidence before the throne of Jah.  It does not mean much before people, but before Jah it means EVERYTHING.  And, not just before Jah, but TO THE ACCUSER as well.

So, are we to just decide of our own selves what we shall ask and believe???  Hardly, for then we have become our OWN El, and placed ourselves as being the ruler of His Word, using it for our personal purpose rather than His.  We can believe properly, or be in witchcraft.  And oh, how many have fallen to Jezebel's seductions of the works of witchcraft by "teachers of faith" who come to deceive with materialism.  Of this we must COME OUT, and find out how to exercise faith correctly, and that from how this faith is to begin.

How is this all to begin???  Just as Jahshuwah taught, and that is By HAVING FAITH IN JAH!!!  Certainly NOT by having faith in ourselves.  How do we have faith in Jah???  By believing WHAT HE SAID

We cannot confess "The Word of Our Testimony", our Judiciary Evidence correctly, until we have faith in Jah, and WHAT HE SAID.  What He said begins in the blood of the lamb.  Try to overcome unto the "overcame" any other way, and we will FAIL.  Our judiciary evidence in overcoming Satan must begin in the very foundation of our walk, and that is, in the blood of the lamb.

We are called according to HIS Purpose

He has called us according to HIS purpose.  We have NOT called Him to OUR purpose.  So obviously, our faith when functioning correctly will be in line with HIS purpose, and not be used for our own purpose.  We are NOT to be our own Elohim, creating our own world.  This is the way of "Babylon".  We must be changed from the ways of Babylon and all of "her" teachers, unto the way of Jah. 

In knowing He has called, then we must KNOW, BELIEVE that He is not only the one who is doing this work in us, but KNOW that He is more than able to accomplish it.  It is all dependant upon HIM, and NOT we ourselves. 

I would like to relate a bit about myself for your benefit.  I, as well as everyone, have far to go yet in the development of faith in me, but I have had some experience that might be of help to you.  I have well seen that what was of me DIED, and in that dying, it became resurrected in Him.  How many times this has occurred in the developing of HIS FAITH in me.  Where I thought I could believe Him for something, and exercised myself toward that end as I should have done, I found out in time that I could not of myself sustain it.  My effort eventually met its death, and when it did, then HIS FAITH came forth in me.  When that happened, it was no longer a battle to sustain it, for it was LIFE IN ME.  

With that portion of faith being life in me, it just naturally functioned without ANY BATTLE TO DO SO.  The "Overcame Him" came to pass in part, and that by HIS WORK IN ME.  I might add that it was a work that HE ACCOMPLISHED when I did not even know what it was that He was accomplishing.  When this is done HIS WAY, a person will then realize how they have NO REASON TO BOAST over any change in them, for it certainly was not accomplished of themselves, but IN SPITE OF THEMSELVES.  Hallelujah.

From One Track To Another

We are being taken from one track and put onto another.  We were born with a nature that just naturally runs to, and enjoys SIN, the way of wrong doing that is right in our own eyes, but totally contradicts Jah's ways.  This nature, regardless of how righteous it appears in our own mind and before people, cannot serve or please Jah.  We must be changed from that nature to the Nature of Jahshuwah Messiah.  At any given moment this changing is taking place, we are then experiencing the war between the flesh and spirit.  Our spirit wants to go Jah's way while the flesh wants to go the way we have always gone.  Our flesh is vexed with Jah's ways, and our spirit with the world's.

Now, the flesh wants to be as Jah, and therefore to appear righteous in all its ways.  It matters not where we go, if our eyes are open to this mechanism in our flesh, we will see people putting on that which they think causes them to appear as righteous people, and they would not let anyone see the truth about themselves for anything.  I have used "they" in the statement, but the truth is, this is in ALL of us.  

Because we are wanting to be accepted by people of our associations, we do not want to be seen as we really are.  So we put forth an image of ourselves that we want people to see so they will accept us.  The "fig leaf cover up" does work before people, and everyone finds the way to don such "foolish apparel", but it does NOT work before Jah, and it is before Jah that it counts.  

This fallen nature is in us, and its ego works to fool even we ourselves who have truly received "salvation", and walk with Jahshuwah.  The ego works oh so diligently to keep from being found out, and will only labor to "save its life".  Most fool themselves into thinking they are believing in Him for their salvation while secretly still believing it is their works that are saving them.  Because it is a "hidden secret" in their psyche, they realize not that this mechanism is even in operation. 

In such cases, we then adopt certain principles found in the Word (while ignoring all the rest of the whole Word), that are agreeable with whatever "church" or social structure we may find ourselves, and put them on so as to appear as "righteous".  Such activity can appear to be oh so wonderful on the outside, while the inside is still full of death.  Of this we MUST come out.  We come out by the putting off of our self-righteous cover ups, STOP being concerned with what people think; be concerned only with what Jah thinks; and in that concern, learn what it is to put on Jahshuwah our New Man, for ONLY BY HIM are we accepted at the throne..

I do know this.  The more a person experiences this work going on in them, the more they recognize the Truth of of the fallacious walk. Then it is that a person becomes more reliant on our Father's work in them, and that it is not they themselves that is changing them from glory to glory.  The more they are changed, the more they WILL HAVE FAITH IN JAH.

So, what is it we are to be asking?  What is to be the WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY, our Judicial Evidence?



Adam and Eve were created, given the Tree of Life, and the Militant Kingdom Mandate.  There was NO death or curse in the Garden of Eden before the fall.  This WAS the Will of Jah for His people right from the beginning.  He has ALWAYS wanted His People in righteousness, peace and joy, in LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANT, and He has not changed His mind.  As long as they ate just of The Tree of Life, there would be NO DEATH AND CURSES.  Then comes along The Serpent who has a "better idea", and we have had death and curses on this earth ever since.

In The Kingdom Mandate, they were to bring the earth into subjection to Jah.  When they lost it, Jah told the Serpent that His Messiah would REVERSE what had taken place, and in that reversing smash, BREAK IN PIECES, his head, his world authority.  This calling came upon Abraham down from Noah, and then on down to Abraham's descendants through Isaac and Jacob / Israel.

The calling upon Moses was NOT just for bringing Israel out of Egypt.  He was called to direct them INTO THE PROMISED LAND, and to set up THE KINGDOM OF JAH in that land.  He was given The Holy Law FOR THAT PURPOSE, and for NO OTHER PURPOSE was it given.  It was NOT given for our dawdling around in this life wherever we want to dawdle.  In NO OTHER WAY can Jah's Kingdom be established, and we are called to ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM on this earth through  the RESTORED KINGDOM MANDATE.  

The Holy Law made WARRIORS of Jah's men, and in being made warriors, TOOK THE KINGDOM AND POSSESSED IT in the Promised Land.  In that taking, they came into a life that was beyond anything we are experiencing today.  I say if the Old Covenant could do this, but not the New Covenant, then give me the Old Covenant back.  

This is hardly so, as the New Covenant was given in the SAME PURPOSE of the Old Covenant, only THIS TIME, certain people would not only accomplish the purpose, but NOT FALL AWAY.  Why???  Because it was no longer to be based on external works, but on the Life of The King Himself, the last Adam, coming forth and living in the people.  Jahshuwah  DOES NOT fall away, as He is born of Jah and DOES NOT SIN, and neither will those that have been taken over by Him by being well founded in, and grown from, their VINE OF LIFE.

The Overcomers are those that will walk into the Light, and even as Paul, see just how wretched they are in themselves, how impossible it is for them to make it in themselves, and come TOTALLY to rely on JAH WORKING IT IN THEM.

And what is the purpose upon the OVERCOMERS???  Why was it that they LOVED NOT their life unto the death so that Jahshuwah would live in them?  Because of just what Rev 10 says is the result of their overcoming:

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, NOW IS COME salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our Supreme Magistrate, and the power (AUTHORITY) of his Messiah: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

The purpose of Jah in the beginning with Adam and Eve was to establish His Kingdom on this earth at the defeat of Satan  .  This was also the very purpose of sending Moses to bring our ancestors OUT of Egypt and they went into the Promised Land IN THIS PURPOSEAnd, it is the very same purpose in this day in bringing us out of Babylon!!!  Out of The Kingdom of Darkness ruled by Satan which can only reap  death and curses.  Our being born into that realm is the very thing that is WRONG WITH OUR LIFE.  We can either BELIEVE Him for our deliverance, or let our unbelief reign supreme in us.  Unbelief is that which calls Jah A LIAR, and that unbelief holds us captive to the very thing from which we want out.

Jahshuwah was the LAST Adam, and He WAS the Torah in the flesh, and in His preaching from the Spirit of The Holy Law (which is JAH HIMSELF), He commanded that we pray FIRST for  "Thy Kingdom come", and to "seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of Jah".  This IS the calling upon the Overcomers.

Moses Made It Very Clear

We go the world's ways, and we will reap curses.  We go Jah's way, and we will reap Life and Blessing.  Against this there can be no argument, as the result of living in the realm of Babylon, the world's ways, thoroughly proves the axiom out.  The results are not only all around us in plain view that only "The Blind" could not see, but are also in our very own lives.  If you have trouble with that, then go back and read Lesson Three of this series once again, and ask yourself which results you are receiving thus far.

We cannot go the world's ways and have the Kingdom and Kingdom Life too.  That is IMPOSSIBLE!!!  So, our coming out of Babylon is the coming out of the world's ways; and people, WE ARE FILLED WITH THEM; participating WITH THEM; and realize NOT to what extent this is oh so true.

Moses gave us TWO CHOICES.  Life and blessing, or Death and Curses.  We are to CHOOSE LIFE.

So, what does it mean in the NEW Covenant to CHOOSE LIFE???  It is to receive our life from the Vine of Life.  He it is that IS The Holy Law written on our hearts.   It is NO LONGER externalisms, but the INTERNAL WORKING of Jah's spirit upon us from WITHIN.  We are changed from glory to glory, being renewed day by day, as Jahshuwah takes us over, bit by bit.  We are HIS Promised Land, and I can tell you, the enemy cannot withstand His taking it.

So, where does HIS taking us over take us???  TO ZION, the Kingdom of Jah that is LIFE AND BLESSING.  We KNOW that Jah intends to provide refuges for "the woman", and that those refuges are to be "Dwelling Places of Zion".  In NO OTHER WAY will such refuges be established.  In no other way will Rev 12:10 come to pass, and that coming to pass IS OUR CALLING if we will receive it.  It certainly will NOT come to pass by our works, not even by our works of The Holy Law through the outward man which has ALWAYS proven to be lessons in futility.  It will come to pass by FAITH, and faith in Jah manifesting Jahshuwah's Life in us, and people, it just simply will NOT come to pass in any other way.


Moses told our ancestors that they were stiff-necked and would fall away.  THAT IS RIGHT FOLKS.  Why?  Because they were under the OLD Covenant of externalisms, and the OUTWARD MAN will NEVER SUSTAIN THEM.  

Somehow, we secretly think: "Well, I would never fail like they did."  OH YES WE WOULD!!!  Self-effort will NOT GET IT DONE.  It never has, and IT NEVER WILL.  There is only ONE WAY that we can come into the obedience to Jah, and that is BY HIS WAY, and HIS WAY is through MESSIAH JAHSHUWAH.  He is The Holy Law, Torah, The Precepts and Instructions of Jah written on our heart, and He is WITHIN, and only BY HIM, and His obedience coming forth in us will it be done.  If it could be done in any other way, then His whole life and sacrifice would have been superfluous.  

We are born with a life that chooses DEATH.   So, what is the choice we are making to choose life???  It is just as we are told.  And they overcame him by The Blood of The Lamb, The Word of Their Testimony, and they LOVED NOT THEIR LIFE unto the death.  In giving up their life and loving it not unto death, Jahshuwah, the Lamb without blemish, takes the ground, and becomes the new nature, the new man of each individual, and THEN the individual walks in righteousness and NOT BEFORE THEN, for it is HIS righteousness in which they walk, NOT THEIR OWN .

Called according to his purpose.

The Judiciary Decision

The proclamation has been spoken over those who have been  called into the overcoming.  A separate group of people from all others.  The Overcomers have not as yet come out far enough to have this revelation fully understood, but the further they come, the more they will understand it, and keep coming until they stand in its blazing Light.

This IS the calling of the overcomer, and everything in our life has been designed to bring us into that calling.  Designed in such a way to bring us to the end of ourselves by the exposing of the wretchedness that lies within.  No one will give up their life until they see how much they need to give it up.  Until they see what they are in themselves apart from the Life of the Vine.  It is like we are carrying around a trash bag full of dog poop, and think we are being mistreated in having to give it up.

A Judicial Decision was made by the Supreme Magistrate long before the creation of this natural realm.  Not only concerning Satan and his whole realm of darkness, but also concerning those that would bring this Judicial Decision to pass.  What Jah speaks COMES TO PASS.

We are all born into this world in being one with Satan's Matrix that presently holds this earth in its mesmerizing illusion, scripturally titled, "The Kingdom of Darkness".  The ones called to overcome have been much troubled within over this residing, but in the beginning, were not able to understand that troubling.  The calling for this purpose has been on the life of one so called, FROM BIRTH.  The more time has gone by, the more of life's experiences have turned each one away from this world, and unto Jah.  It is a trek from out of darkness and into the Light.

We are still a long way from our destiny, as much is yet to be accomplished in us.  However, most of those so called are now seeing enough to be able to understand what has been happening with them their whole life.  They have been called from birth, and NOW THEY KNOW IT.  The astounding ramifications of this calling has not yet sunk in, but will shortly, as Jah is increasing His work in them, revealing to them mysteries that have been hidden all through the ages.  The more this sinks in, the more they will have a oneness with their Creator.  The more of that Oneness comes forth in them from the Vine of Life, the more every thought word and deed will become one with Him.  The day will come when this oneness will reach its completion, and then EVERY thought word and deed will be ONE WITH JAH.  That folks, is the MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF JAH.

He is bringing these to the place where there is NO GUILE left in their mouths.  When this takes place, the "WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY  will be pure.  Everything they speak will be spoken by and through faith even as Jah Himself speaks, and what they speak WILL COME TO PASS.  Woe to the earth in that day.

It is the intent of this web site to help in this developing, although I look at it sometimes and see what a feeble effort it is.  Only by Jah moving upon these inadequate words upon his people, would it be of any advantage whatsoever to anyone.

Every Tie to Babylon Is To Be Broken

Because of Jah's calling and purpose on their life, anyone called as an overcomer has been given a path that will at times seem like it is beyond their endurance to bear.  That is because in a sense, IT IS.  It MUST BE to bring an end to us so that HE MIGHT LIVE THROUGH US.  We are being delivered from the flesh through the works of the cross, and that is only a trip MEN OF VALOR and the women who follow them can walk, and that by HIS MERCY and GIFT upon them.  

Every soul tie, every loyalty, every work that is NOT of Him but of the flesh and this world, is to be broken.  There is no other way to come out of the matrix.  Only those going through such can know the pain of such breaking, or the feeling of loneliness it can produce.

I tell you flat out without wavering.  I care not what your trials have been, what you are experiencing now, or what you will experience, HE WILL bring you into your calling if you will endure, maintain your faith and believe Him for it.  HE DOES NOT FAIL, and is more than able to accomplish that for which he has purposed!!!  So take heart.  Your trials have come FOR THIS VERY REASON, and is working HIS PURPOSE IN YOUR LIFE.  We WERE already translated into His Kingdom, and therefore INTO THE BLESSINGS by the Life of Jahshuwah.  What He is now doing is working this FACT in us through Him to bring it into reality on this earth. The more you realize this, the more HIS PRAISES will come from your lips, and a whole lot less complaining, and dwelling in Satan's temptations of UNBELIEF!!!

He Has Purposed To Create Us In HIS IMAGE


In the beginning, His purpose was to create man / Adam / humans or spirit beings as:

Gen. 1 in part:

And Jah said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion....................

So Jah created man in his own image, in the image of JAH created he him; male AND female created he them.  And Jah blessed them, and Jah said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish (take over and fill) the earth, and subdue it:

Notice very clearly that this is something that Jah long ago decided to do, and He does not fail.  What He planned to do then is STILL HIS PLAN today.  It is NOT our plan, nor our purpose that we decided to purpose on this earth.  Jah decided, and decided with whom He would do it.  Satan cannot thwart or gainsay what Jah has spoken with any success whatsoever, no matter how hard he tries.  The Truth is that Satan can only serve the purpose of Jah, and everything he does against us only serves to bring it to pass in our life, even as the crucifying of Jahshuwah was the worst mistake he ever made.  Every attack he brings is coming down upon his own head.  

(If you have not read "Created In His Image", you probably should do so.)

We clearly see how this culminates in Jahshuwah, our New Man.

Romans 8:28-29:

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love Jah, to them who are the called according to HIS purpose.  For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

You will clearly see that this is HIS decision, and a decision upon those whom He will.  He has purposed to have a people conformed unto HIS IMAGE, and to restore unto them the Militant Kingdom Mandate which Adam and Eve lost.  Jahshuwah DIED ON THE CROSS to redeem unto us that which was lost, and the Prophetic Word tells us how this CAME to pass.

We have seen that Jahshuwah is THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life, and is our Vine of Life.  By having Jahshuwah manifest in us, what does this bring to pass?  The very purpose of Jah FROM THE BEGINNING.  It is the fulfillment of "Let us create Adam in our image".

How can we tell if this is taking place in us?  By the Word becoming life in us.  How can we know that The Word is becoming life in us?  By the reality that He quickens his word in us, and by that quickening, He makes it alive.  This is why a scripture or principle of the Word is known to the mind, but because of the lack of experience in a facet of The Word, it is not yet life in an individual.  Only by experiencing The Word can understanding be obtained.  We are therefore put through dealings to cause this experience to open our understanding.  Then one day, in an instance of time, the scripture is read and it QUICKENS, becomes LIFE in an individual, and that individual becomes new in that particular facet of Truth.

It is by HIS life being formed in us that we leave the realm of death and curses in to life and blessing.  It is HIS righteousness, HIS obedience, even the obedience unto the death, His precepts, HIS character, that is being worked in us, and this leaves us free from the reaping of the fleshly works.  It is NO LONGER our life, BUT HIS.  This IS SO in heaven, and we are to believe IT IS SO ON EARTH.  

So, Where Is The Producing of His Life in Us Taking Us???

Moses said, "Choose Life".  How do we choose Life?  By choosing to GIVE UP our life and to take on the Life of Jahshuwah, our VINE OF LIFE.  By HIS LIFE we are then delivered from the curse of The Law and into THE BLESSINGS of Deut. 28:

And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of Jah thy Elohim, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that Jah thy Elohim will set thee on high above all nations of the earth:

Who is it that fulfilled this precept???  The answer is EASY.  I answer by asking, "Who is it that has been exalted, raised up to the Right Hand of Jah, and is the Name above ALL Names, unto whom EVERY KNEE MUST BOW???  Only the "Lamb without blemish" so fulfilled this one, believe me, and because He did, He has been SET ON HIGH.  What does this mean to us???  To find out, just read Ephesians while paying close attention to what he says in the first two chapters.  I quote in part:

But Jah, who is rich in mercy, for his great love wherewith he loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together WITH OUR MESSIAH, (by grace ye are saved;) 

And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in JAHSHUWAH MESSIAH:

...........................For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of Jah: Not of works, lest any man should boast.  

For we are his workmanship, created in JAHSHUWAH MESSIAH unto good works, which Jah hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

Do you see that ALL of this is HIS idea, HIS decision, HIS plan, HIS work, and why He is doing it?  He decided this LONG BEFORE we were even born, and that for HIS PURPOSE?

We are told in Colossians 1:

Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:

 In whom we have redemption  (to cleanse and free us from the consequences of sin) through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins:

He HAS delivered us from the power of darkness, from the Kingdom of Darkness, and HAS translated us INTO HIS KINGDOM.  Through HIS BLOOD we ARE redeemed, delivered from the consequences of sin that produces death and curses.  Please see that this is stated in the past tense, and therefore is ALREADY SO IN HEAVEN, or "in spirit".  This IS HIS WILL, and we are to believe it is so on earth as it is in heaven until IT IS SO.

How did it happen?  By HIS work, by HIS SAVIOR.  Why?  Because this was HIS PURPOSE from the beginning.  How do we know this for a surety???  Paul tells us so in Galatians three that.........

..............Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:

If it was NOT Jah's will for us to be in the Life and Blessings, then why have Messiah redeem us from the death and curses???  We must see that IT IS HIS WILL for us to be in the Kingdom, and Kingdom Life, and so much His purpose, that He sent Jahshuwah to open the door for us to receive it.





By Jahshuwah's LIFE, and His Life manifesting in us, the following is already so: 

all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of Jah thy Elohim.

Blessed shalt thou be in the city, and blessed shalt thou be in the field.

Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.

Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store.

Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.

Jah shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways.

Jah shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, and in all that thou settest thine hand unto; and he shall bless thee in the land which Jah thy Elohim giveth thee.

Jah shall establish thee an holy people unto himself, as he hath sworn unto thee, IF. . .  thou shalt keep the commandments of Jah thy Elohim, and walk in his ways.

And all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of Jah; and they shall be afraid of thee. . . .

. . . . . And Jah shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of Jah thy Elohim, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them:

What is stated here IS The Kingdom, and the Kingdom Life purposed by Jah for His people, and to give it to us, gave His Son as The Sacrifice to deliver us unto it.

This is NOT something we are to decide for ourselves to have for ourselves after our own purpose, and then CLAIM IT.  We do NOT write our OWN ticket with Jah.  This is what HE HAS DECIDED to do with a WHOLE GROUP of people, and what He has decided WILL BE DONE.  How is He doing it??  By working the precepts of  "The Blood of The Lamb, THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY, and that they loved NOT their life unto the death" in those He has called TO BE THE ONES that overcame Satan.

Do we believe what Jah has said or not?  What then are we to give as the word of our testimony, the word of our judicial evidence from out of our mouth???  Will we believe Him???  Will this be the confession of our faith from out of the abundance of our heart???  Will we be able to stand in such a confession, such a testimony, no matter what The Devourer throws at us???  



The coming out of Egypt was a type of, or foreshadowing of, our coming out of Babylon.  Jah called Moses into the headship over this "coming out", and the Israelites could NOT "come out" until Moses, the approved and called headship, got there.  It is the same for us today.  

We are being prepared for the coming out to Zion, but we will not be in the actual PHYSICAL coming out unto Zion until Jah has raised up the headship for that move, and then set them into their position of authority.  These as of yet are no where seen, as they are still in the womb growing unto their maturity of birthing.  

This headship or governing body will be made up of Men (NOT WOMEN), who will be  raised up as Men of True Faith, and they WILL KNOW how to stand in it.  This will be obvious as they will have the fruit of that faith manifesting not only in their own lives, but all around them as well.   By the manifesting of Jahshuwah in them, they will manifest the Kingdom of Jah on this earth, designated by the Prophetic Word as "Dwelling Places of Zion".  This IS the Authority of Jahshuwah manifesting on this earth through The Sons of Jah who have been: "caught over unto The Throne of Jah."  

Anything appearing, or being advertised as such before the establishing of this headship WILL BE A COUNTERFEIT that is in direct rebellion to Jah's Government, and oh how many counterfeits I have not only seen, but am seeing even now.  Do NOT listen to people, but LOOK FOR THE FRUIT.  Do NOT get involved with anything until you SEE THAT FRUIT in Men of Authority, for anything representing itself as a "refuge" or "Zion" before this will be a very grave Satanic Entrapment that will cause great disillusionment.  Hear me well.


This concludes this particular series.  Much more could be said, but plenty is here to set forth the principles for Jah to use with you.

The next email message will involve: 

"The Creating of an Ishmael"

Spurious Scenario's Create Personal Agendas

What I shall set forth here is NOT in any way to disparage Ishmael, or any of his true descendants.  It is merely set forth to show us a mistake that WE ALL MAKE.

One of the most common deceptions is that of a bogus scenario which produces a personal agenda.  This is not something that might or could happen BUT DOES, and DOES TO EVERYONE.

This will be based on Abrahamís fathering of Ishmael.  We too, in the same error, are creating Ishmaels.  We receive the calling, promise, revelation, or whatever, and then by our own ideas, our own scenarios, come up with a personal agenda to cause it to come to pass.  When it seems to work, we proclaim how it is Jah.

If it happened to one as wise and faithful as Abraham, then believe me, it certainly can happen to us, AND DOES.

Not only will this message awaken to the cause of such a dreadful mistake, but save you much pain if it is heard.


P. S.  I do apologize for NOT being in a position where I can answer emails.  Please be patient with me and do not take it personally.  I do read all that come in.  It is just not possible to answer.  


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"The Creating of an Ishmael"
Illegitimate Scenario's Create Personal Agendas



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