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The Warning of The End Times

Behold, I set before you this day, Life and Death, Blessing and Cursing







The Overcomers are being prepared for the leaving of the Kingdom of Death and Curses for the crossing over into the Kingdom of LIFE and Blessing. 

I have tried to make it clear that we are presently in a "Prep School" getting us ready for the "Kingdom University" in Zion.  This is PART FIVE of a new series of E-Mails that is a vital part of that preparation.  We are being given a crucial decision.  That is, to choose Life, or choose Death.  The choice is ours, the work to get us there is Jah's .

Sent 5-1-03

This is the 18th of a series of e-mails that is not only revealing what stage we are presently in as Overcomers, but to set the stage of where we are going.  If you have not read the first 17, you might not get the correct perspective, or full impact of what is being said here.   If you would like to read those first, CLICK HERE.  

As I look around, I see how those who have been called into the OVERCOMING of Satan have been given much coming against them so that they can learn the overcoming.  We cannot learn it if we are not put into the classroom of hands-on experience to learn it.  The Word does NOT become life in us by just reading it.  Just reading it does NOT cause it to become life, become flesh in us.  Neither does understanding.  The less experience in the overcoming, then the less the understanding of the Word will be in an individual.  Nothing is more revealing about an individual than by what comes from out of their mouth.  Most should keep their mouth shut until they have undergone enough in the overcoming of Satan on the battlefield to know what they are talking about.  Oh, how much error in teaching would be eliminated if this were done. 

Jah's purpose on our life is to work in concert with Him to establish, to AUTHOR the FAITH IN US for the overcoming of Satan who is The Devourer; The Deceiver; Accuser; The Crafty Serpent; and..... The Spirit of Jezebel's SEDUCTIONS of our ego to that working.  In order to be able to do this in, by, through, and with Him, He puts us through much tribulation in the war zone.  There is NO WAY to overcome Satan and Jezebel's seductions of our ego except by being put in conflict with them, and is the very reason we are having to endure what we are experiencing.  We have been called into the FINAL WAR with Satan so that we can be developed unto the spiritual fact of "They overcame him" until it becomes a reality in our life.  

Jah, by His mercy, has allowed me to experienced this some so that I would KNOW what I am talking about, and that for YOUR BENEFIT.  There is FAR MORE yet to learn, believe me, but until you have caught up with what I presently teach, you are FALLING BEHIND!!!  

Any teacher that does NOT have this understanding should STOP TEACHING until they do, or they will end up taking the people THE WRONG WAY.  Most are marching DOWN HILL and away from Jahshuwah right while they are deceived into thinking they are marching up the "Zion Mountain" toward Jahshuwah.


Faith will bring forth works, but works will NEVER bring forth True faith of The Overcomer.  This is the proverbial cart before the horse.  The faith that works of themselves create, is faith in one's self, one's own efforts, which only serves to the puffing up of the religious ego into thinking it is being oh so righteous by what it is doing.  It is secretly thinking it can "Be as Jah."  This is DEATH folks, and certainly NOT overcoming through true faith.  Where True faith brings forth works that will take the ego to its death, self will work to inflate the ego with its works.

When something is overcome correctly, one will feel a death to the ego taking place.  When a counterfeit overcoming takes place, the religious ego will puff up with pride in its accomplishment.  The most blinding matter of all IS PRIDE.  It cannot see its fault, its errors, and certainly cannot repent from them.  Once religious pride sets in the ego, it will take a humiliating cross experience of the soul to be delivered from it.

In order to build a house of faith, it MUST HAVE a firm foundation, for if there is fault in that foundation, it will eventually fail and cause the whole house to tumble down under the stresses of the enemy's storms.  (Do not ask me how I know this, for it is none of your business.  giggle giggle.)

Jah is working this foundation in us if we let Him, but we must first of all know what materials to use to build it.  Once this is learned, then we must not put anything else into it, for it does NOT belong, and in NOT BELONGING will cause the whole house to crumble somewhere down the line.

In every case of suffering the enemy's onslaught, while in anguish over traumatic devastation, I have learned to go to the precepts for overcoming.  NOTHING ELSE  has worked for me, for this IS how we OVERCAME.  No other doctrine did it for me.  NO WORKS ever caused me to enter into the overcoming mentally in the war zone.  And then with that, PRAISE, for if what we believe IS SO, then how could we not praise Jah for that reality?  Conversely, if we are NOT praising Jah for the victory, where is the proof that we DO BELIEVE???  The devils KNOW that if we are NOT PRAISING, we are NOT BELIEVING.

Did Jah use these principles to bring me out onto a wonderful ground of victory?  Oh yes indeed.  It took over thirty years of His dealings to get me there, but oh my, did He ever deliver.  Is there further for me to go?  Again, oh yes indeed.  No one has arrived at the final destination as of yet, and that most assuredly includes this wretched man.  It IS the very fact that I DO see how much of a wretch that I am that reveals starkly to me that it is NOT by works, NOT by my righteousness, BUT BY FAITH that brings forth the victory, and in that, FAITH is the primary righteousness that MUST BE WORKED IN US!!!  Without faith, all other righteousness, all other compliance with The Torah, is nothing more than superfluous activity.

Yes, the dealings caused changes in me which changed my 'works', but that was THE RESULT of the overcoming, and certainly NOT what brought the overcoming to pass.  Changes were worked in me in the "loving not our life unto the death" which is a part of the overcoming, but it is NOT where the overcoming beginsThat begins in the first two precepts.  Bypass those, and we are in trouble big time.  If you think it is "works" that initiates the overcoming, then  you have LOST  before you have even begun, for our works are far short, and leaves the enemy an enormous amount of ground on which to attack.  As it says in Rev. 12:11............

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Let me take the liberty to put this on a more personal level by taking "they" out of it, and making it "we."

We OVERCAME (notice that it does not say that we overcome, but overcame which is an already established fact "in spirit", in heaven, which is an IT IS SO) by The BLOOD OF THE LAMB, The WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY, and loved NOT our lives UNTO THE DEATH.

Overcome:   To subdue, conquer, prevail over, to obtain victory.  If we make this overcame instead of overcome, then it would be that we subdued, conquered, prevailed over, Satan, and thereby obtained the victory.  Overcome means something we must do, while overcame is something already so.  Jahshuwah gave us the victory through the cross, tomb, and resurrection.  It is just for us to let this come to pass in our life by the IT IS SO FAITH!

Word:  Something said, including the thought behind it.  (We are thought word and deed.  What we think we speak, and what we speak we do.)  Reasoning of the mental faculty.

We must get it through our thick skulls that what we confess, our WORD of our confession MUST BE GIVEN IN IT IS SO FAITH.  We are NOT trying to obtain, WE ALREADY HAVE IT!  We are going to suffer at the hands of Satan until we get our confession RIGHT!!!  That confession, as you will see in the next lesson, is what causes CHANGES IN US.  The Blood cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness, and that unrighteousness is nothing more than VIOLATIONS OF THE HOLY LAW.

Testimony:  The evidence given judicially.  To be a witness TO WHAT IS SO, and in that, DESTROYS EVERYTHING said IN THE "COURTROOM" against us.

"Now faith IS the substance of things hoped for, the evidence......... the JUDICIARY EVIDENCE of things NOT SEEN.

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

What we believe in the heart is to be confessed with the mouth, and THAT BY FAITH.  Notice that it does NOT say, believed that we ARE righteous in ourselves, but believing UNTO righteousness, and then in that believing, CONFESS IT WITH THE MOUTH.

This "judicial evidence" is THE WORD OF JAH, and that spoken IN FAITH, believing what HE has said.  Our problem is that we are being screamed at by all of the clamoring voices to keep us from knowing WHAT it is that He HAS said.  

This JUDICIAL EVIDENCE, The Word of Jah, is ABSOLUTE, and Satan KNOWS IT!!!  Because he knows it, he and all of his devils are working overtime to keep this from being spoken by us.  They know that once this "judicial evidence" is spoken from our mouth as the "Word of our Testimony" in witness against them, THEY HAVE HAD IT!!!  This is why they war against our minds with every doubt they can conjure, every false doctrine they can muster through those that teach in error, and every distraction they can throw at us to keep us from WHAT CAUSED, "and they OVERCAME him"!!!

NO ONE who is NOT functioning according to the mysteries involved with this verse IS IN THE OVERCOMING.  Anyone who is NOT teaching these precepts is NOT RAISING UP OVERCOMERS.  How can we avoid what is being said here and bring forth any other result???  Here it is that we are being told HOW we OVERCAME.  Trying to do it any other way is nothing more than futility!!!  

Unless we are applying these precepts in the war zone, we have not as yet even begun to overcome.  In spite of how many good works we have done, how much revelation may have been brought forth, how many books have been written, or how many sermons have been preached, NO GROUP of overcomers has been produced by ANY OF IT.  

All of these matters have been so down through the centuries by millions of Jahshuwah's followers, but Satan is STILL ruling this earth. Why?  

Because the principles of overcoming were not involved with what was brought forth.  NEVER has there been a group of people that have OVERCOME SATAN.  Individuals maybe, but NOT a group like those so-called in THIS day.  This was because THE SET APPOINTED TIME had not as yet come to pass.  We are now ENTERING THIS DAY!!!  Faith for this "They OVERCAME him" is now being manifested in those that will receive it as NEVER BEFORE in the History of Adam Kind through the descendants of Jacob / Israel.

Faith is that which believes what is NOT SO, that needs to be so, AS SO, until IT IS SO, and that by The JUDICIAL EVIDENCE that IS SO already in spirit, or in heaven.  

The Throne of Jah IS A COURTROOM.  It is the JUDICIARY EVIDENCE spoken by us that silences the ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN, and he is there accusing us day and night, and will, until we present the Word of Our Testimony, the spoken JUDICIARY EVIDENCE in CORRECTNESS.  

The Word of Jah is a WORD OF FAITH.  It is NOT a dead letter, but a living breathing PERSON.  That person IS JAHSHUWAH, and He is TOTAL FAITH, and speaks that which IS total faith, and NOTHING ELSE.  There is NO GUILE in His mouth.  It is He that is manifesting Himself in us.

These precepts of how they OVERCAME are the Word of Jah, spoken in faith that brings things to pass.  It was spoken long before this day, and yet was spoken as ALREADY SO.  "They OVERCAME him."  If you are called into the overcoming, then this was spoken OVER YOU.  When HE SPEAKS, believe me, IT COMES TO PASS, and HE SAYS, "They OVERCAME", not that they will overcome.  If this has been spoken over and to you, then COUNT ON IT.  Have Faith IN JAH, and not yourself to accomplish it.  What He has decided to do with you, HE WILL DO, if..........IF you will believe Him for it.  I can tell you for a surety, there IS NO WAY that you could cause it to come to pass in your life BUT BY FAITH IN OUR CREATOR to do THE CREATING of us.  We did not create ourselves in the beginning, and we cannot create ourselves in this day.

Now, what all is wrapped up in this word "OVERCAME"???  We see that the definition of this word is: To have subdued, conquered, prevailed over, obtained the victory.  Oh, when a people finally see this one, they will turn the world upside down, and probably will NEVER stop Praising Jah for their part in it.

If you have read the "Featured Articles", then you will see that we are being restored to "The Kingdom Mandate" that Adam and Eve LOST.  This restoration, this redemption of what was lost, was prophesied by Jah to the Serpent in Gen. 3:15.  We have seen that Adam AND Eve were given the commission TO SUBDUE and TAKE DOMINION over the earth.   Daniel prophecies that this restored "dominion" will come upon "the saints" in the last days.  In Rev. 12, we see how this came to pass, and came to pass by by what Jah did through the Overcomers, WHO OVERCAME, who SUBDUED, CONQUERED, PREVAILED, TOOK DOMINION OVER, SATAN, and by doing so, OBTAINED THE VICTORY!!!  Hallelujah!


Those called to the Overcoming have been thrust into a war zone with the Devourer.  This war IS NOT WON with, by, or through, WORKS!!!  Our faith will produce works, but that is a RESULT and NOT THE CAUSEThe enemy wants to keep us bound up in our self effort of works, for this is the VERY THING that DEFEATS, sidetracks FAITH, and the war WAS WON BY FAITH, and in NO OTHER WAY was it won.  

I care not who howls against it, for those that do so will NEVER OVERCOME Satan, but will BE OVERCOME, and maybe never realize they have been overcome.  The enemy IS A DECEIVER, and when one is deceived, they realize NOT that they ARE deceived.  If you are experiencing the stresses brought on by the onslaught of difficulty, then hear me well. 


The war is fought in the mind, and the mind is controlled by an entire interlocking network of grids made up of all the complexities of the body which includes every psychological attribute which give impetus to our motivations.  We are born with ALL of this heavily contaminated by the fallen nature, not only from Adam and Eve, but by our very own immediate ancestors, and life long environments.  

Then, every bit of this is founded in "The Fallen Ego."  It is this in us that wars against Jah and His Truth.  This is the "life" we are to "Love NOT unto its death."  We are to give it up unto Messiah on the cross, and let the reality of what we really are, and created to be, come to pass in our life.  Where we are, and what we are at present, has NOTHING TO DO with where and what we are to be, except to show us how far we have to go

The enemy wants us to stand with them in what we believe, instead of with Jah.  They use the carnal mind which believes exactly OPPOSITE of what it should be believing.  Our biggest problem is in not knowing what we should be believing.  That comes by the renewing of our mind, and oh, how they need renewing.

Romans 12: 2.......And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Do you want to know the WILL OF JAH???  Then the mind will have to be renewed unto what that will is.  Does He want us "RIGHTEOUS"???  Then what does HE say that makes us righteous???

The Book of Romans is a very powerful book.  As Paul said in the tenth chapter:

But now the righteousness of Jah without the law.....IS manifested, being witnessed by the law and the prophets;

No one understood the Torah, The Holy Law, better than the Apostle Paul.  He was steeped in it.  So were THE PROPHETS.  Compared to them, we are all apprentices, believe me.  I could say that compared to them we are all spiritual nit wits, but I would never say anything that unkind.  Right?  

What does Paul tell us the Law AND THE PROPHETS witnesses to us???  That righteousness WITHOUT THE LAW is now manifested in us through Jahshuwah.  Oh, for the day people finally understand what the Holy Law REALLY SAYS.  We sure enough will NOT GET IT by the natural mind just reading the dead letter, or preached by counterfeit ministers of "righteousness.."

Even the righteousness of Jah which is by faith of Jahshuwah messiah unto all and upon all them that believe:

What are we to BELIEVE???  

For they being ignorant of Jah’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of Jah.

For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

There can be NO QUESTION HERE of what Paul is saying.  He is speaking ABOUT THE LAW, and trying of one's self to become righteous by the works of the Law.  It WILL NOT WORK.  Not only NOT WORK, but is AGAINST JAH to do so.  And yet, still to this day, people are still trying to become righteous by the works of the Law instead of SUBMITTING TO the righteousness of Jah, and that is, Jahshuwah Messiah is THE END OF THE LAW FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Even as Salvation is a gift to us, SO IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS before Jah, and that by our Messiah who DIED IN OUR PLACE to make us righteous in the sight of Jah.  Anyone preaching other than this IS IN ERROR, and taking people AWAY FROM HIM.

There are those that DO preach The Law that put upon the people responsibility BY The Law, that they themselves are not able to carry, and yet somehow deceive themselves in their OWN self-righteous eyes, THAT THEY ARE.  It is ATROCIOUS ACTIVITY, and is bringing CONDEMNATION, JUDGMENT upon their own heads.

Get this one settled in your mind, and make NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, or let ANYONE convince you otherwise.

Christ is the END  of The Holy Law FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Notice that it does NOT say, that Christ is the end of the Law, but is the end of the Law for righteousness.  I repeat for emphasis:

Christ is the END  of The Holy Law FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Try to present yourself righteous before Jah in ANY OTHER WAY, and YOU WILL BE REJECTED, for it IS a VIOLATION OF THE LAW to do so!!!

As Paul tells us in 2nd Cor. 5:21;

For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we......WE might be made the righteousness of Jah in him.

What IS the righteousness of Jah???  That Jahshuwah IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, not our works!!!  By the "loving NOT our life unto the death", He and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS are being worked in us, becoming LIFE in us AFTER THE SPIRIT, and NOT THE FLESH.  This that IS SO in heaven, is to be so on this earth, and that by faith that causes it to be so.  It certainly does NOT come by the works of the flesh, by the fallen religious ego that is trying TO BECOME "as Jah."

We must get ourselves firmly planted on this JUDICIARY ground.  Jahshuwah is our righteousness.  This IS SO in heaven.  We cannot become any more righteous before Jah than this IN HEAVEN.  Trying to be so is a slap in His face.

Jahshuwah is The SURE FOUNDATION upon which Jah is building His End Time Army.  His Elijah Company.  His Manifested Sons of Jah.  HIS OVERCOMERS.

All of this is involved with the FIRST precept of HOW we OVERCAME him.  That is "BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB."  This IS the Judiciary Evidence, witnessed by THE HOLY LAW, that we are to confess with our mouth AS SO.

The Word is Spirit and Life, and NOT a dead letter.  Reading it with the natural mind is of no value.  The Word is FAITH, TOTAL FAITH.  This is stating a fact that IS SO in heaven, and that BY FAITH.

When I look in the mirror while standing in His Light, I see how far I am from that righteousness on this natural plane.  I see what IS SO in heaven is NOT SO on this earth.  Faith is that which calls the things that are not as though they were, and this causes things to manifest in this realm.  Works of trying to become this righteousness will never get it done.  FAITH WILL, and does.  What we confess as so by faith WILL MANIFEST IN US.  How?  by the dealings that such confession looses upon us.  If you do not want to go through the crucifying of the ego to receive that change, then forget the confession, for it will most assuredly bring the dealings.  It is for THE MEN OF VALOR who will even as Jahshuwah, be obedient unto their death, even the death of the cross, and certainly NOT for the sissified, sloppy agape, lovers of a bogus grace who in their cowardice want to be "raptured" before anything bad happens.  The thing they feared the most is about to fall on their heads!

When we see our shortness, we then try of ourselves to BECOME righteous through works in the area of which we are short.  We are NOT being changed in our works, in our thoughts, words, and deeds to BECOME righteous.  Thinking so in any way, even secretly within ourselves is a VIOLATION OF THE WORD, and sets Jahshuwah aside.  We are ALREADY RIGHTEOUS IN HEAVEN, made so BY JAHSHUWAH, and that by the precepts of THE HOLY LAW.  

We are to believe what IS SO IN HEAVEN...........IS SO on this earth.  It is this faith that changes us, that causes us to love NOT our fallen life unto its death in Messiah Jahshuwah so that He might live.  This is the "I decrease so that He may increase"  This COMES BY FAITH, and NOT BY WORKS.  Works in and of themselves ARE DEATH.  FAITH brings forth Life and Blessing, and changes our works day by day, delivering us from the realm of bondage that is cursed. 

We are told in James that "Faith without works is dead."  I should guess so.  If our faith is not bringing forth change in us in our thought word and deeds, it IS DEAD for it is accomplishing NOTHING!!!  Faith CHANGES THINGS.  If no change is going on in a person, then they are NOT exercising faith correctly.  By the same token, if true changes are taking place in an individual, then it is being brought forth by faith whether they realize what is happening or not.  After reading this, you should have the understanding of what Jah is doing in you, AND HOW.

People take all of this as meaning they are just under grace, and therefore have NO responsibility to GROW IN HIM, and thereby in His righteousness, as Jah works that righteousness IN them,  What they believe has NOT brought forth works; has brought forth NO cleansing from iniquity, and therefore their faith IS DEAD!!!    It is dead, for it is accomplishing NOTHING in them.  (James 2:22)

Am I preaching against the Law???  If you are thinking that one, then you certainly do NOT know me, nor have you read anything else that I have written.  I am just working to put everything in its proper perspective.  Jahshuwah is THE END OF THE LAW for righteousness, as even the Law gives us Judiciary Witness, and in that, He has delivered us from THE CURSE OF THE LAW.  Until an individual has this correct ground in them, they will be flavored with error,  and NEVER OVERCOME Satan the 'Accuser'.

As I have said a number of times without being heard by very many, it is NOT what we are doing, BUT WHO IS DOING IT, and how did that "doing" come forth?!  In spirit by faith, or just the fallen religious man exercising his own will power.  I see much of the exercising of the will power, but very little of that which is brought forth by faith.

Anyone who thinks they can become without spot or wrinkle by their own efforts is lost before they have begun.  Anyone who thinks they can come into the full and complete redemption from the fall by their own efforts, or even by works of the Holy Law, is deceived beyond measure.

There have always been organizations, movements, that are seemingly based on preaching the Law, including celebrating the Sabbath and the Feast Days, and yet they are DECEIVED, and in a STRONG DELUSION!!!  There are more such movements going on right now that are DECEIVING THE PEOPLE than at any other time in my life span.  So obviously, just because someone seems to be preaching righteousness, even by The Holy Law, it does NOT mean they are of Jah.  There has been enough of this kind of activity, and I can tell you we sure enough do NOT NEED ANOTHER ONE!!!  This gives the ego its applause so that it can feel superior to everyone else.  Its tower reaches HIGHER than anyone else's, and they have now MADE A NAME FOR THEMSELVES.  

I will NOT be involved with building another Tower of Babel that people think reaches higher than anyone else's through the works of FALLEN MAN, even by WORKS OF THE LAW!!!  I will see Jahshuwah coming forth in a people, and being CROWNED KING of their life in reality before I will join with ANYTHING!

It is easily discerned if a person is teaching correctly by what they know about the Old Man and the New Man.  If they do not know this Truth, they will LEAD PEOPLE ASTRAY, and I do NOT  care how great their revelations may sound!!!

Why does this happen???  Because in violation of the Holy Law, they subtly BY-PASS OUR MESSIAH, and what He has done FOR US.  They eliminate Him while seemingly preaching Him.  They have NO understanding of Jahshuwah our new man as opposed to we in ourselves as the Old Man, the fallen SELF.  They are forever trying to straighten out this fallen man by their teaching, even when it involves the works of the Law, and are deceived into thinking it is the working of righteousness.  I tell you as strongly as I can, if they are trying to straighten out the "Fallen Man" instead of preaching The New Man revelation, IT IS NOT RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!  Did you hear me???  This is NOT righteousness!!!   It is NOTHING BUT the Law violating fallen works of man TO BECOME righteous by HIS WORKS and in doing such, realize NOT that THEY CONDEMN THEMSELVES!!!  Instead of overcoming, Satan has overcome them, and have become a victim of Jezebel's seduction to FORNICATION.  To the worshipping of a false Elohim.


Jezebel can seduce us into Satanic Pride of the fallen religious ego before we even realize it.

In overcoming, we are to overcome (conquer, subdue, render defeated) Satan, and all of his characteristics, AND the Spirit of Jezebel.  Understand that this spirit IS RELIGIOUS, and works among Jah's people to seduce people into Satan's lies, his COUNTERFEIT WAYS, and believe me folks, he counterfeits EVERYTHING of Jah and His truth, and that includes the preaching of The Law in a way that brings people INTO BONDAGE.  "She" works WITHIN religion, and certainly among Jah's people.  You would swear that where she is operating that it is the Spirit of Jah at work, and that what is being preached is the preaching of righteousness.  I got news for you.

As Paul revealed in 2nd Cor.11..........

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming (disguising) themselves into the apostles of Christ.

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

Therefore it is no great thing if HIS ministers also be transformed (DISGUISED) as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

This is serious business folks, and we sure enough better check our own selves out.  This is happening to THOUSANDS in this day, and will happen to US ALSO if we do NOT WISE UP.  It will NOT happen if we get on the first JUDICIARY precept of overcoming and STAY THERE and not be moved.  That is, "BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB."  I might add, by the blood of the UNBLEMISHED LAMB, and not some lame counterfeit.

Any teacher that does not have this proper perspective in their teachings will LEAD THE PEOPLE INTO ERROR, and AWAY FROM OUR MESSIAH, to become dependant UPON THEMSELVES for not only righteousness, but subtly, even for SALVATION, and because it is deception, they will not even realize what has happened to them!!!  

When the Law is preached AFTER THE FLESH, it is done to gain some kind of control of the people, and to condemn all those that will not submit unto that control.  This will invariably lead people into Works of The Law by the fallen nature.  It is just the building of another Tower of Babel to rule over the people through their "great ministry and calling" under the guise they are doing some great work for Jah, and in most cases, fulfilling some part of the Prophetic Word.  Once a person is seduced under such a headship, and the ego becomes soul-tied to it, it will take a miracle of Jah to break them free, for they are convinced that if they leave, they will be lost.  It is SICK!!!

In this, the people are subtly taught to be like the Leader, instead of Jahshuwah.

Oh for the day that people finally get clear on this one.  This activity is NOT setting people free, but PUTTING THEM INTO BONDAGE, for anything done by the fleshly man can only create bondage!!!  It might very well seem good and proper in the beginning, but the end of it WILL BE DEATH.  This has NEVER worked, and it NEVER WILL.

What???  Is what was begin by Jah in us, what was begun in Spirit, is now made perfect by the flesh, by our OWN works???  Get real.

I have learned well in the war zone that I will allow NO ONE to condemn me by the Holy Law, because of some shortness that lies in me concerning it, and certainly NOT by what their own knowledge of good and evil would think about me.  When that comes, I THROW IT DOWN, and will not let it have even an inch of ground in me.  I know in whom I have believed, how that faith authored in me, and am fully persuaded that He that caused and birthed that faith is more than able to finish the work that HE HAS DECIDED to do in me.  Anyone who comes against that can stick it up their nose.  Let the dogs go and feed on someone else's dead flesh.  Mine is not available for it is ALREADY in the grave!!! 

(NOTE:  While this may be working in us, it does not mean that such accusations should be given an angry retort born from insecurity.  Jahshuwah in us is FIRST OF ALL "The Loving Forgiving Redeemer."  He it is that is to reply, knows how to reply, or maybe even to not reply, and not we ourselves in defense of our selves.  In Truth, but for Him, WE HAVE NO DEFENSE.  There is a time to speak, a time to be silent, and believe me, even as I see in Jahshuwah's life, a TIME TO PICK UP THE ROD.  Only He in us knows which He will bring forth at any given time.

I would also say there is a great difference between condemnation, and CONVICTION.  Condemnation is to NEVER be listened to.  Conviction should ALWAYS be listened to.)

Learn this one folks, for it is the ONLY GROUND ON WHICH TO STAND if you expect to stand in this evil day, this time of peril.  You will NOT OVERCOME and come out of ANYTHING the enemy wants to put upon you, and hold you captive to, until you do!!!


We need to get something established in our mind's.  That is, it is Jah that decided to do what He is doing with us, and I can tell you for a certainty, we did NOT decide any of it on our own.

We did NOT create the heavens and the earth, HE DID.

We did NOT create ourselves, HE DID.

We did NOT create the plan for the defeat of Satan, HE DID.

We did NOT call ourselves, HE DID.

We did NOT decide to get "saved", HE DID.

We did NOT "save" our selves, HE DID.

We did not shed our Blood so that we could be cleansed from ALL unrighteousness, HE DID.

We did NOT make ourselves righteous before Him, HE DID.

We did NOT deliver ourselves from the curse of the Law, HE DID.

We did NOT open our understanding, HE DID.

We did not decide to call ourselves out of Babylon, HE DID.  

We did NOT decide to become Overcomer's, HE DID.

We did NOT make the way for overcoming Satan, HE DID.

We did NOT author faith in ourselves to believe Him, HE DID.

We do NOT rule over His Word, HE DOES!!!

Need I go on???  Are you getting the picture???  He is working HIS WILL in OUR WILL both to work, and to do HIS GOOD PLEASURE, and that BY HIS WORD.  Without Him doing this, there is NOT ONE OF US that could add even one inch to our stature in Jahshuwah.  This is HIS WORK, and certainly NOT OURS, and He is MORE THAN ABLE to accomplish that which He has purposed on each of us individually, as well as a unit.  If you get nothing else out of this, get this one.  HAVE FAITH IN JAH, in HIS WORD, and TRUST HIM to finish what He has begun in you.

Your ego will not like the way He brings it all to pass in your life, BUT HE WILL, if.......IF we believe HIM, and TRUST HIM to bring it to pass, and CONFESS IT AS SO!!!.  And let me tell you something folks, the enemy will try and talk you off of this ground with EVERYTHING THEY HAVE.  Surely most of you have already experienced this one, and know what I am talking about.

Put on the WHOLE Armor of ...... OF....JAH!

We did NOT create the Armor, HE DID!

Let me side-track a bit to give you an example of a mistake most make.  If we are to be enabled to stand against the wiles of Satan, then we MUST have a proper understanding of this armor.   

Eph. 6:

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

People read this, and with the carnal mind see it exactly OPPOSITE of how they should see it.  The immediate thought is that it is THEIR armor.  It does not say, "Put on YOUR whole armor", BUT the WHOLE ARMOR OF JAH!!!

In some years past, I had the occasion to be in a Bible Study led by their Pastor.  A young man began to expound how he had come to realize that he was having trouble with the enemy because his breast plate of righteousness had holes in it.

In trying to help the kid out, I began to explain that the problem was he was putting on HIS Breast Plate, instead of the Breast Plate of Righteousness GIVEN TO US by Jahshuwah.  That his would ALWAYS have holes in it, while Jahshuwah's had NO holes.

Well, I could not believe the reaction I got out of that group, including the Pastor.  Oh, how I angered them.  I was quite glad there were no stones lying around on the floor.

Let me make something real clear folks.  If you think this armor is of you, is YOUR armor, the enemy will TEAR YOU TO SHREDS, for our armor is WORTHLESS, and so full of holes we could NEVER REPAIR THEM!!!  Anyone who does not see this one IS IN ERROR, preaching ERROR, and will NEVER lead people INTO THE OVERCOMING!!!

In every case of these pieces of armor, they are of JAH, and given to us by the Life of Jahshuwah.  Read through them.  Whose Word is it that is the Sword?  Ours?  Whose helmet of salvation is it?  Did we save ourselves?  Whose Truth is it, ours?  Go through this list until you HAVE IT RIGHT, and KNOW HOW TO USE IT.


We are establishing, manifesting, what is ALREADY SO in Spirit, already so IN HEAVEN, so that IT IS SO on this natural plane.  What is that???  That the Old Life is DEAD, and Jahshuwah LIVES, and lives in and through us, both to work, and to do Jah's good pleasure.

Was He ever sick???  Under financial stress??? Out of the Will of Jah???  Have any unrighteousness in Him????  Without love???  Did He live for Himself and what He could gain, OR FOR OTHERS???  Is all of this THAT IS HIM, functioning in US???  Should it be???  Well, it is certainly an it is so in heaven.

We ALL are prone to interpret scripture governed by our erroneous presuppositions.  Because this seems right to OUR mind, in our OWN eyes, our knowledge of good and evil, we cannot see the error in our doctrine, and REFUSE CORRECTION.  The ego becomes soul tied to the error, and let me tell you something folks, the fallen ego will  NOT REPENT. It cannot be "saved."  We must LOSE this life.   It must be found in us and loved NOT unto its death in Messiah Jahshuwah, or we will NEVER find the life we desire. 

Any teaching that takes us off of this ground is taking us OUT of Jahshuwah, His Salvation, and HIS Redemptive Work in us, and into our OWN works to BECOME righteous, and I do not care WHO it is that is saying such, or how righteous what they say sounds.

Any teaching that takes you out of having FAITH IN JAH, and placing it upon yourself, is taking you the WRONG DIRECTION, and downhill away from Jahshuwah who stands at the top of the mountain.

Jahshuwah IS OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.  HE HAS delivered us from the curse of the Law.  We are the very righteousness of Jah if we are in Jahshuwah.  This IS the Robe of Righteousness we are to PUT ON, and certainly NOT our own robe which is nothing more than FILTHY RAGS!!!!  Nothing else will SHUT THE ACCUSER UP.

We have seen that The "Overcame" is the restoring of the Original Kingdom Mandate to conquer and subdue this earth unto Jah through our Messiah Jahshuwah.

Our STARTING POINT in the "We Overcame" is in the Judiciary Evidence of The Blood of The Lamb.  "BY HIS BLOOD" we HAVE BEEN delivered from the curse of the Law.  "By HIS BLOOD", He is the END OF RIGHTEOUSNESS by the works of the Law.  "By HIS BLOOD" we are the very righteousness of Jah in Jahshuwah Messiah. 

All of this points us toward having FAITH IN JAH, and TRUSTING HIM to bring it to pass in our life.

Now, the next email lesson will involve The Word of Our Testimony, and believe me folks, this ALSO takes faith in Jah, and that faith will be SORELY TRIED.  Jahshuwah did not say that "we enter the Kingdom through MUCH TRIBULATION" for nothing. 

The Judiciary Blood comes FIRST, for unless we are established in that precept, our confession will NEVER BE SPOKEN CORRECTLY.  When that one is out of whack, the enemy will have a field day with our mind.  Ho ho, tell me about it.

Larry G. Meguiar                                                       Larry G. Meguiar Picture

P. S.  I do apologize for NOT being in a position where I can answer emails.  Please be patient with me and do not take it personally.  I do read all that come in.  It is just not possible to answer.  




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