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The Warning of The End Times


Behold, I set before you this day, Life and Death, Blessing and Cursing

Therefore, CHOOSE LIFE!!!

Choose That Which Brings Forth BLESSING!!!

The Overcomers are being prepared for the leaving of the Kingdom of Death and Curses for the crossing over into the Kingdom of LIFE and Blessing. 

I have tried to make it clear that we are presently in a "Prep School" getting us ready for the "Kingdom University" in Zion.  This is PART TWO of a new series of E-Mails that is a vital part of that preparation.  We are being given a crucial decision.  That is, to choose Life, or choose Death.  The choice is ours, the work to get us there is Jah's .

Sent 11-11-02

This is the 15th of a series of e-mails that is not only revealing what stage we are presently in as Overcomers, but to set the stage of where we are going.  If you have not read the first 14, you might not get the correct perspective, or full impact of what is being said here.   If you would like to read those first, CLICK HERE.  

When I decided to write upon this subject, I had no idea of what I was getting myself into.  I have had a couple of occasions that I began to wish I had not started it.  Why???  Because of the war zone I have entered to get it written, and, how much labor it is going to take to communicate what I am seeing.  I also know that it is just not possible to communicate something in writing that needs to be heard by the speaking of the Word.  Hearing is far better than reading, and what I am setting forth in these articles is hard enough to grasp without having to do it the hard way.  This needs to be spoken to a body of Overcomers who then fellowship with each other upon it.  Reading something while in isolation is just not as conducive to learning as it is when in a group who has been called to WAR!

I had a particular theme in mind when I started, and that is, how to war out of our Satanically induced predicaments that have brought us into the realm of grief instead of joy, and pushes us down into a state of feeling defeated which usually produces depression.  

I am now seeing how vast this subject is, the difficulty of communicating it, and that it is in fact, THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORD.  You should pick up matters as you go through this series with each teaching, but you will not have the proper perspective until it has been brought forth in total.  It does take time for it to sink in.  So keep that in mind as you read each part.  

Neither is it likely that very many will comprehend the necessity of this understanding in the beginning parts, and because of that, my mind wonders if anyone will understand just how paramount to the overcoming this series may be. This makes me wonder if the labor is worth it.  The enemy would sure enough like me to think that it is not.  Because I do recognize Satanic interference, I WILL LABOR TO WRITE IT one facet at a time until I can see the whole picture has been drawn.

We must understand that not only are we to war our way out of Satanic entrapments, but are also under the dealings of Jah as well.  It is not just a matter of rebuking devils as so many would have us believe, but a matter of being CHANGED, being redeemed from the fallen nature that got us into the situation in the first place.  

As you will see, Jah is NOT going to bless our unbelief, laziness, self-pity, nor any of our Law Violations.  He is redeeming us through Jahshuah and His blood from out of them.  So yes, we must war against the enemy to come out of their captivity, but at the same time Jah will deal with us, and show us what it is that He is dealing with us upon.  If we think that we can come into the Glory just by rebuking devils and not have to change our ways, WE ARE DECEIVED!!!  

There is NO WAY to come into "The Restored Kingdom Mandate" without the redemptive work necessary being accomplished.   Not only will the people of Zion be warriors, but they will fully recognize their shortness and need for that changing being worked in them.

Now people, this thought does not make you groan any more than it does me.  The more the Word is opened to me, the more I see how short I am of His Glory, and then with great chagrin, realize how much it will take of His changing me to cleanse me of that shortness.  Knowing full well what this means, I am sorry to say, my shoulders do droop, and yet somehow within myself, I do desire it.  

If you are an Overcomer, you will probably well identify with that position.  If one is not coming into seeing how short they are of His Glory, then as far as I am concerned, they ARE NOT COMING INTO THE TRUTH.  They are not walking into the Light to see whether their deeds are evil or righteous; whether they be of Jah or not.  The less one sees their shortness, then the less Light they have walked into.  I warn you now that if you are not serious with Jah, do not read any further.  It is far better that you remain ignorant than to receive Light and NOT WALK IN IT.

I would also like to say that it matters not what your present state is, you can use what shall be set forth to overcome it.  And yes, I do know how impossible this can sound when we are in a very dense cloud of darkness.  I have been there far more times than I can count, and did not relish having to overcome to come out of it any more than anyone else would.  What gave me the incentive was that I knew that nothing would change for  the better until I DID apply myself in the overcoming.  I hated where I was more than the thought of having to apply myself, and somehow was given the strength to put into practice what I knew was the only way out.  Neither did I want to be immobilized so that the situation could worsen.  It was already bad enough.

The Number One Lack

If I were asked to name the number one lack in the Body of Jahshuwah, I would say that it is FAITH!!!  Faith that is being militantly exercised in the Plan of Jah on this earth, and in the overcoming of all Satanic Forces that would try and hold us captive.

Remember this!  Our not exercising faith for the Kingdom, and Kingdom Life IS A VIOLATION OF THE HOLY LAW.  The very first thing we must be cleansed from is our lazy lethargy that causes us to wallow in UNBELIEF and self-pity.  Then in being cleansed, learn what TRUE FAITH really is, and how to function in it.

Many are picking up head knowledge, and believing what they are learning to be Truth, but this is NOT FAITH.  The devils BELIEVE Jahshuwah is the Savior of this world, but they do anything but exercise FAITH in Him.  Just because we believe something is true does NOT mean we are walking in faith.  The first thing we must war out of is the lethargy of just knowing, and into the realm of exercising faith.  The enemy wants to hold us in the realm of knowledge.

There is a very great difference in believing something is true, and the acting in faith upon it.  The acting in faith on what we believe brings forth experience.  Nothing in the Word can become life in us, Jahshuwah becoming flesh in us, without experience.  This is a great problem among the ekklesia.  The LACK OF EXPERIENCE.  How many are expounding upon matters who have had NO EXPERIENCE in that which they teach.

(For instance, there are thousands who are expounding their "great knowledge" of the Spirit of Jezebel who have not gone through one battle in the overcoming of "her".  There is NO WAY to know this Spirit without receiving the scarring of the psyche acquired in such battles.  Instead of overcoming her, they are being overcome right while they think they are exposing "her", and in being overcome, they are leading people straight into her seductions.)  

The enemy cares not how much we learn as long as they can keep us out of the realm of FAITH.  They are well aware that head knowledge is of no value in itself.  When a person is focused on just the gaining of knowledge, and even practicing that knowledge without TRUE Faith, they are cast into the realm of lethargic faith produced by religious self-works, and in that, all of their knowledge is RENDERED USELESS!!!

True faith calls that which is not so, as so, until it becomes so, and that with militancy against everything the enemy would throw to try and convince otherwise.  Only the warriors will step into this war zone, and in stepping into it, come to the place many times over where they will wish they had not done so.  

I apologize for saying it like it is folks, but no one has yet entered into the overcoming until they have entered into this TRUE exercising of faith, and I do not care how much they know, or how much deception they have discovered.  The True Overcomers, the men of valor under the spirit of Elijah, the ones not after knowledge to just please their religious ego,  will pick up the sword IN FAITH, and WIELD IT against the enemy, and will not let go until it comes to pass.  I say the following loud and clear.  It is time for the men to come out of their lethargy, become militant men of faith, and ACT LIKE IT.

(By being militant, I am speaking of being militant in spirit WITHIN, while exercising love to those around us.  We are NOT to use the sword on each other, and certainly NOT on the wife.  We are to treat others even as Jahshuwah deals with us.  We have not come into love correctly until we can express the same love, forgiveness, patience and longsuffering, as He has given to us.  For the most of us, that is an over abundance.  Our war is NOT with flesh and blood, BUT DEVILS!)

If you have not read the series on "Overcoming Faith", you should do so.  Most shy away from that which they subconsciously know requires labor on their part instead of Jah just moving sovereignly to bless them.  Our coming into the Kingdom and Kingdom Life does not come by the waving of a magic wand, nor just by the sovereign hand of Jah.  Certainly Jah moves for the kids on their behalf to supply their needs.  I experienced this many times in my young walk.  This is NOT SO for Sons.  They will submit unto the growing up by walking in the faith required to become Sons, or they will be left in their immaturity.  If He has called you into the Overcoming, then YOU WILL HAVE TO GROW UP and OVERCOME to see ANY change in your life.  If you are not willing to go to war, then stop complaining.

The Men of Valor, the Manifested Sons of Jah, the redeemed Adams along with their Eves, will be authored into a militant faith that will cause their hand to cleave to the sword until they cannot let go.

It is the time that we begin to recognize that we are an ARMY being formed with a MAJOR purpose on our lives that is far above anything this earth has seen.  This is the mental picture, the FAITH we should be walking in.  Satan is working to keep the whole earth in his deceptions, in his Satanic Matrix.  The Spirit of Jezebel is working to seduce, and keep us seduced unto those deceptions.  They have held the whole earth this way from the beginning, and we are now being trained to turn their hologram, their matrix, OFF.  The gates of hell shall not prevent us from smashing them, and setting the people free.

In this nation, Jezebel STANDS IN OUR WAY into the entrance of Zion.  Through spiritual arms, we are being trained to over run her in the Authority of Jahshuwah.  Many are being made to feel like they are of no value, crushed, ineffective, fruitless, total failures, and without ANY power to change what is happening in their life.  

The enemies of our souls work with everything they have against the Overcomers to keep them in their prison.  The mental picture of ourselves, and of our life is being produced by what the enemy has brought against us, and by the position they are trying to hold us in.  Their only tools are lies, deceptions, illusions, and all that goes along with this activity.  NONE OF IT IS REAL!!!  It sure enough seems real, but it is not.

If I have any personal desire, it is to change the thinking of people called for the End Time Army from being that of a captive, into that which is a warrior, and a warrior on the attack.  Certainly not a person under attack.  A part of that changing comes by the Truth which sets our minds free, and gives us a militant perspective of what is happening to us, and why.  We are AN ARMY IN TRAINING for a frontal assault upon the Kingdom of Darkness that brings its total destruction.  We are not the ones in trouble, THEY ARE!!!

If I can just communicate these lessons in a manner that Jah can use, you will see your way out of this wicked captivity.  May Jah give me the words, and may He bless your understanding.  If He does not move on people to open this understanding in them, it will be a futile work.  Seek Him on this one, for it is the beginning of your way out of the life you have been relegated to.  It will not come by the waving of a magic wand, an anointed cloth, or sending a prayer request unto a merchandiser, and certainly not by the works of the flesh according to the dead letter.  It will COME BY WARRING our way out and unto Zion, and THAT BY JAH'S SPIRIT.  It will also take a war to hold Zion, believe me.  And, it will TAKE THE MEN to lead the way.  The women will never get there without such headship.

Somewhere along the line I will be released to begin publishing on marriage.  How far most are from the understanding of this "mystery", and the role of each mate.  To show the need for such teaching, I ask just one question.  Never before in history has there been so many counselors, books and sermons on marriage.  If what is in them is truth, then why does the institution of marriage grow worse with every day???  The answer is simple.  It IS NOT TRUTH, or the right way.  Most of the "headship teaching" has DEVASTATED marriages, and has not brought the marital bliss for BOTH partners as promised.  How many women have been coerced into having to submit to a man who does NOT give the same submission unto Jahshuwah???

I am going to cover some areas in brief, for my web pages are already full of teaching concerning the subjects I will mention.  Since I have a tendency to repeat myself, I hope to confine myself to simple statements rather than teach it all over again.

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you LIFE and DEATH, BLESSING and CURSING: therefore CHOOSE LIFE, that both thou and thy seed may live:

Where else do we see such a statement???  Right in the very beginning!!!  In Genesis two we read:

9  And out of the ground made Jah Elohim to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the TREE OF LIFE also in the midst of the garden, AND the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

16  And Jah Elohim commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: 

17  But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt NOT EAT OF IT: for in the day that thou eatest thereof THOU SHALT SURELY DIE.

We have TWO TREES.  One is the very nature of Satan, and the other the very nature of Jahshuwah.  One is LIFE, and one is DEATH.  One is flesh, or the fallen nature in its own works, and the other is SPIRIT in submission to Jah in His working in and through us.  One is works to become, One is of FAITH that says it is already so.

If anyone understood this one, IT WAS MOSES!!!  Deut 34:10 tells us: "And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom Jah knew face to face".  Moses knew what happened in the beginning, knew of the two trees, and the consequences involved with the eating from each one.  He understood what sin was, and what was life in spirit.  If anyone knew what would bring forth blessing, and what would bring forth curses, it was Moses.  Anyone that wants to argue against what this man had to say is a spiritual bimbo, and has absolutely NO respect for the Authority of Jah that was in him.  

(I would also like to add that Moses was NOT A "JEW" as so many would like to program us to believe.  

We are being held in captivity to "Babylon The Great".  We are told that we must come out of her.  This coming out boils down to the coming out of The Tree of Death, and the eating of it.  She is full of abominations created from the Satanic Nature of the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The only hope that the enemy has is to keep us eating from this tree, for if we ever give it up, THEY ARE THROUGH!!!  And oh, how they are holding us through the eating from this tree by legions of Serpent Ministries.  It is time to STOP, and BY FAITH see ourselves in the Light of the Tree of Life, and put off the seeing ourselves as the Tree of Death wants us to see.  

We have two trees from which we can eat.  The tree of death, and the tree of life.  The Tree of Life is TRUTH and reality that results in blessings, and the Tree of Death is LIES and illusions which curses everything we are and do.  Our life is the VERY PROOF of which we are eating!!!  This is why we are having our eyes opened to how we have been lied to, and are being brought out of them.  

As it says in Rev 2:7

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of Jah.

And Rev. 22:14

Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they MAY have RIGHT to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.

Who is it that is BLESSED and MAY have the right to eat of The Tree of Life???  Then, who is it by logics that MAY NOT have this right???  And, who MAY enter into the "city" (Kingdom / Zion) and who MAY not?

Jah tells us FROM THE BEGINNING what brings forth life and blessing, and what brings forth death and curses, and that theme carries right straight through to the OVERCOMERS in the final book of Revelation.

Moses reveals to us a great secret.  A secret that is confirmed in the Overcomers of Revelation.  Coming into what he says will involve EVERY PRINCIPLE, EVERY PRECEPT in the entire Word.  Jahshuwah IS THE WORD, and it will take Him becoming life in us, His becoming flesh in us, for this to be worked in us.  There is no other way.  We are to become militant and by the words of Moses, fight our way out of the Death, and INTO THE LIFE.  This will take the militant authority of Jahshuwah within, believe me, for the devils do not just whimper away, but come with everything they can to keep us from believing the Tree of Life.  They own the Kingdom of Darkness, and have every right to bring every lying illusion to try and defeat our faith.

Once you really get your eyes opened to this one, then you will begin to see what The Spirit is Saying to us through the words of Moses, and believe me, they are a mouthful.  We WILL surely sing "The Song of Moses" in this day, even as Revelation 15:3 tells us.  What Moses spoke in that day is STILL to ring in our ears in this day, or he would not be sung in the end times.

The army that took the Promised Land understood his words, and by them TOOK THE KINGDOM!!!  They did not hold the ground as they fell away from what Moses said, but we still can see what the power is in these words by that story.  Even by MANY stories in the Bible as some armies received their victory without even raising a sword.  

The secret is in these words of Moses.  He knew what he was talking about, and those that heard them RECEIVED BLESSING!!!  The Holy Law is our WAR CRY, and the very way to victory.  It is not a bondage if understood IN SPIRIT, but a way to our obtaining liberty.   It is SIN that leads to bondage, and it is RIGHTEOUSNESS that leads to liberty.

It is this very reason why Jezebel has used her Serpent Ministries preaching from the Tree of Death to try and make the Law something evil and wicked, and even heretical.  Jahshuwah is the Torah made flesh, and is our entrance INTO THE KINGDOM.  Do away with the Torah, and we have done away with the True Messiah for a counterfeit, and by doing so, sealed our doom in Babylon.

The Serpent Ministries only see the Holy Law through the carnal mind of the Tree of Death which is at enmity with it.   It is no wonder they have tried to make the people believe the lie that it was done away with.  The Tree of Death brings forth every kind of Law violation, every kind of sin, every deception the devils can conjure up, and incredibly makes the preachers of such seem Holy and Righteous while it puts the believers of such rot IN BONDAGE, and UNDER JUDGMENT.  The Holy Law IS A TREE OF LIFE, even as Moses stipulates, and it brings us out of EVERY DECEPTION, and exposes every evil work of not only the enemy, but of EVERY SERPENT MINISTRY!!!  That IS if.......IF we see it IN SPIRIT!!!

(My web site is full of the relation of Law and grace.  I am not going to repeat all of it here to get this proper perspective of what I am trying to open up to you.  Even the previous emails should have prepared you for what I am now going to write.  Moses knew what he was talking about, and SO DID PAUL.  They do NOT contradict each other, but AGREE.  If these two were alive and on the earth today, they would walk in PERFECT HARMONY!!!  Great men of Jah are NOT in conflict with each other.)

People, this is something that everyone needs to understand.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to come out of ANY sin without complying with some part of the Law.  On the flip side, there is NOT ONE abomination of The Great Whore that is NOT a violation of the Law.  We are told to come out of her.  There is NO WAY to come out of her without being brought into compliance with the Holy Law.  This includes the most important aspects of all, and that is LOVE and FAITH.  Just these logics should do wonders in exposing the stupidity of the Serpent Ministries.

We are NOT under grace so that we can continue in sin.  Paul made this very clear.  We are under grace while we are being brought OUT of sin.  The coming out of Babylon IS coming out of sin; out of the Tree of Death; out of THE FLESH or carnal mind that is at WAR with Jah's Holy Law.  Make no mistake about it.  

I know this will not sound like love, or kindness, but I am through mincing on words.  I care not much for the wolves, and plenty for the sheep.  Anyone who says other than this is a spiritual nit wit, and preaching FOR SATAN!!!  Satan IS THE LAWLESS ONE, NOT JAHSHUWAH!!!  Which "savior" will we follow?  The counterfeit, or the true?  

It is SIN that brings forth Bondage unto Death.  Righteousness DELIVERS us from that sin, and into Liberty unto Life.  The Holy Law in spirit is the very righteous Nature of Jahshuwah, and we are not to just seek first the Kingdom, but ALSO His Righteousness.

There is NOTHING wrong with the Holy Law.  The problem is WE OURSELVES, and our fleshly rebellion to it.  As you will see, Jahshuwah opened the doorway FOR us unto this righteousness.)

Jah is setting forth our way out of our prison cells, and even our "Solitary Confinement" by what He is teaching us in this series.  It does NOT come forth by OUR works, BUT HIS in us, and THAT BY FAITH.  I will set forth how FAITH brings this to pass in our lives after I make it clear what our predicament is.

The Book of Deuteronomy begins with Jah speaking through the great prophet Moses to our Israelite ancestors just before entering the Promised Land, The KINGDOM OF JAH.  If we think we can ignore what He said as we prepare to take the Kingdom in Zion in this day, we are foolish indeed.  What is in this discourse is the very foundation of not only our way into the Kingdom, but our love toward each other, and Jah.  Any violation of it IS NOT LOVE!!!

Deuteronomy 28 through 30 are incredible chapters of this discourse when seen IN SPIRIT, and is one of the most profound chapters in the entire Bible, yet how many even know it exists, let alone have read it?  This IS what Jah IS working in those that WILL submit unto His working.  Most of you will finally recognize WHAT IT IS that He IS working in you.  This teaching should be a confirmation to you, and not something from out of the blue somewhere.

I hope to finally get into the meat of this teaching with the next part.  In preparation, you might spend some time meditating upon these chapters. I think doing such will cause you to see more readily what shall be written in the coming emails.

Larry G. Meguiar                                                       Larry G. Meguiar Picture


P. S.  I do apologize for NOT being in a position where I can answer emails.  Please be patient with me and do not take it personally.  I do read all that come in.  It is just not possible to answer.  



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