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The Warning of The End Times

"Forty Days of Repentance"


This IS a "Set Appointed Time" to meet and listen to what Jah is saying to us both as individuals, and as a world wide Ekklesia.


Sent 8-29-02

This is the 10th of a series of e-mails that is not only revealing what stage we are presently in as Overcomers, but to set the stage of where we are going.  If you have not read the first nine, you might not get the correct perspective, or full impact of what is being said here.   If you would like to read those first, CLICK HERE.  

Those on my e-mail list will know that I have been set aside for a "season".  Unknown to me at the time, this is NOT a coincidence, or some random set appointed time for me.  I sent the e-mail out on the 23rd of August.  The "FORTY DAYS OF REPENTANCE" began on August the 24th.  Now I understand why my time of "Rest" came when it did.  

The following has come to me during the time of prayer at sunrise.  This IS a "Set Appointed Time" to meet and listen to what Jah is saying to us both as individuals, and as a world wide Ekklesia.  Anyone who thinks this is a bogus doctrine is MISSING IT.  I have personally done this for years, but never knew why.  In fact the question of "why" never even entered into my mind.  I was just doing it, and that through no real effort of my own, or by any recognition that this was something in the Law of Jah.  It was just as natural as eating dinner.

(NOTE:  We should exercise ourselves toward righteousness that has been revealed to us.  I am not negating this effort.  I am just pointing out that it will NOT become a natural action by us until He has worked it in us.  Until that comes to pass, we may have much trouble with the flesh functioning in any particular righteous action which has been revealed to us.  This is proven just by our shortness in love.  The more we understand what love is, the more short we shall see we are of perfect love.  It takes Jahshuwah taking ground in us to perform as we should.)

People, we must understand that Jah moves on us according to His Torah, His "Holy Law".  He can move in NO OTHER WAY.  It is not what WE are doing, but what HE IS, and that by HIS LAW.  

Our ancestors did not decide of themselves to come out of Egypt at the time of Passover.  Jah did, and moved upon them to do so.  They just submitted to His move upon them.

They did not decide of themselves to cross over Jordan into the Promised Land at the time of Passover.  Jah did, and moved on them to do so.  They just submitted to His move upon them.

Moses did not decide to get the Law from Jah at the time of "Feast of Weeks", or what we call Pentecost.  Jah did, and left Heaven to do so.  Moses just submitted and went up to meet with Him.

Jahshuwah did not decide to get Himself crucified at Passover.  Jah did.  He just submitted unto the death of the Cross.

The early "Church" did not decide to receive the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.  Jah did.  They just submitted unto Jah and waited for it.

Jah moves according to His Law, and certainly according to His Feast Days.  Each Feast period has much revelation involved with them.  Jah moves on His people that will submit unto Him and what He is doing at these times according to those revelations.

We are now entering the time of the Fall Feast Days, and He is moving on us accordingly.  We need to be sensitive to what He is doing with us.  We are presently in "The Forty Days of Repentance".

We are being brought out of "Babylon" and unto Zion.  Isaiah two tells us................ 

And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Jah, to the house of the Elohim of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways (course of life, methods of action) , and we will walk in (pursue after) his paths:  for out of Zion shall go forth the law

We are learning of HIS ways, and how He deals with us.  His way of dealing with us is revealed in the Torah.  As He deals, we WALK.  He reveals His ways by how He deals with us, and in learning those ways, we walk in them.  His dealings bring us into righteousness.  Into right standing with His torah.

When a person first comes to what we have termed, "the receiving of Messiah", or the "receiving of salvation", miraculous changes take place in the individual.  This is the "starting point" of our relationship with Him, and that comes by the precepts in the Law of Jah concerning "salvation".  

I personally experienced this at a very early age.  Over the years I (as well as most of you), have seen miraculous turn-a-rounds in the lives of many when they first met Messiah.  It was Jah moving on the individuals to bring them into the "Law of Salvation".  Many immediate changes take place when a person first meets Jahshuwah at the Cross.  I need not point out every kind of change that does renovate them, just that it is the working of Jah by His Spirit upon the individual when submission to His move upon them was given.  

Everyone of those changes is causing each individual to become compliant with some parts of the Torah.  EVERYONE OF THEM!!!  NEVER does a change affected by Jah take place that does not cause them in some way to line up with His Holy Law.  Not everything is immediately done to bring us into purity, into being delivered of all the actions of the fallen nature, for this is a process that takes place through the works of the Cross, and the cleansing Blood of Jahshuwah from that Cross during our walk with Him.  Still, there ARE immediate changes, as the individual is taken from one track and placed on another.  What is that change?  It is being changed from walking only after the flesh unto walking after the Spirit instead of the flesh.  Yes, there will be a struggle that ensues, but still, the "Spirit" will win out.  Where will this take them?  Just as Paul said in Romans 8:4, 

That the righteousness of (the right standing with) the law might be fulfilled (worked in, accomplished, completed) in us, who walk NOT after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

To get the full impact of this verse in context, Romans 7 and 8 must be read.  He is writing of our being ineffective for the changing of ourselves because of the inadequacies of our own will power, but that Jah will do the work in us if we will submit and walk after HIM, and NOT THE FLESH!  

Anyone who does so will go through constant changes, and everyone of those changes will be works by Jah in them to bring them into ever increasing compliance with the Spirit of the Holy Law.  Into compliance with His teaching, instructions, and precepts of how we are to live our lives.  There is no other way for us to come into the fullness of "Righteousness, Peace and Joy" of the Kingdom, and the Kingdom Life. Yes, we all have a long way to go, but still, anyone truly walking with Him will have this taking place in them.  Anyone who does NOT have this taking place is NOT WALKING AFTER THE SPIRIT, and I do NOT care what comes from their lips.  Please notice that SUBMISSION TO HIM IS REQUIRED.  Those that do not, will not so submit, will NOT BE CHANGED.  They will remain as they are with their "veil" intact, and their eyes blinded by that veil.

(I might make note that this work of Jah is happening with people who are still in the programmed belief system that says the Law was done away with, and of no value to us in this day.  They have had many changes worked in them toward righteousness, and that righteousness has made them more compliant with the Law, and this in spite of themselves and this erroneous belief system, because they HAVE submitted unto the work of Jah upon them.  

These are in a confusion and realize it not.  They believe the Law is done away with right while they are being made compliant to many of its parts.  I would ask them, "If the Law was done away with, then why are you walking in compliance with it in any way???  What change worked by Jah in you has NOT been unto a more Lawful conduct???  Do you lie, cheat, steal, rob, commit adultery?  If not, then why not???"

There IS a "call" going out to them also in this day.  These are His "Friends" whom He is inviting to the "wedding".  They sure enough had better HEED THAT CALL, for the rejection of it has grave consequences indeed.)

We are born with the fallen nature, and that nature has a "veil" over its "eyes of understanding".  It cannot see, for its eyes are blinded, veiled over by the flesh.  When Jahshuwah died, this "temple veil" in our "heart" which lies between our spirit and soul was RENT IN TWO for those that will submit unto its renting.  In this veil being rent, He it is that then works on us by and through HIS Spirit to change us from glory to glory.  As Paul explains in 2nd Cor. 3:

But even unto this day, when Moses is read, the veil is upon their heart.  Nevertheless when it shall turn to the Master, the veil shall be taken away.  Now the Master is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Master is, there is liberty.  But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Master, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Master.

Even a child can get the clear meaning of this scripture which is in direct alignment with the rest of scripture.  Our being changed from glory to glory, our being conformed unto HIS Image, does not come by our OWN works, but by HIS, if we will submit unto that working.

Our OWN works, even of the Law, maybe especially of the Law, puffs up our religious self-righteous fallen ego that wants to become "as god", and therefore feel spiritually superior to everyone else.   When it is something that is being worked in us by Jah, we are reduced to humility before Him.  These are two very opposite points of the spectrum within.  One brings us into the bondage produced by our OWN works, and the other which sets us FREE in this "Law of Liberty".  Free from not only our own works, but from SIN.

Most of the time, we do NOT even know what He is doing in us.  The knowledge of what He has done usually comes after the fact with hindsight.  So how can we think that we are in charge of our changing, or can affect those changes in us, when we do not even know what changes are taking place???  If we could do it of ourselves, if we could become "as god" through our own efforts, then WHO NEEDS HIM???

How often do we see something in the Law, and then go about by our own efforts to establish this in our life?  Then we camp on that revelation, move no further, and end up eating "dead manna"???  This result is clearly visible to those who can "see".  Take a look around.  It is everywhere visible.  We must not allow ourselves to fall into this Satanic trap.  If we want to continue eating of the Word, then we must keep following the "Glory Cloud" to receive fresh manna.  Old Manna corrupts and dies.  Eating it will only bring death to the spiritual man, and just create another Tower of Babel.

Satan can only twist and pervert that which is of Jah.  There is NOTHING aside from Him.  Nothing else exists.  Satan cannot come up with something new aside from what IS of Jah.  All he can do is twist and pervert what IS of Jah to try and rule over it, and that is all he can do, for there is nothing else available to him.  Astrology, and the use of the "Lights in The Sky" in Baal worship are the perversions of Truth.  Rest assured that I am well aware of these pagan practices.  This is why I can discern the difference of what is of Jah, and what is of Satan on these issues.

Satan is working to become "god", and rule over EVERYTHING.  To do that, he twists Truth for his purpose to set himself up "as god" over those who will believe his lies.  This is happening throughout Jezebel's Counterfeit Christianity, as EVERY TRUTH is being twisted into a lie.  In this process, Satan is being SET UP to be worshipped in what should be THE TEMPLE OF JAH.  Talk about an abomination!!!  People who think they are eating truth are eating lies, and in the process are enthroning the author of those lies in their life, and IN THEIR CHURCHES by that eating.  Hear me well.

We can only understand to the degree that our understanding is opened.  We should be praying constantly, just as Paul prayed for the Ephesians, that "the eyes (or spirit) of our understanding be opened", and that by a continuing, ongoing process. The more our understanding is opened, the more Truth, the more Knowledge we shall come into.  The more we come into, the more we shall understand.  When we read a scripture we do not yet understand, it is because that understanding has not yet been opened.  If it has not yet been opened, we should leave it alone until it is opened.

Whenever I have been in a place where I could see the stars clearly, I have marveled.  His creation is incredible.   I am now CAPTIVATED BY THEM.  The "Lights in the sky" are an absolute incredible creation, and an awesome sight..  Why are they so to me???  Because I now realize they are His HUGE CLOCK, His HUGE CALENDAR written in the sky for us all to see.  The immensity of this revelation is STAGGERING.

Jah states in Gen 1:14,

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for SIGNS (flags or beacons to announce) , and for SEASONS (Set Appointed Times), and for days, and years:

How much is wrapped up in that one short sentence.   The Lights ARE a huge CALENDAR, and placed in the heaven so that man COULD NOT ALTER IT!!!

Now comes along Satan.  In order to replace Jah, he must RULE THE HEAVENS, and a part of his attempt at doing so has been the creation of Astrology, and the matters in the use of the heavens in Baal Worship.  He can never rule Jah's creation from the position of Truth, but must pervert what IS Truth into a lie.  To obtain his goal of replacing Jah, he then MUST pervert EVERY TRUTH into a lie.  This brings that twisted truth under his headship, and those that follow his lies, under his dominion..  Astrology and the forms of Baal Worship concerning the "Lights in the sky" are Satan's attempt to replace Jah and His Truth with himself and HIS LIES.  

 This Truth of the "Lights" is REVEALED by the opening of our understanding that they were created to be for "SIGNS", for "SEASONS", and "for days, and years"!!!  

This is emphatically proven by the star over Bethlehem.  The "WISE MEN" who had understanding of the heavens, KNEW by that star it was the "Set Appointed Time" for the KING TO BE BORN !!!

I have sensed from before Passover that we were entering a new time.  I will not get into ANY scenario in this regard as to what this "New Time" may be, for I have well learned that ALL scenario's are entrapments of the enemy.  Generally speaking, not only today but in times past, people have not understood what prophecy was being fulfilled, or how it was being fulfilled, until AFTER THE FACT of it being fulfilled.  Listen to me on that one, and I will save you much grief and disillusionment.  Because of our inner longings, we are ripe bait for the enemy.  Do NOT get into your minds over what this "new time" may be, but only that we are entering one.

In my mind, many are going to come from the "highways, and byways", and have yet to even meet Jahshuwah.  We all come to Him by the drawing of us by His Spirit, and that in HIS Appointed Time for each individual.  I fully expect Him to draw many who have never as yet even met Him.  These will NOT be so programmed with the lies of Counterfeit Christianity, and far more ready and willing to receive the Truth.  However, they will be in MOST wretched states, as the mystery of iniquity of this world is taking people deeper into depravity with every passing day.  

Not only have I experienced such, but there have been those who have said to me that they have a much easier time talking with people of the "world", than those who "profess to be Christians".  This just may be the reason why this is so.



                                                Larry G. Meguiar                              




P. S.  I do apologize for NOT being in a position where I can answer emails.  Please be patient with me and do not take it personally.  I do read all that come in.  It is just not possible to answer.  


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