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in the Earth As IT IS in Heaven

If I were to give this lesson in one simple sentence, it would be that our King, the Master of Faith, taught that we should believe that IT IS IN EARTH, meaning in this natural dimension, just AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, or "in spirit".  The more this sinks in, the more powerfully loaded the statement becomes!  If everyone fully understood this one, 90% of this web site could be erased.

Jahshuah was asked by His disciples, "How should we pray"???  He then tells them.  How many people listen to what He taught about how to pray???  How many are NOT listening to Him on how to pray, BUT TO MEN, and by those men who preach exactly opposite to the Truth, are being led astray, and in being led astray, are acting in DIRECT REBELLION TO JAH while thinking they are doing right, and are living righteously?!

I have stated on these web pages a number of times, that the easiest way to come out of Babylon's Confusion, is by doing as we have been commanded by Jah.  What is that? "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, HEAR YE HIM".  It is time we did so. I have learned that when any man contradicts what the King said, it is obvious rebellion, and BLATANT ERROR.  There is not one lie being taught today that would not be immediately identified as deception if people studied without end everything that Jahshuah had to say.  How true it is on how we are missing what He said to us on how to pray.  I have heard a lot of teachings on "How To Pray", but few on what our High Priest had to say, and it is HE who knew what He was talking about.

Most people, when they find themselves in difficult situations, or with a major problem to solve, are constantly left in the "wandering in the wilderness", because they know not what they should pray.  In 1st John 5:14 we read:

And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us: 

And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.

This is very clear.  We pray according to HIS Will, doing so in FAITH that calls the things that are not as though they were, and when we do that, WE THEN KNOW we HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED whatever it is we have asked.  Our biggest problem is all of the confusion being preached that keeps us from knowing what that Will is.

When we do not know how to pray, it is because we do not know what His Will is, and that KNOWING comes by His Word.  In an upcoming lesson I teach that when in doubt, PRAY THE WORD, and that in CONTEXT, and certainly NOT in lifting out a scripture to fit our own understanding to fulfill our lusts.  We are to pray while FIRST seeking the Kingdom, and then everything will fall in line with that kind of praying.

Now we are given the context in which ALL PRAYER should be prayed, taught to us by the One who knows.  If HE TAUGHT this way, then it must be a MAJOR POWERHOUSE of scripture!!!  We are to learn His ways, so we can WALK IN THEM!  Is this one of "His Ways"?  The whole prayer is crucial and a prime prerequisite that is not only indispensable, BUT REQUIRED by Him for us to so pray as He taught.  This lesson will only cover the first two parts of this prayer.  However, when people can grasp just what is said in these first two parts, IT WILL CHANGE the way most pray, and in that, SHAKE THIS EARTH from top to bottom!

He begins by teaching us to begin with, "Our FATHER which is in heaven, HALLOWED BE THY NAME".  How many even know what "hallow" means, let alone do it?  To "Hallow" means to make Holy, to PURIFY or keep His Name PURE, and to venerate His Name, which means to give it the respect due, to honor and revere.  Anyone who thinks they can pray to The Father with any name they so choose because He knows who you mean, is OUT TO LUNCH, and in REBELLION to what He who KNOWS taught.  We need to get this one through our thick spiritual skulls.  

He started out by saying, “Hallowed be thy Name”.  He did not say this for nothing.  How can we “hallow”, keep  Holy and Pure, His Name, if we do not even know what it is?  If it were important to know, then would not Satan try to destroy this knowledge, and not only destroy it, but replace that knowledge with perverted names that cause people to unwittingly worship him???  I will say one thing about Satan, he is NOT lazy, and is the greatest deceiver creation has ever known.  He is marvelously wicked.  That is his “claim to fame”.

We do NOT, by our own thinking, by our own knowledge of what we think is right and wrong to do, decide on how to pray, and certainly NOT by what Name we call Him.   How vital is it???  Jahshuah taught that this was the FIRST ITEM for how we are to pray.  Anyone want to argue with Him???

Then, AFTER we have called upon Him properly, we are to pray, Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

What is the FIRST item to pray for after "Hallowing His Name"???  For HIS KINGDOM to COME to this earth and in that coming to this earth, be even AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!!!  What IS HIS WILL???  To pray, in faith believing, that His Kingdom manifest on this earth, and in that manifestation, His Will is to manifest on this earth even as IT IS already in heaven.  Are you hearing Him???

Is Jah's Kingdom present in heaven?  What kind of a dumb question is that, right?  Why do I take the time to ask such a dumb question?  While the answer is obvious, the correct thinking concerning it escapes us, that's why. We are to believe that His Kingdom IS on this earth, just as it IS in heaven, and believe it IS before IT IS.  What will this cause to happen??  In Jah's time and scenario, it will cause HIS Kingdom to manifest on this earth.  Whatever we ask in great desire, will come to pass, IF WE BELIEVE and not doubt, for there is NO WAY IT CAN BE STOPPED.  

Why is it so hard to take such a stance of faith???  Because of the war zone, and an enemy that is dead set against our so believing, for once we believe this, HIS DAYS ARE NUMBERED, for it is this faith that causes Rev 12:10 to come to pass, and in that,  his being cast out of heaven.!!!  Only the Overcomers will be able to stand in this faith, for only they are called to such a position of faith.  

How does Satan war against us in this faith???  He uses our backward thinking mind, and "his ministers", to convince us that this is NOT the Will of Jah.  How anyone could preach such a thing I do not know, for this is very clear.  Those that listen ONLY to Jahshuah will see through this one quite readily.  He said that it was the WILL OF Jah to believe for the Kingdom to come to this earth, and in fact, COMMANDED that we so believe and pray.

Jahshuah said in Luke 12:32, Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Was He lying???  Was He promising falsely???  Hardly.  What are we to pray???  HIS WILL!  What is that will?  To pray, in faith believing, that His Kingdom manifest on this earth, and in that manifestation, His Will is to manifest on this earth even AS IT IS already in heaven.  Why are we to do this??? Because it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Why did Jahshuah make such a statement saying it is our Father's GOOD PLEASURE to give us the Kingdom?  Because IT IS HIS WILL to do so, even as we are taught to pray.  Daniel tells us much about this day we are entering, and says in in chapter 7 of his book, "And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him".

Daniel also tells us how this is given to us: "But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever".

How do they take and possess the Kingdom???  By PRAYING in faith believing it IS so BEFORE it is so just AS Jahshuah INSTRUCTED, for He full well knew not only the Prophetic Word, but THE WILL OF HIS FATHER!!!  Are you hearing Him who IS The Word of Jah???

Let me side track for just a brief space here, and ask some things that apply to us personally.  Is there any sickness, poverty, or death; any despair, agony, disappointment, futility, failure, loneliness, IN THE KINGDOM in heaven???  Hardly!  Any of these matters we are experiencing is because we are living in The Kingdom of Darkness that is presently ruling this earth.  Anything, EVERYTHING on this earth that contradicts what IS SO in heaven, is not, and I repeat for emphasis, IS NOT the Will of our Father in heaven!!!  His will is for it to be for us here on this earth, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!!!  In praying as instructed by our High Priest, these contradictions ARE REVERSED, and in that reversing, come into the life that Jah intended for us from THE BEGINNING, even as ALL of the Holy Prophets prophesied FROM THE BEGINNING!!!

Now people, I of all people full well understand that we suffer much tribulation on this earth, and that for the grand purpose of our development unto the "Full Stature of Jahshuah" within us.  No one has reached the pinnacle of this achievement, as we are only on our way to such fulfillment.  I am not trying to condemn ANYONE going through struggles on this earth, for in doing so, I would be condemning even myself.  We enter the Kingdom through MUCH tribulation.  What I am giving is THE WAY OUT, and that way out will be grasped by the Overcomers who are called to overcome.  Then, after they have gone through the overcoming unto its completeness, they will then teach all others those ways that will receive.

There is much on this earth, and in our lives that is NOT as it is in heaven.  We have been given the project to make what isn't on earth as it is in heaven, to become as it is in heaven, and that by the overcoming.  If everything in our life and on this earth was already as it is in heaven, there would be nothing to overcome.  In the overcoming, the author and finisher of our faith is bringing us to believe that what isn't on this earth as it is in heaven, IS, and by calling the things that are not as though they are will then cause the IT IS to come to pass.

By the Word of Jah, Satan is given the right to try and devour us, and to deceive the entire world.  That we cannot change, stop, or disallow.  What we can do is OVERCOME, and in that overcoming, come OUT of the world Satan has right to control, and INTO THE KINGDOM, and Kingdom Life, just as IT IS IN HEAVEN.  This is the path laid out before us, and it is up to each person to decide to walk that path, or reject it.  The Overcomers are called and destined to accept the challenge, and will take up their required cross to follow Jahshuah unto the manifesting of His victory upon this earth by causing what isn't on this earth as it is in heaven to become as it is in heaven

As I have already pointed out in earlier lessons, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  This is the calling of things that are NOT, as though they ARE, believing that we HAVE RECEIVED, and not hoping that maybe we will receive our petitions.  In this, we enter the war zone between Jah and Satan over who will end up being the ultimate ruler of this planet.  This is a war being fought between "Two Seed Lines" on this earth.  We are ALL making serious decisions as to whose side we will be on, and that choice is made by WHAT WE BELIEVE!!!  We can believe Jah for AS IT IS IN HEAVEN to come upon this earth, or believe SATAN'S LYING CONTRADICTIONS that try to convince us that what is happening in our life on this earth at present cannot be changed!!!  The "Devourer" is working OVERTIME in trying to keep us so convinced.

We, in order to join up on Jah's side and NOT BE MOVED by ANY Satanic attack that tries to get us into unbelief, MUST KNOW HIS WILL!  Why did our ancestors enter NOT into the Promised Land, the Kingdom of Jah???  Because of UNBELIEF!  They believed the lying contradiction that said it was IMPOSSIBLE.  They refused to walk in the faith that says Jah's Will is already SO, but became ONE WITH SATAN, and what he was whispering to them.  Instead of BELIEVING JAH, they believed Satan!!!  By that they BECAME ONE WITH THE ENEMY and therefore committed HIGH TREASON, and REAPED THE DEATH PENALTY required by the Law of Jah (Torah).

Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness: 

When your fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my works forty years.   Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said, They do alway err in their heart; and they have not known my ways.   So I sware in my wrath, They shall not enter into my rest.)   Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.

Why have we not as yet seen Jah's Kingdom come to pass here on earth?  That is really quite simple.  There is only one thing that keeps the Kingdom from manifesting on this earth.  What is it???  UNBELIEF!!!  If we were believing correctly, the Kingdom would be here, for it is HIS good pleasure to GIVE US THE KINGDOM.  However, He cannot give us that Kingdom unless we BELIEVE HIM FOR IT!!!  We can only please Jah, and thereby receive from Him, EXCEPT BY FAITH.  Faith that says it IS so before it has become so.  Oh, how we must get this one established in us so that nothing moves us from it.

I ask, do we receive by keeping the Law; by knowing the right Names; by seeing who can shout the loudest in a prayer meeting; or any of the innumerable other things that people do thinking it will make them righteous enough to receive from Jah?  NO, and a thousand times NO!  We RECEIVE BY FAITH, and by NO OTHER WAY can we receive.

Is unbelief concerning faith for the Kingdom serious???  Well, not to us, for we are mostly interested in our own little  comfort zone, our own contrived purpose for our life in the fallen world, and not in Jah's purpose on this earth.  However, Jah does not view it in the same manner as we do through our carnal, backward thinking mind that decides what is right and wrong from its own fallen knowledge of good and evil.  He says that NOT BELIEVING Him for His Kingdom IS WICKEDNESS and worthy of the DEATH PENALTY!!!

Obviously, the Kingdom of Jah is present in heaven.  This is AS IT IS in heaven.  We are to manifest this AS IT IS in heaven upon this earth.  It is Jah’s WILL that we believe Him for the Kingdom that IS in heaven, to manifest on this earth just AS IT IS in heaven!!!  If this were not possible, He would not have taught us to so pray.  Not only is this possible, but we are in dire rebellion if we do not so pray, and we do not so pray because of unbelief that has been preached to us by the Priests of Baal!!!  Oh for the day a people finally understand this one.  And oh, how I long for  a congregation of 50, or even fewer, with the needed facilities. Not only will they multiply as Adam and Eve were commanded IN THE BEGINNING (another hidden secret), into hundreds of thousands, but the whole earth will be turned upside down BY THEIR FAITH in the "Restored Kingdom Mandate" that was originally given to Adam AND Eve!!!  

Why would this be so???  Because they would LEARN HOW TO PRAY, and in that praying, bring forth the WILL OF JAH ON THIS EARTH!!!  It is THIS PRAYING that will BRING UNITY to the Ekklesia, and end once and for all the divisive clamoring voices of confusing doctrines and exegesis of prophecies.  A house divided against itself CANNOT STAND, and is the very reason Satan has us in such divisive activity.  I marvel how there is a different "Jesus" being preached wherever our Messiah IS being preached, and how no one seems to notice.  

Praying as our King instructed will bring a unity we at this time cannot even comprehend.  Jah's house is about to come into a unity that cannot be divided!!!  The more that pray this prayer in this unity, the more the JOY of the Kingdom Life will be experienced by those that so pray.  

And hear this. We must recognize that we are living in the Kingdom of Darkness that rules the earth as prophesied, and the ruler of that Kingdom IS SATAN.  By the Word of Jah, we cannot overcome as called to overcome while residing under this authority.  NO ONE can accomplish the full and complete overcoming by themselves in isolation while residing in that Kingdom.  Yes, we can overcome much on our own, as even I am explaining, but the completeness of overcoming will only be had by those that come together in the UNITY OF FAITH in the coming out unto the manifesting Kingdom.  In isolation in Babylon, we tend to become self-centered upon our own difficulties.  In the "coming out" together, we shall turn from our own problems, from "the cares of this life" and seek the Kingdom FIRST, and in that, overcome EVERYTHING "The Devourer" and "Deceiver of the whole earth" has thrown at us.

Then Revelation 12:10 will come to pass, and Satan will be finally cast out of heaven.  When he has been cast out of heaven, we will then be able to manifest THIS PART of the AS IT IS in heaven here on this planet, and see him cast off of THE EARTH.

When I see a people being gathered together, learning His ways so that they can walk in them, and in that PRAYING AS THEIR KING INSTRUCTED, with Jah sending the great wealth necessary for preparing the places for the "woman" to escape to unto them, I will know that a "dwelling place of Zion" (the Authority of Jah)  has begun to manifest.  Any place that advertises itself as a "place of protection" for the last days that is not doing this IS A COUNTERFEIT!!!  In being counterfeit, it is a trap of Satan in a counterfeit scenario to give a false security, and is scheduled by the devils to over run such places with their New World Order under the already passed laws for doing such.  Hear me well!

I just mentioned about the sign of Jah's approval will be the loosing of finances to build such places.  Right now, the "Spirit of Jezebel" is robbing the tithe from Jah's people, and giving it to that which is serving SATAN'S PURPOSE on this earth.  That day is coming to an end as this contradiction is reversed.  People, being tricked into giving to the wrong places, will wake up, stop such demagoguery, and GIVE to that which IS serving the Will of Jah in manifesting Jahshuah's victory on this earth.  These will NOT build their own "Towers of Babel", exclaiming how high their tower reaches unto heaven, but will use the money STRICTLY for the purpose of Jah.  Certainly NOT to build their own luxurious comfort zones while exclaiming how great their faith is, and show that "supposed faith" by what they have built from robbing, fleecing, the sheep.

Many of us have suffered much difficulty.  Why?  Because that which we must go through to accomplish the overcoming is NOT YET COMPLETE, and to complete the overcoming, must have that which we are to overcome.  We, in ourselves, would have ended such predicaments LONG AGO, but then, neither would Jahshuah have gained the ground in us that He has.  How did He gain that ground?  By letting the devourer try and devour us so that we would have something to overcome, and in the overcoming, realize once and for all time that we in our own selves cannot do so, but ONLY He in us!!!  I am crucified with Messiah, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but it is my Messiah who lives in me, and He has ALL AUTHORITY over everything, both in heaven and earth, and that in subjection to Jah!!!

We ARE NOT JAH.  Therefore, the timing and scenario to the complete overcoming is in HIS HANDS.  That is HIS job.  Ours is to keep right on believing no matter WHAT is thrown at us while TRUSTING HIM to bring us through to the victory.  

I have not said enough about TRUST to this point.  Trust is a large key to having faith, especially when the war comes to destroy our stand in faith. Our trusting Him will be severely tested.  When we feel our peace leaving us, our faith on the wane, we have left off with TRUSTING HIM!  (Tell me about it.)

Isa 26 tells us, as the whole Word displays, 

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.  Trust ye in Jah for ever: for in JAH is everlasting strength (rock of refuge):

When our faith is failing, we will also recognize that our mind is NOT being stayed upon Him.  The enemy is using the stresses caused by natural realm circumstances to distract us from this position.  When this is happening, we are in a war zone with the enemy, and will have to fight to hold our ground in keeping our mind stayed upon Him.  This is an important key folks.  Remember it.

This IS the overcoming, and overcoming by The Blood of the Lamb, The Word of Our Testimony, and the Loving not our fallen life, our fallen ego that thinks it knows all, UNTO THE DEATH!!!

What are we to believe???  That what IS in heaven is ALSO SO here on earth.  To believe Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.  It IS HIS WILL that we believe that HIS KINGDOM, as IT IS in heaven, IS SO ON THIS EARTH!!!

Should anything on this earth that is NOT in line with His Kingdom, His Will in heaven, be allowed into our mind as His Will?  There just isn't any poverty, sickness, or death going on in heaven folks.  These are ALL the "GIANTS" that stand in our way, and as a Goliath, are trying to convince us that we cannot defeat them.  How do we reverse this that appears to be so on earth?  By believing, by calling the things that are not as though they are.  Instead of believing Satan's contradictions, believing the LYING GIANTS, we believe Jah for it to be on this earth AS IT IS in heaven.  

I ask, does Satan rule in heaven???  Hardly.  So why are we letting him rule ANYTHING on this earth, let alone the entire earth???

I have heard people say, "Oh no, you cannot believe that the Kingdom will come before Jahshuah returns.  That is not the Will of God".

That is the backward thinking, hostile to the Truth, carnal mind that loves to be one with SATAN.  It is NOT wrong to so pray and believe, but WRONG IF WE DO NOT.  Gravely wrong, and the VERY ERROR of our ancestors that reaped the death penalty.

Visualize how it is in heaven.  Meditate upon it instead of what appears to be so on this earth that contradicts what IS in heaven.  Make the as it is in heaven be as it is on earth.

I can tell you this, the people of Zion shall so pray, and pray in earnest for it is the ONLY WAY OUT of the despicable mess in which we are now living.  And, remember this.  "Pharaoh" does NOT want to let us go, and the carnal faithless spies around us will be used to try and defeat our faith.  It is NOT for us to point the finger, but TO OVERCOME IT ALL!!!

For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.

"He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his Supreme Magistrate, and he shall be my son."


The next lesson is titled "Faith That Overcomes The Devourer".



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