The Final Solution


Look at the world, and tell me what you see,

         is it not pain, agony, chaos, and slavery,

Poverty, sickness, and death,

         taking away everyone’s living breath?


The more man tries, the worse it gets,

         he has not the answer, only regrets.


How did this happen, how can it be,

         this that is proven by all of history?


It’s the Kingdom of Darkness, a life we are keeping,

         all from what we have sown, and are now reaping.


Where did it start, what brought it about,

         it’s back to the beginning, if we are to find out.



Some say that Adam and Eve is not a true story,

         but oh how it shall be proven by the coming Glory.


Adam and Eve were living naked and free,

         walking with God in liberty,

Full of love, and all that this entails,

         a love  that lasts, and always prevails.


This love was the threat to a Satanic creature,

         he could not allow this glorious feature.

If he relaxed, and allowed it to stand,

         no one would follow him, and his wicked band.

It wasn’t long before he approached unto Eve,

         to ruin this love, he would have to deceive.

To Eve, Adam listened, and in that he fell,

         into the deepest, darkest, most terrible well.


Now all around we see the results,

        it’s a world fallen, full of insults,

To a God of love for His creation,

        through Christ He shall bring forth a new nation.


Dwelling places of “Zion”, the Garden of Eden restored,

        no one here will with life be bored.


The restoration of the original state,

        new Adams and Eves. will He create.

To show the World what He intended,

        where men and women, are together blended.

This is what Christ bled and died for,

        to bring it back, yes to restore.


Before the fall, everything was right with peace and joy.

        after the fall everything was wrong, and in Satan’s employ.


By the  Tree  of Life, they were free, and in eternal health,

        they were also given abundance, and great wealth.


Then they fell through the eating of the Tree of Death,

        this is what took away God’s life giving breath.


The Tree of Death is Satan’s being our own god nature,

        in eating of this, Adam lost our Kingdom of God stature.


In this Kingdom of Darkness, Adam must work to make a living,

        by the sweat of his brow for himself, and not for giving.


This was the first curse brought by Adam upon us all,

        now held out of the Kingdom of Life, by this great wall.


No matter who they are, whether great or small,

        thinking they can change the world without reversing the fall,

Is kidding himself and all those that he teaches,

        moving all to a false hope’s reaches.


Nothing done or said has changed the trend so far,

        it’s like trying the impossible, the reaching for a star.


When will men awake, and know that there is more,

        and begin to cry out to Yah for what He has in store?


How to come into Yah’s Kingdom blessing,

        has many writing books that are only guessing.


Move after move comes, and it goes,

        bringing forth not the fruit that end’s the world’s woes.


So many think that their idea, plan, or book, is the answer,

        but the world only grows worse in its frustration, and anger.


Being our own god we run to create our own way,

        only to come to its corruption, another despairing day.


Nothing is really solved, any solution is just a delusion,

        a fantasy land mirage that only ends in confusion.


Yet still, in our blind, and stubborn rebellion,

        plan on how to make our next million.


Thinking surely of ourselves we can find a right way,

        even though everyone has failed, even to this day.


Everyone is blind, and missing the point,

        nothing will change till healing comes to the broken joint.


All of this is a great mystery,

        proven by the chaos throughout history.


This alone proves this all to be oh so true,

        and on it will go, on it will continue,

Till men walk into this light,

        followed by women to make things right.


Each performing their due restitution,

        giving up a life of destitution.

To receive the rewards of the coming Zion,

        ruled by the King, no longer a Lamb, but a Lion.


This will bring the end of the Kingdom of Darkness,

        as it brings the focus of the problem into sharpness.

Nothing but destruction awaits such a kingdom of debauchery,

        trying so hard to make of God’, and His plan, a mockery.

It will not work, and it shall never stand,

        death comes down on Satan, and his wicked band.


Man is fallen beyond comprehension,

        running to and fro to find sensation.

He realizes not how fallen he is,

        and thinks that it is none of Yahweh’s biz.


To stop being his own worst enemy,

        he needs to go to Gethsemene,

Unto the cross of Christ he needs to come,

        being transformed into a king, from out of a bum.


To this last great move, people shall flock,

        coming to be founded upon this great rock.


A Kingdom stone that shall fill all the earth,

        once and for all ending the chaos and dearth.


Sending it all at once to the Lake of Fire,

        cleansing the earth of all the muck and mire.


Yes, we have a great problem in the earth, no doubt,

        but what is the cause, and solution all about?


Men run to and fro to straighten out the world’s woe,

        while on and on through history we go.


It cannot be done by men alone to solve,

        for this is the problem, and certainly not the resolve




Only the creator has the solution,

        make this your resolution.

It is to Him that we must go,

        to find that which will cause the flow.


So far, every move of religiosity,

        only serves to arouse my curiosity.

If He has already given us the answer, why isn’t it working,

        or is the final solution still on the stove, and just now perking?


With all that’s been written, and all that’s been said,

        we still have a sickness deep in our head.


We kill the leaf of the weed, but not the root,

        there is light coming on how to give it all the boot.


It will be that which brings death to the death,

        and death to that which takes away our life giving breath.

A new calling is now coming forth on the earth,

        He is calling us all unto a  glorious new birth.


Surely this will cause a spiritual war to ensue,

        as Satan will get that which to him is due.


He won’t go down quietly,

        but will fight mightily.


Needless to say that it will be to no avail,

        only bringing the Bride to her prophesied travail.


Chaos, division and strife, is of the Devil,

        each called house he wants to dishevel.


Yahshua’s victory through the cross is to manifest on this earth,

        right in the midst of all of Satan’s fighting, chaos, and dearth.




Adams and Eves, will be redeemed,

        receiving everything that they ever dreamed.


The fallen natures to be reversed,

        and all of the wrongs, and hurts, to be transversed.

Setting them free in love’s liberty,

        each becoming what they desire to be.


In faith they are of each other to let go,

        and let Yah do the work for all the world to show,

It is for them to loose on the other their love,

        manifesting in a darkened world the peace of the dove.


Let the world see each ones love unfold,

        one of the greatest stories ever told.


Yes, to the beginning we must come,

        to see what we need deliverance from.


It is Yah that said a man should not live alone,

        he needs a woman taken from his bone,

               a woman to know as his own.


It is Yah that decided to create Eve from Adam’s bone,

        she needs to rest in that, and let the implant by God be grown.


Neither by the other’s works will the other be made,

        only by Yah’s creating can each make the grade.


When creating Adam, Eve was not there, or even allowed a peep,

        in creating Eve, and to keep him quiet, Adam was put to sleep!


In this He made them a counterpart of each other for every day,

        both created by Yah in His wisdom to be just that way.


In this, none can match what to Adam  she can give,

        and without her is a life not worth to live.


God created Adam for Eve, and Eve for Adam,

        each created by God to send the other into wild abandon.


Each in love can fulfill the other’s great need,

        by giving to them that for which they plead.


It takes true pure love for each to do this giving,

        bringing forth an exciting life, that makes life worth living.


Each are created with personality parts,

        created by Yah to fulfill each other’s hearts.

Even that by our own Knowledge of Good and Evil can seem  so wrong,

        was designed by God to break the other into a new song.


In our falleness we call good evil, and evil good,

        in this, mates are so easily mis-understood,

This is the enemy’s divisive ground,

        against this, in Jahshua’s name both must pound.

For Christ’s victory in their life  by all to be seen,

        both from this  fallen knowledge must be made clean.


All of this world is an illusion, a deception,

        in the Garden of Eden this had its conception,


We must give up our throne in this illusion,

        if we are ever to come to the desired conclusion.


Without giving up this illusion that produces such pain,

        We are lost with nothing but more deception to gain.


By the Word this pointing of the finger is a terrible yoke,

        It holds back the promises of God, and causes both to be broke.


The Knowledge of Good, and Evil, is a destructive force,

        the devastation that is at the bottom of every divorce.


This is a great mystery, now being revealed as a satanic gate,

        it comes from the first curse, so let’s get it straight,

A religious spirit is the Knowledge of Good and Evil,

        in that we cannot treat each other civil,

               we must see it for what it is, that it is the Devil!


Yes, it is the deceiver of the whole world, that age old Serpent.

        from him and his Kingdom of Darkness, we must repent.


God is love, understanding, forgiveness, and not of division,

        while this spirit loves to divide with this finger that points with derision.


We can be givers, trying to help all of the folk,

        it will still keep whoever walks with it broke.


No matter what is tried, things will only get worse,

        until we are redeemed from out of this curse.


A house divided can never stand,

        it is giving victory to Satan, and his wicked band.


This religious spirit causes a division that must be overcome,

        to be redeemed from our evil tongue, and our lips become mum.


Then shall all of the promised blessings congeal,

        breaking forth upon us, our land to heal.

Giving us Adam and Eve’s blessings, and delivering us from this curse,

        in turning this table, it’s Satan’s life that now gets worse.


So lets set aside everything that causes chaos and strife,

        let go of each other unto Christ, get back to just enjoying our life.


He is the redeemer, cleansing us from that which is appalling,

        and by His doing, redeeming us into His purpose and calling,


It is for us in Christ, of each other to let go,

        let him each have the other, and watch the redemption flow.


Coming to Christ, just as He has bidden,

        nothing held in secret, nothing left hidden.


Willing in Naked Truth to be seen,

        only in this can we be purged by His Blood, and be made clean.


For this, each giving the other a loving atmosphere,

        to take off the fig leaf, which in doing we all fear.


Oh, to be seen for what I really am,

        will make me look ugly, and a total sham.

Such exposure makes us want to run and hide,

        causing disastrous insecurity to blossom inside.


We are to see the other’s faults with love and compassion

        not with jeering, mocking, or slanderous derision.

Never pointing at the other with condemnation,

        when it is so easy to see the others degradation.


None of us is without fault to cast a stone,

        this is the fear of our being really known.


Adam and Eve, of each other are to let go,

        letting the Word redeem each the other, from the fallen they sow.


Giving their lives up unto the cross,

        knowing it is Christ, not they, that is the boss.

Losing their life so it they can find,

        a new life, free from all that did bind.

Loosing one and all from guilt and shame,

        which will heal the blind, the sick, and the lame.


So let the light shine as it shines,

        delivering us from all this that binds.


Man must see that he is fallen,

        and that it is to him that Yah is callin’.

This falleness is in our foundation,

        this leaves us with only one destination,

               the total corruption, and collapse of our nation,


Causing it to become out of order,

        throughout the land, from border to border.


It is time for us all on this to admit,

        our dues to Him we owe, and must remit.


How we all use the cover up of the fig leaf,

        this is the problem, and the whole story in brief.


We must shed this fig leaf, and walk into the light,

        not any longer against our Creator to fight,

               and just see ourselves as we are in His sight.


We can work all that we want, the world to save,

        being so concerned, so wise, and even courageous & brave,

But until we see Adam and Eve redeemed, it is lessons of futility,

        it is time to shed our pride, and walk into this humility.


Each one realizing that it is they that is the bother,

        that it is “me” that needs to be redeemed, and forget the other.


It is the Devil’s fear that holds back our expose.

        we don’t want  anyone to see us without our clothes.

Cover it all up, and keeping it covered,

        is to keep the redemptive fire out and smothered.


Let the man of valor hear, and heed this call,

        laying down his life, for the saving of all.


To become like Christ, and be a savior,

        It is necessary to redeem his behavior.


He must become like Christ, his life in giving,

        for all the world to see the way of the living.


Rising into life, from out of all the death,

        through the cross to the one who gave him his breath.


Then  his sight will open, and he shall see,

        how it was in Eden, in God’s liberty.


To come out of that day that being our own god began

        and from the presence of  the true God, fallen Adam ran.


In being our own god, what a mess we have made,

        for being such, look at the price we have paid.


A hundred forty four thousand men of valor there will be

        undefiled with women, you shall see.


After these men will women come . . . and then,

        learn how to become undefiled . . . with men.


For every woman, there is such a man,

        through Christ she shall find him, yes she can.


The women are also fallen, and can take a man down,

        even the wisest of men can become her clown.


He needs to be strong, and unaffected,

        she is only doing what is expected.


A wise man knows, and is not caught in surprise,

        he is very much aware of her cunning and guise.


He loves through it all, and knows in redemption

        she is the Glory of man in her completion.


Nothing but the woman can cause a man’s heart to soar,

        making everything else in this life nothing but a bore.

The woman without question, is God’s crowning achievement

        men should love them all, without bereavement.


Before the fall, they with each other were undefiled,

        then came the serpent, and Eve he beguiled.


In the beginning was this seduction,

        now comes forth the resolving deduction.


All the chaos is caused by the fallen marriage,

        redeem this, and it is Adam and Eve, in a golden carriage.


The results of which we see all around,

        as marriage ever since has gone aground.


Yes, the woman too, is in need of redemption,

        this has been so almost since her conception.

Each woman needs to yield to the man she was created for,

        coming out of her fallen rebellion, and being a whore,

Instead of giving herself to where she can get money,

        she gives up her life, and calls her Adam honey.


By demand and stifling, she is not to be ruled,

        no woman by this antic should ever be fooled.


No, not by constraint, should any woman be ruled over,

        but only to bring  into all that she about herself can discover.


She is to give herself unreservedly to the man she was created for,

        but only as the man has himself done to Yahshua before.


As a helpmate she does for him what he so desperately needs,

        loosing his heart that gives its love, until it bleeds.


Her marrying otherwise will only bring her grief,

        and no where in sight will there be any relief.


With dreams, and fantasies, she goes into a marriage,

        thinking she’s been picked up by Prince Charming’s carriage.

Just to find out the whole thing was an illusion,

        sending her into pain, and all such confusion.


As marrying outside of Christ is looking for trouble,

        and such sowing will only reap a broken bubble.


This is the answer, and will be known as the cure

        the redemption of Adam and Eve, until they are pure.

Without this Garden of Eden restitution,

        it is obvious that we all belong in an institution.


Not for their own purpose of the other ruling,

        for which the fires of strife it does the refueling.


But with Christ, and His purpose they go,

        learning this walk in which to flow.


Of their love and joining, they are not ashamed,

        before Yah in Christ, they cannot be blamed.


Their redeeming love takes them to heights of ecstasy,

        in total abandon, with endless capacity.


This love is the answer to all of the world’s woes,

        it births in the marriage, and is as the marriage goes.

To bring light to the world, it starts in the home,

        bringing waves of thunderous love, and all of its foam.


So many books written on this intricate subject,

        but still, the perfect marriage is just a reject.


Wisdom of men, and women too,

        cannot this marriage make, not even with glue.


This is a new thing that from all the death shall spring,

        a matter that only the Creator of us all can bring.


Only Yah knows what marriage should be,

        we need the help of one that knows, and that is only He.


Men and women, undefiled by and with each other,

        learning for once how to be a daddy, and a mother.


Each one to the other’s needs be giving,

        this will be seen as the way of the living,

Until each one’s total personality,

        blossoms forth, and becomes a reality.

Burning so bright for all the world to see,

        that they have come into the redeeming liberty.


There will never be a final solution,

        to all of the world’s woes, and confusion,

Until Adams, and Eves, redeem,

        in Christ let go, and be made clean.

Worshipping their God upon their bed,

        while their love on each other, they do shed.


Praying not for each other behind the back,

        but face to face in love without lack.

It was God Almighty, that created sex,

        only the falsely religious does it ever vex.


They view it through their own knowledge of good and evil,

        religious views that are created by the Devil.

Satan works to pervert God’s creation,

        but love is set free in redeemed procreation.


Love that shines, and shines so bright,

        this is what makes everything right.

Ending the chaos, wickedness, and pain

        it is all ended forever, in Yahshua’s name.


The world will see, and then will shout,

        so this is what life is all about.


In this is the Glory of God coming on the earth,

        the oldness gone, in its place a new birth.


That Glory shall be seen by one and all, and it shall spread,

        divorces, division, confusion, and strife dispelled, and instead,

Love and unity become the way

        hearts are joined forever to stay.


He created the two, He knew what He was doing,

        putting them together with love that is gluing.

This is the same as the mystery of Christ and His Bride,

        Adam, and Eve, redeemed, never again from Yah to hide.


She is bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh,

        with this woman, I will mesh.

Giving love, and praise, fulfilling her needs,

        being the answer for all which she Godly pleads.

These men shall shine even as Christ does to His Bride,

        then each woman will know inside,

Which Adam she was really created for,

        ending her confusion, and affairs galore.


Her eyes will be opened, and she shall see,

        how foolish she has been, and what she shall be.

God’s crowning achievement, a Glory to her man,

        that Glory shall flourish, and fill the land.


Like when Christ shall return for His Bride,

        she shall feel like on a white horse she will ride.

A Queen created for a King,

        finally, through Christ to do her thing.

In this she is finally set free, and fulfilled,

        giving herself to the man that she killed.

Just as Christ by the “woman” was crucified

        He died to redeem this wicked Bride.


Christ directs our paths, and shows the way,

        whether it be at rest, work, or play.


He rules our life in ways past understanding,

        taking us His way to the Kingdom everlasting.


We should walk in this faith just trusting,

        knowing He is taking us to that place for which we are busting.


So let us just do whatever flows,

        all in Him, however the joining goes.


Through the cross of Christ, a life to live,

        then to each other, this love they can give.


This is the love that conquers, it is pure gold,

        a love not known, and has not as yet been told.


A love that gives to another’s needs,

        and forgets itself, and for what it pleads.

A love so sure, there is nothing it can’t cure,

        if we will just submit to the redemption that makes us pure.


It is the one and only great love that emancipates,

        the only one lost is he who hesitates.


It will end all of the world’s woes,

        from our heads, down to our toes.

For the darkness cannot stand this light,

        it is the love it hates, as it makes everything right.


This love will bring forth the darkness’s destruction,

        causing what is known as instantaneous combustion.

The earth being purged by love’s all consuming fire,

        ridding this world of all the muck, and the mire.


Before this love, nothing can stand,

        This will be the final end of Satan, and his wicked band!!!


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