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I can tell by the e-mail's, and the number of hits on this subject, that "Suffering The Contradiction" is one of great interest.   Therefore, I have decided to amplify and give it in completeness.  

Do you long for becoming one with Jahshuah, in mind heart and purpose?  That is the longing for the Kingdom, for Jahshuah IS the Kingdom, and He resides in you.  It is the desire of a Bride for her Husband.

The more ground He takes in you, the more the Kingdom will manifest around you.  

Acts 14:22 tells us:

Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God.

Has your soul been confirmed?  Then what are you to do, and where then are you going?  We enter the Kingdom through much tribulation, and that tribulation carries with it the "Suffering of the Contradiction".

Never in my lifetime have I seen such despair going on in the lives of people, both Christian, and non-Christian, as I am seeing in this day.  We have surely entered into the beginning of sorrows.

For we who have received the Love, the desire,  for the Truth (and it is Jahshuah that is the Living Truth), it is upon us to bring us to the necessary prophesied travail.  The Contradiction will NOT BE REVERSED until we come to this Travail, and you are about to find out what this "travail" is for.

You are now entering an in-depth study of the Plan and Purpose of Jah that runs from cover to cover in His Word.  "Most" are believing exactly opposite of what shall be set forth in this study.  This will be a "cross roads" for some.  A crisis point in your walk with Jahshuah.  You will be making many decisions WITH HIM in your reading.  If you are not a serious, sincere seeker of Jah, I suggest that you back out now.  What is here is NOT milk for babes, but STRONG MEAT FOR WARRIORS.

I would presume that you are going through great struggles in your life, or you would not have clicked into this subject.  We go through these struggles so that we might be brought to the place where Jah can get through our thick skulls of what He wants us to hear, and what He is doing with us.  We do not hear easily.  Therefore He deals with us in such ways that He knows will bring us to that point where we will not only listen, but be able to hear.

Everything you have experienced in this life has been designed by Jah to prepare you for this day we are now entering.  What you are about to read will do much in this preparation that He is working in you.

You are about to find out what YOUR purpose is on this earth, and that purpose is a purpose that is a part of HIS purpose that He has purposed upon the whole earth.  If you know that you have "been called", TAKE HEART".  We must go through a "Cross, Tomb, and Resurrection" unto that calling.  Your day of resurrection lies on the horizon.

The first Course of Study is:

"Suffering The Contradiction", Parts One and Two.

There are Five Courses altogether.  The next Four are:

3.  "The Restoration of ALL Things" which reverses The Contradiction" and gives us the solution to all of our trouble.  This was prophesied by ALL of the Holy Prophets, FROM THE BEGINNING.

4.  "The Kingdom Mandate" which causes the Restoration of ALL things".

5.  "The Manifestation of The Sons of Jah" who are given the "Kingdom Mandate" which will Restore ALL Things, and bring forth the deliverance for which we are all longing.

When you have finished, you will have not only a much greater understanding of the Cover to Cover Word, but of why you are here, and for what you are "Called".  The "Calling" that is upon a people in this day, is the Greatest Calling in the history of Man Kind.

NOTE:  I will not claim to be error free in every word that I write.  We have only come into the season of the "Great Revealing of Secrets".  There is a WHOLE LOT MORE yet to be revealed.  In that revealing, any errors in any of our belief systems are going to be EXPOSED!!!  BEWARE, and be WARNED!!!  We can receive the love for the Truth and therefore submit to the walk of the cross to discover our errors, or refuse the cruel degrading humiliation of such discovery, and find ourselves left in the world presiding Strong Delusion.

I do believe that my general knowledge IS CORRECT, or I would not write what I have.  

            Larry G. Meguiar's                                                          

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