The End Times Editorials by Readers of The Warning  The "Jews" in the below article are NOT "Jews", but COUNTERFEITS who are descendants of Esau / Edom.  (Edom means RED)  For a comprehensive study that reveals this, see "Jacob I loved, Esau I hated", and "The Black Pope".  This article MUST be read with this understanding, or the wrong people will be blamed for what took place in Russia, and its "Bolshevik Revolution".

Subject: Fw: Judeo-Bolsheviks = mass murderers

Russian President Vladimir Putin Exposes Jews As The Greatest Mass Murderers Of All Times

Jewish Telegraph Agency March 04, 2001 1:48:01 PM ET

An editorial in the first issue of a new extremist magazine in Russia accuses "Judeo-Bolsheviks" of having killed millions of ethnic Russians.

The inaugural issue of The Admiralty, published last week in St. Petersburg, is prefaced with a greeting by a regional representative of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

56 Million Dead

The Bolshevik's cemetery ... the greatest mass murder in the history of mankind.

Israel Nachrichten (Israel News), September 10,1992

It all begun in 1917:

"Every ordinary Russian faced a Jew as his judge and as his executioner. Where ever the Russian went, he met a Jew in a superior position to him."

"If for the tsar regime the officer, the aristrocative official or the bureaucrat in uniform was typical, then in the new bolshevist revolutionary power the Jewish (lettic) commissioner, rarely speaking Russian, leatherjacket wearing and machine gun carrying, became a typical occurrence in the street. 

"But anyhow, outbreaks of destructive, criminal and pathological potentials, which had accumulated within the Jewish community, turned out in motion in the first years of the Soviet Revolution ...The problem was, Jews had taken power for the first time in Russian history. And for the first time they appeared not as victims, but as offenders... However, the horror of the revolution, of the civil war and the repressions following cannot be separated from the reign of terror, carried out by the Jewish Commissioners

Quite typical were Jewish revolutionaries like Jakov Bljumkin, a leftist socialist, who in 1918 shot the German Ambassador von Mirbach. This neurotic adventurer had been accepted by the Tcheka as a reward for his services to the Bolsheviks.  Nadesha Mandelstam stipulated in her memoirs how Bljumkin showed blank death sentence forms to a horrified crowd in a Kiev Café. He boasted, that he was able to insert any name he wanted onto the preprinted death forms. Mandelstam described him as a mixture of murderer and intellectual-not a typical character of that era.

"To an impartial person like the historian Boris Paramanow, living in New York, the Jewish presence of power was so impressive, that he asked himself whether the promotion of the Jews into leading positions had been a 'gigantic provocation' to the Russian people. 

The eager participation of Bolshevic Jews in the subjugation and the destruction of Russia was disproportionate. It was a sin which carried its own retaliation   There are Jews now everywhere and at all levels of power (after the revolution of 1917). The Russian people saw the Jews in charge of the Tsaristic City of Moscow, where the new soviet power was concentrated and also as the commanders in the Red Army.

"Every ordinary Russian faced a Jew as his judge and as his executioner. Wherever the Russian went, he met a Jew in a superior position to him. It is no wonder, if the Russians nowadays compare their situation with the past, come to the conclusion that the present power is again Jewish and therefore so horrible." 

Sonja Margolina, (Das Ende der Lügen) The End of the Lies, Siedler Publishing House, Berlin 1992 


November 29, 1997:

"The most appalling genocide was NOT committed by the Nazis but by the Communists. And the killing goes on. Yet leading British academics are still preaching the virtues of Marxism ... The bottom line, then is close to 100 million dead."


(London) 8.12.1996, Section 7, page 2

Jew praise 

Although Lenin was a political monster, he was no enemy of the Jews. He was aware of his partly Jewish origin, many of his close associates were Jews, he often spoke of Jews in favorable terms and he opposed anti-Jewish attitudes.

Andrew Wilski, Tunbridge Wells, Kent


"Lazar Kaganovich's rage aimed at first on the class enemy, the kulaks (peasants). He succeeded to exterminate the entire farming and peasant population in the Soviet Union"

Der Spiegel, 35/1991, page 151

Lazar Kaganovich, Stalin's Jew for implementing the Holocaust on Russia's and the Ukraine's rural population. He planned and organized a genocide on about twenty million peasants. He is the biggest individual mass murder in the history of mankind.


"Lavrentija Berija composed the resolution to murder 27,500 Polish officers, soldiers and civilians. When the members of the Polit-Buro gathered on March 5, 1940, Berija's resolution was adopted and subsequently carried out in Katyn and other places." Der Spiegel, 8/1996, page 147.

Along with most members of the Polit-Buro, Berija was also a Jew. The International Military Trubunal of Nuremberg charged the German Wehrmacht and the SS for the Katyn-Massacre. The German defendants were not permitted to defend themselves against the Katyn indictment as they were not allowed to produce evidence against Auschwitz accusations.  Katyn - village, W European Russia, W of Smolensk near the Belarus border. It was occupied by the Germans in World War II. In 1943 the German government announced that the mass graves of 4,250 (sic) Polish officers had been found in a nearby forest and blamed Soviet forces for the massacre. The Soviet government asserted that the Poles had been killed by the Germans. In 1990 the USSR admitted that Soviet secret police had killed the Poles (not Germans), and in 1992 Russian officials released documents that showed STALIN had ordered the killings.



Ilya Ehrenburg, Stalin's Jewish propagandist for genocide!

"Kill, kill, you brave Red Army soldiers, kill. There is nothing in the Germans that is innocent. Obey the instructions of comrade Stalin and stamp the fascistic beast in its cave. Break with force the racial arrogance of the Germanic women. Take them as your legal loot. Kill, you brave soldiers of the Red Army, kill!" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurt, February 28, 1995 - page 7

The above is one of the many thousands of genocide orders from Stalin's official Jewish war propagandist. With these kind of orders of the day, Ehrenburg spurred the Red Army soldiers on their way to Germany. They murdered in the eastern territories of Germany, which they controlled and thanks to his effective propaganda of "humanity", nearly three million women, children and old people perished in the hands of his killing hordes.

Ehrenburg is especially revered in Israel and his memory is still kept in the highest esteem by World-Jewry.


Why did the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, head of the largest church of the world, beg forgiveness from the greatest mass murderers in the world's history, when he visited Israel in March 2000? What power forced him to perform this shameful defilement of the memory of millions of innocent Christians, slaughtered in the hands of the above depicted offenders?  (LGM:  The answer to this is really very simple.  It was the Black Pope, and his Jesuits.)

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As Isaac prophesied to Esau / Edom (and Edom means RED): And by thy sword shalt thou live

And then in Revelation 13 concerning the RED Beast, and its 6th head that becomes the eighth:  He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.














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