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This is what the previous owners had on this wall. It was decided that the painting would hang on this wall.  The problem was, what do we do with it???  I painted the wall white so we could see the test colors more clearly than on the red.  You will notice an electrical plug below the picture.  I moved this to just under the bottom of the picture frame so it would not be seen, and be available for lighting on the painting.  At the left end of the wall there were three light switches.  they are hard to see as the face plate has been removed for painting.  These were moved by a friend to just behind the wall that is immediately to the left of the hallway.  The doorbell (top left) was moved around the corner and placed in the hall. It was decided to have a color of green behind the picture, and I can tell you, much experimenting was done to try and find the right shade.  The teal shade as shown just was not right, and did clash with the drapes.  Between Darlene, Pam, and my bumbling around, we came up with a color that I think does real well, and is seen in the last two pictures to the right.  

Somewhere along the line I decided to put up some woodwork.  What a project I got into with that creative idea.  I had no idea of what I was getting into, for I had never done what I intended to do.  As you can see in the next picture, I put raised paneling below the painting.

At first glance in this picture, it makes some think that I should have stained instead of painting.  I did not do so for two reasons.  MDF board is far less expensive than sheets of oak.  If I made a mistake with the MDF board, it would be no great loss.  Being a beginner who did not know what he was doing, I knew mistakes would be made.  If I made one with expensive material that could be stained, it would have given me a very bad day indeed.  So, because of cost, and knowing I could make mistakes, I went with the MDF, and that cannot be stained.  It is only used if the finished product is to be painted.

I may try to use oak for staining in my office because once this area is all done, I will have more confidence that I know what I am doing.  We shall see.

Here you can see it pretty much finished.  It needs to be sanded, a finish coat sprayed on, and a few minor pieces of molding added, but I am not going to do that until I am sure of the colors, and I will not be sure of that until the rest of the room is done.


There are over 70 pieces that had to be cut and or routed.  What a task this thing has been.

It has been estimated that if I had a craftsman do the work, it would have cost me well over two thousand dollars, and probably over three grand.  So, I sure enough saved myself a bundle by doing it myself.  It has taken some time to come up with a design, figure out how to make it, and then do it, but it was well worth the effort.  I am quite pleased with how it is coming out, and thank "The Carpenter" for His help, believe me.  It is certainly a difference from what the previous owners had on that wall.

Getting the colors to show up correctly in photos published to the web is a very hard thing to do.  Some of the pictures below are not really accurate in color, but this one and the next to the right are very close of how the color looks in person.


Just another view from back by the kitchen.  I will be most glad to get everything out of this room and the carpet in so I can see what the place is really going to look like.


The next project will be to paint the door, and install the crown, case, and base moldings around to the dining room.  Then I will take on the task of finishing out that room.  There will be twice as much paneling to put up in the dining room than what there was on this wall.  That will be a real project for sure.


I decided to try and backlight the painting with rope lights.  A rope light is that which is a long clear tube with little lights in it.  In trying it, I could see that it really enhanced the picture, and made it look like it was floating on the wall instead of being hung.  Again, it is very hard to get a good picture that shows the total affect, but you will get the idea.  This is one with the overhead light on the picture frame itself being out, as it would rather blush out the photo, as you will see in the next two pictures that I took with it on.  I personally really like it, and think it adds much decorative touch to the room.    


Here is the side view which reveals more of the configurations.  This first one is before painting, which you have seen before. Now, how it looks painted. Same thing but from a different angle. This one shows a bit more of the fluted (grooved) pilaster (simulated post).  Getting those grooves straight took some learning.


Then a couple of pictures of the crown molding.  If you look real close you will see that it is  made up of three pieces, and put together.  


Progress of the front porch flowers


The ground has been prepared, and the planting started. Here, the planting is complete How it looks today.  As you can see, the flowers grew well in just a couple months time, and really added the color that I wanted at the front door walkway. 


Notice the big leafy green plant at the far end.  It is not in the other pictures, as it has not yet begun to grow form its buried bulb.  This is a Chantilly that is outdoing itself this year.  Blossoms are beginning to bud, and wish I could have had a picture of this plant in full bloom for this time.

This was from the front after the planting had begun. What it looked like a couple weeks back.  You should see it now.  The Petunias are really something and must be at least 18" high.  They really love it here in this heat.  Sorry about the blurring.  The wind was really blowing and the flowers were moving all over the place.  


Patio Table


I was asked to put up a picture of this patio table that I just built out of Redwood, so here it is.  There are design routed 2 x 4's around the entire edge.  You will notice that the legs are inset so that no one's knees will bump into them.  It was finished with a clear gloss.


That's all folks.  thanks for stopping by.

Larry (Dad to my children.)












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