This was transcribed by Deb Berry (of whom I am most grateful for the labor) from an audio taped message delivered in 1994, with LGM edits and additions for clarification of what was said.


We have sung the wonderful old song:

There is power, power

Wonder working Power

In the Blood         of the Lamb

There is power, power

Wonder working power

In the precious Blood of the Lamb


Do we believe that we can become righteous by our works, or by the cleansing POWER of the BLOOD???

Do we exercise ourselves to APPEAR righteous, or do we realize we are wretches in need of Christ, and just be who we are?

The Overcomers will one day come to the full knowledge that IT IS BY THE BLOOD of The Lamb!!!  They overcame him by...the Blood of the Lamb....

At what time was that blood shed???  At Passover!!!

We are told in 1st Cor. 1:18 that the Power of Jah IS IN the preaching of the cross. 

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of Jah.

When did the releasing of this POWER take place???  AT PASSOVER!!!  So, what IS that POWER????

The POWER, by Jah's MERCY, to SAVE US FROM PERISHING.  From receiving the DEATH PENALTY of which we are ALL worthy.  So, what has this POWER, this "being SAVED FROM PERISHING", afforded unto us???  From what has this POWER taken us, and by that deliverance, delivered us unto???  Read on and find out.

Every Overcomer MUST LEARN the FIRST Precept of the overcoming, and that is, BY THE BLOOD OF THE PASSOVER LAMB!!!  Until we learn this one, WE ARE IN THE QUICKSAND OF DEATH.

Father, we come together, really, in just obedience to You.  This is Your Passover.  Something that not only You desire for us to keep, but actually require.  May You minister that to us today.  And may You minister how itís not a bondage, but itís a liberty.  How itís something we will celebrate forever, for it IS our salvation.  And may You loose a faith in us concerning this Passover that we havenít had before.  May we come to some new understanding.  Come and minister.  Father, open up our understanding, and cause it to become LIFE in us, so that we are different from this day forth.  So that something new springs up in us.  New understanding and a new direction and a new goal in life.  Father, help us this morning.  In the Name of Jahshuwah, Your majestic Son.  Amen.

Well, weíre going to have communion.  I want to point out two things about communion, and then go into trying to explain what this communion is about and what it looses in us. 

In 1 Corinthians, Chapter 11, Paul talks about communion.  In verse 23, he starts by talking about Christ: . . . the same night in which he was betrayed, took bread: 24) and when He had given thanks, He brake it, and said, Take, eat; this is My body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.  25) After the same manner also, He took the cup, when he had supped, saying, This cup IS the New Testament IN MY BLOOD . . .  

The exact quote is found in Luke 22.20........

This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.

Did He say, "This cup IS the New Testament" . . . period?  Hardly, He said, "This cup IS The New Testament IN MY BLOOD."  We have the tendency to miss words.  We read too fast.  Itís the NEW COVENANT . . . IN HIS BLOOD.  Thatís what weíre gong to find out about. 

Paul then goes on to say..........

26) For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you do show the Savior's death, till He comes.  27) Wherefore, whosoever shall eat this bread and drink this cup of our Savior UNWORTHILY shall be GUILTY of the body and blood of our Savior.  

Do you see it?  Drink it unworthily, and you are with those who crucified Him.  It doesnít say to drink it, and be worthy of drinking it.  It says donít eat and drink it unworthily.  See, itís not what you ARE, itís the ACT.  Itís to drink it in a worthy manner.  If we were all worthy of it, we wouldnít need it!  None of us are worthy of anything but the death sentence, except for the Life of Christ, Him Crucified, and His presenting His OWN Blood on the altar before Jah for US!

First of all, we realize we are NOT worthy.  And that makes us drink it WORTHILY.  Do you see?  Itís a GRACE that we can even partake of this thing.  So we want to remember that we want to drink it worthily.  And to drink it worthily, it is to know that we are unworthy and in NEED of it.  The NEW TESTAMENT in His BLOOD.  We are in NEED of it!!! 

Number two  

28) For let a man examine himself and so let him eat of that bread and drink of that cup.  29) For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning our Savior's body.  30) For this cause, many are weak and sickly among you and many sleep.  

Do you see there is a POWER in this thing?  Itís NOT a dead ritual.  You do this thing wrongly, and HO HO, it can KILL YOU.  And not the sinners out there; weíre talking about the Ecclesia.  Paul says thereís some that died because they did NOT drink it right.  Is it possible that some of those who are sick in the "Church" is because they havenít been drinking it right???  Have WE, any of us, been drinking it unworthily?  And, do you see thereís a power in this thing that CAN KILL YOU?

Thatís WILD!  Whew!  See, we donít realize the awesomeness of Jah.  Or, the awesomeness of this Word.  Or, the awesomeness of Christ.  Who He is.  And what Heís done. 

You can drink this worthily by remembering HIM and what He DID for we who are unworthy, and know you need it, and have it do a miraculous work in you; or you can drink it unworthily, and itís going to kill you.  Thatís startling!  Thatís serious!  Itís like Ė MAN, I want to back up and get my head real clear before I partake of it.  We are partaking of an Authority.  We are partaking of a Power.  We are drinking and eating of something thatís a mystery beyond our comprehension.  All I know is Paul knew what he was talking about, and Paul says thereís a Power in this thing.  Better watch it!  Thatís my first point.

This is the NEW COVENANT IN MY BLOOD.  Jah says in Jeremiah 31:31-33: I shall make a NEW COVENANT and that Covenant will be to write the Law in your heart.  The New Covenant is a circumcision of the heart where that Law is written.  That Law is Christ.  Heís the Word. 

Christ is the Living Word.  And the Law is the vital part of that Living Word.  And the New Covenant is that He circumcised our heart.  And in circumcising our heart, Christ rules.  And Christ is the Word and the Law.  If Christ, Jahshuwah, the LIVING TRUTH, is not ruling us, then has our heart really been circumcised?

We read and sing:

The law of Yahweh is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of Yahweh is sure, making wise the simple. The statutes of Yahweh are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of Yahweh is pure, enlightening the eyes. The fear of Yahweh is clean, enduring forever: the judgments of Yahweh are true and righteous altogether. Psalm 19:7-9


We, in our ignorance, whether in times past, or even still in the present, because of what was foisted upon us by deceivers in the pulpits,  BANISHED IT from our midst!!!

Once we see this, we then foolishly do a flip flop, and begin keeping the "Works of the Law" through our own efforts, totally ignoring the POWER IN THE BLOOD.  Now we are in more trouble than what we were, for by the Law, we are placed into a position of being guilty of the WHOLE Law if we are guilty in any of it.

Itís not a thing of fleshly works.  We canít get there!  Weíll never make it in ourselves.  That is why we are to reckon ourselves DEAD in Christ, and by the Power in Passover, we are ALIVE in Him!  Let me read you something.  In Romans, Chapter 3, we are shown that we are under GRACE.  Under grace, under Christ, our High Priest, our headship, for now it is a walk by faith, not by works.  What Paul preaches is hard to understand.  They couldnít get the relationship of the law and grace in his day, and few can in this day.  Neither can the ones in this day that condemn Paul as a false teacher.  When I hear someone condemn Paul, I immediately know they have never known the TRUE walk in Christ.  I have found that all who condemn Paul are into everything but what they should be, gaining head knowledge to the pleasing of their fallen ego.  Iíd like to spend a lot of time on that, but let me just show you a couple of things here. 

Romans 3:31:  Do we then make VOID the Law through faith? 

Because we are in faith and under Grace, do we just get rid of the Law?  Do we forget it?  What is sin?  What is the Bibleís definition of sin?  Are we supposed to run to sin?  We get our fire insurance, and then run to sin?  Well, what IS sin?  John says in 1 John 3:4 that SIN is the transgression of the Law.  Thatís what sin is.  Violate the Law, and you are not walking with the Holy Spirit.  We are flesh and spirit and the old nature in us violates it all the time.  The part which is violating it is that which has died in Christ, and by faith, we are to reckon that as being so.  We are under Grace so that He can work His Word in us, and change us from glory to glory, cleansing us through the POWER OF THE PASSOVER BLOOD, until we come into right standing with the Law. 

What else does Paul say in this scripture?

31)  Do we then make void the Law through faith?  Jah FORBID!  Yea, we establish the Law. 

Christ said in Matthew 5:17-18 I didnít come to do away with the Law.  I came to fulfill it.  Not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law until the earth passes away. 

Is the earth still here?  Are the heavens still up there?  So then does the Law still stand?  Weíve got a King.  Weíve got a Kingdom.  What?  Does He just let everybody run their own LAWLESS way?  Every king has an order of laws, and so does ours.  No Ė we donít throw away the Law.  We reckon ourselves dead to sin, the violation of the Law, and let it come to pass by faith, not by works.  Thatís what Paul kept trying to preach. 

Then, Romans, Chapter 8, verse 1: There is therefore now no condemnation for them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. 

People want to say thereís no condemnation in Christ, period!  Iím sorry.  Youíve got to read the rest of it:  Who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.  The Spirit is bringing us to be in right standing with the Law, to be one with Jah and His character.  To become one with Christ, Who is the Law in PERFECTION.  The Lamb without blemish, without sin, without ANY Law Violation in Him.  

Verse 3:  For what the Law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh, Jah sent His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh. 

WHY?  Why did He come, become the perfect Lamb, and die?  To condemn the sin in the flesh.  It counts for NOTHING if we "believe in Him" for that work.

Verse 4.  That (because, for the purpose of) the righteousness of the Law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Do you see it?  We are covered by Grace while Jah through the workings of The Cross, changes us and redeems us into right standing with the Law, which IS Christ, our New Man.  The "Old Man", the fallen nature we are born with, being one with the Serpent, is to DIE so that Christ might live.

Verse 5:  For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.  6) For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is LIFE and PEACE.  7) Because the carnal mind is enmity (at war) with Jah: for it is not subject to the Law of Jah, neither indeed can be.  8) So then they that are in the flesh cannot please Jah. 

Our flesh, our natural self and its works, can never please Jah.  We can try to be perfect by the Law, and still not please Him.  Itís to be changed from within, and NOT by the "outward man" which can never become perfect through his own efforts.  He IS condemned.  We have the Grace while He changes us, and it comes through the redemption of this Passover.  The New Covenant of the Law being written in our hearts IN HIS BLOOD, which redeems us unto that position......FROM WITHIN! 

When I speak of The Law, the Torah, the precepts and instructions of Jah, I am NOT just speaking of keeping the Sabbath, or the Feast Days, but of every foul motive, every wrongful action, every hidden lust, every covered over wretchedness that lies within us, all of which is EXPOSED by what the Holy Law reveals, and that is a ton.  Especially in our relationships with others, and certainly in our marriages.  

Sorry to say, but there is more division, strife, gossip, backstabbing, and criticism going on among the believers, even the true Ekklesia, than in any other realm on this planet.  And, everyone of those attributes is a violation of LOVE, and any violation of love is a VIOLATION OF THE HOLY LAW!!!

Every precept in the New Testament (covenant) that shows us how a true Believer should act and behave comes from OUT of the Precepts and Instructions of the Torah.  If you can throw away The Holy Law, then you might just as well through away the WHOLE NEW TESTAMENT, for it is the New Testament (covenant) which confirms the Old, and the new unfolds from out of the old.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to have one without the other IN TRUTH!  We cannot even be afforded Salvation through Christ except by what is stipulated in the Law of Jah!!!  Throw away the Holy Law, and you have also thrown away its sacrificial ordinances, and then you have thrown away that stipulation.

This walk we are suppose to be in is NOT making the outward man look righteous, but is the "putting him to death in Christ", reckoning him dead, so Christ can live in and through us.

Now listen to me.  Do I keep the Sabbath and the Feast Days?  Oh yes I do!  Are we not even now celebrating Passover?  But let me show you something.  No group, no organization (and there are a bunch of them), that keeps a Sabbath, and celebrates the Feast Days has EVER manifested even ONE SON of Jah, let alone THE KINGDOM, a "Dwelling Place of Zion", and I say flat out, nor will they EVER.  WHY NOT?  Because they are on the wrong ground of works while ignoring Christ, His Blood, and all that He did FOR US!!!  They are NOT overcoming by the Blood of the Lamb!!!  Oh, they may have some Truth, maybe even some right intent, and they might even look like they are oh so righteous, but what they are doing will never get it done.  No way.  If it could, then it would have already happened.  Since it hasn't, then there must be something wrong somewhere, right?  The Overcomers will come out of EVERY FALSE WAY that has been thrown up as a barrier to the overcoming, and in coming out, sure enough learn the Power in the Blood, and that in THE POWER OF PASSOVER!  And remember, everything involved with Passover IS IN THE HOLY LAW.  

How many celebrate Passover with all their wonderful swelling words about it, and yet, DO NOT UNDERSTAND what it is all about?  MILLIONS!  How many preach about everything but the very main purpose of Christ's sacrifice at PASSOVER?  That is about to change.  No longer will people become "whited sepulchers" by seemingly cleaning up the outward man while within they are STILL FULL OF DEATH.

To confirm this, all we have to do is find out who instigated the Crucifixion of Christ, and we find out that they were ones who did honor the Sabbath, and kept the Feast Days.  So obviously, the problem was on the INSIDE, and the outer works were nothing more than a cover-up of the death that lay in them.

Letís go to Exodus, 12:14.  Jah is talking about Passover in this chapter.  The Israelites, our ancestors, are getting ready to come out of Egypt.  Jah sees things by the Spirit and then tells us in our natural words what He sees.  We can see this by the flesh, our carnal mind, and get it all mixed up, or we can become one with Him and try to see what Heí is seeing.

What He says about Passover:  And this day shall be unto you for a memorial and you shall keep it a feast to The Supreme Magistrate throughout your generations; you shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for . . .. . .

 until Christ comes??? 

For . . . until the time we change it to the pagan Easter?  

Jah doesnít say that, does He?  

He says FOREVER!  

Why canít people see the word forever?  Itís such a simple word.  Why do they say weíve done away with all that?  That it would be heretical to ever celebrate The Feast of Passover?  And then go ahead and celebrate it, but celebrate it on a pagan holiday!  And that even with all the lies concerning it!  Thatís OK, right?.  And then people somehow think that Jah should be pleased with us.  And Jah says, You only please Me My way.  You worship Me in Spirit and in Truth, or depart from me.  Which is THE TRUTH?  Easter or Passover?  And, if Passover was to be "forever", then WHY?  Why is it so important that Jah said it would be something observed forever?

Satan comes disguised as an angel of light.  How many think itís the Holy Spirit that causes millions to worship on Easter?  The Holy Spirit does not lead us to violate His Law.  He doesnít lead us to violate His Law, and put the name of Christ in blaspheme upon something from out of Babylon. When we do this we are following the crafty Serpent to celebrate HIS holiday, and then somehow in our thick headedness think Jah should be pleased with us.  It will not work before Jah, and all those that think it will ARE GRAVELY DECEIVED!  And, I care not how wonderful the individual may be, or how much they might claim to "love Jesus", THEY ARE IN ERROR, and therefore in great trouble!!!

Jah says Passover forever.  Christ said you can celebrate it every day if you want to from now on because itís My blood in the New Testament thatís redeeming you.  But He didnít do away with that day.  

Every major event that Jah has ever done has been done according to His feast days.  They came out of Egypt at Passover.  They went into the promised land, the walls of Jericho fell at Passover.  The Law came on Pentecost.  They went into the wilderness at Passover, but the Law came on Pentecost.  The Church began on Pentecost -- what we call Pentecost.  Every major event, Jah has done in accordance with His feast days, and that for a reason.  

It is my opinion, and I do emphasize    "my opinion"     that Jah's last great move, the one so many are longing for whether they realize what that move will be or not, will begin with a Passover.  It is THEN that what is spoken of here will come to pass in its fullest.  Right now, we are in the Day of Preparation, preparing for that which IS coming.

We are here today in obedience to Jah, and by faith, weíre going to walk into the Spirit and see why we celebrate it for Him.  By the sacrifice of Christ in the mercy of our Father toward us, it is OUR crossing over from a life of bondage into the LIBERTY OF THE KINGDOM!!!  The glorious liberty of the Sons of Jah!

You see, in the fall, we came up with our own knowledge of good and evil.  The tree of death.  That knowledge of good and evil spits on Jah and says weíre gong to make our own religion, and by cracky, Heís going to be pleased with it.  And the carnal mind is backwards to Jah.  Itís hostile to Jah while thinking it is serving Jah.  And it puts on a fig leaf cover up.  A self righteous, fig leaf cover up, justifying our acts.

The carnal mind says Jah doesnít know what Heís talking about.  Heís a dim wit.  Doesnít He know weíre doing away with Passover?  Weíre not supposed to celebrate that any more?  And weíre supposed to do it on the pagan holiday of Easter?   Weíre going to do it OUR way, and He should be pleased with our great wisdom in doing so.  Are we not doing all these marvelous things in His Name.  Miracles,  building buildings, delivering people, bringing them to Christ.  Oh, how pleased and thankful He should be for what we are doing for Him.  Yeah, right. 

And I say which Christ?  The Easter Christ?  There is a different one in every place where He is preached.  Which one are they bringing them to?  The unlawful Messiah (anti-Christ), or THE LAWFUL ONE?  Did He observe Easter, or PASSOVER???  Tell me, did Christ EVER violate the Law of Jah?  And, who is supposed to be OUR NEW NATURE?

And Christ is saying those that didnít come to the New Covenant in My Blood, and didnít do the will of Jah, and didnít have their hearts circumcised and the Law written on their hearts, are not in that Covenant.  And when they come up before me, Iím going to say, Depart from Me.Ē  Iím saying, Oh Father, I donít want to be one of those!  If anybody is in need of the New Covenant in His Blood, itís me.  

The carnal mind gets it backwards.  It is hostile to Jah and yet thinks Jah should be pleased.  Then a fig leaf cover up is put on so what theyíre doing can appear SO RIGHTEOUS.  It LOOKS SO GOOD to the eyes.  It SEEMS SO WISE.  And, oh, the ANOINTING is SO WONDERFUL.  Yeah right.

And Iím saying itís not the Holy Spiritís anointing.  Iím sorry.  The Holy Spirit will not anoint that.  Itís a counterfeit.  A deceiving devil.  Itís a Jezebelian spirit that comes in and anoints that Easter Observance, and makes people think that itís Jah, but it isnít.  And itís time we woke up to it.  The Holy Spirit will NOT anoint that which is in violation of the Law.  We are to worship in Spirit and Truth, and the Holy Spirit brings us to the Spirit and Truth to worship.  He does NOT join us in our lies.  It is the enemy who seduces us into worshipping falsely.  Into worshipping through the use of LIES!!!  Into eating things sacrificed to idols.  NOT The Holy Spirit.

The truth is, Easter is a pagan day straight out of BABYLON.  It has nothing to do with Jah in any way, shape or form. 

Jah says, Itís PASSOVER FOREVER.  Where did He EVER say that it was okay to worship Him through Pagan Observances?  And where did He say that judgment would fall upon anyone who does?

Christ said seek ye first the kingdom of Jah and His righteousness.  Thatís number one. (Did He not know what He was talking about?)  How do we pray?  Our Father which art in Heaven.  Hallowed be thy Name.  And so we are to begin our praying unto Him by worship of how hallowed His Name is.  Heís never been a reproach to His Name.  We all have, but not Him!  We can sit down and talk about each other, and how weíve reproached our name!  Oh boy, can we!  But not Jah.  Jah has never reproached His Name.  His Name is hallowed.  He is His Word.  And His Name stands because He is His Word.  When He speaks, He does what He says.  He doesnít change His mind.  He doesnít say forever, and then change His mind. 

How do we pray?  Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be thy Name.  Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. 

We are told to "Seek ye first the kingdom."  And the first thing we are to pray for is the kingdom.  How many of the "believers" are doing what they have been told to do?  Everybody is going exactly the opposite way from doing that.  The Priests of Baal are leading them away from it even as the Serpent directs.  And they all think theyíre righteous, and doing the will of Jah?  It is mind boggling.  

Do you see how Satan is a deceiver?  A seducer?  He deceives the whole world.  People think they are in a Christian religion when theyíre in a delusion.  The Christian religion is the Law in the heart, and seeking the kingdom first...AND...that in and THROUGH the NEW Covenant IN HIS BLOOD.  I want you to go find me a church where thatís so!   Oh, they may give lip service to it, but look through the facade and see if they really know what they are talking about.  Where do they know what "seeking the kingdom" even is?

How many are in Babylon and therefore in a strong delusion and realize it NOT?  And Jah is saying by My New Covenant in the Blood, Iíll get you out, if youíll let Me.

Romans 8:28 says all things work together for good.  How much Iíve heard this line without the "rest of the story."  For them that love Jah.  I hear people say, Oh, how I love Jah, and then give themselves to loving Easter.  Are such really loving Jah by worshipping through an atrocious pagan observance?  Then another line that MUST be included with the first one:  For them that love Jah and are called according to His purpose.  Well, everybody just sees that from their own carnal mind, and thinks Jah is to please me and build my kingdom, and the purpose in life for me is to live in this house, drive this Cadillac, own this business, and in my seeking it, everything will work for good.  Now, I am not trying to preach against owning any of that, but only in the seeking of it FIRST, and then thinking that Jah will honor it.  Jah is NOT called according to OUR purpose, but we to HIS.

His purpose of the New Covenant is to manifest sons who seek the kingdom first and manifest that kingdom, and destroy Satan and take the earth away from him!  This is not a game on this earth.  Itís serious business.  So serious that if you drink the Passover unworthily, it can kill you!

Go out and ask, even the ministers, what is Jahís purpose on this earth?  And theyíll give you every kind of conglomerated answer while the Truth is, they donít have a clue as to what His purpose is.  Thatís why the people donít know!  A bunch of sheep being led to the slaughter.  They donít even know whatís going on, and they do not know because of the wickedness going on from the pulpits. 

Acts 3:20-21.  Peter is preaching.  Iím not going to go through his whole message; thatís not where Iím at.  I just want you to see something.  He says:

20) And he shall send Jahshuwah Messiah which before was preached unto you: 21) Whom the heaven must receive (where Christ must stay) until the times of restitution of all things. 

THE RESTITUTION OF ALL THINGS.  This word restitution means restoration. 

The restoration of all things which Jah has spoken by the mouth of ALL His holy prophets since ...

Since when?  Since Daniel?  Since Jeremiah?  Since Moses?  Since Joshua?   Since Christ?  No.....


The restoration of all things, and weíre talking about going back to the beginning.  There was something that took place that needed restoration.  And all the holy prophets, even from the beginning, spoke of it. 

I hear men preaching out of the Old Testament and the Old Testament prophecies, and NOT ONE TIME do they ever come to the beginning and what this life is all about.  They don't, because they just plain ol' donít understand the plan of Jah on this earth.  A plan instigated the moment He decided to create this realm  You donít understand the first three chapters of Genesis, and you have a faulty foundation.  A foundation grounded upon lies, and that foundation is an ILLUSION that doesnít exist, and therefore a house that will fall in the first earthquake.  It is built upon something that is crooked with no straightness in it.  If you do not get the foundation right, then what are you going to have?

All of us, we have a calling.  We know thereís a calling on us, we just donít understand it yet.  Thereís something different.  Thereís a new thing in Christ for each one of us.  We know itís something different, but we just havenít understood it yet.  Weíve got a hunger inside us that isnít fulfilled yet.  Weíve had things said about us, by somebody someplace, that makes us realize that even others see that thereís something special about us.  We feel it inside and weíre searching for it, but it has not yet gotten up to our consciousness. 

Oh, when the men see this one!  Theyíll come unglued.  When the men see this one, theyíll understand the term ďmen of valor.Ē 

Jah help us to see this one.  The restoration of all things.  And we have to go back to the beginning to see what needs to be restored?  If they were talking about it from the beginning, then surely it happened at the beginning.  Theyíre not talking about it at the beginning if itís something that happened 1000 years later.  Something needs to be restored, right?  What happened?  

Whatever it is, it is the POWER IN PASSOVER that gets us there!!!  The POWER that crosses us over from "The FALL OF ALL THINGS", unto "THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS!"  

This IS the JUDICIAL EVIDENCE before the Throne, and the ENTIRE Spirit Realm, that IS to be in THE WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY!!!

It IS The TRUTH that sets us free!!!


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