The Warning of The End Times


 It is not hard to see that Love has been so demolished, only splintered pieces have been left unto us. Anyone who has not recognized this is not paying attention. Why has Love become a many splintered thing??? Read on to find out why.

"Love" is a vast subject. No one article could do it justice, or reveal all of its immeasurable quantity. Therefore, this is only an introduction to that infinite fullness, immeasurable quantity.

Let me first make a rather shocking statement. I do not do so to offend, or condemn, but to wake us up. Anyone who thinks they are walking in Kingdom Love, all love and nothing but Kingdom Love, IS DECEIVED! Our starting point must become one where we admit our being ignorant, and stupid in our understanding of the word "LOVE". Until we come to this position, we will NEVER have even a chance of learning, and developing in its boundless glory. That includes this writer. No one recognizes this truth more than he who has been brought to the humility of this conclusion. I have become convinced that regardless of how much we think we know, we have in all cases only been PREPARED for coming into the Truth, the WHOLE Truth, and NOTHING BUT the Truth!

Define Love For Me  

How many I have asked to define "Love" for me. I mostly get the "deer in the headlight" glazed over unblinking stare. Those that do try to give an answer are greatly struggling to find the words. Kingdom Love is the most powerful element in existence, and we cannot even define it???! Love is the most vital aspect of our life, yet we give it very little attention???! Then, we wonder what is wrong with our life, as well as the world???!

"Love" is mostly defined as a noun, and associated with a "feeling". Something that is felt. I have to take serious issue with this definition as the only way to define Love, for it is FAR SHORT of what True Love, Kingdom Love; what Jahshuwah’s Love is, in authenticity.

Love is an ACTION WORD!!!

               Defining Love as only a noun, which experiences feeling, is a GROSS ERROR, and is the main cause of our own misunderstanding. Our own misapplication of its use.

               To come into the fullness of Love, we MUST see it also as a verb. And, not just a verb, but an action verb. It is a word that is filled with attributes of performance.

As my mind goes over scripture, I find that Love . . . .

·       First of all Loves Jah, Longs for His Kingdom and Kingdom Order

·       Is a greater quality than even faith

·       Keeps its commitments

·       Honors its word

·       Upholds its responsibility

·       Is Loyal, Trustworthy

·       Is Discreet

·       Is a giver

·       Gives respect / honor, where respect / honor is due

·       Speaks boldly and clearly in due season

·       Gives rebuke where rebuke is required

·       Disciplines where discipline is owed, deserved

·       Steadfast, uncompromising in its position

·       Covers a multitude of sins, and does not spread their news.

·       Is submissive to Jah's appointed authority

·       Is more concerned for the things of others than its own thing

·       Loves its enemies

·       Is patient, longsuffering, enduring

·       Is Temperate, self controlled, restrained

·       Loves the Truth, and hates the lies

·       Edifies, encourages

·       Is strong, secure, has no fear, and therefore is not overly sensitive. Love does NOT react adversely to put down attacks.

·       Seeks NOT its OWN way

·       Will not do to another what it does not want done to itself

And, achieves these attributes of Love regardless of the cost!!!

Love is NOT . . .

·       Wise in its own conceits

·  Legalistic in its attitude toward others.

·       A Finger pointing criticizer / condemner

·       Holier than another

·       A money grabber from the poor and hurting

·       A deceiver

·       A liar

·       Jealous, envious

·       A self exalter, swelled in secret pridefilled self righteousness

·       Haughty, contemptuous of others

·       One who makes itself one with iniquity

·       One who thinks evil of everyone but itself

·       Manipulative, guilty of the usage of Jahshuwah, and others, to its own will, plans, desires

·       Vengeful, full of revenge

·       Bitter, resentful

·       One who walks rebellious to the Truth

·       A gossip, teller of secrets

I could go on, and I am sure that under this stimulation, many of you could add to each list. However, I think this will suffice for this article to prove that Love is NOT just a feeling, but one of ACTION. Anyone who will take an honest sincere look in their own mirror will easily recognize their shortness.  

We all have the Capacity to Love  

Most of us are totally unaware of the POWER that is loosed in True Love (esp Forgiving Love), and think that Love is just a feeling, and is something that just automatically operates correctly and naturally. Sorry, this is not so. The "feeling" of "love" is FICKLE, and totally confused with other emotions when uneducated, and is void of wisdom and understanding. The world is in a mess because love is out of whack. Our love capacity is in a mess, and therefore, so is not only the world, but also our very own lives.

Like any ability, Love needs developing, education, training, discipline, and wisdom. Love is an art. A craft. Like any other natural ability, it must be nurtured and trained into perfection. To acquire growth in its intrinsic values, it requires concentrated dedication, and commitment. How many understand this?

Being created in the likeness of Jah, we all have the capacity to love. Our difficulty to perform correctly is twofold. First and foremost, we are ALL born with a fallen nature that sees opposite of the Truth, and therefore does things backwards. This perverts true love until it is no longer recognized. Then, in that perversion of love, the carnal mind convinces itself that it is still operating in love. This is mostly our situation today.

Secondly, we have little understanding of what love really is, and therefore, do not understand how it is to be applied in our life, and in our relation with others. Love is a genetically inherent ability within us all, but it is in great need of a redemptive work. Many have gone through some redemption toward this perfection. However, we are not even close to that which is about to be revealed and worked in us who are willing to go to the cross to receive it.

The First Commandment

We cannot begin to understand Love until we begin to experience the First Commandment in Truth, and that by the work of the Holy Spirit. In Mat 22:37-40, Jahshuwah said the following. Listen carefully to what HE SAYS. Do NOT let some messenger of Satan that stands behind a pulpit and exalts himself as greatly called by Jahshuwah, blind you to what the KING has to say.

"Thou shalt LOVE Jah with ALL thy heart, and with ALL thy soul, and with ALL thy mind. This IS the FIRST and most important commandment.

      The second is like unto it, Thou shalt LOVE thy neighbor as THYSELF. On these two hang (fastened to, predicated upon) ALL of the Law, and the Prophets!!!"

Did you hear HIM?! ALL of the Law (as well as everything else the Prophets had to say) is fastened to the LOVE we are to express toward Jah, and to all others!       How can we claim before the Throne that we are operating, acting in, LOVE toward our Father, if we are blatantly VIOLATING HIS LAW??? Love, what love really is, fulfills the Law naturally. As even Paul said, "If we walk after the Spirit, we will fulfill the righteousness of THE LAW"!!!  

We are told in Romans 13, that "Love is the FULFILLING (the performing) of The Law", and therefore is most assuredly NOT the "doing away with it"!!!

We cannot be violating the Law of Jah, and say we are acting in Love. By the Words of Jahshuwah, this would be IMPOSSIBLE, for He says that ALL of the Law is predicated, hung on, fastened to, our Love toward Jah, and the love in our relationship with others. The TWO are SYNONYMOUS! They are ONE and in unity. NEITHER is without the other. I can tell you with most assurance that doing away with the Law is the DOING AWAY WITH LOVE!!!  And, what is it that is mostly absent from this earth???  And, who has it been that has done the most damage to it by tossing what defines it aside like it was some sort of heretical garbage???  And, what does scripture, and even now we ourselves, call this that has done so???  And, WHAT IS ITS FATE???!

By Jahshuwah's Words, we can easily see that when operating in Love, we fulfill the Law. Therefore, it follows that when we are violating the Law, we are NOT walking, acting, or talking, in Love. In violating the Law, we are, as John clearly stated, COMMITTING SIN! Since when is there any love IN SIN???

How can we know what Love is if we throw away that which defines it? In trashing the Law, we are TRASHING LOVE!!! The further from understanding the "Spirit of the Law" we become, the further from understanding Love we will be. Take a look around. What do you see? Righteousness, PEACE AND JOY, or chaos, division, strife, misery, envy, lust, mayhem, murder, stealing (which of these is NOT a violation of The Law) and every person on the face of the earth feeling UNFULFILLED???

If we do not know the Law, or worse yet, have followed the counsel of blind guides to throw it away as if it were a piece of trash, then pray tell me, how can we claim to be acting in love, all love, and nothing but love??? We wouldn’t even know what Love is. I ask clearly, boldly, and emphatically, is this not our plight in this day???!!! Would our ignorance of what love is not result in it becoming a MANY SPLINTERED THING??? If you are not saying something to the effect of "Oh wow" by now, you are NOT LISTENING!!! What shall be the fate of those who do not listen?

Love of Jah to Supercede ALL ELSE

When we think about defining Love, we are prone to think of it through our own fallen Knowledge of Good and Evil. We invariably associate Love ONLY with being soft, kind, gentle, and sweet-talking. I state flatly this is NOT always Love, but is sometimes compromising sloppy agape, love being putrefied by the flesh.

Jahshuwah, the perfect archetype of Love, did not always act and speak in this type of personality. Neither did Moses, Abraham, David, the Israelites when going into the Promised Land, Elijah, Elisha, Jehu, or even Paul. We know John today as the Apostle of Love, yet in his day, he was known as the "Son of Thunder". None of the men in the Bible were glitter toothed mamby pamby sweet-talking sissy’s. So, how does this interact with love, as we know it??? In EVERY WAY when placed in the right viewpoint!

The FIRST, the foremost commandment, is to LOVE Jah. This means that our love for Him must SUPERCEDE all else.

We are confused in our minds concerning love because the True Love for Jah, and what this means, has not yet registered in our minds. When it does, WOE unto the world!!!

To Love Him, is to love all that He is. It means a person becomes impassioned for His ways, character, personality, and righteousness. This will inevitably produce a burning desire for His Kingdom that can be understood by no one else.

THE LAW, as well as the WHOLE Word, and the whole Word IN TRUTH reveal Jahshuwah, and all that He is, to us! He is NOT revealed through lies, deception, and false doctrine. Lies reveal SATAN, not Jahshuwah!

The Creating of False Gods  

I have shouted for over thirty years that we are creating false gods with our gross doctrinal errors. It still has not sunk into ANYONE, as it should. The Delusion IS STRONG, and extremely seductive. How the enemy uses it to hold Jahshuwah’s people captive by drawing us back into it through that seductiveness. The worst part is that many love to have it so.

Few there be that have any inkling of the importance of Truth, and worshipping IN Spirit, and IN TRUTH. The Praise and Worship of Jah are essential matters, and paramount for entering His Presence in the "Holy of Holies". Nonetheless, they of themselves being done by human effort are useless and will never get us where we desire to go. Instead of being in love with Him, it is our own ego being in love with self-exaltation, trying to prove to everyone how spiritual we are. Or, in some cases, it is wasted effort to get Jah to do our bidding in fulfilling our lusts for the material, which is nothing more than the sin of manipulative usage. In any case, it is error in need of correction.

To enter into His Presence, into the "Holy of Holies", we must do so in TRUTH, birthed forth from our fervent love for Him, as herein described. All other ways are only lessons of futility.

Worshipping the father of lies through believing, following his lies, is a dreadfully serious cataclysmic transgression! Yet how many give such any thought whatsoever??? Oh, how many are about to turn from such demagoguery.

When we worship a God that decided His Holy Law was a terrible mistake and did away with it, we are NOT worshipping Jah. We are worshipping the deceiver, SATAN, the creator of the lie. He is the one who HATES the Holy Law, and wants it out of his way. So do the carnal.  Satan is the lawless one, NOT Jahshuwah.

Ignorant men, lending themselves to the use of the devil, twist what Paul said and meant, while ignoring ALL OF THE REST of scripture! Paul did NOT say that the whole Law itself was done away with, but if he had, I’d tell him to his face that in doing so, he was calling Jah a LIAR. Jah said that His Holy Law would STAND FOREVER and ever, and what’s more, SO DID Jahshuwah.

True Love is Full of Passion  

How this fervent, white-hot love for the Father, and all that He is, enters one, I do not know, but when it does, look out, because there is now a tiger on the loose. This love will supercede ALL ELSE in the mind of the one who has received it, and they burn with its fire, even as Jeremiah. This is what happened to Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Jehu, even John, and all of the rest of the men in the Bible.

True, Pure Love is full of passion. Jahshuwah’s love for His Father was white-hot when He entered the temple with a whip. He could see His Father’s House filled with a den of thieves, and He was not going to sit idly by and just let it be. He did not putrefy His love for Jah through compromising with the wicked.

No one is more violent than what Jahshuwah is when His passion is loosed. When He returns, He does so with eyes blazing, full of the fury of Jah. Why??? Because of His Love for His Father, and for righteousness, which SUPERCEDES ALL ELSE. However, unlike most of us, He knew when to speak and act, how to speak and act, and when to lay down His life. We need to learn the same wisdom as He had, if we intend to see this passion loosed in us.

A Person experiencing Jahshuwah’s Kingdom Love will show forth passion. He has not begun to enter into "Kingdom Love" until that passion resides in Him. When this work has begun in a person, Jah help those around such an individual until this passion becomes educated and disciplined; then governed by wisdom and compassion. Everything that is out of Kingdom Order will just about drive him crazy, and frustrate him into fury. How much the person will have to learn self-control, wisdom, and the being the Loving Forgiving Redeemer first, getting his own act together before trying to straighten out the world. Until he does, people around such a one have no idea of the terrible sharp sword of which he carries. No idea that is, until it is suffered.

We should not expect another to perform in perfection what we ourselves cannot perform. Neither should we expect another to act according to our will when we have never been in their situation. We can expect effort toward such perfection, but not perfection itself.

This educated, trained and disciplined passion is what we will see in the 144,000 Sons of Jah. They will be the greatest evangelistic association in the history of Adam. They will burn in their love for Jah, and for others so passionately, they will give their lives as Loving Forgiving Redeemers for those that will listen, but trod down the whole earth in judgment for those that will not. They will be a fervent David going after Goliath with a passion. They will be like The King at His appearing. Those that walk in the carnal will never understand them, and in turn, HATE THEM with a passion. Counterfeit "Christianity" will condemn them as being evil, void of love, unforgiving, angry, bitter individuals. Woe unto those that do so.

Must Keep a Balance

Let me make something very clear at this point. I am NOT trying to negate sweetness, or even our inadequate definition of love as if it were a totally wrong rendering. I am only trying to bring it into balance with the fullness of Jah’s Love. Indeed, should men learn the "sweetness" toward their wife and children that is missing so desperately from the marital relationship in this day.

Jahshuwah was love in person. If we are to understand True Love, Kingdom Love, FORGIVING Love, then we MUST look to Him and His life to come into its understanding. He was FIRST OF ALL the Loving, Forgiving, Redeemer.

Jahshuwah died a cruel bloody death that ALL might be saved. Nonetheless, I would remind you that when this loving, forgiving redeemer returns, He does so with white-hot passion for Jah, righteousness, and for His people who suffered at the hands of the Kingdom of Darkness. He will NOT let the wicked crucify Him ever again! Or, ever again let the Kingdom of Darkness trod down His people. His eyes will be blazing with the wrath of Jah. So, there is more to love than just loving everyone, and in that sloppy agape, compromising virtuous righteousness in the process.

Everyone IS forgiven, but not everyone will receive it. If a person does not realize their need for it, and ASK for it, it is of NO USE, no value to them.

Jahshuwah knew His calling and the plan of Jah for His Life to become the once and for all Sacrificial Lamb. This was not a mystery to Him. He KNEW IT! So, why then the struggle He went through in the Garden of Gethsemane?

Only by being Him, and in His place, could we understand what all was in His mind. We do know that He went through utter desperation filled with agony over that which He faced. What carried Him through??? Just mustering up the courage, the strength to suffer what He did??? I heartily doubt it. It was LOVE! Love for His Father to be obedient unto the death, and Love for we, the bumble headed spiritual idiots that are full of the wickedness that dwells in our fallen nature. (Anyone who might think this is a harshly crude statement concerning us has not yet walked into the Light, but is still heavily flavored with the self-righteousness of the fallen fig leaf cover up.) 

This is the first and foremost role we must learn if we are ever to be useful unto Jah. We must learn the patience, the longsuffering, the forgiveness He has shown unto our own self, before we will ever be ready to deal with others.

How Much do we LOVE our HUSBAND?

I hear many speak of how they Love Jahshuwah. How much we honor Him with our lips with that which we do not even understand. Do we love Him? I mean REALLY fervently love Him? Or, do we just want Him to give to us, and so we put on whatever is necessary to get Him to do so? This again is usage, NOT LOVE!

He presently waits expectantly for His Kingdom to Manifest, and in that manifestation, His enemies are then made His footstool. His enemies cannot be made His footstool WITHOUT this manifestation!!! Any arguing against this validity is done in blind futility.

Anyone who has not yet become one with Jahshuwah in this expectation, has not as yet become one with Him. If we have not become one with Him, how can we prove that we love Him?

He is not free to return to this earth at any time He so chooses. He has been ordered by Jah to remain in heaven at His Right Hand until the making of His enemies His footstool is accomplished. Therefore, this must be something that is paramount in His mind. His waiting expectantly,  and this shows His great desire for it coming to pass. How many of us have any concern for this, His greatest present desire, and how many of us are only concerned with our own desire / need, and His doing something to fulfill whatever it is that we desire / need? How many even think about fulfilling HIM???

The Bride that truly LOVES Him, and I mean fervently, is going to have to change her positional perspective. The more we understand LOVE, the more this will become so. The Bride that "comes out", and prepares herself to meet HIM, will burn with fervent white-hot heat in her love for Him, His Truth, His Kingdom, and in that Love, will come to Love the RIGHTEOUS WAYS, and HATE THE FALSE ONES, even as the King of the Kingdom does.

We Must Hate The False Ways

The "Hating of the False Ways" is a vital subject that must be covered in a separate article. Without this understanding, we are more than vulnerable for a disaster. The more a person loves and follows, becomes involved with, the false ways, the more that person will love and follow those who preach them. This is the very thing that is trapping people in the Strong Delusion that now permeates the entire earth. They love the lies. It was prophesied that darkness would cover the earth in this day, and GROSS DARKNESS would cover the people. How true it is, and few there be that have any inkling that they themselves are IN THIS DANGER!

Love is NOT Sloppy Agape that just loves everyone and everything, while compromising the position in Jahshuwah we should be holding. We have fallen so far from true love that we have been seduced into accepting everything that is going on, doing so while in total disregard of the Love we should be burning with toward Jah. In this, we ourselves have become filthily contaminated with everything which we have compromised ourselves. Let me explain a few things so you will understand where I am coming from.

Jahshuwah’s Great Prayer

Jahshuwah’s last prayer with His Disciples was for the Kingdom, and Kingdom people. Its very foundation was predicated upon love, and in that love was to come a union, not only with each other, but totally so with Jahshuwah, and therefore Jah Himself. Do we want this oneness? Then it is time to choose love, and take up our cross to follow Jahshuwah into its purity.

We have the capacity to love, but we must recognize it is heavily putrefied by the flesh. Only Jahshuwah can redeem us into His attributes of love, and the governing aspects like wisdom earned through experience, and that acquired through discipline. Only then can His prayer be answered.

Jahshuwah Himself said that He came to divide, to separate out those that were His. It was for THOSE He prayed to come into harmony, unity, and be made one with Himself. He did NOT pray this for THE unrepentive WORLD!!! Read the prayer for yourself. He prayed it ONLY for those that would heed and listen. For those who had an ear to hear. The Priests of Baal have made us so one with the world and its belief systems, that for some, this may be a shocking revelation, and for others, an awakening reminder.

We Are ALL Contaminated

We are living in, and in association with, the greatest time of wickedness the earth has ever witnessed. Every one of us is being contaminated with this iniquity whether we realize it or not. It is a dreadful day, and even Jahshuwah warned us about this danger. How anyone could think that we as the Bride of Jahshuwah could be "RAPTURED" at any minute, I do not know. It is utter stupidity, and certainly a position of blind self-righteousness. It is in fact, ARROGANT GAUL. It was prophesied that we WOULD BE contaminated, and in being contaminated, have to COME OUT of the whore, and prepare ourselves to meet Jahshuwah at His coming. If we could have been ready at any time to meet Him, if we are so great in our righteous living, then WHY prophesy that we would have to come out, and become without spot or wrinkle to get prepared??? Does anybody listen to the King any more??? Have we become so deceived in our own Knowledge of Good and Evil self-righteousness that we are beyond hope to see the dreadfulness of our situation??? May Jah have mercy!!!

When we find ourselves being made one with the wicked, we are IN TROUBLE!!! If we never warn the wicked, we are helping the Serpent to deceive them into the Lake of Fire. This is NOT love, but indifference born from subliminal HATE that dwells secretly in the fallen nature.

Love Puts Our Ego at Risk

Love puts our ego at risk, and we are then quite vulnerable. Love takes no thought of this risk to the ego. When the risk becomes fulfilled, love takes no thought of it, but continues to love. The person leaves the ego on the cross, and deals with the situation in wisdom, and CARES NOT what people think, or whether or not they understand. It does as it should whether anyone approves of it or not.

In keeping our mouths shut, we compromise with every form of Law violating wickedness, and in that, help the deceiver to seduce people into eternal damnation. Then we justify it with our corrupted perspective of what we think Love is. When we should speak, we stay silent. Then when we should stay silent, we speak. We are all full of the "Crucify Jahshuwah, but let Barrabas go" syndrome. There is a time to speak, and a time to stay silent and out of someone’s business, but NEVER is there a time to COMPROMISE!!!

In speaking as we should, I do not want to promote the common error of messing in someone’s business without invitation. This activity, so very prevalent in the "religious", is a work of the self-righteous. The fallen nature wants to be a god, and sets itself to going about to straighten out everyone and everything. Before we speak, we need to ask ourselves, do I understand this situation from the other’s perspective, or am I totally ignorant of why they have done as they have? If we find that we do not have that understanding, we need to KEEP SILENT until we do.

Full Redemption Is Coming

I have long contended that all of the turmoil the world has experienced is a DIRECT RESULT of the fallen marital relationship. That until this is rectified, we will have NO peace on this earth. What we create in the home will manifest around us, and there is NO WAY to stop it from happening.

Before the fall, Adam and Eve lived in the righteousness, peace and joy, of THE KINGDOM. We can easily see what has happened ever since. They went from marital bliss into what we see happening today.

As so prophesied in Gen. 3, Jahshuwah died to redeem us back to the original position. Jahshuwah cannot legally claim victory over His enemies until this contradiction is REVERSED, redeemed, and we are ALL suffering from this contradiction. We shall ALL continue to suffer this contradiction until that which was lost to the Serpent is regained. We know that this victory has already happened, but it has not yet materialized on this earth. That manifestation lies just ahead.

We cannot, in and of ourselves on our own, function correctly in Kingdom Love. We, as with Paul, cannot do as we should. We must be loosed from this body of death into the Nature of Jahshuwah, and this by the redemptive blood through the works of the cross.

Rev 12 tells us when this full redemption will take place, and how. I will cover this in a later article. For now, just know this lies in our immediate future, and we need to prepare ourselves for the "coming out" unto it.

There is a big difference between those who struggle with the flesh, even as Paul, and those that commit constant harm through unrepentive iniquitous behavior. The two types were treated differently by Jahshuwah, the Apostles, and the Prophets.

Struggling with the things of the flesh is NORMAL, and UNAVOIDABLE. If this were not so, and we were able to live righteously in and of ourselves, Jahshuwah would not have needed to die for us in our place, and by that, afford unto us the way out.

Those that constantly create chaos, strife, the doing harm to others without conscience, and all other anti-love actions, are another type altogether, and to be treated accordingly. We cannot escape from this world, but we can hold ourselves separate from such individuals. They are on their way to eternal damnation, and we really do not want to have any oneness with such direction.

We are on the threshold of the greatest move of Jah the earth has ever seen. If we expect to have a part in it, then it is time to start walking into the Light, recognizing our shortness and where we are in error, and learn how this full redemption is to work in us. That redemption, salvation, the total cleansing from the fall of Adam and Eve, is DRAWING NIGH. This is the Bride "coming out" of the whore, and preparing herself to meet Jahshuwah at His coming.

We are made responsible for our choices. We can choose life, or death. Glory, or damnation. Kingdom Love, or the COUNTERFEIT!

To come into this Love, we must go through the redemptive process, and that comes by the cross. The cruel, humiliating cross. Anyone refusing to walk into the Light to suffer the cross will NEVER be allowed into the Kingdom, for there is no true repentance in such a person.

Taking up our cross brings forth a heavy load. It takes EFFORT, and in that exertion, we then find that it takes more strength than we can muster. Then it is we recognize our absolute need for Jahshuwah to strengthen us.

Few understand the war zone we are in. Most are being taken in by the Strong Delusion, and through perverted love, are being made one with that which is being prepared for a brutal destruction.

We are not on a pleasure cruise to Fantasy Island. We are making choices every day of our life, and those choices are determining our eternal fate. Whether we like it, or accept it, there IS an eternal damnation. If we think that we have problems now, wait until then if we have NOT made the right choices.

This is what is wrong with the world, our lives, and the only solution available is to choose love. True Love. And, take up our cross to follow Jahshuwah into its purity.

Satan is Deceiving the WHOLE EARTH

For those who love his lies and oppose the Truth, and think what and how we believe is of no importance, it is a DREADFUL DAY!

For those that will walk into the Light to see their contamination, to discover where the deceiver is deceiving them, it is a Day of Glory. Jahshuwah’s prayer, and His expectation, are coming to pass. As these proceedings transpire, we will walk into a life we have never even dreamed of, let alone comprehend. At the same time, the Kingdom of Jah is manifesting in its infinite love, the Kingdom of Darkness, filled with its infinite hate, will be going to its inevitable destruction.

We were Created for glory

  Jah is soon going to open His Kingdom University. Here we shall be taught how to come into His Kingdom Life. His Kingdom Love. Here it is we will learn HOW to become ONE WITH HIM, and NOT the world and those who are of it. Here it is we shall find out how to become all that He created us to be, and in that, receive total fulfillment. Here it is that all of our questions shall be answered, and all of our despairs resolved. Here it is that we shall prepare ourselves to meet Him at His coming. Do you want to sign up?

We were ALL created with aptitudes, abilities, and talents for a purpose. There is a "calling" of Jahshuwah on EVERYONE! He created us FOR THAT CALLING, and no other position in life will offer us fulfillment.

Many have sensed this for years, but have never felt they had experienced a perfect fulfillment of that inner sensing. This is why. We were created for the greatest day the earth has ever seen, and it has yet to begin. Naturally we would be sensing something within, and not understand what it is. Now, that "redemption", that total salvation from the fall unto everything we were created to be and do is nigh upon us.

Do you have inner unfulfilled desires that you thought for sure Jah put in you??? Do you want them fulfilled? Then lift up your head, rejoice, and pray with Jahshuwah the prayers that He prayed. Pray that HIS DESIRES will start coming to pass. Pray for HIS Love to enter you. As you do so, you will experience the necessary faith to bring them to pass, for these concerns ARE THE WILL OF Jah!!! When we are praying according to what He wants, we are expressing our love toward Him. He then will author and finish our faith. Loose your passion for Jahshuwah by turning some from your own needs, and start praying for His, and all your needs will be added unto you. This is the coming Glory that shall be seen in us who will submit to the "coming out", and it is THIS Glory that shall FILL ALL THE EARTH. Believe it!  


Professor Whiz Dumb says:  The main problem with marriage is that it invariable involves more than one person.








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