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This is the Fourth Course in a Study.  It is Titled, 

"The Restored Kingdom Mandate"

The first two Lessons were titled, 

Suffering the Contradiction, Lessons one and Two.

In a quick summation:

In Lesson One

The enemy COUNTERFEITS everything that is of Jah.  In this counterfeit is the CONTRADICTION of EVERYTHING that is Truth.  Contradiction is that which is directly opposite of that which it is contradicting.  The carnal mind gets EVERYTHING backwards, and in getting it backwards, is therefore in direct opposition to Jah and His Truth.  We are presently living in the Kingdom of Darkness.  This is the Kingdom of Contradiction, and believe me, it is opposing Jah with everything it can muster.

We cannot receive the Kingdom Life, the Kingdom Promises, NOR the Kingdom Calling, while residing in Babylon.  This IS impossible, for it is the Land of Contradiction!!!  Nothing can be received here but the results of that contradicting.  You may think that this is not so.  Would you contradict our Savior???  Jahshuwah made it VERY CLEAR in His Book of Revelation that we MUST COME OUT of the whoredom being committed by the "Mystery Woman"!  Does He promise blessing if we "remain in her"???  OR JUDGMENT???  You figure it out.  It shouldn't take you long to do so.

When we come into this Kingdom Walk with Him, we ENTER A WAR ZONE that we had not before known existed.  No one who has not yet learned how to war against the enemy will ever be a part of those who DO find the way out of the mess that is going on in this earth.  In this realm, the enemy is VICIOUS, and is why, if you are called and begun to follow that calling, you have experienced what you have.  Hang in there.  The victory is OURS, and once Yah, as a Man of War, gets through training and preparing us through  the bringing us by the way we knew not, the REBELLIOUS KINGDOM of CONTRADICTION HAS HAD IT!!!  He is producing in us what He IS, and He IS a Man of War who is preparing us through this "wilderness" FOR WAR!

Now this is my point. We do not just come into these promises by an easy road, but by the way of SUFFERING THE CONTRADICTION of everything promised to us, to TRY OUR FAITH, and to establish us IN the faith.  To give us that in which we can exercise ourselves in Him to come into the resurrection from that contradiction, INTO THE RECEIVING.  This is the trip of the Cross, Tomb, and Resurrection.  This is a matter that I love to teach, and overlays with the overcoming "by the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of our Testimony, and the Loving NOT our Life unto the Death."

It most assuredly is NOT a trip of defeat, but one of standing in the promises while all hell breaks loose around us.  It is believing of the things that are NOT so, that should be so, as IF THEY ARE so.  We do not lie down languishing in a false suffering while suffering the contradiction, but rise even higher in the Word of our Testimony against the Kingdom of Darkness, even as Jahshuah Himself who took the keys of death and hell away from Satan while in the Tomb.

We cannot apply ourselves in contradiction to this way, and receive anything BUT the contradiction.  We reap from what we sow.  Anyone know what I mean?  It happens to everyone, and it has certainly happened to me.  This is what we are being dealt on.  Being run out of self through the works of the Cross that delivers us from this "body of death", which can only bring forth death to all of its works.  

To be delivered from the Contradiction, we must go the way that Jahshuah opened up for us, and that is "Take up your Cross and FOLLOW ME."  What will that produce in our life???  We will then endure the cross, and in  enduring the Cross we shall endure the contradiction which shall come against usdespising not  the chastening of the Lordfor if we endure chastening, God dealeth with us as with sons.   We let this mind be in us, which was also in Christ Jesus, who made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, becoming obedient unto death, even the death of the cross, Wherefore , Just as with Jahshuah who showed us this way, Jah will also  highly exalt us into that for which He created usHe created us to live in His Kingdom, and Kingdom life, and to become the warriors that DESTROY the Kingdom of ContradictionCertainly NOT for living in the CONTRADICTION of it.  That IS Babylon.  "Come out of Her MY PEOPLE!"

In Lesson Two

With the fall of Adam and Eve, we all inherited a “fallen nature”, and that nature, wanting to be its own "god", walks after its own mind, its own Knowledge of Good and Evil, while convincing itself that it is actually following and serving Yah.  The Truth of the matter is, this mind, while thinking deceivably that it is following Yah, is actually in opposition to Jah, and therefore sees things totally opposite of the Truth.  In its own self justification, it is sure that its own knowledge IS truth, and IS RIGHT in its thinking, when it is TOTALLY WRONG!!!  It sees itself AS GOD, and therefore thinks that the "Word of God", is in subjection to itself, and should be interpreted to its own pleasing.

There is only ONE SOLUTION, and NO OTHER SOLUTION can be found.  It is to do as Christ said, "Come out of her my people so that you will not participate in her sins (her violations of the Holy Law), “Take up your cross and follow me”, and, “You must lose your life to find it”.  That you will either hate your life in the world, or hate going the way of Yah.  You cannot have it both ways, and life has thoroughly proven this to anyone who is serious with our KING.  

            Each of us must seek our Creator to find out the Truth of who and what we are, and are to do in His master plan.  No one can do this for us.  Those that try to rule another will only be working to confound the Creator’s will for our life. 

            We were born into, and are living in, a "captivity" to the Kingdom of Darkness.  This is the Kingdom of Contradiction, which presently rules the entire earth, and presses its delusion upon the mind’s of everyone.  We can remain in this delusion to our damnation by believing these lies, or come out by the receiving of Truth that sets us free from it.  It is our choice.  If we choose to come out, we will discover a destiny of which our minds cannot at this time even comprehend.

Course Number Two was:

"The Fall From Perfection"

               We are learning that it is the contamination of our genetic structure that holds us back in life.  This is what holds us in the "REALM of CONTRADICTION" of everything promised to us.  In being relieved of this contamination by the receiving of the Truth, we become all we were created to be, and will then just naturally do what we were created to do.  In this coming out of the Tree of Lies, and into the Tree of Truth, we become totally fulfilled. 

               It is now time to see the Truth of where this falling from perfection into corruption began.  The evidence of this fall is all around us.  We have understood we are living in a less than perfect world.  Now we find out why.  This page will open this understanding up to you, and then on other pages, show the resolve.  It is the resolve for which we all yearn.

              This is the mind that is causing all of the world’s woes.  This is the mind that has caused all of the world’s religious confusion.  This is the mind of unconscionable self righteous fig leaf cover ups, lies, and illusions.  This is the mind of every false teacher that displaces Truth by speaking lies.  This is the mind that produces political ideologies that are promoted and protected with WARS!  This is the mind that is IN US ALL!!!  This is the mind from which we need to be redeemed by the Blood of Jahshuah through the Truth to find our place in Life, and our total fulfillment!!!  This mind can only create in contradiction to Jah, and is death, and that death is coming upon the entire Kingdom of Death, and all that remain in it.  Hear me well!  This is the mind we must all be redeemed from to REVERSE THE CONTRADICTION!!!

Course Number Three:

"The Restoration of ALL Things"

  We are told by most of the “ministers” the Kingdom of Jah will NOT manifest on this earth until AFTER the return of Jahshuah.  Is this the Truth, or a damnable heresy?  If it is Truth, then we all can just STAY RELAXED in the self centered building of our own kingdom, our own comfort zone on this earth.  If it is a lie, then we had better WAKE UP, and wake up FAST by the renting of our veil!!!    

      Does the manifesting of the Kingdom of Jah on this earth have any correlation to the “Restoration of ALL THINGS”???  If they both run through the whole Word of Jah, then wouldn’t they somehow be tied together???  If they do tie together, then WHY haven’t we known it???  Does Jahshuah's sacrifice have anything to do with these matters??? 

     The “restitution” in the above scripture is speaking of the restoration of something LOST!!!  If nothing was lost, then no restitution would be required.  This scripture does not speak of some small matter.  It says, “Restitution (which means restoration) OF ALL THINGS”!!!  Did you hear the “ALL” in the “ALL THINGS”???  Peter is telling us there is to be a restoration of something lost, and that something lost was EVERYTHING!!!  And, that Jahshuah cannot return UNTIL this restoration has taken place!!! 

       When was EVERYTHING LOST???  In the beginning!!!  And, this restoring was such a key issue that Jah spoke through ALL of His Holy Prophets about the getting back of this “EVERYTHING LOST”.  If Jah spoke about it from the beginning, then is not this at least a part of HIS PURPOSE on this earth???   

       Religious Babylon has held us through lies, illusions, traditions, and superstitions we have believed as being the Truth.  This has kept us from obtaining a fulfilled life, for the fulfilled life CANNOT be found in the realm ofEVERYTHING LOST”.  Fulfillment can only be found by being restored to the position where fulfillment was planned for us from the beginning.  The being unfulfilled PROVES our captivity to a “LOST WORLD.  Even proven by your very own life.  

      In our self centered contamination, we mostly want Jah to fulfill OUR contrived purpose for our life.  We, in our backward self justifying sociopathic mind somehow think He is in heaven to be used for OUR pleasure.  I bring shocking news to us all.  We are on this earth to be used for HIS PLEASURE, not vice versa.  We will NEVER find fulfillment until we come to this position.  One position is the going our own way in the Kingdom of Darkness, and the other is going Jah's way in the Kingdom of Light.  The Kingdom of Darkness is the “Land of everything lost”, the Kingdom of Light where everything is found, restored!!!  Restored by the sacrifice of Jahshuah.  To get to the Kingdom of Light where we DO find our fulfillment, we MUST take up our cross with Jahshuah.  This IS the losing of one life, to find another.   

      Adam was created as Jah’s invader of this world, to bring defeat to Satan.  The war soon began as Satan realized that it was imperative to knock Adam down and separate him from Jah.  Thus we have the seducing “Serpent” coming to do the work.  A work that ONLY played into the hands of Jah, as He had planned for the sacrifice of Jahshuah FROM THE BEGINNING!  (Rev. 13:8)  

     This IS the destiny that will fall upon those who are called to manifest as Sons of Jah, as so prophesied, even by the Apostle Paul in Romans chapter 8.  Manifesting at the time when Satan’s final Anti-Christ conspiracy is ruling the world through great cunning craftiness, and deception.  The stage is set in perfection for the invasion of the Sons of Jah, even as it was in the beginning.  This restoration of all things has ALREADY BEGUN, and there are FEW that even realize it.  Their “Gardens of Eden” are called “Dwelling places of Zion” by the prophet Isaiah, and is where the Bride of Jahshuah will escape to for protection during the days of the “Great Tribulation”, and prepare herself to meet her Husband Jahshuah.   I would politely say that it does not matter whether or not you like, or agree with what I am saying.  This WILL take place in the near future, and will do so no matter WHAT anyone believes to the contrary

     Here we see the first dominion given to Adam is now being restored, and given back to us.  With that “right to rule the earth” with and through Jahshuah, we are to bring the rest of the world into subjection to Him.  It is at this point that ALL of Jahshuah's enemies are made His footstool.  As we shall see, Jahshuah cannot return until THIS TAKES PLACE! 

      Be very sure to see these matters are to be accomplished THROUGH THE SAINTS, given to the PEOPLE  by Jah Almighty, and NOT by Jahshuah at His return.  He in fact CANNOT return until this IS accomplished.     

“The voice of them that flee and ESCAPE out of the land of Babylon, to declare IN ZION the vengeance of  Jah, the vengeance of his temple.”

These are the ones who answer the call to "come out of her, MY PEOPLE."  Where do they escape from, and in the escaping, where do they go???  When do they do this???  Before or after Babylon is destroyed???  Would they declare the vengeance of Jah upon a place that has already been destroyed???  Does Jahshuah return BEFORE Babylon is destroyed to do it Himself?  Who destroys Babylon???  Is it not the anti-Christ and the Ten Kings???  Has Jahshuah returned before this 

happens???  Hardly!!!  These people escape, flee out of Babylon long before it is destroyed, which is long before the return of Jahshuah, and in their escaping out of Babylon, go to ZION, THE KINGDOM OF Jah, the RESTORED "Gardens of Eden"!!!

        The “Kingdom Saints” will go to Zion to declare the matters which we have read.  Everything is GOING TO BE DESTROYED that opposed Jahshuah, the King  

    Because we have been victimized with lies, we have been going the wrong way!  We work to build our own little paradise on this earth.  Our own little supposed Garden of Eden, our own Kingdom from out of our fallen Knowledge of Good and Evil, while ignoring the purpose of Jah on this earth to our own detriments.  When such building doesn’t satisfy, or corrupts on us, we wonder why.  It is because we have created from out of the carnal tree that creates illusions.  A mirage that dissipates, corrupts unto its death.  Our own Kingdom becomes a BONDAGE unto us, and does NOT bring forth the Liberty for which we search and long.  All the while we are DECEIVED into thinking we are going the RIGHT WAY, when we are in TOTAL ERROR!!!   

      As the Garden of Eden , the “Dwelling places of Zion” are safety zones on this earth for the “woman” to flee to during the Great Tribulation.  Only those that come to Zion, the manifested Kingdom of Jah, given to the saints through the Truth, will receive protection from the hell that is about to break loose on this earth.  Only those who will willingly walk INTO THE TRUTH will be protected!!! 

      The last anti-Christ conspiracy is well on its way to being formed just as in the beginning.  The stage is NOW SET for Jah, in the “restoration of all things”, to bring forth HIS Kingdom, the restored Gardens of Eden, and Kingdom Adam’s and Eve’s, from which will manifest the “redeemed Sons of Jah”. 

      We are NOW in the day when it WILL be accomplished, as Jah said it would through ALL of His Holy Prophets!!!  Take heed!     

Now we have come to Course Number Four:

The Restored Kingdom Mandate

If what I am laying out in these Courses is new to you, I can well imagine the struggle which you might be experiencing.  It took me many years to become established in them.  The enemy fights this with everything he can, and with viciousness against anyone who is coming into it.  Just finding yourself in this war zone totally confirms that it is TRUTH!!!

Since I know that what is stated here is Truth, it matters NOT who opposes it.  All of this WILL COME TO PASS!  Your choice is not in deciding whether or not it is Truth, but do you want to have a part in it.  What we decide or think about a subject has nothing to do with it.  Truth is NOT decided by we ourselves, but by The Word of Jah, and then if it comes to pass as taught.  I can say with all confidence, this WILL come to pass!!!

I would like to preface this Course with the following:

We read in Hebrews 10:12-13 . . .

          "But this man [Jahshuah], after he had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down on the right hand of Jah; From henceforth EXPECTING till his enemies be made His footstool."

And Psalm 110:1 . . .

          "The Lord [Jah] said unto my Lord [Jahshuah], Sit thou at my right hand UNTIL I make thine enemies thy footstool." [This is a command, not a suggestion.]  


Herein is the Position of Jahshuah, in subjection to Jah, during our present time.  What is this Position?  

after he had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down on the right hand of Jaht is He doing?

From henceforth EXPECTING till his enemies be made His footstool."  

What has His Father COMMANDED HIM TO DO?

Sit thou at my right hand UNTIL I make thine enemies thy footstool.

Are you seeing this one???  Go back and read it until you get real clear.  We are being told that Jahshuah MUST remain at the Right Hand of Jah, until His enemies are made His footstool.

Can He return before His enemies are made His footstool???  What is meant by "His footstool"?  It means until they are put down, DEFEATED!!!  Every enemy of Jahshuah MUST be PUT DOWN under His feet before He can leave the Right Hand of Jah.  

How could He possibly disobey His Father, and leave that Position to Return, before this takes place???  It is obvious, right?  He cannot do so!!!  Anyone who thinks He will come to "rapture them" before Jahshuah's enemies are made His footstool is  . .  ahem . . . well ... I will be kind and just say, BLIND AND IGNORANT and depending on a COUNTERFEIT SAVIOR for their salvation!!!  They do NOT know the Jahshuah, the WARRING KING, that I know.

Is there another scripture that goes with this???  Oh, how many, starting from the Book of Genesis.  Let me give you just one more found in 1st Cor. 15: 24 - 28 . . .

Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to Jah, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power. 

For he must reign (remain, rule from the Right Hand of Jah), till he hath put all enemies under his feet. 

The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death. 

For he hath put all things under his feet. But when he saith all things are put under him, it is manifest that he is excepted, which did put all things under him. 

And when all things shall be subdued (put in subjection) unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all.

Now we see the above scriptures in a clearer, more amplified form.  Now there can be NO MISTAKE about what is being said.

after he had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down on the right hand of Jah . . . . From henceforth EXPECTING till his enemies be made His footstool . . . . Sit thou at my right hand UNTIL I make thine enemies thy footstool

Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to Jah when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power

 . . . .    he must reign (remain, rule from the Right Hand of Jah), till he hath put all enemies under his feet . . . . when all things shall be subdued (put in subjection) unto him . . . . 


Let us first look at "THEN COMETH THE END."  The word THEN means that something must happen before, and when it happens, that THEN the end shall come.  This means that the END cannot come before the THEN. 

When can the END come???  when He SHALL [future tense] have delivered up the Kingdom to Jah

And, what else??? when HE SHALL have put down ALL rule and ALL authority and power.

And, what must He do in the meantime??   For He must reign [remain at the right hand of Jah] till he HATH PUT ALL ENEMIES, under his feet."


What is the put all enemies under his feet? when He SHALL [future tense] have delivered up the Kingdom to Jah, even the Father; when HE SHALL have put down ALL rule and ALL authority and power

What happens when He does this???  "THEN COMETH THE END."

How can the end come, and Jahshuah return, BEFORE all of this takes place???  Again, what takes place so that . . . then . . . the end can come???   . . ."when He SHALL [future tense] have delivered up the Kingdom to Jah       when HE SHALL have put down ALL rule and ALL authority and power.          AND       He HATH PUT ALL ENEMIES, under his feet."  It is THEN that the END can come, and NOT BEFORE THEN!!!

(NOTE:  There is much involved with this word END.  I cannot go into this, and everything concerning it at this time.  That will have to wait for another article.  I have a point to make here, and want to stick to that point.)  

I repeat my statement concerning the first scriptures that I listed.  Can He return before His enemies are made His footstool???  What is meant by "His footstool"?  It means until they are put down, DEFEATED!!!  Every enemy of Jahshuah MUST be PUT DOWN under His feet before He can leave the Right Hand of Jah.  How could He possibly disobey His Father, and leave that Position to Return, before this takes place???  It is obvious, right?  He cannot do so!!!

Naturally, a person reads this and thinks "These scriptures say that Jahshuah will do this, NOT US."

Yes it does.  I ask in turn, where is He residing when "He does all of this"?  He is at the Right Hand of Jah, and cannot leave that position until it IS all accomplished.  So how does He do this while still in "Heaven"?  Just as He has done everything else that He has done on this earth.  He does it THROUGH PEOPLE!!!  Show me how else He could do this while reigning, ruling from the Throne in "Heaven."

We still have not caught up with the concept that we can do NOTHING of our own selves apart from Him.  Man is still trying to claim credit for what he has done, if even secretly in His heart.  The one who says "These scriptures say that Jahshuah will do this, NOT US", still has this secret in their heart.  Not one of the men in the Bible would be so audacious as to lay claim to anything that was accomplished through them.  This is very clear in their writings. 

In Revelation we read . . .

The four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, and worship him that liveth for ever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying, Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created (the Father, proprieter, progenitor of) all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Here is a very important scene in heaven that depicts that which I am pointing out.  Regardless of who these 24 elders are, they recognize that their crown really has not been obtained by their own works, but by Him who is ALL in ALL, for it is HE that has created (has been the Father, proprietor, progenitor of) everything that has been done by and through Him.  

As you are about to see, Jah declared that the "Kingdom Mandate" would be accomplished through a CHOSEN SEED LINE, and through that seed line IT WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED.  Until that comes to pass, Jahshuah CANNOT RETURN, nor can Satan be CAST OUT OF HEAVEN!!! 

Obviously, by these scriptures which are the command of Jah, Jahshuah cannot return until His victory at Calvary manifests, and does so in Abraham's elected seed line. This manifestation is known in scripture as "the Manifestation of the Sons of Jah."   

By Abraham's elected seed line, I am NOT talking just about the House of Judah, but ALSO of the House of Israel, and it IS the House of Israel who has the headship of this last great move of Jah.  

It is prophesied that the House of Judah, and The House of Israel will be joined together in this last day.  That will NEVER happen until the Judaites bow to Joseph through his descendants, the Head of The House of Israel, who has the HEADSHIP ROLE.  I can tell you, they are NOT going to like this one, and will have much rebellion to it.

There are many who understand who the House of Israel is today.  If you are one that does not know, you had better find out.  If you are an "Anglo-Saxon", you ARE ONE, and the calling upon you IS GREAT!!!

The Passover sacrifice was not just to get us out of Egypt (the world), but to put us into the position that Adam originally had. We are not to die in the wilderness as Satan and all the Priests of Baal have tried to convince us. We are to go through Jordan, and TAKE THE KINGDOM AND POSSESS IT!!! Those that will not believe this are deluded, and will die in the wilderness of UNBELIEF. That is THE PENALTY for not believing Jah for His Kingdom.

Jahshuah defeated the devil and his seeming victory in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, at the cross and resurrection. Nevertheless, THAT VICTORY must manifest in the chosen of Jah before it will be over. Even though He IS the victor, we do not yet see "all things under His feet." If they were, He would have returned.  

Jahshuah has been clearly commanded by Jah the Father to remain at His right hand, until His enemies (which is the seed of the serpent) ARE DEFEATED. Until ALL RULE, AUTHORITY and POWER has been put down, CONQUERED AND SUBDUED!!! This MUST of necessity be accomplished BEFORE HE CAN RETURN, for He cannot return until it IS accomplished, as He is certainly NOT going to disobey His Father's command. 

Where does all of this stem from???  It unfolds from out of Genesis where THE KINGDOM MANDATE was given to Adam AND Eve!!!  This is the next Course of Study.  You are now better prepared for it.

























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