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The Spirit of Jezebel 


Jezebel Rules Over this Nation



The Book of Revelation in chapters 17 & 18, tell us there are to be certain head powers that will be ruling the Kingdom of Darkness, the anti-Christ Beast System, on this earth in the end times.  These powers are listed as:


1. "The Red Beast", 


2.  The "Mystery woman called "Babylon The Great", 


3.  and Ten Kings.  


The RED Beast, and Babylon The Great are the two end time super powers, and the ten kings are the ones who rule over everything from behind the scenes.  These ten are called "The Learned Elders of Zion" by the Edomites who are being used by Satan to bring forth his domination of the earth.  These ten are in direct contact with Satan, and are steeped in the occultic powers which they exercise over the earth.  


Over all of this earthly realm of Satanic Power is a hierarchy of ruling evil spirits who work to control what is happening on this earth from the realm of spirit.  There is not one nation that does not have one of these high rulers set in place over it.  Discover the devil that is ruling over a nation, and you will then understand why that nation behaves as it does.  Who then is over this nation???  This is quite easily seen when you understand how The Spirit of Jezebel operates, and for what purpose "she" works toward.  Our nation shows forth EVERY ATTRIBUTE of this Spirit, and yet few seem to recognize it.


The Queen of Heaven, this "Spirit of Jezebel", has been enthroned to rule over this nation by its leaders, and that from almost its very inception.  The STATUE OF LIBERTY attests to this LOUD AND CLEAR for all to see, and was purposefully erected in honor and worship of her.  That is, it is clear to see if one has eyes to see.  She proudly stands proclaiming "Liberty for All" while she fully intends to enslave the entire world.


The very wickedness present in this nation, whether in the politicians, the pulpits, or in the general population, verifies this with VALIDITY!!!  And, in no other nation, religion, or people, is it so validated.  It is in fact only THIS NATION that validates EVERY ear mark of this "Great Whore".  The further you get into this study, the more you will see this is so. The very reason our so called "Christian Churches" have become cesspools of lies, is because of this very fact.  And, through television, and evangelistic "Serpent Ministries", we are corrupting the entire earth with those lies.  This is the Spirit that seduces even Jah's servants to eat false doctrine, and obviously, this seduction is no small matter.  This seduction has caused Jah's people to become an abominable whore.  Only those that "come out of her" WILL BE SAVED in this day, and I do not care what their lips say.  Honoring Jahshuwah with our lips when our heart is far from Him, The Living Truth, WILL NOT WORK!!!  Hear me well.


(Yes, I am very much aware of who others say is this "Babylon The Great", and do recognize their historical logics.  I am also much aware of the influence of the Catholic Church, The Pope, The Black Pope, the United Nations, and all of the evil organizations involved with the "Illuminati".


And yes, the statues of Mary have been erected in worship of the "Queen of Heaven", this Spirit of Jezebel.  I have just seen how all of this is "The Magicians" sleight of hand distraction from what the Truth is, and who is really bringing forth the New Word Order.  


And yes, these other "powers" do have their part, but they could never accomplish their desires without the authority of the United States on the world scene, an authority that was granted by The Prophetic Word unto Ephraim.  Even as Jezebel seduced Ahab to gain control of the final authority on this earth in that day,  so has "she" done in this day.  For further validation of this Authority, see the Articles, "So Who Is The House of Israel", and "The Coming Destruction of The United States"These fit hand in glove with this one.


Certainly The United Nations will play a prominent role in this last day.  What must be understood is that Jah is holding us responsible for not only its creation, but for everything it does.  Our leaders created the United Nations, and without our money it would have dried up a long time ago.  It is present on our soil, and therefore under our responsibility before Jah for its presence on the world scene.  If ANY of our leaders were actually Christians, this would never have been allowed to take place, and would be destroyed immediately by any true follower of Jahshuwah.  It has been allowed, and continually allowed, for our leaders are in submission to the Edomites who RULE THIS NATION from behind the scenes.  There is NOT ONE Politician in Washington that is NOT working for the New Word Order.  If there was, they would be eliminated without hesitation.


This nation's leaders are determined to bring forth the anti-Christ New World Order.  Why is this so???  Because "Jezebel" rules here, and "she" has good reason for seducing the world through "her" conniving manipulations into this end time Global Government.  By enthroning Satan, and the Son of Lucifer, over this earth, "she" is the real one that will be ruling.  As it clearly states in Revelation, Babylon the Great is the super power that "REIGNS OVER THE KINGS OF THE EARTH".  Without this nation's authority, the anti-Christ could NEVER COME INTO POWER.)


If we only view events on this earth through our natural eyes, our natural mind, we will NEVER understand correctly what is taking place on this earth.  Matters MUST be seen through spiritual understanding.  One key subject concerns that every nation has a Kingdom of Darkness Spirit ruling over it, even as Paul describes in Eph 6:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world,

These Rulers of Darkness, although working toward the same goal, are NOT working in concert with each other in unity, but in competition, each seeking to be the ruler of the earth.  As Jahshuwah said, "A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand", and this is why he said it.  

This is why there are so many wars, and rumors of wars throughout this world.  The spirits that rule over each nation are vying for position in Satan's Kingdom of Darkness, and in some cases, to even overthrow Satan's throne and replace it with their own.  Since they can only work evil continually, they craftily devise plans even against each other.  This is verified by what we see taking place in the natural.  Everything begins in the Spirit, and then manifests on this earth, even as it should be with Jah's people.

When this particular "Spirit of Jezebel", this High Ruler in the Kingdom of Darkness is understood, it is then easily discerned that "she" is ruling this nation.  Everyone of "her" attributes are working not only in this nation, but corrupting the entire earth with those workings from out of this nation.  Everything of the Whore of Babylon in Revelation is her workings, and everyone of them is being worked in our land, and from our land.  This "Mystery Woman" is none other than this "Queen of Heaven", "The Spirit of Jezebel", the POWERFUL "Mystery woman" of Revelation.

I am very prone to repeating myself with rhetoric found in other articles.  I am attempting to not do that in this one.  There is much in the page, "The Coming Destruction of the United States", that verifies we are Babylon of Revelation.  Please read that one for clarification, as I am going to make this page as brief as possible.  I am laying ground work in these first few pages for what I am getting ready to unfold in later ones.  In getting the full realization that The United States is the End Time Babylon The Great, it is then easily seen who the Spirit is that presides over us.

And THE WOMAN which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.

This Mystery Woman is reigning over the entire earth's rulers.  In order to reign over the Kings of the earth, the ruler must have the military might, and control of the World's Monetary systems.  It must be a WEALTHY, powerful Throne from which to rule.  Which nation is it that has the strongest military power, and controls the earth's monetary systems???  The one that does will have the authority to force the world into "The Mark of The Beast" buying and selling system, and that is exactly what this nation is preparing to do.

(NOTE: The story of Ahab and Jezebel reveals much concerning this spirit.  A series is being worked on that will shed much light on that which is being said here.  I will get it published as soon as it is possible to do so.  In the meantime, I give this brief  treatise in preparation for what shall be said in that series of teachings.)

To give another pertinent example of a Ruler of Darkness, there is a "Spirit of Allah"  which rules over the entire fanatical Muslim / Moslem Realm.  This spirit is conspiring to raise its throne over "Jezebels Throne", and thus over Satan's, even as Satan is conspiring to raise his throne above Jah's.  This conspiring results in WARS on this earth, and we are about to see a great one concerning this behind the scenes scheming.  The "Spirit of Jezebel" will not tolerate such rebellion to "her" determination to rule the earth and bring it into submission to the "Son of Lucifer", the head of the "Seed of the Serpent", which is destined to rule from Jerusalem.  

The spirit behind the powerful fanatical Muslims is crafty indeed, whose workings are witnessed in the conniving of the Terrorists.  This is a horrific problem for the NWO, for this religious realm will NEVER submit to it.  They are determined to RULE THE EARTH, and certainly NOT to submit unto another ruler.  The result will eventually be an all out war that will leave millions dead, and great destruction in a number of nations.  "Jezebel" cannot afford to have this threat to her Kingdom, or "her" goals.  "She" has no choice but to go forth in wrath to eliminate this rebellion to "her" authority.

The "Muslim Spirit" knows full well what he is dealing with, and certainly the "Wrath of Jezebel".  She is greatly incensed by this rebellion to her authority, and has set herself to eliminate it.  The Spirit of Allah cannot just walk away and wait for that wrath to fall upon his henchmen.  He must act, and act now, to bring Jezebel's Throne down, or he will lose like big time.  Thus the wars and rumors of war grow in their intensity.

Remember now, one of Jezebel's main attributes is the Art of Seduction, even as she used our nations leaders to seduce Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor.  She seduces one to act in a certain way so that she can bring her wrath down upon them.  This is done to further the enthroning of Satan over the earth.  This is clearly seen in the story of Ahab, Jezebel, Naboth, and his vineyard.

Jah has removed His hand of protection from this Harlot Nation so that this battle can be fought.  The destruction of the World Trade Towers was ONLY the FIRST ATTACK!!!  This is why I say there is MORE ON THE WAY, and I dare not even think of what that might be.  These Terrorists care not what they use to "Kill Americans", even as the Devils care not what pain and suffering they inflict upon the world's population, as long as they seemingly gain their goal of position in the Kingdom of Darkness.

It would not surprise me if a nuclear incident happened somewhere in this nation, and for this reason.  Jezebel intends to use nuclear weapons upon the Moslem World, and she needs excuse for doing so which would bring the minds of the people into harmony with her.  It would not matter who actually caused the nuclear incident, for she would be behind it, either by direct control of our own nations leaders, or by seduction upon the Moslem Terrorists.  

(And yes, our leaders ARE quite capable of causing a nuclear incident that would probably kill hundreds of thousands, so they could then blame it on the Moslem fanatics.)

The war between these two spirits is going to bring forth some horrific events with terrible consequences, but Jezebel will win this particular conflict to bring the earth into absolute submission to Satan, and his Son of Lucifer, the anti-Christ.

We are a nation under JUDGMENT, and have been for some time.  Few would be able to accept a listings of these judgments, for the programming from our pulpits is strong indeed.  We are being programmed to believe that many of the judgments are "The Move of 'God' for the good, when in fact are the very things that are destroying this nation.  If I told you of these deadly matters, few would be able to accept them, and most would think I was some kind of nut.  

Take the blinders off and look around.  Is this a nation under "Righteousness, Peace, and Joy" of the Kingdom???  Hardly.  We are filled with the wickedness of the Great Whore, and that wickedness is producing pain and suffering everywhere.  We are reaping from what we have sown, and we are ALL feeling the effects of that reaping!  This Judgment is now coming into plain view, and believe me, the latest events are only the beginning of terror that is coming to this nation.  To escape from this coming upon us, we MUST "Come out of her", and that by the way we have not before known.  To have that way opened to us, we must constantly pray that we be accounted worthy to escape.

Now, let us take a look at some of the attributes of this "Spirit of Jezebel" to see how she functions. 

to teach and to seduce . . . (and I repeat for emphasis) . . . SEDUCE my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols

When we eat false doctrine, we become one with it, and one with the author of it.  We are certainly NOT becoming one with the Spirit of Truth.  The seduction is so strong, we realize NOT what has even happened to us.

 Jezebel is behind all of the false worship in this nation that is deceiving the whole world into "The Strong Delusion" through it.  She works through her false prophets, her Priests of Baal, her "Serpent Ministries", to seduce people into idolatry so prevalent in what people call "Christianity".  Most of you have come to recognize the Pagan Practices that have infiltrated most of the "churches".  This is the spirit that is behind this activity, and has been working for many years to accomplish what we are now seeing.

How many think that all of the praying, and being brought together round Pagan Altars during the 911 event was a "Move of Jah"???  I am sorry folks, but this is just not so.  It was Jezebel bringing the people into her idolatrous religion to gain support of the people, to make them one with her and her plans, and in doing so, make them think they are following Jah.

I might add here, and believe me, I am sorry to say this, but our "Pledging of Allegiance to the Flag", has become a pledge to support Jezebel, and is ANYTHING BUT PATRIOTIC!!!

Did we see ANY REPENTANCE going on???  No, we saw self-righteous people, who think this nation is a righteous country, and vowing to bring judgment down on those that dared to challenge our nations intents to bring forth the NWO.  Do we really think all of those people are following Jah, and calling on Him in "Spirit and TRUTH"???  

Do we understand that this spirit SEDUCES even Jah's SERVANTS???  Do we understand what we have been called out of???  Do we understand that the One World Church / Religion is being brought together right before our eyes, and being brought together to support the entire anti-Christ Beast System???  To support the workings of Jezebel to bring the world into her submission???  If we are to have sympathy, who is it for???  Jah and His ways, or JEZEBEL’S?

We saw unrepentive homosexuals, drunks, conniving thieves and liars, baby murderers, and otherwise degenerates  called Congress, standing on the steps singing “God” bless America while judgment is falling on their heads.  What spiritual stupidity. We of all people should understand that all of the religious goings on are nothing more than the WORSHIP OF BAAL!!!  Oh, how seductive it all is.  Did this "SEDUCTION" have an affect upon you???

and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation

Are you seeing why we must COME OUT OF HER to escape what is coming???  Those that do not do so are going to be cast into receiving the results of experiencing the horror of the "Great Tribulation".  What we have just witnessed is NOTHING in comparison to what is coming.

And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.

Do we understand that Jahshuwah is speaking to those who are suppose to be His followers???  His Ecclesia???  He is not warning the world, but those who are IN one of His "churches".  And, not just to ONE church, but a message that will go into EVERY "church".  That means we had all better sit up and take notice of this message.  He is warning us, every believer on the face of this planet!!!

There is not one organization, not one movement present today, that is not suffering from the seductions of Jezebel to eat false doctrine, and in many cases, DAMNING HERESIES.  Eating of this Tree of Death, makes us one with that Tree, and the author of the lies they have been seduced to believe.  If this were not so, then we would not have to go to Zion when it is opened for us to do so, to LEARN THE TRUTH.  We are NOT going to come into the Full knowledge of the Truth until that day.  There will NOT BE even ONE ORGANIZATION OR MOVEMENT that is NOT FILLED WITH LIES until the advent of Zion.  We are NOT going to come into it while residing in Babylon, and that is where we ALL are, and it matters not how sincerely we are wanting to follow Jah, and preach the Truth.  You can howl against my saying such, but if you continue to walk after "The Spirit of Truth", you will find out that I do know what I am talking about.  The more you walk after Him, the more deceptions you will discover, and the more you discover, the more you will see in this regard, and the more you will discern what is only the carnal works of men with personal agendas who hide behind a facade of  “righteousness”, claiming great callings and work.

If we remain in "her", then we are to be considered "her children", even as true believers should be considered as children of Jah.  How many of her "children" DIED in the 911 catastrophe, and how many of them were "Professing Christians"???  Did we get the message???  

The destruction of the World Trade Towers was a clear message to ALL OF THE CHURCHES (ekklesia), to COME OUT OF HER!!!  Come out of her, or receive her plagues.  It is really very simple folks.  I do not understand why people have such a hard time comprehending this.  None of us have completed this "coming out", and to get out, we MUST pray as Jahshuwah commanded us to pray so that we can escape that which is coming.  Right now, we are ALL IN JEOPARDY.  If you do not believe that one, stick around.  It will not be long before you do.

Just as Elijah did war with Jezebel in his day, so will it be with the "Elijah Company" of this day.  Jezebel HATES the ones called into this company of people.  She is out to kill the "Spirit of Elijah".  Anyone called into the overcoming will do war with this one, as she works so subtly to kill faith, and do so through people who lend their selves to her use.  Those that do overcome will be given the right to smash the nations as clay pots during the events "at the end".  

We must face the fact that it will not be the world at large that will come against those who are "coming out", but the Jezebel inspired "Counterfeit Christianity".  She is the head of the end time "Murder Incorporated".  Listen up folks.  Persecution of the True Believers is on the way, and it will be ferocious.  Anyone in submission to Jezebel, and especially the "Priests of Baal", will do everything in their power to destroy these people, and make them of no effect.  How quickly I discern such activity in a person, and in turn, how quickly I throw it down and trample upon it within before it takes any negative affect in my psyche upon me.  All Overcomers will do the same in the days ahead.

This spirit WILL NOT REPENT, and neither will those that have given themselves to her.  She rules through a determination to dominate, and dominate through seduction TO HER LIES; Through threats; intimidation; manipulation; condemnation through false sense of guilt; crushing; tormenting; discouragement; depressions; trying to defeat faith; economics; steals the tithe inheritance and gives it to her submissive Priests; the blaming of others; twisting the Truth into a lie; control through carnal power; making people dependant upon her; sympathy for her; insolent insults; and a host of others, all designed to gain control over us.  

EVERYONE who is an Overcomer and called to Come out of her, will feel these effects and feel them STRONGLY.  Most will not even realize why they have been affected as they have been.  This is a serious enemy of our souls, and will stop at nothing to immobilize us, or to eliminate us from the battle field.  I know of those that think they are Overcomers, and the fact is, it is THEY that have been OVERCOME!!!  And in being overcome, will NOT REPENT to walk into this Light so that they can come out of the delusion they are in.  This is what boggles my mind. 

We are in a very serious day folks.  Are we getting the message???  Are we overcoming Jezebel and her seductions???  What happens if we do not do so???  What happens if we DO overcome???

And he that overcometh (Jezebel), and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:  And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.   And I will give him the morning star.   He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

Revelation shows us clearly that the time is coming when Satan will finally wake up to what this Spirit of Jezebel has gotten him into.  When this takes place, he will realize that he has HAD IT, and will turn on Jezebel to destroy her by destroying her earthly throne.

And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.


Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; 

and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.


And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning,  Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.

Satan, and his ten kings, along with his "son" while in their wrath with her, will DESTROY Jezebel's Throne by DESTROYING THIS NATION, and do so with a massive nuclear attack!!!  This will be brought to pass during the "END TIME EVENTS" by the Overcomers who have Manifested as Sons of Jah, and by their overcoming of this "Spirit of Jezebel", be given the right of Jahshuwah to smash the nations as clay pots with a rod of iron.  They will cause this to take place by "The Word of Their Testimony", as they confess the Word in Faith, loosing the judgments WRITTEN.


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