The Warning of The End Times

The Spirit of Jezebel

Satan is The Deceiver of the WHOLE EARTH.  The Spirit of Jezebel counterfeits the Spirit of Jah, and seduces us into Satan's Deceptions.  "She" is holding us captive by those seductions, and once you see this one, you will understand just how strong are her seductions.  This, my friends, is what is causing "THE STRONG DELUSION"!!!

We are in captivity to "her" BABYLON. We are being told to GET OUT OF HER, or we will receive the same judgments that are falling upon "her."  We will fight all of hell in doing so.  In the overcoming of this one, we will be given the right to SMASH THE NATIONS AS CLAY POTS WITH A ROD OF IRON!!!


I would admonish those that are called into the "Overcoming" that you will NOT accomplish the overcoming without understanding the matters covered on these pages.  This understanding will NOT come easily.  It will require disciplined study, and that with the Spirit of Jah.  Only those who have serious determination to be numbered among the "Overcomers" will give themselves to such study.  We are not in a realm of "instant potatoes."  What is written here requires dutiful study, and in that, hours of time before Jah.  This is not for those who love fun and games, of being entertained and thrilled with supposed revelations.  I am NOT here to "entertain you"!

All true doctrine is profitable, but the profit of it lies in knowing the Plan of Jah, and His purpose for your life in that plan.  The enemy will allow you you to know EVERYTHING, even sound doctrine, as long as they can keep you from knowing the True Plan and Purpose of Jah on this earth.  If you desire to overcome rather than be overcome, then you MUST understand what is written here.  This is no simple task, but will demand much time in study, and contemplation before Jah.

In my mind, this is one of the most important subjects concerning the End Time.  It goes hand in glove with the articles concerning The Overcomers.  It is this Spirit that MUST be Overcome to obtain the right to come into the absolute and TRUE authority of Jahshua, the Name above ALL Names, and with that Authority, "smash the nations with a rod of iron as clay pots."  Most of what we see today that is advertised as being the use of Jahshua's Authority to build our own kingdom's, comfort zones, is total wickedness, and wickedness seduced into by this spirit.  It is an abomination before Jah.

Every time over the past year that I have looked at the one "Jezebel" article I had on my web site, I  grieved.  Even though it carried great importance, it was in my mind just oh so shallow, and not to the point.  

I had a three part series on tape concerning Jezebel that I made fifteen years ago.  When I taught this, I knew it was really not for then, but was doing the teaching for sometime in the future.  Since the Terrorist Attack, I have known that we have entered a new time of history, and it was time to begin the war with this spirit.

There was no way for me to sit down, listen to the tape, and get it entered into my computer.  My shoulders drooped even to think about the labor involved.  Yet I knew it should be done.  I left it in Jah's hands, and figured the way to do it would come at the right time.

A few months back, from out of the blue, a woman, Tambra Sabatini, e-mailed me and said she thought Jah had moved her to offer  me to type up any dictation that I may have on tape.  She said this was a part of her occupation, and that she was quite adept at doing such.
It took me several hours to catch up with what was happening.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I e-mailed her back, told her of what I had, the war zone it would put her in, and how much I have that would mean hours of work.  I gave her the opportunity to back out.  She didn't!!!  But, insisted that I send it to her. Now I see how it came at Jah's "Appointed Time."

I mention this for Tambra deserves my public acknowledgement, and great thanks.  I would not have been able to publish this one without her wonderful labor.

Even with the transcripts, the publishing of these articles will take some time.  I will publish each section as it is finished.  What is here today will be added to in the coming days, so keep checking back for continuing articles.  The Overcomers will overcome this spirit, and in that, turn on her until she is destroyed from the earth.

Some may think it appears repetitive in some cases.  I will have to do much editing as I finish this project, which is a book in length.  However, I have found that some things must be repeated to get it through our thick skulls.  Therefore, be patient, and let Jah deal with you through these articles. 

The Overcoming of Jezebel


These Lessons are NOT for the "Normal Christian", OR THE GLITTER TOOTH SWEETIE PIES.  They are for "Men / Women of Valor."  Those who have been called to be a part of Jah's Army, His War Party, that is greatly called in this End Day.

Part 1

Jezebel's Authority Over This Nation

The Queen of Heaven, this "Spirit of Jezebel", has been enthroned to rule over this nation by its leaders, and that from almost its very inception.  The STATUE OF LIBERTY attests to this LOUD AND CLEAR for all to see.

It was purposefully erected in honor and worship of her. 

Part 2

End Time 
False Prophet

We know that there will be an End Time "False Prophet" that will force all of the world to take the "Mark of The Beast."  However, few understand that he belongs to "The Spirit of Jezebel.  

Who is this man, and from where will he rule???

Part 3


Jezebel verses 

The Spirit of Jah!!!

To Overcome The Deceiver of the whole earth, we must understand HOW we are being deceived, and by WHAT LIES we are being deceived by, and who is seducing us to those lies!!!  NO ONE will come into the "calling" to be an overcomer without what is said in this article being life in them.

We are being GREATLY SEDUCED BY THIS SPIRIT through ignorant men who are programming the people with "her" propaganda.  We must COME OUT of it ALL!!!  WOE UNTO THE "MINISTERS", and people, that do not do so!!! 

Jehu The Commander

This is a powerful article by Darlene Dine.  I originally published it in the "End Times" editorials.  Because it is part and parcel with these studies, I have included it here.  This is the position to which the Overcomers are called.

At the end of the article, I give a link to her Table of Contents.  She has much to say about this Spirit of Jezebel in many of them.

The Revealing Story of Ahab, and Jezebel


Ahab & Jezebel


Lesson One

We are nearing the time of great persecution in THIS NATION.  We need to prepare ourselves for it mentally.  The top priority in this preparation is understanding who will bring it, and why.


We have entered a new day, and it is time to learn how to war against this Spirit.  We are, as Jehu, destined to "throw her DOWN", and in that, manifest the victory of Jahshua on this earth.

If we are to break free of our financial bondage to Babylon, earning our money through "slave labor" to the Beast System, then we are going to have to OVERCOME the one who RULES THIS NATIONS WEALTH. and through that, the entire planet!!! 


















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