The Warning of The End Times

Jehu The Commander Who Throws down Jezebel

  The Light contained in the following article, contains knowledge that is paramount to our overcoming.  Its understanding is infinite.  What one may not get today, believe me, if you are one called into the overcoming, you sure enough will get it in the days ahead.  We are in the day when we will have to overcome, or BE overcome.  Most have been overcome already, and are following this spirit that counterfeits Yah's Spirit, and therefore are in the "Strong Delusion" deceivably thinking they are following "God".  This has been sent upon them so that they MIGHT BE DAMNED because they would NOT receive the Love of the Truth.  Because this spirit is so seductive, we ourselves need to seek Yah continually to be freed of every evil work it has placed upon us.  This is serious stuff folks, and not for babes who need milk.

Jehu The Commander

By Darlene Dine   

Jehu is the commander with a mission to throw Jezebel down.  Jehu executes judgment.  The spirit of Elijah in your life will expose and confront her, Jehu finishes the job!  These characteristics are hidden in scripture to show us what will throw her down in our lives as individuals.  (Read scripture text in 2 Kings 9:2-37).


Every Overcomer's High Calling

 1. Jehu’s name literally means “Yahweh (the self-existent, eternal One) IS!”  His identity "in Yahshua" has been restored.  His new man…spirit man…his resurrection life.  There is no Yehuw (Jehu), only Yahweh.  Yahweh IS.  (Strongs Concordance 3058, 3068)

2. He is not distracted by people questioning his motives during the execution of his mission.  "Is it peace, Yehuw (Jehu)?"  (With a heart already tried and tested by Yahweh, He is sent to fulfill Yah's mission and not his own).  

It could be said he is in the PERFECT will of Yahweh who rules him.  It is Yah who sends for him, not man!  He is not looking for something to do; he is waiting for instructions from His commander, Yahweh. 

 I believe he is an Overcomer of the false authority of Jezebel in his own life first (by the power of Yah).  This gives him the authority and position in the spirit as captain and commander.  He has come into fullness…maturity…Sonship…ONE with Yah and His purposes.  This is the only way we can do that thing which is “perfect,” born of spirit and not flesh for it will oppose that good thing which seems to be “Yah’s will.”  (He draws the opposition of those supposedly standing for peace, the good thing right??!!!) 

3. He is humble enough not to assume that Yahweh is bringing the message to him among the captains of the army.  He asks in verse 5, "For which one of us?"  He is not a position seeker.  His concern is for the purpose of Yah, not who He will use to fulfill it!!!  He is Yah's choice for king and anointed for the replacement.  He does not assume he is the best or squabble with Yah about being the worst!  There can be NO pride or false humility for there is NO Yehuw (Jehu)!! 

4. He rises up from among his associates.   Yahweh will require us to separate from people, possibly even one's we have worshipped with for years.  The familiar will ALWAYS be left behind in a quest to do the will of The Father.  He is ushered into an inner room (symbolic of an intimacy with Yah), a place where only Yehuw (Jehu) and the young prophet who anointed him knows what is about to happen.  He does not need to broadcast to everyone what he is about to do for Yah.  When he comes out to the servants of his master, he is not boasting of his “ministry” or calling!  It's kind of similar to two officers opening their orders for a particular mission that is to remain top secret.  (The "man child" being hidden in the womb.)

(Notice his fellow servants asked, “Why did this madman come to you?”  Are they asking you the same thing?)  As a side note: Ramoth Gilead (which was the place of this event) is located east of the river Jordan (possibly this is a waiting place for those who have crossed over?).  The word (Ramoth) means “heights.”

5. His commission; to strike down the house of Ahab, his master, avenging the blood of the Yahweh’s servants, His prophets, and the blood of ALL the servants of YHWH, at the hand of Jezebel.  The space for repentance has come to an end.  There is no reason to delay; the time has come for the execution of Yah's word.  

The Bible says this wicked spirit, Jezebel does not repent (it is the spirit of the serpent himself, you can show him NO PITY or compassion, he has no intention of repenting!!  The enemy will rage against Yahweh and His people Israel until he is destroyed!).  We can have NO COMPASSION where wickedness is concerned!  We must stop protecting the enemy in our life, he will kill us!  We must not justify our lack of repentance, but turn to a merciful Yah!  Embrace TRUTH!  If we continue in pride and unrepentance, Jezebel will destroy us!  It is time for ALL to be teachable, no matter how much we think we know!  This is the only way to enter the kingdom He is bringing forth under the headship of His Son, Yahshua!

6. Jehu comes to the present ruling authority whose condition at this time is a corrupt religious and political system.  Please keep in mind that Yahweh allowed this authority now in position.  He gave Ahab authority to rule as king…Ahab in turn gives his authority to Jezebel and Jezebel bows her knee to Baal instead of Yah.  

This is a description of the condition of man after the fall.  We must go back through these same doors so to speak to be restored to our place before the fall.  

This is the work of Yahshua in that His obedience took the authority back.  Our obedience has the same result.  Jehu moves hastily with no hesitation, this is the commission he has been prepared for all his life.  Anyone with this kind of response to the word of Yahweh has learned obedience unto death.  This was not a “pleasant speaking engagement” we are talking about here.  He is sent to wipe people out and leave NONE remaining.  

Yahweh would have a servant sure He is hearing His voice before He speaks something like that to Him!  He brings the house of Ahab into desolation (like that of Nebat, and like that of Baasha the son of Ahijah, vs. 9 and 1 Kings 14:10, 15:29, 16:3,11).  He cuts it off!  What an order!!  The heads of the seventy sons of Ahab (in Samaria) is a way of telling us that this “authority” which has been stolen from Yahweh Himself is being cut off!!!  It is being cut off by Yahshua! 

7. The arrows he shoots are of full strength/ the word of Yahweh is not watered down in this commander's life (or compromised).  WE MUST draw a distinct line drawn against sin, through the TRUTH we slaughter the enemy! 

8. The plot of ground he throws Yahweh's enemy down on is the plot of ground at Jezreel.  This plot of ground was symbolic of an allotment, an inheritance.  This has been stolen from Yah's people by Satan!  The word Jezreel means "Yahweh will sow."  It is He who will once again cause fruit to produce in your life.  It is “His life” that causes us to be fruitful and not selling out to the devil when he entices us to “be like God!!!”  Yahweh is restoring all things back to this foundation.  It is not one of self-effort, but abiding in Him.  Entering His rest.  He will restore back to us our inheritance (which is to bear fruit unto Yah/ bring forth His treasure).  He will TAKE POSSESSION OF WHAT BELONGS TO HIM, His people!!!  The Spirit of the Yahweh is mighty in battle!

9. Jehu will not be deceived by Jezebel. . .she painted her face and tired her head, and looked out the window.  The description of this is found in the Hebrew translation of the word “face” and the phrase, “tired her head.”

            a. Painted refers to making something look like, giving an appearance of. . .this is what will happen when we are under the control of this spirit.  We will be one person around certain people and another way around others.  We will mask the evil in us behind the GOOD.  Hypocrites were people who adorned masks and acted as characters in a play.

            b. Face represents countenance, outward appearance.  This spirit deceives even we ourselves into believing this false image, but Yahweh knows the reality of who we are.  The image we have in our prideful mind is never what Yah sees.  Jezebel will appear to be Christ-like.  These appearances are VERY DECEIVING!!  Remember the temptation to Eve was to be like God!  This is all she can be in her fallen condition, “like God.”  An IMITATION.  She is “trying to be” like Him because she does not eat of the tree of life, but the tree of death.  When life is not produced from the inside-out, it can only be an “outward appearance.”  Without the resurrected life of Yahshua, you cannot be like Yah!!  You will only be an illusion.  A dressed up, painted, fallen nature with fake fruit!  This fruit is cursed and commanded to die by Yahshua for it only looks good!  We will never be like Him in our old nature, independent of His life.

            c. “Tired her head” is symbolic of seeming successful to the eye.  An adorning of the head. (It was YHWH”s plan that His bride cover her head and not display the glory that belongs to Yahshua.)  This showing of outward “wholeness” is also an illusion.  It can be achieved through accomplishments, lifestyle, fame, etc., (which all by the way are false gods).   

This spirit will try to convince us that we are happy, successful, not lacking in anything and are "right" or accepted. This is also an illusion that we become the only one who believes. Our accomplishments begin to keep this illusion going, not only for ourselves, but for others around us. We will then try to convince others of our illusion and the deception goes deeper. Head is symbolic of authority, position and self-rule.

Satan offered all these same things to Yahshua when He was tempted in the wilderness.  These “things” will be offered to you as well…the lust of the eyes, the pride of life and the pleasures that satisfy our flesh temporarily.  If we will only trade our birthright!! The tiring of her head is also symbolic of authority, position and self-rule.  Could she be reminding her enemy Yehuw of  her authority even in the face of her own time of judgment?

10. Yehuw (Jehu) is not deceived by any of this, his purpose is definite.  She greets him for one last battle, her famous accusations come forth, "Is it peace, Zimri, murderer of your master?"  (Zimri is a man that killed his king in order to take his position.)  His crimes were treason (overthrowing authority), causing division and murder.  

  This spirit will accuse you of the sins of fallen man, but you are not fallen man anymore, you are a new creation in MESSIAH! 

These  sins of fallen man  first originated in Lucifer.  He comes to steal, kill and destroy.  We will do the same under his influence (and find a way to make it look like the “good, Godly thing” to do!).  When we stand in Yahshua, it will cause the enemy’s accusations to boomerang back on the devil, the accuser of the brethren!  He can accuse your old man, but when you are in “Christ…the anointed ONE” there is no condemnation.  When we are dead, we have already done away with the flesh and it lives NO MORE!!  The old man is dead.  He has no voice, no rule, nothing “in you.” 

Jezebel speaks out her own crimes and pronounces her own judgment.  This is what the enemy of our souls will do as well…reaping for all eternity the wrath he has sown.  Why don't her accusations affect Yehuw?  Why doesn’t he take a chapter long discourse to defend himself?

11. Learn this; she accuses your old man!  If he is dead, do not defend him!  Do not give in to the temptation to justify yourself.  Yah’s purposes are not about YOU and your reputation.  If you defend, you seek to honor yourself.  

If you have this truth deeply imbedded in your spirit, you will, like Jehu, not speak a word in your defense. Defending yourself is justifying who YOU ARE (and you are dead!) 

We will not execute judgment on your enemies while touching the glory of Yahweh!!  This is exactly why this spirit will entice you with this very thing.  This is the tree of death (touching the knowledge of good and evil IS touching the glory and the judgment of Yah).  When we know what we stand in is truth, there will be no need to defend.  Simply throw her down in the name and authority of Yahshua!  (You must allow Him full reign in your life to possess this kind of authority). 

Yehuw does not have a reputation to defend!!  He is established in the righteousness of  Yahshua.  It is not about who you are or what you’ve done, it's about who Yahshua is!  The spirit of Yah in Him (Jehu) does not even return a conversation to that spirit!!!!!  He merely replies, "Who is on my side?  Who?"  He is not confused as to whose side he is on!  He's on Yah's side and gives the order to throw her down!!  Then he tramples her underfoot, leaving no question of his authority in Yahshua to do so.  Our new identity in Yahshua or more rightly worded, His identity in us gives us back this same authority to trample the enemy under our chariot as well!  We must be overcomers!!  We must die in order for this life to come bursting forth from the tomb!

12. Jehu makes sure that Jezebel’s corpse is as refuse on the surface of the field, so no flesh will get any glory!!!  It returns to the earth and her blood (life source) is licked up by dogs.  This is the purpose of the destruction of this spirit in your life.  Glory will be given to Yahweh and Him only, no flesh will dare to glory for one single thing!  The hands and skull were all that was not eaten of Jezebel, which was symbolic of the works of her hands and the vain imaginations of her mind to play a god in the lives of His people.  Her authority is NO more.

It is in the restoring of "Torah," (Yah's teaching and instructions) that will defeat the spirit of Jezebel and bring about the establishment of a kingdom in which Yahshua has complete and absolute authority.  There is no true authority without His word.  We will no longer have to rely on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because we will once again partake of the tree of life, the living Torah…Yahshua Ha Mashiach. 

Hallelujah!  We will be free to serve our YHWH once again and delivered from bondage to the enemy.  OVERCOMERS!

To summarize what we have learned, we see that Yah must show His power over all false gods.  The things we are depending on in our lives are taking us away captive.  Spiritual activity does not take the place of the will of Yahweh for our lives and sacrifice does not replace obedience.  We must allow the Lord to arise in our hearts and bring us to repentance. 

It is not flesh and blood that we war against, it is wicked spirits in high places, and the "Spirit of  Jezebel" will try to convince us of these two lies and entice us to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil where all false worship stems from.  This spirit will lead you into idolatry and we have NO IDEA how much of it is going on!  All that, does not originate from, and  have its root in, the tree of life, is NOT of Him, the ONE and ONLY true YHWH.  Even though we have used names of characters to describe spirits, we must remember they all have their origination either from Yah or Satan. A spiritual battle in high places. 

Heed the voice of the prophetic, this overcoming is taking place in your own life.  Submit to the judgment of the Holy One of Israel.  He shows mercy when we humble ourselves before Him.  It is the way back into the garden of God with unbroken fellowship and all that He has promised.  The end will collide with the beginning and God's plan will be accomplishedLet us seek Him with all our heart, soul and mind...let us be found doing His will.

Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.  Rev.22:14

 What an awesome Yah we serve!!!


  When I read this treatise, it makes me want to stand up and preach with a strong voice.  There is much here, that when heard by the "Spirit of Jah", reveals that which every Overcomer will have to rise into.  Our war IS with the spirit realm, and the Jezebel spirit is a key high ruler.  Everyone, especially in this nation, is suffering from this spirit's affects upon us.  We must come out of the compassion for her, and all of the soul ties to her that have been cunningly programmed into us, not only from the media, but from THE PULPITS!!!  We will never escape the condemnation that has been heaped upon us in ways that we are not even aware of, caused by our "coming out", without coming out of this compassion.  Not only come out of the compassion, but rise to the place where we, as Jehu, have NO PITY for" her" or "her's".  Not only are we to trample upon her, but then go into the "wedding feast", and rejoice with our King.

I would like to hammer home a few points of which Darlene writes.  I will copy in the statement that I would like to respond to, color it blue, and then add my comment.

(With a heart already tried and tested by Jah, He is sent to fulfill Jah's mission and not his own). 

We are born with a fallen ego that wants to be its own "god", and play "god" over everything in its realm.  One of the main reasons that those being called out are going through such terrific trials, is to "cross out" this fallen nature so that we are taken from going our own way as our own "god", and turned completely around.  The carnal mind gets everything backwards.  We did not create Jah, nor write His Word to explain to Him how to serve us.  He created US to serve HIM, and His Word tells us how to do that.  It does not tell us how to build our own kingdoms, and call on Him to serve us in that building.  It is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE!!!  As with Jehu, we are being prepared to fulfill Jah's mission and that mission is to establish Jah's Kingdom, and DESTROY JEZEBEL'S, and find our place in Jahshuwah to do just that!!!

Jezebel's "Commercialized Christianity" has become ONE with the world in this self-centered building of comfort zones on this earth.  Take a look around.  Is not everyone building their own place, their own position in life?  Are not those that profess to be a follower of Jahshuwah doing the same thing???  Are they not as concerned with building and maintaining their lifestyle as what the world is???  And now being taught to use the Word of Jah to not only do so, but to build it even greater???  What shall be the end result???

He is not a position seeker.  His concern is for the purpose of Jah, not who He will use to fulfill it!!!

This is the works of the carnal mind, wanting to be as "god".  Those that Truly follow Jah will be placed in their position by HIM, and not they themselves.  Those that are Truly doing a work will NEVER expound upon whatever that work may be, for he knows that it is really not him doing it, but YAHWEH.  Why else do the Apostles throw their crowns at the feet of Jahshuwah before His Throne???

Through the redemptive works of the cross, we are to become one with Jahshuwah in mind, heart, and purpose.  What was His mind set???  

But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: 

And being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:

for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

Whenever we see, or find even we ourselves in, self exaltation, and expounding upon our "great ministry" IT IS WICKEDNESS, and pure carnality!!!  No True Man of Jah will ever do so, or if he finds himself so doing, will repent from it quickly.  This is a matter that must be clearly seen by the Overcomers.  The more of this light that you are able to come into, the more you will see it in the many on TV, and the sicker you will become with it.  The Internet is RAMPANT with such self-exaltation, claiming how great they are, how great their message is, and all that Jah is doing in THEIR midst.  (The syndrome of Babylon that says, "Our Tower reaches higher than yours".)  We MUST learn to not only recognize it in others, but also in we ourselves and REPENT FROM this evil work.

His commission: to strike down the house of Ahab, his master, avenging the blood of the Jah’s servants, His prophets, and the blood of ALL the servants of YHWH, at the hand of Jezebel.  

I cannot help but interject here how this statement fits with this day concerning "Jezebel's Babylon".  "She" was guilty in her day, and is once again going to be "guilty of ALL that are slain upon the earth" in this day, and certainly of the blood of the Prophets and Jah's servants.  This is one of those hidden identification mysteries found throughout the Word which is being revealed to those who are seeking the Truth.  

From WHERE is "she" ruling???  THIS NATION!!!  People do not yet understand the mind sets of those who rule this nation, or just how wicked they are as the seduction to their trying to appear righteous as "god" in all their ways is deceiving even the very elect.  Stay tuned.  If you do not see it now, YOU WILL!!!

 He will restore back to us our inheritance

This is a very long subject.  I would just like to say that Jezebel has stolen this nation, and Jah's blessing upon it.  This CONTRADICTION is about to be reversed for the Overcomers, as the "Dwelling Places of Zion", the Kingdom of Jah, begin to manifest on this earth!!!

He cuts it off!

Those that rise into this mantle through the overcoming will be rewarded even as Jehu.

And the LORD said unto Jehu, Because thou hast done well in executing that which is right in mine eyes, and hast done unto the house of Ahab according to all that was in mine heart, thy children of the fourth generation shall sit on the throne of Israel.

As it says in Rev 2;

he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father.

Those that Overcome and rise into the same mantle to destroy Jezebel's Kingdom, and servants, will be given the same right that Jahshuwah has, and will have the same attitude of not only Jehu, but of those in Revelation 19: 

And after these things I heard a great voice of much people in heaven, saying, Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God:  For true and righteous are his judgments: for he hath judged the great whore, which did corrupt the earth with her fornication, and hath avenged the blood of his servants at her hand.

Where is there ANY compassion for this great whore, or for her followers in this scene???

There will be one difference between those of today, and that of Jehu.  Incredibly, Jehu went a bad direction, and actually committed that which he had been commissioned to wipe out. 

  She appears to be Christ-like

This seduction is VERY STRONG, and unless you have at least begun the trek of coming out, you would swear that what she is doing, and those serving her in her spiritual whorehouses called churches, are of Jah, and His Son, Jahshuwah.  The mind will want to ask, "How could that be false"???  It is quite simple really folks.  Are they preaching Truth???  Are they preaching for the lawless one, or the lawful one???  Do they preach the walk of the cross to be conformed into His image, or are they just trying to straighten out the fallen man which will never be straightened out, not even by the Torah???

I am thinking there is a difference between the people being described in the two following verses.

21Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. 22Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming (disguising) themselves into the apostles of Christ. 

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.   Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

The people in the first verse, described by Jahshuwah, are ones who are deceived, and go about deceiving others.

In the statement by Paul, we are seeing those who KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!!  They are purposefully DISGUISING themselves as "ministers of righteousness".  Why are they doing this???  To deceive the people into following SATAN!!!  Are they not HIS MINISTERS???  They are DECEITFUL WORKERS, and one who is working deceitfully KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING.  In this day, they are not only among us, but leading all that will follow into the NWO!!!  They are secretly working for Satan as they have been sent by him, and sent for the very purpose of which we see them doing!

In either case, people are being led to believe in, trust in, worship and praise, the "god" they are being led to by the "minister" in charge.  In most cases, THAT IS BAAL!  And, it matters NOT whose name is put upon it.  Satan wants Jah's position for HIMSELF, Jahshuwah's position for his son (the anti-Messiah), and is deceiving the whole earth into giving those positions to them.  People have been led, and are being led, into believing heretical doctrine, LIES, and in that following, worshipping the author of those lies.  That savior is a COUNTERFEIT and WILL NOT SAVE THEM!  The author of lies is out to SLAUGHTER THEM!!!

There is only ONE WAY to avoid participating with worshipping a false "god".  That is just what we are commanded to do, and that is, "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE".  The line is being drawn folks.  We better decide which side we are going to be on.

People, every kind of wickedness there is is being worked in this nation.  There are "big names" in "Commercialized Christianity" that are Masons with HIGH DEGREES.  You do NOT attain unto such a position without loyalty being sworn to the Satanic, anti-Messiah NWO.  The further we go in this day, the more obvious this is going to become to us.  Many of our leaders, both political and religious, are SATAN WORSHIPPERS, and dedicated to his plans to bring the world into his absolute subjection.  Are you shocked???  Do you think that it cannot be???  It is time to WAKE UP people to what is REALLY HAPPENING in this nation.

This spirit will accuse you of the sins of fallen man

I have found that people who come to condemn me are almost always guilty themselves of the accusation.  It is why Jahshuwah admonished us to get the "beam out of our own eye".  This gives me a discernment into the individual making the allegation. When I recognize what it is and from whom it is coming, and it is not something that Jah is convicting me over, I THROW IT DOWN.  We who are in the overcoming MUST learn this one.

not speak a word in your defense

When I say "throw it down", I do not mean necessarily in an outward manner.  Most of the time I see to it that the accusation is not given ANY ground in me, and do so without anyone even knowing what I am doing.  I have learned to hate strife, and do whatever I can to avoid it.  Saying anything to anyone walking with the "Accuser of the Brethren" is a WASTE OF TIME, and will always engender strife.  It really matters NOT what people think.  They do NOT have the nail holes in their hands.  Why even give them the satisfaction of affecting us in any way???

I would like to reply to more of what she said, but I shall refrain and let this suffice.  I say again, this is an excellent article on a powerful subject.  It would not hurt anyone to read it several times.

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