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This is how it appeared as viewed down the hall from the family room before any walls were removed. At the end of the hallway in the left picture, the hallway turns right, as shown here.  All wasted space, unless you have 8 children like the builder had. This is with the door opened at the end of the hallway, which leads to the garage.  This particular bedroom had no windows, if you can believe that one.


The door at the end of the hallway in the picture directly above this one, leads into this bedroom.  

It was a rather strange room as it had no outside window.  So I decided to open this room up by taking out the hall wall as shown in the next picture.

This room is to be my office, and not only do I have a need for one, but I would have much going on in it.   Besides the normal business of life, I run a web site, and do quite a bit of photography work, all of which requires much space.

It has been intended to not only eliminate the hall wall, but the wall in between the two bedrooms as well, making it about an 18' X 24' room.  Before I did that, I thought I would see if just having a louvered window in the wall between the two rooms would suffice for light into this room which had no windows.  This is what you are seeing here.  The idea was to save one bedroom rather than eliminate two.

Of course, I have only begun this work, so it is very much in its beginning stage, but still gives the idea.     This is what it would like like in the adjoining bedroom if I left the window in, and did not eliminate the wall altogether.

However, I do not think this will work for me.  I have not yet settled in my mind what I will do, but at this time, I think that I will take the entire wall out.  Yes, I will lose two bedrooms by doing so, but then, I really do not need them as bedrooms, but do need a large office area.



This is looking down the hall to where the door was that led into the bedroom that had no windows.  The far door is the one that leads into the garages.  You can now see how much more open it is as you look down, or walk through this hallway. These next pictures shows the beginning of the removal of the wall in between the two rooms.  The hall wall has already been taken out.    
Now you are seeing how open the area is as the walls have been totally removed, and the trash hauled out. The area is now a very large open room, and so much better with the walls gone.  You will notice that I left the top 15 " of the wall at the top.  I plan to make this into a decorator shelf to hold photo's that I have taken.   My computers and all of the equipment that goes with them will go against the back wall that you see here.  It is hard to tell, but lying against that wall right next to the closet are pieces of sheet rock that I saved to experiment on with different types of texturing and faux painting.  There will be shelves installed in the closet where I will keep all of my messy items.  I want the entire house to be in perfect order at all times.  I have had to live enough messes to last me a life time, and never want to see ANYTHING out of place EVER AGAIN, nor ANY DUST ANYWHERE!!! There will be more pictures added as progress is made with this area.  Most of the demolition is now over.  There is much building yet to do with creating decorator shelves, and necessary posts.  Then it will be on to the color choosing and painting, then laying of new carpet, and bringing in the furniture with accessories.

NOTE:  This room has been made into my woodshop / spray painting area since these pictures were taken, and will not be finished into the much needed office until the work in the living , dining room areas are completed.  Pictures of what it presently looks like can be seen elsewhere.

















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