Depending on your monitor, there may be some mottling of the color caused by the uploading to the web site.  Can't be helped.

Also, the wind was blowing quite hard when taking some of the pictures, so the flowers are a bit fuzzy as they are moving quite rapidly in the wind.

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BEFORE.  The above was the first section to be painted.  You can well see why.  This wall took me five days to complete. Here you can see how damaged the wood had become.  It had to be scraped, sanded, and primed, then painted.    
AFTER.  Most of you know how I hate being on a ladder.  The peak on this section was just too high for me to climb to for the cutting in at the roof line.  I ended up taping my brush to a long pole and doing it from the ground. Wood repaired, prepared, and painted.  


It took three days to roll out these sides, and then another three days just to finish out the front porch area.

This is the west garage wall.  It was in bad need of stucco repair.

Just a couple of pictures to show the after repair.

This is how bad the north wall looked.  Again, a section in great need of stucco repair.

Notice how badly water marred the window glass is.  You could hardly see through it from the inside.  It was so with 6 windows, and therefore replaced the glass in all 6.








Depending on the lighting, the color comes through in the photos in different shades.  Because of this, it is very difficult to get the exact shade in a photo.  

The next pictures are rather superfluous, but added them anyway.  A day came up that was cloudy, and because of that particular type of lighting, the color seem to come through in a photo closer to the actual shade than the ones above.  These are quite close to the actual color when seen in person. 

There is still some cutting in to do at the roof line.  Notice how high the peak is here.  It will not be fun because of the height, but I can do it.  My toes will hurt after I have finished it due to my constantly curling them trying to hang on with them to the rung of the ladder

I was not going to do the back side, but have changed my mind.  I am now in the project of painting the immediate patio section.  After doing what I have, I could not stand looking at the need in this area.  It is not yet finished, but decided to put up a few pictures anyway to show the difference it is making in the patio area.

What it looked like before. Whoever roofed this large area (40 X 18) did a lousy job, as the roofing nails came through about a quarter of an inch or so.  What  mess.  Not only were the nails showing through badly, but they splintered the wood.  All in all, it was an ugly sight.  The color was bad enough without all of the nails and divots.         I used a drill mounted with a cutting disk to cut off the ends of the nails.  There were over a thousand of them.  It took me three days just to accomplish it.
I still have about a week of work left to do, but this will give you an idea of the difference it is making.  It has taken me longer to do this area than the other three sides that you saw above.

Norm, the neighbor across the street, loaned me his scaffold, which you can see here in this photo.  Without that, I would not have been able to do the job.

The patio is now finished, so I have put up a few pictures below to show the final product.  It took over a month just to do this part, and believe me, I am glad it is done.

All I have left to do of this project that I started back in March, is the cutting in at the roof line on the west (front porch) side.  It is so hot now (running in the hundreds), that I can only work for a few hours early in the morning, so it will probably take me two or three days to get it done.  I did the north high peak side this morning, and glad that is over.  Oh, how I hate having to be up high on the extension ladder.


    I put up tube lights at the top of the house walls.  This is what it looks like at night.  


Here is what I had when I started.  Notice how small the plants are in the pots. And now the difference between the before and after.  I decided that I wanted the shades back up, so I power washed them, and they came out pretty good..      



At Shari's request, I have added a few pictures of the flower work that Darlene has accomplished for this year.  These were taken in May, so the plants have not really matured as they will during the next month or so.  The first one is of the front porch garden, and then some close-ups of a few.  This is NOT a huge Arboretum display, but for what she has done, in my mind it is quite spectacular.

In this picture, notice the Cantililly at the far end, and how short it is.  You will see how large it got below.    


This is the second year for the Snapdragons, and they are really coming in quite large and showy.   I just had to add a couple more pictures of this Dahlia plant.  This is the plants second year, and it is really outdoing itself.


Here it is you can see how large the Cantililly has grown.  It is huge, and probably twice the size it was last year.   I have added these next two because the colors on the Petunias are so vivid.  Darlene really picked out some good ones.  The whole garden is now a jungle of color.    


The lawn has come in so good this year, that I decided to put up a few pictures.  I have experimented much on fertilizers.  Would you believe that the best so far is a "Beer tonic" recommended by Jerry Baker, an expert on gardening.  And that's right, the main ingredient is BEER!  

It is very difficult to make this lawn look decent.  There must be 3 or 4 different types of lawn in it, the heat beats it all to death, and water is expensive.  Besides that, the wind blows, and that at times causes the water to go everywhere but on the lawn.  Giggle giggle.  There are times when more gets on my new windows than on the grass.  AAAAGH.  How many times I have had to wash them because of that.

Between the front and back, I have about 5000 sq ft of lawn.  I mowed the front lawn with a push gas mower one time, knew that I could not do that every week, and went immediately and bought a riding mower.  That was a smart move, believe me.  I now can do in about 15 minutes what took me over two hours with the pusher, and have fun doing it.  As most of you know, I do love to drive, and that means anything including the mower.

I have taken out the cement strips since this picture was taken.


Well, that's it.  I will not be putting up any more pictures on this page.















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