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Revealing Jah's End Time Prophetic Plan, Restoration, His KINGDOM MANDATE; The Manifesting of The Sons of Jah and Through Them, Jahshuah's Victory Over The Kingdom of Darkness.








This site is dedicated to those that desire to become The OVERCOMERS that Manifest as the Sons of Jah, and also to the members of the Bride which prepares herself to meet Jahshuah at His coming.  In this day, these are few and far between.  A people scattered all over creation, mostly wondering if there be any others such as themselves.  We are entering the time when this answer will be afforded to them.  To all others, THIS IS YOUR WARNING to fasten your seat belt.

The general public never believes Truth, or reality.  They did not believe the men of the Bible, nor even Jahshuah Himself.  It really matters not if people disagree, dislike, or reject what is set forth on these pages.  The members of the "MAN CHILD" WILL HEAR, and in the hearing, be given the Kingdom, and its AUTHORITY.



Which do we study the most???  Satan's desires and plans for the NWO, or Jah's desires and plans for HIS KINGDOM on this earth???  By the answer we can determine WHERE WE RESIDE in our mind!!!


What is our Father's desire???  Are we interested in HIS desires, or just our own desires???  Psalm 132:13 says....


For Jah hath CHOSEN ZION, 

He hath DESIRED IT for HIS Habitation!!!


Do we have any concern for where HE wants to dwell, or are we only interested in our OWN place in which to live???  Is He called to establish OUR Kingdom, or are we called to establish HIS???  What are we focused upon?  What WE desire, or what HE desires?


How many understand what this verse is saying in context with the rest of the Word?

He wants to live IN ZION on this earth.  What does this mean?  Read and learn.

I want it known that this web site is NOT published to convince people of ANYTHING found on it by my efforts, as the convincing belongs to the "Spirit of Jah."  Nor is it published to coerce people into following what is presented upon it.  However, I do know that the days ahead will more than validate the integrity which does lie upon its pages.

Everything I write, and everything I publish, is being done with the intent to PREPARE PEOPLE for the move of Jah that lies on the horizon.  What is published here will NOT be accomplished, or put into true and perfect practice UNTIL THIS MOVE BEGINS.  Mark my Words.

We must come to the understanding that we are on a journey, and in that journey, it is not so much of where we are at present, but WHERE WE ARE GOING!!!

Jah is using many teachers in this day to prepare the people, and certainly not just what is on this web site.  I fully recognize this.  However, I also know that your preparation will NOT BE COMPLETE until you are aware of EVERYTHING that is presented on these pages.  I do not say this lightly, or without the assurance of Jah that what I am saying IS CORRECT!!!  Selah



In 1st John 5 we read . . . .

And we know that we are of Jah, and the whole world lieth in wickedness!!!


We are all living in the "Kingdom of Darkness" that is working overtime to hold us in its captivity through lies, deception, and illusion.  It IS "The Serpent's MATRIX" and we are being programmed constantly through its propaganda, through the techniques of mind control, both from this natural realm and upon our minds from the spirit realm.  This "strong delusion" is taking everyone who does not receive the "love for the truth" to destruction!!!  

We are not on a pleasure cruise, or just experiencing life as it naturally unfolds people.  We are IN A WAR ZONE!!!  A war being fought between Jah and Satan, between Christ and anti-Christ, the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness.  If you are not viewing your existence on this earth from this perspective, YOU ARE DECEIVED!!!  Not only deceived, but headed as a speeding train toward a horrifying end.  

The days just ahead are going to be horrendous as this WAR comes to its conclusion.  It is time to fish or cut bait.  To get with Jahshuah and His Army, or get run over by it.    

NOTE:  By "Army", I do  NOT mean one  of carnal, worldly arms, but one armed spiritually with the absolute authority of Jahshuah to rule the nations with a ROD OF IRON, smashing the rebellious as clay pots with the "Spoken Word of Jah."


I would admonish those that are called into the "Overcoming" that you will NOT accomplish the overcoming without understanding the matters covered in these writings.  This understanding will NOT come easily.  It will require disciplined study, and that with the Spirit of Jah.

All true doctrine is profitable, but the profit of it lies in knowing the Plan of Jah, and His purpose for our life in that plan.  The enemy will allow us to know EVERYTHING, even sound doctrine, as long as they can keep us from knowing the True Plan and Purpose of Jah on this earth.  If we desire to overcome rather than be overcome, then we MUST understand what is written here.  This is no simple task, but will demand much time in study, and contemplation before Jah.






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A more complete and thorough Table of Contents with "lead-in" comments follow below these links.

A person might receive an education just by reading down through this entire Table of Contents page.



And Its Purpose

Choosing LIFE or DEATH, Blessing or CURSING???

Suffering The Contradiction

The Restoration of ALL Things The KINGDOM MANDATE The Manifestation of The SONS OF JAH So, Who in the world is The House of Israel???
Jacob I loved, Esau I hated.  WHY???



The United States is NOT in Prophecy???  Says who?

 How about The COMING DESTRUCTION of The United States??? 

WILL AMERICA REPENT???  One man's question. IS THERE AN ETERNAL JUDGMENT???  What did our King say???
Love, a Many Splintered Thing The Holy Law of Jah in Relation to Grace Workers of Iniquity The True Power of Jah is in THE PREACHING OF THE CROSS



The End Time Importance of Truth



Our Refusal to Receive Truth is a Serious Indictment Against Us 





To Receive The Love for The Truth


The Book of Revelation


Past, Present or Future?


Jezebel's Sorcery
Jezebel's End Time False Prophet A Quiz For Overcomers

How many can you answer correctly?






The Sociopathic Mind
Escalating Eschatology






About the Author, 
Larry G. Meguiar, 
and his intents


AWAKE O ISRAEL and START PRAYING!!!   A Warning, and a Disclaimer RE:  Tithe = Material Abundance


RE:  The TRUE Names and Titles
And.... Why I use Jah



As of 12-2-09

This nation (as well as every nation in the world), has cursed itself unto death, and is speeding toward that end.  This article will tell you why.








What is happening today, and will continue happening with every passing day, will PROVE that the Bible IS TRUTH with ABSOLUTE FINALITY!!!


Is there a curse on this nation???  Oh and how!!!  Read and learn!!!

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To more fully understand what is presented on these pages, I ask that you read this one FIRST.   Otherwise, it might be miss-understood what my foundational belief is, and in what Light I present the Truths that are found here.  What is this foundational belief?  Click on the below title and you will find that the True Power of Jah is in:




This one goes with "The Preaching of The Cross," and is therefore set beside it.  Both of these must be kept in mind as one reads through the rest of this extensive list of messages.

The Sacrificial Ordinances and 


Is there a "Law of Salvation"???  Absolutely!!!  We either believe as instructed, or GO FISH!!!

As everyone knows, we are told in John 3:16;

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish (be fully destroyed), but have everlasting life.

This folks, whether you like it or not, IS A LAW.  The Law of Salvation that unfolds from out of Jah's Holy Law.  What is that Law?  You either believe IN Him, or YOU WILL PERISH.  It is very simply stated, and extremely clear.  The only question here is, what IS believing IN Him???  



There will be NO True Overcomers until they have this "Faith" functioning in them.


The Highest Calling that has EVER been afforded unto mankind upon this earth is coming upon those who are called TO BE OVERCOMERS!!!  Once a people comprehend, have their understanding opened to what is set forth in these articles, SATAN, Jezebel, The New World Order, and the ENTIRE Kingdom of Darkness HAS HAD IT!!!

  The series on FAITH  may be the key series on this web site.  I would urge EVERYONE called into the Overcoming to study this, as it is impossible to overcome without exercising the faith revealed here.

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The Overcomers





What is written in these articles is extensive and somewhat of a task to read, assimilate, and to understand.


Therefore, it seemed reasonable to me first time readers of this web site should have an understanding of what is being taught here, so their minds are prepared for what they are about to read.


Briefly, it has been developed to produce Overcomers, and to be of benefit to them in their difficult walk that is taking them to this key calling.  Most that have been called to this crucial position do not realize what is happening to them, or why.  May Jah use what is written here to bring them peace, and to help enlighten their way.


So . . . .









I would urge all to read this introduction so when such reads through this web site, they will know the purpose, and what the astounding result will be upon those who are called into "and they OVERCAME" (Rev 12).   To Enter . . . .



These are destined to SHAKE THE EARTH, and cause the Return of our King  IN VICTORY!!!


Page 3 

This is a KEY SERIES of Lessons which brings great understanding to not only what day we are entering, but  of  that which is about to take place on this earth.  This is MUST READING for ALL OVERCOMERS and any sincere seeker of Truth, or sense they are greatly called by Jah.

There are  a number of people with a "Great Calling" upon their life, and KNOW it.  Yet, they are isolated and hidden from view.  They are frustrated, because their "calling" seems of little value, let alone be that which is bringing forth fruit.  Because of that "calling", the enemy has launched viciously upon them, and has worked overtime to keep them suppressed, oppressed and ISOLATED!. 


These are the ones with whom I am trying to reach.  They need the understanding of what is happening to them, and WHY! 

This Course will bring forth some understanding  of why they are "Suffering The Contradiction" of  EVERYTHING they have been called to, and  promised.  I want to encourage these to PRESS ON toward the Mark of their High Calling, and feint not in their well doing.  I give it to you straight out, Your day of resurrection onto the world scene WILL COME TO PASS!!!

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Must reading for the uncertain time that we are presently experiencing.



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We are told in 1st John 5 that "the whole world lieth in wickedness."  Is that THE TRUTH???  If so, then what kind of world are we living in???  And, how did this come to be so???  Why is the whole world operating in WICKEDNESS???  And, do you see it that way???  If not, then WHY NOT???


In Romans 8 we are told that:  7  the carnal mind is enmity against Jah: for it is not subject to the law of Jah, neither indeed can be.


What is this "carnal mind?"


Where did it come from?


Who is functioning in it?


This word "ENMITY" means to be in opposition, hostile to and therefore at WAR WITH JAH and HIS ways.  Are you hearing me?  Anyone walking in the carnal mind is against, AT WAR WITH JAH, and it is IMPOSSIBLE for such to act or think in ANY OTHER WAY!!!  Why is this so???  How did this become an irrefutable fact??? 



This is the ONLY SOLUTION to our present plight!!!

 Those who understand the mysteries revealed realize how blessed and privileged we are to be alive on this earth in this day.  Yes, it is a very serious time, and much grief is on its way adding to what has already transpired, but the glory that is coming far out shines all of the negativity, as Christ's Victory manifests through the "manifesting Sons of Jah" during the worst time this planet has ever seen.



There is a growing ground swell against Obama.  Is he really the problem???  Oh, he is a problem and probably the  most wicked and inept President we have ever had.  But is he THE REAL PROBLEM???

NO!!!  He is not the real problem!!!  If you are only looking for a politician to blame, then you are looking in the wrong place, and missing what is really going on.  The problem is far more vast and serious than this one pride filled arrogant individual.  So, what is the problem???

If you do not understand that EVERYTHING originates in the spirit realm, and then manifests on this earth, you are being deceived, and certainly not seeing things that are happening correctly. 



I have been saying for sometime that Obama would win the election very easily, and maybe even a landslide.  Why was I saying that???  Because I know what The Word has to say about this day, and specifically, ABOUT THIS NATION!!!




MOST of today’s “MINISTERS” say that the gathering of Jah’s chosen people back to Israel began in 1948.  And, we must support and protect them, or Jah will bring Judgment down upon us.


 What does Biblical Prophecy have to say on this subject???


This teaching will Prove with SCRIPTURE beyond ANY DOUBT that the preaching which says TRUE ISRAEL returned to the Promised Land in 1948 is an absolute LIE!!!  Not only that, but reveal to you the truth of whom those people really are who reside in Palestine today.  And, what is happening today is: The gathering of the COUNTERFEIT JEWS.





Are you sick of all the wickedness that is going on in this nation, as well as the entire earth?

As prophesied, We are suffering the contradiction of how everything should be. 

Also as prophesied, THIS WILL BE REVERSED!!!

I read through to the end of the book, and it plainly declares that




  The day is approaching where we will ALL need to know how to reach Jah.

So . . . The question is:

 How high is the bar for reaching the Almighty???

 For the surprising answer    CLICK HERE



 People, we are in a very serious day.  This nation has cursed itself "unto death", unto severe judgment, and those judgments ARE FALLING.  The "Beginning of Sorrows" IS ESCALATING.  Natural calamities are ON THE RISE.  We are constantly on the threshold of economic chaos.  New diseases are showing up constantly, and on it goes.

On top of that, the NWO has determined to wipe the believers off of the face of the earth, and has set up the necessary machinery to do just that.

If you want to know how to COME OUT from under the judgments that are falling upon this Great Whore, then DO NOT MISS READING:

Behold, I set before you this day, Life and Death, Blessing and Cursing

Therefore, CHOOSE LIFE!!!

Choose That Which Brings Forth BLESSING!!!


The Overcomers are being prepared for the leaving of the Kingdom of Death and Curses which is upon this nation for the crossing over into the Kingdom of LIFE and Blessing. 


We ARE Delivered From The Curses


Because of what our Savior did FOR us . . .and . . .

Because We are Called According To HIS PURPOSE.

What is that Purpose???  The same purpose that Jah had in the very beginning.


If it was NOT Jah's will for us to be in the Life and Blessings, then why have Messiah Jahshuah redeem us from the death and curses???  We must see that IT IS HIS WILL for us to be in the Kingdom, and Kingdom Life, and so much His purpose, that He sent Jahshuah to open the door for us to receive it.

Do you feel like YOUR life is cursed?  Are you living far below the standard that you know within should be in your life???  

Are you wanting to escape from the "plagues" that are falling on this nation???  

Then I ask:


Are you presenting this Judicial Evidence before the Throne to shut the mouth and actions of the "Prosecutor?"  If not, then no wonder you are having struggles in your life, and feel like you are cursed instead of blessed.

Are you trying to "come out" of the curses by your works, by trying to become righteous in all your ways, OR BY FAITH???  If you are trying to "come out" through all the works to "become" righteous that many ministers are trying to put upon you, then you are on the WRONG TRACK, and you will NEVER COME OUT!!!  Hear me well!!!

Why do I say that with such assurance?  Because you will ALWAYS FALL SHORT, and that gives the enemy ground to CONDEMN YOU!!!  Do you want to be a person CONDEMNED, or one who has been SET FREE???  

I can tell you with affirmation that we are NOT "safe" from what is coming as long as we are on the ground where we can be condemned.

 Everyone that is called into the overcoming will be launched upon by "The Devourer", and that puts a person into a war zone that they more than likely  did not before know even existed.  If they expect to OVERCOME "The Devourer", and come through to the overcoming victory in our Messiah, then they sure enough need to know what it is that OVERCAME HIM!!! 

In my mind, NO ONE should be teaching ANYTHING of the OVERCOMING until they have at least attained unto some semblance of that victory!!!  How can one teach on "How they overcame" when they are still in a state of being overcome?   Has the teacher come through to the victory over  The Devourer's onslaught, or are they still suffering it?  And oh, how many would make themselves appear to be ministers of righteousness when they are nothing more than deceivers being used as tools by Satan to keep the sheep from the way to: "And they OVERCAME!!!"


In this series, you will read statements such as:

People everywhere are wondering what is wrong with their life.  Most are running hither and yond, especially the Internet "surfers", to try and find a solution, while the Bible gathers dust within the reach of their hand.  

Yes, knowledge is increasing at a very rapid rate, yet life for most seems to worsen.  Why hasn't this increase of knowledge brought about happiness?  As you will see, the solution to the happy, successful life, is very plain when a person's understanding is opened.

We can run all over ever learning, hoping someone will solve our problems for us, but until we find the Truth and apply it to our life, our life WILL NOT CHANGE.  We cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results.  Therefore Jah brings that which will cause the desire in us for change, and then gives us revelation of His Word that causes that change, if.........IF we will submit to it.  Yes, He is the one who does the work, who energizes us, enables us to submit, but we will have to submit by applying ourselves to the revelation He is opening to us in order to come into that which He is changing us to.

Gaining head knowledge is one thing; gaining experience of that knowledge through life's experiences is quite another.  The Word does NOT become flesh in us by the gaining of head knowledge.  It may be the beginning of change, but it will not bring forth actual change.  What changes us is being put into situations where the Word becomes life in us by putting our self on the cross, and letting the Word come forth in us.  This IS what is happening to those who are being put through very difficult times, if.........IF they are walking the walk with Jahshuah correctly.  If such a one is walking correctly, then the Word will come forth in that individual, become life in them, and by that bring the individual into subjection of the Word, and the Word is Jahshuah who is manifesting Himself in us.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

In every case of suffering the enemy's onslaught, while in anguish over traumatic devastation, I have learned to go to the precepts for overcoming.  NOTHING ELSE  has worked for me, for this IS how we OVERCAME.  No other doctrine did it for me.  NO WORKS ever caused me to enter into the overcoming mentally in the war zone.  And then with that, PRAISE, for if what we are believing IS SO, then how could we not praise Jah for that reality?  Conversely, if we are NOT praising Jah for the victory, where is the proof that we DO BELIEVE???  I can tell you from experience, the devils KNOW that if we are NOT PRAISING, we are NOT BELIEVING.

Did Jah use these principles to bring me out onto a wonderful ground of victory?  Oh yes indeed.  I feel like I have awakened from a horrifying nightmare. It took over thirty years of His dealings to get me there, but oh my, did He ever deliver.  Is there further for me to go?  Again, oh yes indeed.  No one has arrived at the final destination as of yet, and that most assuredly includes this wretched man.  It IS the very fact that I DO see how much of a wretch that I am that reveals starkly to me that it is NOT by works, NOT by my righteousness, BUT BY FAITH that brings forth the victory, and in that, FAITH is the primary righteousness that MUST BE WORKED IN US!!!  Without faith, all other righteousness, all other compliance with The Torah, is nothing more than superfluous activity of the religious pride-filled "holier than thou" EGO.

Yes, the dealings caused changes in me which changed my 'works', but that was THE RESULT of the overcoming, and certainly NOT what brought the overcoming to pass.  Changes were worked in me in the "loving not our life unto the death" which is a part of the overcoming, but it is NOT where the overcoming beginsThat begins in the first two preceptsBypass those, and we are in trouble big time.  If you think it is "works" that initiates the overcoming, then  you have LOST  before you have even begun, for our works are far short, and leaves the enemy an enormous amount of ground on which to attack.  As it says in Rev. 12:11............

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Let me take the liberty to put this on a more personal level by taking "they" out of it, and making it "we."

We OVERCAME (notice that it does not say that we overcome, but overcame which is an already established fact "in spirit", in heaven, which is an IT IS SO in heaven) by The BLOOD OF THE LAMB, The WORD OF OUR TESTIMONY, and loved NOT our lives UNTO THE DEATH.

Overcome:   To subdue, conquer, prevail over, to obtain victory.  If we make this overcame instead of overcome, then it would be that we subdued, conquered, prevailed over, Satan, and thereby obtained the victory.  Overcome means something we must do, while overcame is something already so.  Jahshuah gave us the victory through the cross, tomb, and resurrection.  It is just for us to let this come to pass in our life by the IT IS SO FAITH!

Word:  Something said, including the thought behind it.  (We are thought word and deed.  What we think we speak, and what we speak we do.)  Reasoning of the mental faculty.

We must get it through our thick skulls that what we confess, our WORD of our confession MUST BE GIVEN IN IT IS SO FAITH.  We are NOT trying to obtain, WE ALREADY HAVE IT!  We are going to suffer at the hands of Satan until we get our confession RIGHT!!!  That confession, as you will see in the next lesson, is what causes CHANGES IN US.  The Blood cleanses us from ALL unrighteousness, and that unrighteousness is nothing more than VIOLATIONS OF THE HOLY LAW, and let me make something very clear folks.  Failure in our faith is the very transgression of the Holy Law, of every precept in the Torah, that kept our ancestors out of The Kingdom, and put them UNDER THE SENTENCE OF DEATH!!!

Testimony:  The evidence given judicially.  To be a witness TO WHAT IS SO, and in that, DESTROYS EVERYTHING said IN THE "COURTROOM" against us.

"Now faith IS the substance of things hoped for, the evidence......... the JUDICIARY EVIDENCE of things NOT SEEN.

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

What we believe in the heart is to be confessed with the mouth, and THAT BY FAITH.  Notice that it does NOT say, believed that we ARE righteous in ourselves, but believing UNTO righteousness, and then in that believing, CONFESS IT WITH THE MOUTH.

This "judicial evidence" is THE WORD OF JAH, and that spoken IN FAITH, believing what HE has said.  Our problem is that we are being screamed at by all of the clamoring voices to keep us from knowing WHAT IT IS that He HAS said.  

This JUDICIAL EVIDENCE, The Word of Jah, is ABSOLUTE, and Satan KNOWS IT!!!  Because he knows it, he and all of his devils are working overtime to keep this from being spoken by us.  They know that once this "judicial evidence" is spoken from our mouth as the "Word of our Testimony" in witness against them, THEY HAVE HAD IT!!!  This is why they war against our minds with every doubt they can conjure, every false doctrine they can muster through those that teach in error, through every "minister" that would have us bound up with their interpretation of "Law Keeping" to "BECOME" righteous, and every distraction they can throw at us to keep us from WHAT CAUSED, "and they OVERCAME him", for when that is understood, IT IS THEIR DEATH SENTENCE!!!

I am all for the keeping of the Sabbath, the Feast Days, and all other vital matters, but let me remind you of something.  Those that instigated the crucifixion of our Messiah ALSO obeyed those Laws.  So obviously, keeping such certainly does not mean we are all Holy and Righteous and walking after the Spirit of Jah.  Indeed, some of the most deceived individuals in this day are those who DO keep these Holy Days, and in being deceived, are leading people into just as much of "The Strong Delusion" as any other Priest of Baal.

NO ONE who is NOT functioning according to the mysteries involved with the above verse IS IN THE OVERCOMING.  Anyone who is NOT teaching these precepts is NOT RAISING UP OVERCOMERS!!!  NO ONE can teach on these precepts unless they have come through to victory BY THEIR USE.  How can we avoid what is being said here and bring forth any other result???  Here it is that we are being told HOW we OVERCAME.  Trying to do it any other way is nothing more than futility!!!  

Unless we are applying these precepts in the war zone, we have not as yet even begun to overcome.  In spite of how many good works we have done, how much revelation may have been brought forth, how many books have been written, or how many sermons have been preached, NO GROUP of Overcomers has yet been produced by ANY OF IT!!!   DID YOU HEAR ME???  There is NOTHING being done in this day ANYWHERE that is producing a group of Overcomers that  OVERCAME SATAN!!!

All of these matters have been so down through the centuries by millions of Jahshuah's followers, but Satan is STILL ruling this earth. His Kingdom of Darkness still covers the earth, and gross darkness the people.  Why?  

Because the principles of overcoming were not involved with what was, or is being, brought forth.  NEVER has there been a group of people that have OVERCOME SATAN to manifest The Kingdom of Jah.  A "dwelling place of Zion."  Individuals maybe, but NOT a group like those so-called in THIS day.  This was because THE SET APPOINTED TIME had not as yet come to pass.  We are now ENTERING THIS DAY!!!  Faith for this "They OVERCAME him" is now being manifested in those that will receive it as NEVER BEFORE in the History of Adam Kind through the descendants of Jacob / Israel.

Faith is that which believes what is NOT SO, that needs to be so, AS SO, until IT IS SO, and that by The JUDICIAL EVIDENCE that IS SO already in spirit, or in heaven.  

The Throne of Jah IS A COURTROOM.  It is the JUDICIARY EVIDENCE spoken by us that silences the ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN, and he is there accusing us day and night, and will, until we present the Word of Our Testimony, the spoken JUDICIARY EVIDENCE in CORRECTNESS.   This "Prosecutor" CANNOT BE cast out of heaven until this takes place on earth, for this is a vital part of our Messiah's Victory over Satan manifesting on this earth, and Satan cannot be cast out of heaven until that TOTAL VICTORY HAS MANIFESTED!!!

The Word of Jah is a WORD OF FAITH.  It is NOT a dead letter, but a living breathing PERSON.  That person IS JAHSHUAH, and He is TOTAL FAITH, and speaks that which IS total faith, and NOTHING ELSE.  There is NO GUILE in His mouth.  It is He that is manifesting Himself in us.

These precepts of how they OVERCAME are the Word of Jah, spoken in faith that brings things to pass.  It was spoken long before this day, and yet was spoken as ALREADY SO.  "They OVERCAME him."  If you are called into the overcoming, then this was spoken OVER YOU.  When HE SPEAKS, believe me, IT COMES TO PASS, and HE SAYS, "They OVERCAME", not that they will overcome.  If this has been spoken over and to you, then COUNT ON IT.  Have Faith IN JAH, and not yourself to accomplish it.  What He has decided to do with you, HE WILL DO, if..........IF you will believe Him for it.  I can tell you for a surety, there IS NO WAY that you could cause it to come to pass in your life BUT BY FAITH IN OUR CREATOR to do THE CREATING of us.  We did not create ourselves in the beginning, and we cannot create ourselves in this day.

Now, what all is wrapped up in this word "OVERCAME"???  We see that the definition of this word is: To have subdued, conquered, prevailed over, obtained the victory.  Oh, when a people finally see this one, they will turn the world upside down, and probably will NEVER stop Praising Jah for their part in it.




















If you want to get your walk with our King and Savior on the RIGHT GROUND, and KEEP IT THERE, then read this series.  If you have read them before, it might be well for you to read them again.  I see few people that are walking in what is revealed in them, and therefore sense this is an important series.





I have been very grieved over what I see in the general body of believers for a very long time.  Jah's house is in an atrocious mess of confusion and divisiveness, and few even realize just how intolerable it all is.  I have sought Him constantly for what the problem was that was causing what I was seeing in this disarray.  Jah has used some recent events to bring it all into focus for me. 


I am most assuredly one who understands the value of The Holy Law in our life.  What most do not understand is what is revealed in The Holy Law concerning The Sacrifices.  The Sacrifices contain the very Nature of Christ, and the very mind in which He functioned on this earth.  It is time we LEARNED ABOUT THIS PART OF THE LAW, believe me.  Keeping the Sabbath, The Feast Days, knowing the True Names, and ANY OTHER doctrine will be USELESS until we do!!!  Why?  Because it is in The Sacrifices that JAH'S LOVE TOWARD US ALL is revealed!  Without THIS LOVE we have NOTHING!!!  


Jah will have His people, and THEY WILL LOVE ONE ANOTHER, even as Christ loves each of us, and in that LOVE, gave His life as a SACRIFICE for us ALL.


The "Law for you, grace for me" syndrome in our pride filled sick egotistical minds MUST COME TO AN END in a people for anyone to ever find the ground of unity in love that Jahshuah PRAYED FOR.


It is time for us to leave off with being one with THE MIND OF THE PROSECUTOR, and the studying of all his "wonderful and mighty works" in his Kingdom of Darkness, and give ourselves to the studying of THE MIND OF CHRIST, and how HE functioned on this earth in that mind.


One is the Tree of Life.  The other the Tree of Death, the tree of our own knowledge of good and evil, our own performance code that we want to force upon everyone we meet.  Anyone who has a performance code for everyone to measure up to will end up being one with the Prosecutor.  NEVER will they be one with The Public Defender.


I do know this.  There will be no Zion, no Sons of Jah caught over into the Authority of Jahshuah, until there is a people who see Christ and Him Crucified, and ALL that this reveals, not only in their own life, but in the life of every other "believer" as well.  He is the all in all, and it is time we woke up, realized it, and gave Him His rightful place in our life WITH PRAISE, and NEVER replace Him with ANYTHING.  Certainly NOT with our own works, which is a "graven image of SELF" that we have set before Jahshuah to worship, and in our blindness, do not even realize what we do.  Make no mistake about it.  This is a DREADFUL  ABOMINATION that is corrupting the entire Body of Christ.  Maybe the worst abomination of all.


Anything that is advertised as a "Dwelling Place of Zion" without the presence of the Sons of Jah called by Jah to establish Zion, who walk in the Mind of Christ, IS A DECEPTION.  A very GRAVE deception that will lead to a terrible disillusionment.  


Never submit yourself to ANYONE who would seduce you to believe otherwise, for if they succeed, you will find yourself in the same judgments they are calling down upon themselves.  All such seducers are headed for a dreadful end.  They might look good now, and oh so righteous, but NOT THEN.



"The Creating of an Ishmael"

Illegitimate Scenario's Create Personal Agendas

One of the most common deceptions is that of a bogus scenario birthed from a promise of Jah which produces a personal agenda.  This is not something that might or could happen BUT DOES, and DOES TO EVERYONE.

This will be based on Abraham’s fathering of Ishmael.  We too, in the same error, are creating Ishmaels.  We receive a calling, promise, revelation, or whatever, and then by our own ideas, our own scenarios inserted into our minds by The Serpent from his Tree of Death, come up with a personal agenda to cause it to come to pass.  When it seems to work, we proclaim how it is Jah.

If it happened to one as wise and faithful as Abraham, then believe me, it certainly can happen to us, AND DOES!!!




                A Quiz For Overcomers

The Answers SMASH The Deceivers Deceptions To Dust

How many can you answer correctly?


(You can find these answers  on this web site if you read all of the articles listed.  Your study will not be complete until you can answer every question in this quiz.)






Without the understanding of what is revealed in these three messages, overcoming the flesh, the world, and all of the Enemy IS IMPOSSIBLE!










The Sociopathic Mind
Escalating Eschatology

We will NEVER find peace in our environments until we understand how this FALLEN MIND works, and how to put it off.  And, to recognize this in others when it surfaces so that we can avoid being taken in by it.



Page 2

This is a prelude, a page of preparation for what else appears on this site.  Most know there is something wrong.  I am sure most will identify with many of the thoughts expressed.  If not, I would almost say you are somehow abnormal, or else, you are just not facing reality.  Misery, of some sort, is the daily companion for the vast majority.


It is my intention to tell you what the problem is, and then the solution.  If you are interested, then read on.  The Glory of the Kingdom is about to be opened to those who are wise enough to hear the "call" unto it.  Oh, what a day we are entering.





PAGE 4                     



What caused the need for Jahshuah's Sacrifice???  From WHAT did He redeem us???  To "Redeem" means to get something back that was LOST!!!  WHAT WAS LOST???


“For as in Adam ALL DIED, even so in MESSIAH shall all be made alive.”  

(1 Cor. 15:22)   


Adam was created a LIVING SOUL.  When he ate of the "Tree of Death", death came not only on him, but ON US ALL!!!   What is this MYSTERY where Jahshuah reversed this CONTRADICTION, and has made us ALIVE once again?

Peter tells us in Acts 3:20-21
“And He shall send Jahshuah, which before was preached unto you: Whom the heaven MUST receive (must retain, keep) UNTIL the times of the RESTITUTION (restoration) of ALL THINGS, which Jah HATH SPOKEN by the mouth of ALL His Holy Prophets since the world began!!!  

What is meant by this scripture???  Is it important to know???  Jah and the Holy Prophets thought so RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING!  What happened in THE BEGINNING that needed a "Restitution Price" to be paid for reinstatement of what was lost?  Did Jahshuah pay "The Restitution" so that ALL THINGS could be RESTORED?


Has Satan worked to cover up through Jezebel's seducing Priests of Baal what Jah said to him in Genesis 3:15???

Here-in is the Glory that is coming, and for that which we all long whether we realize what it is we are longing for or not.  This is what turns our mourning into dancing, bringing forth a joy we have not yet comprehended, let alone experienced.




PAGE 5   


This Truth pronounces Satan's DOOM, and means the destruction of his entire KINGDOM OF DARKNESS.  His "end" cannot come until THIS "MANDATE" is accomplished, and is why he has worked FERVENTLY to keep us from seeing it!!!  If you were Satan, wouldn't you???

I tell you that a people will believe that the "Kingdom Mandate" has been  restored, and in believing, shall cause the Return of Jahshuwah, and the DESTRUCTION of the entire anti-Christ Beast System that presently rules over this world.  

This article is indeed . . . . .


Restored Kingdom Mandate



PAGE  6    


The Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8:


For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of JAH. . . . . For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. . . . And not only they, but ourselves also, which have (meaning some don't) the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.


What does this "Redemption of The Body" refer to???  Certainly NOT the "Rapture."  When we are caught up to meet Him at His coming, we are CHANGED from the corruptible unto the incorruptible.  Adam was created with an earthy, corruptible body, which was NOT YET corrupted at the time he was created.  It did not receive the corruption of sin until the FALL!!!  The redemption of the body is getting back that which was lost by the "FALL", redeeming us TOTALLY from that corruption.


Who are these "FIRST FRUITS" that are so redeemed in completeness unto "The Full Stature of Messiah" from among men???  Revelation 14 gives us the answer:


And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Zion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads. . . . These were redeemed from among MEN, being the firstfruits unto Jah and to the Lamb.

These are the ones in Daniel unto whom Jah will give the Kingdom.  These are the ones that will destroy Satan, and his anti-Christ dominion over the earth, bruising, crushing, smashing to pieces, the head, the authority, of the Deceiving Serpent.    This IS the "Man Child" that is caught over to the TRUE Authority of Jahshuwah through the overcoming.






Is it "God Bless America" or America REPENT???!

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Destruction of The United States











Is it important to know???  Oh my yes, for it determines our place for ETERNITY!!!  Get this one wrong, and you have made one horrifying mistake!!!  






There are some very gross deceptions controlling the minds of People in a seriously detrimental way that need to be exposed.  To understand the Prophetic Word, we must understand  . . . . .


1.  Who IS "The House of Israel"???  Does it matter???  What does the Prophetic Word have to say about Joseph in this day???  Even if you know who "The House of Israel" is, you may not know the destiny of Joseph, as very few do. If you do not know, you sure should find out.  This one opens up the understanding of Prophecy in a very dramatic way.

2.  Who ARE the Counterfeit Jews in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9???  Who is really ruling in Jerusalem today?  Are they "Israel", "Jews", or EDOMITES???  This exposes one of the greatest deceptions of our day.  Not until you get clear on this one will you understand what is going on in that territory, AND WHY, and the great hoax that has been perpetrated upon the minds of "Christians" the world over!!!

3.  Does the Book of Revelation cover past events, or was all meant to come to pass in our day???  

4.  From where will the "False Prophet" rule, and what is his role???





(Click on the Title to get to the page.)


Page 7

Who IS 

The House of Israel???

Who the House of Israel is in the world today is a vast subject.  I will not try to cover it all at this time.  Therefore, this is a very abbreviated treatise.  

There is also much involved with Joseph, his mantle, and the prophecies concerning him in this day.

When I see the necessity, I will expand upon these vital subjects.    

As I begin to show this to you, keep in mind: these people are a distinct people from the Judaites, and certainly from the Jews; they are "Lost Sheep", meaning that they do NOT know who they are.


The End Time False Prophet

If you have read "The Coming Destruction of the U. S., and "Who is The House of Israel", it is now time that you read this one.

This will be a DEVASTATING revelation for some.  It will upset most people's neatly arranged Prophetic Fruit Baskets.


Must reading to understand the Prophetic Word.

Page 8
Jacob I Loved 
Esau I Hated

Haven't you wondered why Jah HATED Esau??? Hating him even before he was born? Why would Jah make such a statement? 

We are so programmed with a compromising Elohim that is ONLY a sloppy agapae LOVE, the concept of the TRUE Almighty  hating ANYTHING or ANYONE is lost to our comprehension. Yet, the Word tells us of MANY THINGS that He DOES HATE


He showed THAT HATRED for this serpent seed while He was on this earth, and it is HIGH TIME THAT WE UNDERSTOOD THIS. 


The Book of Revelation

Past, Present or Future?


Most say that the Prophecies in the Book of Revelation cover matters past, present, and future.  Is this so?  Does it make a difference?  Oh boy, does it ever.  Read and Learn. 

There is a great deception concerning this very subject.  A deception produced by Satan to blind Jah's people to their ULTIMATE COMMISSION!


Page 9


So, you thought you were pretty well informed by now about all of the main players on the "conspiracy" playing field? Maybe you’ve  been hearing for years about (or bumped into on your own) the various elements of society who control our world from behind the scenes.  

While all of those details contribute to understanding the Larger Picture, what you are about to read fills in a most important Missing Link in this entire structure. And I don’t mean a little side issue; I mean a link so central—yet so well hidden from general public view, and for so long—that even the most studied of "conspiracy theory" scholars probably have not put together much of the information that is going to be presented here.

To call the following outlay "controversial" and "sensitive" is about as mild an understatement of the truth of the matter as can be made! This missing link changes the slant of the entire playing field!  

A Prophecy Concerning The Manifestation of The Sons of Jah

Becoming God's Will

An excellent article by
George Hawtin

Everyone should read this one.

A Warning, and a Disclaimer

       HOW ABOUT............

WHAT IS IT???  How important is that POWER???

Whatever it is, it is the POWER IN PASSOVER that crosses us over from "The FALL OF ALL THINGS", unto "THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS!"  Are you one that wants to be "crossed over"?  Then read and learn.

Our deliverance is to be after the manner of the deliverance from Egypt.  At what Set Appointed Time did that take place?  What was the power in that Set Appointed Time that released them?  And, did not JUDGMENTS fall upon Egypt in union with that deliverance?  Where are the judgments set to fall THIS TIME???

There are many who think they can somehow "heal this nation", We cannot stop what is going on in the world, nor this nation, by our own ingenuity, our own works, and I do not care how militant a group may be or how large they are in numbers that are trying to do so, THEY ARE IN ERROR by thinking they can, and in futility by trying.  WHY??  Because what IS written WILL COME TO PASS, and there is no way to stop it from doing so.  The United States, the United Nations, all of the Satanic Organizations, and all of the world is going to go right where they are now going.  Trying to heal it is NOT doing the Will of Jah, but WORKING AGAINST IT!!!  And, how many have been murdered already, or put in prison NEEDLESSLY because they have tried?  

It will be done Jah's way, and in HIS time, and that by a people who have given their lives to Him through Christ and His cross, through the POWER IN PASSOVER, "loving NOT their life", their works, their ingenuity, UNTO THE DEATH, even the death of the old nature through the cross to be used by Him in accordance with how HE SAYS it will be done!  He does NOT say that we can heal the direction of Babylon, but that SHE WILL BE DESTROYED!!!


If the above has spoken to you, then you might benefit from reading the latest email to the readers of The Warning.  It is titled......


No one but one who has been called and experienced what is set forth in this writing, can understand it.  Not everything stated may fit every individual, but the general theme certainly will.

I was dismayed at how the writer had such understanding of what happens to an individual (man OR WOMAN) when they are called, and then so enabled to communicate it with such profound accuracy. May it be of benefit to some who read it, and may it bring some understanding of what has happened to them.


This page will bring much into focus for the understanding of the Articles concerning the importance of Truth that appear just below.  You probably should read this one before reading those.

What is the "Carnal Mind" spoken of by the Apostle Paul?  From where did it come?  Who has this mind, just people in the "unsaved" world?

We have understood we are living in a less than perfect
world.  Now we find out why.  This page will open this understanding up to you, and then on other pages, show the resolve.  It is the resolve for which we all yearn.

We are learning that it is the contamination of our genetic structure that holds us back in life.  In being relieved of this contamination by the receiving of the Truth, we become all we were created to be, and will then just naturally do what we were created to do.  In this coming out of the lies, and into the Truth, we become totally fulfilled.   

The day of Jah winking at, overlooking our ignorance, is coming to an end.   A line shall be drawn and the fun loving game playing will be over.  It is high time we found out what we need to do in this last day to be "accounted worthy to escape ALL THESE THINGS" that are coming upon the earth. 

The most important matter, the high priority on our list, should be to come out of all the lies and deceptions that are running rampant over the earth, and into the truth.  Those that do NOT  do so will be left in the "Strong Delusion", and the ultimate consequence of such.


How important is it that we receive the entrance of the "Love For The Truth"???  It would seem that few understand just how important this matter is.  

If this is wrong thinking, then why are we so full of divisive confusion, contradicting doctrines, and a different Truth, a different Jahshuwah, being preached in every place where He IS preached???  

This is the LAND OF CONFUSION which is a facet of   RELIGIOUS BABYLON!!!   


The entire Bible MUST BE VIEWED as a book of Law!!!  We are given the Holy Law in the beginning, and then the rest of the book defines that Law.  The most important aspect being whether or not we are saved!!!
By the Law, Jahshuwah was our sacrifice for sins.  In this Law of Salvation, it says that all who “believe IN Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life”.

The question is, what is the legal definition of “Believing IN Him”???  Is this an important question???  Oh yes it is, for by the answer our position for eternity is decided.  The “Believing IN Him” must be submitted to IN TRUTH, or we will PERISH!!!  This end result folks, is as serious as it gets in this life.   

1.  What is the top priority of our Love???  What does it mean to Love our Father and Creator with ALL of our heart, mind, and soul???  What is the scriptural definition of Love???

2.  Where does the Holy Law fit in our walk today???  Or does it???  Is not our Savior the Word of Jah made flesh???  What Word Of Jah was John referring to???  What is the New Covenant"???

3.  Is there a COUNTERFEIT HOLY SPIRIT???  If so, how do we discern it???  What is a "Worker of Iniquity"???

Love, a Many Splintered Thing
It is not hard to see that Love has been so demolished, only splintered pieces have been left unto us. 

Anyone who has not recognized this is not paying attention. 

Why has
Love become a many splintered thing???

 Read on to find out why.  
  The Holy Law of Jah in Relation to Grace

There are probably a million sermons preached every week, yet our nation’s “falling away” into depraved corruption grows with every day.  Why is this so?  

At least a part of the answer is revealed in the following article.  

Workers of Iniquity

What is the scriptural definition of this word, “INIQUITY”???  Have you ever wondered what Jahshuwah meant when He used it??? 

Why is it that people listen to men, instead of the King who holds our position for eternity in His hands???

Few have the understanding of what is true carnality.  We have ideas, presuppositions of what it means, but we are in fact way off in our assumptions.  Just because something looks spiritual, feels spiritual, does NOT mean it IS spiritual.  It can be CARNAL!!! 


These Lessons are NOT for the "Normal Christian", OR THE GLITTER TOOTH SWEETIE PIES.  They are for "Men / Women of Valor."  Those who have been called to be a part of Jah's Army, His War Party, that is greatly called in this End Day.  NO ONE will enter into the fullness of Overcoming until these lessons are understood.

The Holy Spirit
Jezebel's Sorcery

This Article is linked to in the Articles to the left.  I have also placed this here, for it is one that should NOT be missed.

Few people understand there is a "COUNTERFEIT Holy Spirit" that gives "COUNTERFEIT Gifts."  How many people are "functioning" in "gifts", and have NO IDEA they are IN the COUNTERFEIT.  For proof, just go over the Internet, or even yet, just read the emails you receive, and see how many are "Prophesying" matters that contradict each other.  It is a quagmire of spiritual stupidity, yet few seem to even notice.  WHY???

The Spirit of Jezebel is one of the highest rulers in the spirit realm, is the most seductive one to error, yet few know anything about this individual.  It would take a book to totally expose this "Mystery Woman", the "Queen of Heaven."   

Although worshipped openly through statues and images, this spirit has kept itself hidden, for the exposing of this one will bring down the entire Kingdom of Darkness.  That exposure is now at hand.  

What is the "EGO"???  Where does it come from???  What is its effect upon us???  Does it matter???  It does if you desire to be an Overcomer!!!  This is the VERY FOUNDATION of the fallen nature inherited from Adam AND EVE!  This is what MUST be dealt with by The Cross, and MANY have felt this dealing, but have not known what it was that was happening to them.


Is it important to have the same mind as that of our Savior???  It is if we desire to be an "Overcomer."  What is that mind????



For a quick education on what is REALLY going on in this nation, READ THESE!!!

Must Reading!!!     

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In light of recent events, I sensed it might be well to publish a short article concerning what Jahshuwah called:


This is for the sincere seeker of Truth so that he / she might know of what stage of prophecy we are presently in.

This is an encouraging message for anyone called to be an "Overcomer", and has suffered greatly from the "Devourer's" attacks because of that "calling."  The hope is, "Look up, for your REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH."  We are about to be delivered from that which has seemed like fruitless trials, and into the Glory of Jah. 

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For Timely Messages E-Mailed to 
Readers of
"The Warning"

Jahshuwah clearly warned us against becoming so preoccupied with eating, drinking, and the CARES OF THIS LIFE, that this day of horror would come upon us unaware.
 “For as a SNARE shall it come on ALL them that dwell on the face of the WHOLE EARTH.”     
“Watch ye therefore, and PRAY ALWAYS that ye may be accounted worthy to ESCAPE all of these things.”

I first ask, WHAT THINGS???  All of the horror that procure and initiate Jahshuwah's Coming.
  HOW DO WE ESCAPE??  By Praying!!!  Praying that we be ACCOUNTED WORTHY to escape!!!  How many are praying this at all, let alone ALWAYS???!!!

Any "believer" will be changed forever once this hidden mystery sinks in.  Once we have entered the Land of "The Knowing", we will never again be so concerned with the faults of the "other guy", BUT OUR OWN!!!  That is where we belong!!!

The Final Solution
What is the "Final Solution" for all of this world's woes???

What is the cause of them that needs to be reversed???

Here-in lies the answer, written in poetic form.  Only by the revealing through Jah's Spirit will people understand what is being said in Poetic Form.


AN ADDED......


Why is it that so many do not feel right about where they are living, and yet cannot find where they want to move to???


It is really very simple folks.


Our "desires" (that which satisfies US), are being changed to Jah's desire.  Where does He desire to live (dwell)?  


Jah's desire is birthing forth in us, for Jah is in Jahshuwah, and Jahshuwah is IN US!!!


If you cannot understand why NO where, I mean NO PLACE feels like the right place to live, or to move to, THIS IS WHY!!!  We are being conformed unto the very image and nature, unto the very "Mind of Christ", and His desires are ONE WITH JAH!  For those that are being so blessed, they will NEVER AGAIN feel like they are living in, or moving to, the "right place", until Jah brings forth that place in which HE desires to dwell.  Until that time, we are nothing more than "sojourners in a strange land."  We may be living where Jah wants us at the present time, but it will NEVER feel like "home" deep within us.



A rather lengthy treatise, but might be worth the reading for some.  Because of there being so many ding-a-lings on the Web, most wonder what the story is concerning the writer.  Most wonder, "Who is this guy"?

This will give you a full view of his personage, and from where he is coming.   

If you are a sincere seeker, you will identify with much of what he has been through, and his thinking while traveling along the road of learning.

I have been asked a number of times what my position is on "Tithing", and whether or not I accept such.  I have reluctantly given this position in this special note.  I explain the "reluctantly" in the article.

Great material blessings are coming upon those who will "come out of HER."  This is how we get there.

Do you have financial struggles??  If so, then you need to read this one.  We can solve them in the ways of Babylon, or in the way of Jah.  Read and learn.

I want to publish a WARNING concerning when "The Great Tribulation" and other key events in the Book of Revelation shall begin.


For nearly forty years I have listened to ones who claim that "The Great Tribulation" is either about to begin, or will begin on such and such a date.  They have been in error IN EVERY CASE, yet how many became excited by such false prophesying, and then experienced the ultimate result of all deception, and that is disillusionment?


In the study of this site, you will learn that much must take place before this time of "The Great Tribulation" can occur.

As Jahshuwah clearly said, He will not return until AFTER the Great Tribulation. 
This cannot happen until His enemies are made His Footstool.  As you will learn, His enemies are NOT made His footstool until the "fall" has been reversed (redeemed) as promised by Jah to the Serpent in Genesis 3:15, and that by the matters of Rev. 12 coming to pass.  Therefore, The Great Tribulation cannot begin until:

1.  Satan is cast out of heaven.

2.  He cannot be cast out until Michael "stands up." 

3.  Michael cannot stand up until the Manifesting Sons of Jah have overcome Satan through the precepts listed in Rev. 12:11, and that BY FAITH (and certainly NOT by works), and brought forth everything of Rev. 12:10. (Which includes the MANIFESTING OF ZION. ie: Isaiah 4 and many other related chapters  written by the Prophets).

4.  These will not birth forth until the "Woman" comes into her travail.

5.  They will not have overcome and manifested as "Sons" until Rev. 12:11 has been accomplished in them.  We are a long way from that day as most do not even understand what is all wrapped up in that verse, let alone be focused and walking in it IN FAITH!!!  Instead, the enemy has them distracted with every kind of doctrine and prophesying they can conjure to keep them from applying our King's VICTORY over them.

Therefore, anyone who says that the "Great Tribulation" could start any day, or on such and such a date, is in great error, and in error for they are blind men who have NO understanding of the Plan of Jah, nor do they care much about it.   Do not let them get you into a false scenario.  

Things on this earth are certainly growing worse with each passing day.  We WILL BE brought to the prophesied travail.  However, this is only the beginning of sorrows, and NOT the Tribulation Time Period.  This is happening as the birth pangs increase, and being increased for this purpose.  Do not let anyone deceive you into thinking that the Great Tribulation has begun before these events, no matter how difficult life on this earth may become.

People can scoff at what has just been stated, but I say with all sincerity, it will be proven to be so!!!  I state it to save you much troubling of your mind by ignorant people who do NOT understand Jah's Plan to manifest Jahshuwah's Victory on this earth through His OVERCOMERS!!!  There are few who even understand what that "victory" is, how it came about, or how it is to be applied.  I will tell you this:  Those that do get the eyes of their understanding opened WILL SEE "Christ and Him crucified", what ALL that means, and LITTLE ELSE!!!

Those that are going through severe trials are being prepared to be these Overcomers, but are still in this day, a long way from being full fledged Overcomers who have overcome Satan.   Right now it would appear to the natural mind that Satan who is out to “devour” them is overcoming them, and doing so through "shepherds" who teach and prophesy FALSELY!!!  However, the Overcomers time will come, and then Woe unto the world once they have been birthed forth.  

It is THEN that we will see the destruction of Satan, his entire Kingdom of Darkness and everything under that headship, and NOT UNTIL THEN!!!




There are those who have been taken in their fallen ego, and claim to know where a "Dwelling Place of Zion", (or a place of refuge) is, and urge you to move to it.  This is nothing more than Satanic demagoguery.  DO NOT BELIEVE THEM, for if you do, you will fall into the same entrapment of the enemy they are in, and that will lead to a great disillusionment.  This will only cause you much sorrow and turmoil, and I state this to keep you from making a dreadful mistake.  NO "Dwelling Place of Zion" has of yet begun to manifest.  

When it comes to building “Zion,” this is something that is totally beyond our abilities.  It is something that Jah will have to do, and in doing, place His mantle upon it, or it will never even get off of the ground.  I have said for years that if anyone tried to start one now, the body is in such confusion and disarray, the effort would not last for thirty days.  

I see by the scripture what all will be involved, and I can tell you it is a project that I do not know how even Jah will get it done.  I will say this.  It will take the His greatest move ever, and the cost will be astronomical.  The wealth will come, even as prophesied, but only if He moves to bring it.  

As we are told in Daniel 2:44……..

And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

Here we plainly see that this is something that Jah will do.  Certainly through men, but NOT men of themselves.

And again in 7:27……….. 

And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him. 

Here we see the action of Jah that GIVES the kingdom to His people. 

And then in Isa 2:3…………. 

3And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he . . . HE will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

Here we see that it is JAH who will teach us.  Through men yes, but it will be directly from HIM, and there will be NO DOUBT who the author is.  Then, and ONLY then will we get rid of all the clamoring voices of confusion concerning what is Truth, and what is a lie. 

We are so use to getting things done by our own hands, we have not learned yet how to let go and let Jah do it.  We will surely learn it with this project.  He will bring people to do things that we could never have even thought of, and they are being prepared right now by HIM for that purpose. 

Remember well that we are living in the Kingdom of Darkness on this earth, and in it, there is an abundance of deceptions, illusions, and lying snares.  They are plummeting our minds in a constant manner, and growing in force with every day.

We are to put off the "carnal mind" that loves the Tree of Death which leads us into these matters of delusion, and to put on the "Mind of our King", the Tree of Life, which leads us into ALL TRUTH.


Anything that is advertised as a "Dwelling Place of Zion" (or a place of refuge) without the presence of the Sons of Jah called by Jah to establish Zion, who walk in the Mind of Christ, IS A DECEPTION.  A very GRAVE deception that will lead to a terrible disillusionment.  


Never submit yourself to ANYONE who would seduce you to believe otherwise, for if they succeed, you will find yourself in the same judgments they are calling down upon themselves.  All such seducers are headed for a dreadful end.  They might look good now, and oh so righteous, but NOT THEN.



end of page














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