The Warning of The End Times


The Holy Law of Jah In Relation to Grace

There are probably a million sermons preached every week, yet our nation’s “falling away” into depraved corruption grows with every day.  Why is this so?  At least a part of the answer is revealed in the following article.

The teachings involved with the Law of Jah in relation to the Grace of Jah, are extensive.  They in reality, embrace the entire Bible.  Therefore it is not my intention to do a thorough work on this vital subject in this short article.  This is written merely to disturb the mind of the sincere Seeker of Truth so that the Spirit of Jah can deal as He will.    

(There has been much published concerning this subject on this web site since the publishing of this article.  There is wonderful revelation in each one.  If you want more, start with the "Emails to The Readers of the Warning".)

By scripture, we can know that Jah deals with us as individuals, as families, churches, and as a nation.  We are greatly affected by all of the dealings with which we are associated.  Never in my lifetime have I seen such workings taking place.  

The despairing brought on by those stresses are multiplying, as Jah is trying to get our attention.  We can ignore Him, try by our own works to “save ourselves” from our messes, or submit to the cross presented to us to be delivered through the messes we are facing unto His victory over them.  

If we run from the trouble, we will only run to find the same problems facing us in another way, and place.  Jah will keep working on that which He is after whether we like it or not.  It is time for us all to take up our crosses, and go with Jahshuah through our travails unto the victory that awaits us.

This article is a part of what Jah is trying to get through our thick spiritual heads.  Jah will NOT be mocked.  We reap from what we sow, and we are taking in quite a harvest.  

In our reaping from wrong doing, we are being prepared for the greatest move of Jah this earth has ever seen.  A move that will last right unto the actual return of our King.  

If we will take up our cross to walk into the Light, we will find where we have gone astray, and in this Truth, become a vital part of this move.  It is past time for our repenting.  The pressures are upon us, and increasing with everyday, so that we can choose to repent, or else on we will go choosing to save our life of futility by continuing to go our own way right into the coming disastrous judgments that have already begun.    

I had better state my position on this matter in the beginning, so that I will not be miss-understood.  The works of natural man to be righteous, even by the Law of Jah, are nothing more than hay, wood, and stubble.  The natural man, born with the falleness of the flesh, cannot by his own works, please Jah.  Righteousness before Jah is worked into us by the works of the cross THROUGH FAITH, and this is the work of the Holy Spirit.  

What the Spirit works in us by FAITH is eternal, and comes by our fellowshipping with Jahshuah to become one with Him.  It is not possible for we in ourselves to become righteous before Jah.  Any attempt at doing so is anti-faith which denies the power of Jah to work His salvation in us, and is nothing more than the worship of our own will power, and is therefore the worship of our selves in place of Jah.    It is in actuality, the rebellious denial of our need for Jahshuah.  This activity can only gender the deadly pride of counterfeit righteousness, accomplished through the works of our fallen nature. 

Anyone who does not see their wretchedness before Jah, has not yet walked FAR ENOUGH into the Light, nor have they caught up with the Apostle Paul and his understanding of the pile of dung we are in ourselves apart from Jahshuah.

i. e. Isa 64:6   

But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags;  

It does not matter if we are keeping the Sabbath, the Feast Days, Know the True Names of our Father and Savior, or how much we think we have complied with the Holy Law, we are ALL STILL sinning and FAR SHORT of the Glory Of Jah.  Anyone who had any understanding of the "Spirit of the Law" would understand and know this.  

As Paul pointed out in Colossians: "Which things have indeed a show of wisdom in will worship, and humility, and neglecting of the body; not in any honour to the satisfying of the flesh."

I like the way the Amplified Bible puts it:

"Such practices have indeed the outward appearance that popularly passes for wisdom, in promoting self-imposed rigor of devotion and delight in self-humiliation and severity of discipline of the body, but they are of no value in checking the indulgence of the flesh, the lower nature.  Instead, they do not honor God, but serve only to indulge the flesh."

Nothing that is done through "the flesh" is of any value.  When we get involved with the Law, we tend to then, through the pride of the ego (the motivating force in the "will of the flesh"), put on matters of the Law by our own will power, which has nothing to do with being developed in Jahshuah.  It in fact is BLOCKING that development, for we are deceived into thinking that because of the efforts of our own will power, we are somehow attaining unto righteousness before Jah. This is the effort of the self justifying, self righteousness, of the fallen religious nature that dwells in us all.   We can discern from where this "righteousness" is coming by its fruit.  This activity in an individual will invariably condemn EVERYONE who has not done as they have, even to the questioning of everyone else's "salvation" that is not in compliance with their belief system.

Not only is this error, but is DANGEROUS, for if we are in anyway thinking we have attained righteousness by our own will power, we have put ourselves in the jeopardy of "If guilty of ANY violation, we are then guilty of ALL".

  Therefore it is not my intent to get us to return to the fleshly works of the Law, or any other works, for righteousness.  Jahshuah paid the price to stand in our place before Jah, taking our death penalty upon Himself, so that we might live in Him.  He it is, by that FAITH in Him, that is our righteousness before the Almighty.  This grace is covering those who walk after the Spirit while being changed from glory to glory.  Who take up their cross and follow the Holy Spirit as He leads, and develops righteousness in them in that walk.  

I am in no way saying that we should not try to put on righteousness.  We are to apply ourselves toward this purpose, but only He can do the work in us to accomplish it.  Our faith must remain in Him to do the work, and not in we our selves by our own efforts.  

Now, the grace of Jah is NOT covering us so that we can live our life any way we can justify in our own minds to live.  The discernment of whether we are letting Jahshuah gain ground in us or not, comes by the Law, for by the Law is all sin, all wrong doing exposed.  Only by the Law of Jah can we discover where we are short.  The more we know the Law of Jah, the more we will see our shortness.  The more we see our shortness of His Glory, the more we realize our need for Jahshuah's salvation from sin, from wrong doing, and for His redemptive work to be performed in us, and in that, the more we see our need for Jahshuah to stand in our place before Jah.  The more Light we walk into, the more sorely grieved within ourselves over our wretchedness we become, even as David, and as Paul (whom we will later quote).  Then, the more sincerely we cry out our confession unto Jah to be cleansed from all unrighteousness, for it is this unrighteousness that is causing us all of our grief. 

If we are not experiencing this growth, it is because we do not see our need for it, and this lack indicts against us for our ignorance of the Law of Jah, and for our refusal to walk into the Light that it sheds upon us.  The Law is our compass that leads us toward righteousness, and the only purpose of grace is for covering us while we make that journey. 

Here is a New Testament scripture that verifies what I am saying.  It is Ro 2:18;  

"And knowest HIS WILL, and approvest the things that are more EXCELLENT, being instructed OUT OF THE LAW."

Grace comes from the cross of Jahshuah.  Refuse the walk of the cross to become one with him, and we never come under the effectual working redemptive power that comes with that grace.  The word “grace” is NOT a passive word, but one of action! The proof that we are under grace comes by seeing its effectual working in our life.  

I would also like to point out that the Law of Jah has nothing in it that keeps us from enjoying life, and all of its activities.  It in fact sets us free so that we can.   Men, with their own private religion, have tried to put things on us that would make us feel guilty over every enjoyment on this earth.  We are to enjoy life, and life more abundantly, through Jahshuah.  The Law does NOT bind us up to sitting on some kind of ethereal cloud playing a harp.  It sets us free from our own knowledge of good and evil religious guilts, into enjoying every activity in which there is no law against.  How many are bound up with some man’s private interpretations of scripture, or personal pet peeves, so they are afraid to enjoy doing anything.  

Misconception’s of the Law  

We are suffering some great misconceptions concerning the Holy Law of Jah, in relation to His Grace.  These errors have led us away from righteousness unto the present state of our nation.  This has flavored us all with carnality, and it is time to repent from such blundering.  

 Most, when thinking of the Holy Law, envision a "dead letter" full of a bunch of do's and don'ts. This is the mental process that is the carnal mind at work, which sees things backwards, and is hostile to the Holy Law. The "Spirit of the Law", and its precepts, are FAR MORE.

There are many matters that must be understood to come into a correct perspective of The Law. I give just two, both of which come from the lips of The Word of Jah, Jahshuah. The "Word of Jah" certainly  contains the Holy Law, and was the main Word of Jah of that day. Jahshuah was the Law in the flesh, and therefore was perfect by the Law, AND, was the perfection of the Law IN ACTION. Especially so as the "SACRIFICE" for our Law Violations.  "HEAR YE HIM". HE says:

"Thou shalt LOVE Jah with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This IS the FIRST commandment. And the second is LIKE UNTO IT, thou shalt LOVE thy neighbor as thyself. ON THESE TWO commandments HANG (fastened to) ALL THE LAW, and the prophets." (Mark 12:30)

Every bit of the Law is hung upon, fastened to, or predicated upon, LOVE!!! Love for Jah, and love toward people. (We are all in violation, folks, for we have not yet reached perfection in love.) It in TRUTH is the LAW OF LOVE. The greatest element missing upon this planet IS LOVE! WHY? Because that which defines love has been cast away.

We are told in Romans 13, that "Love is the FULFILLING (the performing) of The Law", and therefore is most assuredly NOT the "doing away with it"!!!   Anyone who has done away with the Law, AND TEACHING OTHERS TO DO LIKEWISE,  is NOT in Love, and most certainly does NOT LOVE Jah, nor is the "New Covenant" written on their heart. 

Conversely, when we violate the Law, we are NOT WORKING LOVE. i.e. Lying to people, presenting to them something false as Truth, is not only a blatant violation of the Law, but is most assuredly NOT LOVE. It matters NOT what a "False Prophet / teacher" looks like, or how much people think he loves them, he does NOT LOVE THEM!!! His "love" is nothing less than putrefied flesh, and could be labeled hatred. At best, he is working manipulation of the people for his own benefit, and to use them to obtain his own goal.

Participating in Baal Worship, including the Pagan Celebrations, is NOT loving Jah with all of our heart, mind, and soul.

We cannot understand LOVE (and how much there is to understand), until we understand the precepts of the Law. This is why love is missing in the world.

Then, after some discourse, He goes on to say;

"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites" . . . . "(you) have omitted the WEIGHTIER matters of the Law, Judgment, MERCY (compassion), and FAITH! these OUGHT YE HAVE DONE" . . . "You are blind guides which strain at a gnat, and SWALLOW A CAMEL."(Mat. 23:23)

Now we see that the WHOLE Law is not only hung upon, fastened to LOVE, but that the "weightier" matters concerning the Law are Judgment, FAITH and mercy (COMPASSION)!!!

Unbelief is a VIOLATION of the Holy Law! This violation brings with it the sentence of death.  Rev 21 gives us a list of those that are headed for "the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone".  Everyone of them are violating the Holy Law, and one such listing is "the UNBELIEVING".

The Law of Salvation is that we MUST BELIEVE IN Jahshuah. What happens if we do not do so, in its proper teaching? What is the penalty for NOT believing Jah for His Kingdom???

Then there is the COMPASSION of the Holy Law.  We are told by many that the Old Testament gives us a "Judgmental and wrathful God".  That the New Testament gives us His Son, and therefore, we are now in the dispensation of love.  What ignorant stupidity!

Jah does NOT change His mind. Jahshuah was the Law in the flesh, and everything He did was by THE LAW OF JAH, including LOVE, FAITH, and COMPASSION!!! We cannot understand any of these matters but by the precepts in the Law, and NOT AT ALL if we have thrown the Law away. i.e. "Made VOID the Law, because of grace".

Believing IN Jahshuah, The Word of Jah made flesh, is believing IN the Word of Jah, and The Holy Law IS THE WORD OF Jah!

Judgments of Jah

We are on the threshold of “The great and terrible day of Jah”.  Horrendous judgments are on their way, and in fact, have already begun.  Just sitting up straight and looking at the escalating natural calamities should be enough to open our eyes.  If we only viewed the scene of tornado’s, we’d have to know something strange is happening.  There have been over 250 of them just in the past year of this writing that have caused terrible damage.  How about the earthquakes, floods, fires and hurricanes?  The cost has staggered into the billions of dollars, as well as costing many their lives.  Nature has begun its travail under the stress of sin, and this earth has turned into a “raging planet”.  We who have not had such calamities touch us personally just continue on like nothing has changed, glibly ignoring what is happening as we are so entrenched in our smug ways.  How many professing "Christians" have already been affected, proving thoroughly that we are NOT automatically protected?  

Judgments are decided by the Law of Jah.  No judge can judge anything, or anyone, except by a set of Laws.  Jah judges by HIS Law, NOT by ours, or by our self justifying rules and regulations.  This conjecture comes from the fallen nature, the carnality of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. If we intend to escape the judgments that have already begun, then we are going to have to come out of the wickedness that is being judged.  I. e. “Come out of her my people, or her plagues will come upon you too”.  

We cannot remain in participation with that which is being judged and expect to be protected from those judgments.  We are guilty by association, even if we are among those who claim to be “saved”.  I full well realize this will bring howls from many, but it is still the truth, even if all howl against it.  Jahshuah knew what this day would be like, and did not say, “Pray always that you be accounted worthy to escape all of these things” for nothing.  He is certainly warning us clearly in this day, and those who have ears to hear had better sit up and HEAR HIM!!!  

There is a misconception that says the Law of Jah produces bondage.  Is that Truth???  Since when does anything of Jah produce bondage???  Jahshuah was the perfection of the Law in action.  Was He in bondage???  The stupidities that are preached today as Truth are beyond incredible.

David was the apple of Jah’s eye.  Psalm 119 tells us why this was so.  His heart was for Jah, His Kingdom, and His righteous ways.  The RIGHT WAY of doing things.  He says in verses 44 - 45:  

So shall I KEEP thy Law continually for ever, and ever, and I WILL WALK IN LIBERTY for I seek thy precepts!!! 

David knew the Kingdom Walk.  He committed some major mistakes, but his heart’s bottom line was to walk after the Spirit of Jah.  His understanding of the Law of Jah came by the Spirit, as he walked after the Spirit.  By that, he knew HOW to walk in liberty!!!

There is a great difference between obeying the dead letter of the Law through the flesh, and walking in the spiritual understanding of that Word.  The Law was Life in him, and even as Jahshuah was the Word made flesh, the Law of Jah was becoming part and parcel with David.  So much so that he even had a love for the judgments of the Law that he experienced, as they kept him on track, returning him to the Liberty that comes through righteousness.  

Our Israelite ancestors entered the Kingdom when they passed over Jordan.  They lived by the Holy Law of Jah, and in doing so, enjoyed the greatest Liberty that any nation has ever experienced.  Being weak through the flesh, the fallen nature we all inherited from the fall of Adam, they could not maintain keeping the Law.  So they went back into bondage because they threw the Law of Jah away, and went the way of fallen man and his laws that bring forth nothing but corruption.  Just as we have in this day, they voided the Law of Jah for man’s laws.  

The Law of Jah produces LIBERTY, the laws of man breed corruption unto BONDAGE!  Righteousness reaps Liberty, sin reaps a corrupting society.  We, as a nation, have long departed from the Holy Law of Jah.  Take a look around and tell me what we have thus far reaped.  The Judgments of our degradation are heavy upon us, and growing heavier with every day, for so does our depravity!!!  A depravity that has through Jezebel's seductions, arrantly infiltrated even we who profess to be "Christians".    

Jahshuah, The Sacrifice By The Law

The Law of Jah DEMANDS a blood sacrifice for our Law violations. Jahshuah, BY THE LAW, stood in our place, and took the death penalty for us ALL. Remove Him from that position in our life, and WE ARE LOST!!! That IS THE LAW!!!

Since this sacrifice for our sins, our Law violations, is a requirement of the Law, and written in the Law, we sure had not better throw the Law away. If we do, then we have eliminated any legal ground for escaping judgment before Jah. Do away with the Law, and we have done away with salvation, for we then have done away with our legal ground before Jah for our salvation.

Jah does NOT violate His own Law. Satan IS the LAWLESS ONE, not Jah. So then, neither does the "Holy Spirit". Jahshuah went to the cross as the "Lamb without blemish". He was judged so by the Law of Jah. It is therefore most assuredly that He does not violate it now. Therefore, anyone thinking they are "walking in Spirit", being one with Jahshuah, the Word Of Jah, while they are violating the Law of Jah, IS DECEIVED!!!

"Grace", obtained by the Cross of Jahshuah, is not granted to those who continue to walk their own way.   Grace is granted to those who DO walk after the spirit, and in that, walk toward being in compliance with becoming righteous, which is the TRUE understanding of the Holy Law, for it is here we find out what righteousness is. Righteousness is NOT what we deem it is by our own Knowledge of Good and Evil, but by the HOLY LAW of Jah. That is fact. Jah does NOT change His mind. He did NOT decide that His Law was of no value, and did away with it in favor of what man would deem as being righteous.

There is not ONE "SIN" in all of what we call the "New Testament" that is NOT a violation of the Law. Read the letters of Jahshuah to the Churches in the first three chapters of Revelation. Everything He had against any of them WAS a violation of the Holy Law. On the other hand, everything that is labeled righteous in the New Testament, IS in compliance WITH the Holy Law.

If the Holy Law has been done away with, then by what premise, what ground, what Law, would Jahshuah judge the entire earth???

Jahshuah IS Our New Man

Jahshuah is our NEW man, and the "Old Nature" that we are all born with is the Law Violator, and  is to die with Him through the works of the cross to obtain the cleansing power of the blood from that cross. Jahshuah in me IS LAWFUL IN EVERYWAY, for He is the Law working in perfection!!! The violations of the Law that I am committing are NOT HIM, but me; the fallen me; the FLESH with which we are ALL born.  Did you here what I just said???  Jahshuah is THE LAWFUL ONE!!!  He is our NEW MAN!!!  Violating the Law of Jah is of the flesh, and that flesh is being one with the LAWLESS ONE!!!  Who are we going to be one with???  The LAWFUL one, or the LAWLESS???

The more I see the righteousness in the Holy Law, the more I, with the Apostle Paul, groan over my own wretchedness, and the MORE I see the need for the provision in the Law that lets Jahshuah stand in my place before Jah. Until we see that need, and KEEP ON seeing that need, our salvation is in jeopardy, for we leave off with our dependence for our salvation being upon Him, and go into self-righteousness which creates its own religion, justifies every evil work, and thinks that Jah should be pleased with our contriving. IT IS SICK!!!

The Apostle Paul and his Teaching  

  It is much preached that Paul taught that the Law of Jah was done away with by the sacrifice of Jahshuah.  Is this the Truth of what he taught, or a terrible heretical lie???  Certainly it is no longer necessary to perform the “ordinances” of the Law.  The “ordinances” of the Law had to do with the sacrifices, and other offerings for sin which Jahshuah performed once and for all.  However, the Law STILL REQUIRES these “ordinances on our behalf for us to be cleared of all charges against us before the throne of Jah.  In fact, without this part of the Law concerning the sacrifice for sins, we would ALL be lost!!!  Do away with the Law and we have done away with salvation, for we would then have no legal ground on which to come before Jah.  It is for this very reason that Jahshuah fulfilled these ordinances by His own sacrifice, and that for us.  Certainly NOT for Himself 

But, how about the Law itself?  Did Paul preach that the whole Law of Jah was done away with, or was he trying to explain the relation between the Holy Law of Jah, and Grace???  Or, how our fleshly works are nothing, and the work of the Spirit in us everything?

Paul’s letter to the Galatians has become so confused in our minds, we haven’t much clarity in its regard.  Peter, and the ones he ministered to, evidently had a hard time with what Paul was teaching as well.  He said in 2nd Peter  . . . which are some things hard to be understood, and those that have not the understanding of them, TWIST WHAT HE HAS TAUGHT to their own destruction”.  Therefore, I would think it might be quite dangerous to miss-quote Paul, and teach something that he never meant. 

To understand his letter to the Galatians, we must understand the situation he was addressing.  The Galatians had been seduced by carnal men into dead works of the flesh to become righteous, taking them away from the walk in the Spirit through the cross of Jahshuah.  This disgusted him to no end, and is quite evident, as he minces no words in this chastising rebuke.  He thoroughly reprimands with statements such as:  

“I do NOT frustrate the grace of Jah, for if (our) righteousness comes by (our works of keeping) the law, then Jahshuah DIED IN VAIN!!!  Oh foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you? . . . . “ (Gal 2:21)

Paul was striving to turn them back from fleshly works unto what he had originally taught them concerning the cross of Jahshuah that works righteousness in us.  They had left the life of “walking after the Spirit”, unto dead works of the flesh.  He reminded them . . . .  

“I am CRUCIFIED WITH MESSIAH, nevertheless I live, yet NOT I, but Messiah liveth in me.  And the life which I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of Jah, who loved me, and gave Himself for me.”(Gal. 2:20)

If we are wanting to confess something in faith to get it to come to pass that is truly of Jah, then leave off with the confessions of “materialistic Christianity”, and start praying in faith the first line of that verse.  Where are the ministers telling the people to believe Jah to be “Crucified with Jahshuah”???  I might warn you, do not pray it unless you are serious, for it WILL COME TO PASS through the works of the cross that will DEVASTATE your know it all fallen ego!!!  

  Paul understood that it was no longer us, but Jahshuah in us, and the more dead we become to the “old fallen nature” through the works of the cross, the more of Him that would live and reign in us.  It is for us to DECREASE so that He may increase.  

It is NOT for us to increase so that He may decrease.  That is the thinking of the carnal religious mind.

There are only TWO ANSWERS for fallen man.  Death unto judgment, or death through the cross of Jahshuah into Jah’s glorious liberty of His Kingdom.  These ARE the only two answers, and our own works to become righteous before Jah will only bring us to judgment.  Of this there can be no doubt.  

In the “coming out of Babylon”, and into the Kingdom, we will find a King, even Jahshuah, who will govern His Kingdom as a King.  In governing, He WILL GOVERN by the Spirit of the Law.  Of this fact, Paul is quite aware, but is laboring overtime with the Galatians to put this point across concerning the futility of trying to be saved by works.  

We are NOT aware of what else he taught the Galatians, so we cannot say for certain what they already knew.  We can know that he was bringing them into remembrance of those teachings by this strong reprimand.  To know what else he taught concerning the Holy Law, or "Torah", we must look into his other letters.  

Paul was not a man that contradicted himself, or taught one thing to the Galatians, and another to the Romans.  So let us go to the Book of Romans to get the balance of what he was saying to the Galatians.  If we just read his letter to the Galatians without any knowledge of what else he taught, we would become just what we have become.  A wheel spinning out of balance.  

“Do we then make void (do away with, or make of no effect) the Law through faith?  Jah FORBID!!!  Yea, we ESTABLISH (set up, cause to be accepted permanently) THE LAW!!!”       Ro. 3:31  

  “ . . . Jah, sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh that the righteousness (rightness in action) of the Law might be FULFILLED (accomplished unto perfection) IN US, who walk NOT after the flesh, but AFTER THE SPIRIT!!!” Ro 8  

That sounds pretty clear to me.  For those who are sincerely walking after the Spirit, they will be brought into right standing with righteousness, even the righteousness of the Law.  

“What shall we say then???  Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound???  Jah forbid . . . “  Ro 6:1  

Paul spent his entire ministry trying to get through thick spiritual heads, even Peter’s (as well as our own), the difference between a fleshly religion created by men, and the walk in the Spirit through the cross of Jahshuah.  His point was that if we walk after the Spirit, letting Him do a work in us, we will just naturally put off the deeds of the flesh, and in putting off those deeds, even fulfill the righteousness of the Law.  He was very clear that “Grace” was NOT for the purpose of CONTINUING IN SIN, but for the coming out of it!!! 

So, if we are NOT to continue to walk after sin just because we are under grace, then what is the scriptural definition of sin???  How many ministers I have asked this question to that COULD NOT ANSWER ME!!!  Then we wonder why we are living in depravity??? 

Did John know what he was talking about???  What does he say is the definition of sin???  Can you answer this question before reading it?  What he says is the definition of sin agrees with the cover to cover Word of Jah, and DISAGREES with MOST of those that call themselves “ministers of righteousness” in this day of deception.  

“Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth ALSO the LAW, for SIN IS the TRANSGRESSION of the LAW!!!”

  John, a ”New Testament” writer, who was favored by Jahshuah with the glorious visions of the Book of Revelation, declares plainly that the definition of sin today is the same definition it has ALWAYS BEEN!!!  Jah does NOT change, nor does He commit error, and have to repent unto doing something else.  Sin is still, even to this day, the “transgression of the Law”!

We, as individuals, families, churches, and as a nation, are in trouble, and in trouble because of SIN!!!  Sin is nothing more than acting, or doing in error, and ALL wrong doing is the violation of the Holy Law, and those violations are costing us grievously!  If we do not know what the Holy Law has to say, how then can we even know what the sins are that are costing us???  

Because of this, the judgments are heavy upon us as a nation, and the “Bride of Jahshuah” is not only in great peril of those judgments, but is in great need of repentance to come out of the Law violations necessary to escape those judgments, and to prepare herself to meet Jahshuah, her Bridegroom, at His coming!!!  

The Law shows us the way out of "The Great Whore, Babylon", and without the Law, we will NEVER find our way out of the cesspool in which we presently live, and by which we ourselves are being greatly contaminated!!!  Throw the Law away, and we will end up with the very corrupt society in which we live that the deceivers have created for us.  Teach the Spirit of the Law, and we will free ourselves from all of the deceivers, and establish a righteous people!  

The teachings of the Law are a vast subject.  In Nehemiah 8, we find that it takes men whose understanding of the Law has been opened by the Spirit of Jah.  These teachers would have to be “Masters” of the mind, heart, and intents of Jah.  This is what Pastors are suppose to be.  

I personally make no claim to being a “Master of the Law”.  However, I do see much concerning it.  I see enough to know that it thoroughly covers every facet of our life including all of our personal relations, as well as our business practices.  What it does not cover directly, it covers through its precepts and principles.  It is the most incredible legal document ever written, and its understanding is infinite.  Yet we have been brought to the place by the enemies of our souls to treat it like it is a piece of heretical garbage.  In doing so, we have reaped a terrible consequence!!!  We have thrown the compass away that points toward righteousness in favor of our own self justifying fallen Knowledge of Good and Evil.  We have chosen, and are eating from, the Tree of DEATH, instead of the TREE OF LIFE!!!  

Paul went on to tell the Galatians . . . 

Now the works of the flesh are plain, which are these: ADULTERY, FORNICATION, UNCLEANESS, IDOLATRY, WITCHCRAFT, HATRED, BEING DISAGREEABLE, JEALOUSIES, WRATH, STRIFE, DIVISIONS, HERESIES, ENVYINGS, MURDERS, DRUNKENNESS, REVILINGS or SLANDERS, and such like, of the which I told you before, that they which DO SUCH THINGS shall NOT inherit the Kingdom of Jah”.  

Everything that he lists here as works of the flesh, are VIOLATIONS OF THE LAW!!!  There is NOT ONE THING written to expose our sinful error’s in the whole “New Testament”, nor the entire Bible, that is NOT a violation of the Holy Law!!!  Every indictment against the Churches by Jahshuah Himself in the first three chapters of Revelation are founded in the Law.  If you think that because we are “Christians” we are free of any judgment before our King, I suggest you wake up and read those charges, and what the results will be if repentance from them is not reached. 

  Every judgment that is prophesied in this Book of Revelation is administered by the Holy Law.  Anyone who thinks that Jah changed His mind, frowned upon His own Law, and discarded it in favor of whatever laws we conjure up to live by, IS GREATLY DECEIVED!!!  

NOTE of Warning:  The “Word” and “Law” of Jah will not come forth in its purity until we see the manifesting of the Kingdom in the first “Dwelling place of Zion”.  We are in the “Land of deception”, and will be until that day.  We can make progress toward purity, but we will not come into it until we “come out unto Zion”, a very lengthy subject concerning the plan of Jah for this day.  Therefore, every minister should be telling those who listens to him that we are not yet in the purity of Truth, but on our way to it.  Every time I go to writing, it scares me silly.  Yet, as with Jeremiah, this message so burns within me I cannot shut my mouth, or put away my pen.  I have long said that if ministers understood the gravity of their position before the Almighty Jahshuah, there would be a hysterical mass exodus from the priesthood.  

Paul’s message was very clear once your veil has been rent by the cross.  If we walk after the Spirit, then the fruits of the Spirit will come forth in us, and those fruits will eventually cause us to fulfill even the righteousness of the Law, for those fruits are of the nature of Jahshuah who is the WHOLE WORD OF Jah.  He it is who has entered us, and is therefore the Law of Jah that is suppose to be written on our hearts.   

What did Jahshuah say about The Law???

We should listen to our King and Savior before ALL men, even before the prophets and apostles.  Anything that disagrees with what He had to say IS A LIE!!!  So, what did He have to say concerning the Holy Law???  Did He come to do away with the Law as so many preach???

“Think NOT that I am come to destroy (Overthrow, throw down, take away) the Law, or the prophets.  I am NOT COME to destroy, but to fulfill.  For verily I say unto YOU, not one jot or tittle shall pass away from the Law until heaven and earth pass away, and all be fulfilled.”

Just in case you are in doubt about it, go outside and take a look around.  If the heavens and earth are still there, then SO IS THE LAW OF Jah!!!

“Therefore, who ever shall break even one of the least of the commandments, and teach (cause others to do so), shall be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Who ever do and teach the commandments of the Law shall be called GREAT in the Kingdom of Heaven.  For I say unto you, except your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the Scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in NO case enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

 There is ONLY ONE WAY to come into such righteousness, and that is by the work of redemption.  This is done by the Spirit of Jah, and not by we ourselves through our own works to be justified.    

  i. e.  “If we CONFESS our sins, He . . . He . . . Jah . . . is faithful and just to FORGIVE us, and to CLEANSE  us from ALL unrighteousness.”  

It is our position to confess our sins, and HIS position to forgive and CLEANSE whatever the unrighteousness, whatever the Law violation might be that we are confessing.  We are to walk toward righteousness, but it is He that cleanses us so that we are enabled to do so.  In order to confess, we must know where we are in error, and the exposure of error comes by the Holy Law, and ONLY BY THE LAW!!!  

If we do not walk into the Light to find our errors, then no confession will ever be made.  Without the humility to confess, then there is NO WAY to be cleansed unto the righteousness in which we are short.  This is sadly our position today, as we have lost the need to repent.  We have become blind through the searing of our consciences, and by that searing, see no unrighteousness within ourselves.  What a dreadful position of self righteous pride.  If we are NOT seeing unrighteousness within, then we are NOT walking after the Spirit, for NOT ONE of us has yet to see his skin shine with the Glory of Jah!  

The Prophesied “New Covenant”

We are told by many that under the “New Covenant”, the Law no longer applies to us.  Is this Truth???  What IS the “New Covenant” prophesied to be given unto us through Jahshuah???  It is just what Jah promised Jeremiah in chapter 31.  It was that the Law was to be “WRITTEN ON OUR HEARTS”!  If we have it not written within, or by it being written within, desiring the righteousness that is in Jahshuah, then we are NOT IN the New Covenant”!!!  Nor do we have Jahshuah, the Living Word, the Lawful Messiah, in our heart.  Trying to convince ourselves that we do in such a case is just plain self deceiving foolish futility.  Why else do we know instinctively that stealing, murder, lying, cheating, adultery, and every other depravity of man IS WRONG DOING???   

Jahshuah IS the Law, and He it is that should be ruling our life from within.  If the Law has been done away with, and is no longer of any value, then why do we try to do anything that brings us into its compliance???  I could also say to the crowd pleasing, money hungry preachers of a “popular Christ”, if the Law no longer applies to us, then neither does the Law concerning tithe.  So stop asking for it.

No, Grace is not covering us so that we can run to sin, and live our lives any way our own mind can justify, but so we can COME OUT of sin!!!  This may be a lifetime journey of walking after the Spirit of Jah to come into the fullness of the righteousness of the Law, even as it was with Paul, but if we are not making this journey at all, or not in constant progress toward such, we are NOT IN the walk of the cross with Jahshuah, nor are we IN the “New Covenant” (Testament).  

Paul prophesied of a great falling away in the last days.  We are IN that great falling away, have been for years, and do not realize it because of the deceivers preaching the “Strong Delusion”.  Anyone who has not recognized this is trapped in it, and being taken in by those who love their unrighteousness.  Taken unto the same damnation that is coming upon all who do not receive the Love of the Truth.  

Our nation has become a cesspool.  Our leaders, whether in politics, or in the pulpits, have by their actions and words, opened the flood gates of hell upon our heads!!!  Every move of Jah has fallen far away from what it was in its beginning.  We used to have Evangelists in every realm of “Christianity”, called by Jah to bring us to repentance.  How many great revivals they brought.  Today, few want to hear such a message, and few “churches” would receive such a minister.  

If we haven’t any true evangelists working in our midst, then it is because we the people FIRED THEM!!!  

It is time to look around folks, and pray that Jah, in His mercy, will bring forth His Prophets and Evangelists to once again come and get us back on track.  We have fallen away from following the Spirit of Jah in Truth unto righteousness, and fallen unto our own self justifying religions.  The sewer we have created as a result of our carnal religions and sowing thoroughly proves this to all but the most rebellious to Truth blind man.  

  We are in a perilous day.  Far more perilous than most can even comprehend, and has come upon us as a snare to entrap us.  Not only because of what is coming down on us by the judgments which are falling upon the world; and by the world beast system that is out to rid the earth of "Christianity"; but also for the very SALVATION OF OUR SOULS!!!  Peter warned . . . .  

  “For the time IS come that JUDGMENT MUST BEGIN at the House of Jah, and if it FIRST begin WITH US, then what shall the end be of them that OBEY NOT the Gospel of Jah???  And if the righteous scarcely (with great difficulty) be saved, where shall the ungodly, and the sinner appear???”  

And we think being saved is EASY???  Just a free gift that brings NO OBLIGATION on our part???  Anyone who thinks that way HAS BEEN LIED TO!!!  

There are many who are trying to straighten out the world.  It is not for us to correct the world, for it will NEVER be straightened out.  I sometimes wonder if ANYONE reads the Bible, instead of just listening to men!  It is time for we who profess to be of Jahshuah, to stop being self righteous HYPOCRITES, and get our own lives straightened out!!!  

We are ALL to come before the Judgment Seat of Jahshuah.  By what Law do you suppose we shall be judged???  By our own???  Judgment comes from sin, and sin IS the transgression of the Law!!!   Anyone who does not see the obvious need, by the Law, for Jahshuah, our sacrifice for sins, to stand in our place before Jah, is in serious trouble.  Most of those that reject the Holy Law, also claim great works, and to be living a righteous life.  This is contrived by their OWN Knowledge of Good and Evil.  This Knowledge to them is righteousness, while deeming those that hold the Holy Law valid as heretical.  What a dreadful shock they have coming to them.

This planet is NOT a luxury cruise that is suppose to satisfy all of our lusts.  It is a war zone, and a war zone over souls as well as who will rule the earth.  It is time for the men acting as Pastor’s to find the “Shepherds Heart” of Jahshuah.  That is if they were even called by Jah to be Pastor’s in the first place.  It is time to SOUND THE TRUMPET OF ALARM, and shout the call to “Come out of her my people”.  I can tell you, but for the mercy of Jah, fear would totally engulf anyone who could fully see what is coming upon the earth RIGHT NOW.  If we are NOT weeping before Jah for the people, then we are NOT SEEING the peril we ALL are in, not walking with Jahshuah who died for them, and certainly NOT concerned for their souls!!!  

FUTURE Page:  Jahshuah was the “Lamb without blemish”.  Judged so by the Law of Jah.  He was the “word made flesh”, and walked as the epitome of the “Spirit of the Law”, and therefore WAS the Law in action.  So obedient to the Father, He became the Law requirement concerning the sacrifice for sin.  Through the works of the cross, i.e. “I am crucified with Jahshuah, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Jahshuah liveth in me”, we are to become one with Him, and do as He does / did.  The Law is the VERY NATURE, and character of Jah Himself.  Jahshuah was one with the Father, and we are to become one with Jahshuah.  Love fulfills ALL OF THE LAW, and therefore much to our surprise, the Law not only defines for us what Love is, but declares to us that the Holy Law  is a LAW OF LOVE .  How could  Jah, who is all Love author anything else???  And, no wonder there is so little REAL love in this world.  

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