Shari: Some explanations appear below the pictures.  Make sure you use the bottom slide bar to read them all.

This shows the table that had to be emptied into the garage.  This was taken in the beginning of all the work, so it really does not show all that was on it, or underneath.  I had moved it so that it ran along the right wall instead of the one with the front windows.  It was one pile of stuff, believe me. This is being done rather hurriedly, so it will not be the best.  I begin with showing the front room from several different views.  You could really not appreciate the difference made by removing the two layered 4 X 8 table with all of the stuff underneath, unless you saw it just before I moved it all.  It was a pile of things I was using.

Notice the front door.  This is what I am changing.

Here you can see a bit of the dining room.  All of the moldings are now done and in place.  I still have to work on all of the seems, and get it finished painting.


I moved the Sprint from the far right space in the right hand garage to here.  The Corvette was in this space and I moved it over from here to now being next to the Sprint on the right.  This gave me much more room in this area to get to all of the cabinets, etc.   As you can see, there is now plenty of space around the Sprint, with the riding mower sitting just ahead of the Sprint. Just another view. Most of the paint on these shelves was all around the table on the floor in the living room.  The very top shelf you can now see where I am keeping all of my drop cloths which was loaded to the ceiling with stuff the other owners had dumped up there.  Probably been there for a good twenty years.  

The area just ahead of the riding mower was jammed up with stuff I had been hanging on to.  I either moved it to another place, or else threw it away, and mostly threw it away.  The shelves that are there now I built to hold all of my painting tools.

Just another view to show all of the room that is now available.


Now for the Corvette side. Here is where the Cad was parked.  There were a number of 4 x 8's (as well as a bunch of other lumber pieces) stacked along and leaned against the blue cabinets, which not only blocked my getting into them, but made it very hard to get around the Cad.  Those shelves and drawers were loaded with junk from the past owners, as well as the cabinet top.  Now there is plenty of room around the Corvette to get to everything I need to, even while pushing my grocery cart loaded with stuff to put away.  The blue table will be going into the garden shed in the back yard.  I will put a larger top on it for stacking stuff on it. This shows the work bench which has been cleared of junk, and now just has my drill and grinder on it.


This is looking down the hall into the other side of the garage.  The shelves have been cleaned out and moved to where it all should be.  Then I moved all of the tools I normally use (hammers, wrenches, drills & bits, etc.) and put them here for easy access from inside the house. This is a view of those tools from the other direction.  Very handy and neat. Now looking into the other side to where I now have the Cad and Van.  There is still a bit to arrange here, as I have a bunch of trash ready to load into the Van.  The step ladder will not go where you now see it. Another view to show you the room there is behind the vehicles and in between them.  I am always needing to get into the trunk of the Cad for unloading all of my shopping, and it is now very easy to get to.  Before, I could not get into it unless I opened the garage door. This shows how much room there is between the Cad and other storage.  People could actually get in from both sides without my having to pull out. Just a view of the room between the Van and Cad.

I guess that is it.  It is very hard to take pictures that show it all, as it can only take them so wide.  It really needs to be seen in person to really understand just how wonderful it all is now in comparison to what it was before I started.  How much stuff I had to move, and am now getting ready to take my third load to the dump.


Hope you enjoyed what I did get up for you to see.
































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