Garden Beside The Garage

There are some explanations below each picture.  Be sure to use the bottom slide bar to see the entire row of pictures.

Just to remind you, this is what I had to start with for this garden area.  Please take notice of the plant at the far right.  I do not know what it is.  It looks like some kind of cactus, but it isn't one.  I have no idea how long it had been there, but I doubt it had ever been watered.  I certainly had not watered it for at least two years.  In the next picture, you will see how much it has grown in the last three years.  INCREDIBLE.  I would never have believed it. This plant has taken off like crazy.  It has had six "babies."  Darlene took one home and planted it there.  They have grown a good foot since I took this picture about a month ago.

I originally planted the flax in front of it (left of it in the picture) a good three feet away from it.  I had no idea that it would grow as it has.  It was smothering the flax, and so I had to move it forward a good two feet to get it away from the "cactus."  I wasn't sure it would survive the move, but it seems to be doing really good, so I guess it made it alright.  

This is just another view from the front. This is a picture of the garden in full spring bloom.  Everything blooms wonderfully in the spring.  The pink flowers are a ground cover called Pink Crisp, which is a kind of Prim Rose.  I took a couple of plugs from the front porch garden last year, and planted them here.  All that you see of the pink flowers came from just those two small plugs.  These things grow like crazy.  They bloom profusely in the spring, but begin to stop blooming when the heat hits, and so I tear out most of them, for they would choke out everything in its path.  Pulling them out does not discourage them one bit, as the roots remain, and they are determined to keep top growth coming up. The front row plants are Day Lilies.  They are just beginning to send forth their stem shoots from which the flowers will bloom.  The blooms last one day, but keep coming everyday all summer long.  I will put some pictures of them up down below when they begin to bloom, and then you can see what this front border looks like all summer.  A really beautiful flowering plant.

The Pyracantha (red berry climber)  blooms full of white flowers in the spring, then they die off, and turn to red berries in the fall.

I nearly lost the Pyracantha at the far left, as it got some kind of disease (black blight or something.)  We found out what to treat it with, cut off the dead parts, and have kept spraying it.  It might make it.  Time will tell.

Go back and look at the picture at the beginning of this line, and see what a difference all of this makes to this area.


Just a few pictures of the Gerbera that is a wonderful flowering plant, along with a couple of Dusty Millers and a Shasta Daisy just beginning to bloom.  Very pretty area.


I had become interested in planting some Day Lilies when I received an ad from a bulb company concerning some supposed award winners.  I thought, "yeah, right," but decided to try them any way.  I expected them to grow maybe a foot high.  What a surprise I got.  They grow to at least three foot + high.  And, in my mind, the flowers are spectacular.  This was one experiment I was very glad I took the chance on.

It is now June, so the Day Lilies have begun their blooming.  Here are a few up close pictures so you can see the beauty in them.  You can imagine what this front border looks like when they are all in full bloom and covering the whole front row of the garden.  If you will look closely, you will see the buds that will bloom in days ahead, as the one you are looking at will fade away by night time.

Front Porch

These are all self explanatory, so I will not write much about them

I will say that the red bush roses, and the yellow blooms on the two climbers, are something like 5" across.  The pictures do not do them justice, as they are very showy, and give much color to the front porch area.


Not too shabby a result from the work of a man who knew nothing about growing plants and flowers before beginning the projects.  Of course, I could not have done it without the help and advice of Darlene who IS an expert on how to grow stuff.


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