This is a few pictures of the spring flowers.  The beds have not progressed to where they will, but have still produced some very colorful scenes for so early in the season.

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I decided to show some before and after pictures to remind you of what I had to start with.  Notice the Cacti near the corner of the garage.  It had never been watered for as long as I had been there.  It is a wonder that it stayed alive.  Look at how that plant progressed.  This is how it looks presently.  Quite a difference.  I had envisioned this area to be what it is today, and is what gave me my incentive to do all of the work it too to get it there.  Quite rewarding.  Notice how big the Cacti has become.  Just incredible. If you will remember, this is what the area looked like before I did anything.  I put my back out when trying to remove all of the rock.  Took a couple of weeks for that to get back to normal. I had to dig it all down nearly two feet to get rid of the crab grass, and then break up all of the clods with a mallet to empty the root systems of the dirt.  This is after I had finished the preparation of the area, including some sprinklers.  I had at first thought the trellis in this picture would be adequate.  BRRRZZZZ!  Wrong answer.  As you will see in the next picture, I built a trellis for each of the Berry Climbers, as well as one in the middle of the Berry's for a climbing rose, and then another at the far end for another climbing rose.  To make room for that rose, I had to remove a part of the hedge. This is what it looks like with just the Spring growth.  Notice the rose climber at the far end growing on the trellis I made for it.  The flowers are incredible, and a good 4 inches wide.  The white flowers on the Berry Climbers will change to red berries in the fall. Then another before and after picture.  Notice the Cacti in this picture in comparison to how it is today in the next one. The Day Lilies in the front have only started to bring forth blooms, and should be quite a show when the open up.
Just a closer look at this trellis rose.  Imagine having to "deadhead" all of those. This is a close up of those roses. And, a close up of the ground cover pink flowers.  I originally planted these in the porch garden, and liked them so much, I transplanted two or three small plugs from that into this one.  They grow fast, choke out weeds, and bloom like crazy in the spring.
Now for the front porch.  It too has only begun to flower, but already is quite colorful. These next pictures are close-ups of the red roses that you see in the picture just before this one.  I probably get carried away with taking pictures of the flowers, but I just can't seem to help myself as I am really amazed at the reward they are for all of my work. They must measure close to 5 inches in width.


These next two pictures are of the Candy Stripe Rose which you can hardly see in the overall picture.  They are turning out to be quite beautiful.  These are planted and each end of the garden close to the front. I planted two Yellow Rose Climbers on each of the trellis's.   This is a close-up of them.  They too measure at least 4 inches in width.  Eventually, these will fill the whole trellis's, and be covered in flowers like the red one on the garage wall. At each end are pedestal pots with yellow mini roses.  These are a couple of close-ups  of those.  Notice in this particular picture the buds at the top of the long stem that are getting ready to bloom.

Then just a couple of pictures of the back porch at this stage.  There is much more to do here.


That is all for now.  I may put up more as time goes by.






















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