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            As I said in the last Lesson, our basic problem is that we do not even know where we should be standing, for we do not even know who we are, not only as His creation, but also in our Savior and His calling to fulfill that purpose of our creation.  We are tossed to and fro by every wind that blows against us, for we are not planted firmly in the Vine of Life as to who we are in Him.  If we are not sure of who and what we really are, how then can we stand against the contradictions of these matters???  We will only believe that which the enemy wants us to believe, instead of the Truth which sets us free from those contradictions.  

           How can we be men and women of valor if we do not even know where we should be standing, or if standing, not standing on the right ground???  It is IMPOSSIBLE to be such, and I can tell you, NO ONE is on the right ground in this day!!!  NO, NOT ONE, or the Kingdom would be manifesting, and so would be the Sons of Jah!!!  

Satan is deceiving the whole earth, and we ourselves are being deceived by his contradictions, and by his Priests of Baal who appear as ministers of righteousness to hold us in their captivity to the contradiction of who and what we really are, and for what purpose we are called.  We must COME OUT of it ALL if we expect to ever reach fulfillment of our divine destiny!

In order to stand against the "Contradictions", we MUST know who and what we are, what we have been "called" /created for, and where Jah is taking us.  I want to open, confirm, and establish you in this purpose of Jah upon your life.

Created to Succeed

There are a number of immutable laws.  One of those laws states that any seed of life can only produce what it is.  It has been "Kind after Kind" from the beginning.  The life of the seed is in itself, and in the genetics of that seed is the encoded program of what it was created to be.  I tell you straight out that the structure of your fulfilled life IS ALREADY within you!!!  Our only enigma is finding the path which LIBERATES that composition.  Until we find this path, we are going to suffer disease in our psyche's which tends to cause the feeling of being bound by some unseen force which holds us back in life, rather than knowing the liberty that leads to our success in the purpose for which we were conceived / created.

Jah is the creator of all creation.  The very life that HE is, was reproduced IN US, for He could only produce WHAT HE IS!  Therefore, we were NOT created to be sickly, in poverty,, or in anywise failing in life.  He most assuredly would NOT create us, reproduce Himself in us, to become less than all that we can become.  To become all that we can become, we must receive the hope that ENVISIONS US to this destiny.  

Another immutable law states there IS a PURPOSE, a destiny, for everything in creation.  Show me one thing in all of nature that does NOT have a purpose for its existence.  You cannot find ANYTHING that does not have a purpose in its being.  If you have ever wondered what you are doing here, the answer lies in the knowing of THIS purpose for your life.  This knowledge IS within you, but hidden from view by a thick veil of illusion produced by Lies which keeps us from seeing the real us.  This illusion is STRONG, and it is holding us in a captivity, and does not want to let us go free, for if we ever come into this knowledge in our consciousness, that which holds us captive is FINISHED!

In being a part of His creation, we each were equipped with different and varying abilities, aptitudes, talents, attributes, and capabilities, necessary for our particular position in the Kingdom Life, and all that we require to achieve success in this role.  In procuring this accomplished certainty, all of our psychological needs become FULFILLED. 

If we do not feel fulfilled, it is because we have not as yet found the right path that leads to this fulfillment.  This path is now being opened, "RESTORED" in a way unprecedented in the history of Adam Kind.

The Kingdom of Darkness, and its rulers, are an unseen force, and are working to hold us in their captivity, and do so through unrecognized contaminations that lie within us.  As these are eliminated by the redemptive work which rents our veil that lies between our Spirit and Soul, we will rise into the newness of the life we were created to be and enjoy.

We do not yet realize all that we are, for we cannot comprehend this GLORY for which we were created.  The thick dark cloud caused by not only the woes of living in this world, but by the contamination which lies in our genetic structure, has been worked by the enemy of our souls to not only blind us to what is available to us, but to hold us in that blindness.  

The enemies of our life want to make us quitters by burying who we really are under the rubble of the onslaughts of life that discourage, dissuade, and defeat.  It will NOT WORK on those who will walk into the TRUTH of who and what they are, for they will receive a "faith", an ENVISIONING that will NOT LET THEM turn back.

We gain great relief from this debilitating ignorance by the receiving of the knowledge, by the awakening of this knowledge that lies within us, which delivers us from out of this Darkness and into the Light of the solution. 

Great Light concerning solutions are being given to us.  I want to energize, electrify this within you, for we are entering the day when the doors to our fulfillments, to our purpose on this earth, are being thrown WIDE OPEN.  The enemy of Life is being CAST DOWN for all of those who will overcome by walking into the Light, and receive this Truth.

We cannot change the direction of an entire world that is headed for its destruction.  They are going toward this destruction like a bull headed train under full steam.  But, what about we ourselves?  Do we want to remain in the Darkness, whereby going the same direction on the same train, or COME OUT, and ESCAPE the self-destruction that is presently upon the world???

We are entering a time when the secrets of life, the mysteries of the Word of Jah, are being revealed.  The up to now hidden dimensions of forces that unlock prison doors, and blast down walls life's events have built to hold us psychologically.  It is by these powers now being revealed that we, the captives of Darkness, will be SET FREE into the Kingdom of Light.  The being translated from the Kingdom of Darkness, into the Kingdom of Jahshuah.  

Many are feeling that there is something wrong.  They are right.  You are about to find out what that something wrong is, and the solution.  We are entering the time period when people will be given ALL OF THEIR Elohim given desires EN MASSE!  It is the most glorious time on the earth for those that will receive, but a time of woe for those that will not!!!  This is the Prophesied Salvation that Jahshuah gave us at the cross, and it is being afforded unto those that WILL BELIEVE.

Isaiah writes for Jah in 51:16 . . .

"And I have put MY WORDS in thy mouth, and I have covered thee in the shadow of mine hand, that I may plant (establish) the (new) heavens, and lay the foundations of the (new) earth, and SAY UNTO ZION, thou art my people."

         We were created in the Likeness of Jah.  He is a creator, and a creator by His SPOKEN WORD.  Here He is describing to us how He will use this creative ability that is in our genetic structure to bring forth the Kingdom Age.  Our problem lies in the fact that this genetic structure is buried in the falleness of the carnal mind.

         All of creation was created after the Creator, and therefore created to create.  Everything that we see came forth in programmed creative patterns that caused more to be created from what was already created into existence.  Every molecule has been spun from out of the beginning of creation.  Each arrival of a specific phase of creation was programmed to produce, and by that producing, advance into what we see today, whether in the heavens, or just on this earth.  Jah is a creator who creates to produce, and in that everything is created with a program that also produces. 

          In being created, we were given creative abilities to create with, but do not realize they are abilities that do create.  For our psyches to be fulfilled, we must create that for which we were created to create.  Because of the "fallen contamination", we are forever creating in error, or creating in a realm in which we do not belong, and therefore we are greatly confused and unfulfilled.  By reason of our blindness to the cause of what is happening, we cannot figure out why things have happened as they have, for we have no idea as to what extent we are creator’s who are creating results for ourselves every day of our life!   

We Reap From What We Sow 

          In our being creators, we reap from what we sow.  If we sow seeds of weeds, then we will get weeds.  If we sow seeds of flowers, then we will get flowers.  We cannot get flowers from weed seed, nor can we get weeds from the flower seed.  If we have corruption within, we are going to sow corruption.  

        A person corrupted by the criminal mind is going to create crime.  If a person has frustrations, insecurities, confusions, chaos and strife within themselves, then they are going to produce what they are and sow those weed seeds in their life, and in their social structure of relationships.  

       When we have debt and misery in our life, it is because WE OURSELVES are largely responsible for their creation.  Yes, things are complicated by others and events foisted upon us by the enemy, but if we were walking in Truth, we would have been seeing as we should, and not have allowed those complications to have entered our life. 

          All of our creating begins with an ENVISIONING.  We see something in our mind, think about it, talk about it, and then bring it into being by acting on what we thought and talked about.  It is true of everything we do, even if it is only creating a vacation, or an evening of entertainment for ourselves.  ALL planning is the creative mind in energized motion.  We ARE CREATOR’S, and are using this creative ability everyday of our lives, and our lives are a result of what we created!!!  The troubles that come from what we have created are caused by the contamination in our creative mechanism.  The Light is now shining to show the pathway out of these contamination’s.

          In being delivered from the toxins in our mechanism, our computer will behave as it should, and our fulfilling desires will come forth in their creation just as naturally as did the troubles.  The seed of our genetic code of who and what we really are lies within.  Set that program free, and it will create the life on this planet we all desire.  Let your veil be rent by the entrance of Truth, and you are on the journey to set that encoded program loose in your life.   

The World Creates From The Tree of Death

          The world operates in the realm of lies, and illusions created from those lies.  We can see this by the results it is producing.  Where there is bondage, or misery, there are lies.  In order to stop those results coming into our life, we must stop participating with those lies.  All lies come from the "Tree of Death", and the father of it.  This "Tree" has NEVER produced anything but bondage, for that is ALL that it can produce.  The "seed of its life is in itself".

          The fallen world IS BASED UPON LIES, and the more you come into this Light, the more it will be seen!!!  World events are coming about in a whole different manner than what we are being deceived into believing.  Come out of their created illusions, and you will see what is really coming to pass on the earth.  It is not a pretty sight.

          The more we come into Truth, the more we will come out of not only the illusions of the world, but of the imposed illusions about ourselves, whether they be visions of grandeur, or visions of being a failure, or anything in between. 

          The more we come into Truth, the more our encoded mechanism will be cleansed and set free through that cleansing.  The more the illusions are destroyed, the clearer we become about our designed occupational purpose, and where that occupation can work in its creative Liberty.   

The Crux of This Matter

          We have now come to the crux of this subject.  What makes us become creative beings?  NOTHING!!!  We already ARE creative beings.  Jah IS a creator, and we were created IN HIS IMAGE (likeness).  We are using that creativity EVERY DAY of our lives, whether we realize it or not!!!           

          There are very real unseen natural forces that we ourselves loose, but have no idea of this action, or of its constancy.  By forces, I mean tangible elements that have substance in the unseen realm.

          The more powerful forces in nature cannot be seen.  Gravity has an effect that we can identify, but can you see it?  We can see and feel the effects of wind, but can we see the movement of the air currents themselves?  We can hear sound, but can we see the sound waves traveling across a specific space?

          The same is true of ourselves.  We have built in antenna’s that are receiving data from others, and broadcasting to others from our thoughts created by our emotions.  This goes on every day all day long.  Everyone is emitting electrical currents that carry with them tangible elements of our personality.  Those elements carry GREAT CREATIVE POWER of cause and effect.  The enemy is bent on holding us in his captivity by causing us to create in CONTRADICTION.  This is why we feel oppressed.  They are trying to keep us from the right confessions.  It WILL NOT WORK, for Jah is bringing us out as we go on with Him through His dealings.

          When someone is depressed, you cannot see the feeling being transmitted to you, but boy, can you feel it.  If we are not protected, that person’s depression can infiltrate our own being and suck us down into the same feelings of depression.  Their depression is a negative energy force creating a depressed environment.  There are people who actually LOVE this realm, for it is their self centered vehicle to draw people’s attention unto themselves, and their self pity.

          It is the same with a person who is feeling joy.  Our antennas pick up the emotion of joy, and its creative effects raise us up.  One person is a black hole that sucks the Light from us, and another is a bright star that lights us up. 

          Then there are those that go about stirring up strife, and that strife ignites the fallen ability in ourselves to create strife.  As much as we do not want any part of such activity, the creative powers have seduced us into the very thing we want to avoid.  When one, or both partners in a marriage act out this role, you have one brutal house of horrors.   

         Our entire beings are made up of a cooperating group of net works which is our creative self.  It is not just some individual part of ourselves, but our WHOLE BEING that IS a creator, and that being IS creating with each facet of our being working in league with each other to form what we create.   The more contaminated we are, the more we will create contaminated environments.

          Everything created is first of all created in the unseen realm of thought.  Those thoughts are being transmitted as a tangible creative element from our electrical brain into another dimension where all of creation began in the beginning, and continues to be the realm of creativity unto this day.  We are transmitting conceptual “pictures” from our thoughts developed from our emotions, and net work of grids.  This carries tangible substance into the sphere of creative conception.  That substance is programmed to gather unto itself energized creative seed that drives itself to being planted in our life.  It is especially so when we add fuel to the fire by speaking words inspired by those detrimental thoughts.  It will then just naturally conceive what it is, and birth forth in this natural domain in which we live.  “Kind can only beget the same Kind.” 

          The creative forces have NO MIND of their own.  They do not make decisions as to whether or not they should act on what we have put into motion.  They are just as willing to bring forth evil to our lives as good, and have no conscience of what has been set loose to transpire.  A lion is a wild animal, and in attacking a man just does what is natural for him.  The creative energies just do what they do, and stand ready to be used by anyone who will use them, and will become what they have been programmed to become.  They stand willing, and MOST ABLE to serve. 

          This picture that is bringing forth what it has conceived, is a product of what we Envision.  Not only about ourselves, but about others.  If we are believing this picture we have projected into the creative realm to be Truth, even when it may be a lie, we are going to also speak forth this picture by the use of words. These words have in fact been dictated to our tongue by those thoughts.  Then, and without question, this picture is going to either COME TO PASS, or else re-enforce what already exists!!!  There is NO WAY to stop this from happening!!!  

If what we have Envisioned into the creative realm through our thoughts and words has corruption in it, the creative energy cares not, and just goes about manifesting into our realm of reality with that corrupting contamination.  If the creative energy has corruption in its conceptual seed, it will bring forth a disastrous conclusion to what we Envisioned.  It is a very real energized cause and effect set in motion by we ourselves.   

           In the beginning, Adam and Eve ate of "The Tree of Life".  Therefore, everything they created was from this eating, and not only were they just naturally in the Will of Jah, but also in the Perfection of Life in the Kingdom.  When they fell, they fell by eating of "The Tree of Death".  When they did that, they LOST EVERYTHING that had been afforded to them by Jah, and His Tree of Life.  

           From this fall and on,  they were creating IN CONTRADICTION to the Tree of Life, for that is all they could  create.  Thus, we have the whole unredeemed world lying in this wickedness.  We cannot remain IN this realm and think that we are going to receive from the Tree of Life, and all that Adam and Eve Lost.  It IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!  Nor can we ourselves confess from out of our mouths the knowledge of the Tree of Death, and expect to get anything but that which contradicts the very things we desire from Jah.  How could we expect anything else?

           The "Tree of our own knowledge of good and evil", creates in OPPOSITION to Jah, and Contradicts EVERYTHING He desires for us.  The Tree of Death is full of the total contradiction of The Tree of Life.  This is the very foundation of our problem.

         Jahshuah paid the "Restitution Price", to restore us back to eating of just "The Tree of Life", and in that, RESTORING UNTO US everything that Adam and Eve had in the beginning.  We are brought into this through the works of the Cross, which sets us free.  The way has been opened to us by the death and resurrection of Jahshuah, to put off the "Old Nature", and to put on the "New".  To leave off with the eating of the Tree of Death, and come back to the eating of The Tree of Life.  In NO OTHER WAY can we come out of "Suffering the Contradiction".

          We must make a choice to either think and speak Truth or think and speak Lies, and in making the choice, recognize the ramifications of what we are setting in motion to an inevitable conclusion.    

What Are We in Truth?

          What are we in Truth?    We are ALL a beautiful creation of perfection, but in a very distressing disguise.  Created with talents, abilities, aptitudes intelligence, and a wonderful personality which is hidden behind the "veil of the flesh".  Each of us are different, even as each snow flake differs from another.  Each of us has been created for a reason, and in each of us being different, created for a specific role.  A role in life that NO ONE ELSE could fulfill.  We are each one a special individual, created for a specific purpose.  ANYTHING which speaks against this IS A LIE, and is working hard to hold us in its captivity as prisoners of a war between Light and Darkness so that we will not become our intended perfection.  Not only must we see this for ourselves, but in our top priority of changing ourselves, SEE IT FOR OTHERS as well!!!  You see, our top priority is changing ourselves from being self centered, to being centered on the welfare of those around us.

          The Truth of who we really are is within our genetic code, and therefore INTERNAL.  The lying illusion that refutes the Truth comes from without, and is EXTERNAL.  It is necessary to become ruled from within where Truth has entered our internal being, and reject the being ruled from without by the external construction of Lies.  Instead of speaking the Lies, we must let the rulership of Truth take over our tongue.  We are to stand with the flowers of Truth, and pull out the lying weeds.  It does take time for this to evolve into perfection, but the more we exercise ourselves to this, the more we will be taken over by the perfection that already exists in our genetic code.   

         It is not for us to work hard at thinking positively to get positive results.  The unchecked weeds will just continue to grow, and choke out the flowers we have worked so hard to nurture through trying to think positively.

          We do NOT have to TRY HARD to be creator’s, for we already ARE creator’s.  It is as natural to us as breathing, for that is how we were created.  We are putting forth creative thoughts, and words from those thoughts, every day of our life whether they be flowers or weeds, with NO exercised effort whatsoever.  The “good fight of faith” is not spent in trying to believe.  We are already “believing.  The fight is to CHANGE what we are believing from Lies to the Truth.

          When this comprehension sinks in, we will then receive the incentive to walk into the light which exposes our deeds and whether they be virtuous, or virtue less.  Being enabled to so walk by our incensed desire to have our creative mechanism cleansed.  Being passive will get us no where. We MUST BECOME MILITANT in our approach to being changed. 

          You are a creator, and the Truth is bringing you a deliverance into the purity necessary to create properly.  Our only real effort comes by defeating the rebellion to Truth that is in us all, and walk into the light that RENTS THE VEIL of falleness which holds us in bondage, and keeps our real self hidden. 

          We are already functioning in every way necessary to create the life for which we long.  All we need is the cleansing of this mechanism, and then life itself will cleanse into the perfection designed for us from the beginning. 

            This cleansing is a work of the Holy Spirit and cannot be accomplished only by the efforts of the fallen individual.  The "Sons of Jah" will experience this that has been put forth on these pages in perfection FIRST.  As they develop into this state, they then will teach it to the Bride of Jahshuah, who shall "come out unto Zion" and prepare to meet Him at His coming.  

         It is believing of the things that are NOT so, that should be so, as IF THEY ARE so.  We do not lie down languishing in a false suffering while suffering the contradiction, but rise even higher in the Word of our Testimony against the Kingdom of Darkness, even as Jahshuah Himself who took the keys of death and hell away from Satan while in the Tomb.  

This is why we are "Suffering The Contradiction".  Satan wants to hold us in this captivity, for if he loses us, he then loses everything.  He therefore brings everything he can to dissuade, and discourage us from overcoming unto this Reversal.

Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city

              We are learning that it is the contamination of our genetic structure that holds us back in life.  In being relieved of this contamination by the receiving of the Truth, we become all we were created to be, and will then just naturally do what we were created to do.  In this coming out of the lies, and into the Truth, we become totally fulfilled. 

               It is now time to see the Truth of where this falling from perfection into corruption began.  The evidence of this fall is all around us.  We have understood we are living in a less than perfect world.  Now we find out why.  This next Lesson will open this understanding up to you, and then on other pages, show the resolve.  It is the resolve for which we all yearn.

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"The Fall From Perfection"


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