Faith That Overcomes The Devourer, The Serpent, Satan.

The Warning of The End Times

Faith of the Overcomer and its purpose


Faith That Overcomes The Devourer

We are born into this realm with the fallen carnal mind.  This has been so since the fall of Adam and Eve.  The Serpent DEVOURED THEM, and caused them to leave off with being one with Jah to become one with him.

The whole earth lies in this wickedness, and therefore under the headship of Satan.  If you view any part of it as something good, including our own government, then you have not as yet come out far enough to see things clearly.  We must understand that EVERYONE is born with this carnal mind, and it is this mind that is ruling EVERYONE except those who are truly being redeemed from it.

This mind is under the HEADSHIP of the Serpent / Devourer, and can only think in line with his mind.  The Devourer works fervently to keep us captive, for once we come out from under that headship, he not only has lost us, BUT THE WAR.

Those that are NOT coming out of this mind will be used by The Serpent to war against those who ARE to try and hold them captive.  This is most assuredly so in regard to the "Serpent Ministries" in "Carnal Christianity."  They will not allow Truth into their "Churches", and stand as Satan's  Prison Guards to hold people in Satan's prison.  As it says of this day in Isa. 42:7

I, Jah, have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles;  To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.

Where are the people???  IN PRISON.


What is that prison???  Darkness!  The Kingdom of Darkness that saturates the entire earth!


Do you think it is just "the other guy" that is IN PRISON?  If so, you ARE IN DARKNESS!!!  Yes, you may be in the "coming out", but have you yet escaped everything involved "in participating with her" and her sins?  Anyone that thinks so is not facing reality.  I could prove this just by asking from where do you receive your income?


The greatest mistake I see throughout the "professing Christians", even among those who are called to be Overcomers, is thinking the errors are only in "the other guy."  This is one of Satan's greatest methods for holding one captive.  As long as one deceivably thinks it is just "the other guy" that is being held, HE HAS THEM in his deception of the entire earth!!!  


We need to wake up, realize we are prisoners needing to be set free, and a major matter that holds us is in the matter of income and finances.  If this were not so, then the above scripture WOULD BE A LIE!!!  Everyone can see where the other guy is deceived, but NOT THEY THEMSELVES, for this is the very nature of BEING DECEIVED!!!  


We may see where we were deceived in times past, but not in the present any more than we could see the deception we were in before we were delivered from it.  We must ALL seek Truth, and plead with Jah to show us WHERE WE ARE BEING DECEIVED, and by that deception, being held prisoner!!!  


Satan is deceiving the WHOLE EARTH.  Are we on this planet???  Then how can we expect to come out of the deceptions that cover the whole earth through the carnal mind, if we do not energetically seek Jah on HOW we are being deceived???  This is especially so in our belief systems.  We need MUCH purification in our belief systems to be able to BELIEVE JAH FOR HIS KINGDOM!!!


This IS the very purpose of Jahshuah, and His Sacrifice.  He is the one who is SETTING US FREE from this Kingdom of Darkness ruled by Satan, and into the Kingdom of Jah, the "Restored Gardens of Eden", "The Dwelling Places of Zion" if......IF... we will give ourselves to Him for this purpose.  The Serpent works to hold us, Jahshuah works to SET US FREE!!!


I would like to remind you of something I said in the preface, for this is the main method that Satan uses to DEVOUR us and get us off track.  We MUST understand this one, and it is NOT easily understood.




The entire earth lies in carnality.  That carnality lives in "works", and faith IN those works.  Jah's Kingdom is one of FAITH, and works that are produced by that faith.  These are two opposites that war with each other.  This difference is at the first, very difficult to discern.  The further one enters into the Kingdom of Faith, the more easily discerned it becomes.  Oh, for the day a people get this one.

The question is, do we want to just produce another Tower of Babel based on works, or THE KINGDOM OF JAH???  So far, the only thing that has been produced even unto this day are nothing more than TOWERS OF BABEL!!!  Hear me well.  If you do not agree, then show me where The Kingdom, a "Dwelling Place of Zion" has been produced!!!  It is NO WHERE SEEN, and THIS IS WHY!!!  Nor will it be until we get this one right.

We are born into the Kingdom of Works, and place our faith in those works.  This IS DEATH produced by the Tree of Death, even when it involves works of the Law.  

We have two trees.  One is of Satan's Nature, and the other Jahshuah's.  One is Death, and one is Life.  Satan's nature is "The Knowledge of Good AND Evil", and in that thinking WORKS to become as "god", and believes in those works.  The Tree of Life is a tree of FAITH.  IT IS SO faith that causes what is so in heaven to be so here in this natural realm.

There is no value in the works of the fallen carnal man.  It is ALL hay, wood, and stubble to be BURNED!!!  It is this carnal mind that has produced CARNAL CHRISTIANITY, and is the SAME mind that is working to bring forth the New World Order.  They are working in the SAME Kingdom of works, and is why they are BECOMING ONE with each other, and why we are seeing this joining of Carnal Christianity and our anti-Christ Government right before our eyes.

The horrifying disillusionment that awaits the people that have been taken in by the "Deceiver of the whole world" is beyond imagination.  Stupid men, if they stand with Jahshuah, are going to have to watch their entire family slaughtered before their eyes before they themselves are put to death.  (See Editorial The Coming Persecution)  So, do not mistake what is said here in this series that I am one who does not teach the Law, or our absolute responsibility to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.  These are VITAL SUBJECTS, and in no way want to negate their importance.  My point is, we can know it ALL, but if we are NOT exercising FAITH AS WE SHOULD, we are working in absolute futility.  

Jah's Kingdom is a Kingdom of FAITH!!!  Nothing is produced in it except BY FAITH.  Even the coming into the righteousness, the right standing with the Holy Law.  No overcoming will be accomplished without understanding the difference between these two Kingdom's. 

John tells us that "Faith without works is dead."  I have NO argument with that statement.  However, I would give the converse and say, "Works without FAITH are dead"!  We MUST learn the difference.  Let me just say this.  In every case where works, even of the Law are the focus, people have left off with FAITH FOR THE MANIFESTING OF THE KINGDOM, as they have gone from the Spiritual, to being CARNAL, and I do not care what it looks like.  Satan, who is working to devour us, to keep us in oneness with HIM, is working to keep us IN works.  Jah is telling us to "COME OUT", which coming out is the coming out of WORKS to become righteous, AND INTO THE KINGDOM OF FAITH!!!  Satan, who is working to devour us, to keep us in oneness with HIM, is working to keep us IN works.  Jah is telling us to "COME OUT", which coming out is the coming out of WORKS to become righteous, AND INTO THE KINGDOM OF FAITH!!!  A faith that not only brings things to pass, but brings forth HIS Righteousness IN US.

This series is NO LIGHT MATTER, people.  If you want to escape the horror that is coming, then listen up.  Satan, who is working to devour us, to keep us in oneness with HIM, is working to keep us IN works.  Jah is telling us to "COME OUT", which coming out is the coming out of WORKS to become righteous, AND INTO THE KINGDOM OF FAITH!!!  There will be NO full and complete redemption afforded to ANYONE except BY FAITH.


As you read down through this, remember, when I originally wrote this, I was preaching to MYSELF.  So, even the warnings, the admonitions and rebukes, were a key ingredient of what the Spirit of Jah was saying to ME.  I knew I had to return to the "fear of Jah", and in that, recognize the failure was on MY part, NOT HIS.  This in itself was quite deflating, as I knew how much effort I would have to exert to come out of the trouble I was in.  We are "spiritually lazy" in ourselves.  The flesh wants to be entertained, and have our passive Trusting in Him honored.  That will change nothing, and will leave us RIGHT WHERE WE ARE!!!  


People, I give my personal experiences so that you can identify with what Jah is doing with you.  He works the same with us all, and we ALL are prone to making the same mistakes.  It is sometimes difficult to know what Jah is saying to us, or what is going on with us.  This is why I give my personal experience, for then it will be much easier for you to see what is going on with you.


A crucial part of our overcoming lies in the "Word of our Testimony."  It requires effort to get this confession of faith in line with The Word of Jah IN TRUTH.


Because I hated where I was more than having to exert myself in faith, I was able to use the principles here to climb out, and even to this day, STILL CLIMBING OUT through the Overcoming Faith described in these articles.  I have not reached the pinnacle of perfection in this, or yet come into the full operation of it, but enough to know that I do know what I am talking about.  Because of this experience that Jah so mercifully afforded unto me for the benefit of others, I am somewhat enabled to teach the rudiments of Faith necessary for the Overcoming.  I teach from experience, and NOT just by "revelation" that I myself do not put into practice while expecting others to do so.  


With all of the confusion, all of the clamoring teaching and "Thus saith Jah's" bombarding us from every turn, our greatest problem today with our faith is KNOWING what Jah has REALLY said.  Having faith in what a false teacher / prophet says IS ERROR, is the following, the worshipping, of a FALSE "GOD", and this will NEVER bring forth the results we desire.  


As prophecy clearly states, this is our plight today.  Satan The Devourer has worked OVERTIME to keep us ONE WITH HIM through his lies, deceptions, and accusations, much of which comes from those who are professing believers, but yet still in the carnal mind and therefore under the headship of the Serpent.  


Now do you see why you cannot fellowship with just anyone?  Who do you want to fellowship with?  One who is still under the Serpents Headship, or with one who is coming out of it and under Jahshuah?  The more you fellowship with those who cannot understand, the more you will think you are wrong and they are right.  What is the result of such programming?  If we are not thoroughly determined to stand with Jah no matter what, we are prone TO BEING DEVOURED.


This is why we MUST receive the "Love For The Truth", and then seek Him in this with everything we have.  Our faith MUST line up with what HE SAYS in Truth, and then exercise it with vigor according to HIS instructions to accomplish HIS purpose on this earth.


Do NOT DARE to Contradict Almighty Jah!!!

This is one subject we MUST get through our thick spiritual skulls, or we will never overcome the Devourer.   He is working overtime to cause us to believe HIM, and by that believing, become one with him.  

Because of the programming being foisted upon us with great energy from everywhere in this fallen realm, including the pulpits of "Carnal Christianity", everyone is believing things that are diametrically opposed to Jah, and His purpose.  Not only of the True Purpose of Jah on this earth, but in their own life.   

This is so because of the viciousness of the "Devourer", and the  programming of Jezebel's Babylon, and therefore have not the slightest idea of how much we are believing against Jah, instead of STANDING WITH HIM through Jahshuah with whom we are to be one.  Only those who are willing to come out of this carnality will see it.  Those that are not willing NEVER WILL.  Not even while deceptively thinking they ARE following the Spirit of Jah.

Contradict: To believe contrary to something spoken, or written. To dispute or to deny, is to OPPOSE. To disagree, or deny, is to be in opposition.  

In being seduced to eat of the Tree of Death, and by that eating contradict the Almighty, we are committing High Treason, the penalty of which IS DEATH!!!.

We are in a perilous day, and in that peril, the message is clear. "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve."  We can capitulate unto the contradiction to our destruction, or come out of the contradictions in the victory of Jahshuah unto Glory.

The carnal mind is hostile to Jah and believes exactly opposite of what it should be believing.  The head of all contradictions is The Serpent, and he uses his "Serpent Ministries" in "Carnal Christianity" and our carnal mind to war against us, and therefore against Jah.  It is from this that Jahshuah died to redeem us, and it DOES take His Redemptive Work.   We can submit to that redemption, or remain in our carnal thinking which lies under the Serpentís headship.

Our basic premise is that we, who seek salvation in its completeness, must agree with Jah, our Creator, and not with the accusing contradictions.  We must SEE ourselves as already IN WHATEVER THE MATTER MAY BE THAT WE ARE AT THE MOMENT CONSIDERING IN OUR MIND.  WE MUST NOT DARE to contradict Jah, for doing so is not only committing treason against Him, but we ourselves.  How can we expect to receive what we desire from Him when we are believing exactly opposite of that which we desire to receive?  And, I am NOT just talking about our material needs, but SPIRITUAL.  When we confess our sins, then we must BELIEVE that He has forgiven, and has cleansed us from ALL unrighteousness.  We will NEVER come into this forgiveness and cleansing BUT BY FAITH. 

Our basic problem is that we do not even know where we should be standing, for we do not even know who we are, not only as His creation, but in Jahshuah and His calling to fulfill that purpose of our creation. We are tossed to and fro by every wind that blows against us, for we are not planted firmly in the Vine of Life.  If we are not sure of who and what we really are, how then can we stand against the contradictions of these matters??? We will only believe that which the harassing voices of the enemy want us to believe, instead of the Truth which sets us free from those contradictions.   How can we be men and women of valor if we do not even know where we should be standing, or if we are standing, we are standing on WRONG ground???  It is IMPOSSIBLE to be such, and I can tell you, NO ONE is on the right ground in this day!!!  NO, NOT ONE, or the Kingdom would be manifesting, and so would the Sons of Jah!!! 

Satan is deceiving the whole earth, and we ourselves are being deceived by his contradictions.  He and "Jezebel's Priests of Baal, who appear as ministers of righteousness, work to hold us in their captivity to the contradiction of who and what we really are.  And, for what purpose we are called. We must COME OUT of it ALL if we expect to ever reach fulfillment of our divine destiny!

Each of us must seek our Creator to find out the Truth of who and what we are, and are to do in His master plan. No one can do this for us. Those that try are "being as god" and wanting to rule over others.  If we listen to such people rather than to Jah, then this will only be working to confound the Creatorís will for our life.

During my forty years of being on this trek, I have made about every mistake a person can make. Some of which brought about a terrible humiliating disaster, which is the cross that we must suffer to be purged of the errors in us. Those disasters can seem quite hilarious to me today when I see them in a certain perspective, but believe me, they were certainly NOT hilarious at the time.

I have heard much said about "faith", and what can be accomplished through it, but I believe that most of the teachers are missing some key areas that need to be covered.  It is one thing to stand behind the pulpit to teach on "faith" in the safety of taking up collections from throngs of sheep , and another to be out here in the real world like the rest of us are , with no one to exalt ourselves over, and to fleece. 

 Many have suffered defeat, and have been condemned over it. (i.e.: The "I am a failure before Christ" syndrome)  Do not be so!!!  You may just be more honest than some folks, and see things as they are, instead of contriving a success story to prove your faith.  We might lose a skirmish, which only produces growth in us, but not the war. Even though it might not seem so at the time, failure takes us through the cross episodes to cause growth in us. You can be assured that this walk will not gender pride, as the ego will be thoroughly trashed.  

I mentioned being "worn out" in the preface note. Thatís part of the walk. The "being crucified with our Messiah, nevertheless I live, yet not I, but our Messiah liveth in me." We are "worn out" so that Jahshuah, the True Overcomer, might live.  So, let Jahshuah live.  Learn from the experience, become more determined, and certainly do not let such a time defeat you. We are destined to overcome!!!

Some years back, I ended up on the street, and all alone in freezing temperatures. SO WHAT??? Big deal. What difference did it make to the final outcome??? NONE!!!  Of what real value is life in this world anyway?  If we died with nothing, what difference would it make?  

 By the Grace, and Mercy of Jah, I learned something about my own stupidity, and in overcoming, I learned that faith DOES WORK!!!   I was strengthened by a merciful Elohim to fight my way out of a suppressing cloud of darkness pressed upon me by the entrapment of a situation from which it seemed totally impossible to ever escape. I had been trapped into a "TOTAL CONTRADICTION" of everything that Jah had promised to me, and of which I deceivably thought that I was "Believing." I went through a "Cross", was in the Dark Tomb that was thoroughly sealed with no way out.  This is the time to OVERCOME SATAN even as did Jahshuah.  There will be NO resurrection from such a cruel humiliation except through the overcoming.  Much to my chagrin, by that "Cross" being applied, I had come to see where the enemy had gotten me into many wrongful mental patterns that in fact were causing UNBELIEF, not faith!!!  The Time of the Cross exposes the sin in us, and is sin that we are to give up to Jahshuah who took them upon Himself.


When we are believing Jah for His solution on any matter, the enemy will bring a counterfeit scenario for a solution.  This counterfeit belongs to them, and they rule it.  They can use it to entrap us into a position we should not be in, or pull the rug out from under us to bring a crushing episode to our faith.  It is here we find  of which we  are made, flesh or spirit.  The fallen man, or Jahshuah our New Man.

When a scenario of solution comes, we are without our notice, prone to switching our faith from continuing to be in Jah for His solution, and into the solution that has been presented to us.  As soon as this happens, we have succumbed to deception, and in that, put in a dreadful place as we are ripe for disillusionment.

Our faith MUST REMAIN in Jah, no matter what, whether positive or negative events are taking place.  What has presented itself as Jah's solution, may or may not be Him.  If our faith remains in Him to bring forth our solution, it will NOT MATTER whether or not what we are seeing is, or is NOT His solution.  We just keep going until HIS solution manifests itself.  We are to care for NOTHING ELSE until that comes to pass in Truth, and Reality.

Those truly called by Jah into the realm of "Overcoming faith", will enter into a war zone. Probably one that they have no idea it even exists, let alone how to overcome the enemy in this war. If you have been "called", then the enemy is going to launch his war to try and destroy you. To defeat you by dissuasion. Dissuading through circumstances, entrapments, harassmentís, deceptions, condemnations, fears, inadequacies, insecurities, failures, and any weakness he can find to try and turn you from what you are believing Jah, and to which you are called. Jah gave Satan the right to try and destroy us as we birth forth just as it is stated in Rev. 12. There is no getting around that one. If you are not up to entering the war zone, then go back to nominal, and ineffective "Carnal Christianity."

Now, we do enter a war zone, but it is one that Satan CANNOT WIN!!! It also says in Rev. 12, that WE WON, and won by overcoming, and in that overcoming, we bring forth Satanís total defeat. By the permission of the Word of Jah, he can attack, but he only brings destruction upon his own head by doing so, just as when he crucified Jahshuah. Remember that even while in your darkest hours, STAND IN IT, and tell him so.  Learn to give it BACK to the enemy.  There are many things they do NOT want to hear, like "YOU LOST", and "You will burn for eternity."  It is then quite amazing how quickly the attacks on the mind by clamoring voices seem to desist.

Are We Asking Correctly???

Jahshuah is not only our example to follow, He is in us, and told us that we would do greater works than what He did. That is saying quite a lot. So let us study Jahshuah for a bit, and see who and what He was in the realm of "faith." Faith being that which brings the impossible to pass, which creates results where such results are impossible to obtain.

 Faith is the substance of things hoped for. That is ALL the substance there is when we believe. Faith is also the evidence of things NOT SEEN. That is ALL the evidence there is that something is coming to pass. There will be NOTHING in the natural realm to confirm your "faith." NOTHING! To the contrary, everything in the natural will only serve to prove your faith as error. Probably a TOTAL CONTRADICTION!!! What we see is of NO VALUE to us, except to show us our need. In seeing our need, and usually it is the attack of the enemy that causes that need, we simply solve it through the creative word, defeating the bondage that the enemy has tried to place upon us. Without this need coming to light, we would not have needed to solve it, and that is why that need has become apparent to us. Satan has done us a favor without realizing it.

When Jah looses His creative Word, He calls the things that are not, as though they were. I remind you that He created the heavens and the earth from OUT OF NOTHING! He paid no attention to the "nothingness." It had NOTHING to do with what He was bringing forth. Naturally, nothing existed, or He would not have needed to bring it into existence. He simply created what He did not have, but DESIRED, and needed for His purpose of putting down Satan and his rebellion. He did so by SPEAKING IT into existence. It is the speaking forth the creative word to create that which we desire, but do not have. The "do not have" is what we are rectifying, and doing so by the creative word. We are created in the image of Jah, and therefore have this same ability within us that He has.  

(I would add here that this even has to do with where we are short in His Righteousness.  His Righteousness comes forth in us BY FAITH and the working of that faith to cause HIS will to be worked in us.)

Jahshuah had been trained His whole life to walk in "faith", a super natural realm. He was naturally super natural, and super naturally natural. His mother new that He was an adept, a "Master" of this mystical power of faith. She already knew that He could change water into wine, and asked Him to do so even before His actual ministry had begun. He did not tell her thatís impossible. They both already knew that He could do it if He wanted to because of what she had already seen him do. He gave in to His motherís request, and did just that. He did not pray for an hour in tongues first, or jumping up and down shouting, nor did He pray to find out if it was the Will of His Father. He just did as His mother requested. He just spoke forth, and turned the water into wine. 

This man is IN US!!! And, He knows how to loose this power, and believe me, it is an incredible power that changes the facts of reality into desired results. There is NO WAY to stop such power. He showed it all through His life in ministry, and certainly when He walked on water, and fed a throng with very little, by creating that very little into abundance. He did not walk on water because He was so Holy. No, He possessed a power, and knew how to use it. A power that was developed in Him, and is now being developed in, and bestowed upon we who are ready to do the Will of Jah on this earth. If we yield, He will teach us His way in this, so we can walk in that path.

Even Peter walked on the water until his eyes got on the storm. and then let that sight seep into his logicís which killed his faith. That problem is innate in us all, and we are to overcome such fears to doubting.

Jahshuah did not teach about how to loose this power to the masses, but He sure did to His disciples. This teaching is NOT for the masses, but for the manifesting Sons of Jah, who will walk in this power and authority, and by it, turn the world upside down.

We find His basic premise for loosing this power, for learning how to loose it in us, in Mark 11:23 - 26. He had cursed the fig tree, and IT DIED!!! Why He did that is another story, and one that is much more than anyone has ever told you, but I shall refrain from that for now. The main thing here is that He was teaching His disciples the basics of "Loosing Faith", or this super natural power that DOES BRING RESULTS. Since you all have Bibles, and should use them when reading ANY article, I will not print the scripture here. Most of you know it by heart anyway. I will only point out some key issues of what He taught on this subject, and if we expect to ever accomplish the miraculous on this earth through  Jahshuah,  then we must learn what our teacher taught, and walk in that path.

Let me warn you, this is not something that you will just all of a sudden start doing in perfection. We all have this ability in us, but it MUST BE DEVELOPED just like any other talent, or ability that we may possess. A singer may be a born singer, but it still takes hours of work for that individual to become a proficient singer. It is true of any talent, or ability. It must be trained, and developed. This is accomplished in the "WAR ZONE", and is the ONLY reason that the war zone even exists. It exists to DEVELOP, and TRAIN us to be Overcomers by the use of spiritual arms to bring about the defeat of the Kingdom of Darkness, not only in our own lives, but in the earth as well.

Jah IS the author and finisher of our faith.  I am NOT trying to say that we can do this of ourselves.  I am only pointing out how we are to exercise ourselves in His Authoring this faith in us.

The Creative SPOKEN Word.

I have heard many "faith teachers" preach from this scripture, but NEVER have I heard even one of them quote Jahshuah's opening statement,  "Have faith in Jah."   He is the author and finisher of our faith!!!   It is He that is drawing you into this power, will teach you through trial and error experience caused by the war that is working for our good, and is more than able to BRING YOU INTO this power!!!   The "Elijah Company" WILL BE caught over into the authority of Jahshuah.  Know that, and do NOT FORGET IT!!! You could not hear even one word of what I am saying here, unless He WAS calling you.  

His opening remark is VITAL for us to remember in loosing our faith, and is the VERY FIRST THING we must learn.  I have written much on Faith and Trust elsewhere, so I shall not repeat it here.  Just always keep in mind that our faith begins IN HIM, is to NEVER leave being IN Him, and in that, never restrict Him with our own scenario's and time tables.

Then, Jahshuah says, "WHOSOEVER" follows this teaching will have results. That means ANYONE!!!  Anyone can do it, if He will fight through in the war against the enemy to the victory.  That means EVEN YOU, or even me for that matter.  What is the "whosoever" suppose to do???  SPEAK FORTH! Say it with YOUR MOUTH!!!  Whosoever does so, (and here is the tough part) without DOUBT in his heart, he SHALL HAVE whatsoever he has spoken forth.  When Whosoever says WHATSOEVER in faith, IT SHALL TAKE PLACE!!!  Is that an awesome power, or not??? 

The problem is two fold.  First,  the "doubt", and we ALL have a problem with it!!!  Donít think that you are the Lone Ranger if you are honest with yourself, and realize this.  I will deal with doubt, and how to overcome it a bit later. Right now, I want you to see the principles of "Loosing Faith", this awesome creative word that brings about desired results, where everything in the natural CONTRADICTS those results.   And two, finding the ground on which we are to loose this faith.  If we want Jah finishing our faith, then we must get on the ground He has called us to.

Then He mentions a most important word "DESIRE." "WHAT EVER YOU DESIRE!" Believe that ye receive them (meaning already received . . . i.e. "calling the things that are not as though they were"), "YE SHALL HAVE THEM"!!!

This is Jahshuah, who is ALL TRUTH, speaking. He KNOWS what He is talking about. He is an adept, a MASTER in the realm of "faith", or CREATIVE POWER!!! He says ... Whosoever, and whatsoever He desires, and speaks in this creative power, WILL COME TO PASS!!! 

This creative power is not a thing just inherent in Him, as He says WHOSOEVER! ANYONE can attain unto it, and the above is the basic understanding of HOW IT WORKS. It is only for us to start learning it, by TRYING IT!!! We are not as yet accomplished Masters of the creative word. It is what we will become, if we START, and KEEP GOING no matter what happens!

He then goes into how important having forgiveness in your heart toward EVERYONE is in loosing this power. This I also will cover a bit later, and what all is involved with forgiveness. Jahshuah forgave EVERYONE, and DIED for us all. However, He will still send those that rejected Him, and that forgiveness, to the LAKE OF FIRE!!! 


There is much that needs to be taught on forgiveness, that I have not as yet heard anyone speak on. At this point, I just remind you that this is a key issue for the loosing of creative power. Remember it. We are not being developed into this power for our personal vengeanceís, but for the "saving of souls", and the loosing of them from Satan, and His Kingdom of Darkness,  as well as our own well being. 


Jahshuah said, "whatever we desire", knowing that as we walk with Him, there will be many things that we will NEVER desire, or even have any reason to desire. Please understand though that this "whatever" means just that, even if it is NOT the Will of Jah. Some people believe the lie that something will not come to pass if it is not the Will of Jah. OH YES IT CAN!!!   The whole earth has been developed in the Counterfeit Faith of WORKS, and is why it lies in wickedness.  Go through a major metropolis and see what has been created.  Man is a creator, and boy has he ever created, but in creating, has done nothing more than created a fallen monstrosity.  That is why we want to make sure that what we are bringing forth is of Jah.


Most make the mistake of believing Jah from the wrong perspective. That is, "Believing" Jah for matters concerning their own comfort zone, their OWN kingdom lifestyle, in Babylon.  That is TOTALLY CARNAL, and anyone having success from this standpoint, is following a counterfeit Messiah, a BLEMISHED LAMB!!! It is from this that we are being redeemed, and from which we want to come out.


Certainly He provides our needs, and we are to believe Him for that, if....IF....we are seeking the Kingdom and His Righteousness FIRST.


We are not here to be preoccupied with the building of our own kingdoms. This comes from the fallen nature that wants to be its OWN god, to build its OWN kingdom, and run its life by its OWN knowledge of good and evil, subconsciously thinking that Jah and His Word are under our authority, and to be used by us for our OWN purpose on this earth.


Here is an axiom that should be remembered.  Jahshuah IS "The Creative Word."  By HIM were the heavens and earth made.  He is in submission / subjection to Jah the Father of us all.  When we are exercising our faith through the Creative Word, we then MUST leave this in submission to Jah, of how it comes to pass.  

When we exercise this ability through the fallen nature, it automatically becomes in submission to ourselves, for this nature IS "ITS OWN GOD", and therefore devilish.  This nature wants to control the coming to pass in its own scenario and timing.  This IS ERROR, and the enemy will use this against us to keep us eating from the Tree of Death if they can.

This correct usage of the Creative Word cannot be done without exercising TRUST, faith in Jah to accomplish it.  Sometimes our faith will be tested, for the trying of our faith worketh patience, but if we stand without wavering, it SHALL come to pass.

Remember, this "Creative Word" is CREATING OUR LIFE!!!  Those that are called into the Overcoming will desire to be in submission to Jahshuah, and He is in submission to Jah.  Using this Creative Word correctly brings us into that submission, for it IS creating our path in HIS WILL, delivering us from being "our own god" in this fallen world, thus from BABYLON!


It is true that we should have everything that the faith teachers say that we should have. I havenít any argument with them on this. Poverty, sickness, and death, are ALL of the fallen Kingdom of Darkness world. Any of these matters being in our life ARE ILLEGAL, if we are in Jahshuah, and being translated from the Kingdom of Darkness, into the Kingdom of Jah.  This is so even if we are yet still only on the way toward manifesting the Kingdom of God on this earth. The fact of the matter, the true reality is, we are WEALTHY, HEALTHY, LIVING, WARRING KINGíS, and QUEENíS on our way to total victory, and the TOTAL DEFEAT of Satan and his whole anti-Messiah Kingdom of Darkness regardless of what stage of the overcoming unto this victory that we may be in.

In being redeemed, we are brought out of this Kingdom of Darkness, and into the Kingdom of Light. This is a redemptive process that takes us from being centered on our own things, to being centered upon Jahís. His purpose is to bring forth HIS KINGDOM on this earth THROUGH HIS SAINTS!!!  This seeking the Kingdom, and His righteousness, MUST HAVE preeminence in our minds, or we will NEVER succeed in our walk of faith with Jahshuah in victory, or come into the TRUE fulfillment and satisfying of our desires.  Doing otherwise takes us into the counterfeit realm of faith, which is total deception that has many bound up under Satanís authority while they deceivably think that they are under Jahshuahís.  While thinking they are great people of faith and therefore Overcomers of the deceiver, they have in reality been OVERCOME BY THE DECEIVER.

We sometimes believe for something without even realizing that we are believing for it, because the thought processes can be so subtle we do not consciously realize that they are occurring. When it comes to pass, we think that Jah has done some marvelous thing for us, when He had nothing to do with it whatsoever. Just because our "faith" has brought something to pass does NOT mean that it is something done in Jahshuah. 

The proof of this is especially seen in Mat. 7:22. They all operated in a "faith", or they could not have accomplished what they did. Yet, it was NOT OF Jah!!! 

There are many who see things coming to pass by "their faith", and think that it is of necessity, Jah. That is NOT SO! As far as I am personally concerned, most of what I see happening today by "faith", is NOT of Jah, but of the carnal minded flesh. Donít be so gullible to accept every "miracle" as being of Jah. TEST IT OUT! Those that are in the "carnal faith", will be the WORST ENEMIES of Zion, and the last great move of Jah. Their carnal mind will inevitably call good evil, and evil good!

In believing properly, we enter into a war zone. A war zone that Satan is very serious about. Those that are called to walk in the True, and correct realm of faith, are called into that faith to annihilate Satan, and his whole anti-Messiah beast system that is ruling the earth today. He will not accept defeat, and will work hard to try and prevent it. If things havenít gone well for you in life, now you know why. 

It is time to stop feeling condemned over any failure of faith that has resulted from this war, and know that Jahshuah is MORE THAN ABLE to bring you through to His victory over Satan, and his Kingdom of Darkness. You also are going to find out how to apply Satanís defeat that came by our Messiah through His cross, tomb, and resurrection, to Satan, and change your life for the better, FOREVER!!!

"Faith", or the power of the mind, can be loosed in either of two ways. Through the flesh, the "Tree of Death" fallen mind by the tempting, and help of deceiving devils, or through the Tree of Life by the Holy Spirit, and not from just our mind, but up from out of our spirit. One way is destined for death, the other for Eternal Life. 

The mind has incredible powers, some of which we are activating every day of our lives without realizing what we are doing. Then we wonder how we got into such predicaments, right? Oh, the wiles of the devil that can entrap us through our ignorance.

The world is full of the "fallen faith", and much has been written on how to succeed through the power of thinking "correctly" to bring about desired "positive" results.  Everything in BABYLON has been built through the "faith" of the carnal mind.   Iíve been there, and believe me, IT WORKS!!! But for the Grace of Jah, I would have been trapped in it, thinking that I was in the "Power of God", as are so many.  It WAS the ability that He created in my being in His image, but the use of it had NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Jah.   Even this worked for my good though, as I found out that it WORKS, no matter which side you are on!!

We were created in the "Image of Jah." Whatever abilities He has, WE HAVE!!! He created the heavens, and the earth, from out of nothing!!! This is the all powerful creative Word. When it is loosed, NOTHING CAN STOP IT, even if it has been loosed from an unredeemed carnal mind unless the hand of judgment enters into it.. The whole "beast system" is being created on this earth through this power by those who are adepts in such knowledge. As Moses in Egypt, we are to grow stronger through our Messiah, and His authority, than these present day "magicians" whose faith is destined to corrupt upon themselves, and DIE!

My point is this. That which looses faith, creative faith, is the same no matter which mind we are in, whether the carnal fallen mind, or the "new man", the mind of Jahshuah. BOTH WORK when loosed properly. It is why Jahshuah said "whosoever", and "whatsoever." He was a Master, and knew the power well, and, WHO COULD USE IT!!! ANYONE THAT WANTS TO!!!

The fallen will be preoccupied with their own life on this earth. Preoccupied with their own reputations; self exaltations; their own little world that satisfies their ego. They give themselves away by what their tongue speaks from out of the abundance of their hearts. The mind of Jahshuah is just the opposite. 

In serving Jah to manifest His Kingdom, and victory, we cannot be held in bondage to poverty, sickness, or DEAD!!! A person in financial trouble is being held in bondage, slavery to the world, and will never have the means to accomplish what he has been called to in this day. Satan, and the "Queen of Heaven", will do everything they can to hold us in that bondage, for a poor man has not the ability to do and act. As long as he is letting Satan have ANY victory over him, he will never rule, or come into the "Overcomerís authority" through the Blood. 

A person who is sick is seemingly of no value to anyone. Neither is a DEAD PERSON!!! So yes, these matters MUST BE OVERCOME, but overcome for the purpose of establishing Jahshuahís Kingdom on this earth, NOT OUR OWN!!! In this, EVERYTHING that we ourselves ever wanted WILL BE REALIZED, and received. They will be "added unto us", for if we can loose the Kingdom on this earth, we sure enough can loose "whatsoever" our needs may be. Our renewed mind will just naturally put thoughts into action to cause this to happen.

  This is written to encourage those in the overcoming to overcome.  It is NOT written to condemn ANYONE.  We all have our struggles, our failures, and dealings by Jah.  The walk of faith in Jahshuah has many facets.  I published an Editorial by Nancy Becker Titled, "Do Not Despise Affliction."   It is written by one who has been there in the fight of faith concerning health.  Everyone should read the article.  I wrote the following note in response at the end:

Are we to overcome poverty, sickness, and death???  CERTAINLY.    I believe that some are called to overcome EVERYTHING that Satan, and his fallen world throws at us, including the last enemy to be defeated which is death itself, and I believe it absolutely.  However, we are also suppose to overcome all sin in our life.  Right???  Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.  We have also been enabled to defeat / overcome DEATH!!!  Should we condemn ALL that have died for lack of faith???


I see many things in my life yet to be overcome.  Do I let anyone condemn me over this lack???  Do not ever try it , for you will find out first hand the answer in quick time!!!  I carry a very sharp sword, and know how to use it.


Jah is THE Author, and finisher of our faith.   If we condemn a person that is truly walking with Jahshuah for lack of faith for whatever reason, what we in reality are doing is condemning the work of Jah in that person.  We do not see what He sees, or know what each individual needs to prepare them for their position in eternity.  The eternal consequences are far and above the most important matter pertaining to this life we are presently suffering.  Jah has designed a path for each of us that will cause that development in us.  We are not to judge a person for walking that path, but encourage, edify that person, and Praise Jah they are IN THE WALK with Jahshuah.   As Betty said quite well, we are in a "WIN WIN situation.  We cannot lose!!!


I have seen the proud ego's go about condemning the sick, and saying judgment is upon them for sin, or their lack of faith.  Doing this that is, until they themselves became ill.  Where they condemned all doctors, they now were seeing one.  Where they condemned all hospital care, they were now in one.  Condemning others is a dangerous thing!!!  Remember it!


I have had friends who acquired a deadly illness.  I watched them fight what was seemingly a losing battle, and they eventually died.  Was it a losing battle???  Hardly.  Their growth in Jahshuah was phenomenal, and they would not have experienced that growth in any other way.


I have stood with such in prayer, and did my best to edify them unto victory.  They surely did come into victory.  It was not the "victory" that I desired for them, but a greater one than I had first imagined.


Our first overcoming is WITHIN!!!  NOT in outward appearance.  As with Paul, we must overcome to the place where we can be content in ALL SITUATIONS.  By that, I do not mean surrendered to whatever it is that is afflicting us in any area, including natural realm poverty, or some sin that so easily besets us.  We are NEVER to surrender to anything from which Jahshuah died to redeem us.  Our surrender IS TO BE TO Jahshuah, and our faith and trust in Him to bring forth the victory in us HE desires for our development in Him.  This supercedes everything else.


In my thinking, the struggle with health is the most difficult thing to face in this life.  I have had many trials, but very little in the health realm.  Neither do I want any.  I have enough to deal with without that one.  Even though I have not experienced much of this, I have learned to identify with the individual so suffering, and do what I can do in love toward them.  I have a genuine compassion for such people.   We must REFUSE to be a "friend of Job" at ALL COST, or we will find ourselves in the same battle to teach us a lesson.  The Pedestals of the ego ARE MOST FRAGILE!  REMEMBER IT!!!  NEVER condemn a person in a walk that you yourself have never walked, or fought to overcome.  You will make a fool out of yourself, and be too ignorant to even realize what kind of donkey you look like before Jah.

In the following, I am going to list some precepts involved with the "Loosing of Faith." Know that they are immutable laws. There is a mystical, or to put it in a term you can understand, a super natural realm. A realm of POWER that causes things to happen!!! You are USING THIS POWER every day of your life, whether you realize it or not. EVERYONE IS! That is just the way that you were created. We are the SUM TOTAL of what we THOUGHT, SPOKE, and DID, in times past. Everything happens by thought, word, and deed. What we think, we speak, and what we think and speak, we end up doing. 

Take a look at yourself. Where are you??? Now go back and see how you got there. Donít tell me that you did not think, speak, and act in anyway to be where you are today. If you think not, then you need a healing of your memory. 

I cannot set out for Alaska, and end up in China. I go exactly where I intended, or believed by fearing that I would end up there. (Job saying, "The thing I feared the most came upon me.") 

Go back over your own life. When you see how this has already been working in you, then you will know that IT DOES WORK!!! Seeing that it works excites faith in you. We just need our mind redeemed, renewed from wrong thinking and being conformed unto this world, into being conformed unto the mind of Jahshuah, and His thoughts, words, and deeds.

(NOTE:  Certainly events come our way that were not of our own doing.  I am only speaking of that which we ourselves have created.)

Our problem is, Satan does his best to make us think HIS WAY that he plans out for us, to keep us in his bondage. Through the redemptive work of the Blood by the Holy Spirit, we are to be redeemed from out of the bondage mentality, and into the Liberty of Jahshuah, and His Kingdom. Utilize this ability, this POWER to "create" that is in you, as I describe below, and you will become a warrior that is loosed from Satan, and the "Queen of Heavenís" bondage, and translated into the manifesting Kingdom of Jahshuah upon this earth. In developing this POWER in Jahshuah, you will be employed by Him to set loose the entire destruction of the Kingdom of Darkness, as spoken by ALL of the Holy Prophets FROM THE BEGINNING under the anointing of Jah Himself!!! So listen up.

This is a VERY SHORT article, and not intended to be complete in itself. There is much to be revealed concerning where we should stand in faith with Jahshuah,  and how to do so. Just the two subjects "The Power of the Passover Anointing", and "Overcoming by the Blood, the Word of our Testimony, loving not our lives unto the death", are extremely important subjects that must be understood.   Especially the "Word of Our Testimony."  This IS our confession of FAITH.  What WE BELIEVE.  What are we to believe, and therefore by that faith, confess???  The Word of Jah.  We are to CONFESS / PROFESS the Word of Jah in FAITH, calling that which is not, AS SO!!!

For instance, "Babylon IS FALLEN."  The "Smoke of her burning goes up forever and ever."  The Overcomers will by their confession, by their "testimony", will CAUSE THIS TO COME TO PASS!!!  This is so for EVERYTHING they shall be instructed to SPEAK FORTH.  By this authority in Jahshuah, the Kingdom of Darkness WILL BE DESTROYED!!!

When we do NOT know how to pray, then we should PRAY THE WORD.  Is the Word Jah's will for our life???  Certainly.  We pray His Will by HIS Word, and leave the coming to pass of that Word in subjection to HIM!!!

We in fact need understanding of the WHOLE Word of Jah. Not just some disconnected scriptures that we use for our own purpose in "loosing faith" to get what we "lust" for. Lust and desire have two very different meanings.)

1. The Power of the Imagination

The power of the imagination ALWAYS takes precedence over the power of the will!!! It brings our will into subjection to it, for our thinking controls our direction.  Our Israelite Ancestors imagined that the "giants" were too much for them.  Their imagination took over their will, and sent them right into unbelief for which they were judged with the sentence of DEATH.

We need to cast down "vain imaginations", but exercise our will, our desires to that which we can "imagine", or visualize in Jahshuah. By "vain imaginations", I mean that which the enemy wants us to think, to visualize, maybe through fear, that is in direct conflict with the promises of Jah. We cannot be one with Satan, and receive from Jah. We cannot receive from Jah, BUT BY FAITH. We just need to come into the understanding of what TRUE faith is. We must visualize what Jah has promised to us, and keep our confessions in line with that which we are imaging. This looses power that changes todayís reality to that which is being visualized, imagined, BELIEVED!!! 

Being passive in your will is a MISTAKE!!! The "waiting on Jah" is NOT a state of passivity. A passiveness of mind and will. That is where the enemy wants you, and NOT Jah!!! It is for certain that Jah is NOT PASSIVE!  Find a man of Jah in the Bible who had a "passive will."  Read the Psalms and see how many times David said "I will", such as "I WILL walk in His ways", and "I WILL hate the false ways." The action of the will is extremely important, and is to NEVER BE PASSIVE. Our wills ARE CONTROLLED by WHAT WE THINK, visualize, and imagine!!! 

We first of all think, then we speak it, and then end up doing it. The doing is our will in action. If we are "doing / acting" in error, we are exercising our will power TOO LATE!!! It has to begin IN OUR THINKING!!! We must CAST DOWN our vain imaginations with a STRONG WILL, with FERVOR, and force ourselves to visualize, imagine, correctly.  Jah works HIS WILL in OUR WILL, both to WORK, and to do His good pleasure, NOT IN OUR PASSIVENESS!!!

Read about Jacob in Gen. 30:34-43.  Jacob new the power of the imagination, of visualizing, and knew it so well, that he knew that it would work even with animals.  Read that scripture and see what he accomplished.  Remember, Abraham was taught by Noah, who was taught by his fathers, including Adam.  Jacob learned from Isaac, who learned from Abraham. They were also adepts in the "Power to Visualize" something into existence. This story of Jacob, and the animals, PROVES IT!!! Those genes are IN US, and will work the same for us just as it has for WHOSOEVER has ever loosed this super natural power that changes reality into what is visualized.

Jahshuah was not even being passive when He gave up His life on the cross.  If He had been, He would never have made it to the cross, but would have "saved Himself."   It took a strong will to believe His Father to go through the ordeal.   It appears outwardly that He was "passive", as He let Himself be crucified.   However, that was not so inwardly.   He knew the "Will of Jah", and set Himself in oneness with that Will.  We set our will to the choices that we make.   If we do not set our will to a particular choice, then no choice was made.   A choice is a "willful decision", and takes Will Power to carry out that choice. 

There have been times I gave up something of my life to the cross, and I can tell you, it took will power to choose to do so. Everything in me wanted to "SAVE MYSELF" from what was happening.  I had to willfully give it up, and that BY CHOICE.   A submissive will is NOT one that is passive.  It is an ACTIVE WILL brought into subjection of Jahshuah.  

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, WILL of Jah.

For it is Jah which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

Jahshuah could have saved Himself from the cross, and even prayed to be delivered from it. Coming to, and knowing the Will of God His father, He chose not to save His life, but to give it up.  He chose to "give up His life" for the saving of others. If His will had not been exercised to give up His life, He never would have been able to go through it, but would have turned away from doing such, and SAVED HIMSELF!  He was obedient unto the death of the cross.  Being obedient, especially when it is most distasteful to do so, takes action from the personís will.  In doing this, the Master of Power in Faith, could NOT BE HELD BY THE GRAVE.  He overcame the death with violent faith that defeated Satan in the ethereal realm.  He, in the Will of Jah, blasted out with the overcoming power that is now afforded unto us.  When in Sheol, He taught the "captives" who had died before Him, and they too resurrected with Him.  They were seen in the streets of Jerusalem, and it scared the Priests silly.  Because of that victory, Satan cannot any longer hold us.

Through the "Master of the power in faith" who is in us and is our New Man, we too can blast our way out from Satanic bondageís. Empty out, concentrate on that "imaginative" thought pattern. Visualize the subject, or object, then send out the message. Let the force of the imaginative thought LOOSE.  Put it into action. Concentrate, penetrate into the creative faith realm, loosing that which changes todayís circumstances, environment, into the desired results.  Do not procrastinate, become passive or lazy about loosing the creative word.  Nothing can stop the loosed faith. It is power in motion, if you put it in motion, and KEEP IT IN MOTION.  Donít let up. Pound at the enemyís wall EVERYDAY, without relenting. Elijah prayed, spoke the creative word, UNTIL IT CAME TO PASS. He did not let up until it did!!!  The gates of hell that hold us captive will not prevail against the followers of Jahshuah.

Remember, we were created in the image of Jah. Yeah, we are fallen, and far short of His Righteousness, but we are being redeemed through the redemptive processes. When He speaks, IT IS SO, and that same ability is in us, for we were created with it. He created us with every facet of ability that He has, and this POWER that is ALREADY IN US ALL, is being ignited, fueled, and energized by Jahshuah the Living Word, for HIS purpose on this earth.  (i.e. "I have put my words in your mouth to establish the heavens, and the earth."  Isa 51:16)

To be like Jahshuah, we must visualize, and speak forth that vision, as though it is already so.  The "IT IS SO", seeing it AS SO!  As you do this, watch for the lies coming and pressing against your mind that the enemy has fed you in the past to negate your faith.  Throw those thoughts DOWN, and TRAMPLE UPON THEM!  Don't let ANYTHING take you away from it being so.  Especially not an impersonator of the Holy Spirit.  Oh, how the "Spirit of Jezebel" loves to counterfeit the Spirit of Jah.  It is rampant in the world, and especially in the United States, her MAIN COUNTRY from which she rules.

2. Three conditions for optimum effectiveness:

A. Desire   This is the spark that lights the fire. This is something that Jah places in us through a mystery of His working.  He works to develop desire until it is strong.  This is NOT lust of the natural man, but desire that comes from deep within. It must come from our inner most being, or spirit. We all have desires, things that we WISH were so, but arenít. Wishing wonít get it done. We can only please Jah through faith, not by wishing!!! 

Jahshuah said "whatsoever you DESIRE." Jah will replace the wishing with DESIRE if we let Him, and that is what we will put into action through faith BELIEVING, and in believing, loosing the creative word as He instructed.   When He places a desire within us, it WILL BURN, and that desire will KEEP US GOING.

Babies get their diapers changed when they cry. NOT SO WITH SONS!!! If we are just "waiting on Jah" to change things for us, we are more than likely making a big mistake, and falling into a Satanic deception to keep us in a bondage that Satan created for us. It takes the overcoming by putting faith to the desires. Get out of the "wishing", and the "waiting", and into creating the result you desire. We have been given everything that we need to do so, including the authority of  Jahshuah.

B. Discipline. The disciplined mind keeps going, succeeds. The undisciplined falls away. Just as a child, effort must be taken to discipline the mind. Yes, this is a work being authored by Jah, but we MUST lend ourselves in cooperation.  It does not just happen without discipline.  Resist the vain, useless, damaging imaginations: and all such anti-faith thought patterns. This takes disciplined effort of the mind to do so, bringing ALL into the subjection of Jahshuah, the Master of Faith.

Do not let yourself be caught in procrastination. Set a time to practice this profession of faith EVERYDAY, and at the SAME TIME of everyday. The early morning is best, and IS a "Set Appointed Time" that He meets with us, and ministers to us. So many in the Bible mentioned the early morning, as even David did. It sets the mental patterns for the day. When the enemy brings up the item during the day (and he surely will), we then have the ground to which we can immediately go to that we set for ourselves that morning.

There are some who get up early to meet with each other.  The morning is for Jahshuah and we ourselves to get into personal harmony for His purpose during the day. Meeting with others can distract from this, and is oh so evident in some that do so.  

We are to have personal goals in our personal intimate relationship with Jahshuah, and first thing in the morning sets that relationship in order for the whole day. This keeps our minds on that track when we discipline our minds to that track of thinking that we establish with Him. Only then are we ready to face the world, and our environment during the day.

Jahshuah made a point of getting alone with Jah to keep Himself in line. THEN He was ready to meet with others. Do not feel coerced through condemnation to meet with others when it isnít right to do so. It will only serve to get you side tracked!!!

Do not let your mind "wander in the wilderness" of unbelief, or fear, wondering if it will really come to pass, or how, or when. Discipline your mind to say "IT IS SO", refusing the wandering / wondering of the wilderness. You do not want to die there! If you are assured that you are being one with Jah on the issue, there is NO NEED TO QUESTION IT!!! Questioning it is NOT OF Jah, but of the devil.

Push with force while rejecting, overpowering that which in your mind tends to doubt, or fear. Remember the Kingdom Mandate to conquer, to subdue. Those are MILITANT TERMS. You are in a war zone with an enemy that wants you to stay in the same bondage of contaminated mental patterns. BREAK OUT! Picture that which hinders your faith dying on the cross with our Messiah. Take the blood over it, and it will cleanse you through the cross experiences. Push your confession with inner force, overcoming that which is dying, and in reality, DIED with our Messiah.

Go back and study why our Israelite ancestors failed to immediately take the Kingdom, the Promised Land. They are our PRIZE EXAMPLE for unbelief. That unbelief became their judgment unto death, for that unbelief was a sin, a direct violation of the Law of Jah. By the mercy of Jah, we shall come out of that unbelief, that lies within us all. Our Messiah DIED to bring us out, to redeem us from unbelief, and His blood covers us while this work is done in us.

Make a list, and discipline yourself to changing those matters. What we believe in our heart, we will speak with our mouth. The tongue speaks from the abundance of the heart. Start listening to yourself. It can be very revealing, and in that, quite embarrassing. Update the list as you grow into new dimensions of faith. Things will become clearer, as this exercise does wonders to clean up, and clear up, the mind. Remember, this is not just we ourselves doing this, but is Jah, who is really the one developing this ability that is in us. Our number one thought is . . HAVE FAITH IN Jah!!!


C. Action. You must take the action of releasing faith in the power, during meditation. Take the time to visualize, to meditate upon that which you are bringing to pass. Train your mind through that thought process. Through that discipline, loose your desires. Desires are held in bondage because they are not loosed in power, and it takes discipline to set them loose through continued action. It is a war zone with an enemy trying to get us off track. They cannot stop the power of this faith. They can only dissuade, distract, etc., but THEY CANNOT STOP US!.  Pound at their "Walls of Jericho" EVERY DAY with the IT IS SO!

3. The obstacles that must be overcome.

A. Doubt:  It nullifies faith naturally, causes loss of power to that which has already been loosed. Defeat doubt by seeing everything in positive light. The good side of everything. If you look, you will see it. I. e. "Everything works for good" type of thought patterns. If you feel something constricting your "heart" area in your body while trying to "believe" for something, it will NOT work. Break through to the assurance,. the relaxed "it is so", and SHOULD BE SO.  Then start your process of believing the matter into existence. Get clear first!!! Being relaxed sets more creative energy loose. Insecurity, pressure, timings, scenarios, and so many other things can cause doubt, which puts our faith in bondage, and that keeps US, as well as Jahshuah in us, in bondage to the world, and specifically, the "Queen of Heavenís" Babylon!

If you struggle with doubt (and who doesnít), it is because you are visualizing yourself incorrectly. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Life has crushed us into seeing ourselves LESS than what Jah created us to be. 

(Note: This is a very long subject. Just know that your creator knew what He was doing when He created you, and is more than able to bring you into EVERYTHING that He created you to be, and that is a WHOLE LOT MORE than you ever even imagined.

We cannot bring forth the Kingdom, and be used by Jah to destroy the Kingdom of Darkness, if we see ourselves from a crushed down point of view. Get to really know yourself, and what Jah created you to be, and also, what you are in Jahshuah. Change how you visualize yourself. I am not talking about becoming pride filled over how great you are. That was Satanís biggest mistake. I am just talking about facts. We are most certainly NOT what we think we are from our crushed down point of view, and even more, not what we think we are in our pride.  Be practical, and factual.  You will never be a 7'5" NBA super star.  Get to the facts, accept those facts, and see how far short you are from attaining them in reality.  To have different results from our life cycles, we must see ourselves differently.  Change the vision of yourself that lies in your mind, FIRST!  If you don't, you will never become what you really are.

The same is true for bringing something to pass. Do NOT visualize failure. If you do, then failure is what you will get. Visualize SUCCESS in causing the Word of Jah to come to pass. Visualize what you are creating AS SO!!! Visualize "what is so", NOT what has been, or even is presently. You do not need what has been, or what IS today, so STOP VISUALIZING IT. The enemy will try their best to keep you in those wrongful mental patterns through their harassing entanglements to keep you in their bondage. Learn to recognize these old thought patterns, and THROW THEM DOWN. Reject them, and go back immediately to the visualizing that changes the situation. Visualize the "what is" that is coming to pass, as BEING SO ALREADY, and by Jahshuah's own words, IT WILL BE!!! This works, because what you thought before is where you are today. DO NOT FORGET THAT! What you have been so far HAS NOW ENDED!!! It is DEAD IN OUR MESSIAH!!!  "Behold, all things become new." What you are today is OVER and DONE WITH!!! You are now the new creature, the "IT IS SO"!

Be patient with yourself, and with the materializing of results. Know that you are not yet a college graduate of the "creative word." This is being developed within you, and you are growing into it. Recognize wrong thought entries, and REJECT THEM!!! The more that you do this, the faster your growth will be unto being that College Graduate, and ready for your Masters Degree.

We reap from what we sow, right? Sow the wrong thought patterns, and we get those wrong results, and then wonder how we got where we are. Change the reaping, by changing the thought patterns into being better seeds. Sow a wrongful vision, and you will reap of that vision. Sow a RIGHT vision, and you will reap that one. This is the change that is now being affected in us.

B. FearFear paralyzes. Breath calmly, and deeply. Past events buried in the psyche cause fear, wrongful visualizing. i.e., "It wonít work for me" syndrome from which we all suffer. I remind you that it ALREADY IS WORKING in you, just WRONGFULLY, bringing you defeat. Know that results will be different, because you are doing things differently.  Think about what you are putting into motion.  Come into the understanding of "Perfect Love casts out ALL FEAR."

C. Fatigue.  

Keep mind, and body rested. Meditate in the "faith" when rested, and alert. Another reason why the early morning is the best time.  The enemy works to "wear us out."  We must learn to "Rest" in Him.

D. Do not eat before the meditation.  

The digestive system takes energy that draws away from the meditation. It is a natural phenomenon. I. e. "Prayer and FASTING." Eating naturally loads up the blood stream, and is why we want to nap after eating. A very lazy unhealthy thing. Pray BEFORE eating. The "hungry" person prays with more energy. Peter was praying on the roof top BEFORE EATING!!!  The more time we spend praying correctly, the more this correctness will take over our total life, until we are LIVING IN THE WORD OF Jah CONSTANTLY!!!

E. Condition your mind reflexes.

Become habitual in your praying and meditation before Him.  Make it the same time every day. Have a purpose list, and STAY ON IT, until results are obtained. Train the mind to stay on the desired purpose, result, and donít let it wander off. Again, the wondering, and wandering in the mind is the "wilderness trip." We are meeting the Captain of the hosts, and crossing over the Jordan to take the Kingdom, and to take the earth away from Satan and his Kingdom of Darkness that is presently ruling this earth ILLEGALLY!!!

E.  Everything that you BELIEVE TO BE TRUE, IS TRUE, and therefore will become true.

This is an INFALLIBLE RULE!!! A person believing that they cannot take the Kingdom, and the fruit of the Kingdom Life, will get the same results of our Israelite ancestors.  THEY WILL NOT RECEIVE the Kingdom, and will be sentenced to DIE in that unbelief. This is not our fate if we are walking the walk that redeems us mentally unto the mind of Jahshuah. Faith, love, passion, enthusiasm are key elements to loosing desire through faith. If feeling hesitant, or doubts, then take the time to overcome by the Blood, the Word of your confession, and loving not your unbelieving life unto the death through the Cross of our Messiah. Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Jah. Read it until it clicks within you, and suddenly you "BELIEVE" with little, or no real effort. 

True faith releases when the mind and body is at peace and rest. Being anxious, hesitant, or any other negative emotion, will restrict your faith, if not nullify it altogether, and these matters are all SINS. If your faith is diminishing, then identify why, and who is doing it. Is it the enemy, or Jah that wants your faith to diminish? 

Do not let Satan, or any devil impersonate Jah's Spirit to you, to reason why what you are believing for should not happen, come to pass. Oh, how they will try!!! Remember this well. The enemy will IMPERSONATE the Spirit of Jah, and bring you "revelation" that delays, or nullifies altogether, the coming to pass of matters. Donít let ANYTHING get you out of the "IT IS SO." Do it in a demanding force of NOW!!! In this, do not stop your confessions, or your meditation periods. KEEP GOING, for the "word of your confession" will bring you through to the overcoming. "Love NOT your life of unbelief unto the death."

F.  Disengage the CRITICAL ATTITUDE!

Disengage the critical attitude which constantly refuses everything that does not fit within certain narrow established parameters, thus preventing our mind from achieving the great things of which it is capable. Do not be dissuaded from what is already loosed as fact, reality. Refuse the negative. Eliminate the finger pointing condemnation of others. This thinking negates faith, is certainly NOT LOVE, and is a mysterious law that affects the loosing of faith. It can also keep us from praying for people as we ought. Condemnation is OF THE DEVIL, and often a "religious spirit" at work. 

We need not condemn. The world is condemned already. We need to bring light so that people can choose whom they will serve, giving them the liberty to make that choice. Remember this, that UNFORGIVENESS greatly hinders faith, and can cause wrongful believing. We sometimes pray for people, then set loose condemnation upon them through our tongue which sets loose negative power to hold them where they are, and then wonder why our prayer has had no affect. There is the "POWER of Life, and Death in our tongue! Break through to the "loving, forgiving redeemer" role that is in our Messiah. Yes, we will bring judgment down on this world, but not until we have come into TRUE LOVE!!! (See article . . "Define Love For Me.") Learn to either control your tongue, or keep your mouth shut.

The Forehead

I have hesitated to include this section, for it can be taken wrongly.  This is a very mysterious matter.  The middle of the forehead contains our WILL.  ie, Jah told Ezekiel to make HIS forehead stronger than THEIRS.  He works His Will into our will.  This comes up from deep within, and then resides in our forehead, our WILL.  

Those in the Satanic Metaphysical world call this center of the forehead  the "third eye", and is where thought patterns enter, and exit.  Maybe I should not use this term as it is used by them, and well known in the metaphysical circles among the adepts.  It is just that what they have discovered IS TRUE, but they apply it to their own destruction.  Our will MUST control what we are seeing, and seeing through our will.  When you are practicing this correctly, you will definitely see what I mean.

This is the "contact point" for thought patterns, and is the seat of the will in us. (i.e.: "Set your forehead harder than theirs", Ez 3:8-9) Jahshuah always looked "into" this area when He healed, or spoke to men. Jahshuah was a "Master" of this power, understood it, and USED it. When He spoke to Matthew as a tax collector, Matthew obeyed Jahshuah immediately. Think on it. When you issue orders against the enemy, visualize with focus, concentration, and use accordingly, without wavering, crushing their head, their authority through the victory of Jahshuah fulfilling the prophecy to the serpent in Gen. 3:15.

Faith comes from deep within.  It is to be loosed from out of the forehead.  From out of our WILL, by setting our forehead harder than THEIRS!!!  As you apply this, you will clearly see what I am talking about, and in that, the release of faith from you in greater measure.

The difference between people

The only difference between people is one who does NOT know something; he who knows, but does not act; and he who knows, and DOES ACT, practicing what he knows. Practicing until it is a natural way of thinking all day long. We cannot pray one thing in the morning, and then think opposite of that prayer all day long, and get the desired results. We must be constant, consistent, and this takes discipline. Remember, we are in a war zone with an enemy that wants to distract and dissuade, or defeat, doing anything he can to nullify our faith, so that he might win. The warriors, the men of valor of this day, will not let him do so, as Jahshuah, the Captain of the Army, will bring us through to HIS Victory.

The TWO SIDES of Your Brain

The right half of the brain is the seat of the subconscious, the imagination, the creative mind. The left half is the rational, logical side. We use them improperly. Discipline, use as a craftsman with tools, in the right way, and time. We have been very ignorant of these two sides, their operations, and therefore have not learned to keep them consciously separate, utilizing them through our conscious will. 

If we only use the right side, we will be prone to let ourselves escape into a fantasy land, never facing reality which then causes us to act foolishly without any rational reasoning. If we only utilize the left side, we will only be logical, and practical, without ever loosing the creative ability of the right side. They must work in harmony. The creative Word should be loosed, held in faith, while still operating in this natural realm with logic, and good common sense. Logic must not kill faith, but neither should faith kill rational logic. Do not do foolish things trying to act in line with faith. Use your head.  BOTH SIDES!  Your faith will bring something to pass, NOT YOUR ACTIONS, the works of your own hands. Faith will bring about actions by you, but NOT STUPID ONES. (I say this with terrible experiences in my past to prove it.)

Remember, the enemy is out to defeat you in any way that he can. He knows better than we do that people coming into this power will bring about his total destruction. Watch out for entangling entrapments. KNOW that they, and harassmentís, will be coming your way. The enemy is not going to just sit idly by while you grow in this power. 

When taking an action, draw out that action to the worst possible scenario, not the best. Check yourself out to see where you are going. Protect yourself!!! You must be practical while waiting on the manifesting creative word. One does not deny the other. 

Use your logical side in life, while you loose the creative side, and donít let the enemy tell you that you are acting against what you are believing. THAT IS A LIE, and oh how it has caused me to do such very stupid things. BE REASONABLE. Do not "jump off of a cliff" waiting on Jah, or the creative word to save you. 

Stretch your limits, but not beyond. Stay in the "Known Will of Jah." Believe me, overcoming those situations produced by stupidity through Satanic temptation, and rising back up to go on is not a good thing to do. You do not stop doing the practical, until the creative word has manifested its purpose. Sometimes, the being practical works in line with the manifestation, and is a part of it coming to pass, so donít put anything in a box of how it is to happen.

Stay out of scenarios.

We war by the Word.  By the Word of our Testimony.  Confess the Word, and stand with HIM, leaving Him in SUBMISSION to Jah.  Have NO scenarios according to OUR interpretations of whatever Word we are confessing.  Leave HIM, The Living Word, IN liberty.

Stay out of scenarios altogether. Give the creative word, which is really Jahshuah Himself, the liberty to work as HE will. The enemy is the one who brings the scenarios to trap you into believing as you should not be, to keep the word from that liberty. Scenarios STIFLE the creativeness of the spoken word. Sometimes the coming to pass will utterly amaze you, and certainly may not be coming to pass in any way that you could have thought up yourself.

When we create scenario's, our faith subtly shifts from Jah, and to the scenario.  It is a trick of the enemy.

Stay out of specifics until Jah reveals the specifics to you.  Once they are revealed then go after them all out.  Jah is the one who is directing us.  We are to keep Him in Liberty to do as He wills.  If He wants you to war on specifics, then it is up to Him to get those specifics revealed to you.


Do not get out of your realm of authority. Jahshuah rules everything.  We in ourselves, by ourselves, DO NOT. Jahshuah will take this earth through His body, each in their place, with realms of authority being added as they grow. It will take the WHOLE body to take the earth. Learn what is under you, and your headship, and then learn to rule there. Where you do NOT rule, leave it alone! No one but Jahshuah can change the whole world, and that by the entire body. Learn submission, as every man of Jah in the Bible did. We all will rule in Zion, but only in, and from the position, the realm of authority given to us.

Keep your mouth shut!

Keep what you are doing to yourself. Making pride filled claims will only bring you grief. People will not understand, and what they say behind your back will loose Satanic power from THEIR tongues against you. It will make your battle in the war zone increasingly more difficult. 

Not even Jahshuah taught what is here to the masses. He shared it ONLY with His disciples. It is good to fellowship upon these matters with a close friend whom you can trust, but not the population at large. Not even other "Christians", as they are prone to listen to the enemy about you, and end up praying prayers that come against you. If you have not experienced this, believe me, you do not want to. Eventually, Jah will begin gathering us of like mind together, and then we shall grow together. Sorry to say, that is not presently the case. We are living in the enemyís world.

13. What about women?

Redeemed, (or redeeming) Eveís (women in Jahshuah), Queens of Zion, are destined to RULE with their redeemed Adam, even as the redeeming Adamís will rule with Jahshuah. The Kingdom Mandate was not just given to Adam, but to BOTH Adam AND EVE! Jahshuah cannot rule but through Adamís, and Adamís will do likewise through Eveís. Just as Jahshuah is liberating Adam, Adam will LIBERATE EVE unto all that she is, and can be. Women are to be fulfilled beyond their comprehension. Zion, the Kingdom, cannot be materialized on this earth WITHOUT THE WOMEN, any more than it can without the men.

There has been much taught concerning the headship of the man over the woman that has done great harm in the body of Jahshuah to marriages, and certainly to women themselves. Oppression, being ruled by constraint, IS OF THE DEVIL!!! Liberation is of Jah.

The "Womenís Rights" movement has sensed this, and have tried by their own hands, outside of Jahshuah, to rectify the wrongs that have been done. That effort has only produced rebellious Jezebelís. Women are to be in submission, but no more than what the man is in submission to Jahshuah. In coming to that submission, the man will learn much of his own liberty, and of his role concerning the woman, and the bringing of her to that same liberty. 

He will also learn of her value as a person, and learn to give love and respect, and see his great need for her. ("It is not good for man to dwell alone"). Oh, for the day that this revelation in its completeness hits the men of valor. Then will Isa 4:1 be understood. One of the most shocking verses in the Bible, and one that ties directly to Romans 8:18-23, and Rev. 14:1-5.

The importance of Praising Jah

I will not go into a lengthy exhortation on this subject. It would require a book to do so. You should already know this subject anyway. You just need to understand that every prayer time should be preceded by Praise, and certainly ENDED WITH PRAISE. How could you believe something so greatly desired is so, and coming to pass, and NOT PRAISE Jah???


We are being delivered from the Kingdom of Darkness, and all the torment that it has put upon us, into the Kingdom of Jah and all of its glory where every desire is fulfilled by the CREATIVE WORD!!! In this we are wealthy, healthy, living, warring Kings and Queens, in the Kingdom Mandate to conquer, and subdue the earth for Jahshuah. Each of us will rule from the realm given to us by the Captain. Ruling through the creative Word in Jahshuah.

Do not let yourself visualize matters that pertain to poverty sickness or death. Reject these with all fervor. Do not let an impersonator of Jah, of the Holy Spirit, tell you that it is Jah's will for you to be broke, or sick, or dying. That is NOT to what Jah has called you. That is where the enemy wants you, for it keeps you IN HIS BONDAGE!!! Jahshuah DIED to LIBERATE YOU from these matters that came upon us from the fall. We are in the RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS!!! Was Adam broke, sick, or dying BEFORE THE FALL??? Hardly, and our Messiah died to restore us to that position. THAT IS where He wants us! That will help you discern who is giving you which thought patterns. Remember, not ONE of the original Apostles died of natural causes. NOT ONE. Neither will we!!!

This earth, and the enjoyment was not created for Satan, and his people to own and enjoy, BUT FOR JAH'S!!! Everything that happens is working for our good toward this purpose. Satanís works against us only brings defeat upon his own head. Give the Word Liberty to work, and do not put it in bondage to your own mind created scenario. It will not come to pass in your way for your purpose to please you, but for Jah, and ONLY in that way will you ever really be fulfilled.

"He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his Elohim, and he shall be my son."









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