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This is taken from what was originally written in March 1997, and is edited for publication as a help to those who are serious readers of this web site.


The Mechanics for The Loosing of Faith

This is a series on faith to show the way to overcoming the enemy, and everything they can throw at you.

NOTE: This is written so that you will know the walk with Jahshuah can at times be a very difficult one, and WHY this is so. 

To let you know that you are not the only one who goes through hard times,  I want you to understand it has not been easy for me either. So many times we think that the writer has had it easy, came into light easily, and has had a more successful walk than the average person. It is much the same for us all  people, in various degrees. We enter the Kingdom through MUCH tribulation. The times of trial bring forth growth, and the following concerns that growth.  It is by those trials that I have been made able to write what you shall read in this series.

I see much self-exaltation going on by the publishing of personal experiences.  Of this I want no part.  The fall from a self-built pedestal HURTS.  I have enough scars already.  

I questioned much whether this note should be published.  I mean, who wants their dirty under pants hung out on the line? Because of what I see people going through, I decided to do so with the intent to let them know they are not the only ones who have had great struggles, and failures in those struggles.   We may not like talking about them, but people, lets face it, this is NORMAL in the WALK with Jahshuah in the overcoming of "The Devourer"!!!  If we could do it all in perfection, He would NOT have had to die in our place, and in that, afford redemption from our wrong thinking unto us.  It has been made very clear to me why He died in my place.

It is one thing to receive revelation from Jah, and another to practice it, put it into operation in our own life.  It is much more fun, much more pleasure to our ego's, to just express it.

The first reason that Jah reveals a matter to us is for we ourselves and its application to our life.  Teaching something without practicing it is hypocritical.  The Truth is, how can we teach something that we have not personally experienced?  It cannot be done in truth.  It is then done to the satisfying of our own pride of knowledge, and the desire to display our great revelations to others.  This is quite prevalent among those who write, and publish to the www.

In the 70's, I went through the "faith teachings" that were so widespread at that time, and even more so in this day.  They were quite exciting to me, and I thrust myself into them with vigor.  After a number of hard "Cross Experiences", I discovered these teachings to be in dreadful error.  Men that teach such are taking scriptures out of context, and building that which is in reality, a type of witchcraft to obtain that for which they subtly lust.  Any success in this type of faith does not bring us OUT of Babylon, but deeply embeds us INTO "her."  Those that have succeeded with these teachings are in the Strong Delusion, and yet think they are Great Men of Faith, and walking with the Almighty.

We did NOT create Jah, and then write the Bible to explain to Him how to serve us.  This is what lies ever so subtly underneath the teachings of the "Name it and claim it" club of counterfeit faith.  We do NOT write "our own ticket with Jah."  Jah created US, and wrote His Word to show us how to follow HIM.  In that way of Jah, we will LOSE our life to find it, and certainly not keep it by building our own comfort zone IN BABYLON.  A person that is truly wanting to follow the Lamb wherever He takes them, will go through MUCH tribulation, for it is the only way to come into His full Stature.  

When a writer is read, it can appear that he has come to his revelations just by having them revealed to him.  That has not been so in this case.  They have come by traveling through a hellish nightmare for over thirty years, experiencing one traumatizing devastation after another.  Only by the mercy of Jah have I been able to continue on, and that according to His purpose.

To be able to continue on regardless of what happens, can only be accomplished by a work of Jah that causes the determination to do so.  The bottom-line motivation for me was two-fold.  One, it came through my wanting to learn the overcoming faith so that others might learn it also.  I feel a great burden for those who are suffering from living on this planet, desiring to show them the way out of all the pain and agony, tormenting failures, and feelings of futility.  Two, I somehow greatly desired to see Jahshuah's enemies made His footstool, and His majesty revealed on this earth.  How I received that "gift" of motivation, I do not know, but it was surely instilled in me by Jah, and certainly not of my own "righteousness."  So much so, that when I hear people say how they "love Jesus", but do not see this desire in them, I know it is a statement of religious pride, for their heart is far from Him and His desires.  How can anyone think they shall be in the army that ride by His side at His return, and rule and reign with Him, when they have never even fought one battle on HIS SIDE of this war?  

We are not suffering these things because Jah hates us, or has cast us off.  It is the enemy that hates us, not Jah, and they come as an "Angel of Light" to convince us otherwise.  Jah has greatly privileged us in our calling, and is taking us on this type of walk because HE DOES LOVE US.  It is the only way we can be brought into that which we so greatly desire deep within our genetic memory banks, whether we understand those desires or not.  We certainly know there are deep longings within.  These, for the descendants of Abraham, are genetic in structure, and are the same genes that were in Abraham, the Father of Faith, who ALSO searched for a "city."  

I have found that self-centered desires wither and die at the first trauma, for they come from the Tree of Death, and therefore sentenced to death.  The "failures in faith" are not Jah's doing, but our own, and in these failures is a cross experience to purge us of that faulty mechanism.  

The basics of this particular series of articles was written a number of years ago after going through one of the deepest times of vexation, despair and hopelessness, that I have had the displeasure of suffering.   I had reached a position of such disillusionment that I had come to the place where I was throwing everything out, including the Bible. The "Devourer" was capturing my mind through his contradictions.  It had all become a farce, a fantasy land mirage. As far as I was concerned, it was ALL A LIE! Nothing of it was proving out for me, and in fact thought I had DISPROVED the Bible as a book of truth. I did not see it anywhere else, either. Religion was nothing more than rituals, and superstitions, that held people in bondage to them through fear of "being lost" if they did not stay with what they had been duped into.  Something was dreadfully wrong.

Every doctrine of Truth is necessary to learn in the overcoming of the "Devourer" who is the deceiver of the whole earth.  To "come out of her", we MUST come out of all the lies and into the Truth.  This is fact!  So, I do not mean to minimize the importance of ANY Truth that is being revealed to us in this day.  However, when the dark times come, I have found that doctrine is of little value in my mind.  What is of value?  FAITH, and the correcting of the errors being wrongfully practiced in that realm!!!  Nothing else during the difficult times has ANY MEANING, for I have recognized that it is FAITH that brings and keeps us heading towards the oneness with Jah that Jahshuah desires.  In every case it has been the good fight of faith, worked in its proper methods through the Cross, Tomb, unto Resurrection, that has brought forth the overcoming of whatever dreadful situation that I have found myself in.  

A key for remaining steadfast in our faith is TRUST.  Faith and trust go hand in hand, and I do not think one can operate in one without the other.  How can we believe Jah if we do not trust Him?  How can we trust Him if we do not believe Him?

We MUST find the proper ground of TRUE FAITH in all situations, and then TRUST JAH to bring that faith to pass.  The "Devourer" hates this way with a passion, and wars with every evil work he can devise to keep people OUT of going this way.

One of the main areas of "The Devourer's" entrapments is involved with scenarios.  He first of all brings forth a stressful situation for which we need a solution.  Then he introduces a scenario to that solution.  Because we are in such need, we become susceptible to believing his scenario, and thus leave off with the trusting of Jah for His, all the while not even realizing what is taking place.  This leaves the enemy in a win win situation, and either of two ways to go in his viciousness toward us.  He can bring forth the solution through his scenario which takes us out of the following of Jah, or pull the rug out from under us by causing it to blow up in our face in the determined attempt to totally decimate our faith so we end up in the land of disillusionment, which is intended to destroy our TRUST in Jah.

The hardest part of our walk is in our personally following Him.  How the enemy wants to confuse us in our decision-making.  I have been through some dreadful experiences to learn about this one.  How much the enemy impersonates Jah's leading to entrap us in dreadful situations, and few there are who are aware of such.  We could avoid most of these entrapments if we would just stop and use our heads. 

There is no way that another person can guide you through any difficulty, for if they could, then the seeking of Jah would not be necessary.  It is good to counsel with people, but the decision we make must be made between ourselves and Jah.  I have received good counsel, and bad.  Even the bad helped me, for it made it more clear what I should not do.   I have learned the hard way to “test the spirit”.  It is imperative that we find out if it is really Jah speaking to us, or a deceiving spirit.

Satan tempted Jahshuah to throw Himself down from a high place, for Jah would save Him.  People, NEVER let the enemy tempt you to do anything along this line.  If you do, it will COST YOU DEARLY.  You do NOT leap into ANY decision without thinking it through.  How many have thought Jah told them to do thus and so only to have they and their family end up in a terrible situation, and then wonder why.  We do NOT tempt Jah.  We are to be wise to the wiles of the enemy.  Before we make ANY decision that affects our lives, we must see that we already have the way IT WILL WORK settled so that we will not be left swinging in the breeze because we "thought" Jah was going to do thus and so.  If it isn't Him that said it, believe me, HE WILL NOT DO IT!!!

In any decision making, I would warn most vigorously to not burn any bridges until the next one has been built.   I have found Jah to be quite practical most of the time, and therefore now protect myself from the enemy’s entrapments.  I no longer take actions without knowing how I will finish the task.  I believe Him to make the way clear before the fact, instead of afterward.  It’s like I no longer jump off a cliff believing Jah to save me.  The fall isn’t so bad, it is that sudden stop that flattens you.  I now make sure I have a good parachute, I find another way down, or forget the trip altogether.  This has saved me from going through much stress that I went through in before times. 

When I have placed myself in difficult situations, even when it was caused by my own unwise actions (that is a kind way of saying "my own stupidity"), I knew He had the way out.  He had the solution for me.  So I believed I was already IN the solution, and then just sought Him for the way that got me to that solution.  In this, I did NOT form a scenario in my mind of what that solution was, or should be, but left Him in liberty to bring it forth in any way that HE willed.  It was the “not my will but yours”, for I knew that He ruled me, and not me Him.  I went through much stress and hardship in coming to the solution, but in every case He always opened the pathway to it while at the same time dealing with me in many ways.  Not only in changing me within, but in teaching me about the wiles of the enemy.  He took me from being stupid, to being a bit more wise.  

The realms of finances and health are also TWO MAJOR AREAS that come against us in this war.  I have had little in the realm of health, but I can tell you I have certainly experienced the war in the realm of finances.   This has taught me much, and one day I will write upon this subject.  I can tell you this much.  Satan does not much like what Jah has inspired me to write, and has warred much with the distraction of financial stress.  My writing has not yet come into purity, but for a surety, Jah IS inspiring me to write what I do. 

 Jahshuah has gained much ground in me in this war to overcome that stress, so I do not complain.  I am also most grateful to those Jah has moved upon to help me during this war.  I could not do what I am doing without that help.

People, I am not trying to exalt Satan.  It is just time we woke up to how he works, and the powers that he at present does work in.  Yes, he is a defeated foe, but this defeat will not be complete until the Overcomers apply that defeat against him.  In the meantime, anyone who thinks that he does not work in great power is sadly deceived.  The quicker the Overcomers wake up to the power this "Prince of War" carries, the sooner this Serpent will be overcome.  If he did not have great authority in his Kingdom, then how could he deceive the entire world, and even the "elect"?

One of his major weapons lies in counterfeit leadings concerning scenarios and timing.  Remember that one. 

People, I have learned much in this war with "Satan, The Devourer."  Take advantage of it, for your doing so is WHY I have gone through what I have.  How much I long for people to grasp what is on this web site, and especially the Overcoming Faith that brings forth Satan's inevitable defeat won by Jahshuah at the cross, and not only his being cast out of heaven, but CAST OFF OF THE EARTH!   The day is coming when those who can grasp, comprehend what is said in this series, will be gathered together, and in the UNITY OF THAT FAITH, cause the Will of Jah to come to pass on this earth, even as it is in heaven.  When that transpires, no trial of my faith, no matter how devastating the experience might have been, will be worthy of even thinking about, let alone of whether or not the price was worth paying.

Those who are called into the overcoming will have no choice but to be thrown into the realm of war with the "Devourer."  What is this war?  It is where Satan works to turn us from our calling, our FAITH, and make us one with him.  He is the most crafty individual in all of creation, and the Master of Deception.  Anyone who thinks they are a match for him in their selves is out to lunch.  No Overcomer will go through this war zone without being entrapped into making dreadful errors through major deceptions.  When these events take place, we can either quit while thinking we are total failures and worthless to Jah, or pick ourselves up and KEEP GOING.

The worst place in this war is when during the Cross Experience we feel, even as Jahshuah did, totally forsaken.  Now comes the true test of our faith.  Will we rebel and shake our fist at Jah and blame Him for our dreadful situation, or turn to Him for the solution?  The former fulfills Satan's desire, as it makes us one with him, while the latter takes us through the Cross Experience, through the darkness of the tomb where there is no hope, and then into the resurrection from the situation.  This IS the walk of the Overcomer.

Only because of being so programmed in my mind to turn to Jah before His throne, I did so during this time in the negative attitude displayed above.  Even in my confused and muddled thinking, I still somehow knew that only He had the answers to my plight.  My situation was one where I could see no way out through my own ingenuity.  I had no place else to turn.

I have learned that we are called to a realm of greater faith than anything that has been displayed in the Word of Jah thus far.  This one is for the FINAL CONFLICT that wipes Satan, Jezebel, and the entire anti-Christ Kingdom of Darkness OFF OF THIS EARTH!!!  We can only be brought into this faith by extreme dealings that create this faith in us.  It is a walk for WARRIORS ONLY, and I can tell you, they have something different in their personality from all others.  

From out of all of this, Jah began to show me my mistakes in "faith", caused by subtle deceptions of the enemy in the "war zone" with the "Devourer."  Deceptions that were so subtle that I did not recognize them, or how they were working to nullify, or to lessen, the effects of my "faith", and were the direct cause of things not coming to pass as they should. It was NOT Jah's reneging as Satan wanted me to believe, but my own failure in the execution of faith in correctness.  The "Word of my Testimony" was muddied to the max.  The Cross had been applied to me to expose these errors, and I was now in the "tomb experience" where there is no hope.  This is where Jahshuah defeated Satan, and we cannot do less than He.  Jahshuah made it very clear, take up your cross and follow me.  We must walk HIS walk to come into the victory we so deeply desire.  Hard to do?  Tell me about it.

In many cases, the enemy had been impersonating Jah, and giving me thoughts that were very detrimental to seeing things "AS SO" to bring them to pass.  Why do I say this?  People, I am not the only one who has been so taken by "The Devourer."  He is pressing these matters against EVERYONE that has been called into the overcoming.   I say it so you will be able to recognize where he is warring against you.  He brings thoughts like, "It isn’t time yet" . . . "You need to get thus and so out of your life" . . . "It will happen, just wait on God", . . . "It won’t work for me", . . ."You heard God wrong", etc., and then will bring overwhelming contradicting evidence against us in this natural realm where he rules against us to prove what he is whispering.  All done to turn us from our victory over him, and  from being one with Jahshuah in making His enemies His footstool.

When these times come, I have learned that I need to repent from my errors in faith, and put the right faith into action. As I have done this , things which were truth would come to my remembrance and I would write down notes concerning these matters, and what I was seeing. Doing so to increase the effectiveness of the change going on in me. It was in a sense, "The Word of my testimony" in my overcoming while being cleansed by "The Blood of the Lamb", to see my way out of what was a total experience of darkness.  I had to get out of the errors, and get it right, or I would NEVER get out. That was a dreadful thought that gave me incentive to apply myself as I should.  I have found that writing gets my head straight, and adds strength to my confessions.

This was never intended for anyone else to read, but done for my own edification, and development. I knew that I was in a terrible place, and if I did not concentrate on that which would get me out, I would never get out.  It was either I OVERCOME, or BE OVERCOME!!!  

I was reminded that He will teach us HIS WAYS, and that we are to WALK IN THOSE WAYS, or paths!!! This is NOT OPTIONAL if we are to succeed in overcoming the enemy. What I have written here IS A PART of His ways!!! We have missed seeing this greatly. We sing . . "Oh to be like thee", and then the enemy blinds us to what He is like. We only think of the wretchedness in us concerning what we recognize normally to be sin. UNBELIEF, by the Law of Jah, IS ONE OF THE GREATEST SINS!!!  We are told, even by the Torah, that we can only please Jah through our faith in Him.  How much we miss this fact, and that sin keeps us from seeing not only what faith is, but HOW TO PUT IT INTO PRACTICE! The enemy uses that falleness in us to hold us in their bondage. There just isn’t ANY UNBELIEF in Jah. NONE!!! Are we like Him?

There are many scriptures that warn us against the sin of unbelief.  Remember as you read, in its original rendering I was WRITING TO MYSELF!!!  I needed my butt kicked.  Even as it was with Jeremiah, I had to see that the fault did not lie with Jah, but ME, and getting myself back to "The Fear of Jah" kicked it real good.

I will not claim this to be a finished revelation of how we are to loose our faith in this day.  It will not be finished until things being believed for in this End Time have come to pass, so there is much more to be revealed.  

Even though far from being finished, there is enough truth here to help anyone who will apply it, who will walk in this way of Jah, even as it has greatly helped myself in the overcoming of the enemy's onslaught to destroy.  When it is complete, those applying it will TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN!!! Believe it!

"He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his Elohim, and he shall be my son."



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