Larry Meguiar's The End Times  Editorials

The End Times Editorials by Readers of The Warning


Larry Meguiar's End Time Editorials by Readers of The Warning

When I first decided to publish these End Times Editorials, it was because of a number of people who had e-mailed me with very valuable insights.  They had also sent me very timely articles.  I had no idea how important these editorials would become.  

We are in a more perilous day than most realize.  It is time for people to wake up to that peril.

 This is good reading.  Enjoy yourself.  Just click on the Title to get to the Editorial.



This first section is devoted to those Editorials that expose the "anti-Christ" control of not only this nation, but the "Darkness" that rules the whole planet, and the absolute danger to EVERY CHRISTIAN!!!

   People, I do not expect the mass "pick-ups" described below to begin any time soon.  I really think this is still a bit off in the future.  However, there ARE individuals that have already been murdered, or picked up and imprisoned for their efforts to expose what our wonderful "Christian Government" is really about.  This WILL INCREASE with each passing day.  While most slumber and deny what is going on, Satan is DEAD SERIOUS about destroying EVERY CHRISTIAN on the planet.  Jeff tells us in his Editorial of just a couple of recent incidents.  There have been MANY MORE, as it has been going on for at least twenty years.  It will take Persecution to bring the "woman" in Rev 12 into her travail.  That stress IS ALREADY UNFOLDING.

It amazes me, how with all that is going on, the general populace of what we call "Christianity" is in total ignorance.  Why is this so???  Because most of the "ministers" are NOT warning the people. As Isaiah says of this day concerning them,

His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber.  Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain,

People think that I speak too harshly concerning these men.  I tell you flat out, I cannot speak harshly enough, and certainly not as harsh as Jah does through His Prophets in The Prophetic Word.  These men should be shepherds that love the sheep, and be willing to give their lives for them.  Instead, they are only interested in their own "Great Ministry", and duping the sheep into building their soft throne seat before the people.  They WILL BE rewarded according to their works.

We have a natural built in psychological denial mode.  That mechanism is being used by Satan, and his Serpent Ministries, to keep people in ignorance of what is coming down upon EVERY CHRISTIAN!!!  The foundational reason people do not read about what is upon us is because of FEAR.

I say as straight and as kindly as I can, if you have a difficult time believing the matters exposed in these Editorials as being true and happening, you have been put to sleep by the Satanic programming that is being foisted upon the sheep from not only our pulpits, but by our Government and the mass media.  If you are in a church, and your "minister" is not warning you of these matters and the horror that is coming, you need to GET OUT OF THAT CHURCH!!!  You may not understand why I say this now, but I guarantee, you WILL in the near future!!!  Oh, the woe of terror that is coming upon those who refuse to wake up, and pray as our Commander in Chief COMMANDED!!!  Those that do NOT do as HE SAYS, will be WITHOUT EXCUSE!!!





The Origin of "Christianity"

by A.B. Traina

E-Mailed by 

Jean Du Toit

  If  "Church History" is new to you, then this writing is a tough bean to chew.  Because of what has transpired in my life, I can say this writing IS FACTUAL.  It is why I am constantly saying on my web pages, "We are living in a Counterfeit Christianity", and it is the very thing of which we are being "called out."


An Iraqi War Quiz

E-Mailed by 

Ted Weiland

Here are some very interesting questions asked by Carl Bussjaeger that I have been asking myself.  I thought maybe a few of you may have also been asking them.  If you haven't, maybe you should be.

Are Leading Right Wing Evangelists
Working For The NWO?

Email by Al Hunt It has been obvious to me for over twenty five years that what is called "Christianity" IS A COUNTERFEIT, ruled over by The Spirit of Jezebel, and her Priests of Baal.  It has also been obvious that the day would come when the seduction to "Take The Mark" would come out into the open.  THAT DAY HAS BEGUN!!!

It is now being taught that it will be okay to take the Mark if you have been "Sealed by God" FIRST!!!  Incredible!  It is hard to comprehend that people can be that gullibly stupid.  This is what has come out of the "Left Behind" movement.



Email by Al Hunt Are you one who has the opinion that this nation is economically strong?  If so, READ THIS ONE!



By various people We are being brought to a crucial time of decision concerning the coming vaccinations.  Most of you who are on the web should already be aware of this crisis.  I have taken the time to publish on this subject for those who might happen by here that have not as yet been informed of this peril.  NO ONE should allow themselves to be vaccinated without having the full knowledge of what these vaccinations are in reality.  If you are not well informed, then PLEASE READ THESE ARTICLES.

To test yourself out upon your knowledge, I ask, "Do you know from what materials these vaccinations are made???  If you don't, you sure enough should.  How about from animals such as pigs, cats, cow puss, and from cells of aborted (murdered) babies?"


Human Sacrifices

Pam Schuffert

This report will shock many.  Most will think that it could not be true.  I say "Oh yes it IS."  I have known of these matters for a number of years.  I have not written on it, because it is so shocking.  It is NOW TIME, maybe past time, to wake people up as to what is really going on in this "Christian Nation."


The Already Established Concentration Camps

Pam Schuffert

The reality that our leaders have already established Concentration Camps, furnished with guillotines, and have built box-cars with shackles for the round-up of NWO dissenters, is becoming common knowledge.  If you are one that has not yet known this, you should read this one.  


Pam  Shuffert Perhaps several years ago, many Christians would not give heed to such a message as this. Only in recent months are many Christians  suddenly waking up to the sobering reality that we may be facing end time persecution in our nation as never before.



Pam  Shuffert I made a comment at the end of one of Pam's articles that I did NOT advocate arming for the days ahead in protecting ourselves from arrest and termination.  As soon as we buy a gun we have left off altogether our Faith and Trust in Jah, and have moved out onto the enemy's ground where they want us.

In this e-mail Pam sent to me, she states her position concerning bearing arms, and why she has taken it.  In a sense, it is profound, and declares the exact position we must all take for the days ahead.  I cannot find one Martyr in the Bible, nor in the ekklesia's history,  that took up arms to defend themselves against the marauders who were trying to rid the earth of "Christians."  Faith and Trust in Jah, and the taking up of arms to defend ourselves, do NOT go together.  Pam gives an excellent treatment of this subject.


Eric Jon Phelps

E-mailed by Tyler Beckett

WE MUST KNOW OUR ENEMY, and this Interview, along with the other things most have come to recognize, certainly exposes this to us.  This is MUST READING for every Overcomer!!!  If you thought you knew who was behind the "anti-Christ" Conspiracy on this earth, THINK AGAIN!!!

The Unholy Alliance

By Eric Jewell

Emailed by 

Abel Verastegui 


Do you struggle with the idea that the leading "ministries" in what we call "Christianity" are in league with the New World Order???

Well then, read this one.  IT IS ASTOUNDING!!!


The Unholy Alliance GAINS MOMENTUM

E-Mailed by: Linda courtney The Unholy Alliance between the Satanic New World Order Government, and Jezebel's Commercialized Counterfeit Christianity, grows with everyday and is GAINING MOMENTUM.  If you have not read "The Unholy Alliance", you should do so, for it gives very clear evidence of the joining of these two End Time World Empires.  Babylon The Great, IS UNITING.


Orthodox Jews Protest Against The Edomite Zionists

Emailed by 

Abel Verastegui 


Estimated 20,000 Orthodox Jews demonstrating on Tuesday February 12th, in front of the Israeli Consulate in New York City, organized by the Central Rabbinical Congress of USA and Canada, to voice their opposition to the existence of the state of Israel, their suppression of religion and brutal treatment of religious people.  

Why did they do this, and who was it they were protesting against?  When this Truth is finally understood, it totally changes your understanding of the Prophetic Word. 



Edomite (Esau) 

Benjamin Freedman

E-Mailed by  Jim Leitelt

This is not an article by a White Supremacist, a Nazi, or a member of the Klu Klux Klan, who are working as much wickedness as those they accuse.  These are the words of Ben Freedman, whom he himself IS JEWISH.


Between reading this article, and the related links, you will learn an extremely important fact.  The Edomite Counterfeit Jews RULE THIS NATION, and MOST of the world.  


Their intent is to establish Satan's End Time "Anti-Christ Beast System" rule of the earth, with its capital to be in Palestine.  This we have learned to know as the New World Order.  It is stated in their "Master Plan" that they are to work until the "Body of The Serpent" is wrapped tightly around the entire earth with its "Head" (whom we have known as the "Anti-Christ") residing in Jerusalem.  


People, the "Zionists" who rule in Palestine are NOT JEWS, but Edomite IMPOSTERS posing as Jews to obtain YOUR SUPPORT in their attempt WITH SATAN to establish the End Time "anti-Christ" rule of the world.  Read what Benjamin Freedman has to say and learn.


Are you one who is believing the atrocious lie that the Jews in Palestine today are Jah's Chosen People???  Then you need to read this one.  


I also have to ask, "How could any True Follower of Jahshuwah think that the supporting of these evil "Haters of Christ" is the WILL OF JAH"???!  Since when is it the Will of Jah for HIS people to support those who HATE HIS SON???  Show me that one in His Word.




President Bush
The Edomites

Unknown  The Edomite Counterfeit Jews RULE THIS NATION, and MOST of the world.  Their intent is to establish Satan's End Time "Anti-Christ Beast System" rule of the earth, with its capital to be in Palestine.  This we have learned to know as the New World Order.  It is stated in their "Master Plan" that they are to work until the "Body of The Serpent" is wrapped tightly around the entire earth with its "Head" (whom we have known as the "Anti-Christ") residing in Jerusalem.  

There is no way for ANYONE to become President of The United States without having given SWORN LOYALTY to these Vipers.  President Bush does NOT rule this nation, but is a PUPPET of the Edomites who do.


Esau In Russia

Judeo-Bolsheviks = mass murderers

E-mailed by

Ted Pioro

We hear in never ending fashion the "Jewish Holocaust."  How come we never hear about the one that took place in Russia???  And, who it was that did it???

56 Million Dead

The Bolshevik's cemetery ... the greatest mass murder in the history of mankind.


Victor Thorn

E-Mailed by 

Abel Verastegui

  If you have never known the truth about the Edomites and the Federal Reserve Bank, then you should read this one.  I first wrote of this matter in the mid 1970's.  I was shocked at the rude ignorant reactions.  It was like, "How could I write such things against this wonderful nation"?  People, anyone who believes the lie that this is a "Christian Nation" is living in Lah Lah Land.

The people listed in this article are using this nation to bring forth the Prophesied anti-Messiah Economic System, and force the entire earth into it.  This is the main reason for all of the turmoil going on in the world.  There are those nations (races) and religions that will NEVER submit to such, for they know what it is.  We are going to see entire nations wiped out because of their rebellion.  




Aaron Goddard

If you do not understand the ties of this nation to the Occult, and NWO, even from its beginning, then you should READ THIS ONE!!!  This is NOT a "Christian Nation" folks, but a SATANIC EMPIRE!!!  


The United States Isn't a Country; 
It's a Corporation!

BY:  Lisa Guliani


E-Mailed BY:

Jim Leitelt

  How many think this is a Nation Governed by a Constitution???  Whatever the number, THEY ARE WRONG!!!

We are being ruled by a CORPORATION.  Our politicians are only Officers of this Corporation, and are in submission to the Owners.  ALL of the "Owners" ARE EDOMITES.  Any rebellion to this authority MEANS THEIR DISMISSAL!!!  


We are ALL in submission to this corporation, being ruled by it, and are dependant upon it for our INCOME.


Every business, whether private or corporate, is ruled by this conglomerate.   Not only is this true of all business, but of EVERY Law Enforcement Agency, and ALL OF OUR MILITARY!!!


This "Corporation" is that which is working to bring forth the NWO; the Prophesied End Time anti-Christ Beast System.  We, THE PEOPLE, are being ruled by it, are in submission to it whether we realize it or not, and is why Jah has said quite plainly, "COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE"!  


Is it good or evil?

F. H. Hankins Patriotism, when acted upon correctly, is right, good, noble, and commendable.  When it is captured by evil men, and used as a tool of the wicked for evil purposes, IT IS NOT!  There is a difference!!!

The patriotism that resides in the people toward  this nation HAS BEEN CAPTURED, and is being used to bring the people into harmony with, and support of, the "anti-Christ" intents of the Satanic New World Order, and is being worked much to their detriment.

We shout, "God and Country."  I ask, WHICH "GOD"?  How can any true believer think for even a minute that this is a "Christian Nation", doing the works of Jah in the world?

Can you guess who this is???

Forwarded e-mail from GBAPTIST, sent by Dan and Donna Smith Can you imagine working for a company /organization that has a little more than 500 employees and has the following statistics:

  I do not know whether to laugh or cry about this one.  You gotta read it.


The Enemy is 
Inside Our Gates

Donn de Grand Pré

Emailed by 

Abel Verastegui 

  This is one of the best articles on the 911 attacks that I have read.  It is worth your time to read it.  It begins with: 

A dedicated group of experienced civilian and military pilots, including combat fighter pilots and commercial airline captains, just finished a marathon 72 hours of non-stop briefings and debate over the current crisis evolving from the use of commercial aircraft as cruise missiles against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 11 September.

The so-called terrorist attack was in fact a superbly executed military operation against the United States, requiring the utmost professional military skill in command, communications and control. It was flawless in timing, in the choice of selected aircraft to be used as guided missiles, and in the coordinated delivery of those missiles to their pre-selected targets.

Marital Law Has Been PLANNED for a Very Long Time.  It is COMING!!!

David Smith

E-mailed by "SaintBess 3"

This editorial will prove to you that the coming Martial Law is not something just recently planned, but is something that has been in the making for at least thirty years.  The question is not is there such a plan, but only when it shall be implemented.

The Gestapo in America

E-Mailed by:

Abel Verastegui

The "Gestapo" attack in Portland Oregon.

This article proves that the "Gestapo" is already in place, and FUNCTIONING.  

What is this "Gestapo"?  It is made up of thousands of foreign troops stationed in this country who work under the banner of the U. N.; our own military; and every Law Enforcement Agency.  All of which are programmed, "mind controlled" into believing that what they do is "righteous" and good for the nation.  They are dutiful servants to the NWO, and have been thoroughly trained to be such.  Those that have the personalities that fit easily into this mold have been recruited, and set in place.  BELIEVE IT.  We have not seen anything yet.  

The IRS is Under
The Control of
The United Nations

Chris Hansen


Emailed by 

Abel Verastegui 

The IRS is not who you think they are. IRS agents are neither trained nor paid by the United States Government.


The IRS = The End Time Gestapo


From an e-mail sent by Gail Kellor The stage is set to force ANYTHING that looks to be of Jahshuwah into the One World Religion, or be eliminated!!!  The IRS is a GESTAPO FORCE that will be used to shut down any Congregation they choose, and even incarcerate the members.

Black Panther Arrest Results

By Paul Harvey

E-Mailed by Judy


Here is a BLOCKBUSTER people.  You just gotta read this one!!!








The Planned War on Iraq

Jim Condit

  Jeff Forrester said to me in an email: I think 2002 will be a year that will go down in history.  I look for lots to happen, especially concerning war with Iraq and Iran.  I can't believe it hasn't happened yet.

 I answered him with: I am feeling something ominous within in this regard.  As you, I am surprised that more has not already happened.  I knew what I was sensing when the 911 took place.  It was not over, but only beginning.  I sent a much criticized email out stating this.  Like everyone, I too still get a bit carried away in how eminent it all is.  When I see something in the “spirit”, I think the eminence is like NOW.  Well, it is now, even if a few months pass before something else takes place. 

Like you, I do think we are in for a major event, and one that makes the 911 thing look insignificant.  That event was planned for many things, and certainly for the one that is about to happen.  The 911 event seems large to us, but to the planners, it was VERY SMALL, and only the doorway that opens up what shall take place next, and next, and next, etc..  We are in for some shockers that will cause the “woman” to sober up, and come into her travail.  She is a very long way from being in that frame of mind.  In spite of our trials and tribulations in life, we are living far too soft in a very smug attitude.  That must be shaken.

 Jim Condit now explains what this "next-next" might be.  He is not the only one who is thinking this, and, it does align with the Prophetic Word.  It is stated in the article:

 The idea is this: To make Americans willing to back nuclear war – yes, nuclear war if the Ruling Elite so decides against an Arab country, Americans will have to see a terrorist attack on US citizens that kills 10,000 to 50,000 citizens – and believe that one of the Arab “terror networks” did it.

Get ready people, we are in for some very horrific days just ahead.  


A Letter so-written By:  Osama bin Laden

From a Recently Received e-mail  This is the heart and mind of EVERY Terrorist.


Rushing toward WWIII

E-Mail from  

Abel Verastegui 

People, we are being programmed to laud and applaud WWIII, while waving flags and singing, "God Bless America" while it should be said, "AMERICA REPENT."  Nuclear wars ARE COMING!  BILLIONS will die in the coming days.



Jess Miller

This is an article sent to me via e-mail by John Forrester.

China will play a key role in the "last days."  If you want to see a complete over view of their strengthened position in the world, then read this one.  Not only are they a serious threat to we in the United States, but their intents will bring terrible consequences to the entire world.  Much horror, and many deaths, will be caused by the actions of China. 



Russia / China Rumors of War

E-Mail from  Abel Verastegui  We are definitely in the time of wars and rumors of wars.  The Despots of This World are building toward something horrific.


J.  R.  Nyquist What would you think if terrorists had nuclear bombs the size of a soft ball that could wipe out a 13 mile radius???  Would THIS be a reason for CONCERN???

"Suit Case Nuclear Bomb???"

An e-mail from GBAPTIST Boy, did this ever straighten out some of my thinking.  I thought a "suit case" nuclear weapon was just that.  A weapon contained in a suit case.  NOT ANY MORE!!!

Could it be that "they" will allow some nuclear attack to happen here, so that "we" can use them elsewhere???  Ho ho, stay tuned on this one.



Effective germ-laden weapons have been developed and have the potential to cause far greater devastation than nuclear arms, an international bio-terrorism symposium was told Sunday.

The 911 Attack
On The Pentagon

Dave vonKleist



The Power Hour radio show became the focus of national and international attention when thousands of listeners at home and abroad heard host Dave vonKleist announce solemnly that “After analyzing hundreds of photos, we can find no evidence of a Boeing 757 slamming into the Pentagon.

Rebuttal to:
 "The 911 Attack On The Pentagon"

Doug Cromwell

If you read the article above, then be sure to READ THIS ONE!!!

Our Codes Broken  

From an e-mail sent by Deborah Taylor

The Terrorists are in possession of our secret codes!!!


Our Intelligence Agencies WERE WARNED

From an e-mail sent by Deborah Taylor

Were our Intelligence Agencies really as ignorant as they claim???  Why were we being programmed to believe that our Intelligence was far below what it should be by  such as "60 minutes" just days before the attack???  We WERE WARNED, and warned by one of the most sophisticated Intelligence Agencies in the entire world.


Just How "Peaceful" Are The Muslims???"

An e-mail from Jay benLevi We are being programmed to believe that the Muslim Religion is GOOD, and "Peace Loving."  Is it???  Then why all of the terror they are inflicting in Palestine???  Why do the majority of the Arab's have in their mind to kill every "Jew"???

There are many sects in this religion, and some may promote peace, but the last I heard was that the most of them believe that ALL INFIDELS (those who do not believe in their Allah), are to be eliminated from the earth.


The Afghani Perspective

From an E-mail 

sent by

Gail Kellor

The following is part of an email written by Tamim Ansary, an Afghani-American writer. He gives his American friends the perspective through his Afghani eyes.  It is well worth reading. 

 People, "Love" is being more concerned on the things of others, than upon our own things.  We need to see the position  that the majority of  Afghanis are sitting in.

Global Taxation


Wes Vernon

The Globalists now want a Global tax from every person on the planet?  Hey, why not?  They control it all, right?  Shouldn't they have the right to charge the "slaves" anything they want?  We pay for the right to have a job, rent on every piece of property we own, and profit from all of our purchases.  Why not pay rent for being on the planet???


Foreign Planes are Patrolling Our Skies

E-Mail from Deborah Taylor Most people have not the slightest idea of how we have lost our national sovereignty to the United Nations.  Not only does the U. N. have their own troops on our soil, but now they have their planes patrolling our skies.

Terrorists are Flooding Our Borders

E-Mail from Deborah Taylor Illegal aliens are streaming across our borders.  There is no question about what our Constitution says about how the government is suppose to protect our borders.  They have no constitutional authority to run our education and thousands of other intrusions into our lives, which they continually do, but the one thing that they are suppose to do, they don't.  Instead they spread our military in over 70 countries around the world, let illegals stream across our borders and bring in NATO to protect our skies.  This article is a must for everyone to read.

Syrians flood flight schools

E-Mail from Deborah Taylor You are not going to believe this one.  Our government quickly enforces all kinds of laws to search Americans traveling throughout our country, but absolutely no laws have been passed to refuse known terrorist countries sending students to America to be trained as pilots.  Some of these flying schools here are even being operated by Middle  Eastern people.  It is so ridiculous, that one school's main language spoken is Arabic.  There needs to be a flood of outcries by all Americans to our Congress and President.  Pass the article to everyone that you can think of.  We have got to stand against hypocrisy.




An article by Michael Heit, Published by Tim Hardin and  sent to me by Deborah Taylor If you are not aware of how much of our land has been deeded over to the United Nations, then you need to read this one.

And, guess who is in charge of this one.  Would you believe MIKHAIL S. GORBACHEV???

New Quarantine Law


So, you have moved to a remote area, and think you are safe???  THINK AGAIN!!!  NO MAN MADE REFUGE WILL WORK!!!  Nor is ANY remote city without jeopardy from the NWO.

There are many Laws already on the books, and in the "Executive Orders", that will vilify ANY man made refuge, or ANY remote area for that matter, and hustle the residents to whatever destination the NWO chooses. 

Here is another one, that if passed, could contrive a quarantine of ANY area, and in that, DO JUST WHAT THIS LAW STIPULATES, not only to the area in question, but also with the people in that location.


The Intent Behind I. D. Cards

An article by Duncan Frissell, Published by Tim Hardin and  sent to me by Deborah Taylor Oracle's Larry Ellison and Harvard's Allen Dershowitz have been all over
the media recently pitching a National ID Card. One poll indicates 70%
public support for the notion.
Most critics of a National Identity Card mention Hitler, police stops, and personal privacy to argue against the proposal. Those are good reasons to oppose a National ID Card, but they miss the idea's worst features. Proponents of a National ID Card have a responsibility to tell us exactly what the system will do to day-to-day life in America. They are unlikely to do so because most thoughtful Americans would be alarmed at the prospect.
A National ID card is *not* really about identity. It is about authorization.  

Anthrax, a Huge Problem

Two E-Mails from Deborah Taylor Want to know the Truth about Anthrax?  Then read these two articles.  People, Chemical / Biological weapons are going to be used against this nation.  COUNT ON IT!!!  The only question is, WHO WILL DO IT??!

Threat of a Biological Weapons Attack

 Dr. Kenneth Alibek A part of the "beginning of sorrows" was to be "Pestilences."  This word "Pestilence" in Mat 24, means PLAGUES / DISEASE.  We have already had five major deadly diseases loosed upon us.  As you will see, now that "terrorism" is loosed upon us, these plagues just may increase rapidly.  


From: ``Biohazard'' by Ken Alibek, with Stephen Handelman
This sobering insight into the Soviet Union's deadly biowar research program - conducted, you'll notice in passing, under the overall supervision of Mikhail Gorbachev - comes from the Soviet expert directly responsible for it.
Note his chilling warning that: "Bioweapons are no longer contained within the bipolar world of the Cold War. They are cheap, easy to make, and easy to use. In the coming years, they will become very much a part of our lives."


Deborah Taylor


This is an excellent treatise on what has become a monumental problem world wide.


Saved from anthrax, sick from Cipro?

By Paul Sperry

Is "Cipro", a problem solver, or ANOTHER PROBLEM???

Interesting Pictures

E-Mails from Readers


Here are two very interesting pictures


Having a tough day?  Need a good laugh?  I have added a couple of pictures that will at lest bring a grin.



General Subject Editorials

I highly recommend the ones that contain Spiritual Insights into The Word of Jah, and our walk with Jahshuwah.






Darlene Dine A symbolic dream was given to my very good friend, Janet.  We had been conversing the previous week and the dream brought together a significant prophetic time period in which the Bride is being prepared to meet her Bridegroom.  As the church teaches a ‘catching away,’ I am convinced this is its meaning.  


A Prophecy Concerning the End Time Army

Timothy Snodgrass


Most of the prophecies I see on the Internet are straight out from one's own mind.  I give little credence to any of them.  However, this is one that came to me that I think is right on.  I thought it might encourage those who know their calling, and know they are to be a part of this army.  In this, you will find that you are NOT crazy after all.  This also goes hand in hand with the 1679 Prophecy linked to on my Home Page / Table of Contents.  If you have not read that one, you should.

And yes, I do believe that is the author's real name.

The Exodus From Babylon

Janet Rexroat

Janet has written her analysis of what I have titled, "The Exodus From Babylon."  It is an excellent treatment of the subject for those who have found themselves to be "misfits" in the present existing "Christianity."



From an article received in an e-mail from Lisa Angelena, taken from the "Cutting Edge" Web Site.

  Have you ever wondered why what is called "Christianity" is so rapidly becoming one with the anti-Christ NWO???  Have you ever wondered how men in our government could hate "Christians" so much that they long to torture and exterminate them???  Here is the answer.

People, this is an extremely important revelation.  I would personally urge every Overcomer TO READ THIS ONE!!!  You will gain much understanding of why people are doing as they are, and going the way that they are.

What is a "Walk-in"???  Read and learn.


Zion, The City of God



James Cunningham Apart from the Church as it exists in Heavenly Places, is a "Great and High Mountain" representing the Rulership of  Kingdom Authority.

It is this Kingdom Mountain of Authority, that Jah calls us unto. It is Mt. Zion, the Mountain Of Jah.


Kimberly Fuller  

I have been searching for that Holy city (people) that John saw, the New Jerusalem. Why have I been so diligent, even desperate in my search? I think the answer is total fulfillment to the divine plan of Yahweh, for I so long to return to the one from which I came.

What must we go through in order to reach that fulfillment? The following scriptures will help you to understand the answers to these questions.   

  We get so hung up with places and things in the Prophetic Word, we forget that these places and things are FIRST OF ALL A PEOPLE!!!  Kimberly keeps us on track. 

I Have Been Searching

Janet Rexroat

I found this to be a very interesting e-mail. It was originally sent to Darlene Dine, and therefore addressed to her.   I love to see how people are growing in His Knowledge.  Here is one that is doing so.  She claims "to be new at this."  Oh indeed, should everyone be so new.

I have waited a very long time to see this message materializing in others.  How I praise Jah when I see such.

She also shares a very prophetic dream.  



Jane Lampkin The church is in transition to the next move of God. We have many pieces, but not the whole picture. I believe that what I have to share here is yet another small piece.

Law and Grace


Darlene Dine What is law?  What is grace?  Do they oppose or compliment one another?  How are they to be applied to our lives as believers?  What are common misconceptions about the two?

I am convinced that the perverting of these truths has brought the greatest amount of sin to the body.  The perversion has been Jezebel’s fortress of LIES and compromise creating many of the false religions of today.  Understanding these foundational truths is CRITICAL to the coming times!  

  Here-in lies a mystery unfolded.  Why is it that you are feeling to "come out of her" while others are not?  It is very simple.  If we have truly come to Jahshuwah for His Salvation offered unto us, we then have come into the New Covenant.  What is that New Covenant?  

Those that are IN the New Covenant ARE coming out.  Those that are NOT, are NOT coming out.  Read and understand.

Something Major Coming

Janet Rexroat

I just don't quite know what is about to break loose, but something major is on the horizon. Been feeling this in my spirit for quite some time and now getting so much confirmation from so many other sources. I think all of us are hearing the same thing in our spirits. When gross darkness covers the earth, Yahueh's glory (His esteem) will come upon HIS people. We have some absolutely incredible times ahead of us in the midst of the evil that is being unleashed. Every trial, every heartache, every physical attack, every dark hour that we have experienced, that we are going through at this moment and the ones that lie ahead, will be worth it all 

  This is a good email written to me for the confirming of what is going on in your own life.

The Fatal Attraction


Darlene Dine

What IS "The Fatal Attraction"???


Darlene Dine   This is a message for those who have been called, and severely dealt with.  This will let you know that you are NOT the only one who has gone through such experiences, and more importantly, WHY!  As she states in her Introduction . . . 

The following teaching is a difficult one.  I have started to do it several times, only to stop and pray more.  Born out of spirit and not flesh, this truth will bring us into a place we may not want to go.  Our own garden of Gethsemane where we declare His will to be done and not our own, even if this requires our death.  Only then can resurrection come and only then can “Thy Kingdom” come where He alone is glorified.  His kingdom is established in a reality called eternity.  This is where YHWH lives and dwells and has His being.  May we be caught up together into His very throne room as we hear what the spirit is saying to us at this time of the end.  This time of devastation…this time of no understanding…this time when judgment unfolds.  It is the end, but also the beginning…of life everlasting.

Errors In Our Belief Systems

Jeff Forrester Our Ego is the number one culprit that prevents us from admitting our errors so that we can leave them, and by coming out of them, come into the Full Knowledge of The Truth.  To overcome "Satan The Devourer" who is DECEIVING THE WHOLE EARTH into being one with him in his lies, our ego's must be given up to the cross so that we can become one with our Messiah IN THE TRUTH!!!

Every Overcomer must obtain this position to overcome Satan The Devourer.  It cannot be accomplished from any other position.  Why?  Because of PRIDE IN OUR EGO!!!  If you desire to overcome, then read this one.  Our ego's MUST be given up to the cross, or we will NEVER COME OUT OF HER.


The Praising of Allah In Our Schools


E-Mail by

Deborah Taylor

In the wake of Sept. 11, an increasing number of California public school students must attend an intensive three-week course on Islam, reports ASSIST News Service.

The course mandates that seventh-graders learn the tenets of Islam, study the important figures of the faith, wear a robe, adopt a Muslim name and stage their own jihad. Adding to this apparent hypocrisy, reports ANS, students must memorize many verses in the Koran, are taught to pray "in the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful" and are instructed to chant, "Praise to Allah, Lord of Creation."

  If our kids cannot study the True in our schools, isn't it wonderful that they can study the false???  Wow, what a relief, right?!

Do Not Despise Affliction

Nancy Becker

E-Mailed by Gail Kellor

Are you one that has suffered from ill health???  Have you felt condemned / rejected because of it???  Worse yet, have you been one that has condemned or rejected such a person???  Then this article is FOR YOU.

This Affliction

Gail Kellor This Editorial goes hand in hand with the one by Nancy Becker above.  If you personally are, or if you know of someone who is, suffering from a "fatal illness", this is a very beneficial Editorial.  Gail is one whom I have met via the Internet, and have learned to love and respect.  His e-mails always minister to me.  I publish this one in conjunction with Nancy's, for I sense there are those who would benefit from it.

Jehu / The Commander

Darlene Dine Jehu is the commander with a mission to throw Jezebel down.  Jehu executes judgment.  The spirit of Elijah in your life will expose and confront her, Jehu finishes the job!  


The Alliance Being Made With The anti-Messiah

E-mails from: Darlene Dine and Janet Rexroat People, we must understand of what it is which we are to "come out."  "Counterfeit Christianity", under the anointing of "The Spirit of Jezebel", is taking Jah's people into making an alliance with the NWO!!!  They are being ensnared in a "Strong Delusion."  Most will never wake up to this fact.  Those that do are in for a horrifying disillusionment, and a very difficult decision.


Becoming God's Will

George Hawtin


This is a wonderful article sent to me by Darlene Dine.  Every Overcomer should read this one.

   Serious Questions

Karie Riley

Every teacher, every person that is finding what is on my web site hard to understand or accept, should read this one.  It is an e-mail that perfectly describes the mental pattern of a person that is waking up and wanting to come out.  We, who are teachers, MUST take into consideration this position when writing what we write.  If we do not do so, we will NOT communicate properly!

The Bible Is Written In Layers

Darlene Dine

Darlene explains how the Bible is written in such away, that it contains transparencies which when laid one upon the other, then we can see the entire Word, and it takes the entire Word to see the image of THE SON ENTHRONED IN HIS GLORY.  I think everyone would benefit by reading what she sets forth.

At the end of the article, I make some comments concerning what she has stated which might also be helpful.

  Darlene wrote a very enlightened reply to my remarks that spoke to me much.  I would urge people to read it, as in this we have been led into a very vital subject for this day.  
Every Overcomer MUST get this one planted firmly in their soil.

A Personal Walk


Von Canon

It has been my intent to reach out to those who have been called out of Babylon, have gone through hell in the process, and are wondering what has happened to them.  These are scattered all over creation, and unaware of the others that have also been called into the same walk that they have.

Carol's e-mails are not published here because they contain blazing Light, but because of the walk she and her husband have experienced.  I know there are many who have endured just such a walk, but think they must be the only ones, and therefore wonder if they are even following Jah.  This is typical, and not an isolated occurrence.  I know that people will read this, and say, "Oh, wow, that is what I have been going through also."  


Darlene Dine

 Darlene has wonderful insights.  This one deals with the "Intimacy" with Jah.  We can gain Intimacy with the world, or Intimacy with He who holds our eternity in His hands.  Which would you rather know???

How many think that "gaining material abundance" is gaining spirituality.  Is it???  Does this make us one with Jahshuwah???  Is it only the "Ministers" that enter the Holy of Holies???


A Child's Poetic Prayer

E-Mail from Cindy Kiser If a child can see the wickedness of this nation, why can't everyone else?  This is a really great poetic prayer.

To Listening Ears

Darlene Dine Darlene sounds off again.  I love it when she writes like that.   

Faith and Obediance



Faith is the acting out of our obedience



Joseph Herrin













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