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The Warning of The End Times  

This is a series of End Time Messages designed to set the stage for not only what is coming to take us to where we are going, but to get us into the proper perspective of where we are so that we will be PREPARED for that going.

We must come to the understanding that we are on a journey, and in that journey, it is not so much of where we are at present, but WHERE WE ARE GOING!!!

Since it is a series with each unfolding from out of another, it is suggested to read them in the order in which they are listed or numbered.  The latest one, naturally, being the highest number.  Just click on the title to read.  

Latest E-Mail #25 sent 5-26-08


No one but one who has been called and experienced what is set forth in this writing, can understand it.  Not everything stated may fit every individual, but the general theme certainly will.

I was dismayed at how the writer had such understanding of what happens to an individual (man OR WOMAN) when they are called, and then so enabled to communicate it with such profound accuracy. May it be of benefit to some who read it, and may it bring some understanding of what has happened to them.

E-Mail sent 4-1-04


I have been very grieved over what I see in the general body of believers for over a year now.  Jah's house is in an atrocious mess of confusion and divisiveness, and few even realize just how intolerable it all is.  I have sought Him constantly for what the problem was that was causing what I was seeing in this disarray.  Jah has used some recent events to bring it all into focus for me. 

"The Creating of an Ishmael"

Illegitimate Scenario's Create Personal Agendas

One of the most common deceptions is that of a bogus scenario birthed from a promise of Jah which produces a personal agenda.  This is not something that might or could happen BUT DOES, and DOES TO EVERYONE.

This will be based on Abraham’s fathering of Ishmael.  We too, in the same error, are creating Ishmaels.  We receive a calling, promise, revelation, or whatever, and then by our own ideas, our own scenarios inserted into our minds by The Serpent from his Tree of Death, come up with a personal agenda to cause it to come to pass.  When it seems to work, we proclaim how it is Jah.

If it happened to one as wise and faithful as Abraham, then believe me, it certainly can happen to us, AND DOES!!!



The Overcomers are being prepared for the leaving of the Kingdom of Death and Curses for the crossing over into the Kingdom of LIFE and Blessing. 



Sent 3-27-02



Sent 4-9-02


Sent 4-23-02

Because we are still residing IN "Her", we are STILL being troubled with confusion in our belief systems.  I see no two people at this time that are "seeing eye to eye" on every facet of doctrine, or interpretation of The Prophetic Word.  Why is this so???  

Where there is division of opinion or position, we can both be wrong, but certainly cannot both be right.  When will this be straightened out???  

The answer to both of these questions in the Prophetic Word is VERY CLEAR.

There is much more revelation being given at this time that is not yet published on my site.  These enlightenments will ESTABLISH THE KINGDOM, as they are showing the way back to what Adam and Eve had in the beginning before the fall.  Oh, for the day a people finally understand what all was lost in that fall, for only then will it be understood the Glory of what is being restored unto us.   I have written this in a rather strong tone, for the last few months have run me out of patience with the muddied thinking regarding Law and Grace.  It is time for we, who are called to the Overcoming, to come out of all the confusion concerning this subject, and to finally put it in its proper perspective.   

If you consider yourself an Overcomer, then you need to read this one.



The Sacrificial Ordinances and 
 Sent 5-3-02


Sent 5-16-02

The Day of Preparation

Sent 5-25-02

I have learned to drop everything when Jah is dealing with me, and give Him my undivided attention.  There has been a subject heavy upon me, and is the topic of this email.  When I am set to write something, I may not get it down in the perfection in which it should be written, but I do know that the Spirit is with it, and if one will listen to Him IN SPIRIT, they will get a much needed message. 


  I do not believe this would have been so heavy upon me if there were no one that needed this message.  Whether it is for you or not is for you to decide in and with Him.  I just know there are ones who DO need this one, and that Jah will draw those whom He wants to minister it to.


What is this subject???  The Law of Salvation!!!  Learn this one and you will NEVER AGAIN be bothered by “The Accuser of The Brethren”.  You will once and for all be ESTABLISHED in the confidence whereby we are saved.  

In my mind, David was a far wiser man than his son Solomon.  It is time we stopped listening to the FALSE PROPHETS that are causing INIQUITY TO ABOUND, and catch up to his wisdom.  David says quite clearly that his keeping of the Law continually, put him in LIBERTY.  

People, we are being REDEEMED from sin, from the abominations of the Harlot by the Blood of the Lamb, the Word of our testimony, and loving NOT our fallen know it all ego unto the death, even the death of the cross, and by that, unto righteousness.  Redeemed from the Kingdom of Darkness unto the Kingdom of Light.  From BONDAGE unto LIBERTY.  "Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of Jah AND His righteousnesS."


Jah has ALWAYS moved to prepare His people, whether individually, or as a group, before He uses them, or brings forth His move.  This IS the way He has worked in the past, and is most assuredly, HOW HE IS WORKING RIGHT NOW!!!

Moses was forty years in the wilderness under the headship of Jethro, a High Priest of Jah, before he was taken to Egypt to deliver Jah's people.  Those people were in the wilderness for forty years in the wilderness before they crossed over into the Promised Land to set up the Kingdom.  David was anointed King, but it was another fifteen years plus before he took the throne.  The Apostle Paul was knocked down and called, but he was another fifteen years plus before his ministry began.  Jahshuwah was the Word made flesh, and had wisdom as a child of which everyone marveled, but even He was more than thirty years before He became of legal age for his ministry to begin.

We are in a time of being prepared, and therefore being prepared for what is to happen next in Jah's Glorious Plan.

Created In His Image
Sent 6-12-02



Bickering Among The "Saints"???

Sent 8-18-02



The POWER of His Resurrection

This is a subject key to our entire walk with Jah.  Most are trying by their own works to create themselves into the Image of Jah, even while not realizing that this is what they are doing.  This is an IMPOSSIBLE TASK that can overwhelm a person.  We who teach do urge people into what we teach.  I do not say this is wrong, but if a person tries to do it all of themselves, they will find themselves carrying a load that cannot be carried.

It is not that we create ourselves, but to let the Creator of us all create us in His Image, or to say it in another way, to create His Image in us. When we get settled in the Truth of this matter, much peace will be obtained.  May this E-Mail message bring some peace to you.

There are some that are recognizing an increase in the "bickering between Christians" as an attack of the enemy to bring division among the ranks.  I would like to give a different perspective to be considered.  A perspective from the Overcomer's point of view.

Those who are being "called out", know they are being "called out", but have not yet fully understood what they have been called out from, nor what they have been called unto.  In this being called out, they are now following the Lamb wherever He takes them, for their life is no longer their own.  This is caused by their walking after the Spirit, even while they themselves do not even realize this is what is happening.  They are being delivered from their OWN scenarios, and into Jah's, and that by His work in them.  This is where HE IS TAKING THEM, and most of the Overcomers have not yet realized it.

I sometimes think we are spending far too much time listening to teachers, and not enough meditating upon the Word.  If we stopped listening to people, and spent the next month just meditating upon the Letter by the Apostle Paul to the Philippians, we would be far ahead. 

There is an exceeding great power bestowed upon those that WILL BELIEVE IT.  What power is it?  The same might, strength, AUTHORITY that HE has as the Risen King.

Paul knew what he was talking about.  It is high time that WE DID!!! 

# 10

Forty Days of Repentance




Introduction to:
"The Ark of Jubilee"




Redeemed With JUSTICE!!!

Those on my e-mail list will know that I have been set aside for a "season."  Unknown to me at the time, this is NOT a coincidence, or some random set appointed time for me.  I sent the e-mail out on the 23rd of August.  The "FORTY DAYS OF REPENTANCE" began on August the 24th.  Now I understand why my time of "Rest" came when it did.  

People, we must understand that Jah moves on us according to His Torah, His "Holy Law."  He can move in NO OTHER WAY.  This we must get through our heads.  It is not what WE are doing, but what HE IS, and that by HIS LAW. 

We have entered a "Season" of which you should be aware.

Many are asking the question: “Is there to be an ARK prepared for the elect to come through the waters of tribulation that is coming upon the earth?  If so, what and where is it?”  The answer to this question is “Yes!” Jah has prepared an ARK for His people.  Before He does anything, He always warns His people through His prophets, and PREPARES A PLACE OF SAFETY TO PROTECT A REMNANT OF HIS ELECT.

We are being prepared for the "crossing over Jordan" into Zion, the Kingdom of Jah.

I emphasize, BEING PREPARED!!!

This "crossing over" is the theme of this article, "The Ark of Jubilee."

Have you suffered INJUSTICE!!!  Maybe even SEVERE INJUSTICE???  

Have you wondered why this happened, and why you could not find relief by receiving JUSTICE???  

Have you wondered where the "I WILL REPAY" is???  

You are about to find out.  

The balance to the scales of Justice is getting ready to swing in favor of the victims.  Jah does not say something and NOT mean it.  We are about to find out there IS an Elohim of JUDGMENT, and when we do, the awesome respect of Him will return to us in great measure.


The Importance of Praise



I set Before you LIFE AND DEATH



I set Before you LIFE AND DEATH


We are presently in, by the Sidereal Calendar, the time of "Tabernacles."  In short version, we have come through "Trumpets", the time of sounding alarm; "Atonement", the time for recognizing our shortness before Jah and being thankful for Jahshuwah's Blood on the Altar before Jah; and now Tabernacles.  This is a time to be Praising Jah, and rejoicing before Him.  This might not sound like much of a revelation to some, but let me tell you something.  One of the great keys of David in overcoming and remaining in his Faith and Trust of Jah, WAS HIS PRAISING. The Overcomers are being prepared for the leaving of the Kingdom of Death and Curses for the crossing over into the Kingdom of LIFE and Blessing. 

This is the beginning of a new series of E-Mails that is a vital part of that preparation.  We are being given a crucial decision.  That is, to choose Life, or choose Death.  The choice is ours, the work to get us there is Jah's .

I had a particular theme in mind when I started, and that is, how to war out of our Satanic induced predicaments that have brought us into the realm of grief instead of joy.  

I am now seeing how vast this subject is, the difficulty of communicating it, and that it is in fact, THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORD.  

You should pick up matters as you go through this series with each teaching, but you will not have the proper perspective until it has been brought forth in total.


I set Before you LIFE AND DEATH



I set Before You LIFE AND DEATH



I set Before You LIFE AND DEATH


We are living in a realm THAT IS CURSED!!!

Most are realizing that there is something terribly wrong with life on this planet. 

I can proclaim most emphatically that the present life we are experiencing is NOT what Jah intended for us, nor IS IT HIS PERFECT WILL!  The problem is IN US, Not Him.

If we will look Deuteronomy 28 square on, and not let our self-righteous denial mode keep us from accepting what it says, we will see that we have a HUGE problem.  We are living in a realm created with supernatural laws that we cannot see that inevitably bring forth CAUSE AND EFFECT.  If we live our life correctly, we will receive Blessing and Life.  If we don't, then there is no way to expect ANYTHING but Curses and Death.  There is NO AVOIDANCE of this.  What is NOT understood, is everything that is involved with this statement of how we should live our lives.  Once that is understood, we then see our ONLY way of deliverance from these curses.  As I look around, I see how those who have been called into the OVERCOMING of Satan have been given much coming against them so that they can learn the overcoming.  We cannot learn it if we are not put into the classroom of hands-on experience to learn it.  The Word does NOT become life in us by just reading it.  Just reading it does NOT cause it to become life, become flesh in us.  Neither does understanding.  The less experience in the overcoming, then the less the understanding of the Word will be in an individual. 


I set Before You LIFE AND DEATH


Is There An
Eternal Judgment???

I want it known that what I write has nothing to do with whether or not we are "saved."  I was "saved" long before what I know today, and just as saved then as I am today.  I am writing to the Overcomers, and this is a different breed.  My articles are NOT for the "Outer Court" carnal "Christians" which only build another Tower of Babel, but for those being drawn into the "Inner Chambers" of the Temple being built without hands.



Is it important to know???  Oh my yes, for it determines our place for ETERNITY!!!  Get this one wrong, and you have made one horrifying mistake!!!









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