Articles of Indispensable Foundational Truth for the Overcomer

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Darlene Dine 



Articles of Indispensable Foundational Truth for the Overcomer


Darlene has a wonderful grasp of The True Walk with our Messiah.  Much of what she has to say amplifies other articles written here, and some might think even in a better way.  Anyone would benefit MUCH by reading what she writes. 


She exposes much concerning The Spirit of Jezebel all through her writings.   Just this makes the reading of her articles worth the time, believe me.


Jehu / The Commander

Must reading for EVERY Overcomer.

The Light contained in the following article, contains knowledge that is paramount to our overcoming.  Its understanding is infinite.  What one may not get today, believe me, if you are one called into the overcoming, you sure enough will get it in the days ahead.  We are in the day when we will have to overcome, or BE overcome.  

Jehu is the commander with a mission to throw Jezebel down.  Jehu executes judgment.  The spirit of Elijah in your life will expose and confront her, Jehu finishes the job! 

A symbolic dream was given to my very good friend, Janet.  We had been conversing the previous week and the dream brought together a significant prophetic time period in which the Bride is being prepared to meet her Bridegroom. 

Concerning Law and Grace

I am convinced that the perverting of these truths has brought the greatest amount of sin to the body.  The perversion has been Jezebel’s fortress of LIES and compromise creating many of the false religions of today.  Understanding these foundational truths is CRITICAL to the coming times!  


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The Fatal Attraction

What is the "Fatal Attraction"???



The following teaching is a difficult one.  I have started to do it several times, only to stop and pray more.  Born out of spirit and not flesh, this truth will bring us into a place we may not want to go.  Our own garden of Gethsemane where we declare His will to be done and not our own, even if this requires our death.  Only then can resurrection come and only then can “Thy Kingdom” come where He alone is glorified.  His kingdom is established in a reality called eternity.  This is where YHWH lives and dwells and has His being.  May we be caught up together into His very throne room as we hear what the spirit is saying to us at this time of the end.  This time of devastation…this time of no understanding…this time when judgment unfolds.  It is the end, but also the beginning…of life everlasting.


This is a Recommended Study




To Listening Ears

I may be repeating what is already known to you, because I know you are those who see truth. I just feel an urgency to get this right in my own spirit so bear with me as I sound off again!

This is the Jezebel spirit at work and we must fight the battle NOW. It is fierce, the split is happening and the heavenlies are being rent with the warfare right now.


The Bible Is Written In Layers

Darlene explains how the Bible is written in such away, that it contains transparencies which when laid one upon the other, then we can see the entire Word, and it takes the entire Word to see the image of THE SON ENTHRONED IN HIS GLORY.  I think everyone would benefit by reading what she sets forth.

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 Darlene has wonderful insights.  This one deals with the "Intimacy" with Yahweh.  We can gain Intimacy with the world, or Intimacy with He who holds our eternity in His hands.  Which would you rather know???

How many think that "gaining material abundance" is gaining spirituality.  Is it???  Does this make us one with Yahshua???  Is it only the "Ministers" that enter the Holy of Holies???












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